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C i t y jj > i > f h Ijft e f < H fl rv i ccj c c CrrT 1P < H r e J =
V > rTTW a
r t r
r O RP
Ind Phone two rings Mo 53
Bell Phone two rings No 66
Ind Phone ono ringNo 60
Bell phon one ringNo 03
Tlio daintiest of pastry that Is pas
try at Clmrlca Cnfctcna 2370 Wash
Send In Your Itemc EarlyAll com
juunlcatlons for the society editress
must be sent In before 1030 on Sat
urday to insure appearance In the
Saturday evening paper It Is the re
quest of this department tbnt ou
f many communications nx possible be
bubmltted Friday afternoon before
BX oclock
B E Calvin view president and
general manager of the Southern Pa
cific compan will pass through Og
den tomorrow morning en route to
P New York where ho will attend a
I conference with tho general officials
i of the road
1 WANTED Clean white rags at the
b Standard
3 For 5le2 heating stoves Inquire
w Icy Mr Poultor basement Standard
I ornce
J M Davis goneral superintendent
of the Oregon Short Line and B A
Campbell assistant superintendent of
the Salt Lake division of the South
ern Pacific left for Washington D C
yesterday where they will appear be
fore the Interstate Commerce commis
Hot stuff hot stuff Is Lewis Good
Coal Phone 119
Keminerer Coal guaranteed tho bos
Sold only by M L Jones Coal Co Ina
HO Bell 190K
Walter Oakey who has been visit
lug relatives and friends In Ogden for
several days returned yesterday to
Tipton Wjo where bets employed
by the Union Pacific railroad
For SaleOid newspapers cheap
Call at Standard office
Call Allen phones 22 for carriages
lor funerals and operas Private calh
a specialty Also prompt delivery of
baggage 412 25th
William Hadley Dead William
Henry Hadlcy died yesterday after
noon at 330 at tho home of his par
ents In West Weber following an Ill
ness with Brlghts disease of more
than a year Tho yqung man who
had a host of friends In Ogden and
Weber county where he was held In
high esteem was born at West We
ber July 22 18S3 The widow two
children his parents five sleters and
four brothers survive him Funeral
services will be held Friday morning
at 11 oclock at the West Weber meet
ing house Interment in West Web
er cemetery
STORAGE at reasonable rates In
good brick building If you need any
room consult John Sccwcroft Sons
Advertisers must nave their copy for
the Evening Standard the evening be
fore tho day on which tho advertise
ment IB to appear In order to Insure
Ills stated by Desk Sergeant Ward
law who has to do with the collection
of licenses that Htnentecn butchers ot
the city have not paid their licenses
for 190D and that It has become nec
ossary to begin criminal proceedings
against them
Attorney De Vine IB making out the
complaints today and warrants of ai
lest will bo placed in the hands of the
olllcors tomorrow Immediately after
which arrests will follow
It scorns that the butchers arc about I
tho only merchants In tho city paying I
a license an ordinance having been
passed by the city council a few years
ago providing for tho same at the re
quest of the butchers That the butch I
era requested the establishment of a
butchers license In tho city is denied
by some of the meat dealers and thoy
feel that the law Is a discrimination
Sl Josephs Sowing society has
elected the following officers Mrs
isoylo president Mrs Thos Fitzger
ald vicepresident Mrs Wm Jeffors
secretary Mrs Dan Malone treas
Saying our flour Is the best flour
for you to use unless we can back
up our statement with good solid
Order a Sack of
Try It every day this week try It
for all kinds of baking and at the
end of tbo week tell ua if youvo ow r
had better bake stuffs at less expense
PeeryB Crescent Flour Is Its owrt
best recommendation If you will but
try It
f 3223
i JE r m T9
J I 2 9
An m Q G1 I L
liT1IIIAV9 j f 8
il for f D l 1 i i = rIT
IE gguuhtt 1 r t tt r d n a D
Mantell is a Great Actor
He is now the Leader of Our
1cP vvc6PktcP Stage It William Winter
Dean of American Critics in
New York Tribune
J y Mr Wm Brady Announces
i MR
4i i 4 i
itiiwi UTELL
iiMA1p yI Iit ft = < d f 11
KIt 4 W4
In a Magnificent Production
of Shakespeares Master
P lj
tac4L 5w I l r tr i d
Sea1 Reedy Tlluriy 10 a mo
PRICES 150 100 75c 50c
Takes the Stand at the
Opening of Ballinger
Washington Jan 2GWlth Senator
Nelson of Minnesota presiding the
congressional inquiry Into the matters
concerned In tho bocalled Balllngcr
Plnchot controversy began In earnest
this afternoon at 237 p m wIll
Louis R Glavls on tho witness stand
The direct manner In which the
IBalllugerPlnchot congressional com
mittee of inquiry proposes to deal with
the work It has undertaken was evi
denced today In summoning Louis R
Glals as tho first witness to give
Glavis Is the dlsmlcsed field agent
who preferred charges against Secre
tary Balllnget In connection with tho
Cunningham coal claims in Alaska
He sent the charge to President Taft
and the latter after considering them
wrote to Mr Ballinger declaring ho
had been unjustly attacked and that
Gavib should bo Immediately sepa
rated from tho service
Since his dismissal Glavls has car
ried on an unrelenting campaign
against Secretary Ballinger by means
of Interviews and signed articles In
various publications
It wan in connection with the prep
aration of the Glavla charges agalnat
Secretary Ballinger that GIfford PIn
chot was drawn directly into the con
tpocr8y Mr Plnchot directed Asso
dale Forester Price and Assistant
Law Officer Shaw of his bureau to
assist Glals In framing the charges
These facts proclaimed by Mr Pin
chot In a letter to Senator Dolllvcr
together with the letter Itself led to
the dismissal of Pluchot Price and
Shaw from the forestry service
Glavla being the man arouud whom
the greater part of the tempest has
turned his appearance on the witness
stand naturally tended to center In
terest In his testimony
The committee Is starting with an
rbsolutcly clean slate All that linn
been said and written In the past la
so far an possible forgotten and the
caRe against Secretary Ballinger or
any one else upon whom the attack
may turn must be developed In court
although in this court of Investigation
there will be none of the strict rules
of evIdence to exclude any character
of testimony which may be presented
by the principals In the controversy
Mr Glavls announced that he would
be represented throughout tho hear
ing b > two attorneys Louis D Bran
dels of Boston and Joseph B Colton
of New York
Messrs Plnchot Price and Shaw are
collectively represented by George W
Pepper an attorney of Philadelphia
Mr Pepper and the Glavle attorneys
will cooperate regarding the conduct
or the Investigation
Secretary Ballinger and Commis
sioner Dennett of the land ofllcc have
both atutod that they have no desire
to he represented by counsel asking
only that tho Inquiry be thrown wide
OpelThe Friday and Saturday sessions
will bo hold from 10
a m to 1 p m
and 2 p m to 5 p m
mavis leading attorney Mr Bran
dols said he would not occupy tho
time of tho committee with a prollml
nary statement as to what would bo
shown Tho witness requested that
his testimony bo taken through an ex
amination by his counsel He wan
thon sworn and Senator Nelson nuked
a few preliminary questions
What If anything do you claim
to have soon amiss In the administra
tion of tho public landa
asked tho
Glnvla Bald ho could not
answer tho
question briefly J
Go ahead and loUlt all in
own way directed Senator NatR your
Glavls was a trIfle nervous
as ho
111 f
began He talks with qulto a lisp
110 commenced by going back to the
time when he began work as a field
agent of the land office on the Wilson
Coal company cases In Lewis county
Washington In 1901 aud 1902 Mr
Palllnger he said was attorney for
the Wilson Coal company
Glavls said he referred to theso
cases as leading up to tho Alaska
claims which formed the principal
subject of tho Injury
Senator Nelson frequently Inter
rupted the narrative to bring out more
clearly some of the points
Gin Is declared that Ballingers
name did not appear In the court rec
ords of the Washington coal claims
and that he did not appear In court
at any time The witness said Mr
Ballinger however drew up an agree
ment In the Wilson cases Mr Bal
linger had no government connection
at this time
Representative Olmstead questioned
the witness for a few minutes Glavls
said ho resided now at White Salmon
Wash and was In the fruit growing
Delegate Wickorsham of Alaska was
present this afternoon Ho has re
quested permission to appear before
the committee and to produce wit
nesses The request was granted
Questioned by his own counsel
Gravis charged that when the escrow
agreement In the Wilson case was
drawn up by Bnlllngor It was an un
lawful proceeding and tho on try men
had no right at tho tlmo to enter Into
this agreement The agreement how
ever never was signed
Glavls said the Information came to
him srKiondhanded as a stipulation
had been entered Into by the govern
inent counsel In the Wilson case and
the attorneys for the claimants whore
by tho name of Mr Ballinger was not
to appear The witness said the rec
ords would boar him out
The counsel for government con
sisted of P C Sullivan and Henry M
Hoyt The proceedings against tho
Wilson claimants arc still pending
Glacis calmed Ballingcrs participa
tion amounted to a conspiracy in a
fraudulent clal mngnlnst tho govern
Glavis next turned to tho Alaska
coal fields and described In detail tho
location and extent of the Cunning
ham claims
Seattle Jan 20 United States Dis
trict Judge Cornelius H Hanford de
cided today that the title to 1024 acres
of valuable coal lands In Lewis county
claimed by P C Richardson and soy
oral members of the R A WIlson
family all of Seattle shall revert to
the government
This Is the land referred to by L R
Glavis In his testimony before the
BalllngerPlnchot committee this af
John W Winslow and wlfo to Mary
W WInslow part northwest quarter
of Section 20 Township G North
Ad3i1n Ff1 2
Wultham Watches are sold
in every country in the world
but they are a result of a com
bination of American brains
American labor and American
capital Always buy a watch
from a recognized watch
maker or jeweler Watches
fire different from ordinary
N IllYhen buying n WnltJiam
Watch always ask your jeweler
for one adjusted to temperature I
and position <
I i
j f
i r I SI e 4 fir
ir cd i t f
W T 3rV tw H XVB
ran A > tf f rr > 4 U < JNS
f I j if I t tt
fflVis f Ym i I 4 I A r ww tf V rrr PXf W s T i T < Pv sr ly SfaKs I
p i Imt i lPtt sj
t 4L i 1
BPS v J 1 v i t J f r v rl wS
jRt aiSsiEd
ws vj ra ar l > lj4S
IEReanor Kent and Chorus singing the hfri ir arch Dumber The Lad Who
lLeads9 inu John Cort9s Mammoth New Prcdion 01 the revival of the Pixley
JLuder Comedy OperaS KING DODO
U 1UR w n Uki1 i rn 1000A M Popular Prices
1nI1 = 1ftiIo IIIIi1 T
Range J West Salt Lake meridian
I 100
Adam E Eastman and wife ct al
to Niels S Miller part lots 5 and C
block 11 plat C Ogden city survey
loOO I
Edward H Parker to Carrie C Still
well lot 9 east onehalf lot 13 block
22 Nob Hill addition to Ogden 1
Adam E Eastman to John F Mur
phy lots 9 and 10 block 16 plat C
Ogden city survey 5700
Mary Buttcrllold to Edward McDon
ald part northwest quarter Section i
Itf Township 6 north of Range 1 west
of Salt Lake meridian United States
survey 500 I
600D ROADS I i
The Good Roads convention em
bracing delegates from the statos of J
Utah Idaho and Wyoming began a I
I threeday session In Salt Lake city to
day with an attendance of 300 dele
gates The program pro Idos for a
number of addresses and discussion of
matters pertaining to construction and
maintenance of good roads
John Dern of Salt Lake was chosen
chairman of the convention and the
morning session was taken up with I
forming a permanont organization re I
ports of vlcepresldonta and the ap J
polntmunt of a committee on resolu
The committee on resolutions in
cludes William Glasmann mayor of
Ogden 0 G Rolnhart of Nampa Ida i
ho and W D Church of Pocatello
At tho afternoon session Governor
Spry and Mayor Bransford of Salt
Lako made brief addresses Robert
C Skelton of Salt Lako reaH a paper i
on The Advantage of Good Roads In
the Eastern States 09 Compared With i
Poor Roads In tho West
r u
This morning at 11 oclock the sec
ond of a series of recitals at the We
ber academy was rendered under tho I
direction of Professor Joseph Ballan
tyno I
The program was a most excellent
one and was appreciated by assembled
guests and patrons of the academy
Among those especially mentioned
were Horace F Ensign who with
his excellent baritone voice accom
panied by Miss Alberta Wright on
the piano rendered a most pleasing
numbor Other numbers rendered by
Miss Verna Van Dyke the choir and
orchestra wore Inspiring ones and
wore highly complimented by visiting
Patrons of the academy orpress
hearty appreciation of the installation
of this series of recitals at the Insti
tution and feel assured that much good
to the school and tho community at
largo will result
Tho third number In the series will
bo announced soon
The Ladles Aid society of the Swe
dish Lutheran church will meet In
the church parlors Thursday after
noon at 230 oclock
Mrf i W Abbott Is entertaining I
with a novelty tea this afternoon 1f
Judge How ell this afternoon unltQd
in marriage Alma Norman of Layton j
and Miss Grace Haight of Farming
Sewing 8 letySt Josephs Sow
big society will meet with Mrs John
Phelan at 2363 Adams avenue at2
p m Thursday
With only relatives and friends
present George Robinson son of Mr
and Mrs D C Zitzninn and Miss
Spnhn of Sl Marys Kansas were
married at St Josephs Catholic
church yesterdfty Father P M Cash
nahnn officiating
Via Birmberger Line
I 100 round trip Tickets on sale
jlan 26th and 27th Good returning I
Jan 29th
Charles Kroll brother of Rudolph
Kroll the brakeman killed in the train
wreck at Lemuy a week ago last Mon I
day writes tho following letter to the
postmaster of Ogden
I got Indirect news that I had a
brother killed In a railroad wreck near
Ogden His name IB Rudolph Kroll
Would you be so kind as to send
me a newspaper or any other definite I
news about It or could you put me I
In communication with his wife
A copy oi Tho Standard containing
an account of the wreak has been
mailed to Mr Kroll
Washington Jan 20By a viva
voce vote tho Mann White slave
bill was passed by tho houo today
practically as Introduced by Mr Mann
Now York Jan 25The drastic
liquidation whloh was renewed In the
stock market today forced prices to
the lowest levels since the crest of tho
speculative ware was touched last
August Declines over night rnn be
tween 3 and 7 points In most of the
active issues with however some
conspicuous exceptions Instances
were found In the Hill Pacifies and
In the eastern trunk lines In rrhlch
stocks had been persistently mar
keted In the period preceding the
present season of urgent pressure
The burden of discussion in stock
market quarters was all of the danger
from threatened collision of corpora
tions with tho law and with the ac
tivities of tho government The at
tention paid to the subject in the dis
patches from Washington aggravated
the apprehension which began to
grow acuteyoat erday It was not un
til the statement on the subject made
I by President Taft was published that
the pangs of the market were at all
j assuaged Thoro was much confusion
t of cause and effect In the Hurley
I burley of tho market There was cvl
i dencc for Instance that the banks
j wore engaged In cleaning up the cred
it accounts and were discriminating
with severity ngalst such high stocks
as Justified suspicions of pool manip
ulation The overhauling of loans ac
counts by the banks had Its Incentive
In part from the apprehension arous
ed by the treatment of corporations
by the law as well as by the criticisms
of the purely speculative position In
the market The ground for the anx
I iety that has grown up In the finan
cial community Is tho Increasing he
I lief that tho supreme court will up
hold tha government In tho American
I Tobacco case and leave the executive
officers of the government no alterna
tive but to proceed against combina
tions or corporations
Consideration of the expected dlvl
dend action on United States Steel
practically dropped out of sight and
the stock maikot closed with prices
near the lowest
Bonds weak total sales par alue
55102000 United States bonds un
changed on call
Dalhart Texas Jan 25lrn Joalc
Pauls owning a farm near DuVhart
declared today thnt a holt of light I
sling struck the ground on the moun
1 J
tain side near her home recently and
uncovered a spring of crude oil
which Is now producing two hundred
barrels dally It Is claimed that she
nan been offered 10000 for the small
tract of land
Plans for a merger of the great cop I
per producing mines of the United
States are being worked out slowly
and deliberately by J P Morgan
Co according to the Mining Financial
News The delay In announcing tho
plans Is caused by the fear of tho pro
motors of the merger that thoy may
r possibly come Into conflict with the
antitrust laws Wore It not for the
decision recently handed down by the
United States circuit court for tho
Missouri district the new copper com
bine would now be doing business
Morgan Co however are proceed
Ing upon a plan that a false step at
the very formation of the merger
would be fatal and that firm which
Is charged with the financial respon I
sibility of the whole matter Is dis
posed to the belief that It may be
better to postpone the merger for a
tlmo rather than to put together a
great corporation producing 800000
000 pounds of copper annually and
leave the now corporation subject to
later attacks In the courts
Tho work now being done toward
the merger IL the very Important
work of appraising the properties that
are to be takon In An announcement
regarding the Importance of this work
has lately been made In the follow
ing language
In the case of the Anaconda the
Amalgamated Copper company owno
about 56 per cent of the stock while
tho remainder Is In the hands of the
public A bid will be made for tho
property after a thorough appialgal
lies boon made The minority stock
holders will share equally with the
Amalgamated which oontrola the
It may be som weeks or even
months before tho copper merger IB
put through The Mining Financial
News Is given to understand that the
house of Morgan Co will not go
ahead with the definite plans until
It knows what decision the United
States supreme court will make In tho
case against tho American Tobacco
company and the Standard Oil com I
pany Then again It Is suggested
that at the moment the money market
may not he able to handle tho financ
ing of such a vast project ag the cop
per merger
I il
I 0
SheWhy dOM Jones disguise
fclmwilf In a checker milt and long
Vhlnkcm when he goes out ia his
Automobile T
He Makes him Immune from the
country constables
Son Dlcto Cali Jan 25Charles
K Hamilton In an exhibition night
with a CurLiss blplano bore today had
a narrow escape from falling Into the
ocean with his machine
Although ho wou In his race with
the surf he met with an accident on
Al J i
land striking a barbed wire fence
while making an enforced landing and
damnglg his machine rhe aviator
was not hurt
Trenton N J Jan 25Judge Lan I
nlng and Judge Cross late today filed
a memorandum dissolving tho Injunc I
tion restraining the stockholders of
tho Utah Copper company from meet I
ing to pass on the question of tho ac I
quiring the property of the Boston
Consolidated Mining company Tate 1
decision permits the carrying out of I
tho plan for the merger of the two i
I companies I
SI1eM husband Is a brute
Friend All men are brutes say
SheMine U simply abominable
I asked him If he did not think you
and he said
wore aa pretty u I
Salt Lakv Jan 26 Manager Mur
ray E King of the Silver Island Coal I
ition Mines company reports that de
velopment work IB going ahead stead
ily at the property In the Silver Isl
and district and that the mlno Is open
ing up In a very satisfactory manner
In spite of the fact that ore Is being
mined regularly and placed on the
market the reserves arc not reduced I
to any appreciable extent the new
development adding constantly to the I
tonnage already blocked out Mr
King states that the ore being extract
ed now has a value of 120 per day
on an average and that this rate of
production can be maintained Indof 1
Inatoly or Increneed li fact If It
were decided to direct more atten
tion to actual mining and less to the
development work being carried on
In different pans of the holdings
Tho bond under which tho Silver
Island people hold a large portion of
their territory is being paid off by
royalties on ore receipts and though
this expenditure Is eating up a large
portion of the profits from the opera
tions the management feels that It
will soon have this debt off Its hands
and will then be able to icaltzc sub
stantial returns on the lncstment
Another shipment Is to be made with
in a few days
Salt Lake City Utah Jan 25By
the authority of Louis Paulhnn an
nouncement was made today that his
appearance hero on Saturday and Sun
day will he signalized by trials for
height speed and endurance records
and also a cross country flight Every
thing of course depends upon the
weather which Is Very capilcloua at I
thin time of the year Aeromunla baa
taken a firm hold on the population of
Utah and the coming exhibition Is
arousing tho roateat enthusiasm
Washington Jan 25CoDsul Ole
varpz today cabled to the slate de
partment from Managua that the Mt
drh Government had listened to his
protest against the commondorlng of
laborers on American plantations for
army service The government has
consented to leave enough labor on
tho plantations to harvest the coffee
or op
Tho consul says that Madrlc has
levied a forced loan ond that thoro
are rumors of a battle the result of
irhloh Is unknown
New York Jan ColbraUon of
pontifical mM In The church of Bt
Paul tho apootlo with an address by
Cardinal Gibbons WM the chief event
of tho day In tho P uJlat father gold
en Jubilee Besides the cardinal nor
oral blohops scores of Tnonstffcors
priests and monks and 5000 members
of the lay attended tho mads wbfch
Was celebrated
Pittsburgh Jan 26Two schedules
ono for a 154 palO and another for a
108 game season will be subpoitted to
the National league In New York next
month Thin was nettled by too sched
uled committee tonight although its
labors hare not been concluded An
other session will be held tomorrow
New York Jan 25 Lottie Eftast the
musical comedy aotrees who Ins boon
111 tot several weeks with pneumonia
following nn operation died here to
day Miss Faust recently obtained a
divorce from her oocorrd hirttand
Richie Ling
Albany NY Jan 28NrB alaI
once Mackay of Now York president
of tho Equal Franchise league is en
deavoring fe arrange a date for a Joint
hearing on the ivomanB aiiffrofo bill
before the senate and assembly Judi
ciary committee
Berlin Jan 26811017 continued to I
nil throughout Northern Germany to
day Many large towns have boon cut
off from communication by raitav
telegraph and tefephon with tire out
JAPANESE youn roan and wife for I
goderal housework Jn city or coun I
try Address A euro Stnndard81wk
FOR SALE Wo can sell at once a i
aye or Ixroom cottage strictly
modern end well located if actually I
worth the price asked Hunter I
Kennedy l206t
Intomountaln Fair AsRootatkra Og 1
dan Utah
Notice Is hereby given that at a
regular meeting of tho Board of Di
rectors of the loterroutitata Fair
AfiBQctatftra of Q den Utah held ou
tho 2d day of Jomiarr 1010 iwsess
mont No 3 of 106 per Bhro to pay
for improvements tnddo and dofct now
existing was levied on the capital
stock of the corporation iNUed and
outstanding payable Immediately to i
Esrn Rlchardfion Secretary of the
Mid Moclation offlco in the old
Scoweroft Warehouse Wall avenue
btolwMn TwentytMrd and Twenty i
I fourth streets Ogden Utah
Any stock upon irhloh the assess
ment may remain unpaid on the 5th l
day of March 1910 will be delinquent
I and advertised for sale at public auc
tion and unless payment Is made be I
fore BO much of said otook aa may
bo necessary will be sol on the 5th
day of April 1910 at 2 oclock p m
at tho front door ortho Wober County
Court House by tho Secretary of raid
corporation to pay the delinquent as
soBsnicnt thereon together with tho
cost of advertising and expenses of
t1 eeIettiy

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