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< Ii J
j 1
Washington Jan 17President
Taft and Gilford Pluchot whom the
former recently removed from his po
sition as head of the forestry bureau
spoko today from the name platform
In addressing the National Civic Fed
eration In session hero tpdtecusfl a
uniform state legislation Ropresentu I
tlveo of almost every branch human
activity mot at the conference to talk
over ways nnd moans for bringing
about uniformity of laws relating to
child labor marriage and divorce
pure food and pure drugs roncervn
tlotn of natural resources and laws
relating ron DUablo instruments
bills of biding and other mattoni af
fecting the business and social life of
the nation
President Taft spoke at tho morn
Ing session and sorlou attention was
accorded him throughout His speech
was a careful presentation of the I
needs of uniformity upon the part of I
tho states In laws looking to an amei
j loratlon of existing conditions Gif
I ford Plnchot was one of tho principal
1 Epcikera at the afternoon session Ito
i said that subjects such as forestry
preaervalJsm had been advocated by
Americana for moro than a hundred
years but that the control of watoi
power monopoly in the common Inter
ests wan younger than the present
I We have comA at last to tho point
I of action he Bald and we must
r either go forward or fall hack
a In his Judgment the present situa
tion offers a field for further action
II and for cooperation between the
states themselves and between them
and tho nations As a result of the
I White House conference a few years
ago fortyfive committees looking to
I tho conservatism of natural resources
have been appointed
1 The great principles vro have been
working for Bald Mr Plnchot must
be written In our laws now or tho
chance may pass Public sentiment Is
prepared and awake For the second
time a president of the United Slates
has endorsed these principles In a
message to congress Most of the
recommendations which the recent
message contained nro well known to
friends of conservatism and aro well
approved If It has omissions or pas
sages with which I disagree I have
no concern from them today
Tho president urges that the meas
ure ho recommends be taken up and
disposed of promptly without awaiting
tho Investigation that has been deter
joilnpd upon I echo hla desire Thoro
can ho no reason to await the result
of tho Investigation before acting on
these measures They stand by them
la the face of this great opportu
nity lot us further and AO far as these
Issues are concerned lot us disregard
tho controversy altogether In a general
aral effort to necnro what every good
dtirm earnestly desires
Our duty Is to look > tboyond those
above all lesser strife In a common
effort to reach objects of such Iran
scendant Importanco to all the peo
In addition to the presidents
speech at tho morning session Seth
loW president of the Federation nnd I
Judge Alton B Parker tho temporary
I chairman of the conference alw
< cort
With President Taft as the central
figure thoro were gathered + t on tho
stage a notable group of men Labor
was represented by Samuel Gompers
and John Mitchell the law hy Sena
tor Root Alton B Parker and oxAs
sociate Justice Brown business h >
John Hays Hammond eX Senator
John F Dryden and others c
President Low explained the pur
pose of the meeting pointing out that
uniform legislation IB equivalent in
legislation to standardization in me
chanical construction
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Washington Jan liThe question
of feeding prisoners captured by Gen
Estrada in the engagement near Rama
seems to have been solved by the
prisoners themselves A dispatch
from the United States consul at
BUicfloIds received today says that all
the former prisoners have joined the I
Estrada forces Prison camps have
been closed It Is stated and Ameri
can naval officers at Blue c1ds ex
pect to be able to close the hospitals
In two weeks
Boston Jan 17The price of shoes
Is going up Official announcement
to this effect was made today by the
National Shoe Wholesalers associa
tion The association say that tho
existing high prices of leather and
materials makeR the Increase neces
sary but that the new prices will be
so adjusted as to permit tho addi
tion to each grade of snob value as
will compensate the wearer for In
creased cost
New York Jan 17Mayor Gay not
today accepted the resignation of
Thomas Hassett secretary of the
board of water supply and a close
friend of former Mayor McClcllan
and appointed in his place Thomas H
Keogh a lawyer The position pays
0000 The patronage within tho dis
tribution of the board of water sup
ply Is enormous
Chicago Ian 1iA few hours after
Tohn R Walsh former president ot
the Chicago National bank of Chicago
I and railroad promoter who was 0911
vlcted of misapplying LUC funds of tho
bank had received word from Wash
ington today that the U S supreme
court had denied his petition for a
writ of ccrtlornrl he took another stop
to obstruct his serving five years In
tho federal prison at Ixjavemvorth
Kan He filed a petition In tho U s
circuit court of appeals asking thar
It direct the U S district court to
grant a now trial He charged tho
Jurors who convicted him with mis
A decision on tho appeal Is to bo
handed down tomorrow While Mr
Walsh sitting In his office In the
Grand Central station received tho
news from Washington apparently
with aa much composure as If It were
merely an ordinary business detail
his attorneys became active
District Attorney Sims had gone
Into court with a motion that a man
date bo Issued at onco sending the
aged financier to prison John S Mil
ler one of Mr Walshs attorneys ob
jected on the ground that no official
notice of the supreme courts action
had boon received Just then a mes
Bcngor appeared In the court room
with a telegram to Mr Sims which
read as follows
Petition for certiorari in case of
John R Walsh against the United
States denied today
It was signed by James H McKen
ny clerk of the supremo court Mr
Johns then asked an Immediate man
date ordering the carrying out of the
prison sentence
Mr Miller demanded a stay until a
certified copy of the decision should
be received Tho question together
with the appeal for a new trial then
went over until tomorrow
Tho evidence alleging misconduct
of the jurors upon which Mr Walsh
hopes to obtain a new trial was con
tained In affidavits filed by Elbert Pal
mer and Charles Davey
In Palmers affidavit he asserted
that while acting as a Juror ho was
sick and signed the verdict of guilty
under pressure from the other Jurors
He asserted that said Jurors contln
I ued their prosecutions and that finally
he gave way to his emotions and be
an to weep when the juror Brown
began to abuse arrant and applied to
him epithets and opproblous names
such aa big fool great big baby
big calf and the like thereby great
ly humiliating affiant and causing him
to truoffr groat mental anguish and In
creasing his mental and physical dis
Washington Jan 17 As the re
sult of the success that attondod the
assembling of Infantry officers of tho
organized militia of some of tho
states In camps of Instruction In 190S
the secretary of war has directed a
general movement along similar lines
this year The camps will be located
at garrisoned army points
Pueblo Colo Jan 111I1hn Barlff
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started In Denver Albuquerque Wyo
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nla and three other states not de
cided upon and that the whole alit
represent an expenditure of lGQfiP
Washington Jan 17Senor Jon
nuln Nabuco Brazilian ambassador Ic
Washington died this morning at the
embassy hero He was CO years old
The Immediate cause of death IK said
to have boon the rupture of an art
cry In the brain For several months
the ambassador has been In falling
health and ten days ago his aliment
was diagnosed as artcrlosclerosls
This morning ho professed to feel
much better but was soon overtaken
by a sinking spoil When a priest
was administering the last rites of
the Catholic church the ambassador
passed away
Within an hour after the ambassa
dors death President Taft called In
person at the embassy to convey his
condolence Mr Nabuco leaves a
wife two daughters and three sons
It is expected the funeral will bo
held at St Matthews Catholic
church lu this city when high mass
of the requiem will he celebrated In
the presence of President Taft the
cabinet nnd the entire diplomatic
body Jf precedents are followed the
body will be convoyed to Brazil in an
American warship an an evidence of
the esteem in which the ambassador
was held bj this government
Ambassador Nabuco was a son of
the late Senator Nabuco chief of the
liberal party In Brazil In a period of
Dom Pedros reign Both his grand
father and great grandfather were
senators so that he represented In
the Brazilian parliament when he
entered In tho fourth generation of
his name the only such instance un
der the empire
For years he devoted himself In
parliament to the cause of abolition
of slavery The abolition of slavery In
1888 atnched Mr Nabuco to the Im
perial dynasty for which ho risked
all and when on November 16 1SSP
the republic was proclaimed he kept
apart from the general movement
that led both the monarchial parties
to accopt the new regime
He as the auwthor of several books
dealing with constitutional subjects
and history and in 1896 expressed
a wish to reconcile himself with the
republic His proffer was Immediate
ly accepted He sencd as Brlzilian
minister to Rnfelanrt was president
of the third international conference
in Rio Janeiro In 1S96 and was a
member of The Hague court of arbl
ration Fie came to Washington as
ambassador from Brazil May 24 1905
Los Angeles CaU Ian 17If you
were placed in the center of a whop
ping big merrygoaround above you
and around you a canvas panorama
and plain and river and mountain all
painted In the vivid blue and green
and white of tho perlpatlc artist air
ships buzzing around you instead ot
the ancient hobby horse and the wob
bly swanthen you would realize tho
sight at aviation field today
That wonderful ride that you took
was not more entrancing than the
sight that tho blue sky gave In the
main part of the program as Paulhan
and Hamilton and Curtlss rode round
and round
Paulhan kept It up for nearly two
hoursl hour SS minutes and 27 25
seconds to bl j exact covering In that
time 75 C10 miles Had he kept up
tho speed for two hours more ho
would have beaten Henry Farnmnu
cup record Ume for M4 miles a feat
which the Frenchman promised to do
tomorrow Paullmu descended on ac
count of a leak In his fuel tank
Hamilton came down after his elev
enth lap of the mile and a half course
Ho was called from the air bv one of
his mechanicians who discovered
that a part of the machine was out
of place
In tholr air marathon the biplanes
paRsed nndor and over each other
many times without mishap Pnulhan
kept the high couroo 200 feet whllo
Hamilton rode the lower
CurUBK went out to beat his own
record for ten laps round the course
He succeeded In doing this His time
was 23 minutes and J 35 seconds His
fastest lap was made In 215 Paul
han tried to beat Curtlss In this 10
lap race but his time was registered
as 250515
It wna a day of clearest atmosphere
and great crowds came out Curtiss
was tho first to get into the air After
a short flight to test the wind which
had sunk to a slight breeze he took
Lieut Paul W Beck U S A Signal
Corps as a passenger and made a
short low flight
Then he took up Frank Johnson ol
San Francisco
The fat wormlike dirigible was
lugged out by soldiers and soon was
twisting around the sale middle of the
Lincoln Benchy made one lap In
R3l after tho air had been cleared
of the racers The GillDosch aero
plane a Baltimore entry which has
met with a series of trilling accidents
that has kept it off the course was
brought out It made two feeble at
tempt to start but could not rise
Later In the afternoon a now start
was made The machine hopped along
for a few yards roso to a flvefooi
height and then Bottled down with a
bump that broke the wheel carriage
Massou and Curtlcs came out and
flow at duck Clifford B Harmon of
New York an enthusiastic amateur
made a short flight alone In his new
Curtlss machine President Cortlanu
F Bishop of the Aero club of Amer
ica received a cablegram during the
afternoon announcing that both Ger
many and France had Bout challenge
for a balloon flight for duration and
altitude during 1010 France also an
nounced that an attempt would be
made to lift the Gordon Bennett cup
won by CurtlBs aL Rhelm for speed
Curtiaj covered 1242 miles In 16 min
utes 50 35 seconds
Each country will enter three ba1
boos There are eleven countries In
the federation to be heard from
Mr Bishop will leave for New York
at the end of this meet and the time
and place for the contests will bo an
nounced there
London Jan liAt tho conclusion
ot todayB polling in the general elec
tion the parties stood na follows
Unionists 92 Liberals 77 Labor
ties 1C j Nationalists 13 Not gain
for tho Unionists 20
The government fared much belle
today than their moat ardent supporter I
porters expected The Unionists
gained ID seats the Liberals four and
the Laborites one making a net gain
for tho Unionists for the day of H
on less than they gained at the elec
tions on Saturday
This practically assured ho return
of the Liberal power with a fair ma
jority for among the places still to
I poll ore those In Scotland and Wales
which always arc solidly Liberal
There were not many surprises to
day Seine expected that John Burns
president of the local board would
bo defeated in Battersea division 01
Battersea and Clapham but Burns
himself hover had any doubt as to
the result Other state officials who
had to fight for their seats and wore
successful were Augustine BIrroll
chief secretary for Ireland and C F
Hobhouso financial secretary to the
treasury In Bristol and Dr T T Mae
Namara secretary to tho admiralty
in Cambers The majorities wero
greatly reduced In fact this hap
pened all through tho country the
huge majorities secured in 190G show
ing big reductions in almost all cases
Indeed many liberals who became
members of the house of commons
by the graco of the landslide that
year have been sent back to private
life Among them Is Hamar Green
wood a Canadian who represented
York and was considered a prominent
candidate for high office Another
Canadian Joseph Martin former pre
mier of British Columbia was more
successful winning the seat for St
Pancreas ErnsL Other prominent
members defeated Included L G Chi
ozza Money apostle ot free trade who
lost his sent for North Paddlngton
and Will Crooks labor leader for
Woolwich Sir H Robson Liberal
candidate for North Kensington Pall
ed to get a majority as did also
Sir lohn Gorst an minister and at
one time a member of the fourth
party whose leading spirits were A
J Balfour and Lord Randolph Church
Ill On the other side Lord R Cecil
and George Stewart Booles who ran
as free trade unionists failed to over
throw Phillip Snowden Labor leader
and Sir Thomas Barclay Blackburn
Doctors had much to do with the
defeat of Claud Hay Unionist In the
Horton division of Shore Ditch His
opponent was C F Addison a famous
consulting surgeon Hay on the plat
form made disparaging remarks about
the profession and as a result the
whole fraternity turned out to assist
Dr Addison The Liberals won back
the adjoining constituency of Hag
gerston represented by the Hon R
Guinness Unionist he being defeat
ed today by S G Chancellor
Unionist leaders who rim today In
cluding A J Balfour A Bonar Law
Walter Hume Long and Sir William
Bull Sir William being the man who
caused a diversion by engaging in a
fist fight recently with A Heckkter
at Hammersmith hold their seats by
Increased majorities
Over the Walnuts
and Wine
Good Stories of the Great and
the NearGreat
Doctor Blank says Llpplncotts
about twenty years o a professor In
the University of Virginia was on
the evo of a trip to Europe to ho ab
sent two years In pathetic and rath
er harrowing tones he made his fare
well address to his class Yes I am
about to part with you This Is more
than distressing to me Would that
there was a window In my breast my
dear boys that you might see the In
nermost recesses of my heart A
stripling in the roar seized with a
happy thought shouted Professor
would n pane in the stomach do
In a sketch of Admiral Scaton
Schroeder tho New York Globe says
The following story rests on no moro
substantial foundation than fleet gos
sip But just before the fleet loft for
that trip around tho world there was
some newspaper talk of n possible
clash with Japan The yarn goes that
a highly placed person asked Schroe
der In the course of a chat what
he would do If tho Japs fired on his
ship Schroeder sniffed They wont
lire on my ship sold he positive
But If they did Now said
Schroeder angrily If they did hey
What tho dickens do you think Id do
Sue em
Environment tells remarked
Louise CloBBer Hale who has won
new laurels In His Name on the
Door Theres an air about the
Fifth Avenue motor bus conductors
youll notice A lady on top was drop
ping her dime in the slot the other day
when a cabman passing Indulged In
some very pointed remarks about the
conductor The conductor made no
effort to reply nnd the lady to as
suage his feelings as he proffered the
slot machine said He seems to
have the gift of gab Yes maam
said the conductor as you vulgarly
puts Jt he do
Senator Depew at a dinner praised
a turkeys mushroom stuffing These
mushrooms he concluded remind
me of on incident that occurred while
I was abroad In the autumn You
know how on an English train the
passengers are locked In small com
partments and there Is an emergency
signal for them to pull In case the
train must be stopped Well the sig
nal was pulled ono autumn day and I
the train with a great grinding ol I
brakes camo to a sudden stop and the I
guards and conductor pale with hor
ror ran up and down the carriages to
see what terrible thing could have hap
pened They found In a rearmost car
riage an old woman leaning far out
of the window waving bur arms and
ber umbrella excitedly Whats the I
matter madam Why Hd you stop
tho train they asked her You
fooln she answered why didnt you
stop before Weve just passed tWQ
of the finest mushrooms Ive seen thin
many a year
Automobiles nre revolutionizing
methods of hunting wild game In I
Western Kansas ears a writer In the I
Chicago News A Wolf hunt under the
new plan Is most exciting Ono man
runs the auto and anothcrdoos the
shooting A machine can run miles 4
nnd miles on the open prairie of the
west without coming in contact with I
n fence or a creels When a wolf or
coyote In scared up the auto takes I
after him A wolf runs In an east
circle He doesnt dodge back and I
forth So It Is comparatively easy for
tho driver to keep right behind him I
But the automobile must have great
speed A coyote can run thirty miles
an hour with ease A few days ago
some Garden City hunters ran down
a coyote and killed him with the
wheels That was considered a great
hitting feat When hunters used to
chase coyotes on horses and with dogs
there never was a record of whore
they drove the coyotes to their dons
But It Is different with automobiles
Coyotes run until they nro about to
bo taken In and then make for their
dens In order to smoke them out
the driver attaches n rubber tithe to
tho gas tank of his car and runs the
other end down tho hole That Mon I
brings tho coyote out and the race Is i
resumed until the animal is bagged I
Chicago Tan ISIobn Farson I
banker lawyer and clubman and ono i
of the hest known figures in the fin
ancial and social world of Clilcap
died this morning at T45 as the re I
suit of an attack of heart failure The
attack occurred lost Saturday and Mr
Farson had boon conscious almost up
to the last Mr Farson was tho hood
of the banking firm of Faraon Son
company His oldest son John Far
son Jr who is In charge of the New
York branch reached here on a open I
ial train before his death j
Mr Farson was born In Union City1
Indiana October 8 1855 Ho was the
son of Rev John T Faraon a Meth
odist Episcopal clergyman and Har
riet Page Faraon Ho was educated
In the public schools at Champaign I
Ills and attended the University ot j
Illinois between the years 1671 and
1876 Alter coming to Chicago he
studied law In the office of J R Doo
little at one time a United States
senator from Wisconsin and wa ad
mitted to the bar In 1880 Mr Far
son was married In Chicago Sept em
ber 1 1881 to Mamie A Ashworth
two children John Farson Jr and
Wm Fareon being the result of tho
Chicago Jan Fifteenyearold
John Lohner quit six positions In six
months and Judge Pinckney of the
Juvenile court is anxious to learn
why Mists Caroline Blinn oC the
University of Chicago settlement
thinks it is because the boy smokes
cigarettes to excess The court
thinks there may he some other roa
son nnd will have the boy examined
by a physician at the juvenile homo
According to Mien Blintz Lohncrs
record for the last six months amid
his reasons for quitting his positions
were as follows
1 Postal Telegraph company worked
two months too much running
2 Armour Laboratory six weeks
not healthy
3 Cleaners and dyers three weeks I
not strong enough j
4 Postal Telegraph two weeks I
sore feet
fi Printing shop one half day too
much standing up I
G One other place one day too
much sitting down 1
Atchison Kits Jan J Geologists >
at St Benedlcts college hero yesterday
pronounced the rock which fell on a
farm near Valley Falls Kas recent
ly to too a fragment of meteor The
rock weighs seventeen pounds
W W Van Liuwn who brought
the rock here from Valley Falls says
that It fell with great force and caus
ed much excitement
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Como In and yet a poood coo
Ogdon Utah
Chicago Jan lSAn experiment
which anticipates the future vs
conducted successfully yesterday it
the electrical show In the Coliseum
when n wireless dispatch vas trans 1
mitted from a sender In the annex to
a receiver in the Wright acrnpl nu
which IB hung In the roof of tlu build
The teat was made In order to ileni
onfltnxte the feasibility of fitting up
aeroplanes with wireless apparatus
The experiment war In charge of lieu
tenant Benjamin B FVmUrs and his
corps of United Stntca army signal
service men
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