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i By Martin Julian
Jim Jeffries will win the big fight
July 4 from Johnson At that I am a
great admirer of the black Ho IB a
different man from what many think
him to be but you see I know what
kind of an old bearcat thIs fellow Jef
fries is and that Is why I say what
I 1 do about tho result of the battle
By tho way when they talk of men
with pluck and grit dont overlook
Jeffries for Bob Fitzeimmons punched
ed himself out hitting him and we
r all know that Bob was one of the
hardest hitters In the world
Jeff was almost blind when Bob
weakened and could not defend him
self and had to bow to youth
Fltz will be 43 on his next birthday
1 guess 1 am tho only man In the
world who knows how old Bob IB for
ho IB peculiar about his ago and tolls
people that he IB much younger than
he really Is He was at hie heat
hen ho was 88
When Fltr fought Jim Corbett in
I Carson City I Imported 12 of tbo
I I quickest shooting cowboys In Texas
4 to protoct us and this IB about the
flrat time that this has over been told
You eon see them In the pictures ol
j the fight
The > wore sworn to by the govern
ment of the state of Nevada and they
wore their guns and wore there to
shoot It any one tried to molest the
late George Slier who refereed the
Slier had boon threatened and
when ho told me I IBid I would pro
tect him If he was honest and I did
It cost mo a lot of money to bring
those men there but It prevented
thorn from handing me a raw deal
and I think to this day that unless
the ganblers knew that I was going
16 kill to got a square deal they
would have flooded the ring when Jim
Corbett was losing that fight for they
backed him to the limit
By Bill Bailey
A tip to the next hunch of major
I leagues who invade Cuba on a barn
storming tourhave the pitcher throw
nothing Eavo cue balls
The brown men of tho sand cannot
hit a curve ball
i Strange Perhaps But one Morde
cal Brown the Cub pitcher says Its
the truth And Brownie certainly
should know He worked against the
l Cubans He also watched such well
known arlfots as Addle Joss and How
ard Camnitz work against thorn
t And Brownie clings to the theory
that a curve ball gets the Cubans
going every time > > I
It will be remembered that Brown
lo traveled to the Island with a bunch
of all stars Well he Is In Chicago
today attempting to Invest In a busi
ness Ho still has time to talk base
I ball
Cubans Cant Hit Curve Ball
Strange but those Cubans cant
hit a curve ball said he Take tho
game that Addlo JOBS pitched against
them for Instance Addle fanned
eleven men That would bo almost a
record In this country Well every
man that fanned struck at tho curve
Hand thorn ono of tho roundhouse
brand and the little fellows were lost
They would begin to swing at the ball
when It WOK far from tho plate They
would keep reaching and reaching un
til they couldnt havo touched that
ball with a tenfoot pole
Surprised The most surprised
bunch you ever saw Man after man
fanned I do not believe that ono of
the Cubans as much as fouled ono of
Joss curved balls
Cftmnitc followed He fanned ton
men And ho used nothing save curve
balls It was a carve ball and then
another one The Islanders certain
ly caused much laughter as they
swung at the wide ones
But hand thorn a fast straight one
and your outfielders had something to
Brown handed out another hot one
when ho said that the Cuban pltchors
knew nothing about the curve ball
Who IH tho best pitcher on the Is
land 1 queried tho throefingored lad
Moadea came tho answer
Mendec Is right was the commont
of Brown But he hasnt a curve
ball All he can throw Is a fast one
And Its certainly fast There is no
question about the Cuban pitcher hav
ing speed When it comes to a curve
hall however he Is not there Ho
doesnt know how to throw one
The curve ball has not oot mad
Its appearance on tho Island
This M Brown is something of a
Joker of the practical variety And
Jimmy Archer the Cub pitcher will
remember this for many days to como
Archer Starts With First Crew
Archer It mho remembered was
with the allstar aggregation that jour
neyed to Cuba and back again Well
Archer came home with the first
crew whllo Brown remained on the
Before the mart home Brown called
Archer to ono side
See here ho began and tho catch
er was all attention I want to make
you a Christmas present But I dont
want you to know what It Is Under
stand 1
I do from Archor
Well you let me place It In your
grip But you must promise not to
take the wrapper off until Christmas
morning Do you promise
I do from Archer
Whereupon Brown placed the pros
ent In the grip It was heavy It was
very heavy It filled more than hall
tho space In the grip Archer could
scarcely carry the case after the pres
ent had been inserted Still ho kept
to his part of the bargain he did not
Every time there was a change of
trains he paid a transfer man to carry
it from one depot to another Pullman
porters swore when thc had to carry
It oven the length of an aisle
Present la Myotery
When Chicago was reached Archer
was wondering what Brownie had
given him for Christmas But ho
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I to begin Hor happiness and physical comfort will largely govern tho proper
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I affords It is a liniment composed of penetrating oils and medicines which
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glands cause a gradual expansion of the skin and tissues and aid in tho relief
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i mothor Mothers Friend is sold at drug stores Write for our free book con
I I taining valuable information for expectant Mothers
I For Evening Hours
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I < w Some of the sweetest hours of homelife are
y passed under the gentle kindly light of the eve
f I ning lamp
I If it be the Rayo Lamp the light contributes
r an added charm makes reading and sewing easy
i 1 There are no aching eyes after reading or sew
ing under the rays of the Rayo Lamp
The Rayo Lamp diffuses a steady whit light
It IS the least trying of any artificial light Made
of brass throughoutnickel platedimproved
t central draught burner
The Rayo is a lowpriced lamp but you cannot
get a better lamp at any P rice
Once a Rayo user always one
I Every Dealer Everye6ua If Kot at Youri Write for
Dejcnpthc Circular to the Nearest Agency of the
7 > iO
i Tree Tea
H is Uncolored and complies
1 f with all Pure Food regulations
11 A tea to be high quality must be first crop
1 t must be mountain grown must be uniform
I Free Tea is
t first crop
r 1
mountain grown
I 2t always uniform c
I I I t
7 Beware of imitations
Want Ads Bring Big Results
wouldnt look until his home In Buf
falo was reached
I wonder what ho Bald when ho
opened It1 queried Brown
I had six ordinary bricks wrapped
In that paper was his answer
When itcomes to making friends in
a strange port there arc few ball
players who have anything on the
popular pitcher And BO It was In
Cuba It will be remembered that the
majority of the all stars caught the
boat bound for the United States In
a hurry They did not wait to In
form the 3000 or 1000 people who
had gathered to witness the game be
tween the boys from the United
States and Cuba that there would bo
no game Not BO Brown He wanted
to remain In Cuba So when the boat
had gone ho rodo out to tho ball park
and Informed the waiting multltudo
that there would bo no national pas
time Tho speech did not make a tre
mendous hit with the crowd But did
Brown fear Not ho Instead ho
stood about and informed the people
that It was no fault of his
Want Brown to Stay
Well tho Cuban fans figured that a
man who had the nerve to do that
was fill right Brownie was over
whelmed with Invitations to remain
as long as he liked
I kept no track of the Invitations
with pen and paper said tho three
fingered fellow But at a rough estl
mate I should say that If I accepted
all the invitations that I could have
remained for several years without
paying board Even the proprietor
of the hotel whero we were staying
wanted me to remain a week as his
The lllnoBs from which Brown suf
fered on the homeward Journey has
done him no harm
The pitcher says he is In great form
and believes that ho will have a great
Salt Lake Jan 1iWhen tho new
semester opens at tho university on
February 7 two athletes will enroll In
the school who will be among the
strongest men competing In school
athletes In the state The men are
Swapp whose record Is well known in
Utah and J L Jackson of the Uni
versity of Missouri who will finish his
arts course at the university this
spring and return to school next year
to register for a course In mining en
Swapp attended the university
about four yearn ago and he was one
of the best all around men that has
ever performed on the Utah arena
Although he has been out of athletics
for four years his record In the broad
Jump still stands as a state record
and It has never been dangerously
approached since ho left the univer
sity Swnpp also starred In the high
jump and while he was on tho Utah
team thero were few men in the west
who could beat him at this event In
addition to being a fair runner Swapp
was a good weight man putting the
shot and throwing the discus When
Utah competed In the Rocky mountain
conference meet Swapp won the lat
ter event from the best men in the
About tho most Joyful piece of news
however is that Swapp will be In
school next fall and will try out for
the football team Swapp now weighs
235 pounds having gained nearly fifty
pounds since he was lost at tho uni
versity Swapp Is over six feet tall
and the 236 pounds are well placed so
that with his natural athletic ablllt
he should make ono of the best foot
ball men the state has ever produced
Jacksonville Fla Tan liJdcnl
weather a perfect track and an ex
cellent crowd attended the running of
todays card The success of three fa
vorites and two heavily played sec
ond choices added to tho afternoons
pleasure The feature of the after
noon an overnight soiling handicap
went to Ocean who lowered the
track record for the mile to 13D 15
First race three furlongs Darling
won Jack Denman second Carbi
neer third Time 35 36
Second race five and a half fur
longs Dave Wallace won Universe
second Smug third Time 1OS 25
Third race six furlongs Seymour
Beuttler won Tollbox second C W
Burt third Time 115 35
Fourth race mile belling handicap
Occana won Campaigner second
Shapdale third Time 139 1C
Fifth race mile Dar Barkley won
John Carroll second First Premium
third Time 1 10 26
Sixth race mile and threesixteen
ths Elgin won Otllo second Harry
Scott third Time 200 26
Oakland Jan 17 Favorites did not
fare well In the heavygoing that pie
railed at Emeryville tod One of
the surprises came In tho twoyear
old event for which Mime ind Media
of the Napa stock farm were favor
ites Helen Barboo at 12 u 1 ran
away from her field and won easily
Oriel would not break with the Held
in the third race and lost all chance
First race six furlonga Pimklm 5
to 1 won Denoon 5 to 1 second
Old Settler 21 to 6 third Time
Second race three furlongs purse
Holen Barboe 12 to 1 won All
Balance 12 to Ii second Media 3 to
2 third Tlmo 36 1C
Third race six furlongs Billy My
or 13 to 6 won Steel 10 to 1 sec
ond Grace G 6 to 1 third Time
1lf 15
Fourth rare mile purse Fullctta
C to 5 won Raleigh 18 to 6 sec
ond Miles 6 to 2 third Time
i t
143 25
Fifth race mil and a sixteenth
Buckthorne 6 to 1 won Mr Bishop
13 to 5 second FA Ball 7 to 5 third
Tlmo 150 1H
Sixth race five furlongs purse
Coppertown t to G won Ilex 1C to
second Miss Picnic 7 to 1 third
Time 103 lG
Tampa Fla Jan liTwo favor
ites rewarded the public today In the
running of a rather ordinary card
There wore no features beyond a
splendid day for racing Summary
First race about three furlongs
Vamos won Louis B second Blanch
Ring third Time 136 15
Second race five furlongs Clys
role won Tho Ram second j Lucky
Mate third Time HOG 25
Third race six furlongs Alice
Mack won Yearllan second Alice
third Time 119
Fourth race six furlongs Milton B
won Judge Cabanfss second Stray
onus third Time LIS 35
Fifth race five and a half furlongs
Caesar won Brooklyne second T
M Irvin third Time 112
Sixth race seven furlongs Funky
won Frank Flesher second Otogo
third Time 133 15
Sale Lake Telegram Glen Smith
non of President Joseph F Smith
earned laurels by his fistic ability last
week In the armory The Lafayette
basketball team was practicing thero
when some high school cadets hap
pened In and challenged them to a
game which was quickly accopted
When tho grade boys began to win
their older rivals tried rough tactics
hoping to scare their opponents Into
submission Smith who plays center
on tho Lafayette team was knocked
to the floor by tho competing centor
who not content with this began a
series of jumps which landed mostly
on his Smiths head Smith crawled
to his feet and arraigned his lanky
physique into a Fltzslmmons crouch
and the punch that ho landed upon
his assailants Jaw would have floored
a champion
It was soon nil over The cadets
picked up the remains of their friend
with a blotter tis young Smith was
trlumphantl carried off on the shoul
ders of his cheering playmates who
had won a double victory
Chicago Jan 17 Telegraph wire
from the Missouri river to Buffalo
and from tho Ohio river to the Great
Lakos were seriously hampered to
day Fog sleet and rain disabled
many wires In Chicago the temper
of the people was put to a severe
test when the city suffered the worst
deluge of slush of the season Four
weeks accumulation of snow was sud
denly melted by a Jump In the tem
perature and by a steady downpour
of warm rain The streets and side
walks became vast pools In some
places a foot deep Almost the on
tire city WUG covered with from four
to six inches of tater and in the out
lying districts the water overflowed
the sidewalks and flooded basements
PAW OINTMENT Is guaranteed to
cure any case of Itching blind bleed
ing or protruding piles in 6 to 14
days or money refunded 50c
San FrancIsco Jan 17 VIcePrcsl
dent H M Schumacher oof the West
ern Pacific announced today that W
J Shotwell formerly general passen =
ger agent for the Denver and Rio
Grande railroad company will be his
Other appointments announced by
Mr Schumahcer make C J Junldns
formerly of the El Paso and South
westrn railway and J C Caniff for
merly assistant traffic manager for
the Union Oil company and who was
once with the Denver and Rio Grande
railroad contracting freight agents
Thomas F Bowes Identified with
the San Pedro Los Angeles and Salt
Lake railroad company will be the
local city ticket agent
Topeka Kas Jan 17oIrs Stella
Barclay of Buffalo N Y was In court
horo today at the trial of Joseph Gen
try and Captain Frank Tlllotaon who
are charged with helping her kidnap
Marian B Lcakloy the Incubator
baby In Topoka lost August
An attorney connected with the
case said an effort WOK being made
to have Mrs Barclay plead guilty ol
kidnapping and immediately be par
oled by the judge
Mrs Barclay Is the foster mother
of the child She and Gentry were
arrested in Kansas City with the baby
after an exciting chase
Montrose Cola Jan ljTho
death of PJ Murray this afternoon
made the > fifth victim of the smoke
and gas generated In the Gunnison
Irrigation tunnel yesterday bj the fir
ing of a round of shots In the portal
John Ollagan died thin morning C
E Purdeo may die
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r m
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To Our Friends and Patrons
The California Wlnory doesnt make a practice of tooting Its
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California Winery awarded gold medals for seven Its wines
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isfying because we were not aware thc winos were being Judged
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lieve therefore thai true merit must surely Dave provoked the
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J c

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