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I Ho i <
sirT i I
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1 l f
When Two Months Old Baby had
Pimples Spread All Over Body
Broke and Left Skin Like a Scald
An Awful Sight Doctor Afraid
to Put His Hands on the Child
Our Jvibv when two months old rna
Buffering with tumbloeczemn from head
to foot all over
W her boor Thc
baby looked just
fo liko a skinned
y f rabbit Woworo
fl < unable to put
II cloth en her
I At tint It foemcd
A t l to bo 11 tow mat
0 f r tered pimplea
O S They would
J break tho eldn
4 i lU1d r e1 off leav
I = t r Inr tho under
ncnth skin red M
though it wcro cal de Then n few
more pimple would nfjpear and sprad
nil over tho body leaving tho baby all
raw without fikln from hCAd to foot
On top of her hood there rppenrd a
heavy scab a quertcrof an Inch tniok It
I was awful to 60 solniall a baby look aa
ho did Icna inol doctorvraanfraid
Q to put WB hand to ths child We tried
ecvorol doctors reraedic but all foiled
Then wo dccjdcd to try Cutlcuro
By uaiDK the Outioura Ointment we
softened tUa ttcabfand it camo off Undor
B thLqh whero the real rncttor was by
washing with tho Cutimira Soap and
l applying tho Cutlcura Ointment n now
efcln soon appeared Wo alto rave baby
cP four drops of the Cutlcura Resolvent
3 ¼ l threo times dfilly Aftor three days you
in could BOO tho bodr gamine a littln skin
a which would pool off ana heal under I
I1 neath Now tho baby is four months
old She in a find picture of a fat littlo
ti baby and all U Clcture only used one
n cake of Cuticnw Soap two boxcc of
Cutlcura OinUcpnt anti one bottlo of
Cutioura RwolvonU If people would
know what Cutlcura it there would bo
fow eufferlnff with eczema Mrs Joseph
d Kossmann 7 St Johns Place RIdge
U wood Holfrhts L I N Y Apr 30 and
1 May 1000
Courarm Soep 3Se 1tkura OtOUSCBI COC
m1 Cnoeun rwairwt Kte J or ID itr form 01
Cbceoate CIa t4 IJIfii Xi pv rlilM 69 UfO sold
tbrwbeut thj rtatjl ttrDrw Cira Corp
Hole Jropj lWiCdlurabm AYf licrjlon JaIMf
r as H4Un rrk 3Jpts Cuttrur nook an Author
liT on Ita Trtitnjtbfottnda taliUlr Trouble
Be sure and get
from your grocer today
Mountain Time
TnoI Etul und Depart
GIPaGsanger 700 nm
OJFalit Mail b s am
ltJe1Jand LImited O pm
j AUanllc ExproM 6M pm
No Westbound I Anlvo
pnssenger 1636 nm
California Expreaz + Si am
9 1 Fast Malt j l1 pm
Overland Limited 130 lUll
J NO1 North oLOden I DOPI1t
1 Butte and portland 115 aji
131 OgdcnMalad Motor car x Sf45 am
i 13 IdahO Elpreo 90 l1m
r 3 Butte and Portland 400pm
11 Cucho Valley PnlteOlcor Gts prn
li NorLIi of Ogdon I c
2 Butte Exprets i M arn
24 Portland Expro8i 8tS nm
12 Salt Lllko Passenger1OZJ nm
4 Salt Lake SJlcolul 3CIJ pm
Ji1 IalndOgdcu Motor enl X 60 pm
H Utah EXIIrCII st prr
j No1 Bouth or cnUon Jepnrt
AtlantIc c Exprcss IG iI am
SIl1l Lake EXpce9 715 am
t1 Lout for Snit Luke 84 011
24 PorUald Exprcs 900 lm
1 CalTe Valley Expres1044 n m
S 3t Fast Mall 1100 pm
1 OCr1nn Imltcd 21 In
4 Salt Lakt SpecIal 1m
35 Overland Limited 440 prn
i 20 Pncllc Exprcli8 z4 pm
i4UtnhExore3 j pm
No1 south oC Ogden I Arli e
i Dutlo and Portland J2ti Dm
31 Atlantic Exprell 810 am
In 13 Idaho 1Jxprcsll BS am
3 Local I1J5 am
21 Oprlllnd LImited ZOS pm
a Butte and Portland 8 2J prn
t3 Overland Lunllcd 4 25 pm
U Cache alloy EXpreo6 Gzi pm
5 Atlantic Exprea 60 pm
19Local 7101
Nol Welllbound I DP3rt
81ncttte xproDs t J 1ln
S FlUIl Mall 133 pru
I Overland Limited 4O pm
Pocllto Expros5 421 pm
Nol From Went I Arrive
j lAUantto Exprei 1 nm
10l1n3t Mall I1Q lIm
20verlnd LimIted 215 pm
AtJnnllc Express Ii prn
x Daily except undar
j tonnult County Cleric or the Rcpoa
tlvo Slgeu rr Further
Information I
The undersigned will aoll at private
ii Bale the follqwing Ooficribed tract of
1 Innd In Weber county State of Utah
L towlt All of lot thlrt 30 In Block
Two 2 of TUvorsldo Addition to Og I
lea City being part of lota four 4
and Eleven 11 In Block slxt > 3lx
66 Plat C of Ocden City suney i
ltulIted In the aouthonbt quarter ot
secUon twenty 20 In Township Six
6 North of Range One 1 West of
2 Stilt Lake Merfdlmi United States
Survey except a strip of land rom
roenclns at a point on the southwest
I corner of said lot thence oa jl nIne
feet thence north the full length of
Jot thence went nine feet thence
1 south the full length of lot to placo of
beginning on or after February
twontyflrftt 1010 and written bldi
0 wilt be received at mirabor H4 Twen
t tyFlrat Stroot Terms of sale caflh
t E T HULANVSKT Executor
Attorney for Executor
Dated Ogden Utah February 7th
Now York Feb SThera arc ev
profcBalonnl golfers In this country
who i combined savings exceed 1
000000 Alec FIndlcy the wellknown
golfer is authority for this BWtemeni
H does not name the fortunato sex
Itltc He says
San Francisco Chronicle
Announcement that the dellnltc In
tention of the Southern Pacific to
build and nralnCoog Bay road III ex
pected soon comes from Tacoma
Wash and revives the drooping
hopos of tho people of the middle
western shores of Oregon Activity
I along the DralnCoos Bay extension
by engineers was reported late In
1909 and led the pcopk of that sec
tion to believe that tho road would be
built I
The construction of tho Coos Bay 1
line wag commenced by the Southern
Pacific In 190C but wns Inter suspend
ed It is not generally known that
one ot Ogdons capitalists was nt one
time near to the point of building tho
Coos Day road and It was only
through the high prices at which the
adjacent lands were held which pre
sented the consummation of the plan
Now It is reported that the activity
of tho Southon Pacific In accentu
ated by tumors that James J Hill
has his eye on the immense timber
tonnage of that country Hills in
vasion of Oregon Is taken to menu
that more than one crossstate Una
will be added to the railroad mileage
of the Webfoot olnte including the
Oregon Trunk line and another Jlno
from Odell to the Hood River illcv
to Lakevlew not far noill OL the Cali
fornia tnd Nevada line J
Rich Territory Isolated
For years the people of toos Buy
which is located about md c > iy of the
state north and south on the Pacific
ocean had no railroad nt till Tho
se tfon was sparsely t el Old and
though the harbor at Coos Bay was
capable of great possibilities and the
country round about wns densely tim
bered and tho climate war equal to
nny on the Oregon coast jot the COOH
Brty country WItS isolated on account
of the fact that there wore no rond
In or out and that pallia lending o
and from Coos Bay led nowhere else
Then a little local railroad between
Marshfleld tho county seat of Coos
county and Myrtle Point a ton 15
or 20 miles further down the coast
was constructed In tho hope that tho
Southern Pacific or some other inter
est would continue the branch to
Roseburg the then nearest point on
the Southern Pacific or some other
interest would continue the brtnch to
Roseburg the then nearest point on
the Southern Pacific whoqe line
passes up to Portland through the
state CO miles or more Inland The
hope of the people of Coos Bay was I
blasted for the road remained at
Myrtle Point and tho Southern Pa
clue refused to build The horizon
looked dark for the Inhabitants of that
section for they had almost staked
their all on the outcome of tho rail
road They had billions of fcot of
timber they had climate they had
soil they had the ocean and all the
advantages of n good harbor and n
eea coast town and were located in
the midst of one of the best states In
the Union They had everything to
offer In tho way of Inducements for a
railroad even going to tho oxpense
of building 20 miles of the line them
selves But their plea was unheard
the railroad remained away
David Eccles Intcrectcd
Then the people of Coos bay went
to David Ecclcs the Ogden million
aire railroad man who already oper
ated a railroad GO miles long in east
ern Oregon The road ho had In oper
ation was begun as a lumber road
but had reached out In the building
up of the country through which it
passed and became an Important ar
tery of commerce in the section it
had beno the means of developing
Several extensions had been built to
the road and others had been planned
for Ufo future The people of Oregon
bad confidence In David Ecclos be
cause he had shown them he war
there to stay and to build up their
rise > went to him with a proposi
tion to build the balance of the
branch of tho Cops Bay line from
Myrtle Point to Roseburg They gay
him statistics of the resources of the
county and told him how much tlm
her could he had for a railroad They
showed him that they really had a
proposition alluring to any railroad
builder and made him offers to build
Mr Eccles considered the plan long
and deeply It looked good to him
The hopes of the people rose again
and for a time it looked like the
ilarshfieldRoEeburg line would be
finally built But the unexpected al
ways hnppcuu and so It wns In this
case Land sharks controlled much
of the right of way that was neces
sary and demanded extortionate and
In some cases prohibitive prices for
heir holdings The Utah cnpltalit
finally gave up the project which i
again lay idle until report had It that
James T Hill was going Into the
country bringing his Oregon Trunk
line and Oregon Eastern line and all
the energy and capital ho IB known
to possess with him Into the now
Held Thou the Southern Pacific got
busy tail the report is now circulated
that the people of Coos Bay are at
last to have a railroad which will ox
turn from Drain a station on the
Southern Pacific In Douglas county
westward to the const and southward
into Coo Bay with the probality that
the branch to the south and east
ward toward Rosoburg will be com
pleted ut a later date
Washington fob SA Washington
made aeroplane was given a tryout
at Bennlngs race course yesterday af
ternoon Tlobqrt Moore constructor
and Samuel Luttrell endeavored to
I aAT dt 1 t
Get the
Original ud Genuine
ir L WJA
VllwvutzIle VlTUIUUVIZIt4
Not in any Milk Trust
Insist on HORLICKS
Toko a package homo
emulate Paulhan Six trials re
made but the machine was flighty
r only fu the Undesirable sense of the
work The best it did
was to rise a
scant three feeL Tho aviators finally
left it hanging on the race track
fence after It had shied off from the
course following an erratic habit it
had developed of curving to the right
Luttroll at tho helm leaped out and
escaped injury
Why take any chances In buying
your meats where both Inspected and
notInspected meats arc handled You
may then get either kind Be on tho
safe side Buy your meats whoro U
S Inspected moats are handled EX
CLUSIVELY Wo havo no other
kind You will seo the inspection
j stamp on every piece of meat in our
I markoL Seeing is liollo Ing Glvoua
a trial Wo guarantee satisfaction
Bell IJGS Ind 3G54D
2173 Jackson AVe
Miss Hazel Aotelt of Sandy Dies Under
Suspicious Circumstances
Salt Lake Feb IAfter taking
medicine which sho had procured
Hiss Haul Atell eighteen years of
age and a resident of Sandy who was
in a delicate condition wus sqlzed
with convulsions and died at her
home In Sandy Monday night at 7
oclock Drs Odell KIrllcy md Rob
inson performed an autopsy Tuesday
afternoon and turned the stomach of
the young woman over to State Chem
ist Harms who will analyse It to de
termine If possible the cause of death
B C Cotton who Is said to have I
brought the young woman to Salt
Lake on Monday and to have been
i with her when she took the medicine
was arrested by Deputy Sheriff Cor
lesK Tuesday and taken to the county
jail whore he is being held pending
an investigation
Cotton who Is a resident of Sandy
is said to have been an nUmate friend
of the young woman for a number of
mouths paying her the closest atten
tion and being seen frequently in her
company On Monday both came to
this city where they are said to have
gone to a physician After hearing
tile facts in the case the physician re
fused to prescribe for the young wo
man after which Miss Asloll and Cot
ton loft the office Just where the
young man went after leaving the of
fice of the physician Is not definitely
known at the present time although
an inveullgatlon is being made
Both the youns people left this city
for Sandy on No 61 of the Salt Lake
Route which departs at 410 oclock
It Is said that the young woman took
annie medicine while on the train but
what the mcdlcliie was In not known
nor Is it known where it wns procured
or by whom Arriving at her home
she was seized with convulsions
which lasted until 7 oclock at which
time she died
Comity Physician Odoll and Assist
ant County Physician Kirtle accom
panied by Dr Robinson upon hearing
of tho death went to tho home of the
young woman In Sandy Tuesday and
performed postmortem examina
tion The result of the examination
was telephoned to Sheriff Sharp
When Cotton was arrested and tak
en to the county Jail no charge was
placed against him and ho is hiercly
being held pending the result of the
examination by Slate Chemist Harms
Sheriff Sharp is making un Investi
gation Into tho facts surrounding the
Brigham City Feb STho board of
county commisoloners of Box Elder
county met Monday considering thc
bids for the new court house One of
the members of the board was still
opposed to tho court house proposl
lion The following bids were re
ceived S A Sackett 57521 Lars
Hanson 55757 M E Anderson 69
000 S A Sackotts bid of 57521 was
accepted A special meeting of the
board will he hold tills week when
the contracts will be signed The
building when completed and fitted
lip with a heating plant will cost in
the neighborhood of 70000
A petition of Assessor Elias Jen
son for the ratification of tho ap >
polntment of J Edward Gibbs ns dep
uty assessor for Portage was accept
Sheriff Josophson asked the board
to make a monthly allowance to S F
Carter and Chairman Valentine allowed
ed 5 a month to J F Conley
The road commissioner recommend
ed that all flumes In the county be re
placed with concrete flumes as fast
as they needed replacing
X J Valentine was appointed dele
gate to attend the state horticultural
convention at Salt Lake City Febru
ary 1517 1910
The board accepted the plats of
the Howell lownslte as thor were pre
Upon motion of D E Adams the
clerk was Instructed to write for
prices on rock crushers nnd dump
Salt Lake Feb 0Tlte contested
divorce case of Emily O Anderson
against Audrow Anderson was on
trial before Judge Armstrong of the
district court Tuesday and will ho
concluded today Both parties totbe
action are beyond middle ago and each
accuses the other of drunkenness nnd
cruelty They were married on No
vember 19 18DO Mrs Anderson alj
Ices that her husband has been an1
habitual drunkard for some time and
frequently came home and cursed her
and boat her with lila flals On one
occasion she declared that he struck
her with a chair
Anderson alleges that his wife is
I also an habitual drunkard and has
been for the past three years He al
I logos that on ono occasion she camo
home drunk and assaulted him will
a hammer and that he was compelled
to sloop In tha collar with the door
nailed down for fear of further as
saults upon him Inl addition to that
he asserts that she forgother mnr
riago vows and names Carl Mitchell
as her intimate friend
The testimony on both sides of tho
t case is rather sensational r
Los Angelos Cal Fdb Governor
I Glllott and several California capHai
tels have ourchased from the South
i ern Land Cattle company for900
COO a tract of 32000 acres on the bor
del of Mexico between Calexlco au1
I Yuma They will raise cotton
By Tad
Now York Fob 9Tack Johnson
mooched In to sec Jcnrles fight Ruhlln
in Frisco way back In 1301 It was the
first time Johnson had seen the big
fellow work and at the time coffee
and doughnuts was a rare treat with
the colored fellow Ho had never been
given a fat purse and as for an auto
ho never dreamed of one
Jeffries unit Rhuliu fought In Me I
chanics pavilion Next door to the
big pavilion wan an annex where the I
email club held weekly bouts It was I
a cinch to beat your way into tho I
pavilion If you could only make the
annex so upon the day of the fight
Eddie Unction Harry Foley and Jack
Johnson got In to see Sam Prultt an
other colored fellow who was boxing
instructor and Janitor
They stuck around awhile and kid
ded Sam and then about C oclock In
tho afternoon hid beneath the ring of
the annex Mr Prultt started to lock
up nt C oclock and with his big lan
tern made the roundcj Everything
was fine No ono was around to steal
the gloves or bags and everything I
was aplc nnd span Sum started for I
the door to slip the lock when he
heard a sound of giggling It must bo
burglars he thought no It might be
a robber and then again It might
be rats lie listened again and made
the rounds once more He started
around wtlh tho lamp and after ho
had tried all tho lockers and the
rooms thought there might be some
hidden under the ring He looked
and sure enough he piped a bunch of
gold cells and two others
Come right out heah you black
Jack Johnson and you big Harry Foley
Come right out The trio told Sam
t > > hold the light there a moment and
they would come right out While ho
was holding the torch like Miss Lib
erty the three came out the other side
of the ring and heforo Pruitt could
find them again they were hidden III
a room which was shut off from Me
chanics pavilion by a thin wall Pruitt
1unted all over tho gymnasiumfor the
bunch and while he was doing the
Diogenes thing they pulled out two
boards and climbed Into the big pa
lllon under the bleachers
There they saw Jeffries and Ruhlin
enter tho ring and fhht sue of the
most disappointingbcmts jt the year
Jeffries was rIght at his best then
He had beaten Fltz and Corbett and
was confidence pcrsotijfled Ruhlln
who had a few yearsprevious fought
Jeff a draw at the same club told
tho sports that he would beat the big
fellows head off Blly Madden who
had Ruhlln at the tlmejjjelt the same
way and of course hundreds of dol
lars changed hands on the fight Jeff
never felt surer of anything In his
life than he did of beating Ruhlln
Moving pictures weroto be taken of
the thing nnd there isas a tremen
dous house It was a cinch for Jeff
He was In superb form He felt like
ifghthig that night and could hardly
wait for the boll to rmg He played
With Ruhlln that night He wan
younger stronger full of ginger and
longed for a slugging bee Ruhlin
backed stalled held and ran Jeff
didnt get a chance to mix at all For
three rounds it Was a > joke In the
fourth he held his IdlY blind high in
vilfng Ruhlin o coOiiusand belt him
but Gus stayed away at a safe dis
tance nnd tried to box Jeff followed
him around and whenever he did got
ilGar enough to Gus hooked him in
tho stomach In the fifth he hooked
Gus right again aiidtlfe latter flop
ped wtlli an agonized look on his face
Billy Madden threw up1 the sponge as
much disgusted and disappointed as
a ono else
The writer along with some others
saw Jeff in his room after the fight
and tho big fellow was chewing the
gum that ho entered the ring with
I was Just longing for a fight to
night he said as be pulled on his
shirtbut I couldnt pet the fellow
to come near mo I even held up my
hand for him to hit me so that I
could get him close but then he
backed away Oh r was prime to
night and 1 felt as rotten about the
fiasco as you fellows do about about
wasting all that training for nothing
The moving pictures proved a fail
ure Thoy wouldnt have drawn 20
cents anywhere
That was the first time Jack John
son saw Jeffries fight Hd saw Jeff
when he was at the height of his car
eer and when he looked and felt ns
though he could put up the greatest
fight of his career
Whether ho is as good now as no
was then remains to be seen Jack
Johnson the same gent will be tho
first to know
Chicago Feb Western football
coaches and faculty members are to
have another fling at the 1910 foot
ball rulOB Coach A A Stagg of the
University of Chicago member of the
natolnal rules committee announced
yesterday that opinions of tho Big
eight exports would be sought before
the next meeting of the national body
March 25 at New York
The conforence professors and foot
ball officials will have a chance to
pass on the suggestions drawn In New
York as members think popular opin
Ion will be more valuable now that J
This contractor results
Some years ago a contractor build
ing a railroad in a warm climate was
troubled a fjreat dca by sickness
among the laboicrs i
He turned his attention at once to
their food and found that they were
getting full rations of meat and were I
i drinking water from a stream nearby j
He issued ordersto downthc J
amount b meat and to increase greatly
the quantity of Quaker Scotch Oats fed
tothcmcrt I
andHe alo boileaQiakcr Sccli Oats
and mixed the thfnwtmcal wafer with
their drinking water Almost instantly
all sins of stomachfliwdcrs passed
aiid his men showcdaPJgded improve
merit in Etrcngth and spirits Tina con
tractor had experience that taught him
the great value d good oatmeal
I Packed in re tit af pac J Ies and in
licrmeticiil > faictl tIllS for hot I
cliniaus 1 o
P JtitlTL v =
modifications have boon somewhat
Should much difference of opinion
develop a meeting of the Big eight
officials will bo hold In hlcago to dis
cuss proposed changes
Coach Williams of Minnesota and
Coach Stegg of Chicago weston
members of tho national committee
arc prepared to receive advice and
suggestions from any source
Jacksonville Fin Feb STho
slaughter of favorites continued at
Moncrlef park today The results
showed only two successful first
choices Altadcna and Jack Atkin
First race three furlongs Mnldcnc
Altadcna won Ellanotte second
Rustlcana third Time 36 35 I
Second race six furlongs Collie
Ormsby won i Vroeland second Al
lan Fearn third Time 114
Third race five and onehalf fur
longs selling Tresjoll won Harold
Jr second Henry Cross Cnddin
third Time 107 25
Fourth race five furlongs Moncrlot
Park special lJaclc Atkln won Boog
or Red second John Griffin II third
Time 59
Fifth race mile and a sixteenth
Moquctte won Old Honesty second
Nethermost third Time 146 25
Sixth race six furlongs Dolly Bult
man won Ceremonious second King
Avondale third Time 112 45
Seventh race mllo and a sixteenth
Belle Scott won Merry Gift sec
ond Irrigator third Time 118 Zo
Juarez Mexico Feb SFlylng
Wolf receding favorite easily won tho
half mile dash for twoyearolds at
Torraxas Park teday Ho opened at
S to 5 hii the h avy plunge on Prin I
cess Industry made his price go back
Two favorites won Summary
FlrL race five and onehalf fur
longs Father EUgone won Slscus
second CathcrynScott third Time
Second race seven furlongsPedro
won Busy Man second Joe Enrich
third Time 126 25
Third race four furlongsFlying
Wolf won Princess Industry second
The Royal Prince third Time
47 35
Fourth race mile Meadow won
Lady Esther second Light Knight
third Time LilY 15
Fifth race six furlongs Bantronia
won Stendal second The Sticker
third Time 111 45
Sixth race mile and a sixteenth
Pollens won Alma Boy second
Whip Top third Time IIC 35
Washington Feb 8Reports from
the teams of pine colleges which par
ticipated In last weeks shoot of the
Intercollogiat9 indoor rifle league
show tjiofollowlng scores
Columbia 1795 University oL
Idaho 1773 University of Iowa
1775 Georgo Washington University
1762 Cornell University 1749
Washington State College 1737 U
S College of Veterlnaiy Surgeons
1652 University of Nevada 1612
Louisiana State University 1692
A Columbia marksman Hr P Lane
made the highest possible score by
putting ten shots within a space the
size of a dime
Salt Lake Feb 8r Mike Yokel to
night took two straight falls In his
wrestling match with Stanley Karp
welterwkcight champion of the mid
dlewct The 1lrst was won with a
halfNelson and barhold In 58 min
utes and the second with a wrist hold
und hulfNclsori In three and onehalf
minutes Karp was on the defensive
Los Angeles Calif Feb SJim
Flynn not only stayed through ton
rounds of fierce lighting with Sam
Langford here tonight but won the
newspaper decision over the colored
man Charles EyUm who refereed
the contest said after leavlnk the
ring that Flynn had the best of the
fight from start to finish
Boston Feb SOwen Moran of
England won a clean cut decision
over Matty Baldwin of Cimrleatown
In twelve rounds tonight Baldwin
Was able to beat his opponent In only
oue round the ninth when Moran
seemed to slow up The Englishman
used his left to good advantage in
Jabbing and hooking Baldwin
San Francisco Feb SIrnm Lon
don to San Francisco lu nine days
five hours ami five mlnitca was the
time tnaie byJames W Ooffroth the
local fight promoter on a wager of
1000 that ho would reach hero by
12 o lock tonight CofTroth arrived
at 920 oclocktonight winning the
wager by 2 hours and 40 minutes
7s w York FI S rboma T
Ljncli residit JL tll lttlu1ul
= r
10 1
Lincolns Powenof Concentration l
Abraham Lincoln bad that grcatipower o icon A
centrating his mind and effort
Some say this is a natural gift butiti may also
be acquired by practice
It will surprise you to see how much you can
save by concentrating your efforts in making reg
ular deposits in the bank
We cordially invite your account Four per
El cent interest paid on Savings Accounts
l Capital 10000000 Surplus and profits 95 +
15F1OM T
f t v THEBAWK 0
i 1 ri i
f lI
1 jJ I 1 jj lit tL64Jc t
i 1 ii kqi
If fc
q fI r
7 < I lIltIllllrriW1II I
1 1 l1l1 jn m V 4
f SICKNESS may come to you but if you havo money in
the bank youll be sure to be taken care ofj because you can
then take care of yourself
Wo will pay you four pr cent on the money you deposit
in our Savings Department and compound the interest quar
Ogden St21ie Bank
1 oasea
eQOtOfl99 Shock AbsoFbei
djustnble Save your car and your
Once attached no fur I
ther attention lo required
Fully guaranteed
Do not drag en springs
3000 per set of four
Do absorb the shock
30 days trial Knapp
Hydraulic Greenwood
UrIrJ ci to check re Co0
coil of oprlngs
1000 Boylston St Boston
Do not stiffen the
springs Send for Catalog
League of Baseball clubs today pro
mulgated the following contracts and
ContractsWith BostonFred T
Beck Deals Becker Charles E
Brown Gustavo Getz George F Gra
ham J Herbert Moran Forest T
Moore William Rarldan Lewis Ritch
Ie David S Shonn Harry Smith Klrb
White Meldon Wolfgang
With New York Ralph Dell A H
Brldwcll T H Buck Larry Doyle
Arthur Fletcher
Releases Boston to Omaha j
Western LeagueJamesJ Kane
by Cincinnati to St Louis Nationals
Frank J Corrldon Miller J Huglns
B T Oakes By St Louis to CIn
clnnntUXatlouals Fred L Beebe Al
lan M Storke
Salt Lake Fcbj 7Dr W H Sohock
returned from his placer claims a
week ago after having done tho as
sessment work on his holdings on tho
Colorado river says the Richfield Rea
per The doctor still has great faith
In the gravel beds of the river and
ho looks for considerable activity
there tho coming summer
The Good Hopo company Is prepar
ing to put In machinery to work the
bed Thin Is the company that has
secured a coal claim on Hanson I
creek and will put in an electric plant
there and transmit the power to tho
diggings on the river a distance of
25 mllos Bert SefbpJdt has promot I
ed a company for this purpose
Bonnets claims are being worked
A JOfoot currontwheol Is In place
to operate the diggings The gravel
runs as high as 3 and 54 a yard Tko
highest values Dr Shock has obtained
on his claims Is 250 a yard
In tho Henry mountains there Is
considerable activity The Bromide
mine has been placed under a bond
and lease and machinery for the
operation of the plant Is on the way
Kimball and Turners mine Is also
bonded and leased These two prop
erties carry good values in gold and
copper and It Is expected that con
siderable work will be dono u soon
as the spring opens up
The weather on the river is iso
most severe ever known since the dig
gings were discovered The river ia
frozen over and there Is about eight
inches of snow where snow was never
known to stay more than I few hours
Cass Hltc still holds on to his prop
erty on the river He has leased lhl
TIckapoo property there
Notice Is hereby given that the an
nual Stockholders Meeting of the
Overland MInIng Milling Co will ho
held at the office of E M Conrov
No 300 Twentyfifth street Tuesday
March Slh at 730 p m for the pur
pose of electing officers for the ensu
ing year and transact such other bush
hess that may como before the nieet
Jrg Full representation la requested
Gunnison Colo Feb SThr min
I ers from the Colorado Fuel and Iron
companys big coal mine at Crested
Butte today were found guilty of car
I rying matches In the mine and each
was fined 25 nnd costs The mine
superintendent was the complaining
Jeddah Feb SThe British steam
er Cyclops from Liverpool January
22 for Sacoma is ashore In the Red
Sea near here Number one hold
and number two tank are fill of
Poison is usually a hittlo 8O ro or
Tho first of Blood Sl
symptom Oontogioua U8 ly
frt Ont But when tim
ulcer that often attention Is givon it But
so Insignificant no i
ulcr iusignUcont tbat ofen nttonton and throat got
blood becomes moro fully infected with tho virus tho mouth gt
to vus
bloodbocomc tuy i
Cole glanus in the nock and groin swell and sometimes UlCdtatO omnthg ou the
colored spots appear
cores and Ulcers tho hair comas out copper coorod f nppar
corosnd come
body and whore tho disease la allowed to roraam infrequently tho sYStOlfl to pOson
lody diseoo1 nlowod t S S b the tVUO
nnfvroro S
attacks the bones tl0 tro
doopor and bones
frequently cntidoto for Contains Blood p attack only remedy that ta able to sot
ntdoto Contgfous sntho the virus from
at tho very root of tho trouble and roniovo over Kf upbuliding vius troD
with tnJc
SSS nots FjufldinB
the emulation the camo time
cioulaton tcmo tIo under the
effect on every portion of tho system As soon as the system and soon gets n perfect
to disappear Ind son
influence of S 8S tim ayniptoins beGin disppt homo antI a
of own ondn
euro is rndoSS S4 Cpu bo used In the privacy ons thiems1vO5 at
those who wish to CUrO
To aid to
permanent euro effected which contains
Treatment hook
homo vo have prepared a special Homo With
prp1rcc Blood Poison Suflorers
Information to OonUifiions
much valuable informaton e1fetcd in every
of 553 a CUe cnho foctcc
the aid of this book mid tho uso D ndvlco desired moo to
case Wo will und this hook and also any medical dcsfrel

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