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nro among tho greatest blcsslncs a mother can bestow upon the littlo Ufo about
to begin Hor happlnosc and physical comfort will largely govern tho proper
doyolopmcut of the health and nature of tho child Mothers Friend contributes
much to tho mothers happiness and health l > y tho relief and mental comfort It
affords It is ft llnliront composed of penetrating oils and medicines which
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I danger whon baby comes and assures a quick and natural recovery for tho
mother Mothers Frlom is pold at drug stores Wrlto for our froo book con
i taining valuablo Information for oxpoctnnt Mothers
II I New PINCHOT York Feb 9Gftlord Plnchot
deposed chief forester of the United
I States but still loyal to his policies I
as president ot the National Conserva
tion committee defended rnngersof
I I the forest service in a speech before
J the National Arts club in New York
tonight Mr Pinchot bitterly assailed
the action ot Gcorgo P McCabe so
licitor of the department who as
temporary chief after Plnchots dis
missal took action to abolish the col
i legiate training of foresters at govern
ment expense
I He said in part I am as proud of
the forest service and its men as 1
ever was and I venture to think that
It han saved the value of its ideal
by its achievements and the enemies
It has made I
Now let me give you the best Illus
tration I have seen In recent years of
how a public officer under pretext of
obedience to the law may traffic with 1
It and nbuee It to the public Injury
Upon my dismissal the solicitor of
the department of agriculture George
P McCabe pending the arrival of
another officer from the field was
made acting forester for three or four
days It appears that he learned then
of the ranger schools at the four state
universities and sent telegrams to the
disbursing officers In the field to pay I
no expense connected with them
These telegrams were kept secret I
from every member ot the service In
I Washington except the stenographer
who wrote them
With equal concealment from all
I the men In the forest service a letter
was prepared and sent to the comp
troller asking for a speedy advance
decision as to the logJlty of the ran
per schools This letter was clearly
Intended and was so framed as to
secure a decision against the schools
md it was successful In doing so
Trained Rangers Nececoary
This letter Is a misrepresentation I
because it omits to state tho central
essential and incontrovertible facts
First that the forest service must
have trained rangers Second that It
can got them only by training them
as tUey enter the service
It follows that the training of the
rangers by the service Is necessary
clearly and undeniably for the admin
istration protection and Improvement
t > f the natlonol forests Being neces
sary for that purpose It falls Well and
within tho terms of the agricultural
bill and is therefore awful
McCabe Violated Honor
Consider now tho situation under
bintrrciL bed cioulrt knoWs
al 1I Inlutul
s MAfWELVVhlrllngSnray
I 1 n nc 1iiHrnl pyrlnrc
Hc l 11 rr com PI
1yt 1 ciccniti
ii5iantr Z >
t c
I M AnT V E L acoijt no
tfo 1if
etbtr bat Mid ium for
I lilcjtnUa tnjpt ruuea n ItTU 1
I Jell prninlnrs ol dlr cUcnt 11
riiaiblo to Udlif Min lLcu
I 44 I AAt Sl < St f flit
Blc G for unnalnril
lloDf or nlccrallocj
OISIS IWtC1I ot mucous mcmbraoet
PMolcii ond not cjtrln
m1EvissCxtYrtC go1 or polmaous
l thC15NA11O Sold by DrnreUU
I vi or ent In pltlo rrApxr
br cxprtM prepaid tor
so or 3 botllci 1370
CUulr oat on rcueio
Mountain Time
A ttI i
Nol Eiatbaimi I DeparL
GIPnsseugcl IOOam
1J 10Fast Mall I 830 nm
2jOvorland Limited I 239 pm
c IAtliinllo B prc3a C60 pm
1J Xol Wtatbounol I Arivo i
iilPassenger I585a
1 3 ai1fprnln BxprCM 45 am
S Fast Mail 12 pm
I Overland Limited JS9 lIm
I No1 North ofThjion I Dopart
lBUUO 111111 ij
131 OgUeiMnlad Motor car x 55 nm
J3 Idho Exprc 9O3 nm
3 nuU intl PorUand 100 pm
11 CoCM Valley Pu3crIer Cii pm
= o Norlh or Ogden I Arrive
2 Butte Exptes u5 011I
24 porUnd ExprollP 8tj un
12 Salt Lnke Paosengorioao nm
4 Sail Lake fpcclal 3jI pm
134Ma1udOgIen Motor car x Ci05 pm
HIUtoh EJtPNDII 11 9IJ pm
ol Soqlh or tnden Dcprt
nSIAtlnnUc Eprcsa 63 alU
2 flaIt Litke Expreu Dm
r Local fat Salt Loo 8 1111I
24 Portland ExprCIJ8 9 nm
1Coehfl VnIley Expreoxo104 nm
HTh6 Mall I 00 pnt
J Overland Llmlt 2M Im
Sat LoPu Rpeclal 100 Im
sJ Ocrlnnd Limited 1 441 pf1
O paelie Expu1 Ci4 pln
U Utah Expr 90 pm
NQI 60uth of Olden I Arriv
1 Butte and lortland T am
31 AtiopttO 1re68 810 nm
13 Mullo Express 85 am
3 Local 1115 1m
21 Oorll1111 Llmlll1 2O IIm
S Dutto ml1 Portland 33 prn
33 Overland T4nnlted 12 Jm
lilCacho Vailey Exprc51J Ii pm
ZbjAtll1ntc Expruas 12 pm
l9iLocaL 710
ol Wclbound I Depart
a Iaclfto oxprct8 II 1 m
S Foit Mall 1 prn
1 qVllrlnl LImited 4J pm
j1acIflc Expru8 I pm
001 From V ONI I Arrive
ffTikcprcs 6 nm
1OFa5t Nail 710 nm
oorlnnd Limited 21tJ pm
4Atlanuc ExprCt5 631 pm
x Daily except Sunday
which this decision of the controller
VM obtained
The solicitor ol the department of
agriculture is tho officer charged with
prompting the welfare of the depart
mont and all its bureaus on the legal
side Both as solicitor and acting for
ester ho was in honor and In duty
bound to forward tho work of the for
est aervlco by ovory lawful means at
his command By his official position
ho was Its counsel and advocate Yet
ho made no attempt to assist the sor
vice Inthls matter
Qn the contrary ho led tho secret
attack upon it The men or the for
est service were first informed that
the legality of their work was in ques
tion only after adverse judgment had
boon rendered without giving them
any liearin whatsoever
I am not concerned with the mo
Ue behind this Indefensible sacrifice
of tho public welfare It Is a typical
Illustration of a certain way to obey
the law Of course It Is not obedience
to the law at all but tho prostitution
of the law
Cruel and Needless
The whole proceeding IB not seen
In its true light until we realize its
effect on nearly 200 of the best young
men in the forest service who wore
officially ordered to those schools for
instruction Theso rangers are poor
men working for from 500 to 1300
n year and they need their pay Yet
they will not lose only their pay for
the time they attended the schools
hut tho money already advanced out
of their own pocliets for traveling and
other expenses
It is a cruel and needless loss It
the spirit of the forest service and
especially tho rangers wero less ad
mirable the harm done to tho na
tional forests by the decision so ob
tained would be Incalculable
The fine loyalty of these rangers to
their work Is shown by the fact that
about half of them have stayed on at
the ranger schools at their own ex
pense the better to learn their public
Their devotion In doing so Is worthy
of all praise but I do not believe the
people of the United States can afford
to lot that devotion standunropald by
anything more than tho promotion of
these men who have already earned
by the quality of their work
It would be bad Indeed if tills
rratlttitlouB check to the Improvement
of the public service were nothing
more than arebuke to the higher off
ors of the service who were respon
sible for the ranger schools They
wero doing their duty as they saw IU
But when the hardship of It falls as
It does upon tho men who can least
afford to carry It who simply obeyed
orders Its ruthless disregard of or
dinary humanity becomes Its most
striking characteristic
It would be hard to find a better
or a more bitter illustration of the
use of the law as a cover for not
doing what public officer has a right
to do and what the public Interests
demand that he shall do 1 submit the
two points of view to your Judgment
and abide by your decision
McCabe Enters Denial
Washington Feb IAbsolut
untrue Is the answer In which
George P McCabe solicitor for the
department of agriculture character
ized the charge made by Mr Plnchot
that McCabe had shut off the Instruc
tion of forest rangers without consult
Ing anyone In the forest service
Believing that such expenditure was
not legally permissible Mr McCnbe
said he brought the matter to the at
tention of the chief of the various
divisions of the service They de
clared the practice was being fol
Salt Lake Feb 10Mrs Bertha
Sonnonberg divorced wife of the for
mer manager of the Orpheum theater
la this city and N J Ocksrelder for
mer director general of the Merchants
Discount company of Los Angeles
wore married in Tos Angeles within
twenty minutes of the release of Ocls
voider from the dounly jail at Los
Angeles last Saturday where he was
awaiting trial on u charge of embez
Ocksroldci and Mrs Somiduborg
were taken in charge by thopolice ot
this city last October Xo charge
was placed against tho woman but
the man was held ou Information that
ho was wanted at Los Angeles for
I embezzlement On the motion of his
counsol Ocksrelder wasreleased his
counsel contending that he was the
owner of the property he was charged
with embezzling In his confinement
in the city jail in this city and In
Los Angeles Mrs Sonnenberg was
a constant visitor at both prisons
Detroit Feb 10Jack Johnson ap
peared in the circuit court and clear
ed himself and his bull dog of all
charge and was discharged The
complainant who allegcg that he had
boon bitten by he dog was asked to
exhibit his injuries and the court do
elded they wore too trivial to prove
I John ons dog a vicious animal
Grand Rapids Mich Fob 10Tonlo
Cnponi and Stanley Ketch l wero
matched lost night for a bout before
the club offering the largest purse
The fight is to be at 160 pounds and
from six to twenty rounds
There is more CaUrrh in thb ctioo ol t
country than nil other diwiiei put tORetlu
nd SiV1 the > 38t Mv years WM 5UV J lo be
incurable T
lor a peat many years doctor pro
nounced U a local disease and prescribed local
wldiC > lnd by cOQUlnll failing to cure with
local treatment pronounced it incurable Sri
rncc has procn catarrh to be a conttitutional
ducue nod therdorc require cOlUlitutionol
Are3tmcnt J1oII Catarri Cure n1tlrluoctured
I b3 1 J Cbcotcy Co Toledo 0 is hit only
II omhtullOnLl cure on Ihe mmrkct It il taken
internally 1n dotu from 10 lroPJl 10 n tnt
I poonfui It oct dirrctiy on the bkoI and
I mucous 5UrrlCeS of the Sy3tem They oITer one
1 Undrrri lollura or tty cote It ails 10 cure
Stnd for clrcullu and t08lirno1ub jddrc
F1 CHENH co Toledo 0
1 4Jl SoId b r Drurh1U 7tc
IhllI 1 3n1il Jill arc the bu
By Mack
From present Indications It looks
as though all attempts to corral the
coming match between Jeffries and
Johnson for Ogdcjihavc been drop
pod as the expected arrival of Richard
and Gleason accompanied by Salt
Lake sporting and business Interests
failed to materialize
Whllo it la to be regretted that no
moro strenuous attempt than a half
hearted tentative effort to get the big
contest here was made the fact that
Salt Lake after announcing poltl ly
on several different occasions through
Its various newspapcro thnt the fight
would be held there is allowing
the proposition to get pant them Is
laughable to say the least Since tho
match was first considered Salt Lake
sporting writers and other interested
parties have been boosting for the
capital city as the place to hold the
match Now when things are be
ginning to be straightened out slight
ly It can be seen that tho Salt Lakers
were strong on talk and ludicrously
weak on action
Only a abort time ago It was said
in the Salt Lake papers that the con
tract for the fight to be held at Saltalr
had been signed and that Richard had
hound himself to forfeit 101000 If
tho fight was not held on account of
official Interference It begins to
look now as though this was only
another of the wonderful pipe dreams
of Salt Lakes notorious dispensers
of Imaginative stories It may bo
that the fight promoter will hand over
101000 should tho fight not take
place in Salt Lake but while we
dont come from Missouri we had a
postal card from that place once nnd
we like to be shown
Wine to Frees Agent
While it is apparent to every one
that Ogden has not the facilities of
Salt Lake to handle a large crowd
It Is likewise apparent as bus often
been saldthat the logical geographical
place for such a match would be Og
den It is more easily reached from
the east and west and undoubtedly
the match if held in this city would
draw an enormous crowd of sport
lovers from all parts of tho United
States About the best guess that can
be made at present Is that Jeffries
preference for his native state will be
the determining factor as to the place
to stage the match Outside of Rick
ard and Gleason It is probable that no
one can say anything posltlo anent
the ultimate location of the contest
and so many stories have been sept
broadcast over tho country and
charged Rickard and Gleason that
the public Is beginning to get wise
to the press agent behind all the talk
Case Without Parallel
In the first place It seems hardly
reasonable that two men partners In
a venture involving more than lQO
000 should care to fight the matter
out trvcr the press wires 111 dis
patches of a few words when a few
hours conference would settle thl
matter one way oranother What
ever the explanation of the riddle and
no matter how it Is finally settled
the two promotors have undoubtedly
gotten more free advertising out of
the long drawn out controversy as to
where they would stage the match
than anyone over got before
While a great deal of this is un
doubtedly due to the prominence of
the two fighters there Is hardly a
parallel case In the history of sport
dom where two men promoting a
sporting event took such peculiar
methods to settle their differences
Then when Rickard and Gleason met I
In Salt Lake according to what the
Salt Lake papers say about It there
was not the slightest trace of ill feel
ing between them
If the entire story ever gets out
there will bo one loud hilarious laugh I
that will echo from coast to coast
While Salt Lake Is not the only com
munity that fell for the lino of talk
handed out by the Interested parties
Salt Lake undoubtedly fell harder
than any other community and the
swjtt end of the laugh will fall where
It should fall on Salt Lake It is to
bo hoped that this will hav < lJ good
effect on the overweening conceit
and colossal sof 8tceui In which the
average Salt Laker holds himself antf
his city and that the public will be
relieved for awhile at lot of the
assorted nolaoH emanating from the
capital city just now holding n sorp
head nnd singing Imthe Goat II
Seattle Feb 100Id Farmer
Burns who proudly boasts that ho Is
right In his prlmo at10 years ot age
because he never took a drink of liq I
uor never Uiated tobacco never drank I
lea or coffee and who never used u
swear word has completely hypnotiz
ed James J Jeffries tho undefeated
champion heavyweight scrapper of I
tho universe
Farmer has been with the Jof
fries show only about a month but In
that time he has big Jim Jeffries sit
ting at his kneo like a little child list
ening to his tfords oT wisdom on the
nrqp rway to train and to keep in
good comlltion I
Ive rnnde up my mind to quit
drinkingcoffee said Jeff on the Man
ning special coming from Everett to
Seattle and Berger and Roller and
I GotcH smiled and winked at each oth
I erThe Farmer has been pounding
into thejefrrnaofniriiiarirhe wants
to get strong and stay stropg ho
must give up coffee Jeff has alrondy
given up llrjuor and tobacco but the
oiL Farmer has boon thundering
against coffee Hko the fervid torn
porunco curator taking a fall out of tho
Demon Rum and ho has a convert In
Tim Jpffrlcs Jim does not do qny
thing hurriedly and ho arrived at Jho
conclusion to cut out coffee only after
long consideration
I A friend waS sitting with Jeffries at
the tlm and he was smoking Tim
big fellow kept waving a hairy paw to
htuRh lRv smoke aside and be was
contorting hid features woudqrfull
and fcarlnlly as the smoke got Into
his nostrils
I dont wahtto Bgem disagreeable
old man Jeff finally said but that
smoke makes mo sj l <
And this from the man who a year
ago was lighting little bron clsa
rottcs end on endJim says he has
not smoked at all for more than a
year at > jl the rsmcll of smoke Is not
plracinj to him
If a fellow blow cigarette smoke In
my face now salS Jim 1 would
feel like popping him on the nose
Jim Is good and sore on the tobac
co habit He nays It Is better for a
man to drink liquor In moderation
than It is for him to smoke even a lit
tle bit <
ThatKavo tjie Farmer a chance I
to deliver one of HIS celebrated loc
tures on tho evils of almost every
thing that moat men think makes
life worthliving bigTim came Back I
with the assertion that tho French
people are the only ones who really
know how to live and enjoy them
selves Jinl was over in Paris short
ly after he won the championship I
and ho still entertains pleasant recol
lections ot that visit
Ho says the French people do not
do anything to excess but that they
live rational happy lives 1 am not 1
boosting very ptrong for our business J
Charley said Jeff speaking to his
friend Charley Manning of Everett
but would like to see the American
people get tho French habit of drink
ing In moderation and no such thIng
as seeing men and women drunk In
y PhSlttdelphivi Feb 10Anthonyr
Drexel Blrjllc the millionaire society
boxer and clubman who fans mania
for swapping wAllops with profession
al pug jas given the best trim
ming hchas received so far In his I
career as a boer II
This time ll was Al Kaufman re II
cent conqueror of Jack OBrien who I
did the trick The bout took placc I
followlnga luncheon In Blddloa own
private gymnasium on Walnut street I
Kaufnuui had boon entertaining tho
guests with friendly Blxround bout I
with Jolm Gelper tho former Univer
sity Pennwylvanla football player
when Drexel offered to take the lat
ter place for the remaining three
rounJs Kaufman agreed and the two
went at It hammer and tongs
In the jsecond round Al caught Bid
die with sif shoit righthand hook on
the chin The blow landed just as
Ton was backing up and he fell flat
on his ba kcHe got up very groggy
at tho count of six and Insisted upon
continuing They boxrd another I
round but no damage was done Kauf
man satisfying Jiimself by landing a
few light IOPB
1 I
OaklaudvFTll 9Fo r Johnson won
the Fa Irftcld at tnoryvnic today but
was disqualified and placed second for
fouling SltycVjJKnlght first money go
ing to the URVer I
TapIinTrfjrcle effort to ttcop the
AJacKenzje bpree straight nod he car
ried Silver Knight Into the fence The
Judges flncdtho rider 100
First race five and onehalf fur
longs Angol Face 15 to 1 won
Maud > IcG 13 to 5 second May
Pink 1C lo ltxthlnl Tlmq 10915
Second lace five furlon8 JDunc
Caiiipbell4 tQ Jt won AldrTan to
g second v Wilt Jones 1Q to lhiird
Time Iii 251
Third race five and onehalf fur
longs Port Mahone S to 5 won
plack Shqep1 12 to 1 second Argo
naut 13to 5hlrd TIne 108 35
Fourth race one mile Fairfield
handicap Silver Knight to 2won j
Fort Johnson 2 to 1 second Jean
nette M 9 to 5 third Time 142 15
Fifth ace fine mile Servlcence
3 to 20 won Steel 7 to 2 second ill r
Bishop S to1 third Time 112
Sixth race six furlongs selling
Judge Qulnn 1 to 2 won i Miss Pic
nic S to 5second Ilex j U 1 third
Time 116
Suddenly slipping over a punch
which sent his sparring partner crash
ing through a big plate glass window
of the training quarters over the
Vienna cafe iPeto Sullivan the gritty
little Fall River lightweight who to
morrow evening at the Auditorium
will clash for tho second time with
Bird Leg Collins the Denver negro
wound up active training yesterday
aftornoon hi n manner which bodes
ill for his dusky opponent Friday
Kid Hannon Sullivans trainer
along with tlife four local boys whom
Sullivan subjected to a fierce grilling
today unltpln saying that when the
two lightweights meet there will bo
things doing inside of fifteen rounds
and the sleopdh will not be Sullivan
A look at the fagged out sparring
partners woul give rise to the opin
ion that Sullivan Is Just as his trainer
and sparring p tndts say he IsIn
first cl condition and ready to put
up the battle of his life against his
dark skinned rival for intermountain
boxing honors
This morning Sullivan will wind up
all active work for tho fight with the
usual road work to Five Points and
back Just what kind of u man tho
llttleeo Fall River boy Is can be
lo rnod from a glimpse at his actions
loot night After his training he and
his trainer went to supper after which
the two attended Lenten services at
the Catholic church A good brisk
rub down and Sullivan took to the hay
for the night
Despite the optimistic opinions of
I the Salt Luke fans who are backing
the uegro to win those who have
been following the work of Sullivan
since hisarrlval Ogden unhesitat
ingly oaythat howlll win easily The
way he lakds 11 the action outof five
spurring partners one after the other
In quick succession shows that he Is
In perfect Condition and lovers or tho
manly art arc expecting n match on
Friday night next that will live long
In the annals of Ogden fistcuffs as the
greatest over
Reports rom Salt Lake ear Collins 1
more confident than ever
Juarez Fob ILLong prices horses
had an Inning at Terazas park today
Seven Full favorite won the handi
cap She vas ridden by Eddie Dugan
and it was through his good horse
mnnshlr that the mare got home In
front The stewards announced to
day that entries of J F Danleln have
been refused owing to tho in aud out
running of the hQr e Pedro Sum
First race soiling five furlongs
Plume woh Seasick second Merit
third Time Ill
Second race twoyearolds three
and onehalf furlongs Balloln won
Solid second Bravo Withers third
Time 4115
Third race ono milo selling Albion
II won Almena second MIsp Vigil
third Time 11035
Fourth race six furlongB Seven Full
won Glen Helen second Meddling
Hannah third Time 11235
Fifth race six furlongs soiling
Rubioku won Lykers second Maitre
tanla third Time 111
Sixth race ono mile sellingFan
taatic Won Sam Taylor second Apolo
giso third Time 139 36
Jacksonville Fla Feb 9SpIrIted
racing marked the sport at Moncrlel
today Four of the favorites and two
heavily played second choices won
J W Schorrs Charley Eastman won
the Cracker stakes Three track rec
ords were lowered Summary
First race one mile muldens Gal
len LaBs won Danger second Allonby
third Time 14125
Second race six furlongs Belling
Patriot won Sand Piper second Ruble
third Time 113
Third race five anti onehalf fur
longs lcnpMllton B won Car
roll second King of Yolo third Time
Fourth race five furlongs Cracker
I selling stake Charley Eastman won
Toni McGrath second Strike Out
third Time 107
Fifth race mllo and seventy yards
selling Descomnets won Sbnpdale
second Joe Rose third Time 145 SG
Sixth race mile one onequarter
selling First Peep won Chcron sec
ond Elgin third Time 20G 15
morn INJURlfS
Chicago Fob 9Alblirt Ylkpwskl
died at a hospital tonight following
injuries received last night in a ten
t round boxing match The police took
into custody pending the outcome of
I a coroners Inquest Harry Gilmore
the veteran prizefighter Jos Mc
I Carthy and Gee Lcathnm The bout
took place In Gllmoros academy with
McCarthy as Wilkowskls opponent
I Lontliam was one of the seconds Tho
men fought with twoounce gloves
The spectators were pupils of boxing
at the academy The men finished In
apparently good condition but soon
afterward Wllkowskl collapaeJ
Salt Lnke Feb 9A niimhor of
I statements have been made bj Presl
I dent James Phillips Jr of MR Ne
vada Consolidated Mining ouuiptiuy
relative to tbo position ho has
taken In opposing the merger
with thb Utah Copper company
Despite tho fact that ho ban
been outvoted twice by the rllrpfors
of his company ho continuer ti cany
I the fight to the ihareholdera and the
i regult of the shareholders metfthit on
next Tuendny will bo watched with
no Httlo Interest by mining HTMI and
financiers In nil purls of the country
I Some surprise has been expressed at
I the action of some of tIm directors of
tho Novada Consolidated This is es
I pecially truo of Wi Hlnckle Smith and
C Martin Kuhn who wore opposed to
tho merger and yet voted In favor of
submitting tho proposition to the
shareholders of their company with
out comment
Mr Smith was asked by a repre
sintatjve of the Philadelphia News
Bureau whether ho and Mr Kuhn his
associate on tho Nevada Consolidated
I Copper companys board when voting
to send tho offer of tho Utah Copper
company for an exchange of stock to
the Nevada Consolidated stockhold
ers had withdrawn their opposition
to tho merger and also whether they
Indorsed the statements concerning
Utah Copper as set forln tho letter
to the Nevada Consolidated stockhold
ers by James Phillips Jr president
of the board
To this Mr Smith replied In an
swer to your first question would say I
up to tho present time the position of I
Mr Kuhn and myself In opposing the
merger remains thq same as It line I
been It seemed entirely proper to us
to transmit this offer coming as It I
did from a reputable concern to the
Nevada shareholders without recom
mendation no statements having
been presented to the board on which I
It would act except those contained In
the letter of the consulting engineer
to the company and which we think I
all stoclcholders are entitled to receive
1 ceive There Is no significance
therefore In our voting lo present the I
oQr to tho stockholders
IOtQ rcpjy to second question would
say that the statements made by Mr
I Phllllpa In the first part of his circular
Mr Kuhn and
tar letter concerning
I 1 Only One BROMO QUININE that i I
I Laxative Bromo Quinine zj box on every 25c
Grip in 2
tircSaColdinOneD3Y Grp Days
ii T k ft <
nt an hae anr t
wi11p1ayqua11yW11toi ro1 0
dion Harry Lauder I rol
on beautiful licking songs aeia or by a I
1W 4lL Slczak Martin o
rt rap h Conetantino that
ii 1 j will ply band music
WI ClO lOF which will make you mach
and that will play waltzes
VOU in that
you and twoetcps a way i j
J will make you dance
wil I
Think of an instrument which such 1
a man as Victor Herbert selects from all
others a the one to have his exclusive
service and for which his own orchestra t
plays That is the Edison Phonograph 1
i Then consider how small an amount
of money will buy one1250 to 20000 II
and you will see why no one need be
without an Edison Phonograph just as i
no one would be who has ever really j
< 1 4 heard it I I
Edition PhonotrrapK 1250 t IXOOa
Edison Standard Record 3 1
Edison Amb rol Records play twice na tear M i
w i 75c and 100
i Edlion Grand Opera Records 75 0 J
There ore Edison dealer everywhere Go to the ceareit and lear
jg jr I I tho Edison Ihonotrraph play both Edison Standard sad Atnbtrol 1
Record Get completo catalogs from your dealer or from 01
National Pbonormph c 75 Lokeilde Are Or r 3o N J
your conTenlonct l the typewriting dcputmant docs th reit
I Edison Dealers
for Ogden
100 Maclines from 12050 to
20oOOm25OQO Record to I
Selecf From I
ProudfSpcrtng Goods 00 J
351 24th Street I
< ltr = r j
1ear TR1 DNON Demonstr3ted
2370 Washington Avenue
r t
myself are entirely true tho figure s
however concerning Utah Copper are
Mr Phillips own and neither Mr
Kuhn nor myself wish It to be under
stood that they arc ours or that wo
indorse them I fee quite sure that
Mr Phillips himself did not Intend to
give any other Impression than this
I Is entirely true that Mr Kuhn
and myself have been opposed to the
socalled merger but not for the rea
son that we doubted the statements
made by the qnglnccrs and officers
many of whom are personal friends I
of the Utah Copper company concern
Ing their property
Mr Kuhn and myself believed It
was best to maintain the Independent
entity of our property and have hoped
to see this done
For the gentlemen who have been
In control of the Utah Copper com
pany I have only the highest regard
and would accept any statoment made
by them a absolutely true and cor
A mop which Is having a large sale I
was Invented by a blind man and Is
being manufactured in a Massachu I
setts Institution for the blind 4
sets instuton
1 ffiil Magazine Bargains I
FOR 1910 l
The fioBlowIing are Sie bcsft Club Offers that I
wi2J be made this season All subscriptions
fior Oie EVENING STANDARD One Month all
i others One Year
bjIcn Standard 75AII Three
fdenSt 75AI
Pictorial Review 100 205 1
Succea Magzn 1O0
Ogden Standard 751AI Three
Modern Priscilla 75155
Tho Housekeeper 75
aden Standard 75 All Three
The Independent 300 240
Succes > MOgn 100
Ogden Standard 71 I Four
PIClOII Rcvlew 100 I
f Homo Needlework 75iB260
The Housekeeper 75
Ogden Standard 5 75All Three
The Housekeeper 75 155
It Home Needlework 75
Ogden Standard 751 Al Four
I I World Today 1J
Pictorial Review 100305
Success Magzn 10j
I Ogden Standard 75 All Three
Metropolitan 150 8285
World ToDay 1501
I Ogden Standard 71 Al Four
Home and Farm 751
Poultry Success 50 1 155
Paris Modes 50
Inc 1 pal r free r
Ogden Staqdard 71 All Four
HOme Farm 50
Farm Poultry 50i155
Paris Modeo 501
2nc 1 pattern free I
Ogden Sf d Three
Farm Jrnl5 yrs 100 8100
I The Houcekeeper 75
Ogden Standard 751 All Throe
Plctorl Review 100L225
American Boy 100
Ogden Standard S 751 All Four
Pictorial Review 100
Ladles World 751 8205
Modern Prlsclli 75
Ogden Standard 75l All Three 7
Pensons Magzn 751A 225
Success Mgn 101
Ogden Standard 75AI Three l
Pearsons M9Zn 15OI225
American Boy 4 1501
Ogtbn Standard 751 All Three
World ToDay 15O225
PClrsono Magen 1501 I
Ogden Standard 71 All Four
Success M igzn 100 I
Pictorial Review 10 275
American Boy 1001
Ogden Standard 75 Ail Four
Farmers Voice 50
HOme Farm 60 155
Poultry Success 50J
Ogden Standard 751 All Four
Farmers Voice 50
Home < S Farm 50 LSI55
Paris Modes 50J
Inc 1 pattern free
Ogden Standard 7 75i All Three
Home < Farm 50 I SI 55
Reliable Pltr > Jrnl 50f t
Ogden Standard 50 ATrFour I
Housekeeper 75I
Modern Prlecllla 75LS225 j
American Boy 100
Ogden Standard r751 All Three I
Metropolitan 150V 5255
Success Magzn 1001 I
OgdVn StandTriT 75Both
Technical World 150LS1S5 I
J0r World Today I
Ogden Standard 77 751Both r
Ainslcec M a gen 150 J S185 I
Ogdon Standard 751 Both I
Success Magzn U 751 155
Or Pictorial Review I
Ogden Standard 75 All Four
Unci RemusHome 100 I
Metropolitan 150 255
Paris Modes 50
Inc 1 pattern free
Address all Orders to or Call on The
Eufiltug itanbath 0
Ogden Uah =
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