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Fortieth Year No 24lce Five Cents OGDEN FRIDAY EVENING JANUARY 28
CITY J9JO Entered
UTAH aa Second Claec Matter at the Pwtofflce Ogdon Utah
Chasm Opens on a Street Engulfing a Cart
and Two Men = Storms Continue = = = People
Are in Despair = = = Worse Than War
Paris Jan 2SThe boiling raters
of the Seine wore still rising at noon
today at the rate of an Inch and a
quarter an hour Thero Is a steady
downpour of rain and the temperature
Is falling Everywhere the situation
Is appreciably worse than yesterday
An unfavorable shift of the wind
from north to southwest accompan
led by a Calling barometer and heavy
rain added a new thrill of horror to
Uio stricken city and country this foro
noon Throughout the night tho con
dition grow more serious
The devastation has now penetrated
the very heart of Pam the gorging
rivers and Bowers underneath literal
ly blowing up the streets while tho
area of the surface overflowed by tho
waters of the Seine had been doubled
today Twelvo of the 25 bridges over
the rircr have been closd and tho
quays on eIther side of them have
been roped off as unsafe
The Esplanade des Invalldea is a
sheet of water The flood has crept
hack almost to the Jardin du Luxem
bourg on Its left bank and Invaded
the Place de La Concorde which was
closed and guarded by soldiers and
the lower Champs Elyaees oa tho I
right bank
Tho Palais do Glace and other re
sorts and restaurants are surround
cd even the Place LOpora at the
core of the city threatening to sink
to tho subway beneath Cellars
throughout the district from that
point to the St Lwaro station com
prising the Pauborg Mont Martre and
the Rue Berger and the richer sec
tions In the Rue cle Provenco the Ruo
Drouot and the Rio Chateau Don aro
llllcd to tho street level with water
from the overflowed subterranean
The Palace of tho Legion of Honor
has been evacuated Tho situation
In the nolghborhood of tho French in
stitute has become desperate
War would hardly play such havoc
Thc city of llghl has brcomo a city
of slime filled with muddy waters
Business is at a standstill and tho
hotels arc crowded with persons who
have fled from tho Inundated borne
The prices of necessaries aro advanc
ing rapidly as tho demoralization of
transportation facilities extends
Tho roads leading to the city wero
filled early today with pedestrians
going to their work and long proces
sions of refuges bent beneath the
weight of Backs containing the few
belongings that they had been able to
PHVO Practically all aro without
Disaster followed disaster during
tho day A gaping chasm opened in
the lower Champs Elysees engulfing
a cart and two men One of the men
was rescued but the other with the
horse was wept away
Toward noon tho water gushed out
of tho Tulllorios entrance to the Mel
ropolltan subway flooding the square
In front of tho Comedlo Francaiso Au
attempt to keep tho water down In
lie section of the subway at thl
place was made by using pumps
through holes borod at distant points
hut with little success
Within tho city there is practically
no moans of transportation except by
cabs and taxicabs the owners of
I which clmrgo fabulous prices The
steam tramways which were the only
surface lines remaining after the elec
tric cars failed were unable to move
today as the water had entered the
flre boxes
Communication between tho two
sides of the river has been suspended
owing to tho unsafe condition of the
f Aiding and Abetting a
Suicide Is Not a
L Crime
I New York Jan 2S Claiming that
I aiding and abetting a suicide is not a
L crime in tho state of New Jersey
f counsel for the three Wardlaw sisters
now iti Jail awaiting trial for causing
the death of Ocoy W Snood the EHt
Orange bath tub victim arc taking
stops to free Ute elderly prisoners To
I day the Now Jersey prosecuting au
t thorities found on file a demurrer to
the Indictment against the women and
prepared to combat It when it was
moved as anticipated for early argu
ment before tho supreme court
Attorneys for Mn > Caroline Martin
mother of the victim and Mrs Mary
Mary Snead and Miss Virginia Ward
law the dead girls aunt the three
t heirs under indletmonl declare that
If the recent finding by a chemist that
> the dead woman body contained mor
L phine disproves the theory that she
r wap murdered by drowning in a bath
fl1h ind bring the suicide accusation
I to the front Precedents are citqd In
the demurrer for the claim that there
Is no crime In sucldc or In aiding in
a suicide under the Now Jersey law
The atlornoyH declare that If former I
Incisions arc upheld the prosecutor I
11 j
will either have to bring a direct
charge of murder or free the three
women who havo now been held for
several weeks without baIL
Minnesota Congressmen
Are Issuing Addresses
to the Voters
Washington Jan STho fight
against the rules of tho house has
been carried Into the congressional
campaign in a number of states and
several representatives have found
It necessary to Issue addresses to the
people at home to explain their at
titude regarding the speakership and
the house rules Representatives
Steenerson and Davis both of Minne
sota and both Insurgents have issued
statements Stconerson IB chairman II
of the committee on militia Both
have been attacked In their home dis
trict Steonerson and Davis have in
dicated their wish to have their con
stituencies express themselves as to
what length they should go in thou
opposition and Stcenerson In his
statement points out that while he
has been an insurgent and has voted
and worked for reform so as to re
duce the speakers power and had
gone to the vory llmitJhe has re
fused to dpscrt the party explaining
that to have done so would have de
feated the very purpose of the Insur
gents Ho says he will support any
good Republican for speaker If he Is
favorable to rules reform and with
such reformed rules even Mr Can
non would cat out of hand and be as
nine as a dove
At leant one member has suggested
to his district that there are rules
In their state legislatures conferring
greater patronage and power on their
speakers than the house rules bestow I
on Cannon Mr Steonerson for In i
stance pays two speakers of the Min
nesota legislature have exercised
greater authority than Speaker Can I
non over had
New York Tan 2SThe opening
stock market today showed some
traces of unsottlemont In the senti
ment ruling yesterday Changes were
mixed and wero quite sharp In some j
cases Reading advanced 111 Union
Pacific Rio Grande and Delaware
Hudson 1 and Southern Paclllc and
Canadian Pacific large fractions
Consolidated Gas receded 1 31
United States Realty 2 Amalgamated
Copper and Bethlehem Steel and Kan
sas Texas preferred and Republic
Steel 34
Stocks which were strong at tho
outset lost most of tholr gains when
profit taking commenced Largo buy
ing orders appeared for tho high prices
railroad stocks such as Pennsylvania
New York Central the Hill stocks
Heading Union Pacific and Southern
Pacific and prices were bid up vigor
ously in all directions After a score
or more of the leading stocks Includ I
ing United States Steel had sold a
point or more abovo yesterdays clos
ing the market became dull and droop
ingThe movement became uncertain I
Reactions of a point on light dealings
In half a dozen stocks were followed
by a recovery to the top Business
was meager in both directions Pull
man roe 2
Bonds were steady
Omaha Jan 28 Cattle Receipts
1000 Market active lOc higher Na
tive steers 600G8u cows and
hclforH 235i > 500 western steers
tOO < c 575 cows and heifers 250 < f c
0110 canners 22nS > 100 stockers I
cod feeders 285 530 calves 5100
t SOO bulls stags etc 3005 > 600
Hoge Receipts 6700 Tho market
Is steady Heavy S05 > 820 mixed
JUO < QSOG light 795805 pigs
G7G < 705 bulk 825 850
Sheep Receipts 1300 Tho market
is steady Yearlings JG25750
vothors 500 < g > GOO ewes 476tfi
oJO lambs 725836
New York Jan 2RSllgarllitw
firm muscovado 80 test 35836l I
cmitrlfucal fiU test 40S411 mae
IUBSCK sugar S3 tout 333 i > 336 Refined
Chicago Jan 28 Butter Steady
orcumerlOH 25Q130c mines 2429c
JJt68 Steady recolpta 3132 cases
at mark cases included 2112
2i 12c HrstK 31c prime firsts 32c
Cheese Steady daisies 1714c
twiiib 16 3 16j17c young Americas
3C l216 3lc long horns 1G12 < J > I
1C 3Jc
Chicago Livestock
Chicago an 28 Cattle Receipts
estimated at 2000 market strong I
Beeves 4 10t7 50 Texas steers
375cNS5 western steers 400
590 stockers and feeders 300
510 cows and helforc 20C550
calves 700 < Z92o
HogsReceipts estimated at 11000
market steady Light 8000830
mixed SSO5rIS45 heavy 815 < > 850
rough o S15S good to cholc
heavy 825S50 pigs 690790
bulk of sales 25S15
Sheep Receipts estimated at 7000
market steady Native 390590
wodtcrln 390 < g590yearlings C7G
775 lambs native 600iS8oJ
western GOUg > S35
Chicago Close
Chicago Jan ISClose
Wheat January 112 12 May
1111111S July 10111 Sep
tembor 97 1Sc
CornJanuary fi27Sc May C6 31
fl5tl78c July G6 5SGG 34c j Sep
tember 66 1266 GSc
Oats January 16 34c May 46 5S
4G 34c July 43 1843 14c
Mess Pork January 2050 May
2097 12 July 2095
Lard January 1180 May lLr73 ½
and July 116511G7
Ribs January 1100 May 1140
July 1137A
Barley Cash GG < 3 > 73c
Jo Je HIll
He Would Send a Mil
lion Back to the
S 01 1 I =
Now Yorlr Jan SBack lo the
I This is tho solution of the problem
of higher cost of living according to
I James J Hill philosopher and master
railroad builder
Tho problem Is not local it is in
ternal said Mr Hill who was back
In New York today after his visit to
Washington and the White House
I early this week Obviously the world
i has reached an economic crisis We
are not producing foodstuffs enough
We must enlarge the farming area
of tho earth we must apply scientific
principles we must adapt ourselves
to conditions
Agriculturally speaking tho world
is not overpopulated The problem
is to relieve tho congestion In the cit
ies and scatter the unproductive pop
ulation to the farms Then when we
get them there we must teach them
new methods of farming Our pres
ent methods arc so loose and slip
shod that wo do not get half the good
out of our tillable land
There Is no quick relief to tho i
present crisis The necessaries of life
will not bo cheapened to the consum
er until we add a million or so per
sons to our agricultural population
Until the movement from the city
back to tho country starts President
Taft and congress can do little toward
lowering tho coat of living
Norwalk Conn Jan 28Re Dr I
D T Van Dorun pastor of the Bap
tist church here says that he has i
made physiological researches which
show that the solar plexus IR tho cen
ter of tho hubconHclous mind
A man Is no older than his solar
plexus said Dr Van Doron in his
account of his observations
How do I know that It Is there
The name as I know that the brain IR
In tho head I can fool the power that
runs from this spot to thc sploen
which is a reservoir of this power It
is this subconscious mind on which
the hypnotist nets
With proper attention to the solar
plexus Dr Van Doren believes that I
the average life of tho human being
can be extended to 120 years
New York Jan 2SAs an incident
to their crusade In support of the
meat strike the American Suffra
gettes have sent a cablegram to the
Gorman chancellor Hon von Beth
mannHollweg in regard to the atti
tude of the Germans on the meat ques
tion Their message says
We desire to express hope for an
immediate settlement of the pending
tariff war The determIned position
of Germany on matters of meat Im
portation has had a most wholesome
influence upon meat questions here
Wo trust that the friendly ties which
bind the two great nations will never
Tho National Progressive Womans
Suffrage Unlpn
New York Jan 2sJamcs J Cor
boll who has been for some tlmo at
work in a New York gymnasium pre 1
paring for his work at Jeffries train I
ing camp next May gave himself a
trial yeKtorday with Jim Kennedy
Corbctt showed speed and much of his
old cunning and declared himself well
satisfied with his physical condition
J have got to be in pretty good
shape you know he said If I am
going to light Jeffries asper schedule
once a day for six weeks
Chicago Tan 2S Thirteen persons
were rescued from a burning building
at 420 Clark street nrly today fol
lowing an explosion
The police were unable to determine
whether a bomb was thrown or wheth
er escaping gas exploded The dam
age was small
Jeffries Says Gov Sprys
Talk Has Eliminated
Salt Lake
Portland Ore Jan 28Tl1at the
JeffriesJohnson flght will probably be
hold in San Francisco In view of the
opposition of Governor Spry to hold
ing It in Utah and that Johnsons
backing down only could call off the
fight are declarations made by Jim
JoffrlcK during tho last few days
since arriving In tho neighborhood of
the Oregon state line
Jeffries will arrive here today Ho
will go from Seattle he says to Chi
cago whore his wife Is sick in a hos
In only one of three talks Jeffries
has given out since arriving In this
city has he Intimated that there may
be no fight and In that ho says that
It will occur unless Johnson hacks
At Boise Idaho Jeffries declared
in a certain speech that he Intended
to give Johnson tho worst beating a
man ever got He said that he Intends
to tear Into Johnson from the first
tap of tho gong and never let up on
him until he hits tho canvas for the
count Ho also suld that he believes
Johnson is afraid of him and mado
some rathor uncomplimentary refer
ences to the present holder of tho
At La Grande Orc Jeffrics atton
lion Tvas calfed to recent newspaper
reports that there Is considerable
doubt as to whether the fight will ever
occur and that his intention to return
to tho east after visiting Seattle Is
I taken to mean nothing else In reply
Jeffries said
The report of my calling off the
fight now 01 later Is the Invention of
some unscrupulous reporter Iwlll re
turn east after leaving Seattle but
I only to meet my wlfEWho is 111 In
j a Chicago hospital I will bo in Los
Angeles not later than February 15 to
I begin training for the fight That
gives mo plenty of time All I need
is rounding Into condition
Jeffries added that It is uncertain
where tho flght will be hold but in
view of the opposition of Governor
Spry of Utah bo thought Sail Fran
I cisco would be the scene
I Continuing he said
All this newspaper talk about
Gleason and Richard Is without foun
dation They are and always have
been the best of friends
I am going to see this thing
through to a finish said Jeffries In
I conclusion unless Johnson backs
down July 4 T will again demonstrate
the superiority of the white race
Pendleton was the next place that
tho big pugilist stopped Here he was
decidedly uncommunicative About
all that could bp drawn from him was
I the statoment that he knew nothing
of any reported estrangement between
Rickard and Gleatson and declared
thai tho story originated In Now York
City Ho also said he had no knowl
edge of any meeting with Gleason in
Portland today He repeated that he
would be in TXJK Angeles about Febru
ary 15 adding that he will remain
there about fortyfive days and then
comes up to his training quarters
When asked where these quarters
would be Jeffries declined to answer
Salt Lake Jan 28 Following a
bout days vigil by members of the po
lice department during which tlmo a
residence at 266 Enst Third South
street was kept under continued sur
veillance by detectives four men be
lieved by tho local authorities to be
clover pickpockets and confidence
men were taken into custody shortly
before 3 oclock Thursday afternoon
The men arrested gave the names J
H Martin D Lavliie James E Gra
ham and Charles Rawllngs They were
taken into custody by Detectives E < 1
Jannoy Earl Ripley Kd Curran R
Gelding H F Wilson and F Schultz
Considerable excitement attended
the arrest for two of the suspects
jmnpnd through windows mill at
tempted to escape when they learned
of the presence of tho officers But
the respite was extremely brief for
two detectives were waiting with open
arms to welcome the men who sought
escape through tho window and 1U r
teen minutes later they and their com
panions were in the steel cellhouse
In the city prison
According to Chief of Detectives
George Sheets the men are not sua
Peeled of having committed any crimes
It this city but it Is said that their
arrest was simply a preventative meas I
ure Two members of the quartette
Ire said to be oxconvicts and the
niemberu of the detective bureau were
busy Thursday afternoon going
through the rogues gallery In an ef
fort to Identify tho men In custody
For four days and nights the house
where the men were arrcatcd Thurs
day was watched by detectives hut
up until Thursday it wan Impossible
I to get the four men wanted When
the minIon swooped down upon the
placo a rancher from Idaho who had
tnken a room at tho house was also I
taken In tow but ho soon satisfied the
authorities that he was not one of thu
gang wanted
One of the prisoners is married and
his wife was keeping house for tho
party The quartette will bo arraigned
this Friday In police court on a va
grancy charge
Chicago Jan 281 wont charge
you for that shave pal because you
are my long lost brother
Thereupon Thomas Rich barber
1204 West Taylor street wiped the re
maining flecks of lather from a pat
nons face stood him up and said
How are you Ernest
Im pretty good Tom How are
you 1
youThen they shook hands and went I
home to supper
As soon as I had him shaved I
found a scar on his face I put then I
myself when we were playing Indians I
twenty years ago said Rich Wo
were separated whon boys and bad
lost each other for twenty years I
Only One Vote Differ
ence Between Liberals
and Unionists I
London Jan 8Wlth only twenty
eight elections to be heard from the
position of the parties this afternoon
Government coalition Liberate
262 Irish Nationalists 77 j Laborites
Opposition Unionists 263
The Unionists were credited today
with four additional gains giving
promise of a close light between the
Liberals and Unionists for numerical
superiority In the now parliament
Premier Asqulth furnished food for
gossip when ho started unexpectedly
for France where he Is going for a
period of a few days where he may
review the situation calmly
Sixteen new representative Scottish
peers will sit in the new Parliament
They were elected at Edinburg the
only clinngc being that Lord Semphlll
replaces Baron Torphlchen who had
the hardihood to support the small
tody of poets that voted for the
budget I
Three Men Sold It for
18 and Three
Blnghamlon N Y Jan 2SThleo
men arc under arrest here today
charged with grand larceny In steal
ing a railroad bridge which they are
said to have carted to this city and
sold to a local junk dealer for 18 and
three drinks
The bridge was a small SOOOpouud
structure over a creek It had recent
ly been replaced by a heavier one and
was temporarily stored along tho track
ntarby When the railroad employee
came to take it away It had disap
peared and an investigation resulted
in the arrest of three men
Now York Jan 2SI1erc Is what
President Frank J Farrell of the New
York Americans thinks of the 16S
game schedule
I am opposed to It lot the reason
that I think It would cheapen tho game
and cause mtiny unnecessary conflicts
American league owners arc unani
mous on the polnl
Portland Ore Jan 2S Jackson
Smith vicepresident of the Oregon
Trunk railway died here early today
from a recurrent attack of malarial
fever contracted several years ago
while In Panama
OOOOOOOO o o 000 00
o 0
o 0
O Washington Ian SWorll 0
O uuch as graft robber and trea 0
O son ere exchanged between 0
C members of the house commit 0
G too on pofltofllcea and postronds 0
O and magazine publishers at a 0
o hearing held today The acrid 0
O exchange grew out of the edi 0
C torial published by the latter 0
o protesting against Increasing 0
o postal rates on magazines 0
o 0
00 0 00000 ooo oo oo
r I
Fall One Hundred Feet in a Wagon loaded I
With Household Goods and Are Burned to
Death in Sight of a Ranchman I
Dalhart Texas Jan 28 Plunging
one hundred foot to the bottom of
Blanco Canyon and thon burned to a
crisp amid tho debris of a wagon was
tho fate of Mrs S R Break a widow
and hor oneyearold child near tho
plains town of Floydada yesterday
Mrs Break was moving across the
country In a wagon loaded with hor
household goods and not being an
expert driver she let tho team get I
I too close to the brink of the canyon II
At this moment her dog ran yelping
I down the road and frightened the
horflOB In reining thorn up too quickly
ly tho woman caused tho frightened
horses to rear and back the heavy
wagon over the precipice As the
wagon with Its helpless passengers
plunged backward over the abyss a
hot Stove was overturned and before
tho struggling woman and horses II
could extricate themselves from the
wreckage tho wholo mass was In 1
flamed at the bottom of tho canyon
To add to the futility of the womans I
struggle for lifo a large can of gaso i
line In the wagon exploded and hast
ened the destruction by flames
All of this heartrending tragedy
had been witnessed by a ranchman I
who was on the other side of tho can I
yon and although he hurried to tho
scene it was hours before ho could I
reach tho victims as ho had to go
miles to find a trail leading into the
canyon Then ho found the charred
remains of the mother and child the
latter clasped to the mothers breast
Glavis Testifies to Du
plicity on the Part
of Ballinger
Washington Jan 8Louis R
Glavis today continued his testimony
against Socrotary Balllnger before the
congressional investigating committee
The proceedings at the morning ses
sion were rather dull however being 1
taken up largely reading Into the
record certain letters etc which have
been made public from tlmo to time
since the controversy started
Glavis declared that despite ho was
directed by Mr Ballinger as commls
stoner of the land ofllce on Dec 13
1907 to make a thorough examination
of all the Alaskan coal land cases
snaring no one the Cunningham
claims wero ordered clearllsted for
patent in less than a month there
On his protest by wire and mall
Glavis said tho clearlisting was re
Washington Jan SAn executive
session of tho BalllngorPInchot In
vestigation committee delayed the
opening of todays proceedings until
1035 p in at which hour Louis R
Glavis again took the witness stand
All the members of the committee
I were present at tho opening of tho
i session
Mr Plnchot and his diBmgned assist
ants of the forest service wore early
on hand but Secretary Balllnger again
was absent
Attorney Brundois representing
Glavis presented to the committee a
long list of witnesses to bo summoned
Glavis took up his story whore he
left It Wednesday afternoon giving
I his testimony in response to questions
I from bin attorney
Glavis said that United States Attorney
I torney Hoyt had suggested to him In
1107 that ho should take up tho mat
ter of the Alaska coal lands direct
with Secretary of the Interior Gar
But I did not think It would look
well to go over the head of my Imme
diate superiors ho added
I Glavis wild he did write to H H
I Schwartz then a chief of the Bold
II division saying ho wag worried about
the Alaska situation and would Ifke
to confide in him
I It will pain you as much as It has
pained me tho letter ran but I am
suro you will want to learn the true
What Alaskan claims did you re
fer to In that letter asked Repre
sentative Olmstead
All of them replied the witness
Some 900 in all
At this timo Mr Ballinger was com
missioner of tho land
Attorney Brandcla next took up the
printed document in tho case which
consists of 807 pages and spent Homo
tlmo in calling the attention of the
committee to various letters tele
grams etc tending to show Glavis
activity in tho Alaska caoos Tho at
torney said he also wanted to call at
tention to certain laws which showed
the part Mr BalHngcr played an com
His purpose hesaluYJwnfi f d
cato that President Taft and Attorney
General Wlckoraham were mistaken
whon they reached the slated con
elusion thai Mr Ballingors participa
tion In tho matter had been morel p
I formal
I Among the letters read was OUt
from Special Agent H T Tones call
lag attention to the alleged fraudu
lent character of the Alaskan claims
That letter was written before Gla
via camo Into tho matter in ariy way
question Senator Nelson
Yes replied Mr Brandeis
Then you dont claim Glavis called
I attention to these claims
I No In addition to Jones report
there had been one from Special
Agont Love
I Didnt Love recommend tho Cun
ningham claims for clear listing
asked Representative MadIson
It did not amount to a recommen
dation exactly replied the counsel
At this point Senator Sutherland
I It scorns to mo we arc getting a
great deal more testimony out of
counsel than out of the witness
I Thereupon the examination of Qla
via was resumed
Ho told of a visit to Washington in
1907 when he took up with officials
of the land office the matter pf tho
Alaska claims
He told Mr Schwartz that people in
Seattle wore saying there would be no
further Investigation of tho claims In
Alaska and the patents would bo
I said there was another big scan
dal in regard to Wyoming and Colo
rado whore the Investigation of coal
land cases had been suppressed de
clared Glavis
Who suppressed thoso Investiga
tions demanded Senator Paynter
It was testified at Salt Lake City
that former Commissioner Richards
did Mr Balllnger had no connection
with It In any way
Why were people In Seattlo say
ing they would got their patents
asked Mr Jonos Dora
I do not know ropUetl < JInnd3 T
knew of no reasons they may havo
Who made these statements r In
quired Mr Olmstead
Thoro were a number ot claimants
in the Hunt group I cannot recall
the names
After his interview with Mr
Schwartz Glavis was conducted to Mr
Balllnpers office and as a result of
his visit to Washington and the story
ho told was employed in charge of all
tho Alaska cases
What did you sato Commissioner
I told him wo thought we could
cancel the Alaska claims that a lot
1 of prominent peoplo had formed a
f pool and that the evidence would
I prove IL
What did Mr Balllngor say to
011He said a number of claimants
were friends and former business as
sociates of his and that there had
been a lot of talk that they would get
their patents
Now Glavle ho said when you
get back to Seattle 1 want you to let
it bp publicly known that you have I
started this Investigation and 1 want
It to bo thorrough no matter who It
hurt Yon are lo go right after them
whotbor the yaro friends of mine or
not Did ho mention names of his
friends 7
Yes he spoke of H C Henry and
C J Smith both of whom woro in the
Cunningham group
Glavis said he went back to Work
i happy and satisfied that there would
I bo a thorough Investigation and that
I he had worried unnecessarily about a
possible scandal
Tho following witnesses today were
subpoenaed to appear before the com
mittee at the request of the prosecu
tion Horace T Jones special agent land
office Portland Ore
Arthur R Bowman Cheyenne Wyo
Andrew Kennedy Seattle
Henry M Hoyt attorney general of
Porto Rico
p C Richardson Seattle
Glavis declared It WOE on December
13 1907 he had his Interview with
CommJmloner Bnllluger On January
7 1008 less than a month after ho
had been directed to make the Inves
tigation a letter was received stating
that the Cunninghams had been clear
listed from tho investigating division
lor patent
On Jan 22 IMS Glavis sent a tele
gram and letter protesting against
tho clearHating of the claims and
they were withdrawn and sent back
to tho Investigating dlylslon
Mr Brandeis road further from the
printed Cord to show that tho first
order to clearHut the Cunningham
claims was issued by the mineral divi
sion on December 2G 1907 just thir
teen days after the Glavis Interview
with Commissioner Balllnger Tho ar
dor however was held up by direction
of Schwartz
One order for clearlisting so far
AS tho mineral dUitrfou was concerned
had been issued December 6 1907
prior to Gtavis visit to Washington
hut this too was held up by Mr
In calling attention to certain evl
douce he wished to Introduce Mr
BrandolK commented rather freely
Hero lot me suggest that you avoid
argument on tho effect of evidence
MId Sonator Nelson sharply Just
state tho evidence you desire to sub
mit without arguing about It Your
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