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Watch Todays News I 1 i 1 1 WEATHER FORECAST
1 t1J THE
R e venues d in the t ar WEATHER WILL BE GENERAL
OGDEN THURSDAY EVENING JANUARY 27 IiO Entered as Second Clnsu Matter at the Postofflcc Ogden
Fortieth YearNo 23Prco Five Cento CITY UTAH Utah
Pittsburg Police Kepi Busy Recording Com =
plaints of Wives = = = Prices Go Down in New
York = = = Refuse to Join Boycott
Plltsburg Jan 27 Descried wives
In great numbers have appeared at
the Central Police station within the
last few days asking aid In the loca
tion of their mates Tuesday eight
weeping women told their stories and
one man reversed tho tale by ash
ing the police to find His wife Yes
terday flvo more women appeared
and appealed to the detectives Cap
taln Wm Ellmoro Is authority for tho
Btatemont that a wave of wife deser
tion Is swooping ovor the city
About half of tho disrupted coupler
arc chlldlesB and tho others have
large families
The childless couples after an In
iHcstlgatlon wore shown to be better
oft but thoeo couplos with large am
Ines found the struggle of lIfo was
11 arl
Captain Ellmore believes that the
increased cost of living luis some
thing to do with tho desertions
Washington Jan 27 Roprcsenta
Ivo Sabatb Dom of Illinois be
loves that the way to lower the
irico of foodstuffs Is to place them on
he free list for importation from for
ilgn countries He has Introduced a
till to bring this about Ills bill
roiild place on the froo list articles
inch as sugar flour eggs vegetables
Ish livestock and meats of all kinds
The ways and moans committee will
save consideration of Mr Sabatha bill
tad measures affecting the tariff laws
ire not being roported with special
ivldlty from that committee just now
New Yore January 27A crusade
against short weighing has been start
ed by tho new city government here
and moro than 300 suits have been
begun against grocers market men
nnd other retailers accused of using
false and defective scales and meas
Drop In Prices
New York Jan 37 ftlany retail
ilrnlors who hitherto have held out
jalnst the agitation for cheaper meat
lowered prices today Other commo
liltlcs continued to decline under tile
combined Influence of tho agitation
I and Increasing supplies
Meanwhile official attention already
deeply engaged In probing trio reason
for the high prices of mill turned
more searchingly upon the cold stor
age warehouses declared by some In
vestigators to be responsible In large
part for sustained high prices of meat
and other perishable food products
Refuse to Boycott
Des Moines In Jan iTho
Trades and Labor Assembly of Den
Moines at the regular weekly meeting
last night refused to Join In the meat
Specific Reasons Why
Secretary of Interior
Is Unfit
Washington Jan 27Just what the
charges are that Louis R Glavls up
holds against Richard A Ballinger
secretary of the Interior woro liually
Made clear to tho congressional Inves
tigating committee before its first ses
sion adjourned yesterday afternoon
Louis P Brandols of Boston special
counsel for Glavia Informed the com
uilttpe upon its Insistence of the spa
fic nature of the allegations claim
ng that it was not any one act but
I a series of nets and circumstances
f upon which tbo charges were bated
Particularizing Mr Brandels said
that Mr Ballinger had acted as on at
torney In drawing up an agreement in
escrow and deeds in tho Wilson Coat
I company cases in Lewis county Wash
ington theao cases being un alleged
r fraud upon tho land laws tills being
J before Balllngor entered too govern
I ment service and his name not ap
I peaHng In the court records of the
As commlflslouor of the land ofllce
i in 1007 said BrandolB furtlier speci
fying Ballln er did not show diligence
In further Investigation of the alleged
frauds connected with tho Cunning
ham coal land cases In Alaska and
was otherwise Involved Improperly
Glavls was before the committee
and both ho nnd his altornoy wore
closely questioned by its members
The hearinG will be resumed tomor
VVlnnlpep Man Jan 27 Thomas
Hay Canadian Pacific railway claim
I agent and a vIctim of Uf F iU I
river wreck died today at North Bay
t 1
Los Angeles Cal Jan 27 Having
urown Brett of the gamo of shuttlecock
between himself and Sid ficatcr lor J
t L
I the Nelson Wolgast fight Promoter I
J McCarey announced last night that
Instead of a lightweight championship
battle he would stage a 45rounU con
test between Dan Webster and Monte
Attell for the bantam weight cnam
plonshlp on February 22
Webster nnd Attell havo met twice
In tenround uodcclslon affairs and I
both claim the bantam championship
The 45round battle will settle the dis
As Los Angeles forbids fights within
the city limits the contest will be held
In the suburb of Vernon
Taft Looking for a
Job for the
New York Jan President Tall has
greed to find a job for Charles Van
Huron a 19yearold Now York boy
Van Buren after fruitless efforts to
find employment In Now York wrote
tho President saying that he was ho
sole support of his 76yearold mother
My father now dead he wrote
was a veteran of the civil war and a
Republican Can you help me to find
Less than 18 hours after he mailed
his letter he received a favorable re
ply from the White House
New York Jan 27 The opening I
dealings in stocks showed a very un
settled tone Sharp advances in some
quarters were accompanied by heavy
foiling in others Amalgamated Cop
per selling cxdlvldond started 5Sc
higher than last night hut receded at
once to below last nights level Ten
nessee Copper rose 1 12 American
Car and Chicago Great Western lanJ
Ponnsyhania North Weutern and
American Smelting large fractions
Union Pacific sold down 2 points with
in a few minutes United States Steel
111 arid St Paul and Reading large
A rally of a point In Union Pacific
caused a slight pause In the selling
but when pressure wan resumed later
the whole list broke badly to tho low
point of the hour Union Pacific
I United States Steel Reading and
Amalgamated Copper were the chief
points of weakness Amalgamated
Copper > was down 1 34
In the course of the second hour
prices fell to near the low levels
touched on Tuesday Liquidation con
verged on the most highly speculative
stocks with declines In Colorado Fuel
of 511 Union Pacific 3 31 Reading
38 United States Steel Amalga
mate Copper 3 Southern Pacific 2 = H
Anaconda 2 5S Losses ranging up to
2 points were universal There were
rallies of 1 to 2 points by noon but
this brought activity almost to a stop
Bonds Irregular
Chicago Jan 27 Butter Steady
creameries 2530c dairies 2429c
Eggs Steady at mark cases In
cluded 21 l227 l2c nrst331c
prime firsts 32c Cheese Steady
Daisies 1714c twins lG34gi7c
Young Americas and Longnorns 1C 12
16 34c
New York Jan 27SugarRnw I
firm Muscovado 89 test 358 cen
trifugal 96 test 408 molasses sugar I
89 test 333 Refined steady
New York Jan 27 Copper dull
standard spot and March 131314
Silver 62 1J
Chicago Close
Chicago an 27 Wheat January
112 rs Mar 11114 uly 101 5S Sep
I teraber 98 38
Corn January 63 3S May G7 IS
July CC78C7
Oats January 471S May 471
47 18 July 4338
Pork January 2050 May
20S7l2 July 2085
Jard January 1180 May 1170
July SllC212llfiR
Ribs January 5116212 May
ft 137 12 July 1135
Barley G6 < Iji72 t
Chicago Ivettock
< > Chicago an 27 Catte Recelpta
dBtlmnlcU at COOO market woak
Boovea flO740 Texas ulcers
37fiINO western steers 400P
590 filyckors and feeders S300fl > 53j
cows and heifers 200510 calves
700 j 925
Ilogs Receipts estimated at 18000
market 5 to lOc higher Light 705
7h830 mixed SOO840 heavy
810S4G rough S10 < j7 > S20 good
to choice heavy S20845 pigs I
6907 90 bulk of sales SS20fifS > RS I
Sheep Receipts estimated at 10 i
000 market steady Native 3 OOtfi
5S5 western 90590 yearlings i
C70775 lambs native GOU
8 30 western GOO830
Omaha Jan 27 Cattle Receipts
2700 Market active and stronger
Native steers 3S0G60 cows and
heifers 30000 western steers
3259585 cows and heifers 250 < y >
440 stockers and feeders 300
530 calves 350SOO
Hogs Receipts 9000 Market lOc
higher Heavy 805880 mixed
795805 light S08 10 pigs
G75750 bulk 795 < g > S10 i
Sheep Receipts 2900 Yearlings
625Jji725 wethers 4905UO
ewes 76o25 lambs 725720
Washington Jan GAn error of
sixty million dollars Is charged by tho
Association of American Magazine
Publishers against the postofflcc do
liiirlmont In the latters figures on the
clcflclt in carrying second class mat
This and other mistakes are alleged
to bo in the departments figures un
on which It Is proposed to raise the
rate for carrying mag izincu through
the malls Twont fIe lending maga
zine publishers appeared today UH rep I
resentatives of the periodical publish
ers association before the house com
mittee on postofllces and post roads
Several publishers gavo verbal tes
timony but the answer that attracted I
principal attention was a pamphlet en
titled The Answer of the Magazine
According to this statement there Is
not a deficit In the postal department
of seventeen million dollars as tho de I
partment alleges but actually a Burp
has of more than ten millions when I
the specific loss on free rural delivery
is taken into consideration
Chicago Decides to Pay
More Money to
Educators I
Chicago Jan 2iA sweeping ad
vance In the salaries of public school
toachesr in Chicago was voted by the
board of education yesterday The in
crease which Is In efect from Janu
ary 1 1910 will mean the disburse
ment of 240000 a year more for sal
aries than last year among the 6000
Slating that a teacher Is better
qualified after several years service I
Superintendent Mrs Ella Flagg Young
has distributed the Increase so that
tho largor part falls to the share of
those who havo taught more than I
seven yearn
Primary teachers from the third to
seventh and subsequent years of ser I
vice will receive an advance of from I
25 to 50 Eighth grado teachers will
receive 50 beginning with their first
your of service
Seventeen high school principals
will receive an advance of 100 The
present maximum of 3200 is In
creased to 3800 No increase Is ar
ranged for the first six years of ser
vice among high school principals I
The lowest salary is G50 paid to
teachers for their first years work in
the primary grades
I GAIN 100
I But Cannot Hope to
Control the Next
London Jan 27lth tho excep
tion of two Scottish counties whero
the returns are snowed In reports of
yesterdays elections are now com
plete The Liberals add sixteen states
to their previous total the Unionists
three and the Laborltcs and Nation
alists two each This makes the posi
tion of tho parties today as follower
Government coullllou Uberula 249
Irish Nationalists 7fi laborites 40
Opposition Unionists 259
I Tho Unionists from todays return
place three cents gained and the Lib
erals one making the not Unionists
j gained to date an even hundred
The gains made by the Unionists In
yesterdays elections rc much small
er than expected and should the same
ratio prevail In the contest today and
I tomorrow when with the exception
I or half a dozen scattered constltuen
1 ales tho elections will bo concluded
Ij lore Is a possibility that Use Liberals
aJouc may have u slightly larger mum
Jii L
borshlp In tho now House of Common 1
than the Unionists I
The numbers however arc so close I
that legislation wlllbe effectable only
with the consent of tho Irish National
ists and Laborites and it is impossible
lo predict with any confidence the fu
ture course of events
Now York Jan 261n a war lo
the death between Uio Teddies and
tho Gorillas two rival gangs of the
upper east side eightyearold Joseph I
Ycager a Gorilla was tied to a lamp
post last night gagged and his pockets
stuffed with excelsior and set afire
Three Teddies fled after dropping I
lighted matches in his pockets He
owes his life to passer by who smoth
ered tho flames
The three Teddies < al 12 years old
pleaded guilty today in tho childrens
court The hoys wore paroled
Boots Will Be Sold in
America c 1 1 P 150
a Pair
New York an 2iojhe Far East IB
about the most Important part of the
world so far as the Ignited States Is
concerned according to Arthur Dies
founder of the Japanese Socley of
England who Is in New York Dis
cussing the development of China and
Japan Mr DIes says In an interview
given out here today
I dont believe In the yellow peril
in the usual acceptance of an armed
Invasion Tho peril I fear Is Indus
trial competition It will arise when
millions of Chlneso have become
trained to the use of western meth
ods When the Chinese begin to turn
out for iiiBUinco boots as good as
yours at a dollar and a half retail
dont you think the people of the coun
try will insist upon petting the arti
cles from tho cheaper rate and com
pel their importation to the detriment
of American manufacture and labor
I That is where the real perl lies
Denver Jan 26The Post today
fays In violation of tho name exe
cutive order defiance of which caus
ed the removal of Eorest r Pincbol
army officers throughout the coun
try Including a number now on duty
at the army headquarters at Denver
have prepared a circular letter ad
dressed to United States senators and
others In which there is a protest
against tho provisions of the army
elimination bill to be Introduced to
the present congress Seldom has
proposed army legislation provoked
such general indignation among army I
officers The effect of the bill if It I
becomes a law will bo that twenty
per cent of the lieutenants now In
service will Immediately be retired
since that percentage of the ofllcers
under the rank oficaptaln already
are moro than 31 years of age To
protect themselves from KO serious a
breach of discipline the officers who
have prepared the letter will sign It
only as some of those who will be
People of Japan Are I
Eager to Entertain
I the Hunter
New York Jan 27JnIHn hopes
that exPresident Roosevelt will re
turn from Africa by way of Asia Mr
Roosevelt Is a popular idol in Japan
We regard him as a type of the Amer
ican people and his welcome In Japan
would be an overwhelming one
This statement came today from
Baron Dalroku Klkuho president of
the Imperial University of Kioto who
I s In New York at tho Invitation of
tho Civil Forum to deliver an address
next week on the Now Japan Ho
accepted the Invitation of Count Ko
mura the minister of foreign affairs
Upon the completion of this official
part of his visit he will spend sonic
time In studying the educational sys
tem of the American schools Ho will
speak Informally at Harvard Yale and
possibly some of the womens colleges
Salt Lake City Utah Jan 26
Frank Sprague his young wife and
William Morgan were arrested today
on the charge ofcounterfeiting Tho
Pollco say that they have been con
ducting a private mint for the manu
facture of half dollars in tho kitchen
of Mrs Spragues lathers home and
have been scattering the bogus coin
in Salt Lake and Ogden Their work
was cry crude Silver tableware
was molted and run Into a plaster
mould Tho prisoners will bo turned
over to the federal authorities
Portsmouth England Ian GIn
Well infurmed naval circles It is un
derstood that tho next British naval
estimates will provide for Coir Dread
naughts two armored cruisers eight
small cruisers twenty four uorpedo
boat destroyers ton submarines and
live thousand additional men I
Washington Jan 2G President
Taft It Is expected soon will be In
ft position to announce whether the
government suit to dissolve the mer
ger of the Union Pacific and Southern
t Pacific railroads Is to be continued
by the department of Justice or to be
AttorneyGeneral Wlckcrsham has
been given the brief of the defendants
containing arguments why the suit
should IM dismissed They follow the
oral representations made by Judge
I R S Lovett and other officials of tho
I allied Harriman roads before Presi
I dent Taft and the attorneygeneral
several days ago Tho railroad Inter
ests contend that the government
cannot win the suit on Issues present
ed and for this reason amorr others
they urge that further proceedings
be dropped
Sensational Drop in
Prices on Stock
Now York Jan 27 Sensational de
clines In priccaofslocks occurred
gain today before noon News over
night of the copper merger caused a
few upward spurts In the opening
dealings but heavy liquidation was at
tracted at the high level and prices
began to decline
The market showed an almost en
tire lack of support and the stream
of liquidation was allowed to carry Its
own effect on prices
I Colorado Fuel Iron was forced
down 4 11 Union Pacific 3 34 Read
Ing 3 3S United States Steel and
Amalgamated Copper 3 Southern Pa
cific 2 H and so on for less Import
ant stocks The decline was approxi
I mately to the low prices touched In
the demoralized market of Saturday
Washington Jan 27 Information
received hero today Is that the arbi
trators selected in the Chicago switch
mens controversy with the railroads
S E Herbcrting vicepresident of
the Switchmens union and C R Gray
vicepresident of the St Louis and
San Francisco are unable to agree
on a third arbitrator The selection
of the third arbitrator therefore has
been referred to Chairman Knapp and
Dr Weill the mediators under the
Erdman act
People Are Praying for
the Storms to
Rome Jan 2iThe rain snow and
wind storm Increased In Intensity to
day The river continued to rise and
at noon had almost reached the top of
tho arches of the bridges Dead cattle
and trees are being borne down ill
The pope today sent a large sum of
money to the archbishops of Hays for
the relief of flood sufferers In Franco
Messina Jan 2 7Tho storm and
floods have call i > d much distress hem
The huts In which the people have
lived slnco the great earthquake have
I been soaked through and the muddy
streetshave made walking almost Im
l possible
Naples Inn 27Thc damage from
I storm Increases Many roads along
the Rca front are under water and the
country at these points devafVn1d
I iWrockngft thrown out by the tide
proves that many small boats have
been lout
The churchrr arC filled with persons
praying for thf parsing of the tvIL
Florence Tan 7The river Arno
lis out of Its banks and flooding the ad
jacent districts Telegraphic and tele
phonic communication as well as rail
way Transportation to points surround
ing the city have been cut off and It
Is Impossible to learn the extent of
the damage wrought In the flooiiet
I Villages
People Were Rejoicing Not Knowing the
Cause of the Fall in the Seine When
the Greater Disaster Came
Paris Jan 27Late In the after
noon the Fluvial department predicted J
I a further rise of S inches Before tho I
creat of the flood In the rIver Seine
was reached The Hurry or joy at
noon was followed by pessimism as
the waters continued to rise
1 Paris Jan 27The river Seine
which at flood stage has caused
death and destruction during the last
few days was stationary at noon to
1 Paris today resembles a belengured
city The military commander In each
of the five sections Into which tho
I metropolis has been divided holds sol
1 diems In constant readiness for dis
patch to points of danger
I The government of the municipality
I has placed the military barracks and
public school buildings at tho disposal
I of the refugees who already number
It is estimated more than 100000
Fifteen thousand laborers of the
city are out of work and though sub
scriptions are pouring In 200000 hav
ing been raised last night of which
140000 was contributed br the Amer
ican chamber of commerce the gov
ernment today decided to ask parlia
ment for an additional credit to be
used in relief work
Every minute today brought a new
tale of disaster At S oclock the
unit of the Orleans railway tunnel
gave way at the Rue Git A Couer
I Another bad caveIn occurred in the
Re Mlle flooding the quarters of tho
I German embassy
The buildings of the foreign office
I were surrounded hy water this morn
ling and abandoned The main drain
under the Champs de Mara broke dur
ing the forenoon and the blanket of
water extended back to the Invalldes
where repose the bones of Napoleon
Several subsidences havo occurred
in tho Placo de La Concorde the Rue
St Honoro and the hue ie Lappb
iTJis babe R Ats of the grand palace
and the homo of President Railleries
I are filled with water Whole sections
of the city Including tho St Lazare
subway station have been roped ofT
I The boiling waters beweon the Pont
I Au Change and Pont Notre Dame In
dicate that tho roof of the subway un
derneath has collapsed
The curator of the Louvre museum I
I said today that although tho basement
of the building had been Inundated I
i the statuary hall was still six foot
I above the level of the water and the I
sculptures and engravings on the first
floor were in no Immediate danger at
I Immediately opposite however there I
danger to the Institute de
was great I
Franco the home of the Academic
I FrancaSsc which was surrounded by i
the waters as was the Mazarin pal I
ace whose valuable art collections
I were hurriedly removed to the sec
ond story
The region In the neighborhood of
the law courts and the prefecture of
police was flooded and chairs and ta
I bles were drifting about
In the midst of new and alarming
developments and shortly before noon
a dismayed crowd thai was watching
the water gauge at Pont Roal noticed I
that for ten minutes the flood re
mained stationary and that at noon
it actually began to subside
By 1230 oclock tho waters had
fallen threequartcre of an inch and
the watchers shouted with Joy The
glad tidings passed from mouth to I
mouth and soon tho entire quay was
ringing with cheers The news spread
like wildfire along the quays turning
exclamations of horror to shouts of
Jubilation I
The work of building temporary
which had I
I dykos back of the parapets
I begun at daylight did not cease for
a moment however
In many places the soldiers labored
In three foot of water damming the
openings In the parapets and con
structing great holding dykes of atone I
and cement Between the Place de
La Concorde and Avenue de Alexan I
der where the water had began to
flow over the parapets 1000 men
were busy erecting a wall In thn mid
dle of the road to keep tho waters out
of the Champs Elysce quarter
Paris Jan 27The sun Is shining
in Paris today The rain ceased
throughout the afflicted districts be
i fore noon and as the waters of the
Seine appeared to subside the lamen
tations of the populace gave way to
rejoicing It is hoped the worst Is
over but tho wish IB father to the
At 12 oclock the gauge showed a
drop In the waters of the Seine at
Pont Royal The subsidence contin
ued for thirty minutes amounting to
threequarters of an inch
Cries of joy from tho water watch
ers wore taken np by thousands along
the quays Later It was claimed that
the falling was due to the rapid over
flow Into tho Beret quarter from
points where the Seine had broken
I Irs barriers
The experts say the river was still
I rising this afternoon but that tho
maximum flood should be reached by
3 oclock
1 The Bare quarter has been aban
doned by the residents
The temperature has moderated af
I fording much relief to homeless
President Falllcrles and Premier
Briand today visited tho hospitals and I
other places where refugees have been
j Notre Dame was surrounded by wa I
ter hula and lime crypts wore flooded
The rotten palisades hack of the St
Louise gave way and the situation in
the flooded quarter back of Corey wan
rendered critical
During tho forenoon the Qual DAna
torlltz embankment gave way with a
roar flooding new districts
The water has not yet reached the
catacombs where rest six million
New York Jan 2iAn earnest ap
I peal to Americans to help the suffer
ers from the French floods has been
sent to New York by the French mu
nicipal authorities The appeal fol
We are doing all wo can for tho
I homeless and destitute The firemen
and Rod Cross are working like he
roes but we need help Suffering In
i Paris Is terrible Wo would ask that
America help un with money to build
I shelters for onr homeless and to pro
I vide provisions and clothing We also
need bread and coal
Washington Jan 20Almost hour
ly the state department Is In receipt
of telegrams and letters from different
parts of the United States making In
quiry as to flood conditions In Paris
and as to the safety of relatives in
that city
I Tho department has cabled to tho
Vnlted State embassy asking for In
formation as to whether anr Ameri
I cans had lost their lives or suffered
property loss
It Is not believed however that the
lives of any Americans have been lost
Inasmuch as an official telegram from
the embassy at Paris received hero
last night makes no mention what
ever of the flood
Flooded for Miles
Versailles France Jan 7Iho
flood extends for miles Inundating the
region below Paris but tho work of
succor Js well organized nnd the casu
alties are few The property loss Is
River Rises Three Feet
Charonton France Jan 2iThe
Marno rose three feet during the
night Today the bridges are in dan
I ger of being carried away At NImes
the Rhono has risen again and Im
mense damage is being none Farm
houses are Isolated and boats are be
ing used to carry food to the occu
Place Is Saved From
I Destruction by
Baker City Ore Jan 27 Fought
only by volunteers with garden hose
anti dampened blankets a fire starting
shortly after midnight did damage es
timated at 284000 partly covered by
Insurance before It was placed uuder
control at 3 a m For a while tho
greator part of the city was throat
s cued and only roofsnw saved much
of It
The chief sufferer was the Baer Mer
cantile company loss 90000 Ineiir I
anco 60000 t
Young Boy and Girl
Had Agreed
to Die
pee Moines In Jan 27 Vo not
Barr aged lit and Hiss Llna Ammer
aged 14 were found sitting upright lu
young Barrfl buggy at tho Barr fnrw
south of Monroe la early today both
dead A tin cup In which there re
niained a small mixture or Btcrcnnlna
and water was close by It IB thought
over opposition to their
despondency I
marriage because of their ago c
them to commit suicide
New Orleans Jan 27H HMe
I Gill an aviator of Dayton 0 will essay
5 next Saturday the first aeroplau J
say I
flight over attempted in any part
the south Negotiations arc In prog
of International
ress for flights by aviators
national prominence during the Nc
Orleans Mnrdi Gras season

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