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1 1 TIi
The third of tho series of Sunday i
evening sermons upon the History
and Development of the Church InBtl I
luUonn was given Sunday evening In
the First Presbyterian church the I
theme being The Origin of tho Uso
of Separate Church Buildings and the
RIRo of tho Clergy as n Separate
Tho music was furnished by Mrs
Poultor and Misses Wllcox Hamill
and Blddlo and was n most worthy
feature of the evening each one of tho
artiste being worth of specal men
tion Rev Carver said In part
Tho firat meeting of Christians af
tor tho ascension of Chrlet was a
prophecy of tho many meetings which
were to bo held by tho Christian be
lievers In the next three centuries
It was a meeting In the home of one
of tho Jerusalem Christians Follow
lag this there are many meetings In
private homes noted In the book ot
tho Acts and Eplrtlea and by the
time Paul writes his letters several
groups of believers have been gath
ered In various centers As those
groups are mentioned they are spoken
of as the church In the house of some
leading or firstbeliever who had a
home large enough to make It suitable
to become a permanent meeting place
for tho resident Christians The first
churches were churches that wero
centered both In sentiment and fact
about some homo This continued I
dilrlng the first two centuries and
In fact It Is not until the dawn of the I
fourth that we find definite public I
church buildings In any great num
bers These had their beginnings In
an odd decadence of a timehonored
custom From the days of Homer and
Ruth the entrance to the city or to
the rulers palace had been the place
of common gathering for deliberations
of justice or affairs of state This
custom caused tho rise of large build
ings erected at the rulers palace
known as Basilicas from the Greek
word meaning king These buildings
wore spacious enough for large as
embllcs of people and were In shape
and cbnstructlon much like the larg
er European churches and cathedrals
In fact tho latter were patterned
very largely after them Now when
tho Roman empire became a Christian
one these basilicas became the regu
lar meeting places for Christian ser
Ice For this end they were adapted
in nn excellent manner They had
at one end a platform formerly used
for tho ruler or Judge but now for
the pulpit and the large audience
room divided by tho nave into three
great aisles formerly used tho one
side for tho women the other for the
men while the center was often oc
cupied by merchants displaying their I
wares oven during judicial and state
proceedings but now all alike used
for the sitting places of the congrega
Strange lo say many a country
church today still retains the old Ro
man court custom of dividing the wo
men on one side and tho men on an
other When in later centuries the
great and costly cathedrals and
churches were build d they retained
tho nave and general contour of tho
old Banlllca or kings palace court
used HO many centuries ago for polit
ical and legal assemblies and Indeed
they were not only a vast improve
ment over tho synagogues of tho Jews
and circular tomb auditoriums or
homo courts of the Christians but
were so nearly perfect that recent
progress has added little to them
The first ministers wore the com
mon working people of tho day They
usually retained their secular labor in
connection with their religious duty
It was a day when soparate callings
had mado little progress In any avo
cation They wore their ordinary
garments when busied with tho Sun
day duties of worship But by and
by the styles of mens apparel chang I
cd Thon commenced tho rise of sep I
arate vestments for religious work
for they still used the garments of
their ancestors In religious service
Dean Stanley in his History of
Church Institutions tolls us that the
prlontly robes of today conform very
nearly to the flatly apparel of tho peo
ple of the time of Christ Ho tells
us alpo that tlie custom of protestant
ministers wearing a frock coat arose
nt a time when the frock being tho
customary Sunday suit of common
people IC was worn Inr protest against
tho robes But the protestant min
I isters also refused to change to tho
shorter coat when others did Wo sea
the same trend in the Quaker In th
days of Fox the broad brim hat and
Quaker bonnet and grey cloth wore I
tho customary garb of common people
Theso wero worn then as others wore
them but when styles changed the
I Quaker did not Thus all are alike
guilty of veneration of tho garments
of the past for a frock coat Is no
longer proper In morning dress It
has become the uniform and livery
of one calling We know not what
the ancient ordination service was
but we do know that our own Is an
stance of Roman imago Ordo was
partly the name of the oath of a Ro
man senator and partly the official
name of tho senator himself Ordin
ation was the Roman name for the
ceremony of taking the oath ot office
of a Roman senator The church has
taken the name and applied It to tho
vow of Its clergy We know not how
much of Its service It follows In so
There IB a message of deep moan
ing In all this for there was more
vital power for social and spiritual
uplift In the early centuries of tho
church than there has over been
since Now we believe this was In
part due to the closeness of the church
to the ordinary everyday life of Its I
members Their homes were Its meet
ing place Their lives wero so In
touch and harmony with Its teaching
and Ideals that any of them could be
come Its leaders It was not so much
its leaders as it was Us member
ship that was the active leavening
powor And as wo view church his
tory we find that the times when a
great spiritual awakening has been a
power have been the times when the
people of the church as a whole have
taken vital and zealous participation
In all the teaching and work of the
church Thon It has Influenced tho
communities mightily for God The I
crying need of the day IB for the
church to enter into the active life
of tho day as It did at Its first devel
opment There can be no segregation
of religious and active dally life and
retain any religious force The real
power of the Christ lies In the way
In whichHe made religion to be real
in His daily life and In the way in
which His teaching can be a real and
potent factor and power In the daily
life of bin followers If It is not that
In your life then there is cause for
you to question seriously your right to
claim his name and leadership
The Christ stands ready to give to
you that strength and Ideal needed
to enable you to live a sincere dally
religious lIfo among your fellowmen
It Is for you to accept or refuse
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1 rct i L
L v7
pub z1
The Post Tavern
At Battle CreeK Mich
Ts justly famous for Its Grapo Nuts griddle cakes
Two cups milk eight t cospoonfuls of GrapeNuts
half a teaspoonful salt two scant teaspoonfuls soda
flour enough to make a thin batter Add the Grape
NutB to batter Just before frying Fry a trial cake and
ire t If tho batter Is too thin add more flour
J j c Above recipe makes about 2 doz cakes
The GrapeNuts in the cakes make them nc light and
porous as buckwheat cakes with the advantage of being much
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I Theres a Reason for GRAPE NUTS
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f Al I D
James J Jeffries Is not much of a
talker and In this day and age when
half of a pugs stock In trade IB his
line of conversation about himself and
other fighters with emphasis on the
former Jeff Is generally regarded as
the human sphinx Howevor he has
unburdened himself of Home opinions
on the present day ring situation and
some of the comment ho got off his
system are interesting
During his little talk on fighters Al
Kaufman Stanley Kotchel Billy Pap
ko and Tommy Burns must have had
some burning ears They are not all
oven good secondraters and one or
two of tho list never knew what It
was to engage In a real prizefight ac
cording to the retired champion
Kaufman was tho first to get his
It happened when Jeff was asked if
ho was going to got some big young
fellows to train with him who can give
him a good workout and be tough
enough 10 fight him just as If they
were In the ring with him I would
like to have someone name ono such
fighter In the country today said
Jeff There Is not a young man In
the game who Is a topnotch comer to
say nothing of being a topnotch fight
er There Is not a heavyweight who
can give me that kind of training
AI Kaufman Best Youngcter
AI Kaufman Is the only young fel
low In the game who amounts to any
thing at all and he Is a joke Al
Kaufman IB no fighter at all I would
not trust myself to get Into shape to
fight anybody by sparring with Kauf
man I do not consider him a good
fourthrater The old fellows will be
good enough for me Corbott McCor
mick and a few of tho others will be
fnr better than any young fellows In
tho game today
That was about enough to convince
Jeffs hearers that he docs not think
much of the big Californian who chal
lenged him some lime ago Jeff evi
dently does not think Kaufman would
stand as much show with him as a
good lightweight
What do you think of tho chances
Tommy Burns will have with Jack
Johnson In a return go a frleml
asked pointing out tho fact that Hugh
McIntosh of Australia had offered
those fighters 10000 to meet In Aus
tralia In September
Hands Burns n Roast
There Is not a chance In the world
for Burns to beat that negro sale
Jeff Why Burns Is not even a good
middleweight and nover was He was
mighty lucky to be able to hold that
title as he did It was simply because
there were no heavyweight fighters of
class to meet him If there had boon
he would would never have had it
I do not think Burns will fight the
negro again If he docs and tho
negro fights hard Burns will lose As
to the chances of Kotchel with Burns
I think probably Burns might win He
Is about as big as Kctche and It
might bo a good fight I think Billy
Pupko Isa much better fighter than
Kctchol The trouble with Papke has
been his condition Ho has never been
In condition to fight when ho has
met Kotcbel and Stanley has been
lucky In this respect I believe Papke
to bo tho best middleweight id the
game today I think ho will beat
Kotchel If he over fights him whon In
condition Of course Steve did not
have a chance to beat Johnson being
so much smaller and only a fair
50 Wm1 CUE
Jim Jeffries the big bollormnker
who will attempt to recover the
worlds championship for the white
race from Pugilist Jack Johnson at
SalUilr Beach the fourth of next July
Is as handy with the cuo as he Is
with the gloves
With his manager Sam Borgor Tex
Rickard the promoter of the glove
ocntest and Frank Gotch tho cham
pion wrestler of the world the big
fellows started a game of Koolcy
pool In the Reed hotel billiard hall
yesterday afternoon at 5 oclock
When Berger called the game at 9
oclock to allow the athletes to got
ready for the evenings exhibition at
the Ogden theater Jeff was winner
The game started at 5 a cue but
near the finish tho players were bet
ting about 5 on every ball pockotod
In dlecuoslng the approaching contest
last night Manager Berger said that
In all probability Jeffries will estab
lish his training camp In Ogden sev
eral weeks before Independence day
Jacksonville Fla Jan 24An ex
cellent crowd witnessed some brilliant
racing at Moncrlof today Pulka free
ly offered at forty to one enjoyed tho
longest price Incidentally defeating
the good colt Carroll who looked the
winner throughout Tho track was
exceptionally fast Summary
First raco six furlongs maidens
Sandy Hill won Amy L second Allen
by third Time 111
Second raco dye and onehalf fur
longs soiling King Avondale won
Stringency second Enlist third Time
107 25 I
Third raco six furlongs purse
Pulka won Milton B second Carroll
third Time 11335
Fourth race one mllo handicap
Pocomoko won Otllo second Dr
Barkley third Time 13945
Fifth race six furlongs selling
Seymonr Butler won Grenada second
C W Burt third Time 113
Sixth race ono mile Belling Skyo
won Endymlon second KJlllc Cranklo
third Time 14115
Milwaukee Wis Jan 25 Jimmy I
Clabb of Milwaukee has boon match
ed to meet Mike Twin Sullivan of
Boston In a 10 round nodecision bout
before tho Milwaukee Boxing Club
In Fcb 4
The west was given Its first glimpse
of comet A 1910 last evening be I
tween tho hours of 030 and 730 p m
The beautiful travelling star with Its
laming tall excited much comment
many laboring under the delusion that
they wore gazing at the famous Halley
comet The Halley comot will not bo
visible to the naked eye until about
May 1st and will appear In the north
east heavens
Comet A 1010 will be visible on
the western horizon for eight or nine
Salt LakeCity Utah Jan 2ITho
comot known as A 1910 but locking
further Identification was visible In
the western sky from C2a to 7 20
tonight It will bo soon at the same
hour and In the same position If the
sky is clear for eight or ton evenings
according to the observers at the Uni
versity of Utah I
Boston Jan 24The new comet Is
moving away from tho sun according
to photographs taken at Harvard ob
servatory tonight
San Francisco Jan 25A comet
furnished light for part of the voyage
of tho steamer B Stetson from Sun
Pedro hero according to the state
ment of Captain Bonfield on his ar
rival yesterday He declared that for
an hour It was of Illuminating bril
liancy and possessed of a noble tall
Captain Bonlfleld says that at the
luminarys appearance the Stetson
was In latitude 3520 north and tho
comet southwest by west onehalf
west magnetic bearing from the
Three California towns Santa Rosa
Redding and Napa have reported see
ing a brilliant comet supposed to be
A J910 not Halleys between flvo
and seven oclock last evening
Memphis Tenn Jan 24C W
Hayes former banker of San Fran
cisco was placed under arrest tonight
at the request of the California au
thorltlos charged with having violated
tho banking laws of that state
Tangier Jan 24Tho Casa Blanca
commission has reducod the claims
of tho various nationalities against
Morocco on account of tho Casa Blan
ca massacres from 5201673 to 2
There Ic a Heap of Solace In Being
Able to Depend Upon a Wall
Earned Reputation
For months Ogden readers have
seen the constant expression of praise
for Deans Kidney PlllH and read
about tho good work they have done
In this locality Not another remedy
over produced such convincing proof
of merit
H Eldrodgo 9S 23rd St Ogden
Utah says For a long time I suffer
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my back and the unnatural condition
of the kldnoy secretions plainly Indi
cated that my kidneys were disorder
ed The trouble was worso when I
overtaxed my strength or brought too
much strain on the muscles of my
back A short time ago I read about
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edy soon corrected the kidney diffi
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dltiou of health and strength that
tends to prevent the gorms of con
sumption from getting a start Be I
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ten felt from tho very Drat dose It
IB one of the largest and most Balls
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Grant ami 25th
i S S > S S4
0 879 873 = 6 I I I
I i
I The editors or The Ladies World tried an experiment in r
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From the hundreds of manuscripts available for the MidWinter
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i1 tZ
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