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4 K T
1 < t
Piimci IRIS
Bnrlleesvlllc Okla Feb 0 My
mtonse Infatuation with my step
niothor led jue to obey her when she
ordered mo to murder my father and
burn his body
n Peter Brown on trlnl here charged
with murdering his father made this i
Tcninrtuhlo admission on the witness I
eland in court today nu told his I
story without emotion Mrs T H j
Drown the supposed siren who the j
young mnn anjs holped him in thy
crime listened to his story with
calmness and almost Indifference
When young Brown told how they
dragged his fathers body out and
burned It a In
woman tho court room
shrieked and fainted Other women
became ill and had to he assisted In
reaching the outside
My stopmother aroused me at mid
night said Brown and told me it
was time o kill father as we had
agreed I took an axe sho handed me
crqpt slowly to where he lay asleep
and struck him a fearful Mow on the
head Then I watched him quiver
until ho died
After my stepmother had taken all
tho things out of his pockets fhe was
sleepingon a couch and was < lrcssod
sho ordered me to help her carry the
body out We gathered a Jot of wood
and pul It on the body and set fire
to It My stepmother saycd up all
the rest of the night feeding the fire
with wood and In the morning the
body had been consumed We cooked
breakfast on another flro built about
ten feet from where my fathers body
had been burned
Mrs Brown IB also on trial charged
with complicity In the crime Her
lawyers Informed the court they would
prove that the young man alone was
responsible for the deed
Washington Feb 9More than
4000000 acres or land will bo strlp
a ped from tho forest reserves of the
United States soon and restored to the
public domain for homestoad settle
ment through the governments policy
in carrying out Glfford Pinchots Idea
as to the classification of forest
This is the initial result of Presi
dent Tafte approval of a plan jointly
submitted to him n few days ago by
Secretaries Wilson and Ballinger for
the reclasBlflcation of these lands
The lands involved in the restora
tion for settlement are those not suit
able for forest purposes and represent
more than 2 per cent of the total for
est area
As threetenths the forest domain I
is ctlll unclaimed It is difficult to
estimate what will be the total elim
ination when the whole area has been
mapped out
It cannot be stated at this time
what withdrawals will be made from
tho public lands for forest purposes In
accordance with the policy of classifi
cation Tho subject Is Under consid
eration and lands best adapted to for
est purposes will be added to the
national forests but the matter has
not reached concrete form The great
area It was announced today which
would be eliminated from tho forests
la scattered throughout the reserves
Tracts In the interior of tho forests
and much land along the edges will
DC lifted out of the confines of the re
serves establishing with greater ex
actness the boundaries of tho forests
Some land eliminated Is suitable for
dry farming though the greater part
is grazing land These lands moro
suitable for tilling and grazing than
the growing of trees will now be
placed to profitable use Instead of
lying Idle within national forests
In Idaho which has a large national
forest area 470000 acres would bp
eliminated of which 34 per cent Is
I tillable
Elimination In similar proportion
vwlll be made In other western states
The forest service has been al work
since last May collecting data to de
termine the proper classification of +
the lands withIn the national forest
domain and the plan evolved by the
interior and agricultural departments
IB expected to insure tho amicable
administration of the public lands by
tho general land office and tho forest
Youngstown Ohio Feb Josef
Schocnhorn has declined to consider
an Imported slotorinlaw as a substi
f tute for his wife and Maria Nozbl
towka aged 2i Is In conscqudnco in
j Schoenborn sent transportation to
Ma wife in Poland Little Maria ap
peared Instead
Immigration inspectors found that
J who had entered the country as Mrs
t Josef Schoenborn to join her husband
and the inspector who arrested her
said she Innocently confessed to pur
r loining her sIsters ticket In a desire
to see the world
Marla Is being held for deportation
Venice Ills Feb 9 Fireman G R
Williams of Bloomington Ills rug
crushed to death Engineer J A Ray
mond of St Louis suffered a broken
leg and twenty or more spectators
were knocked down and trampled by
stampeding cattle as the result of a
headon collision between two Chicago
and Alton freight trains In the railroad
yards In this city tonight
Williams Jumped but was caught be
AOOtIllhoelEOOr youuhoc lle eomo 1lhrlctlon
to know thAt many 10110 tan acctltnca a sure
nulltr by bAklng allcn a toOt tho nnll
upttcr wdertiitothemr Ju t tho thin fo1Dlnc
InK PAnlu Paten t wlher 5h and for Drc kin
10 YewSbce > When rnbbus oroserahoee ho1Imo
neccxrarT and Our ohnc punch Altona Foot a I
rin hubnt Tar od Evcrhcl2oC HBIlpO
Pltrr Jddreu Men S Olll1ltcd Lo nori Y
tJItC aeeepr ay iubsutruU
y aralh tbn engno whfrh rolled down
an embankment tipon him
I Six cara loaded with steers also
JoHcd down the bnnk killing goofs
J criuoie of tho onlmals and turning
loose menu than fifty others
The unhnils stampeded In vory
direction through a crowd of several
hundred persons many of them wo
men and children knocking down
sccren In their night
S oowrdanlcnp < iwlK > mof eta sh pm
Wo are paring for fat hogs as fol
Hogs from 200 Ibs and upper
100 Ibs 8 25
Hogs from 160 to 200 Ibs per
100 Ibs 300
Hogs from 125 to 160 Ibc per
100 Ibs 775
We receive hogs daily
Anybody who prefnra dressed
weight on hogs may bring them in on
Tuesdays or Fridays between 730
and lOn m Wo will then slaughter
them while you wait and pay 1125
pop 100 Ibc dressed At either of
these days you may choose whethor
you want the live weight price or
11 25 dressed
We pay for fat veal from 70 to 125
Ibs dressed weight 10 12 cents per lb
and receive them dally You may
bring them In either live or dressed
ACCCBB to our plant Is now con
venlent clncQ the construction of the
Now York Fob 9J P Morgan
may voluntarily testify In Now York
in n tow days concerning the recent
purchase by his firm of a controlling
interest in tho U S Telephone com
pany of Cleveland and tho Cuyahoga
I TeloPhone company of tho same state
Protesting minority stockholders ri
the companies are In Now York taking
depositions to bo used in the Ohio I
courts In suits to check concumnia
lion of the purchase maimafning that
J P Morgan Co acted for the
American Telephone Telegraph
company the Bell Interests In ac
quiring six Independent companies lii
Ohio and Indiana and thai < is com
petltlpn lifts ceased ip that territory
the transaction Is illegal
Simply Investments
Morgan Co have held all along
that any purchases made were simply
ns investments of the firm H U
McGraw of Cleveland and Samuel B
Jeffries of St Louis jointly represent
ing minority stockholders said this
afternoon that Mr Morgan had voluti
teeied as a witness and that he would
be called probably In a day or tw shearing
hearing Is being heldshore before a
deputized by the Ohio suprcino
court where tho original suit was
brought The American Telephone 3
Telegraph company contends that the
deal never went through and that it
dues not now know who owns the
Independent company It further as
serts that competition In that terri
tory Is as strong as ever
That 7000000 Loan
Evidence taken today showed that
the American Telephone Telegraph
company negotiated with R L Day fc
Co hankers to acquire the controll
ing interest In the Ohio and Indiana
companies on the understanding that
the American company would take
these holdings If it found it could do
so legally
Real Day t Co acquired the hold
Ings and later disposed of them but
the American company asserts that it
was not the muchaser
The American company admitted to
day that it loaned Day Co moro
than 7000000 to acquire the major
Ity holdings but that when Day
Co were released from their contract
the loan was paid
From the Experience of Ogden
We arc fortunate Indeed to be able
to profit by the experience of our
neighbors Tho public utterances of
Ogden residents on the following
subject will interest and benefit thou
sands of our readers Read this state
ment No bettor proof can be had
R II Tully D59 21st street Ogdon
Utah says The strain on mj back
while working in tho Union Pacific
Car Shops brought on kidney trouble
In my case My hack became lame
and painful and there were other dis
tressing annoyances that plainly prov
ed my kldnejB to be disordered
Doans Kidney Pills had been used In
my family In England and deciding
to try them I procured a box from I
Dudcons Pharmacy The contents I
removed my trouble I highly recom
mend Doans Kidney Pills to all suf
ferers of kidney complaint The pub
lic statement my wife grtVc In m > be
half in 1906 telling of my experience
with Doans Kidney Pills still holds
good as my cure has been perman
For sale by all dealers Price 60
cents FostqrMilburn Co Buffalo
Now York sole agents for the United
Remember the nameDoansand
take no other
Guthrie Okla Feb 9Tho legisla
tive investigating committee appointed
to examine charges against Governor
Haskell and other state officials that
they spent public funds Irregularly
heard tho testimony of two witnesses
in the opening session of the Inquiry
today They wore O T Smith pri
vate secretary to the governor and
W T Hutchlns a Muskogee attorney
who Is Jointly indicted with Governor
Haskell for the alleged Muskogea
townslto frauds Governor Haslcell Is
defending himself
Atlanta Gn Feb 9Clnrk E How
oil editor of tho Atlanta Constitution
Democratic national committeeman
from Georgia and director of the As
sociated Press was stricken with ap
I pendicitis today He was removed to
a hospital for an operation
i Tho way for a girl to got married
quickly 15 to provide herself with a
rich father
ty r S
1 J
Washington Fob fJThnt groat In
terstate industries can be brought un
der a permanent federal supervision
I through n system of reports to a fed
eral agency m a rational effective
way which will Involve no drastic ac
tion but on the contrary will fore
stall it In the conclusion drawn In
the annual report of Herbert Knox
Smith commissioner of corporations
to the secretary of commerce and
TJio report wad made today Puh
Jicity wjll Improve the standing of our
corporate securities both at home and
abroad Mr Smith declares and
will help to give our business machin
ery that foundation of fairness and
oionness and public confidence which
Jt taunt have If Ij Is to be a permanent
factor in our national advance j
I will bring together the govern
ment and the corporate manager In
conference and cooperation while one
tan serve to adjust continuously flue
complex and changing relationship be
tween our business forces and the
public welfare
Mr Smith contends that already
under public condemnation made pos
sible by facts plainly stated greet
corporate abuses have been aban
doned He says that a gigantic sys
tern of railroad rate discrimination
has been wiped away and numerous
forma of commorclal oppression dimin
ished Corporate managers them
selves says Mr Smith arc fianktv
advocating a mere open accounting
After a tenyearb test oil of win
figrecn as compounded in D D D
Proscription huts so thoroughly so ab
solutely proven Its merit for skin dis
eases that wo have arranged with
the D D D Laboratories of Chicago
for a special offer ona 25cent trial
We ourselves became convinced
yeas ago Cure after euro and tho
testimony of the worlds leading sUu
epeclaMbts showed us that the war
to cure the skin h through the skin
not however by moans of a snivc
which always clogs the outer skin
but with a penetrating liquid that
gtts to the inner skin killing the
terms while soolhUg the healthy
The Oil of Wintergreen Compound
D D D Prescilition penetrates
whine soothing the skin and a 2b oral I
bottle a good sized trial botlleIs
now offered besides till 100 bottles I
ii ordcc to convlico overbody par
this trial bottle ought to be enough 1
to show the W yto the cure and at
any rate the liquor the instant It Is ap >
plied will take away that itchres
Just as soon as the wash is applied
the skin is soothed and refreshed
Cull y Drug Co 2479 Wash
ra rr T S1Y 1 r
c XJ c ip
1lfI1 0f l W
i 1 I If4 r II i 1
William II Craua captured Ogden
last night without n strigglc Tim
surrender was complete and uncondl
llonal It the reception tendered the J
eminent comedian at the Ogden thea 1
ter Is to be counted for aujhlng I
Crane simply tooK the very approcla
tine audience by utotm and In return
he gave them one of lho cleanest
sparkling comedies seen here in a
number of years Tho offering was
George Adea best comedy Father
and tho Boys The production nnl
the support given Mr Crane bv
Charles Frohman wan excellent
Father and the Boys Is fourid d
on an Incident that can occur in any
community where a rich father has
two spirited and progressive sons that
ho wishes to reform and make good I
business men nf In this case Lem
eel Moiewood a wool broker Inns
two sons The older one likes the
sccial side of life and the younger
leans towards athletics Doth are reg
ular rich mens sons anJ have their
breakfast when the old man Iis ready
to hao luncheon The father real
ize s that hr haa got to act and act
quickly to get those boys more lntor I
tMed In business and get them mar
red to two favorite girls and settle
down This he succeeds in doing Jn a
clover and humorous manner
The lines of the comedy are fine
and the action is splendid and Mr
Cianehas a company that gives excel
lent support Tu the rolo ol Father
Mr Crane Is great He iu a come I
dian of the old school with all the I
modern ideas that iu found in a whole
company of comedians Ho has that
lireslslably funny and yet originality >
of mannerisms that places hfin Jn the
class by himself of being Americas
foremost comedian In his yvery word
end action and without any effort
whatever Crane gets a laugh he can
gel a smile out of tho most cynical
and blaao theatergoer and there is
no doubt that n SphynJc on the banks
of the Nile could look sober If Crane t
should give a performance in an alro
dome near them
At the end of the third act after a
number of curtain calls Mr Crane
stepped to tho footlights and In his
characteristic mood said that he was
very grateful for the opportunity or
being able to appear for the first Urn
Iri his career In Ogden He said that
r F
r to
G orgo Lord Notnaonl asked ma
to teach him how to play poker
EdythWell dUr you
GeorgeNo I compromised hj
loaning uni5 ilC
i p hoptd that It would not be the last i
time Ho said thnt his company and
himself were lmvjn Just as much fun
out of the show HI the audience u
had been shown by theft lscJorous an
iIaise In closing he said that even
hardworking mar had ought to get
out cut loose and have a good time
once In their lives anyhow
Mr Fiohinnu has stirroundod Mr
Crane with a very strong and capable
company headed by THaigarot Dale a
beautiful and talented woman whose
portrayal of the rale of Bessie lira >
ton is nil that could bo expected Shl1
Is von clever leads her lines mag
nificently and has a stage presence
that wins her a place In the hearts of
her auditors It Is to bo hoped that
Mr Frohnmn will not lot one such a3
Miss Dale go very long without pro
idlng her with a vehicle of her own
Forest Orr and Sidney Blair as the
two boys were good and their work
showed careful study of the two roles
Scott Dalley as Cal Higbco al
though ho did not have very much to
du what he did do wag done properly
and with effect Tho role of tho ma
jor was cleverly done by Louis Maa
eon Tho roles of Emily and Frances
the two girls tho old man wanted the
boys to marry were In the capable
hands of Vivian Martin and jis
Payne two beautiful young women
whom one could not blame tho boy
for falling In love with The others
of the cbrapan were very good In
their respective roles
The stage settings Were perfect and
every detail was carrfcd out witn
proper effect The orchestra under
Professor Ford won favor of tho an
dlonce by rendering a number of
pleasing sel6ctlt > ufc Tho audience
was not as large aa It might bo this
probably being caused by the fact that
yptL Kla was the beginning of Lent
rut It ifi safe to say that should Wil
liam H Crane over come to Ogdcn
again ho will bu greeted by capacity
house for he hai IUd a great bl
hit here E T S
I Paris Feb tFJ6od conditions in I
the eastern section arc becoming
worse The Marno near Rhclms rose I
fifteen Inches tpdhy and Inhabitants
ol tbc valley are hoeing with their be
IcnRings The river Alsnc rose three
fee Ina few hours
Pathetic scones were witnessed In l
many places for Tjctlms of the last
flood wee Just beginning to return to
their damaged house rhen they were
obliged to loavp asaui I
It Is estimated haJl the Seine at 1
Paris will remain Stationary from Fri
day until Moudaj Uea It vlll bo
slightly augmented aghln by waters of
he Marne and uppcr t elne
t c bo sd nt this tiuioh anuottatelaw I
Denver Feb 9fi n thought to i
be Harry Clai kc nt tifl 35 of Bristol I
J1ng and and alleg Jito be a near rei
atfvo oj Sir EdwardlClarkb luombir I
I of the privy council of King Edward i
Is Ina Denver hospital probably fn I
Ittlly ill from tubveTfecl of poison ft j
Is thBiiRhf tM manttdok the poison
last night with sulcfdal Intent j
Some mens socks have a monopoly I
of their holiness t r r
S e US
I Taing l RIBD fI i
Our last Bulletin told how ouogf tho
policyholders of tha Prugcnllal Insur l
ance Company llyrnirln Datrplt Mich
Mrs D R JoUiiHtbTij of lot Jones I
rtreet was bc rlddqn with Brlghts
Disease and death was expected
when she was put fu the Renal Com I
pound She made a fine recovery and
saved the payment oC a loss This re
f lted In another policyholder of the
Prudential Inc Con the same city
who was nearly down and out with
Brlghts Disease bqing put on the
treatment At last advises this case
too was going right
We now havo letter from a Sacra
mento man III which he SUNS 1 am j
In the life insurance business and j
once in a while the Doctor has to pass I
up a prospect Since I know that
your Compound is a wonder why cant I
I put these people op It and fit them
for examination NI will say that I
may present you with a bill for 6 1
00000 for the praise I have given I
your Compound I
He Is u tthe first party who tins I
seen this opportunity One of the
State officials of Nevada cnmq to see I
tin and outlined a proposition lo estab 1
llsh an insurance company to Insure
the lives of people having Brightu I
Disease and DlabQ cs charging doublo
the ordinary rates and putting thorn I
on this treatment Numbers have j
been lilted fQr insurance although
some of them were actually In ex
tremis For Instance In our pamph 1
I let will be found the case of Mn > R j
I Lester Dell of Auburn X Y who
Was In the Auburn Hospital and was
expected to die during the week when
put on Fulton Renal Compound One
year from that tlmo she passed for
life Insurance
The case of Chas F Wjicker the
nth street mepcldanlof San Francisco
also comes to mind In this connection
Ho did not think ho could live but a
few months and was nearly down and
out with diabetes whun put on Fug J
tons Diabetic Compound He later
passed for J500000 life Insurance
An interesting fact In Wackers I
case was that a boieavcmont sot up
a norous condition that caused the
disease to reappear and he was very
much discouraged duo to the foar
that he had not been cured However
ho went on tho Compound again and
made the second recovery and now
looks like an athlete And this was
all several years ago showing that
the results are real
Wo aro pleased to see the Insur
ance people sitting up and taking no
l The largo insurance companion
will uHInintelyprcaJf2P that they can
save hundreds thousands of dollars
by having thojr agents advise policy
holders who have ihoso diseases otthp
spnulnenetss oM3 treatment More
over Jl Js humnnc
For Bclfihtfi Dlpcasc FuHons Ron
al Compound VVJf one used F °
Diabetes f ltnAs Diabetes Compound
It can bo hnd in your city at Wm
Driver Son Drag Co Literature
mulled free Address John J Fulton
Co fi15 Battery St San Francisco
Cal We desire to hear from and
advise wlthgvery case not making
the usual recover
I it
I ffrr 1
I The Electric Alarm Clock 1 r
I i Will Wake You
r Th Modern W on de 1 o Uie World
Pk i I
t I t r
I 4ik i
I J 1 J i a
I ft >
I I I I j s 3 V +
I r
I I ry F <
I g
I r 17
I 11 r
i 1
1j1 r I r j na U
I r ai U
o 1 r
i r + a t t S r
I 54k1 J
j7 yVIyr 9 t
y JrAVING demand from Lawyersand others HIs clock is useful as a call bell
HAVING for desk alarm and call bell we THIS
show where thfc SEARCHLIGHT Clock The electric current is so arranged
Clock can be on used desk for for this time purpose purposes First and it as takes neat that wnen the button in the end of the
only a couple of seconds to set alarm at time of pear push is pressed the bell will ring
appointment which is sure to remind one that
someone else needs immediate attention This is very convenient in a sick room
The call bell can be used as shown to call orwherever a call bell is needed This
anyone in the office as signals adopted Then
again did you ever have anyone in your office clock combines the perfect mechanism
i who having finished his thoroughYunderstood business rsists in of the best time keeper made with
again going over matter thoroughly i
I with you having a stack of work awaiting ahead the advantages of the latest develop
of youl By pressing the button you can make
way for suitable excuse to terminate meeting ments in electrical science
1 fislkl 1 y hn Y vy e E r
l ti > A fS iilfi > ifnSicifn ems 1 r
ne r r
j r r 4
fes it m
> pHIS clock is not a toyit is an THE little electric incandescent
article of household furniturean i lamp just above the dial will show
the time at any hour of the qrht All V
adornment to the home and it is useful
you need to do is to touch the button at
The alarm clock will ring untilyou get the end of the cord which comes at
upout of bedand stop it The tached to every clock and the dial of
alarm is kept ringing by the electric the clock will light up It is not neces
battery and it will ring for hours if not sary to rise from bed to light the
electric touch of the button will I
turned off This alarm will not stop lighta
show you the time The cord may be
aft er awhile and let yon go back to
put under your pillow or in any con
sleepit gets you up venient
s clock will be sold to anyone for 5 cash t or for
250 cash to anyone who will subscribe for and sign a con
tract to pay for The Evening Standard for one year
Call and See It at The Standard Office
After spending two dajs In Plain
City attending the anniversary of his
father aria reunion of the family Goo
D Follcman returned to Ogden yester
day Thu occasion at Plain City was
tho eightythird anniversary of C O
Folkinan who was one of tho original
ploncoi8 of Plain Cit In 185U he
with tho other settlers helped lo start
the settlement aUtI has U9d thero
over since Fqur generations were
represented at the uffalr A peculiar
feature was that the first child of
each genes ntlgnlvau a boy all of whom
are still Jiving Mr r Folkman wife
died about cjovpn ycrs ago but ho
instill halo antI hourly and entered
lnlo thq festivities with an much
pleasure and abandon as the youngest
of his grandchildren of whom there
lrc 21lu all 1C clmdicu won pres
ont About 10 relatives and descend
ants from tills city chartered a spe
cial train to attend the affair and
came back to the city Tuesday on the
same train 1
About 125 people were present at 1
flue anniversary from all parts of the
county The features of the enter
tainment wore musical and Instru
mental together with recitations by
the tdlonl in attendance
At the meeting of the board of di
rectory of Ole Chamber Commerce
last night the following officers were
elected for the ensuing year Hyrum
I Holnap president r1 ill Hill limt
vicopioBldcnt A W Brown second
vico president 0 A Kennedy aocrc
I tan S S Smith frciJM T
Tits luuilinK which was die flr9t
of the year was adjourned until no 1 I
Saturday evening when the flgUilr
monthly meeting will be held
Goidfield Nov Fob 10 Efforts are
making to locate Mrs Ruth Brad
shaw a wealthy Nevada woman and I
tho first female settler of Goldflqld
who disappeared from Portland Or
last December She has been traced
to Tow Orleans where she hoarded
a stoimicr for Buonos gyros
At Portland Mrs Bradshaw Uioush
well supplied with money bought d
for nearly month conducted a hoard
Ing house On December 28 sho left I
place saying thc was going dovVn
town That was tho last seen of her
ln Portland Her husband who had
accompanied her from Goldfield dls
l ipoarcd from Poi tlnnd a few days

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