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L r 1 04
A J E 1 JF LM ID i
P 1 i
Fiom S F Bulktin May I 00
Among many Inte letters nnuouuclas
favorable results tri arc a number
from physician all of whom hnvo I
cases recovering and one from Hot
Springs Ark telling of the recovery
or two physicians I
The same week a physician of this
city reported a failure Ho stated
that ho gae the Compound at tho last
moment In an extreme cane of Brlrhts
Disease and that he had 10 confidence
In the treatment and as the patient
nvnirnil n few days thereafter that It
confirmed his opinion Tho secret or
the sovcrnl successes first referred
to the lays In thc fact that the ply
olclans Teallzlnp the admitted futility
of the orthodox treatment put them
selves or their patienU on the com
pound before they wen extremis
NTot so In the last case and the reason
for the failure Is obvious
Let us Illustrate We are told that
there Is a physician In South San
Francisco by the name of Gardner who
has never had a failure in a case of
typhoid fever We dont know what
his method Is but will Bay that when
his famo causes patients to be trans
ferred to his treatment after the at
tending physicians have declared the
ca < o hopeless than his failures will
then commence His aucccssea have
been in cases that sent for him while
Ihero wag something to work on
I It 161ol fa6t tbat many cases of
rrlqhts Disease In extremis have
bMn rescued hut there is no certain
ty when the treatment Is withheld un
til tho last few days When Fultons
Renal Compound is administered in
time It matters little whether the case
he chronic or not nearly ninetenths
got results the text books to the con
trary notwithstanding
We afjaln say that the more pres
ence of albumen casts and dropsy in
the chronic stage that are supposed to
make up an incurable caso of Brights
Disease IB now no bar to recovery pro
viding there Is heart and vitality to
work on It Is obvious that If the
treatment Is withhold until there Is
I no recuperative power there will also
I he failures
In view of the declared futility of
everything known up to the develop
ment of Fultons Renal Compound we
ask In the namo of conscience how
thorc can be any question In tho mind I
of any human being as to what ought
to be given In such cases and why
there should be any delay in giving
the only thing In the world that of
fers hope
Fultons Renal Compound can be
had In your city of Wm Driver
Sons Drug Co
Wo desire to hoar from every case
not recovering John J Fulton Com
pany CIS Battery St San Francisco
Cal Literature mailed free
The combining of different furs Ja
uausually popular this winter and
we show above a unique sot mado
from a band of liable edged on each
side with white fox ThlH makes a
rearming set of furs for a young
Augusta Jan 20Honest John
Kclloy says ho has been solicited to
referee the JeffriesJohnson fight and
it is probable ho will do so
Mountain Time
No LEa8tbtind I Depart
JPasscngor 700am
lOlFam Mull SM am
Overland Limited 230 pm
lAtlantlu Kxprots GW pm
to1 WcHibound I ArrHo
Passonger 735 am
California KxDrean I Sj am
3Pajit Moll Jlli p in
IjOvorlancI IlmltoJ jj3q pm
roLJo th ojflDcden f Depart
IIHuttc and Portland 115 am
OKdenMuliul Motor cnr x i15am
Uildiho Ex0rf 0M am
Butte anil Portland 4W pm
lllCjflcho Valley Pa crgor 535 pm
Koi North or Ofcdcn j ArrUn
Siuutto Exprcaa ii5 nm
2Fortland Ccprcys SMS am
12iSull Lake PaaKfiiccr 1030 atu
4jSatt Lalio Spuclul 150 pm
IMMnladOsdftn Motor cnrx 505 pm
lljUtah Expreaa 0IO pm
No I South oi c acn j jjupurt
j Sull Lnko ExprosH 716 am
Ji Local for Salt Lake t4i u in
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orlIand Bxprewa 9W am
JSiCacho Aalley Expressio a m
34Fast Mull 115 pin
Overland LiicUed 223 tm
I Salt LaKc Special 4 M Im
3d Overland Llmltod 4MO pm
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IDPaclfle Exprcoa CMj pm
35Sali Lake Local 75 pm
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HJUuh 13xpna > n pm
Noi South or Ugdcn I Anva
ITButtn nnd Portland 12 fu nm
AtlantiC Exprciss S10 nm
U Idaho Exproen SM nm
J3 Local IMS am
Overland Limited 201 pm
3 Dutt and Portland 3M pm
ZSiOyerltind Limited t25 pm
11 Cache Valley Express G2S pm
SSiAtlniiUc Ilxprcni CW p ra
19Local TlOpT
No1 Westbound I Depart
t S Pacific Kxprccs CM1 nm
f Kftst Mall 133 pm
t Ovcrlund Limited I 450 pm
SPac > lic KxprcBM 4SO pm
t Noi From Vcnt I Arlvo
ClAtlrtntlc Express j 6 j im
10 Fast Mall 710 am
f IjOvorliind Limited 21 P m
Atlantic Expresn 53j pm
x Dally except Sunday
DR A FERNLUNDfphyBlclanrand8
Snrproonofflco honrslOarrd 12 a in
12 to 4 p m 340 2Cth St Office
phones Bell 515K Ind 61B rosl
dcnco GIG Vasb Ind phono 502
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r 1 I
Good Roads Delegates Get Stirred Up Over aResolution Introjluced
by Mayor of Ogden Favoring the Building of a i
Great State Highway
The Salt Lake Tribune of this morn
ing contains the following account of
tho proceedings of the Good Roads
convention In Salt Lake yesterday
I The reason why the rural districts
voted against tho erection of a state
ciipltol In Salt Lake was Decause Gov
I ernor Spry vetoed a few road appro
priation measures last winter That
IB tho testimony of R W King of Mil
lurd county
All this came out when William
Glasmann of Ogden introduced the
following resolution I
Resolved That It is the sense of
this meeting that the legislature of I
Utiih be required to build under the
direction ot the governor and state j
engineer twenty miles of macada
mized road a year beginning at Salt j
Luke and build an equal number of
miles north and south each year until i
the Idaho hue has been roached on
the north and the Arizona line on tho
By unanimous consent twomlnuto I
speeches on the resolution was per
mitted Mr Glasmann opened the
debate after a suggestion had been
made that the building should begin
in the center of the stale rather than
at Salt Lake I
While Salt Lake Is not tlio geo
graphical center of the state said I
Mr Glasmann it Is tho center of i
population the center of finance and
of business activity And we follows j
have got to recognize that fact when
wo come down bore We in Ogden i
dont like to do It but wo have to
whether we like It or not
Glasmann and Salt Lake
If you take the country within a
radius of 100 miles around Salt Lake
will have the people that m
you pay I
throefourths of all the taxes
If we start this road it will be their I
money that will start It and It will i
be tholr money that we will finish It
If we start It in the middle of tho
state you will buck up against a lobby
from Salt Lake that you cant beat
What wo want to do Is to bleed old
Salt hake aB much as wo can You
farmers want to come to town in au
tomobiles and not In ox teams and
mule wagons Lots get together and
make a start I
M M Steele of Iron county said it
would take thirty years for the road
to reach his section of the country
M M Bush of Tooolo said the road
If it were built only north and south
would never reach him I
Other delegates spoko on the reso
Unlimited Asphalt Quarrlec
In tho discussion J R Sharp of Car
bon county said that he was unquali
fiedly In favor of the resolution Ho
said that Utah had the best mate
rial in tho world In the great asphalt
deposits that extend all over tho UIn
tah country and reach as far eastward
us Rock county in Colorado He said I
that at Sunnyslde there were walls ot
2000 and 3000 feet thick
The rock he said was heavily Im
pregnated with oil and was far supe I
rior to tho sandy asphalt that was
being brought from California There
Is enough asphalt material In that de
posit declared Mr Sharp to build the
proposed national highway from New
York to San Francisco and then there
would be enough still to complete all
the roads in Utah He declared that
the cost would be cheaper by for than
crushed rock
Dr Frod W Taylor of Provo speak
ing for the Commercial club of that
city said Provo was unqualifiedly for
the resolution
You should get It Into your mind
firmly fixedly said Dr Taylor that
9fi per cent of the travel Is over 1 per
cent of the roads If you grasp that
you will view this proposition differ
I am only a country doctor but for
t went years I hove been dragging
myself through the mud Its time
something was done and I hope to
heaven that something will be done
Mr King of Mlllard then told about
why the capitol question had been op
posed by the farmers Mr Glasmann
arose to answer some of the questions
Waste of Money
Vell began Mr Glnsmann Ive
been In tho legislature in this state
and I know how tho road appropriation
business comes up every session I
was in the legislature ton years ago
and we appropriated 50000 The leg
islature has been appropriating that
much every year But where is It
What has been done with It Have
the roads been Improved nay by the
appropriations Not a bit Why
when I traveled through this state a
year ago on a little political matter
I found tho roads in Kane county as
bad as over Gentlemen it Is a waste
of money
But I want to correct an imprcs
Hlon that seems to have been gaining
ground here that the resolution pro
poses to take away the county appro
priations It does not This resolu
tion merely provides for the building
of something permanent not to patch
up something that cant bo patched
Why gentlemen of the country If
Salt Lako wants you to take Its
money for your roads take It
take all you can get They pay
the taxes not you My friend
from Morgan county complains
What does he complain about Didnt
the people of Salt Lake and Ogden
pay fourfIfths of the cost of tho road
from hIs section so he and his neigh
bors could come to Ogden for tholr
market Sure they did What kicks
ho got coming
oGvernor Spry Explains
Governor Spry took the stand
If 1 had my way about IL said the
governor I would have good roads In
even county Now I want to say to
you that the last legislature appropri
ated J50000 moro for roads than any
other legislature Fiftyfour thousand
dollars of this was appropriated In ac
cordance with laws passed on the Bug
gcntion made by your convention a
year ago In addition again as much
was riven the counties in tho regular
appropriations Altogether tho roads
got 110000 out of the state last year
WVrho stato coyld uot hoppto dflri
lfcatoany 511m that mightbe expend
1 ed by the different counties for Salt
Lake for example might spend 100
000 and Weber county aB It did p9
I 000 and the more populous and pros
perous counties other largo sums
But while the slato cannot dupli
cate these amounts the state will sco
to It that every county in the stato
gets Us share toward maintaining its
I The legislature passed up to mo
appropriation bills carrying 325000
more than wo had revenue In sight I
i did approve 5175000 of these appropri
J ations and we aro now trying to
buckle in and got tho money to moot
I these appropriations and wo will get
Some Methods of Rovenuo
Some of the gentlemen have men
tioned that the state cannot afford
to spend money for roads because it
I takes all we can get for our educa
tional system It is true that the
schools of this state up to tho eighth
grade cost 13000 every school day
That does not Include the high
schools the university the agricul
tural colleges the deaf and blind and
the Industrial schools
Now there are at hand several
means of raising money for road build
ing In Now Jersey the governor of
that state recently Informed me 200
000 of revenue was raised each year
by an automobile tax and twothirds
of this sum was paid by owners of I
automobiles outside the state who
wanted to use Now Jersey roads
They tax the automobiles according
to their horsepower I think In Now
Jersey the rate is 50 cents the horse
power In Massachusetts I under
stand it IB SI a horsepower
Nov gentlemen before you ad
journ I want you in your wisdom
and you can do it for you are Intelli
gent menl want you to settle upon
a way to get tho money for these
roads You will find the state ready
and willing to support anything feas
ible that you suggest but we must
outline a definite plan of raising mon
The governors remarks were greet
ed with applause
Representative Davis Talks
Mr Darts representative In the
house of representatives from Ulntah
cofuty mado a strong plea for tho res
olution lie declared that Salt Lake
City and Governor Spry had been
more than liberal in giving the out
side counties appropriations for their
roads and there should be uo com
plaint about the way they had been
There is not a road in Utah to
day said Mr Davis that Is a credit
to the stato If wo aro to make a per
manent system of roads we must be
gin at once and if Salt Lake Is not
the place to begin I would like to
know what placo Is
Mr Steele of Iron county then ex
plained that the reason why the peo
ple had voted agalnat the capitol prop
osition was because they had labored
under an apprehension They had
been under the impression that their
road appropriations had been cut and
they were righteously indignant there
at believing that It was a scheme on
tho part of Salt Lake He was glad
to be enlightened on this point and
the people would be glad to know
that the state really appropriated
more money than over before for good
On motion the resolution was laid
over until today before a vote is taken
I Salt Lake Jan 27 Declaring that
her husband spent considerable of
I his time and money in listening to
tho rattle of the dice box the click
I i of the poker chips and the merry
I clinking of tho gladsome glasses Mrs
Jessie Francis han filed a suit for
299 In Justice Hanks court agjjinsf
John Taylor Charles HatfUrtd tho
Tlie Growl
off Light
Ideas magnificence and display
have gradually grown from tho simple
homespun garments of Colonial Daya
until our ideas and buslneus aro cov
ered like a garment of Ivy clinging
to the castle wall
Display in business seems to be tho
main featuro and aim for attaining
success A few years ago mcrchanta
were happy and contented selling
goods without elaborate show cases
and expensive windows but the de
mands of our day and time have
changed all that The cost of cloth
ing hardware and groceries have in
creased while rates and charges for
electric current have not Increased
but the demand for Increased I illumi
nation has exceeded former and earl
ier requirements until the brilliancy
of commercial Illumination has be
come a big item In our operating ex
The rates for
electricity have re
mained tho same but the demand for
It and the amount used has increased
over 200 per cent in tho last few
The new electric lamp known as
the Tungsten has proved to be edu
cational and an object lesson besides
The promises of reduction In current
for this lamp have not proved true in
many Instances on account of the un
usual brilliancy obtained which ban
lead consumers to Increaoo tho size
I and number of lamps used
I In my recent ad entitled Of In
torosl to tho Public I told you that
theo lamps only require 1 watts
per candlo of light produced as com
pared to 3 610 watts required by Ih0
Edison or carbon lamp But In near
ly every case the monthly consump
I tion of current ban increased by in
creasing your illumination
Local Manager for Utah Light
Railway Company
= r
State Street club and John Doe who 1
ever ho laIty l0
In the complaint It IG charged that I
George Francis the husband did from
October 2 T909 until November 1
1909 enter the club and there lose
money nt various gambling games It
Is also alleged thai tho money was
lost at faro poker and other games
with cards and othor gambling de
vices Mrs Francis then alleges
that the money lost was her property
that had been Intrusted to her hus
band as custodian and that It Was
spent without her knowledge
Mrs Francis filed a suit a week ago
for money lost on another occasion
and at that time Constable Potcr Han I
sen went to the bank where tho club I
has an account and attached 290 be
longing to the club A bond was im
mediately given to insure payment
and tho money was released Tues
day tho same operation was perform
ed and another bond was given to In
sure payment
Love Dream of Young Girl from
Pueblo Colo 10 Rudely
Salt Lake Jan 27 Following Infor
mation from Sheriff F E MacMlllan
of Puoblo Colo Sheriff Sharp ordered
the arrest of Joe Arnone a prominent
Italian of Pueblo and Mattie B Mur
ray a girl 17 years of ago who came
to this city the night of December 28
1909 and registered at tho Lonox ho
tel as man and wife and lived as man
and wife at 241 East First South
street until taken to the county Jail
by deputy sheriffs Tuesday afternoon
Sheriff Sharp Wednesday morning re
ceived a telegram from Sheriff Mac
Millan to hold Arnono on a statutory
Arnone accompanied by his child
wife left the Lenox hotel December
and took rooms at tho rooming house
at 211 East First South street where
they lived for some time Owing to
the continued requests of the girl Ar
none procured a marriage license Jan
uary 13 seventeen days after they
had arrived In the city nnd giving
it to Miss Murray told her that It
was all that was necessary to make
a legal marriage In Utah
Trusting implicitly in the honesty
of the man tho girl paid no moro at
tention to the question of marriage
and when requested by the deputies
Tuesday afternoon to produce tho cer
tificate of her marriage proudly
hnnded over the marriage license on
which no return had over been made
When told of tho worthlessness of tho
paper the girl broke down and cried
and then told Sheriff Sharp that she
was ready to return to her home at
Pueblo and would sign a waiver of
extradition papers She has since done
Arnonc has retained the firm of
Powers Marionenux to fight extra
dition and they have served papers
on Sheriff Sharp to produce the man
In the district court tills Thursday
morning Sheriff Sharp received the
second telegram from Sheriff MacMil
Inn Wednesday rilght that Arnono be
held as an officer from Pueblo is en
route to Salt Lake City with extradi
tion papers and will arrive In the city
this Thursday night
Salt Lake Jail 27 Joseph Brown
in a complaint for divorce filed In
the district court Wednesday alleges
that he came home one night last
summer and found his wife Concenn
Brown In company with two other
men and her sister and that there was
evidence all about the room that they
had been drinking rather freely so
he left home nnd has never returned
Afterwards ho alleges his wife as
saulted him on tho street HO asks a
divorce on account of tho misconduct
ot his wife and also asks the custody
of their two children They were mar
ried April 22 1901
Alleging cruelty and nonsupport
Estolle J Lfddell filed an action for
divorce against R W IJddcll whom
she married In this city November
I 20 1902 She alleges that for two
years her husband has failed to sup
port her and that frequently he struck
her with his fist and caused her great
I suffering On one occasion ho struck
her anjLfcnockcTcl her down It Is al
JpgiTuTand then threw her out of the
house They have three children of
whom Mrs Liddell asks the custody
Cruelty is the charge made against
Bphralm Jeffs In a complaint for dl
vorco filed by Susanna Jeffs The par
ties wore married February 17 1908
and it is claimed that Jells struck his
wife on several occasions and one
time knocked her down In addition
to a divorce sho asks for alimony In
the sum of 50n month and that her I
husband bo restrained from drawing
his pay from the Oregon Short Line
Arda jr Miller filed an action for
divorce against James C Miller on
tho ground of failure to support They
were married Juno 21 1005 and for
some time past It is alleged Miller
lids failed to provide
Desertion is the ground upon which
Lillian Ramsey Is seeking a divorce
from Henry Ramsey They wore mar
ried February 12 1902 and it is al
leged Ramsey disappeared August 17
1908 and slnco then has not been
heard from In addition to a divorce
Mrs Ramsey wants her maiden namo
Lillian Grant restored to her
HemRoid Does Its Work Thoroughly
No Return
If you have piles you know that
the usual treatment with salves sup
positories or operations cant bo de
pended upon for more than tempo
rary relief Outside treatment wont I
cure the Inside cause bad circulation
in the lower bowel Dr Lconhnrdts
HcmRoid a tablet remedy taken In
ternally removes the cause of plies
permanently Sold for 1 aud fully
guaranteed by Badcons Pharmacy
Ogden Utah Dr Leonhardt Co Sta
tion B Buffalo N Y Prop Write for
Tooelo Jan 26Th left fork of
Settlement canyon promises to be
come a mineral producing district of
no little importance For many years
the people of Tooelo and neighbor
hood have realized that mineral vas
to be found In thin fork In large quan
tities and though claims In tho sec
tion have beet located and relocated
fLr a number of years no attempt at
r 1 It
t J I I J M T t Vi 1 12 V
it c i
The Best Peaches From
I l
A Million Trees Are Yours I
We have the crop from more than one million the entire lot of the one million trees Not all
peach trees and put up the entire product peaches on a tree meet with the Del Monte
amounting to about twenty thousand tons of requirements
Peaches a year These Peaches are graded as The
care with which they arc handled is I
to size and quality peeled cooked and canned
best we know how to give them No
in a syrup made of pure granulated sugar bruised fruit into Del
goes Monte cans
From this great
The syrup is as clear
quantity we obtain and
pure as it Is pos
every quality and put Iunit sible to make it Such I
them out under more Peaches
as Del Monte
than two hundred differ I
are not found under I
ent brands and labels
Most of these brands Canned Fruits and Vegetables the Since ordinary label I
Packed Where we put up more
ac e They Ri
are our own some be ere Ripen than
long to dealers Our The Day Theyre Picked an any other concern
several times over
I choice selectionsthe large treeripened firm we know that Del Monte is the choice
I and delicious fruitis packed in a heavy You can get the favorite Del Monte brand at
I clear guaranteed sugar syrup
moat grocers at 25 cents per can The price
The Del Monte brand Peaches are the pick
Q is tho
I same everywhere
You Can Get Jellies and Jams Under the Del Monte Label
I Del Monte Quality 1
We are also tho largest manufacturers of picked fruit and are put up in extra heavy syrup
Jams Jellies Preserves etc Del Monte brand Del Monte is our prize brand Whatever I
is made of the finest pure fruit and sugar variety of canned or dried fruits vegetables
Del Monte preserved strawberries raspberries jams jellies preserves catsup or honey you I
blackberries etc are made from choice hand select Del Monte is the safe brand to take
The Largest Canners of Fruits and Vegetables in the World
mining In a systematic manner was
attempted until quite recently when
Messrs Carlson Ferkin and Parsons
practical miners formerly of Ring
ham took up a number of claims had
thom examined by a competent en
gineer and proceeded on the strength
of his report to prosecute active de
velopment work
The farmers of tho district have in
years past realized the great possi
bilities of mining in this section tout
being Inexperienced in tho mining
game they have never been nuccoss
fuK in putting any of the properties
on a producing basis Tunnels are
now being sent In however to cut
at depth the ledge which shown strong
and rich on the surface and reports
are that the operators are meeting
with great success In their work Su
perintendent McDonald of the Utah
Copper property at Bingham A Smith
of Salt Lake City and F J Mallet of
Tooelo arc among those Interested In
tho Tooelo company with the locators
of the claims who first came Into
the district about two and a half
years ago
It is planned to continue operations
steadily and the people of Tooolo and
neighborhood expect to profit largely
by tho opening up of the mineral pos
sibilities which have for thirty years
been known to them but nover until
recently developed to any commercial
Tuber Chopped Into Many SHooo
By One Stroke of Handle
An Implement that will be fonod useful
In large famlllop hotels and restaurants
U the potato cutter dinl Ded by n Texan
laU shown In the Illustration With thU
I IOtato can be cut Into many Darin tor
frying or for other purposes with one
itroke of the handle of the rnuchlne
Where a great many potatoes have to h e
cut the time saved by n device of this
kind Is considerable A paIr of burs
with n plunger pivoted to more up and
dowq through them In flxod on a plat
form In which III a circular hole In thin
j I
KNIt 8
hole IK set n eort of wheel of knife blades
with opcnlnjrs between them The tuber
la placed on this wheel and the plunger
prwseil down on It thin forcing It
through and dividing It Into many rrc
tlon each Just the rljht thc for frying
The cutter plate may be made In differ
ent form If desired to give the pieces
of potato different forma or to make I
them larger or smaller
Though the now Jarbidgo district in
northern Nevada on the Idaho line
has been quite fully monopolizing the
attention of press and public for some
months past tho southern end of the
Htato has by no means been deserted
nnd now the mining fraternity in that
section are coming to the front with
discoveries of their own
Commenting on this district which
Is as yet unnamed tho Rhyollto Her
ald says
Just now there is beginning to
come Into prominence another woll
mineralized section of country that Is
destined to add ono more profitable
mining camp to the many already
opened up in southern Nevada This
is not an xperimentnota now r
tlndnr from this ground thirty years
ago ore was packed on animals clear
across the country to the smelter 1
at Eureka New and remaining dumps
Safety Service Speed
Dustless perfect track and new stMl passenger
equipment which is the finest eqvtfpment that
money can bnyare afforded to patrons
of the
Union Pacific
The Safe Road to Travel
I Electric block signals dmtng car meals and
service CI Bert in the World
I f s For literature information rates etc ofl on
t or address your Local Agent or
Union Pacific R R Co Omaha Neb
show that that ore must have averag
ed considerably over 100 per ton
In an air line It is about forty
I miles In a northeasterly direction
from Rhyolltc In the Belted moun
tains where there Is an abundance
of wood water and snow It Is about
thirty miles north of the Amargofla
station on tho Las Vegas TonO
pah railroad with a fairly good na
tural wagon road
John Donor and J R Bryan are in
terested in a group there and are de
veloping the same They have a shaft
down sixty feet and are pushing work
In tho vein Samples of ore wore
brought here this week for assaying
The formation generally Is that of
porphyry lime and granite Tho veins
are largo eomo croppings showing
twenty foot of fissures The ores
found are lead silver and free gold
I While this Is practically a nowold
section It has boon well prospected
during tim past year in a very quiet
way and the country is pretty well
located Just now there Is six to ten
inches of snow on tho ground and
traveling and camping arc difficult
and hazardous
Indianapolis Jan Indianapolis
saloonkeepers who violate the closing
laws hereafter will be compelled to
hoop their saloons closed until they
can produce a letter from a minister
certifying that they have attended
church Sunday morning and remained
throughout the service Such was tht
ruling of Mayor Samuel Lewis Shan
in two cases before him today and
BO he announced he will deal b
other Tlolatoro
Salt Lake Jan 2gThe Tlntic fa
vorites sold somewhat weaker at this
mornings call on change Colorado
slipped from 80 to 7S cents Iron
Blossom from 86 to 81 contt and Sioux
Con opened at 35 cents and closed at
34i cents Columbus also continues
on the toboggan course and lost 3
cents In the limited trading indulged
I in during the session
Daly Judge at Park City which is
considered by the talent aa being
moro of an Investment than a npoim
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son Valley was also a trifle stronger
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mout Turkish wrestler threw Raoul
DC Rotten of France in 23 and 11
minutes tonight taking two stralgh
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fellow life is full o trials
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