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I I s c T
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Fortieth Ye lrNo 25Prlcc Five Cento OGDEN CITY UTAH SATURDAY EVENING JANUARY 29 19J0 J6 PAGES Entered na Second C338 Matter at the Pottofflce Ogden Utlh
fany Persons Have Disappeared in Crevices
Suddenly Opened Under Their Feet and
4 Others Are Swept Away in Sewers
Paris Jan 2gThe river Seine l < J
failing lOUiiy at the rate or 3i or au
lucn ai nour Tile suusiuence ucgar
ut J clock tuls morning aim promises
ro continue Tno river Aiarnc nas
uroppea eight Inches and the river I
ion no 18 inches nom ILK maximum
hood The hopo is strong that the
BiibiUduncp ot all the screams will be
j he high murk reached by the river
Seine at font Royal was 31 leet 1 Inch
Mills is the highest known on record
lac hood of Ibl5 IB said to have at
tained Its crest at 30 leet 6 inches
The situation throughout the city
continues and there Is fear that tho
receding waters will cause < tho col
lapie ot many bulldles whObe founda
tions had been weakened
Paris Jnn 291bo waters of the
Seine after having reached au unpre
cedented height and causing great j
destruction began to recede today j
The crest of the flood was reached at
last midnight The waters remained I
stationary until 2 oclock alter which
they loll slowly At 8 oclock there
had been a drop of 2 inches according I
lo an ofllclnl statement Issued this
foicnoon During the night the storm
clones disappeared nnd the weather I
cleared This morning the sun shone
brightly I
The delay in telegraphic communi
cation throughout France and In Italy
and Swltzf and continues today
Despite the fact that the waters
subsided during the forenoon the sit
uation within the city was not im
proved On the contrary tho surface
water further Invaded the streets I
while the pressure from the choking t
torrents underground opened new
crevices In some places nnd at other j
1olnts forced up the pavements into i
great obstruction hummocks tilting
and sometimes tearing up trees and I
lampposts 4
This WOB especially naUceable la t
the Place de la Concorde the Rue
luyale nail the Place de LOpera
The greatest damage has been rt j
the Place de LOpera and the St La i
ZHie station I
At the former four bad caveIng
have occurred one In trout of the new
building of tho Equitable Life Assur
ance society where thewater poured
into the basement Workmen have
succeeded In erecting temporary walls
to protect the furnaces j
The situation however Is not as
critical In the Place de LOpera as In I
the region In front of the SL Lazare I
station where the waters racing >
through the Rue de la GrangeBnta
lUre subway joining the flood ot over
fiLWtd sewers has turned the Place
du Havre Into a lake and some sec1
lions of the Rue de LArcadc he Ruo I
ae Llsly and the Boulevard Hausrf i
ttrsnn In front of the Exnltori chapel 1
erected to the memory ol the decapl I
tatud Bourbons Into veritable livers j
All of the boulevards within this
L iiuare have been Inundated I
t Firemfln and soldiers were engaged II
In constructing dams in this vicinity j
There was in I
r gloat danger the streets
an aorae of the buildings appeared
likely to collapse
i There have been a dozen instances I
wfcerc persons have disappeared In
I cruttfeea suddenly opened under their J
leet ur boon swept away in the Hewer
Many pitiful stories are told of the I
rcucue of halfstarved persons who
had been Imprisoned In their homes I
Two lAinilics with nine children who
ud been drifting about on a raft all
k tight wore discovered in tho Tavol I I
dtinet at daylight and rescued A j
number of persons have becnmP III I
I san through foar and suffering Ono
sailor who had engaged In the work
ot rescue until he reached tho
r limit of i
ploslcal and mental endurance be
came crazed jumped into tho Seine
and was drowned
r Two hundred additional canvas I
boats with crews arrived at points on J
the wator front above and below the
city thin morning They havo under
Ukcn to aid tho residents of the Hub
tirhs The government has rnnuls
itioned every boat obtainable and J
heat ed notices every where warning
Jlocd sufferers not to pay the boatmen
anything for their services Many
lirtvato Individuals Including the
Rothschilds have placed their auto I
mobiles and carriages at the disposal
of the authorities I
Extensive preparations are being
mado for the thorough cleansing and
f disinfection of the city as soon as tho
Water has subsided
Much apprehension Is felt regarding
t the effect on the weakened founda I
tions of the streets and bouses when
thy pressure Is withdrawn I
New York Jan 29As a rule sec
ond marrIage are tho happiest said
pxJudga Dlttenhonorof of New York i
In on Intervlovfpublished here today I
The Woman who marries for a see
end UmJ fho continues Is moro apt
to make a happy home liecmiao shu is I
more flouted maro domestic more
lirdudont She has profited by her mis I
3 takes I
Ic Worccstqr ilubB Jan 28rrAItcr I
secluding himself for more tUna a i
week John A Hall treasurer of tho
Southbrldge Savings bank who is
charged with the larceny of 21000 1
of the banks funds surrendered o tho
j I
police at Worcester today and wu
I brought here for a hearing In the dis
I trict court When Hall was taken Into
court he waved examination and plead
ed not guilty to a charge of larceny
Judgo Clarke hold tho treasurer in
5000 bonds which wna furnished
Liberals Require the
Support of the Irish
to Hold Power
Tondon Jan 29The general elec
tions for members of the now parlla
meat arc at an end with the exception
of seven constituencies the returns
from which can be forecasted confi
dently and the tripartite coalition of
Liberals Laborites and Irish National
ists will find themselves In the ma
jority with un advantage of 122 seats
In this combination however there
are Included some ten OBrienltes and
Healeyitcs who are sworn opponents
of the budget and of any truckling to
any other Saxon party
The chief practical result of the
elections is the marked weakening of
the position of the ministry which at
tho time of the disHolution of the last
parliament commanded a clear majori
ty of 58 over all other parties com
J1 < 3 l
In the new house commonsthe
Liberals will be unable1 to legislate
without the support of the National
hits and the latter will be In a posi
tion to throw them out at any lime
they see fit unless the Unionists come
10 their help as Is conceivable under
certain circumstances
With two gains today the Unionists
scored i total of 126 Tho Liberals
captured the Jarrow division of Dur
ham County from the Labor party Riv
ing them a total of twenty gains The
Laborites have but a single gain and
many losses so they return to parlia
ment 14 short of their number In the
last house
There are rumors of tho possibility
of actual coalition between the Liberal
and Labor parties through tin
appointment of two Laborites in the
cabinet but the labor vote appears lo
bo too wedded to its Independence to
approve such a proposal
Sir Charles W Duke Liberal for
the Forest of Dean division of Clou
cesterphire was among todays suc
cessful candidates
New York Jan Wfbe opening
stock market today was generally dull
and fluctuations were narrow and
mixed Two thousand shares of Union
Pacific sold at ISO to 1S5 12 compared
with 135 7S last night United States
Stofil fluctuated somewhat feverishly
running off G8 and rallying 3S
American Woolen lost 112 L N 1
and American Smelting 58 The mar
tot gathered strength when the sell
ing orders were cleared up and there
was BenonU brisk advance In which
the prominent railroads and indus
trials figured conspicuously ReadIng
KPlncd 2 Union Pacific 1 38 and South
ern Pacific 1 Trading became quiet
nt tho hlghcf level
The clos was rather heavy and dull
Pricey mWPd up again Into the late
dcaUnqQ Gains In Reading reached
2 12 PIttBburg Coal pfd 112 Union
Pacific 118 Illinois Central 131
Delaware Hudson 2 and St Paul
Atchison Great Northern pfd tho Ore
ctfs Chicago Alton Union Pacific
liEd Amalgamated Coppor United
States Steel General Electric 1
Pacific Telephone pfd sold at a de
cline of 4 12
Chicago Livestock
Chicago Jan 29 Cattle Receipts
estimated at 800 market dull and
weak Beeves U10i1750 Texas
stOOlS S75185 Western steers
i00590 siockcre and feeders 300
JJSJO cows and holfern 5200 050
calves 700 < 5 > 925
Hors Receipts estimated at 15000
martll weak and lower Light 795
ig835 mixed 8058I5 heavy
SSlCfcS15 rough 815Q 825 good
to choice heavy 825845 pigs JC 90
0700 bu1k of JaIlS S30 8iO
Slice > Recelpto estimated at 2000
market steady Native S90Q > 590
western 300 590 yearlings 075
6775 lambs native 6005 830
wcatcriS GOOR30
Omaha Livestock
Qmahit Jan 29CattleRecQlpta
ll Ojnvarkct unchanged
IWpcvlpta 5000 market
SU > AV heavy 8100520 mlvcd
SGOOS10 llcfil 790810 iiS
C05755 bulk of sales 800S
lce Receipts 200 market
< l I I
steady Yearlings 645755 weth
ers 5 00S > GOO ewes ti7650 I
lambs 7 I0 < g > 8 15
Chicago Close
Chicago Jan 2hea January
11231 May 11111111 3S July
101 3R010I 12
Corn January 62 31 May 66 j8
July GC 12
Oats January n 18 May ICIM
July 4 i8
PorkJanuary 20Cn May 2093
July 2092 12
Lard January 1175 May 1170
July 1102 12
Ribs January 1150 May 1125
ll37 12 July 1135
RyeCash SL
arloyB G271
Chicago Produce
Chicago Jan 29 Butttor Steady
creameries 25 < 5 > 30o dairies 2l529c
Eggs Steady firsts 31c prime
firsts 32c
Cheese Steady dairies 1712c
young Americas 1G l2fflG 34c
Sugar Market
Now York Jan 29 Sugar Raw
firm Mnscavado 89 test 361 cen
trifugal 9G teat 408111 molasses
sugar 89 test 333336 Refined
steady crushed 666 granulated
515 powdered 525
Metal Market
Now York Jan 29Copper nomi
nally unchanged
Silver 52 l4c
In the Organs of Col
Swope and His
Kansas City Jan 9Poir0 hits
been found in the organs of Col Tbos
II Swope and his nephew Chrlsman
and upon this finding tho heirs of tho
lead millionaire will demand an In
vestigation by the state to ascertain
the cause of the death laot fall of
these two men This definite state
men was made today by a representa
tive of the Swope estate following tho
receipt of a partial report of the chom
sts of Chicago
The poison It is stated was found
In the livers and not in tho stomachs
of the dead men
Chicago Jan 29If traces of ar
senic or strychnine are found in the
organs of the late Col Thos Swope
and Chrlsman Swope they were not
Injected into the bodies as a part oC
the embalming fluid Tile manufac
turers of tho fluid state lola that
ncy used neither of thcao poisons In
Its composition
A live deer was captured In Ogden
canyon this morning by the force of
men employed by the Ogden Rapid
Transit company In protecting tho
grade of the car track from high
It appears that the deer had been
frightened somewhere farther up the
canyon from whore the men wore at I
work and that in its frenzied night i
to get away It camo suddenly upon I
thc men at work Tho animal turned Its
Its course hut the mountain being so
ireclpitous on the north side of the
rack its only alternative was to
plunge into the river on the south
side This it did but In fo doing
broke one of Its legs and became so
entangled In the rocks and debris In
the river that It was easily captured
The frightened animal was captured
h y the men and to rid It 0 fthe suf
fering it was undergoing because of
tho broken limb it was killed The
carcass was brought down from the
canyon this morning and turned over
to Warden Van der Vllos
It Is reported that deer arc becom
log plentiful In tho mountains east of
Portland Jan SThe prosecution I
today rested Its case in the trial ct
former Congressman Blngor Hermann I
charged with conspiracy lo defraud I
the government and without loss of
time tho defense bcfgan the intro
duction of testimony No milidem
progress had been made when court
adjourned to disclose the line it will
W Scott Smith private secretary I
to Secretary of the Interior Hite > icock
wan the last wltness for tho govern
ment and testified that early In 1901 I
the secretary sent for Commissioner
Hermann and called his attention to J
serious leaks in his department I
f S
Hitchcock the witness testified that
Individual lawyers were Informing
Mm of official action on matters of
which the secretary of the interior had
not been advised ntchcock told
Hermann that such procedure must
he stopped or the vrctnry would
himself take measures to stop It
For the defense Colonel Worthlng
ton opened by Intrpduclhg a mass of
documentary evidence consisting of
official report made by Hermann and
correspondence signed by him as
commissioner These documents
showed that Hermann had on ropcar
ed occasions spoken ot the frauds
In the exchange of school lands in
I cluded within the reserves for gov
ernment lands located outside the re
serves Also that Hermann had In
several Instances opposed tilt croa
lion of new forest reserves or the ex
tension of tho boundaries of those al
ready established Indicating that he
would continue hifl opposition until
the lion land law had been repealed
or amended DO nu to provide that the
land within a reserve could be ex
changed only lot land of like charac
ter outside of tho reserve
I = vr
Woman Put to Death
in Her Home in
Cincinnati Jan 0Her clothes
saturated with oil pieces of lace tied
tightly about her neck another piece
binding her feet the scorched body
of Mrs Alice VanZnndt was found
lying across a gas stove In the kitch
en at her home G34 Richmond street
today Every indication points to mur
der tho police say
Miss OHvo Belnap entertained the
members of thp class of OR at her
homo 2155 Madison avenue Friday
Jan 29 Daiiity refroshmenta were
eorvcd and a very enjoyable evening
was spent Mr Henry Jensen was
present He departs for a mission to I
England Feb J
Mr II Raymond Bingham ban re
cently returned from d mlsso to Ger
many Those afoaenjt are Geo R
Doxcy prcsidcnudrth3 class who IR
laboring as a missionary in New Zea
land Wm McKay who IR acting as
president of tho Zurich conference In
Switzerland Mr John M Holnnp and
J Earl Halluntyno arc laboring In Ger I
man Frank Becroft Is at the State I
University and graduates thin year
with a Bachelor of Science degree
Carrie Anderson Miller at present re
sldfls In Chicago Jennie Groberg
Woods was also a member of that
All Alumni members are looking
forward to the midwinter ball to oc
cur Feb 1th AhoMt600 Invitations
have been sent out and the officers I
fro putting forth great effort to make
I It one of tho biggest social events of
the season I
A happy smile and a light heart
seemed to be the motto of the multi
tude that responded to the call of the
bishopric of the Fourth ward of the
Ogden Stake to join thorn In a ward
reunion last Wednesday evening Not
for many years has there been such a
gathering in the ward Fully five hun
dred people listened to the excellent
program of songs short speeches and
After the program had been render
ed all went to the banquet room
where luncheon consisting of sand
wiches Ice cream and cake was
served by the young men and young
ladles of the ward The luncheon
over the entire company was drawn
by sweet strains of uiualu to the
amusement hall where dancing was
indulged In until midnight
I The spirit of make others happy
and you will yourself be happy pre
I vailed and all departed from the fes
tive scene with the words Thank
you this Is the best time wo have
ever had In the ward
On the following day Thursday at
J oclock in the nfernoon about COO
children of the ward under 14 years
of age wore entertained with danc
ing and feasting rtl
From Evanston Miss Ethel Arlond
anti slater Flortmeefof Evanston Wyo
ming are visiting Mrs J P Burke
Funeral Servlcec West Weber
Impressive and largely attended fun
eral service were held yesterday nt I
11 a m In the West Weber meeting I
hoiiBO over the remains of Wm H
Hadloy Kindred and friends filled
the house to overflowing Counsellor
Nathan Hawks presided The waid
choir furnished a number of selec
tions and Clarence Greenwell sang
two beautiful solos Will There Be a
Star in My Crown and I Know That
My Redeemer Lives The apeakurd
were Archibald McFarland Bishop
Robert McFarland Wlllanl Carver
Alexander Faddls C J A Llndqulst
and N Hawks The floral offerings
were numerous and beautiful The In
terment was In West Wolior cemetery
A colored man dl without inodlcnl I
attendance and the coroner went to
Did Samuel Williams live here j
he the weeping
naked Woman who i
opened the door S <
Yessuh she replied between sobs I
I want to see t1C relllalnH
I is de remains sho answered
proudly Everybodys Macazlnu I
United States Unprepar
I ed to Resist an
1 Attack
Kansas City Mo Jan 29Tli1 the
United StnieK in Its nnprcparednesrf
for war iu unwitting tempting Japan
to attack her was the declaration of
Horace Xowton Allen of Toledo 0
former rninlplor to Korea in an ad
drcsH before the Knife ami Fork club
hero last night
Prior to the JapanChina war con
tinued Mr Allen Japan hnd spies nil
through China so that she know the
latters weakness better limn did the
Chinese themselves The name Is true
of tho Russian confltcL In both cmu s
It was the weakness of her antag
onists thai led Japan to wtir Shall
wo offer her any such temptation It
looks as If we were bent on doing ao
Won Japan has taken Hawaii as
military authorities say she could
overnight as It were she could land
a quarter of a million men on the Pa
cific coast In twenty days while we
could not get 100000 there In three
months But if Japan did make war
on us It would be the end of Japan
for we could sacrifice every son and
spend every dollar If necessary In re
conquering our country
Mr Allen belloves that should Ja
pan decide to make war on the United
States she will do so within the noxt
five years before the completion of
the Panama canal and tho expiration
of the JapaneseEnglish treat
I TllolE
Lawyers Got Into a Wordy War Over
Over Charges Unprofessional I
Conducton Part ofKlng
> Yes l was sentenced to five years
Imprisonment at Slillwaler in the
state of MInuostoa on the charge of
i receiving stolen property
Such was the statemen of Nick Va
COB Into yesterday afternoon it the
trial In which ho Is called to answer
for tho killing of John Contoc
I bought a wntch from a stranger
an American for which I paid uf 0
It was lator ascertained that the time
piece had l > r en stolen I was sen
tenced to five years Imprisonment
but was paroled after I had served
fifteen months
The above statement was given In
broken English
Yacos was unable to show any pa
pers regarding his Imprisonment or
The defendant left the witness stand
and the state commenced Its rebuttal
During the afternoon toward the
close Attorney Halverson inlirniptcd
tile proceedings by claiming that At
torney King for the defense had sug
gested Yes and No to witnesses
by the nod or shaking of the head A
I number of spectators verified his
claim Mr King on tho other hand
avers that his motions were only cal
culated to apprise witnesses that be
ing unable to fully understand Eng
lish they could not answer the ques
tion propounded
C S Murphy of F T KIesel Co
W S called to the stand He testified
OB to th j Issuance of the writ of at
tachment on Vacos place of business
by John Contos
In rebuttal the state called Angus
T Wright who preceding a lengthv
war of words vouched for Contos
general reputation In the communi
ty In the middle of his testimony the
attorneys for the slate and defendant
ntored Into a protracted controversy
aCtor which Mr Wright owing to bus
InpRS matters was excused
At this mornings session John R
Brown David Mnttson John Macart
and Henry Eninmt testified as to Con
lOS reputation In this community
Each stated that Contos had always
shown himself to o a peaceful law
Abiding citizen several of them hay
ing had business dealings with the
dead man
Chris MItros a Greek being called I
stated that Vacoa hnd attempted to
borrow money of him the purpose In
Inking his testimony being to show
that Cantos tender of 171 had not
been unsolicited
At noon there remained several wit
nesses to be > r
At about 230 oclock this afternoon
the evidence had nil been taken and
Attorney ceo Hnlverson for the state
began hig argument
Vncos life now hangs in the bal
ance and his fate will probably bo I
known some time before the break of
dawn Sunday riiornlng
The 9ase lips been hard fought and
tIle outcome in yet uncertain
It ccemtJ likely that lie case will bo
onlruKtpd to tile twelve men good and
runt if about f oclock tonight but
the aigumenlH nnd the judces charge
aught lap over until Monday
Vacos still appears nervous and
eocniH to fully realize the seriousness
gf the charge against him Sitting
alongside Mr King his attorney he
glances frequently and furtively at the
jurors and he Is very restless
r Judge Bowen has asked the jurors
if they nn perfectly willing to attend
ft night actision tuiuul all seem to ho
wmetd The judge scorns anxious to
have the case over with as a lengthy
civil calendar awaits him
A surprise party was given Thurs I
day evening at the homo of Lawrence
cud James Gale
Refreshment wero
served Those present Were Norah
Dalton Ivy Boyle MinUs Rhodes
Molba Bramwoll Florence Rhodes
Clcopha Stevens Gladys Richardson
Rayoni Boyle Hernia Gale Monte
Stevonson Gilbert Murphy Lee John
son Glen Stalling Loyd Stalling Nor
man Boyle Harvey Boyle Lawrence
and lames Gale Mr Billy Evans of
Indiana and Mr Bob Piper of Salt
New York Jan 29 Following the
example of Yale and sonic colleges In
the middles west Fordham university
juniors have voted to taboo flowers at
thou annual prom next week The
committee says that they are a heavy
expense are cumbersome nnd likely
to stain their ladles gowns
Fourteen Are Found
Guilty in a Court
in Ohio
Toledo Jan 29All of the four
teen Sicilians on trial here charged
with Black Hand conspiracy were
found guilty by a Jury In the federal
court today
Salvatore Lima the leader wag sen
tenced to 1C years imprluonmenL
Agostlne Jiarflsl Vlncenzo Arrigo and
Salvatore Rizzo were granted new
Others were sentenced for periods
ranging from two to ten years
John M Whitton who has been ser
iously ill ever since November was
taken to Salt lake City this week
for special treatment Mrs Whitton
feels somewhat encouraged from tho
latest reports upon the condition of
her husband
t Mr WhlttQi mmIe his hojiio at
Jj advFlle CoId Jmos fronlUie limO
of the founding of that city until
his removal to Ogden about four
years ago
Ho has been well known In Ogden
since the boom days in 188 when ho
Invested in property bore He has
many friends in the mountain states
who will heartily wish to hear of
his recovery at an oarly date
lack Whlttoii only son of the
sick man Is an officer on the U S S
South Dakota and a recent letter
from Washington D C says that
the first squadron of the Pacific fleet
returning from Asiatic waters will
reach San Francisco about February
15 when tho joung man who made
friends In Ogden several years ago
will doubtless have the opportunity of
visiting his father
Memphis Ten Jan SAftcl
eight rounds of fast fighting and much
punishment to both men honors were
delarcd oven between Dick Hyland
of San Francisco and Phil Brock of
Cleveland tonight In the first four
rounds the advantage was all in
Brocks favor but In the latter part
Hyland retaliated
He and His Band Ar
Robbing the Rich
of Missouri
Kansas City Mo Jan 20A mod
ern Robin Hood Is plying his trade lo
Kansas City
When last seen he was
disappearing with big band of two Into
the woods on the east outskirts of the
city after having robbed J F Landcn
a trusted collector of a prominent lo
cal coal and grain company of 318 01
the firms money and refusing to taUt
5 belonging to Landen personally
The robbery occurred yesterday af
ternoon In n sparsely settled district
Landen while driving along the road
was held up by three men who after
relieving him of a wallet contafnfuR
the firms money ompha Ized their de
mands for more booty by shoving a re
volver In his face and ordering him lo
shell out some more
Landen produced a single fivedollar
bill protesting that It was his own
property and was all tho money he
Well we dont want It then was
the surprising declaration of tho
spokesman Wo rob only the rich
keep It for your wifo and kldo
The robbers then bound Landen to
a tree and escaped Ho managed to
freo himself and give the alarm A
squad of mounted police scoured tho
woods until darkness but no traces of
the highwaymen were found
London Tan 28Tho position ot
the parties tonight Is as follows 1Tn
lonlfrts 2G4 Liberals 21P Laborites
40 Nationalists 77 Now that tho
electoral struggle Is on tho point of
closing the curious effect IK seen of
both conflicting parties claiming Ic
tory and both basing their claim with
plausible arguments broadly speaking
on tho question of free trade against
It cannot be said that the elections
have decided anything and it Is dif
ficult to judgo whether the country as
a whole is tending one way or the
According to contentions of liberals
industrial commnnlttoa already haVe
decided to adhere to free trade an I
all that remains for them to do Is IH
complete the conversion of the agri
cultural populaUon According to con
I BervatlvoB the education of the peo
pie Is proceeding at a great paco and
It Is only a question of time unUI tho
chamberlain party will bo triumphal
As to the Immediate course of busi
ness It seems generally agreod that
unless tho nationalists offer serious
opposition Chancellor LloydGeorgn s
I budget as It loft thn last houso of
commons will again bo rent up to tho
lords which this limo will accept It
oooooooo ooo oo oo
O Washington Jan 29 Tefltl 0
0 fvlng thta afternoon Qlavls In 0
1 O the BallingcrPInchot investiga 0
O tlon declared that Repr6senta 0
I 0 tin Klnkalrt of Nebraska had 0
O a claim In the Green group in 0
0 Alaska nnd that Secretary Bal 0
I O linger In IPOS acted as attorney 0
O for Kinkald 0
0000 ooo oooooooo
Los Angeles Cal Jan 2SBy de
nying a rehearing of the case of St
Clare Perry against the city of Los
Angeles the state supreme court to
f day established the right of a munici
pality to employ day labor in construc
tion work Instead of letting contracts
1 to the highest bidder
H H Keener Arrested and Taken to His Home on Twentyfifth Streeb
School Children Who Were Exposed to Smallpox Are to be
Closely ObservedSchools Are Fumigated and
Will Reopen Monday
H H Keener was arrested by Of
ficer Robert Burk last evening on the
charge of violating the quarantine
regulations of tho city and taken to
his homo where he with his family
IH being kept under close quarantine
for smallpox
The officer found Mr Keener at
work in a factor whero a large num
ber of people are employed and it Is
feared by tho health officers that sor I
lout results may follow
The case against Mr Keener will
not be called in court until the quar
antine is raised nt his home which
will not he until it is thoroughly dem
onstrated that the place is entirely
free from contagion
Both the Madison and the cubhigh
school buildings nro being fumigated I
today and tho schools will continue
Monday unless something Unforeseen
occurs to prevent It It 11I loped and
rather expected thnt there will bo
no cases of smallpox from tho ex
p lIre through the attendance of the
Keener children at the schools but
every precaution Is being taken ChlJ
clron who wero seated near the Keen
er children will be requested to dis
infect thrlr clothing and exercise oth
er precautions against contracting or
spreading the disease
Sanitarr Inspector Poultor Instruct
ed the principals of tho two schools to
open them Monday morning but to
keep a close observation of all the
students and the moment there are In
dications of Illness to immediately ad
vise tho health authorities or If stu
dents remain at homo within the next
few days to report the samo to the
officers and they will Inquire as to the
When visited yesterday afternoon
by tho deputy sanitary inspector Mri
Keener and her daughter stated em
phatically that Mrs Keener did not
have smallpox and that the doctors
had told her that It was chickenpox
lrs Keener however refused to give
hue names of the doctors
It wnB learned thnt Dr McCune lund
been called and the report wns cir
culated that ho had pronounced tho
case to be chickenpox but Ina brief
conversation over the telephone this
afternoon Dr McCune stated that
when ho learned that the city physi
cian had the case In hand he refusal
to have anything do with It th t
he did not examine tho cane nor make
any statement as to the disease

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