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t j 11 7 u < T 1Ett1 J
7ir J
Fortieth Year No 31Prlce Five Cento
OGDEN CITY UTAH FRIDAY EVENING FEBRUARY 4 1910 Entered no Second Clans Matter at the Potrtofflce Oad lltoU
Senator Rayner Say
I There Is No Constitu
L tional authority
Washington Fob Admitting that
he had given no consideration to tho
merits of tho postal savings hank bill
t and declaring that he was not in
fluenced by tho banking Interests
Senator Rayner today addressed the
t sonate in opposition to tho measuro
I on purely constitutional reasons
I have not he said been able
to find any constitutional ground
r whatever for this measure No one
who has read the constitution of the
r United States will contend for a mo
ment that It comes under any of the
I cxprcee powors of the instrument
and the utmost thnt will be claimed
P for it I suppose that under the 18th
clause of section S of article 1 It Is
necessary nnd proper law to carry
I into execution tho delegated powers I
I have searched in vain for any decis
t ion sustaining this contention It IR
not a law necessary and proper to
carry into execution tho clause which
gives congress tho power to borrow
money on the credit of tho United
States because this enactment does
t not purpoflo to bo for any such pur
Conceding that the government has
a right to organize a bank as an In
strumentality of government ho con
tended that no such purposes were
I embraced in tho pending legislation
II Ho also argued against any possible
I contention that tho proposed law was I
authorized by tho constitutional pro I
I vision regarding postofllco
Mr Rnjner took up a statement
made by Sir Burkett that authority
I Is found for the legislation under the
f general welfare clause H0 declared
f that there is no general welfare clause i
t in tho constitution as an independent I
I grant of power that no text writer
no commentor and no court has over
t jinnonncod the proposition that Sen
ator Burkott contended for
I know constitution under tho
last administration was In a state of
I collapse continued Mr Raynor Up
on a number of occasions upon this
floor I attempted to show her It re
ceived blow after blow until It was
almost sent staggering to Ito grave
The predecessor of our present presi
dent whatever also he may 4have
f been was not a student of the con
I stitution he did not care for KB re I
strictions and did not consider him I
self bound by its limitations We I
have an occupant of that ofllco now I
who Is thoroughly familiar with tho
landmarks of his power who with his
judicial temperament not only will
hold himself In equilibrium but pro
poses to hold in proper noise and bal
ance the chocks and safeguards of
1 governmental power
f Ho has never said in his message
1 to us under what grant of constitu
t tional powor ho has proposed this 1m
I jiortanL legislation One thing I feel
euro of and that is that he will nov
fr regard tho general welfare clause
of the constitution as an independent
grant of power Such an interpreta
tion as this would convert us Into a
centralized government of Inherents
and unlimited functions would sweep
to oblivion tho reserved rights of tho
states would render the enumerated
powers of the charter absolutely su
perfluous and unnecessary would
give congress the right to pass any
legislation whatever that in HB ar
bitrary discretion or from political
motives it may determine upon and I
In my opinion destroying the auton
omy of tho states and obliterating the
Inviolable decision of the tenth amend I
ment would make such a gaping
wound In tho heart of tho constitu
tion that tho blood that gave it life
would wither In its veins
Firemen Continue Ne
r gotiations With Rail I
road Managers
Chicago Feb Prospects of a
struggle between the 33000 members
of the Brotherhood of Locomotive
Firrmon and Englnemcn employed I
on fiftyone American railroads and
involving 100000 miles out of the total
uf L34000 miles in this country prac 1
tically wore eliminated by a step tak t
en yesterday by the firemens commit
tee In making overtures to the rail I
S road looking to a continuance of wage
While the breaking off of the wage I
conferences Wednesday which have
been in session between the general I
managers committee and the repre1
centatlvcc of tho brotherhood caused I
a feeling of uneasiness yesterdays
move by tho fireman eliminates nil
doubt In the minds of tho railroad of
flcSala as to what the outcomo of the
vote of tho firemen will be
Following tho cessation of negotia
tion Wednesday II was announced
that the entire matter would be plac
ed heforo tho men to bo voted upon
Thirty days was thought to bo the
time It would take tho 33000 men to
cant their votes
President Carter of the Brother
hood of Locomotive Firemen and En
niaorncn wired from Peoria to W C
NlxonXgonoral manager of the Fris
co lines and Chairman of tho general
1 managers committee asking that
March 7th ho set for rcsumptlou of
atgotlatlons followlnc the decision
by tho men Mr Nixon at once ac
cepted tho offer
Washington iFeb oIOn tho basis
of an equal distribution of the money
in circulation In the United States on
February 1 a person would have IS
cents less than ho or sho had a year
Tho circulation per capita on the
first instant was a4S2 a year ago it
was 35 Both population and money
In circulation have increased during
the year February l 1909 the cirou
latlon aggregated 3091312C4C
three days ago It amounted to 3126
50720 More than three hundred mil
lions of tho general stock of monor
I In the United States which nOW
amounts to 33428136908 Is held in
the treasury as assests of the govern
I ment
New Disease Has Made
Its Appearance In
New York
Now York Feb 4Now York doc
tors blamo smoking motor cars for a
now disease which they call nasa
motor rhinitis The disease which
Is similar to hay fever Is said to bo
widely prevalent in New York It af
fects the membrane of the nose and
throat causing an inflammation that
Is especially Irritating to asthmatics
and consumptives and is likely to do
great Injury to invalids Tho disease
Je also described as affecting the
stomach in many Instances while the
smoke causes mental anguish and dis
colors tho complexions of women vic
Twenty prominent physicians have
forwarded petitions to the board of
health tho aldermen and Mayor Gay
nor asking that stops bo taken to
make the emissions of smoke by aut
omobiles Illegal In Now York City I
Now York Feb 4A rush of buy I
lug orders at the opening today car
ned prices of stocks comprehensively
upward The rise in Americans in the
London market attended the uncover
ing of shorts hero and they both
bought heavily Central Leather
started 2 points higher than last
night Great Northern preferred 112
American Smelting and Pacific Mail
1 38 and Pnlon Pacific Southern Pa I
dOe Northern Pacific Reading
lock Island Now York Central and
Atchison 1 National Biscuit sold at I
a decline of 3 i
Tho opening rise invited heavy sell
ing under which the advances were
wiped out and most of the leading 1
stocks were driven below s
un prices The pressure was espe
cially severe against American Smelt
ing and tho Hawley atocks American
Smelting broke from 83 58 to 80 IiS I
placing it on a level with esterdn s
low figure and 1 34 below last night
National Biscuit lost 7 Great North
ern certificates 112 and Amalgam
ated Copper and American Car 1 Sup
porting orders checked the break and
there was a rally of 2 points in Amer
ican Smelting and a point or more in
n number of other stocks Prices rose
again a few stocks showing a buoy
ant tone A 5 12 point rise In Hocking
Coal wan a feature Rock Island rose
234 Great Northern preferred 212
Northern Pacific and United Railways
Ft Investment preferred 2 38 Pullman
212 Reading 15S and American
Cotton Oil 112
Bonds were Irregular
Chicago Livestock
Chicago Feb tCattleRecelpts
estimated at 7500 market 15c lower
beeves 420a7GO Texas steers S3SO
a4S5 western steers 400a5SO
stockers and feeders 5300a535 cows
nnd halters 210a5GO calvos 700a
fJ 10
HogsReceipts estimated at 32000
Market lOc lower light S50aS65
mixed 815n857 12 heavy S15a
857 12 rough J820a8GO good to
choice heavy 30aSGO pigs 700a
805 bullr of sales S40aS55
SheepReceipts estimated at 10000
Market weak native 425a < 150
western 425aG40 yearlings 710a
815 lambs native G50aSGO westI
cm 650aSG5
Omaha Livestock j
Omaha Feb 4CnttleRecefpts
240 market lOc lower Native steers
00500 western steers 325
5 GO cows and heifers 2500450
atockera and feeders 280 < 3i53G
calves 4008800 I
HogsReceiPts 8800 market W 3
lc lower Heavy S25840 mixed
S8 00825 light 8108 20 pigs
7oO577o bulk 820830
Sheep Receipts 2200 market lOc
lower Yearlings GGO < g > 7GO weth
ors 525G35 ewes 5003600
lambs 775875 I
Chicago Close i
Chicago Feb 4 Wheat February
11112 May 1091410D38 July
100 1 September 96 i
Corn February GG38 May 66
CO 18 July GG14 September G2 38
Oats May 46 14 July 43 18 Sep
tember 40 38 I
porkMay 2175 July J21G7 12
Uird May 1119g119712 July
ft 1192 12
Ribs May l157 iZlit32 12
July H57 12
Barloy Caah G3I70
Chicago Produce
Chicago Fob 4B1ltlerSteody
creameries 2630c dairies 2129c
EggsElIsy at mark cases In
Chairman Nelson Caused BaIl ger to Obtain
Counsel to Appear Before the Con =
gressional Committee = Preside
Taking An Active Interest
Washington Fob 4ln order to
permit tho arrival In the city of coon
eel for Secretary Ballinger and to al
low counsel to become familiar with
the case the BalllngerPluchot inves
tigating committee adjourned Its hear
ings today until next Friday Feb 11th
John J Vortreos of Nashville Tenn
I and Carl Rash formerly United States
district attorney for Montana have
been selected to represent Secretary
Iialllnger Land Commissioner Dennet I
rncl Field Agent Shwartz In the Dal
liiigerPInchot controversy
It developed at the brief public ses
sion of the committee today that un
del date of February 2 Senator Nel
son secretary of the Joint committee
wrote to Secretary Ballinger Haying
ho had been directed by the members
to suggest to him the Importance of I
being represented by councel to exam
ine and cronsexamlne witnesses and
to present to the committee In order
ly fashion such evidence as would bo 1
material to the other sldo
Replying to this letter under dato
eluded 1925c firsts 2i 12c prime
firsts 28 12c receipts 3ROG
Cheese Steady dairies 17J
17 14c twins lC3i17c young
Americas 16 121G 3lc long horns
16 121G 34
Metal Market
New York Fob 4Copper dull
standard spot and all deliveries 13a
1320 Silver 51 11
Prlmero Colo Feb tThe arriv
al here late yesterday oC L M Jones
of McAIostcr Okla and George S
Rice of Plttsblirg Pa both in charge
of geological survey stations marked
the entrance of the federal govern
ment Into the Investigation of Mon
days disaster in the Colorado Fuel
Iron companys mine here Today
they will begin their examination of
tho mine
Work of restoring ventilation in en
tries unexplored since the disaster Is
progressing rapidly Almost Impass
able obstacles continue to be encoun
tered in the shape of wrecked tim
bers and fallen rock Only with tho
greatest risk have exploring parties
reached some of tho remote portions
of the workings being spurred on by
the hope of recovering some of the
missing bodies Large forces have
been set to work clearing away the
debris In workings already explored
and It Is believed the completion
of this task will bo necessary before
all the missing bodies will bo found
Witness Testifies That
the Woman Had
Much Money
Cincinnati Feb 4The usual largo
crowd which has be present every
day since the beginning of the trial
of Mrs JeannetteFord on the charge
of blackmailing was In Utti court room
when tho trial wao resumed today
With Charles L Warrlner the chief
witness out of the way the road IB
open for a speedy termination of the
trial although several more witnesses
have been summoned
Among the witnesses subpoenaed
ie Ida Brockway former stenographer
In the office of the cashier of the cus
tom house hero and estranged friend
of Mrs Ford Varriner In his testi
mony declared ho believed Mies
Brockway had learned through Mrs I
Ford that he was short in his ac
counts and that exposure followed
Frank Couden cashier of the cus
tom house in this city also has been
summoned as a witness He was in
the same office with Miss Brockway
and according to Warrlnor learned
of the shortage through her and in
formed the high officials of the Big
Four railway
Another witness to be heard is
Frank Comstock who Warriner tes
tified was short 10600 when ho turn
ed the local treasurers office of the
Big Four over to him
Mrs Anne E Jackson a negress
a dressmaker was called as the sec
ond witness for tho state when tho
morning session opened Sho fluid that I
in 1901 sho sawed for Mrs Ford
Ida L Brockway then was asked
about Mrs Fords financial circum
She seemed to be able to get about I
everything flho wished was the re
ply In fact she was extravagant
Asked about the sources of the
funds Miss Brockway added
She had no means of support that
I know of Mrs Ford never took me
Into her confidence
Ior Feb 3rd Mr Ballinger said ho
had followed tho suggestion of tho
committee but that it would require
several days for his attorney to reach
Washington and some additional time
to familiarize himself with the case
Mr Balllngor said he had been of
lie opinion that by notjhavlng counsel
present he would be assisting the
committee or at least would not bo
hampering It In making u full Inquiry
of its own
Mr Ballingor might have good and
sufficient reasons for withholding
this evidence from examination by
counsel representing Glavls but in
view of his statements that he want
ed a free and full Investigation ho
thought It incumbent upon him to fur
nish the evidence in installments as
fast as it could bo collected
Chairman Nelson said it had been
decided at the executive session to re
quest Secretary Ballinger to furnish
tho evidence In installments and that
ho would write him a letter to that
cffcct and send It by special messeng
er today
Paul Slemon an attorney of thlo
Precaution Agjalnst Epi I
demic of Typold Has
Been Thorough
Paris Feb tThe fall of the river
Seine was more rapid today The ap
pearance of tile cJuy is approaching
the normal but the subways system
is still Inoperative Water remains in
I the tubes which after they have been
emptied must be cleansed and dlsin
I fcctud Tho progress toward the res
toration of the lighting telephone and
I telegraph lines is slow
The work of disinfection and other
I protection against an epidemic of ty
Itholii has been so thorough that some
I of the newspapers predict Parts will
not only escape contagion but will I
emerge from tho flood cleaner than
I ever before
The superintendent of the sowors
i reports that from the examinations
I vhlch he has been able to make fow
j of the firwer mains burst the rup
tures occuring in the branch pipes
leading into buildings
Despite the attempts of some of the
opposition papers to make It appear
that dissensions prevail among tho
various relief organizations investiga
tion indicates that all are cooperating
with zeal
Fouipn contributions to tho roller
fund today reached a total of about
At noon tho Seine had fallen ten
feet from its crest
Among todays American contribu
tions to the relief fund was 1000
from former Sonator William A Clark
of Montana The amount of the Eng
lish contributions now forge ahead
Ambassador Bacon In reply to an
inquiry from Boston has cabled that
iho distress of the victims who In
clude thousands of workmen In en
forced idleness likely to bo pro
longed and that additional contribu
tions would be a splendid form of
Destroyed Bird Life On
Some of Hawaiian
Honolulu Jan 27 via San Francis
co Feb 4A million birds have been
slaughtered each year for several
years past in tho Hawaiian Islands
bird reservation by Japanese accord
ing to Captain F D Walker 0C the
government boat Thetis which effect
ed a recent capture of Japanese
Midway island That Island and all
I othorB In tho group with tho excep
tion of Laysan are said to have lost
practically all their ouceteeming
Thero Is no evidence of any mar
keting of bird skins and feathers In
Honolulu the poachers spoils it Is
aid being oold by Oaaka merchants
In London Paris and New York
Tho bird poaching it Is believed IB
handled directly from Japan Japan
ese schooners ostensibly In the
hark lilehlnc bwlnena aro frequent
1 k =
city has been appointed secretary of
I the Investigating committee
Louis II Glavls the star witness for
tho prosecution la to stay in tho
city until full opportunity for cross
examination Is given Members of tho
committee hrue questioned In desul
tory fashion but owing to a lack ot
familiarity with the subject the havo
I been considerably limited In their
quest other than what Glavis has giv
en voluntarily In response to ques
tions framed by the counsel repre
senting hlmself and his backers
Gluvis has concluded all of his original
testimony I
The president has shown his active
interest In the Investigation of tho
controversy He had insisted on the
retention of counsel to represent the
administration officers Secretary Bal
linger LaniJ Commissioner Bennett
and Chief Field Agent Schwartz
Today Secretary Dickinson brought
to the White House John J Vcrtreeo I
a lawyer of Nashville renn They 1
talked with the president for half an
hour and then Secretary Balllngor
Joined the conference which lasted
for another hour
At Its conclusion Secretary Ballln
ger accompanied by Mr Vertrees loft
tho White House although the cabin
et was just about to assemble and
proceeded to the Interior department
to confer with Messrs Dennett and
The secretary refused to make any
statement such as ho had promised to
publish earlier In the week declaring
that whatovor he had to say in re
gard to the charges made against him
by Mr Glavls would he made under
oath before the committee
Mr Vertrees was recommended by
Secretary Dickinson who vouched for
his special abilities
callers In the bird island group which
I stretches northwest from Hawaii
Captain Walker says the birds were
I so lame on all the Islands that they
could be caught by hand Tho poach
I ers he states captured them cut off
their wings and left tho helpless crea
I tures to die a slow death
WashlngtonFeb LJusticc Holmes
I caino near disproving the assertion
that In the eyes of the law there Is
no tear when yesterday there was
I file in the archives of tho supreme
court of the United StnTesTthe JpTn
ion of the court In the suit of the
Wyandotte woman lawyer Lyda B
Conley to prevent the white man from
disturbing the Indian burial ground in
Kansas City Kan where the bodies
of Tier ancestors lie
For every reason we have exam
ined the facts with anxiety says
ho in the opinion to give full weight
to any argument by which tho plain
I tiffs wishes might be carried out
I The court was unable to find any
such justification and was driven
to the conclusion tiat none existed
We are of opinion ho concluded
that In view of the circumstances It
is Just that the bill should be dis
missed without coats
The opinion Is said to be in the most
I sympathetic terms of any handed
down by lid court In years
Drakesbcro Ky Feb IAfter 52
hours search the body of tho last
victim In thcvlctim In the explosion
of the Browdor mine which cost 31
lives on Tuesday was found last
night This victim was Peter Kelly
mine boss who hud often described
to his family how ho would save hIm
self In just such a catastrophe as that
pji iAN IS I
He Will Continue to
Give Exhibitions in I
This Country I
Denver Fob 4With the remnants
of his aeroplane wrecked in yester
days flight here packed aboard a
Bpcclal car and accompanied by his
wlfo and staff of mechanicians Louis
Paulhan French aviator left last
night for New Orleans where ho will
give exhibition flights He expects I
to stop at Dallas and Houston Tex j
Last night Paulhan gao out a state
ment in which ho said that yesterdays
accident would not Interfere with his
scheduled exhibitions In the United
Stoics as he has other machines He
expressed a preference for tho wreck
ed aeroplane inasmuch us in it he
made bio record flight at Los Angeles
Perhaps I shall be noTe to fly In It
again said Paulhan I hope so
Tho upper plane was not damaged
aprlously Tho lower piano was
smashed beyond repair but my motor
Hcenw to be all right It was work
ing Inc even wjien digging a hole Jn
tho ground >
Paijlhan esllmatcd the damage to
his machine betweon 2000 and 3000
I Chicago Fob A Seizure of twenty
barreJB of oysters on the complaint
that > they had been contaminated by
nowngo created consternation among
local dealers yeatorday
Tho seizure watt mad bv a deputy
United States marshal and a federal
food Jueycctor who came from Wl9h
inglon to look up cases In Chicago
Tho oysters seized were Bald to have
been shipped from South Norwalk
Tho cuotom of floating oysters
i taken from salt water bays In river
water to swell thorn
8 before they arc
shipped IB said to bo the cause of
contamination the oysters seized
New York Feb 40no of the feat
ures of the now Fifth avenue Baptlist
church which is to be built nero this
year will be n roofgardon No an
nouncement has been made as to the
use for which tho roof garden la in
tended It Is said however that tho
Idea was suggested by John D Rocke
feller Jr active member of the con
gregation who has a perfectly equip
ped roof garden on his New York roe
idcnco nearby
Mrs Peary Is Paid 50
000 for the Iron
New York Feb tThree meteor
ites brought from tile Arctic by Com
mander Peary and presented to his
wife have been sold by her for a
sum said to be nearly 50000 Tho
purchaser was Mrs Jessup widow of
Morris K Jcsaup who assisted large
ly in financing the Peary explora
tions Mrs Jessup has given them to
tho American Museum of Natural
Tho meteorites are the largest In
the world One of thorn weighs about
80000 pounds the others about 20000
pounds each
For years Arctic explorers notic
ing that tho Eskimos used metaltip
ped implements and weapons asked
where the metal came from Their
only answer was the Iron mountain
After many trips Mr Peary found out
the location of the Iron mountain
which proved to consist of three great
meteors ninety per cent puro Iron
After great difficulty and consider
able danger they wore taken aboard
ship and brought to New York
Former Presidents Fu
ture Plans Include
Talks in Europe
Little Uganda Protectorate Feb h
The SmlUisaonlan African scientific
expedition arrived hero today end
schedule time All tho members
membenaro I
in excellent health Before leaving I
Rhino camp in Belgian Congo the I
hunters shot three more white rhinos
a bull buffalo and other game not be
fore reported Kermit Roosevelt ob
tained some splendid photographs of
a living rhlnoccrosls All were de I
lighted with their visit in the Congo I
It Is expected that no moro game 1
will be shot until Gondokoro is
reached The distance to that place I
from here over what Is known as the
upper road the ono which tho part I
wlli traverse Is about 108 miles
Colonel Roo3eelts mall has I
brought him a numbor of requests to
speak In European cities but he will
be unable to arrange for addresses
other than those already promised
Ho expects to speak In Paris April
15 at tho University of oBrlln May
10 and soon afterward before the
Nobel prize commission at Christiana
Colonel Roosevelt was the recipient
of the Nobel peace prize of 1906
Colonel Roosevelt will arrive in
England May 15 and soon after will
deliver an address at Oxford He
plans to deliver an address about the
middle of June
The expedition probably will get
under way again tomorrow Tho ob
jective point is Gondokoro whero a
launch will > be In waiting to take the
party down the Bar El Jebol the
most southern tributary of tho Nllo I
I on route to Khartoum TBO members
I expect to arrive at Gondokoro on Feb
I ruary 17
Now York Feb Sixyearold
Kathleen Robinson canto Into the
port of New York yesterday Over
land and sea tho Httlo pM traveled
alono from Singapore to England rind
thence to this city a Journey of about
10000 mlloB
Tho childs father died in Hong
Kong China some months ago And
she has como hero to Hvo with an
South Bethlehem Pa Feb tB
twecn 600 and 800 machinists of the
Bethlehem Stool company went on
strike today when their demand for
tlnio and a half for overtime was re
fused The strikers selected a com
mittee to caB on President Schwab
this afternoon
Washington Fob tJodical Di
rector Charles F Stokcn will be nom
nrtcd today to bo surgeon general of
tho navy to aucccod Renr Admiral
Presley M Rixe who retires volun
Five Unidentified Are
Buried From Prim
ero Mine
Prlmero Colo Feb 4 Although
the rescuers at tho main mine of the
Colorado Fuel 1 Iron company have
been working Incessantly no more
bodies have been recovered since late
Wednesday night The bodies of the
twentytwo victims which still remain
in thp mine are burled beneath tons
of fallen rock Efforts are now being
directed toward cleaning up tho mine
and repairing the terrific damage
done by Mondays explosion but tbla
will require weeks of time In the
e the roscuoru expect to en
counter bodies of the victims at any
Stato Mine Inspector Jones has not
I yet been ablo to locate the seat of
tho explosion
Funeral services for seventeen
I more of tho victims of tho disaster
were held at Trinidad this morning
I Among them wore five unidentified
I and the bodies of these were placed
I in a long grAvo and marked un
I Business was suspended In Trini
I dad during the progress of tho ser
I vices
II Dr Von Mueller Is Be
I sieged by His Many
I Friends
New York Fob IDr Karl Emil
Von Miller or Mueller the marrying j
I count stood siege today In tho Hud
son county jail in Jersey City by a
small army of women who claim him
as huabandt
Mlller was brought to Jersey City
today from Los Angeles He Je said
to bo so plentifully married that a
trial for bigamy on twenty counts
probably awaits him J
He was safe behind the bars and
failed to display tho nervousnctii ho
not unnaturally had exhibited when
two women met him at the railroad
station on his arrival and ono of
them Miss Bertha Albrecht throtttled
him and created a scene by her
I screams
Miss Albrecht claims tho count as
merely a suitor who when rejected
solaced himself with 300 of her
Miss Regina Belman declares that
the count married her In 1980 and
that yheu he left he took 760 of her
I Miller assorts he did not marry half
of tho women who declare he is their
husband He denies any acquaint
ance with Miss Albrccht
Demand Made in Con
gress for Fifty Sub
marines for Pacific
Washington Feb 1FlU sub
marines aro wanted by the Pacific
coast states and they propose this I
fleet shall be bujlt for tho navy at
the rate of ten boats a year for the I
nwct five year
Tho delegations from California
Oregon Washington including all
members of both senate ana nou o
have made a definite program which
will bo presented to the houso com
mittee on naval affairs today
Representatives Hayes California
Ellis Aregon and Humphrey Wash
ington were appointed by the Pacific
coast delegations to lay thor plan ba
foro the naval committee The prin
cipal argument was made today by
Mr Hayes He strengthened his posi
tion by quoting from the report of tho
naval board of strategy and other gov
ernment documents
If the western delegations succeed
in their campaign in the boaao the
chances for tho building of a strong
submarine fleet for tho Pacific coast
defense is hollered to be excellent
The aonate naval committee of which
I Mr Perkins of California Is chair
I man Is predisposed towards strength
I ening defenses on tho western coast
San Francisco Fob BccaUfo of
alleged unfair treatment of Orientals
at tho now immigration station at
Angel Island a boycott bun bets de
clared against the port of San Fran
cisco by the Chinese of this city
and the entire Pacific coast Following
lug a meeting of representative
neso hero yesterday cablegrams were
sent to China Instnicfcfnp nil Chinese
lo avoid this as a port of entry and
to cmnc hy norilnni ports
changes In condition are made here

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