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and original favors mak
the greatest possible difference In
the success of a cotillon and in the
enjoyment of the young people tnl
inp part in it Lots of fun is often
made by the favors and elmrmin
effects are produced Any number of
pretty favors cnn be bought and of cours
rome people use very beautiful nnd cx
pensive things for this purpose but tha
teems rather foolish and unnecessary un
less one is very wealthy for after all
the real result aimed at is nn enjoyabli
evening and pretty artistic effects
Anything to wear or to carry while
dancing the favor figure if especially de
nimble and different kinds of color
schemes can be carried out with hats
wands and such things A girl who
plans a holiday dance with n cotillon car
mako some exceedingly pretty favors ol
this kind herself Or if she has nol
enough time to give to the work to mak
them all hcrsflf she will probably find 1
plenty of girl friends who will be only
l I loo glad to spend a few afternoons with
I her and help make them
l Several kinds of hats for the different
t Sgurei can he made one very pretty style
being a cocked hal for the men and a
Priscilla cap for the girls Both of those
f arc made of paper For the Priscilla cap
tut a strip of paper seventeen inches long
lnd six Inches wide for the front of the
cap Then cut a half circle with Ha
l straight edge twelve inches long
i Gather It a little in the centre of the
it jnrvc nnd the centre of the straight
rdgc and fasten the front piece around
the curved edge turning back two
Inches of the front to give a little flare
around the face These Friscilla caps
I I should be made of white tissue paper or
crOpo paper
fIE cocked hat to go with this is of
T blue paper For the crown make around
round box six inches In diameter
First cut the circle for tho lop of thin
tnrdboard or stiff paper and cover it with
Mue crepe paper Cut a strip for the band
round the crown about twenty inches
ong and four inches wide and cover it
loo with crepe paper making the paper
in Inch wider than the cardboard This
extra width is slit at close intervals into
r Decorative Mirror Frames Which Girls May Make
X of the industries which finds
ONE with girls at the moment is
the decoration of mirrors of all
dupes and izes and in all sorts of charm
attractive In
UK ways Nothing is more
the boudoir than a number of these
harming mirrors Oval round square
ind rectangular mirrors are all decorated
most attractively ty the use of brocade
mil satin lingerie ehintr velvet gold ap
plique and ribbon flowers
charming mirror decorated with
A t cry
ribbon flowers was about seven
wide and twentyseven inches from top
to bottom The frame was very narrow
not more than half an inch wide
was covered with green brocade But 1
covering this entirely was a garland
and yellow sill roses connected
pink white ani
nected by green satin stems The effect 1
I vnh dainty and charming in the extreme
More elaborate was an oval mirror the
perhaps twelve and
width of which was
inches The
height eighteen
this mirror was covered with gold galleon
h a wreath of
nnd this was covered
ribbon leaves steals
roses made of gold
of the same These
Sc iKing made
from the
stand out rom
vines and flowers
r ouly
relief being attached
frame in bold
by the vliuB tucked here and there at
i different points
Gold and silver leaves and vines ore
also used with the little silk roses and
Not only
these frames
lilies to decorate
are the gold and silver ribbons employed
but also cloth r e cold is used to make the
i roses or leaves
The ribbon work dono directly upon
r the silk or brocade is also used for mir
ror frames White moire is the favorite
material for n background and oa this Ii
embroidered the design usually In the
light Pompadour shades and made up of
garlands baskets or bouquets Spangles
sequin and gold thread arc used to help
out the design
Very charming also ate the mirrors
r framed in brocade Handsome brocade
of value Is
frequently antique piece
used for this purpose K the design ot
the brocado is unusually rich nud espe
cially If there is gold ia It it Is used
without other trimming but if the design
Ineffective it Is accentuated
or coloring is cold or
centuated by gold embroidery or by
i uao of gold galloon crushed In diamonds
aro also
over the frame Frames
of velvet moire and satin and trimmed
In this fashion with the gold galloon
f Larger mirrors have frames of lingerie
is either
usually fulled on a CI1me
Sometimes the i
flat trifle rounding
or n
Hncp with
t material used Is very sheer
and on
I u rtions of Cluny or torchon
the cardboard nnd the pieces lapped ore I
each other and pasted to the under side I
of the top piece
Make the brim of n circle of cardboard
the hole in the centre being just the sic
of the crown and tho outer edge fm
inches out from this Cover both sides
with the crOpo paper leaving an oxln
inch on the inner edge of each whicl
Is again cut in slits at intervals ami
pasted to the inner side of the lower edge
of the band When the glue is quite drv
the brim is bent into the shape of a
cocked hat being turned up at each side
of the front and at the back Where it
is turned up at the left side fasten It with
a cockndo consisting of a rosette of bull
paper and a little brush mado by cutting
the paper in line strips With the crinkle
not across it
Another style of hats which gives quite
an amusing effect to the danco is a sun
bonnet for the girls and n farmers hat
for men The sunbonnet is made on much
the same principle as the Frlxcilla cap
but is larger The half circle for the
crown is somewhat larger and gathered
a little more and the strip for the front
of the bonnet Is twenty inches long and
nine inches wide and It ia stiffened with
cardboard The crown does not come
quite to the bottom of this and into tIll
extra space Is fitted a little gathered
flounce that hangs down the back of the
nock The sunbonnet can be made of
either flowered paper or flowered dimity
or checked gingham As the farmers
hat to go with it must ho a real straw
hat the cotton material is beat The
prettiest effect is obtained by making
them of dimity with many different
flowers The only way to get the effect
of the farmers hat is to buy the cheap
broad straw hats that arc used by farm
IT VERY pretty design for one figure is
M a butterfly used as a head ornament
for girls and on the end of n wand
for men The butterfly is made by bend i
ing wire into the right shape and covering
it with crops paper The ends of the
rings arc then painted Irregularly with
hold paint or black or some color that
ontrnsta with the paper used A few
Clack dots are also a great improvement I
other mirrors batiste Is used made in
this fashion or of material which has an
open or lacy design These mirrors are
of course framed In accordance with tho
furnishing of a boudoir because while
the ribbon work or brocaded mirrors will
fit in anywhere this is not true of the
I IAT every detail of the closet may
T be attractive to look upon and the I
shoo rack or shelves be just as con
spicuously pretty as the hanging bars
with their bright colored ribbon hangers
the shoo trees must also be adorned and
beautified An old fashioned slipper or
boot tree with Its extension bar in the
centre cannot well bo trimmed up but
the newest tree consisting of a plain
wooden toe and heel piece connected by a
flexible steel bar really needs to have
that unprepossessing band of steel dis
guised by u dainty cover of bright colored I
ribbon or silk
These trees are extremely easy to cover
and call for no more material than a
yard and a half of ribbon an inch and a
half or less in width according to the size
of the steel bund Satin and flowered taf
feta ribbons are equally pretty but a good
quality Is necessary that will not cut
through soon The cover is formed by
running together two pieces of the ribbon
over the band leaving a narrow edge at
each side to form a finish then fasten the
ribbon firmly at each end by nailing with
tiny gilt head licks to the wooden toe and
heel The ribbon must be gathered in
comparatively full so as to allow the
steel to bend in being put in and out of
the slipper
If all tho shoe trees are equal size then
nil may be trimmed alike with the one
hade of ribbon but if BB Is more gener
ally the rise a different size and shape of
tree is required for each different pair of
bootH and slippers then it would be bet
ter for each pair to have its own shade
perhaps pink for slippers blue for walk
ing boots flowered ribbon for the low
ties and in this way the trees will never
become mixed and considerable time
wasted in frequent sorting out will be
Linon and canton flannel bags for boots
or patent leather slippers arc now covered
with bright bilk or satin Satin and pat
ent leather slippers should always have
their individual bags but if not kept in 11
bag patent leather then should ahvajj he
wrapped in either cotton or flannel when
not being worn Before putting on n pat
ent leather Dipper or shoe in frosty
weather it should be rubbed gently with
tj1l A PA G E 4 I 7 j
jr Qr
It M I S 5 E S d li t
t V l i I
J ii J i
k 4v2 art f 1 c r
I r 1
ter i
I i
Y 2 v I
1c F li
I itki
I t II i 1
I i FC f si r r I I r i I I y f
ii jf f j i
t r i Y N ly
11i I d 4 i I
I illq ir
1 Ai I
The butterflies should hoof many differ
ent colors and the painting varied ns
much as possible In making tho favors
for the girls the butterfly should be fast
lingerie ones Some of these latter are
made up over colors but the prettiest arc
those made up in all white The chintz
framed mirrors are most attractive but
these like the lingerie ones are made to
fit some particular apartment The
I chintz is usually fitted on I
tho hand for a moment or two to soften
the kid and provont its cracking
For the kind of shoe tree formed of too
and heel pieces of wood connected by n
flexible steel bar there should ho a ribbon
or silicon cover to that ugly looking pieeu
of steel
Brocade Covered Jardinieres
rE of the new things which girls
O arc making of old hits of brocade
and gold lace are small jardinieres
in which potted plants can be placed As l
every one knows who has ever sought
for jardiniOrcs in the shops nothing is
more difficult than to find n jardiniOro
which is suitable for a very daintily fur
nished apartment unless one is prepared
to go to clue expense of old silver bowls
carved crystal and similarly very hand II
some places Jhe jardinieres covered I
with brocades are a perfectly suitable sub
stitute for UiCMj and at the same time
afford an opportunity for using small
pieces of beautiful fabrics to great ad
The plant is of course kept in its
original pot the jardiniere it merely an
outer covering It is made of thin card
board curved In the chap of n flower pot
and with the bottom piece stitchcdfnsi te
tho circular sides with strong thread
It Is not necessary 10 have ono piece ot
brocade large enough to cover the entire
aides Usually several strips arc used
the scams being covered with gold lace
or braid The strips roach from the toll
to the bottom of the jnr and should bi
of equal width The lining Is ol dull col
ored bilk matchiug one of the shades in
the brocade or of linen the bottom ol
the jirdlniore is covered with this ma
terial also If then Is not enough of tlu
strips of brocade cover the jar picco
of plain satin or velvet nutty alternatt
with the brocade The figured material
Ls used around the till of the jardinltri
also and tho plain satin or velvet arouse
tho bottom
The gold braid or lace which is a cal
should not be new anti bright looking but
should bo the charming old gold which
blends so nicely with flU sorts of decora
tion The lironido IIlcd should bo boaut
fnl and even rare dM ill not worth while
to co to the trouble IIC making this sort
of thing of commonplace material
r y t I
Ir9 S
l o eST j
erred to the front of n ring that will fi
on the head The ting may bo n wooden
embroidery ring or made of twisted
heavy wire Jn cither cage it is wouin1
around with strips of paper like the but
tcrfly The butterflies for men nre fast
ened to the end of it stick which Is ills <
wound with tho paper
For use in the sumo way as these
favor but giving quite n different effect
is a flower wreath and n star wand The
wreath can bo made either of artificial
lowers or of paper flowers A girl who
knows how to make paper flowers can
use them but it will take a good deal
of time to make enough of these nnd one
can buy very pretty muslin flowers al
the millinery bargain tables in the shops
The wreath is started with a ring that
wU fit the head and this Is covered with
ribbon or strips of colored muslin to
match the flow ore Tho flowers arc sewed
to the muslin on the outside close to
gether and In the back there is a bow
of ribbon with long curls There may be
the greatest variety in the flowers used or
one particular kind cnn be chosen ana all
the wreaths be alike
TIIE wand that belongs to this figure
I is very easy to make A stick Is
wound with ribbon or strips of paper
in two colors and on tho end is fastened
Convenient Muff Hangers
j A UKP hangers are an absolute neces
I I sity unletd one Is prepared to keep
ones muff bov always at hand
which in many instances is rather n nul
winco The hanger which aro now being
used arc most convenient and cnn leg
more easily disposed of if room for ones
clothe is limited than the ordinary muff
box The hangers Ion whnt resemble COt
hnnsorn but tberenrc two bars instead of
on and the lower bar is movable so that
the muff may bo slipped on It The bar
U then put back into place and the hanger
may thus bo hungoa any cloiot hook
tbc4e hanger uncovered with shirred
ribbon much as are the coat hangers
They hare tiny swchet generally two or
three nt them tiedto the lop bur by nifr
row ribbon fLit fayonu xtlo of ribbon I
for use us a covering for the linngun
IN it jirvijent flowered witin or silk nndi
the color seler ted IS r of course In arrord
with the taste of thu person for whom
it is intended
i large star of cardboard covered on both
ides with gilt paper Whenever a slick
ir ring is wound with anything It is most
necessary to fasten the ends firmly for
f they begin to unwind the result is dis
j T HE only excuse for omitting the
daily plnugo or sponge bath ia r
lack of suflicleni water and there I
are few places in the civilized portion
of tho world where that fluid is not mi
free as salvation said tho April Grand I
mother when her youngest grnnddaughtei
confessed that drowsiness or oversleeping
occasionally caused her to forego her tub
Some people habitually bathe the firs
thing in the morning but this course i >
not recommended to an active young gir
who usually goes for a walk or a ride
soon after breakfast for exposure to the
fresh air within an hour after a bath not
infrequently induces a chill And n cohl
contracted in he autumn or early winter I
ia not readily cured
Just before going to bed is the safest I
time to take tho daily bath which should
be of n hot or tepid future according to
the individuals stale of health To cer
tain constitutions a very hot bath Is de
bilitating while to others it Is exceed
ingly soothing to the nerve nail conduces
to sound slumber Inort girls who realize
that they are taking on too much flesh
may wifely employ the nightly hot bath
ns a detail of the reducing process but
they should be careful to mix with the
water some astringent to tighten the
cuticle as ono wrinkle adds more years
to tho apparent ago thaudo two pounds of
Girls of rather delicate physique may
snfcJy take tepid baths but they should
not stray too long in the tub or allow the
water to get below its original tiMnp r
ature nit cither course is liable to bring
on a chill Any bath is tho better for the
addition of enough benzoin to give tin
water a milky appearance an it helps to
a copy of a feather fan in paper makes
n very effective oolillon favor This is
made by culling long strips of crCpe paper
two and a half inches wide scalloping
one edge nnd cutting them at each end
on the straight edge Then gather the
whiten the skin A fow drops of spirits
of colognij will impart a delicate perfume
to the wholo body amid yea salt not only
helps the cuticle to throw off impuritieN
but will arouse circulation Deipito
cerjthing that win hu said in favor of
the cold bath it is the warm one which
actually does the cleaning but if the
nystcui can stand the shock of nn Icy
dip it is better to take it inthe morning
making sure that the body is thoroughly
dried no matter how much time the
process may consume
I am always ill humored whenever my
straight edge and turn the paper aroun
in the shape of a feather and sew 01
paste the gathers together Make seven
of those feathers and paste them in fan
shape on the blunt end of a long pointed
The otick is then covered with gilt
paper which comes up fur onouili to cover
the ends of the feathers The funmay
be made largo or small by making the
feathers longer or shorter and It can be
used in different ways according as Ilia
leader of the cotillon dcfljgns the figure
Ornamenting Silk Stockings
HtLS who are clover at cmbroidorhi
G cnn make most benutlfui birlhdaj
gifts for their friends by ornament
ing plain silk stockings Every girl likes
to lucre pretty silk stockings for dancing
and other parties nod the fashion this
winter Ls to have them gayly bedecked
with flowers Fascinating vines trail
from the toe up over the arch ot the foot
or little clusters of tiny flowers aro dotted
on here and there They arc gay In color
for the flowers arc worked in bright
shades while leaves done in vivid greens
always accompany them The trailing
arbutus makes n lovely decoration on
white silk stockings intended to wear with
a pink frock nnd nothing could be pret
tier than clusters of forget menots on
pule blue or white stockings to be worn
With a blue gown A great deal of liDag
inullon and taste can be brought Into
play in designing the embroidery
stockings which may hn elaborate or
ple according to the skill of the girl in
tending to work thorn
daily bath has been omitted explained
the April Grandmother with engaging
frankness bceauso at such times 1 do
not feel like a lady That ill because good
nature nnd perfect groominggo hand In
hand and it is didicult to bo amiable when
ono it conscious of not being exquisitely
clean To acquire the irtue which is see
ond only to godliness should ho the ambi
tion of every young girl for the daily
bath promotes not only health and beauty
but a sweet disposition that quality ad
mired by people of any age sex and con
0 fascinating arc tho manual arts
SO lImn needlework which may wi
pursued by the nnmlcur thai effoita
tire being continually mado to hind same
new fiuhl in which girls and women cau
I attractive
move null us a result turn out
articles for use in the housteor personality
Among the latest innovations of this sort
Is the now way of using metal on wood
Hammered brass has been popular a long
time ns handcraft for women but this
new idea uses the motnl to decorate ar
ticles of wood instead ot having the
I articled entirely made of metal
It is necessary to have the metal in
ihcois thin enough to cut out rather easily
with ordinary scissors The designs aro
hammered and made with piercing holes
To this Is added the luo of small lacks
supplementing the decoration
The design is made In the same fnsh
I lonas the hammered bras work wliich
Iris CoanfaahTonhblcrbr Olong or it may
lw mado more imply merely by hammer
ing with ono small hammer instead of
with a variety of tools used In the ham
mered brass After the design liar been
inadoit is cut otu with reissors null then
tucked to the wooden nrtclc
Picture frnmcx ouden howls and boxes
of all sorts ewers amid Jfngsjtirdinifrts
dc are among the aitlcli1 made in tads
fashion Copper IHUHB and pewter are
all mjod in tiny fashion Tlu motuls are
wood iisiil
ctlixiteil to luinuoiiiro with the
Both Ntaiued nnd paint < > < l woods arc used
pied the combinations of color with the
and charming
different inutnb art endless
ingAs and it Is
As yet the art Is n new one
Mmiinvlmt dillleult to gut tho neces
M > materials if one iunlstu on hav
ury ing everything ready to ones hand but
red brass
the tools used lor the hammered
all that ill neceynrysome thin
metal are foil ou which a dtMign is utauipcd
spun Uny tack and tho necessary wooden
All these pieces of wood for frames
boxes trays AC win ho found Jn the art
department of most shops They are
usually used for burnt wood work The
designs may In found in paper pulturna
which may be pasted ou < tine back of tho
motnl and then cut with sharp scissors
Tho hushing of tho design is done with
small hammer although it ia not
iKieKfiry always to hammer ilt sumey
times it is just put on plain

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