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Publlched Dally
except Sundays y William Glasmann
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I per CHURCHES line either Random SECRET SOCIETIES nnd Chnrlnbo IiiMMKInrn S M nn
i ReferenceD or Locals No htdII allonil I Ranlomv
The Salt Lake papers are making aft endless campaign against
the OgdenLucin cutoff Their object no doubt is not to convince
the Harriman people that the cutoft is in danger or cannot be made
impregnable to storms but is for the purpose of persuading the
Gould officials that though the Western Parific is an almost useless
adjunct of the Rio Grando there is no safer outlet even were the
Southern Pacific to allow the Gould road to operate west from here
to Wells over the OgdenLucin cutoff
The Western Pacific is today in no condition to receive passen
ger traffic and the stretch of road from Salt Lake City around the
south end and across a point of the lake and over the big salt
marsh near the Nevada line must be abandoned To divert atten
tion from this deplorable condition of the Western Pacific the Salt
take JTeraldRepublicau publishes this story I
Alarmed by the recent damaging storms on Great Salt I
lake and the rise of the waters officials of tim Southern
Pacific are contemplating radical changes in the route
west from Ogden while the fate of the famed Lucin cutoff
hangs in the balance
It is persistently rumored in railroad circles that the
Southern Pacific will soon choose a route around the south
ern end of the lake which means that all trains to and from
the coast would run through Salt Lake This will neces
sitate a complete abandonment of the Lucin cutoff It will
be some time however before this drastic action is taken
and in the meantime the elements will have to prove con
clusively that they are going to continue the assaults upon
the embankments and the trestles of the great shortcut
across the lake
Recent storms on the lake have damaged the cutoff
to an alarming extent and the loss to the Southern Pacific
has been enormous This expense is constant for a work
train and crew are kept busy on the cutoff all the time
making fills in the embankment where the waters have made
inroads The waters continue to rise storms become more
frequent and severe and the result is that there is not only
considerable damage to the cutoff but traffic is often de
layed as well
In addition to the current expense of keeping the line
in repair it was recently announced that an appropriation
of 1000000 would be made by the Harriman system to
radically revise the cutoff This action it is said in vail
road circles has been held up owing to a move recent deter
mination to abandon the cutoff entirely if it cal bs shown
that the southern route is more feasible and that the cutoff
will continue to be kept out of repair by the lapping waters
of the lake
It is far more probable that the Southern Pacific will
choose the route around the south end of the lake before
even considering a return to the old route over Promontory
providing it is definitely decided to abandon the cutoff en
This new routing would consume no greatsr time than
was consumed when the route was around the north end of
the lake and the additional advantage would be that Salt
Lake would be on the through line of the Union Pacific and
the Southern Pacific roads to the coast
The HeraldRepublican strongly hints that railroad officials in
Salt Lake are talking of abandoning the cutoff We do not accept
1 the insinuation as being based on fact for if any railroad officials
in the employ of the Oregon Short Line had encouraged that view
prior to the custodians of the road having exerted themselves to the
utmost to protect the cutoff from storms those officials were guilty
of scheming to destroy what other railroad men and masterful en
gineers have placed as Harrimans monumental achievement in rail
road reconstruction
a We do not like to have these reports emanate from Salt Lake
credited to railroad circles because if true they indicate be
trayal in the house of friends and if false are outrageous in that
they are misinforming to those who do not know of the real condi
tions on the cutoff
The storm of last week delayed traffic a few hours but there
would have been no delay had the vork of raising the embankment
been prosecuted with vigor last summer and the summer before
We do not know what the plans of the railroad people contem
plate but were we in control of the cutoff there would be no I
L further delay on any pretext whatever in the raising of the embank
ow ment beyond the reach of the waves though they be driven by the
worst hurricane that might sweep over the intermountain country
This constant agitation by the Salt Lake papers is a challenge
to the people of Ogden which should be accepted Now is the time
1 to start an investigation to determine the
source of these reports as
to abandonment or neglect of the cutoff
The reports though false arc having a damaging effect and
should be met in such a way that there will be no repetition of them
The Weber club might act in this matter
European countries are not overlooking the possibilities of the
airship in war and Germany Prance Italy Russia Austria Eng
land and Spain have both airship and aeroplane
Germany possesses 14 dirigibles of six different modelsnamely
Gross Zeppelin Parseval Schutte SiemensSchukert and the
RhineWcstphalian air shipand five
aeroplanes Prance has seven
dirigibles and 29 aeroplanes Italy three
dirigibles and seven aero
Russia three dirigibles and sb
planes aeroplanes Austria two
dirigibles and four aeroplanes England two dirigibles and two aero
t planes and Spain one dirigible and three aeroplanes Altogether
k European nations have 32 dirigibles and 56 aeroplane3 that are pre
r sumed to be available for service
r This would be confusing reading for one who had been away
Irom civilization for a few years A navy in the air The returned
wanderer would question his own sanity or that of others were he to I
read these strange things of heaven and earth
Men on wings and messages thrown into the upper strata of the
air to be picked up a thousand miles away Scarcely believable
even after one has seen the aerial conquests performed
F Three weeks ago near Los Angeles Paullian soared in his aero
plane to a height of 4165 feet and then flew across country a dis
tance of 473 miles Last week a steamer on the ocean beyond sight
of land and without an object of any kind within its horizon started
ra electric machine to sparking and crashing and the vibrations
3itejissm lfjmt p + MM WiJ f 1i LXi t wrecked passengers mid crow of thoi
I I f T steamer Farallon will bo hcurd from
I IAT T R m4 rill ft CTI 0 J iJ h T TF E OGDI N r 11 1 1 iTRE again crow Klak was ice At floes raging the left the time destination the Tho and camp that latest the water Swanson a now of fearful the was from and men full storm Ko hlsi or la
the lifeboat was received January 23
T t Jr 17H1t <
1 v rqr 7O7E7 Qo
L r At that time they had been out Ii
> A < > j > Wednesday 1P days find had not been seen Besides
I L utes tY SATURDAY FIEBe 12 ffi Second Mate Swanson there were In
hr J i the boat two seamen Charles Peter
r J l lfi w 1 Feb 0 9tb NEATINEE AND NIGHT l HUM and Otto Nelson and three pas
f4 f Ar s iif P C El 5 i I xs 4V ward sengers Bailey Captain of the Wedding launch Sea and Wolf Ed
t t1 pf f r9v I CHARLES FROHMAN ja1jeT 1iI and Charles Bourne a landsman
l f > i Jld > > tc1 111 u v mtl 1 The steamship Victoria which effected
r 1fi fected tho rescue of the Farallon survivors
r C
l t1rI I 1 IN THE FANTASTICAL MUSICAL COMEDY vivors from their camp ou Iliamna
t t7fAtLr io I Bay on tho 28th day after the ship
t tbtY F > j r3 1 W 4I I U9i1 G wreck ia on the way to Seattle and
C i Tffitl
t Cr rfet rafh Bj
v liL rae i 1 I should arrive here Thursday or Fri
I 11tot T 1 1 iff 11 a UIUl IiIjl ir a O day
f 14 rih f JL J tj e A OID t
qr 2 Yr > SUCCESS
I f i > B 11 1t t n a o r n L PlttsbII PaFeb 7
< lt I l Plttsburg 7Why Is the
XL r t i nsf l t price of brick the decline
r on while
O 4t c 6 i 81 I 11 lO 1 I that of lumber Increases What may
Y if 1iI I W f U i
Ji l M rl r lL c a Ii be done to rescue tho brick
1 <
> t 1 1 1 i J4 J I iUI I 1 Those Increase conundrums In one of suggest the necessities a desired
TI The AllYcar Round Success at the CASINO aud MAJESTIC ties of the hulldintr trades end art
p t THEATERS N Y CITY and STUDEBAKER fl but two ot several questions wWol
i t i r4tt CLTT1Aflfl M Romc 800 brloVmakTO finm nil twi
1 n1 mER
L n 2Tf3 J I L the country vM puzzle their JM1gl
4c anu ONLY ONE COMPANY PLAYING PIECE atoijt h re this week it the tvonv I
f j There arc no ZTnmbcr Two HTop 0 TIl World Companies ri1 mirth rnnual ronvontjon of the vj
The Real Sktrs and Original Company Intact 1 tloaat Brlckmakors Delation Pre
4j o i 99 STAT SALE THURSDAY fJ ir inirv inootlnra were held toila at
A ii l the Fort Pitt hotel It Irthtt i9t
1 tine Ci J I 4 c v hllf the aFcOfMHcn never inrtor
La ci B j U J I FRIDAY azTPJ1tpiT FEBRUARY U akf it > rTUate prices to the vfr > nt
P i 4 V Ji hT I1UJ NIGHT Ti liln 11
I fll d it lL a t s K J or tVdnsr nrhltrnrv rntei H In aM
that the fonvn
I ft 1 The Associated Students of the UTMverity of TJtiili prosont v h never suRcestlons Improvement arc pnt ts fnrwu1 thought
t GEOR B ADS8 FINEST r The UiBSvcrsl45r iLU5 to siITill t1RC CfeS nee lnfc arv thn brlclf Is to the bulkier 111
I 1 bJ finite tho sarao relation as hoof to tfce
jJ r AND FUNKIEST COMEDY J in John Drews Greatest Suciess housekeeper tho trend of the brick
W m 7 1 makers action will be watched with
I f 1 Te1vcwey o 1 Its E Wells If considerable Interest
if The ofllcera of the National Brick
I ti rithiL SEAT SALE NOW ON AT BOX m A Conudj in four nets bj Arthur Piner > Seat sole Tlnirs Manufacturers association arc Proof
L1 i I ci IT1 dent Lemon Parker SL Louis
1 I secrc
J1 icb lOt h 10
11 I L LJJ U1LJ 11 OFFICE PRICES SOc to 0200 a day ieu I a in
oJ 11 b tarv T A Randall Indianapolis
I iesWM H CRANE as Lemuel Morewood in George Ades Comedy iMl fsys ii K SK trcasiner W J Slblev Birmingham
I t f li m s i f U 1 a m1 M filJstby m 1 MMS M f imM Ala
U1 DDI Tnll ol 1I
DI =
were carried to the masthead and there released as you would re I
lease a carrier pigeon or as Noah of old sent out the dove The
message borne on the unseen ether was calling for help saying
This ship is sinking
That appeal from the deep was heard hundreds of miles away
The roar of the storm nor distance could overcome the voice crying
out for aid and in the hour of their deepest woe the message brought
a response to the sailors on that sinking vessel
We who have read from day to day of the success of the wire
less telegraph and of the aeroplane are now and then given a thrill
as the triumphs prove to be most wonderful and this intense interest
promises to be heightened when in the next war the first battle is
fought by the navies of the air I
Possibly Excusable
She wore a telltale hoop of gold
With a diamond grnml
Yot lot another follow hold
Her little hand
She had become engaged In fact I
That very day
Seems Inexcusable to act
In such a way r
Wo really couldnt countenance
Tho silly thins
And yet it was a lovely chance
To flbow the ring
Kansas City Journal
An jilmost totally bald gentleman
dining one day in a restaurant called
out in anger Walter theres a hair
In my soup
The waiter was a tactful man and
jic replied Ah ze magnificent hair
Undoubtedly from monsieurs head
And tho muchflattered diner smiled
blandly and remarked Ah well acci
I dents will happen TitBits
Her Title
Reporter writing rapidly Thank
you doctor for bringing us the partic
ulars of the accldenL You do not I
presumeetcall yourself Mrs Dr
Fair caller blushing sllghtlrEr
not yeU It would not be correct
form anyhow I am merely Dr Slim
His Caustic Comment
Educational facilities were not so
good in the early days as they are I
nowNo admitted the grouchy citizen
they were not I was 16 years old
before I know as much as my father
The kids today reach that stage at
hats the trouble
Big crowd waiting for tables ox
plained the head waiter
Tell the orchestra to strike up
something lively ordered the propri
etor Maybe It will make these peo
ple chew faster Louisville Courier
Still Superlative
Marriage habnt altered her love
a bitHasnt I
Hasnt eh
No She used to say he danced di
vinely Now she uses that term to I
describe the way he operates the fur
nace Kansas City Journal
An Indication
BHpglus has been living to bor
row money again
How do you know
Ha goes around talking nbut the I
Ingratitude of mOn and the frailty ol
liienduhlps Washington Star
Have You Noticed
Three stages there arc of lovers
And you will agree we are right
The first Is a misunderstanding
The second a quarrel tho third a
fight Chicago News
Patch Is nothing but a social canni
What do you mean
He Ihes on his friends and icla
Hveslloston Transcript
Detroit Feb iHeBuIts of an ex I
tended test of varnishes of all the
Important brands and loading manu
facturers will bo one of tho Intcr t I
ing reports nubmlttcd at the annual
convention of the International Asso
ciation of aMster House Paintors and I
Decorators of tin United States and
Ciinadn which opened hero thin morn
lug More than 100 manufacturers
or their representatives are in the city
making preparations for the big ex
hibit of painters supplies and acces
sories which will be one of the fea
tures of the convention
At their home Inst Thursday oven
InS Councilman and Mrs Chris
Flygiro entertained tho members of
the Flygare family in honor of tho
birth anniversary of the late N C
Flvcare The occasion was observed
by a largo number of Ute daicondantn
of the late Mr Flygarc and the usual
pleasing arrangements for the enter
tainment of her guests had been mndo
b > his charming hostess A beautiful
and loving tribute to the memory of I
the former well known citizen was
received from frrsldpnt T w SUnrr
llff and IN rorullnsr was received with
sincere apr CI3Uon A haiufifiil
verse wrltcn by Iriuz Vartm CooJov
entitled In ATemortem ailfod to the
nloasuro of tho evening Ot of tile
Inrtre family HIP onlv n > fmb rn un
able to bn nre Pnl were Mrs Rlchnid
Copan of New York a daughter John
Flvcnrc now In SvJ 7ornnd and I
I Miss Hazol Cogan a pranddanchter
j wo is studvlnir in ParIs Additional I
j Interest was given to the event ho
cause the day marked the anniversary
of the hlrlh of Councilman Flygarea
youngest son Edward
Friday night box parties at the Or
pheum Included Mr and Mrs Jos I
Thomas Mr and Mrs M S Drowning
Mr and Mrs John Watson and Dr
and Mrs Ezra Rich At thoSaturda
matinee Mrs Fred J Klesol enter
tained Mrs Elbert Kiesol Mrs Scbrld
er Mrs Grovon Mlas Holland Bohn
and Mrs Bayard and Chicago Other
occupants of boxes during tho wook
were Mrs Angus Wright Mrs May I
Wright Knthcilno Hong Florenco
Wright Wright Eccles Mrs Willard I
Scowcroft Blanche Browning Oone
Browning Olive BroWning Dorothy
Browning Miss IlOlabel Scowcroft
Mr C F Mlddlcton Miss Ray Middle
ton Miss Florence MJddleton Mlas
Myrtle Mlddleton Mrs Will Wright
Miss Dorothy Wright Maator Kenneth
Wright Mra Gosling and Mrs 1
A large and scluct dancing party
was entertained at the Wobor acad
emy hall on Friday evening by the
Alumni association of the school
The decorations Implying the spirit
of the Valentino season with tho ad
dition of tho banners of the different
classes of tho association artistically
hung In conspicuous places and the
pretty shaded lights made a truly de
lightful picture
The Academy orchoRtrn of fourteen
pieces furnished a fine musical pro
gram delicious fruit punch was
served and tho merry guests found
rothlng more in ho desired that could
add to the enjoyment of tho evening
Jluch credit Is duo to the president
of the association for his able man
agement of the annual alumni ball
To celebrate tho fiftysixth birth
day anniversary of Mrs P A Miller
of Harrlsvllle her thirteen children
and fifteen grandchildren gathered at
tho family home yesterday whore a
delightful birthday party was held
Only tho Immediate members of the
family wore present to taloj part lu
the family reunion
Mrs Miller belongs to one of the
nr = a
earliest pioneer families of Utah and
has lived in this county for a number
of years whore all of her children
were born
The popular Jolly Bachelors club
entertained over 100 guests at the
Royal last Thursday ovrnlnj
An attrrctlve prosiam was given
carclul preparation for the affair hay
ins been nmdo by an efticlont ar
rangement committee
The Jolly Bnchclorc will entertain
a largo party February 17
Mrs J E BioTn and daughter
Agnes left Halieck Noada last Fri
day evening to visit Ogden Salt Lake
Cokevllhe and Shoshone before U
turning to their home In Mt Whitney
Miss Clara Rld ell returned to Og
den Friday to reenter thp Inter
mountain Business college She was
accompanied by her uncle E C Rid
Mrs Ambrose P Hibbs will enter
tain a number of filends at the Or
pheuin matinee Wednesday afternoon
Miss Dora Johnson daughter of I
Judge Johnson of Spring City and
Miss Alice Lund of Ephralm are the
guests of Miss Lillian Stevens for a
few days The young ladles arc on
their way to California where they
will spend the remainder of the win
ter as the guests of Miss Johnsons
The Ladles Aid society of the Con
gregational church will be entertained I
Oil Thursday afternoon at tile home of
street Mrs C F Conn S13 Twentyflttn I
The officers of tho Union Portland
Cement company of this city stale
that they have been exccptionolly for
tunate In keeping the full force of
iiieu at walk during the extremely
cold weather The temperature at
the plan which Is situated near
Devils Slide In Weber canyon has
ranged from a few degrees abozo zero
to ten below for the past two month
but notwithstanding that fact the
company has not lost moro than fif
teen days
At this time the company has 200
men at work and the plant is pro
ducing dally about 2200 barrels of
The employee of the company all
live at tho plant there being comfort
able cottages for them but they do
nearly all their trading In Ogden A
handsome payroll Is expended each
month and withal the cement busi
ness In the canyon adds very materi
ally to the commercial progress of
Osdon and Weber county
Citizens Ogden
Boost for your city by using OG
DEN MADE FLOUR It costs you no
moro and every sack you use Is a
boost for your town
In thai way you make a Chicago
of Ogden Ogdon Milling Ele
vator Co
New York Feb 7 Governor Hughes
reiterates his determination not to ac
cept a lenonilnatlon In a letter made
public here today
I have already publicly stated that
T cannot under any circumstances ac
cept a rcnomlnatlon writes the gov
ernor And J Buppoco that it Is un
derstood by the people of the state
Certainly It should bo and I do not
see howI could have boon more ex
plicit than in mj statement to the
Of courso you and others who
have been 30 strong In mv support
should realize that there Is not tho
lightest doubt about the matter and
that I mean exarlly what I have said
= =
= u =
n Tijl
I rUij ijJ I
Baltimore Md Fob GThere was
organIzed tonight at the residence of
Theodore Marburg the American So
ciety for the Judicial Settlement of
International Disputes which will de
vote Itself principally to Issuing ar
ticles by leading men of all countries
on subjects Indicated by title of the
organization and to organize and
meeting of national scope in various
parts of this country from time to
time with a slew to educating the poo
pie as to tho desirability of piomot
lag tho peace of the world by settling
I points of International controversy In
the same general way In which differ I
once between individuals arc now set
I tled In the meeting the following I
letters were load
Letter from Taft I
My Dear MI Marburg have
learned with Interest of the plans to I
found an Amcilcan Society for the
Judicial Settlement of International
Tho leaflets which you propose to
publish together with the meetings of
national scope which you are planning
to hold from lime to time may have a
very great influence on the develop
ment of public opinion In this Impor
I tant subject If the proposed court of
I arbitral justice at The Hague be
I comes an accomplished fact thero
will still remain tho task of securing
the adhesion of a number of powers
to the court and the very Important
ink of so cultivating opinion In van
OUB countries as to Incline govern
ments to resort to the court when
occasion calls for It There Is no oth
er single way In which tho cause of
peace and disarmament can be so ef
fectively promoted as by the firm and
lucre of a permanent International
court of justice
Signed Sincere yours
Views of Knox
My Dear Mr Marburg You are
quite right In assuming that I have
not only a keen personal but official
interest In the movement for which
your society is to bo organized for as
you ale doubtless aware I have In
an identical circular note dated Oc
tober 18 1909 ursod the powers to
Invest the International prize court
I with tho Jurlsrtlolion and functions of
I H court of arbitral Justice thus com
pleting the work of the second Hague
peace conference by carrying into ef
I fect its recommendation that the
court of arbitral justice be constituted
through diplomatic channels Should
the Identical note be favorably re
I ceived and should the court of ar
bitral Justice bo thus constituted the
consenting nations would have a per
manent International tribunal for the
judicial distribution of controversies
Urising out of peace as well as war
and It cannot be doubted that such a
tribunal would In large measure ren
der to nations the services which na
tional courts haro performed for pri
vate litigants By the settlement of
controversies suscoptlhlo of Judicial
determination before they have reach
ed on acute stage tho causes of war
would be minimized and a first step
taken toward the gradual dcercoso of
armament Regretting my inabllltv
to testify by my presence the great
interest I have In the organization of
your society I u am I
1 y aiJicuIwy jours
joursP C KNOX
Senator Root Writes
M > Dear Mr Marburg I beg to
say to your guests that I sympathize
very strongly with their object and
believe that the proposed organiza I
lion IB adapted to render a great pub
lIc service I assume that tho new
organization Is to have Ii definite spe
cific object which may bo Indicated
by tho emphasising of the word Ju
dicial in its title to Indicate a distinction I
lion between that kind of settlement
of Internal disputes and thu ordinary
arbitration as It baa boen understood
In the past and Is generally under
stood now I assume you are going
to urge that disputes between nations
shall ho sottled by Judges acting un
der the Judicial seufjc of honorable
obligation with a Judicial idea of Im
partiality rather than by diplomats
acting under the Idea of honor obliga
tion and feeling bound to negotiate
a settlement rather than to pass with
out fear or favor on Questions of fact
and law It seems to me that such a
change In the fundamental Idea of
I what an arbitration should bo Is es
sential to any very great further ex
tension of the Idea of arbitration I
have been much surprised however
to see how many people there are of
ability and force who do not agree
with this Idea at all particularly peo
pie on the other tilde of tho Atlantic
The extraordinary scone of judicial
power In this country has accustomed
us to soc the operations of govern
ment and questions arising between
sovereign states submitted to judges
who Lipid the test of conformity to
established principles and rules of
conduct embodied In our constitution I
With kind regards I am always
faithfully yours
L lllS SVH
Phoenix Ariz Fob GScven men
were killed when a motor car on the I
private railroad of tho Ray Copper
company was blown up by dynamite
this afternoon between the mine and
Kelvin station >
Heedless of the warning of a fore
man In charge of the excavating oper
ations along the line of the private
motor road from Kelvin to the Ray I
copper mines the motorman of a gaso
line car containing six passengers ran I
his car close to a sputtering fuse of I
a heavy charge of dynamite this aft
ernoon and the car and Its soven pas
sengers wore blown to atoms The i
killed are
J C GRIFFIN civil engineer em
played by the Ray Consolidated Cop
per company I
R P COLEMAN of Salt Lake City I
I WALTER C FRENZ mining engi
neer employed by Henry Krumb and
olL aged in sampling and developing
woik at the Ray mines
W II LYAJjL motorman of the car
The foreman had discovered a miss
ed shot In tho excavation at noon and
before the motor car came in sight
he bad rellghtod the fuse
As tho car approached he signalled
the motorman and warned him of tho
pending explosion Lyall evidently
bclJevIug he could take his car past
the charge to safety before the explo
sion paid no heed to the warning and
started again at full speed
Just as the car was passing the
charge the explosion came and the
car with Its load of human freight
was blown high In the air amid a great
cloud of debris The dead men were
all prominent in mining affairs In
cHssm 3EAMU J
Seattle Wash Fob C Little hope
is entertained among shipping men
fauillitr with the circumstances of the
10 men going with die second mate
CUB Swanson to seek aid for the ship 1
i San Francisco Feb iTen days be
fore the expiration og a temporary
truce the On Ticks and the Yee fan
Ily two Chinese tongs whose war It
the last four months has cost toil
lives signed a permanent peace paij
in this city last night at the office of
the Six Companies
i Tho war which started hero sprcail
throughout California most of tIe
killings occurring In Sun Francisco
and neighboring cities Members 3 1
the warring tongs fled from the local
i Chinese quarter and sought safety Ift
1 interior towns but they wore quickly
I followed by gunmen and forced t
continue their flight some going to
I Denver and others farther east
A nationwIde feud was threatened
but a summary Imperial edict from
the Chinese government Issued
through the Chinese minister at Wash
ington put a quietus on the spreading
hostilities The edict set forth that
unless tho two tongs ceased their
fighting they would be prosecutel
here and their relatives In China made
to suffer
This mandate brought about the
temporary truco r
Tho Chinese hero will celebrate the
declaration of peace at their NevJ
Year festival Tuesday lt V
St Petersburg Feb 7 I MarkoffJ
tho reactionary lender was suspend
ed for fifteen sessions of the duma to
day because of an attack which ho
made on tho Jews during the debate
on tie subject of reforms In the lo
cal courts his offense being aggre
voted by a subsequent Insult to the
oooooooo oo oo
o 5
O 0
O Nlinule Uganda Protectorate q
O Fob 7The tendays march 01
O to Gondokoro was begun bv 0
O the Smithsonian African scion O
O tlc expedlUon today The first O
O camp will bo at Asa river fV
O twelve miles north of this
O place O
O The distance from Nlmulo O i
O Condokoro Is roughly speak 0 i
O ins 108 miles and this stage O
O of tho expedition will he an so 5
O sere a test of physical endur 0
O ance as tho party has had
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O Washington Feb 7TIie O
O President has Issued a proc 01
O mutton declaring that German O 1
O goods Imported Into the Unite 0 J
O States are endUed to the mini fl I
mum rttes of duty 0
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O Washington Feb 7The O
C lentil today passed the bill 0 >
O provIding for tbo oxtradltlon 0
O of criminals from one state 0 j
O to another on Information as 0 f
O well as Indictment proceedings O TJ
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Oatorrh comes a 3 result of Impurities and morbid matter In tho
circulation and is 3 diseaso that only attacks mucous membrane The 2
entire inner portion of tho body ia lined with a delicate skin or covering
of i soft L Son3ltivo flesh Thousands of tiny blood vessels ore interlaced
throughout this mucous surface and it is
througout thi through those that tho inner
membrane receives Its nourishment and i throug healthful condition
Whon howover tho blood becomes Infected with catarrhal impurities the
tissues becomo diseased and Catarrh gets a foothold in tho systom Tho
early stages of Catarrh are characterized by such symptoms as a tight
stuffy feeling in tho head watery oycs buzzing noises in tho oars with par
tial deafness and often difficult breathing and chronic hoarsonuss These
are moroly oymptoms and while sprays Inhalations und other local treat
ment may temporarily roliovo them Oatarrh cannot bo cured until tho
blood tue I purified of tho exciting cause SSS cures Catarrh by cleansing
0 blood of all impure catarrhal matter It goes down into tho circula
tion and attacks tho disoaso at its head and removes ovory particle of tI0
catnrrhal impurity Then tho mucous linings are all supplied with frosh
purQ blood and ullowod to heal instead of being kept in a constant state 1
mOdic of lrEitatloii by tho catarrhal matter Special book on Catarrh and BUY J
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