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o F 11fr 0 J 0 0 ITI r at g7 f j
Watch todays news reproduced o 1tn tanbarb
in the morning papers 1 + TONIGHT AND THURSDAY
L1 cn TIJ = TH YEAR NO 22 PRICE FIVE CENTS OGDEN CITY UTAH WEDNESDAY EVENING JANUARY 26 1910 Entered as Second Class Matter at the Postoffice Ogden Utah
> r w I I IJ
It i
t Disaster Readies the Proportions of a Na =
ti j tional Calamity = = = River Seine is Sweeping
I 0 4 Over Its Banks = = = Loss is Appalling
I It 0 Paris Jan 2jThe floods hero and
throughout Franco have reached tho I
I dimensions of a great national calam
ity An official estimate of the money
I S losses up to today Is 200000000 or
I I onefifth of the war indemnity paid
I by France to Germany
7 Great sections of the French capital
miles of
aro under water six square
the historic Bois de Boulogne being
tuljnierged while the River Seine
I sweeping over its banks has filled
I the subways Inundated tho Palais
bourbon the foreign office und scores
I 01 tho historic monuments which lie
tho The
aioug eich aide of river
i many bridges which span the river I
i an threatened with destruction as
p 5t accumulations arc banked against
3 them by the onrushing Hood
fr Special meetings of the cabinet were
f held today to consider means for cop
t Ing with the havoc already wrought
and the greater danger impending I
i Military forces have been summoned
from all parts of the country and tho j
t city has been divided Into flvo military
districts to administer the work of
tl jescuo and relief
1I In Paris tho situation became moro
desperate as the day progressed AlI
0clock the Rue Royala between the
place de la Concorde and the Made
line the famous church edifice began
t to sink and was hurriedly roped off
I Several big fissures havo appeared In
1 the Javel region
The boulevard adjoining tho Pont I
Dc Kerch and the street In front of tho
Louvre Museum also hogan to cave In
Foot passnge across tho Pont des
St Peres has been stopped
The Hoodinvaded streets are filled
with rowboats the owners of which
demand fabulous prices for the re
moval of iiirnlture and valuables to
places of safety
Although the River Marne was re
ported stationary at FrotOBous to tho
cast of Paris the Fluvial navigation
department declares that the volume
of water rushing down trom the Yonue
nail other affluents of the Seine above
leaves no hope that the high water
mark will hu reached before tomor
low morning when the Hood Is ex
pected to reach a maximum of 31 feet
or a height greater than was reached
by tho disastrous Hood of 1802
At the same time the department
Admits confidentially that it Is Impos
sible 10 predict anything with accu
racy as tho whole of France is still
in the grip of an unprecedented storm
Jlaln snow and hail are fulling every
where the coasts art btornvbound and
the ships are fleeing to the harbors
lov refuge
A blinding snowstorm raged in
I Paris today and coupled with the bit
ter cold added to the general conster
I nation suffering and misery of the
poor and homeless
In the face of a national disaster
Franco is giving a fine exhibition ot
I luck and solidarity Political divi
sions have been buried and the gov
ernment and people united to solve
the problem of relief Powerless to
do anything to conjure the rage of
the Heiucnts those In authority havo
devoted themselves wholly to the
vork of rescue
Railroad communication to the
south and with Italy Switzerland and
the Spanish peninsula la slow and by
long and tedious detours to avoid
I places where the tracks have been
I washed out
I The newspapers today arc filled
I with pages of details which constitute
I a long and pitiful recital of death and
desolation of ruined homesteads and
1 c fleeing refugees Half of the dwellings
i of Paris are affected and the rich as
I well as the poor are beginning to suf
t fer
I ferThe
The wealthy Champs Elyscs district I
It I I h Js without gas or electricity and somo
I S of the homes have no heat Many of
I the residents aro leading their homes
I for the hotels which arc crowded
i Time most deplorable situation Is In
Mic neighborhood of Ivry and Alfort
I vlllc where tho river Rhone joins tho
I Seine Prefect of Police Leplne has
taken up headquarters in that district
it lId is directing tho work of rescue
After ceaseless work through the night
r with rowboats tho morning found
If more than 3000 persons Imprisoned i
It In the second story of their houses
4 I Paris Is beginning to feel tho pinch I
of hunger The supply of fresh meat I
1 and vegetables is falling and prices
j are soaring to famine figures Some
F bakers who attempted to double the
U price of bread were roughly handled
today and two of them were thrown
i Into the Seine
I j I The Immediate losses In every
I branch of Industry were reflected on
r J the Bourse hero a bad plump In
IndUFtrialc and
railroad stocks oc
tot York Ian 2GXJW York
yachtsmen are much Intcrcnted in a
d report from England that Ihij Diiko
I of Sutherland will make un tffort to
I fl rhaHfnsf for the Americas cup with
1 P a ynelil of moderato size The accep
g J tance of auch H challenge by the N > w
i York Yacht club I h doubtful hut
t arhlBmen Ray that u would mean the
t Ihclient season In the history of the
pori here
Put > ld X j Jan 1 tJThc for
mation of n national association of
the mayors of cities for the piirpowi I I
I of advocating homerule In munici
I pal aflaire it urged by Mayor Visit I
v o
of tills city Mayor Spencer of Pas
sale and others who are now forming
a slate mayoralty association along
similar lines The cooperation of oth
er states probably will be invited at
a convention to be held shortly in
Ire mm ton I
Governor Explains His
Attitude as to the
Chicago Jan GAt a banquet of
the St Andrews society in honor of
Robert Burns at Gary Ind lost night
Governor Thomas IL Marshall of In
diana explained his attitude toward
gambling In Indiana by Chicagoans
When an effort was made to start
gambling at Dearborn Park T submit
ted to you as fairminded men that
the sewage of Chicago must go toward
St Louis and not Into Indiana he
said Indiana Is not going to be 1
nesting place of corruption and law
lessness What is not good for Illi
nois certainly is not good enough for
IriMiana and every attempt by the
Chicago sports to open gambling in
Lake county Indiana will be severely I
dealt with
1 first gave your local authorities
he chance to administer your own
lawn and when they failed to take ad
vantage of it I took matters into my
own hands
New York Tan 26 Furious buying
oi stocks at the opening today caused
a volatile upshot of prices In all quar
ters of the list Tho rush to buy was
even more hasty and indiscriminate
than was tho selling to unload In yes
terdays market The eagerness of
uncovered shorts to close their con
tracts was an important clement in
the movement of prices Gains rang
ing from a fraction to 2 points were
universal and in tho most Important
stocks were sensational In Consoli
dated Gas there was a Jump of 431
Utah Copper J Chesapeake Ohio
and Amalgamated Copper 34 North
ern Pacific 2 58 Reading American
Car and American Smelting 214 and
Union Pacific Great Northern pfd
Denver Rio Grando and New York
Central 2 There was a sale of a
single 100 shares lot of U S Steel at
f 3 78 at the opening followed by run
ning sales of 11000 shares at 84 18
to 81 58 compared with 82 11 last
The attractive profits shown by the
first prices induced heavy realizing
and many of the leading stocks re
acted a point Speculation then be
came quieter and more orderly and
I fluctuations were normal Tho de
mnnd soon sagged Hocking Coal
broke 4 points when there came a
lull in the profittaking sales prices
wore bId up again This attracted re
newed selling and United States Steel
and Union Pacific were forced back
A period of dullness followed Ana
conda rose 311 and American Beet
Sugar t
Bonds were strong
Omaha Jan 26 Cattle Receipts
6000 Market slower lower Native
steers 175li7 cows and heifers
SSOOrfjGOO western steers 3250 I I
535 cows and helfere 2503425
cnnners 200400 stockers and
feeders 275 < g1523 calves 1000
SOO hulls stags etc 300 < fjpnOO
Hogs Receipts 9000 Market 5j
lOc lower Heavy 795805 mixed
73fi < SOn light 775fj795 pigs
S07C0i770 bulk 7 90ft 795
Sheep Receipts 4000 Market slow
lower Yearlings GOi25 weth
eric 500B573 ewes J75tnri50
lambfl 47255 R25
New Tork Jan 2GSlIgarRnw I
nominal Muscovado 89 test 358
1 contrlfug 9C test 108 molasses su
par 89 test 333refiried quiet
Chicago Livestock
Chicago Jan 2G Caltio Roceipls
I e timatod nt 10000 market
steady 10
lOc lower beeves 100a7jo Texas
I S37fiatSO
alters Western
steers 4
I OOaGJO Htookers and fccdwa 3 OOL
6 ao OWlS and heifers 32 ringsin
calves fft70a59o
I IIog Receipts eKtimaiPd S 000
Market 3c at lOa lowerJlcliL
JIJht wtn
S15 mixed 790aS30Vavy
I heavy S3 00
nRSO rough 800a810
i choice heavy slOaSjo piss 680a
7RO hulk of RIps R10aS2S
I Sheep Receipts estimated at 18000
c =
Market 5c at lOc lower native 3Jj
n5S5 western 390a500 yearlings
CCOa775 lambs native JGOOaS
I 10 western GOOaS40
Chicago Close
Chicago Jan 20 Wheat January
112 5S May 111 1S July 101 34
Corn January 63 lJ May C7 I
July nC7S
Oats January 47 11 May 47 1S I
Julv m243 38
Pork January 2030 May 2075
July 2070
Lard Januarv 1185 May
1102 12011135 July 1157 12 I
Ribs January 1117 12 May
1127 12 July 1127 12
Chicago Produce I
Chicago Jan 2GBulter steady I
creameries 2on30 dairies 21a29
Eggs steady receipts 2889 cases at
mark cases Included 21 12a27 12
firsts 31 prime firsts 32
Cheese steady daisies 17nl4
twins 16 S4al7 young Americas 16
l2a34 longhorns 1C 12a34
Metal Market
New Yoik Jan 26 Copper easy
I standard spot and March 13al4 Sil
ver 52 14
Tokio Monday Jan 3The Club
hotel at Yokohama well known to
every tourist In Japan has been bad
ly damaged by fire Tho damage has
been estlnlated at about 50000 A
squad of American bluejackets from
the American squadron lying In eho
harbor did effective work In light
ing the fire
Among those who lost heavily was I
the American viceconsul at Seoul
Mr Gould who was a guest at tho I
hotel awaiting the coming or his
fiancee from America The bridal
presents were desoroyed
Said to Be a Quarrel
Between Rickard and
New York Jan GA report that
The JeffriesJohnson fight will shortly
be declared off on account of tho dis
pute between Rickard and Gleason as
to tho place whom it is to be held j
was current in New York today I
Many sporting men said that If n I
clash between tho promoters occurred i
the rival pugilists would bo likely to
take sides I I
It was pointed out that Jeffries had
been reported In league with Gleason I I
many weeks ago while Rickard was
supposed at the same time to have se
cured assurances of Johnsons sup
port I
Sign from Heaven Has
Stirred Up Religious
South Northwalk Conn Jan 2C
Members of a religious body here are
prepared to see the end of the world
within a few days They regard the
falling of u meteor which dropped at
Broad River yesterday ns a sign from
heaven and have remained at prayer
continuously since 1hc phenomenon
took place
Tho aoroHtc landed with tremen
dous force in a truck garden burning
a hole several feet deep through the
frozen jfround At the bottom of the
hole nothing but dust was found
New York Jan 26The millions
left by B H llarrlmnn are to be with
drawn gradually from Wall street ac
cording to a statement published horn
today and will ho Int sell to a largo
extent In highclass Manhattn realty
Mrs Ilarrlmaus advisers It Is said
realize that without tho hand of Mr
Harriman to guide and guard hor In I
terests in stocks there might easily
be manipulation which would cause a
largo loss to the estate and might
have a farreaching effect on the finan
cial Interests of tho country
I St Louis Jan 25 Gocornor Iladlcy
lielloves that the cost of living prob
lem can only be solVCdY every fatal
ly keeping a cow and chickens
If you cant afford to keep a cow
and chickens you ought to go back
to the farm he said while in this
city on a brief visit last night
The real cause of the high prices
lies In the fact Unit there are too
Q c
many people In the cities producing 1 I
things they cant eat I
I keep three cows and some chick
ens too and youd be surprised what
a saving they mako in the household
expenses If you dont believe It just
ask Mrs Hadlcy
limo governor refused to discuss tho
problem of who gets UP at 5 oclock
winter mornings to look after the
1909 NEARLY 100000000 I
Washington Jan 2GThe year 1909
in gold mining was marked by in
creased recovery from tho depressed
conditions for the two preceding years
according to data presented In a re
port by tho United States geological
survey There was a general advance
In development of proved mines and
districts From the preliminary fig
ures of the director of tho mint it Is
estimated that the output of gold for
tho year reached tho total of 99212
000 an estimated increase over tho
production of 190S of 4072200
Silver mining suffered during 1909
from low market prices for the met
a and for copper and lead Tho esti
mated production In 1909 of 53S 19000
fine ounces of silver 25010100 Indi
cates an increase of 1408000 Ifino
ounces In quantity but a decrease In
value over the product of 1908 of
So Says the Man Who
Had the President
as Guest
Kansas City Mo Jan 2GW N
McMillan who Inst Juno entertained
former Piesldcnl Roosevelt on his
ranch near Nairobi East Africa
passed through this city today on his
way to New York He has been visit
ing on the Pacific coast
Mr McMillan talked freely of the
Incidents during the stay of Colonel
Roosevelt with him and told how the
former President cast completely
away all political cares
While at my ranch Colonel Roose
velt did not road an American news
paper or magazine said Mr McMil
lan He continually refused to dis
cuss national or International politics
although many residents tho nolgh
borhood questioned him on thoso sub
I am hero for pleasure1 was his
answer to all When I return to the
United SUites I will say what I think
about tho situation
Colonel Roosevelt Is a fair aunt
and not an extraordinary marksman
continued Mr McMillan
Kerinit is a better shot than his
father as Colonel Roosevelt admits to
every one except Kermit He IB
afraid It would make the young man
think too much of himself to tell him
so It does not however take any
wonderful markmanship to hit an elo
phant or a rhinoceros
Grand Rapids oUch Jon 2GA
puzzling dual personality has devel i
oped here In tho case of a man who I
says he Is Gabriel Strang son of
King Strang the onetime Mormon
ruler of the Beaver Islands In Upper I
Lake Michigan The police know tho
nina under the alias of Georgo Sage
I who they say confessed to horse I
I stealing after being seriously wound I
ed In a running fight with officers
near White Pigeon this state Janu I
cry 1 When sentence has been pass I
I ed the authorities declare a horse
thief and a benefactor will have pald
the penalty of this dual personality
Gabriel Strang it appears lived at
Uglonlor hid since his boyhood and
was known to be honest Gabriel
Straug was honest his friends say It
was Georgo Sage who stole horses
But both men lived in tho same body
Since Strang has been Imprisoned
I here it has become known that ho Is
the Charles Harris who several years
I ago presented tho Grand Rapids pub
lic library with a collection of rare
historical books once the propert of
King Strang Investigators of hU
past have also found that he is the
same man who moved by the ambi
tion of a young girl who was anx
ious to secure an education but whose
family wore unable to send her to col
lege himself paid her expenses
through the Ypsilanti Normal school
and later through a college
ThcBo and many other stories of
I Strangs kindness have been substan
tiated But In some way George Sago
got the bettor of Gabriel Strang and
pulled him Into trouble and now Gab
i riel Strung capable business mall Is
Availing sentence as a selfconfessed
Americas Material Pro
gress Dueto Char
acter of the Men
Tokio Monday Jan 3 Baron Shi
buoawa in a speech at a dinner given
to several of the returned business
mens party at the Metropole said
Uiat ho was greatly Impressed with
the material progress of America but
in analyzing it ho had come to be
lle that only onethird is due to nat
ural resources and twothirds to the
enterprising determined character of
I her people and In tho development
of thnt character he had been Im
pressed by the Important part played
by the splendidly equipped Young
Mens Christian associations
If he continued Japans ability to
gain a place alongside America in
imiterlnl prosperity was solely de
pendent on natural resources then
Japan must give up In despair hut
mInce Americas prosperity rests chief
ly on character Japan must exert
I herself to develop men of similar hlfch
character a field where there is neith
I er monopoly nor limitation ro de
velop such men the Baron expressed
the earnest desire that Young Mens
Christian associations as those in
America might bo multiplied In Japan
America Has Failed to
I Develop the
I Romantic
I I Chicago Jan 26Our history has I
no plciuresqueness It is the most
dlill and limited history of any great
nation and the reason for it Is that
w > men have been ignored Woman
makes history romantic and Interest
t Theee statements were made yes
terday before the Highland Park Wo
nans club by Mrs Charles Honrotln
She Spoke of three women Empress
Eugenie of France Empress Freder
ick of Germany and Empress Carlotta
of Mexico who played Important parts
in the history of their respective na
tions Now I am going to say something
nvfuliV she continued Take for in I
Btimco the liven and the times of
Washington and Napoleonthis coun I
Irk and France Napoleon Inspired I
tko love of women and their admira
tion but you cannot say so much of
Compare Josophlno and Mrs Wash
ington and you can nee how much the
1110100 element was emphasized In
the former and forgotten in the wife
of the Father of his Country
Land is Cheap and the
Opportunities Are
Nen YorkJan 2GTho South holds
tho key to lower food prices accord
ing to Governor Malcolm Patterson of
Tennessee who is In New York When
asked for his solution of the problem
presented by tho higher cost of liv
ing Governor Patterson said
We are not feeling the pinch
nearly as much In the South as you
aro up here The principal reason is
the plcntifulneas and productiveness
of our land There is no congestion
population In tho South What we
most need Is an increase in population
If a method could be devised
whereby millions of the poorer sec
tions of tho cast could be scattered
over the agricultural lands the prob
lem of excessive cost of living would
soon be solved
1 hope soon to see an organized
movement led by able and practical
men to scatter the people back to the
soil Our vast domain Is yet unde
veloped There Is where tho fortunes
of the future aro to be made Any
man who comes South willing to do
I the work of a man will find profitable
I employment and an open road to in
Our land though better than most
I western land is cheaper because the
demand has never been stimulated
iby the use of subsidies for railroads
a In the west which has been set
I tled and developed through the neces
II sity of tho groat railroad corporations
to entice population to occupy their
Plttsburg Jan GTho younger so
I ciety sot of Piltsburg suffering to
day from dizzinosii and indigestion
vhlch developed at a topsyturvy Ume
at the exclusive Belle ell1 club lost
night They sat upon tables and ato
from chairs started a dance with the
home waltz and ended with a grand
march Even waiters were affected
They wore false faces on the backs
of their heads and reversed their
coats buttoning them upon their
backs The invitations were written
backwards the dancers walked back
wards to supper and the place cards
were small folding mirrors with each
namo written backwards and slipped
inside Tho menu was reversed be
ginning with a demitasse of tho blacK I
cst coffee and ending with grapefruit
Atchineon Knn Jan 26A seven
yearold child with hair au gray as
that of an old man is attracting the I
attention of local physicians Recently
Fred Jones while playing In a hay
loft fell thirty feet lo the floor lIe
was not seriously Injured rho re
sulting fright so acted upon his nerv
ous system that his hair began to turn
Medford Ore Jan 26 Agitation
for the creation of a proposed new
1 0 Q
state to be called Sisklyou out of
northern California and southern Ore
gon has reached such a stage that a
convention has been called to meet
at Yreka Cal on March 15
Alleged slight of thla territory by
the more populous districts of the two
states has been the cause of dissatis
faction culminating in this move
ment S
Chicago Jan 2liChlcago will
have a population of from six to ten
million in twenty years
This was tho prediction made in an
address yesterday by Bernard W
Snow chairman of the city council
finance committee before tho Cook
County Real Estate Board
Transportation was his topic and
ho maintained that among the essen
tials to a proper solution of tho ques
tion is to have the surface lines take
care of the short hauls where high
speed Is not necessary and that all
should connect with a subway or ele
vated road system where long dis
tance rides at high speed can be se
curellSCAPr S A
Brute in Granite City
is Saved by Mother I
of His Victim
Granite City Iii Jan 23 Yielding
to the pleas of tho mother of an 11
yearold girl who had boon attacked
that a lynching bo prevented Judge
Edward Rigg last night ordered tho
release of a man held as a suspect in
the case
A mob was gathering about the Jail
at the time bent on hanging tho mono
The girl Graco Hendrlclcs was at
tacked as she was leaving grocery
by a white man who dragged her Into
an alley Her cries frightened him
awnA man arrested a few hours later
was Identified by the child as her as
A crowd immediately began to con
gregate When Mrs Hendvlcks heard
of the threatened lynching she run
to the jail and begged that the sus
pect bo released saying she did not
want the mans blood on her daugh
ters head
The suspect was then let out by a
rear door and escaped the crowd Ho
was ordered never to come back to
Granite City
Missoula Mont Jan 26A special
from Washington to The Mlsaoullnn
says that all Flathead agricultural
lands whether withdrawn for irriga
tion projects or otherwise will bo
opened for entry April 1 Plats for
I homestead unlls under irrigation
ditches were today approved by the
secretary of the Interior and tomorrow
I will be sent to the engraving division
to be lithographed Several thousand
copies of these pints or townships
showing exact location and acreage I
of each unit will ibo printed and for
warded to the land office In March
Homestead units undor irrigation
projects vary in size from forty to
one hundred and twenty acres Water
for irrigation will only bo available
on small portions for this year
Indiciment of New York
World People is
New York Jan 26Tho federal
governments prosecution of the pub
lishers of tho Now York WorM was I
stopped by tho federal court hero to II
day Judge Hough In tho United States
circuit court quashing tho indictment
I against the Press Publishing company
publishers of tho World for alleged
libel in connection with tho publica
tions concerning tho Panama canal
o 0
O 0
O Berlin Jan 2GTho reply of 0
O tho foreign office to tho request 0
O of the United States that tho 0
O application of Germanys gen 0
O oral tariff to American imports 0
O ho deferred until March 31 Is O
O understood to bo a nonaccept 0
O nnce of tho suggestion for do 0
Oiay 0
b 1
Issue a Statement That All Union Made
Goods Will Be Boycott = = = Grand Juries in i
Pennsylvania to Investigate High Prices
Frankfort Kansas Jan GAt a
fleeting hero last night a counter boy
cott WQS organized directed against
the unions who have joined the non I
moatusing crusade Tlw farmers
propose to quit using the products of
labor unions for a year They also I
Charge that tho packers are back of
the boycott TIme declaration of inten I
tions hsas follows j
If this meat caters strike can bo
made a matter of organized labor and
is carried out then tho farmer pro I
poses to wage an uncompromising war
on nverv Inbnr orcnnlritlrm that f > nlr > rs
into this boycott They will unite for
the first time in history against the
labor organizations Not only will
they pledge themselves not to buy
anything made by union labor or or
ganizations for one year but they
will advocate free trade along with It
They will not make it a party Issue
but they will mako it their politics
regardless of party affiliations
Farmer organizations in all sections
of tho state will bo required to join
the movement
Plttsburg Pa Jan 26 Twenty
fix e grand juries from as many coun
ties In western Pennsylvania will be
asked through their respective dis
trict attorneys to take up tho Inves
tigation of high prices of meat by
District Attorney W A Blakelcy of
Allegheny county Mr Blakeley be
gan last night the preparation of a
letter to the district attorneys of oth
er counties In which ho Invites them
to a conference In Plttaburg map
out a plan of exchanging evidence
and thus throw out a dragnet over
this section of the state bj which It
Is expected sovernl conspiracy cases
could be developed
Mr Blakoloy says the dragnet would
undoubtedly find some pieces of evi
dence that would assist district at
torneys of Westmoreland Fayettc
Butler Beaver Lawrence and Wash
Ington counties and they In turn
would likely discover trails leading
Into AllenghcTO county At tho con
ference of district attorneys that Mr
Blakeley is arranging a program will
ho mapped out for the grand juries to
follow Food products could be fol
lowed from tho producer to the con
sumer allowing what happens In tho
way of price Inflation as it passed
through various stages Attorney Jor
dan stands ready to use the federal
grand jury to hunt out the conspira
tors and tho cooperative district at
torneys scheme would undoubtedly
bring him the clew for which ho is
waiting The branches of the western
packing houses are scattered through
out the various counties and they may
be doing something In one county they
arc not doing in another
Chicago Jan 2GThe federal
grand jury today began the investi
gation of the methods of the alleged
beef trust
The first witness called was C C
Snow secretary and treasurer of the
National Packing company The re
port that the National Packing com
pany would be the object of tho first
attack by United States District At
torney Sims was verified when Mr
Snow was taken Into tho jury room
About thirty subpoenas wore served
in the offices of the National Packing
company Armour Company Swift
Company and Morris Company
today They were served secretly and
neither tho government nor tho pack
ers would divulge their Identity It Is I
said the secrecy was to prevent a
general exodus of the persons wanted
It was announced that Tamos 11
Wilkerson chief aide to District At
torney Sims would bo in charge of I
the Investigation It Is expected that
about ten witnesses will be examined
each day
Mr Snow was the only witness ex
amined at the opening session Alter
he left the room it was reported the
jury devoted some time to an exam
ination of documents and records be
longing to the National Packing com
Woman Claims to Have
Had Quadruplets
Claim Challenged
Los Angeles Jan GIll Biblical
times It required tho wisdom of Solo
mon to adjudicate the claims of two
mothers to ono child But Judge Cur
tis D Wilbur of the juvenile court
Is called upon toda to decide time
questioned claim of one mother to
quadruplets Mrs W W Wilson fnc B
the curious charge of having assem
bled four foundlings In order to
achieve tho celebrity of being a
mother of quads Not only that but
It is alleged that on previous occas
ions she went through the same pro
ceedings with twins then triplets
Time babies are said to have arrived
last Friday but Dr A C Pratt the
physicians called in after tho alleged
birth refused to sign the certificates
Later in published statements he Is
credited with saying that he refused
because he was certain that the bab
ies were of different ages
Following tills the proprietor of a
maternity hospital was quoted as as
serting that she procured the babies
for Mrs Wilson which the latter de
nies Her declarations are supported by
affidavits sworn to by tho nurse who
attended her and by her mother Dr r
Lena Masters who has been a phy
sician for twenty years
otGGiNG liP
Chinese Making Ship
ment of the Remains
of their Dead
Chicago Jan 26 Resurrection
day ceremonialn for Chicago Chi
new were held at Rose 11111 cemetery
where the Chinese burying ground for
the middle west is located
Thirtyone boxes will be Chicagos
quota to the grim shipment which will
bo started in a frotnigbt from Van
couver B C to China where the
bones will bo rolnterred In conse
crated ground
Sam Moy tho moat famous China
man burled In the grounds at Rosa
Hill Tdll not be taken to China He
died in 1907 The explanation which
local Chinese give is that lie became
so famous and Important while hero
that It is necessary for him to bo bur
led in consecrated soil In order to en
joy the delights of conversing and Hv
ne with the ancestors who hnv rone
fOR lifE
Mrs Emma Ledoux Is
Sentenced for a
Stockton Cal Jan 6Mrs Emma
Ledoux who was to hae been tried
the second time February 2 for the
murder of A N McVicarln this city
nearly four years ago pleaded guilty
today and was sentenced to San Quon
tn for lie
Mrs Lodoux murdered McVlcar In a
hotel here on March 21 1906 by giv
ing him morphine Sho placed his
body in a trunk intending to take It
to San Francisco The presence of
tho body In the trunk was discovered
at the railroad station here and Mrs
Iedoux was arrested two days later
at Antioch whither she had fled She
was convicted by a Jury and sen
tenced to ho hanged but the state su I
preme court granted her a new trial I
Philadelphia Jan 6The directors
of the Pennsylvania company opera 11
ting the Pennsylvania lines west of I
Plttsburp today declared a dividend
of 1G67 per share payable in stock
The directors of tho Piltsburg Cin I
cinnati Chicago and St Louis Rail I
road company declared a stock allot
ment of 12 12 per cent
ooooooooooooooooo 1
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o 0
o NtH York Jan 26 An 0
o nouncement was officially made 0
o today that the merger the 0
o Boston Consolidated company 0 I
o with the I tah Connor company 0
a was completed Tho entire cap 0
o Itftl stock of the Boston com 0
the 0 i I
o pany has boon delivered to
o Utah company which turned 0
o over 1110000 shares of Its own 0
o stock to Boston holders 0 I I
0 I
000000000000 0000 I
oooooooooooooooo i
0 0 11
0 0
0 Mexico CIU Tan 2GTho 0
0 United Slates Banking com 0
o pany suspended today follow 0
o Its failure to male the clearing 0
O house uettlcmcnt of yesterdays 0
o business a
10 r a
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