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By Robort Edgrcn
Traveling JB nil the rage Just now
In our most select pugilistic circles I
Packer McFarland Is on his way to J
Join the American fighting colony In
Europe Jimmy Britt IH finishing up I I
Africa and going to Australia and
now McIntosh has induced Stanley
Ketchel to make the long sail Ketch
I ol Is to fight Tommy Burns If suc
cessful he will meet Lang for tho
Australian title pick up a few easy
thousand in tho antipodes and return
r with a brand now reputation
I I sat with Mr Mclntosh In the Na
I tional oa that famous night of the
I II first KetcholOBrlen fight The Aus
Irallan promoter was greatly Impress I
ed Burnt has been asking me to
bring Ketchel over to fight him ho
I said Tommy doesnt know what a
terror this youngster Is Kctchol
would give his a hard fight and Im
not as sure that Tommy would win
I like Burns and I dont know that 1
care to see him fight tills bo
o doubt Mr McIntosh told Burns
all about the KotchelOBrieii fight
Hut apparently he huant worried the
Canadian Burns hasnt lost confi
dence at all He still thinks he can
whip Johnson and he intends working
himself Into a position again whore
he can forco the negro into another
match Already he has offered to
fight Johnson winner take all and I
Mclntosh has offered a big purse for
the bout not oven stipulating that I
Johnson must win from Jeffries
I If Kotchel can whip Burns and Lang
i hell have to be recognized as a groat I
heavyweight In spite of his defeat by
Johnson And If traveling around the
world makes him put on weight
fighting weight ho may yet causo
trouble among the big ones
If Burns beats Ketchel and turns
the trick moro handily than Johnson
did ho can come to this country and
get on some big matches
Its good news for all of Terry Me
Governs friends that Terry may soon
be out again Terry has been In a
sanitarium for several months But
ngnln his trouble Is disappearing and
he Is allowed to live quietly In the
country and onljyllreport dally AH 1
Ions as ho lceopHalCayfrpm tbo city
and the racetracks and > excitement I
Terry has a good chance Ho has al
ways been a fine manly little fol
I low and his old friends will look for
ward with much pleasure to meeting
him again
I Salt Lake City Utah Jan 23Tlw
I posfiiblllty that tills may IH his next
battleground added Interest to the i
Bight of Salt Lake City when James
J Jeffries looked at them today on
a quiet Sunday ramble He was Im
pressed he admitted by the offer of
a summer cottage in Parleys canyon
as training headquarters
If tho fight Is held aero said the
big pugilist and the place la as it
has boon described to mo It would be
an ideal spot to train
The canyon cottage Is at an eleva
tion of about GOOO feet above sealevel
or 2000 feet higher than the Saltalr
amphitheater In which It Is proposed
to hold the contest The surround
Ings are wild and rugged A mon
ster threelegged bear known by Its
mormons tracks lurks In the vicin
ity of the summer home Unless Its
reputation belles It bruin would bo
a valuable pacemaker and with a lit I
tle teaching a vigorous sparring part
Jeff and his company of athletes
will appear in Ogden tomorrow eve
ning and then start for the north
Chicago Jan 241he departure
of President Comlskoy of tho Chicago
American league club President John
son and Secretary Robert McRoy of
the American league for Plttsburg
last night sounded the preliminary to
a contest for the retention of the 154
game schedule
The American league committee Is
not going to light with the National
league over the length of Its sched
ulo for the coming season said Pros
idont Johnson yesterday Wo will
continue with 161 games as In tho
past I understand there Is a split
in the National league however and
It Is almost safe to say that tho
votes of three clubsBoston Clncln I
TlliY I
fORSmm S
Thoro is but ono way to euro an old coro or chronic ulcor and that Is
to remove tho cause that producos and koops it opon No matter whoro
located any sore that remains until it becomes chronic does so because of
impure blood the circulation constantly discharges its polluted matter into
tho place and It is impossible for nature to hoal tho core S S S hoato
sores and ulcors by purifying tho blood It romovos ovory trace of taint
or impurity from tho circulation and thus completely does away with tho
causo No local application roaches bolow tho infected flash at tho spot
and for this reason can have no curative effect on a soro or ulcer whilo
such treatment is being used alone tho germs and impurities aro constantly
increasing in tho blood and tho sore is bound to grow worse When S8S
has cleansed tho blood and enriched and purified tho circulation tho
place begins to take on a moro healthy appearance tho different symptoms
bow improvement tho flosh around tho ulcor gots firm new skin and
tissues aro formed and aided by pure rich blood naturo provides a perfect
and lasting cure Under tho tonic and bloodpurifying effects of SSS tho
system Is built up and those whose health has boon impalrod by tho drain
and worry of an old sore will bo greatly bonofitod by its use Book on
Sores and Ulcers and any medical advice free to all who write
X1 t1iII JY
Sole Agents for the Pabst Brewing Co Milwaukee Wis
Distributors and General Agents for
Monarch of Table and Medicinal Waters Is a purely natural
mineral waterthe ONLY in the United Statesbottled at the
Natural Mineral Water Springs
t The Safe Road to Travel
New steel passenger equipment the finest that
money can buy dining car meals nnd service
IlBcst in the World afforded to patrons on
i the line of the
< Union Pacthc
Dustless perfect track Electric block signals
r For literature e information rates etc call on
or address your Local Agent or
Union Pacific R R Co Omaha Neb
They are beautifully THE GILBERT
designed and In np n I SPARE TIRE HOLDERS
pearaiHjo utility and Q
adaptability su r p a B a or + D M
anything In this line i y
ever brought out 7S
Abovo set No 776 con fDi
sists of two adjustable lJ
arm pieces with sock 0
ets and ono running y
board pleco for hold 1 I
ing ono tire rOoo r
0 t
MANUFACTURING 00 Now Havctf Conn
1 nail and ItlSbllrgw go In favor
pf tho short schedule
In Uio American league last year
tho clubs were forcod to play eighty
three doubleheaders In 621 games
Inclement weather In the early weeks
of the season necessitated tho doub
ling up of games which In my opin
ion tends to cheapen baseball In
event the National adoptes the 151
Fame schedule and the weather man
dishes out another brand of snow
rain and thaw during April and May
bargain attractions will be In order
throughout the entire summer This
was the case last season In the Am
erican association
Chicago Jan 24 Football may oe
abolished temporarily at the Univer
sity of Chicago after next season un
less the forthcoming changes by the
national rules committee suit the authorities
thorities at the Institution The pro
fessors according to a member of the
athletic board will consider dropping
tho game if tho 1910 season shows as
many accidents and deaths as last
At next Saturdays meeting of tho
athletic board the professors It was
announced will take up the question
of football rules nnd pass vigorous
resolutions calling on the national
committee for tho radical changes
that have ben suggested at tho various
gridiron sessions at the Midway
Coach A A Stagg who thinks tho
rules committee will satisfy tho crit
ics of their sincerity and wisdom at
the February meeting will go before
the board with the latest develop i
ments In rulo reform Ho heard so
many suggestions at the meeting ot
his old placers Friday night that he i
will keep stenographer busy arrang
ing them for the next few days
Sandusky Ohio Jan 21 Jeffries
may whip himself when he faces
Johnson is the belief of John L Sul
livan Its a cinch that Johnson
couldnt whip a good scrapper said
John L Sullivan hero today But It
Jeffries gets too excited In his anx
iety to beat tho black man Jeffries
may whip himself
Sullivan and Kllraln commenced
one of their farewell vaudeville tours
horo yesterday They are going to
England they say In two weeks to
o n a six months vaudeville tour in
Britain which moans they will not
bo at tho JoffrlesJohnEon battle
Memphis Tenn Jan Although
tho governing board of tho Y M C A
was divided on the proposition to bar
prizefighters from Its building a rul
ing announced yesterday Is that the
bars are up from now on Fighting
Dick Highland wanted to train there
but was refused Battling Nelson and
Abo Altelwho trained there took
precautions to join the association
and as Y Ml C A boys they alone
evil lbo allowed to use the gymnasium
should they return for local bouts
Chicago Jan Abolishment of
football in high schools and radical
methods of eliminating accidents from
open field play In collegiate contests
were gridiron measures proposed to
Coach A A Stagg by University of
Chicago football graduates at a spec
ial meeting held last night Fifty of
Coach Staggs former stars pledged
their support In the campaign for a
safer game
Juaroz Mexico Jan 2tA big
crowd saw some high class racing at
Terrazas Park today The feature was
the Autlca handicap at six furlongs
and resulted in an easy victory for
the Bedwell entry Right Easy with
Spilling up Bedwell started three
horses In the eventRight Easy
Prince Ahmed and Richard Reed
First race selling six furlongs
Good Intent won Lady Parot second
Mary Genevieve third Time 11315
Second race soiling flvo and one
half furlongs Goldflnn won Seven
Full second Light Knight third Time
Third race selling seven furlongs
Gladys Louise won Hardly Son sec I
ond Belle ot Brass third Time
Fourth race the Astlca handicap
1200 six furlongsRight Easy won
Prince Ahmed second Gypsy King
third Time 11215
Fifth race selling seven furlongs
Stondal won Albion H second Alice
Collins third Time 136 36
Sixth race selling one mile Pedro
won Bon Ton second Buna third
Time 140
Plttsburg Pa Jan 23 Thoman J
Lynch president ot the National
league Charles H Ebbots presi
dent of the Brooklyn club and Bar
ney Dreyfuss president of the Plttfl
burg team today held a conference
preliminary to tho meeting tomorrow
of tho joint schedule committee
The committee Includes In addition
to tho three named President Ban
Johnson of tho American league
Charles W Somers of Cleveland and
Frank Farrell of Now York Today
Barney Droyfuss sought to convince
Ebbots that the public does not want
a 168gamo schedule Whether Eb
bets Wag convinced ho would not sa
Spokane Wash Jan 23L Gult
orraz de Lara a political refugee
who was hold by tho federal authori
ties at Los Angeles on complaint of
tho Mexican sov ° rnmont charged
with promoting reslstence to tho rulo
of President Diaz declared In a pub
lic address In Elks tomplo hero that
slavery actually prevails on the plan
UUons In Mexico and that the term
Barbarous Mexico Is mild to one
who fully understands tho situation
adding Americana are not being per
secuted In Mexico Its tho lower
class of Mexicans that Is bolng tramp
led under the Ironshod foot of tho
upper class under the rule of that
I brute Din Do Lara also said ther
will be no hope for the poona until
I there is government ownership of oy
orythlns and an international organiz
ation ot labor that will wipe out coun
try boundaries adding that the lower I
class In Mexico Was driven down to
slavery and that the poople arc now I
simply making a fight to break the
bonds I
Those Sunday night theatergoers
who wont to tho Orpheuni theater last
night to be amused were not disap
pointed in any ono of the six acts If
the amount of applause should be tak
en as the Judge of the evenings en
tcrtalnmont This weeks offering la
not the best nor Is It tho worst but
It abounds with moro clean comedy
and more laughs than any one bill
that has been presented here thus far
The bill opens with Tokl a Japa
I nese equilibrist and foot Juggler who
dons gome stunls with his feet as
well as on a slack wIre that are sel
dom surpassed His best act on the
wire was tho lowering of himself by
spreading out his feet and picking up
a handkerchief with his teeth
Miss Irene Romaln lived up to her
reputation as a versatile artiste In
an entertaining net of songs and reci
tations In the latter she furnished
her own music upon a piano Her
song Not iLlko That In Grandmas
Days was clever The audience was
very reluctant In letting Miss Uomaiii
go and she responded after several
encores with a little curtain talk
The Chadwick trio the real top
liners of tho bill scored the big hit
of the evening in their act For Sale
Wiggins Farm The farce Is good
and was well received Ida May Chad
wick champion female buck dancer I
of America defended her title in a
creditable manner The act closed
with somo noveltle In dancing by I
the young lady and her father which
took the house by storm Six curtain
calls were given thorn and Miss Chad
wick acknowledged their thanks with
a neat speech
Elsie Fayo assisted by Joe Miller
and Sam Weston presented a refined
singing and dancing act that was
good Miss Fares love song In which
oho uses her eyes with magnetic ef
fect and new In tho act was cleverly
done Miller and Weston have greatly
improved their woodenshoe dancing
The four Floods with their acro
batic comedy act were something new
In that line and better than acts of
a similar nature that have been pre
sented on the circuit by some forolgn
artists The act Is destined to be one
of the big features of the week
Tho Travelling Dentist presented
by Dan Qulnlin and Kellar Mack Is
pleasing The Orpheum pictures were
Tho absence of the bass violin In
tho orchestra did not give tho music
the volume It should have and Its
absence Fits noticeable However the
orchestra i number of pleas
Ing selections J 4
The show will run the remainder of
the week with matinees on Wednes
day and Saturday E T S
Wo have seen many plays of the
race track but Wildfire surely de
serves to be labeled the best The
large house that greeted George
Broadhursls new play at the New
Ogden theater last night showed their
appreciation by tho numerous encores
that It demanded
Lillian Ruseoll for whom the play
was written might have shown to bet
ter advantage in time title role but
Paulino Hall was tatlsfylng enough
to have her audience with her until
the final curtain fall Miss Hall and
her work need no Introduction to the
regular theatergoers and last night
she was as good as ever
The story of the play devolves
about a race between Wildfire owned
by Mrs Barrington and a thorough I
bred owned by John Garrison her
favored suitor A crooked bookmak
er by Homo nervy misrepresentation
attempts to fix the rave against
Wildfire but Is thwarted only when
the animals arc entering the stretch
by Miss BarrlngtOn Elmo acts upon
Information furnished by her stable
bay Bud Garrisons nnmo Is mentioned
tioned as being connected with the I
framoup but the affair Is straight
ened out at the last moment when I
his almost successful rival learns ot
and manfully exposes tho facts The
story ends In true story form with
Garrison hastening to the arms of
his lady
R G Edwards as John Garrison
was very satisfying His personal ap
pearance and stage appearance help
ed to mako the part
Little Will Archie tho chubby
stable boy Hud was nearly tho
whole show His hardy imchlnllka
appearance and happygolucky style
brought many a hearty laugh whllo
his participation In tho more serious
portions of tho story was really com
mendable This boy still In his
teens and evidently of the streets
quickly won the admiration antI sym
pathy of the audience The part of
Bud Is a good one and Master
Archer can and docs make the most
of It
Jeanette Wolf MB the colored maid
turnlnhod considerable amusement In
her Idolizing worshln of the famous
negro Jockey Chappy Raster
Cecil Lyndon was the London dude
nod he did It well The racetrack re
former by W Blaco Dock Woodall
furnished a smile or two oven If he
did not Intend lo
T K Hutchinson who acted as Malt
Donovan a trainer scorned well adapt
ed to his splendid rolo He portrayed
tho brusque good natured and honest
type of horsemen which Is so seldom
met with on the American turf
The play lagged somewhat owing
to an elaborate Introduction The en
tire first act was used to get us ac
quainted with the story but when
things got fairly started In the sec
ond act there were thrills enough for
the most blase
Samuel E Rorlts musical extrava
ganza The Land of Nod as pre
sented at the Now Ogden theater Sat
urday afternoon and evening proved
t t a i nny M Trust
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M 0 R l C K la
w j IL T E ID m fL OK
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Agrees with the weakest digeiiion
Delicious invigorating and nutritious
Rich milk mailed grain powder form
A quick lunch prepared in a minute
Take nosnbitUute AakforHORLICKS
Others are imitations
wEdison i
Iq Af
5 On Sale January 25th r
SOME people could listen to Grand Opera all night
while others tire of
never ragtimeand some are
just comfortable wholesome lovers of all music thats
good Most members of all families and all members
of most families love some kind of music
The point is that every kind of music for every
music lover is included in every months list of Records
r for the Edison Phonograpji which is the big reason
why you should have an Edison in your home This
months list is an example
AmberoI Standard
SU POJO of tho World 10077 Venetian LOTS Son
Victor Herbert mad HLi Orchestra Victor Herbert nod IIli Orchestra
av My Pretty Little Plot of DrWdon ChinaBfMlo 1o03 Im Looking for Somctbln to Eat StolliMsyhow
BfMlo Wynn IttS1 The Star The Koso and Tho Dream
SI7 Amooretuo Wnltz Froslnl Stanley and Gillette
SIS Hollo Mr Moonmtn Dell 0 I UarToy nioJermpjer 10303 The Dundn g Girl Soq aft Band
010 Tho Homuhrtd Anthony and IIarrl on lOMl Nobody Knows Wbcro John Drown Went
30 Ilfiiodlctlon of tho Polgnardi SOUSKS Band Arthur Collins
631 If I Had tbo World to Give You Reed Miller 10302 sweet Bunch of DIMes
I J53 Juanlta Metropolitan Qctrtotto Elizabeth Wheeler and Harry Anthony
2i3 When the Bloom Is on tho Cotton Dlilo Leo 109X1 Itfi Moonlight all the Time on Ilroadway
Mruiool Ilomiln Dllly Murray
3J1 Irohol If nt Irolnnd AnT Moro KJ vrard Jf Fnor 10301 Tbo Tlu Soldier Vienna InntrumontiHJuartotto
oa I Will Slug the VonJrout Story JOS05 My Bads nlnner Pall Ad Jane
Edlon hued Quartctlo 1CO4J When I Dream Inthe Gleaming of You
3JO Torosclta Tnrantolla Manncl Remain
American Symphony Orchestra 10977 Dlxlo Lead I Lore You Edward Meeker
S17 from Pa lbccl Thomas ChaJmsrs
Prologue rom Pnpllacel r8
10303 A Da hel o KLici KdtaoaConcert Band
as Slip od four OlnWun Gown
10309 In tho Sanihlne and tho Shadow Ill be Trao
Arthur Colllno and hymn G Ilnrian
SW In Cairo OrlenUl Patrol New York MlllUry Hand Byron G lariat
1C010 Jerusalem the Golden Edl onMiieJQuirtcUa
MO Thats the Doctor DllII Billy Murray
Ml Tho Darlilw JabtJeo ICOIl A Creole Lollaby Arthur C dough
American Symphony Orchestra 1C312 ClriblriUIn Waltz American Symphony Orchestra
S3 Im Glad Im a hey nod Im Glnd Im a Girl 1031S I Think I Hear a Woodpecker Knocking at My
Ada Jones end Dilly Murray Family Tree JMwurd M Favor
353 Medley Emmott Todlo Songs GcorRe P Iton 1014 Tolling Lies Ad Jones and Dllly Murray
SOI Tho lllfle Regiment MarchUnited iai5 Long Long Ago Manhattan Mixed Trio
United State Marino hand 1031S Two TLomaa Cols NOTV York Military Bend
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351 TwentyFourth Street
lX1Zc w l > L v
A OGDEN MUSIC CO 2370 Wash Ave e
to he an elaborate production Mus
ical program costuming scenic ef
fects and the company itself showed
a cnre In selection nnd a total dis
regard for cost that brought the ox
travaganzn up to tho standard of ou
tortalnmonlB of this kind
There was a story hidden some
where behind the music and non
sonaca story of a little girl dropping
off to sleep aud visiting tho Sand
mans domain In her dreams but thle
story was not thrust upon tho aud
ience so as to allow ono to become
seriously Interested In anything Once
the spectators became nearly inter
ested when the Sandman and
knockout drops stole the precious
cask of hearts but the foolish an
tics of the April Fool and the Welch
Rarebit soon sent his thoughts hack
to the fantastic I
The most striking feature of tho
Land of Nod was tho costuming of I
the company and the unique scenic ef
fects The young ladles of the chorus
had evidently been carefully trained
for they showed to wonderful advan
tage Anna McXnbb iis Bonnie had her
audience with her from the start She
Is tho daintiest little miss that fans I
been seen in Ogden for some time j
Her dancing and songs were as neat j
ly and gracefully done as could be f1
Bcssllee Merrill the prima donna aa
The Jack of Hearts was very ac I
ceptablo Her song My Lady Love
won her much applause I
Adelaide Harland The Chorus
Girl was an appreciated member of
the cast Her uptodate George
Ado and clever dancing added a spicy
touch of life that was received with i
Nell McNeil an The April Fool
and E D Coe as Tho Welch Rare
bit finished a string of nonsense
which at least kept the audience in
good humor The Sandman and the
Man in the Moon both wore Interest
ing characters well played
Tho balance of the cast was good
though of small import
There were twenty two musical
numbers all of which were good
Tho Belle ot Bnldhoad Row by tint
Chorus Girl the Welch Rarebits introductory
I The Bonnie Brier
troductory song
Moon and Bonnie The BII
I Bush by
I liken Man by Chorus Girl Same 1
Old Moonbr Man In tho Moon and j
My Lady Love by Jack were the
hits of the program
WMch Rarebits trombone and sar
nphone specialties showed consider
able ability hidden behind Rome amus
ing horseplay K
With but two cases of scarlet fover
I remaining and those of a mild na
turo confined to the special quarantine
ward tho outlook for the end of the
scarlet fever epidemic which made It
self felt rt the State School for the
Deaf and Blind during the winter is
i excellent
i Superintendent F M Driggs was
able to announce last night that be
I fore the present week is ended bar
ring unforeseen developments tho last
cases will ho discharged from quaran
I tine and the school will bo entirely
free from contagious disease once
The battle against the disease has
been a hard ono and tho epidemic
grew so serious that tho usual mid
winter vacation was abandoned
Washington Jan 21 Chairman
James J Hill of the Great Northern
board Is In Washington where he
has been Joined by other officiate of
that road and will have a conference
with tho President today concerning
conditions on Milk river Montana A
number of settlers In that country
are deeply Interested In contemplat
ed Irrigation and othor works which
have been suspended pending the rati
fication of the International water
ways treaty with Great Britain The
treaty long ago ratified by the son
ate has been pending with the Canad
ian government
It has been discovered that an
amendment will bo urged and final
latiflcatlon indefinitely postponed be
cause of rights granted a Canadian
corporation to uso wator from the
Milk river Settlers in Montana will
ask that the President give thorn somo
assurance of the intention of the gov
ernment to provide water they re
quire for farming and Mr Hill will
request that tho government no long
er wait upon tho final disposition of
the treaty to develop its policy for Ir
rigation work in Montana
Under tho treaty the Milk river i
an International stream was includ l
ed In an agreement as to the amount i
of water that could be utilized by tins
United States and Canada for Irriga It
tion and other purposes Mr Hill be
lieves the amount should be In f
New York Jan Thirtyseven
unsolved murders In twelve months
was the record of Now York for 1909 i
Seven moro have been added In the
first three weeks of tho new year i
according to n report just Issued by
the police department I
Buffalo N Tt Jan LCastana
Galaato was attacked by three men
near his homo In Georgia street lato
last night and nhot and stabbed i
I There are moro than fifty distinct
knife wounds on him ono of which
doubtless will prOTe fatal
To cultivate the habit of saving and make regular deposits in 1
the bank is not only n privilege which many people enjoy in
these prosperous times but it is a duty which should not be
neglected Better to start an
account now than to put it
off until some more conveni
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NATION fllj KID nil I
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OGDEN UTAH > > 4 Capital 510000000
Surplus and Profits 39500000
al Jj

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