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Published Dally excopt Sundays by William Glaemann
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ChanL each UIU 20c 21e 22e 21a 1250 Ib
Ad to run Y1eo WIthout ebanCG Uo ll1e ha 210
Ad to run three times without change Uo I lio 18c 1o I 1 i00
Ad to run six thnNi without chance 140 ISo 15o 11e Sao
Clasdided want ads ono cant por word each day no first Insertion lees than
i cgntn or iSo par line per month
Random Ret raoe0 JSc oer line Insertion 10 cent ach iub cquent In I
eettlon W c otfl PH line par week or J3 CO per line per month with chance
one each week
Local Readers lo tier lino flrot Insertion lOc per line each subsequent Inser
tion or Coo per line per week
CHURCHES 9HCRET SOCIETIES and CharltAblo Institutions 8 13 cents
per line either Random References or Locals Ko hotida allowed In Randoms
This is Lincolns birthday Homely plain Abraham Lincoln gave
to this country one of the grandest characters of all history Born
miserably poor reared in poverty and compelled to struggle for
whatever advantage he gained Lincoln from babyhood to the grave
met the FateS endured the extremes of adversity and yet triumphed
as few men of history have triumphed
Lincolns humble birth was like that of the great Nazarene
his childhood was as though the world hod conspired to blight the
child life his young manhood was a bitter battle again odds but
finally the baby of the backwoods became the nations leader and
then as though to keep up the element of the extraordinary which
entered into the heroic career tragedy ended all
We do not know of any man in history whose lifestory con
tains so much of adversity turned to glorious achievement
There is no recital of biography which gives more heart thrills I
than that of Lincoln there is no page from the book of facts which
contains more comfort for the heavily burdened or offers more en I
couragement for the youth with but few advantages who aspires
to rise to a mastery of his surroundings
Many gems of thought were given us by Abraham Lincoln and
some of his speeches are today held to be examples of pure English
From his many bright expressions we select the following
I shall do nothing in malice What I deal with is too
vast for malicious dealing
I would not take any risk of being entangled like an ox
jumping half over a fence and liable to be torn by dogs front
and rear without a fair chance to gore one way or to kick the
Hisses will not blow down the walls of justice
Judicial decisions have two uses First To absolutely
determine the case decided and secondly To indicate to
the public how other similar cases wil be dcided when they
The proneness of prosperity is to breed tyrants
It has been said II all that a man hath he will give for his
life and while all contribute to their substance the soldier
puts his life at stake and often yields it up in his countrys
cause The highest merit then is due the soldier
It may seem strange that any man should dare to ask a
just GOd assistance in wringing his bread from the sweat
of other mens faces
I hold if the Almighty had ever made a set of men that
should do all the eating and none of the work he would have
made them with mouths only and no hands and if ho had
ever made another class that he intended should do all the
work and none of the eating he would have made them with I
out mouths and with all hands I
I have found that when one is embarrassed usually the
shortest way to get through with it is to quit talking or think
ing about it and go to something else J
There wil be a rush to the Jarbidge mining district of north
eastern Nevada when the storms of winter are dissipated The
II boom has been working during the dark days of the past three
months and like good yeast has been fermenting and gaining force
< < > leaven the whole batch of venturesome prospectors and fortune
When spring comes the advertising Jarbidgo has received
should bring that district a stream of humanity of endless length
Gold was discovered nearly a year ago but the richness of the
ind was not disclosed to the outside world until the winter closed
he roads to the Bruneau fastness Mining men who have seen the
surface showings say Jarbidge is a bonanza camp and has possi
oilities beyond that of any gold discovery in years
But we advise our readers not to get so excited as to become an
easy victim to the mining fever There are more disappointments
in chasing the Will o the Wisp in mining than in any other be gull
ing pursuit A few may make fortunes if Jarbidge meets expecta
The purchase of a piano is something that ought to have serious
consideration To most people the price of a piano seems large A
piano costs more than any other single piece of furniture that goes
into an ordinary house It costs several times as much as anything
else Therefore the utmost care should be given to its selection
Many now pianos sound all right in the salesroom but the tone
does not last The piano sounds different in a carpeted curtained
room You do not buy a piano for the way it sounds in the sales
room but for the way it is going to sound in your home That is
where the makers honesty is important Time tells the talc
The best piano is the ono in which the tone is full rich resonant
and lasting It is a piano that seldom needs the services of the tuner
No piano will last always No piano was ever built that never needed
tuning No new piano ought to go longer than three or four months
without being tuned during the first
year After the first year
when all the stretch has been taken out of the strings a good piano
will need tuning only according to use The tone of a good piano
is sweet and mellow when you buy it and it is practically perman
There are no words or combination of words that can describe
beautiful music melodious sounds or a sweet voice
The only way to understand the full rich resonant tone of a
ood piano is to hear it Then it is easy to appreciate its pure bril
liant sympathetic voice and its unusually fine singing quality
Nothing wo can say will add to its merits
I It is nonsense for most people to pay fabulous prices for pianos
if the pleasure of saying that a piano cost a thousand dollars is worth
what it costs a man may be right to pay the money If ho wants a
piano because of its value as a beautiful musical instrument and
ijrtifltic piece of furniture there is no reason in the world why ho
ihould pay more than a reasonable price Our pianos are sold at the
lowest price at which it is possible to sell a thoroughly good piano
Anybody who goes below this price gets undesirable quality There
is a quality point below which it is unsafe to go What looks like
economy is sometimes the worst of extravagance It looks like
economy sometimes to take part of the wool out of o piece of cloth
and put cotton inside but the trick shows in the wear It looks like
economy somtimes to buy a piano in which some apparently small
part has been neglected but that small part may spoil the entire in
Reliable pianos Steinway Henry F Miller Kimball Estoy and
some others Ogden Music Co Everything in Music 2370 Wa ° K
blgton avenue
bone but at best thousands will return from there crestfallen and
sorely regretful when the boom subsides
The Jarbidge mountains are in sight of Ogden I When the
sky is clear the peaks of the rugged range can be seen doing sen
tinel duty on the western horizon but the journey to the Jarbidge
calls for a circuitous route either by Twin Falls Idaho or Deeth
Nevada During the winter the Nevada route is to be preferred
The farmer who tills the soil and the laborer who keeps to his
work will do well to let the other fellow get the mining crazo while
they continue along the eevn tenor of their way Later when there
is a comparing of notes the stayathomes will be found to have
made the greater advancement on the road to a competence
The question of the unemployed was under consideration by local
people when one of the most inquisitive asked as to the source of
the army of dependents and a railroad contractor ventured the opin
ion that twothirds of the men were from the railroad camps The
contractor said
We Americans have nothing to boast of when common labor
ers are under consideration Of all classes to be found in the railroad
camps the Americans are the most improvident shiftless lazy vag
abondish of the great army of men who help build our railroads
I The Greek Austrian or Italian will keep himself fairly clean
will save money and prepare for a rainy day but the average
American dirty with grime and weakened by repeated debauches
has neither a reserve ipride or money and he shirks responsibility as
soon as he has 2 to 10 due him
II This of course is not true of all Americans in the working
camps but appliesto a vast majority much to the humiliation of a
proud race of people
II Thoxisands Greeks Austrians and Italians accumulate snug
sums of 1000 to 3000 at 250 a day and with their money belted
around them they sail for home where a thousand dollars lifts
them out of the drudgery of the past and lends an air of affluence
While these foreigners are acoumulating enough to satisfy their
wants the Americans enjoying today letting tomorrow take care
of itself and are drifting to penury and want
This perhaps is true of the railroad camps but our observation
of laborers in cities proves that no foreigners equal the Americans
in energy or personal appearance but that the habits of the spend
thrift are firmly fixed in our people there is ample evidence and
that indifference to the future is pauperizing those who should be
more vigilant in guarding against dull periods and unlooked for
Obiter Dictum I
A Polish couple onco came boford
a justice of the peace to be married
Tho young man handed him too mar
riage license and the pair stood up
before him
Join hands said the justice of the
They did so and the justice looked
at the document which authorized him
to unite In matrimony Zacharewlcz
Perozyneki and Leokowarda Joullnakl
Ahem he said Zacha hm
hmskl do you tako thta woman
Yes sir responded the young
man Leohmnhsld do you take
this man to beet
Yes sir replied the woman
Then I pronounce you man awl
wife said the justice glad to find
something he could pronounce and I
1 heartily congratulate you both oil
having reduced those two names to
one Llpplncotts
Her One Anxiety
Thrown from her luxurious motor I
car the fair girl had lain Insensible
for many hours Now however tho I
operation was over consciousness had
returned and sho spoke faintly In the
darkened rpom
Yes mademoiselle The maid
bent over her
Yonne tell me Did I or dfd I not
have on my now silk stockings
Tommy polnto a Moral
Tommy Papa will you please mend
my hobbyhorse
PapaYes Tommy when I get
time And Ill mend the dlning room
sofa mid tho armchair and the
clothes screen and =
Tommy Gee Wont you be busy I
papa when you got tiDo7Llppll
Reliable Breakfast Foods
What sort of breakfast food do you
find the best
Well replied the well nourished
citizen I havent run across any
thing yet that beats bacon and eggs
though sausage and buckwheats afford
a pleasant change occasionally Phil
adelphia Ledger
Continually Thinking
Newlvwed Why I uevor thought of
saving until I was married
Jlev Fiddle D DAnd do you
now Newlvwed Oh yes Indeed I am
continually thinking how much I
might save if I wasnt married Ex
I A Happy Dispooltion
In a little while beefsteak will bo
as expensive as quail on toast
Well answered Mr Biggins then
we can eat quail without fooling reck
less and extravagant Washington
Once Enough
Sho History repeats itself you
HeNot always You never hoard
of a man eloping more than once did
you Yonkers Statesman
He Was Elected
Politician CongratulatioiiB Sarah 1
Ive been elected
Sarah with delight Honestly
Politician What difference doos
that ml1loSL Louis Times
Reply of a Stntcomano Wife
I Doors your husband boiler In the
Bopuiation of the church and the
I guess so Ho never coos to
Not on a Pleasure Trip
Laboicr Tho masters gone away
Visitor Oh for a holiday
Laborer I dont think so HOI
token tho missus Punch
Toklo Fob 1Tho Budget was
pneaed after slight amendments by
tho house The passage of the budget
wan assured through the recent com
mittee compromise whereby the land
I tax was reduced 8 per cent Invohln
I 40000 and the appropriations were
proportionately decreased
By Billy Madden famous as a fight
er before the present day pugilists
were born and handler of many of tho
greatest boxersthe world has ever
If there Is such a thing In fighting
as the new school Jack Johnson
was the first pupil to graduate This
Is my answer t o Jim Corbett who
claimed In a story In The American
a tow days ago f to be the originator
of a now scltool This new school is
the pure lmon brand of bunk
Fighters are oltily human Go way
back Into hlstoiyand you will discover
that everything5 now used In the t
Ing game Is exactly the same as years
ago In fact bldtimors have the
bulge on the men of today Wlien
they went in 10 fight they fought
Now many especially members of
Corbctts new school outer a ring
not to fight but to display their danc
ing abilities
Its a remarkable thing that every
new crop of fighters swell up and pro
nounce tbemsehes far superior to the
famous stars I have been hearing
this since I was 17 years old and now
I am 57
Men dont Improve in the prize ring
The game has afways been the same
and can never change bightingjs
simply a combination of speed gameness
ness and endurance Speed Is the
principal necessity But fighters such
as Corbett and others wore themselves
nut with tholr fancy footwork That
wus the reason I put a wager on FHz
when he beat Corbett at Carson City
Johnson fights In tho proper man
ner Ho stalls and fights on the de
fcnHlve Dancing around an oppon
ent may be an inspiring sight but It
never gathers ads coin Johnson can
get away from Jeffs rushes without
doing a highland fling Corbett and
McCoys argument to tho contrary
That Left and Crouch
Kid McCoy goes into raptures over
Jeffs marvelous left hand and the big
fellows crouch which ho says is in
vulnerable With these two great ad
vantages it took Jeff eight rounds to
350 Recipe Cores
Weak Kidneys free
Relieves Urinary and Kidney
Troubles Backache Straining
Swelling Etc
Stops Pain in the Bladder
Kidneys and Back
Wouldnt It be nice within a week or
so to begin to say goodbye forever to
the scalding dribbling straining or
too frequent passage of urine the I
forehead and the backof the head
aches the stitches and pains In the
back tho growing muscle weakness
spots before the ejos yellow skin
sluggish bowels swollen eyelids or
ankles leg cramps unnatural short
breath sleeplessness and the despon
I have a reclpo for these troubles
that you can depend on and If yon I
want to make a quick recovery you
ought to write and get a copy of It
Many a doctor would charge you 360
just for writing this prescription but
I have It and will be glad to send It
to you entirely free Just drop mo a
line llko this Dr A E Robinson
K1CC2 Luck Building Detroit filch I
and I will send it by return mall In
n plain envelope As you will sec
whun you got it this reclpo contains I
only puro harmless remedies but it
has groat healing and painconquering
It will quickly show Us power once
you use It so I think your had bettor
see what It ib without delay I will
send you a copy frecfoul can U6o Il
and cure yourself at home
stow away ntz And Inthe meantime
tho lanky Cornishman put over many I
n hard wallop Johnson mot Fltz and
through an accident stuck out his
right hand and Fitz went down and
out in two rounds By the accident
I mean that Johnson didnt Intend to
knock out Fitz but allow his to fctav
tho six rounds Fltz was Just as
good then ns when ho met Jeff The
comparison IB not In favor of Jeff
Ardent Joff admlrcis will yell Fitz
was all inl Well how do we know
that Jeff wont be all in when ho
m etfi the dark thunderstorm McCoy
says Jeff Is a wonder Ho means
that Jeff was a wonder There in u
wide gap between Is and was
When Jeff wn at his best Tom
Slmrkey hold him safe in his two
tiffs even If Jeff did get the verdict i
Everyone will admit that when Kid I
McCoy was good he was a pippin It
was not many months ago that he
went on with Jim Stewart at a local
club McCoy won the battle But It
Is prize ring history that Stewart was
the worst scared ighter that ever
climbed between r6pes Stewart
didnt know whether he was in a ring
or at a wake The Kid felt satis
fied after that victory that ho couldnt
come back and gracefully retired
Jeff Is no different rom McCoy When
he meet Johnson he will realize af
ter the affair that no man can come
Can Crouching Men Fight
Now for n little discussion about
Jeffs crouch The crouch Is a gran
thing lo look at But can a man fight
In that manner Echo answers no
A man has to stand up to fight And
Johnson will maIm Jeffries fight Kvcn
If Johnson stalls during the early part
he will keep Jeff fighting all the time
To do much damage Jeff will have to
abandon his crouch and fight in the
open 1C Jeff forces Johnson to swap
punches dont forgot that tho whlto
man will be meeting a colored marvel
who has two good hands This Is an
advantage In favor of Jack If Jeff
persists Inhls crouch it will give John
son good opportunities to whip in his
terrible righl hand uppercuts
Suppose Johnson clips Jeffs chin
s > oral times with a stinging upper
cut dont you think It will hurt Jeff
You know he Is only human In his
brat fight with Jeff Corbett cropped
him with a straight right hand and it
nearly put Jeff to the floor Johnson
can hit harder than Jeff over could
Being a left handbd fighter Jeff Is
handicapped He has only one good
hand while a real good lefthander
should be able to jab with his right
and use the left for the finishing
A fow more words to Corbett and
others about flatfooted fighters
Peter Jackson was strictly a flatfoot
ed fighter and he went G4 rounds
with Corbett Looks as If a flat
footed man isnt so bad eh 7
Getting back to the new school
I wish to say that Mike Donovan was
the greatest clover man that ever
stopped Into a ring Billy Edwards
was another shifty veteran So was
Jack Dempsey and Jack McAnllffe
But all were members of the poor de
funct old school As I finish I would
request Corbolt to Inform mo what
school Fitz belonged to when he shot
that solar ploxua Into Jims body at
Carson City
Now York Fob 12The violent
stock market disturbance of Monday
was followed by recovery ascribed
largely to tho nature forces of reac
tion The relief afforded by liquida
tion affected followed by the satisfac
tion of part of the demand from the
shorts left the future course of tho
market a matter of a divergence of
Trade recession came Into discus
lion as being possibly foreshadowed
by the heavy declines In stocks and
bj tho lull In demand for some com
modities The decisions in the Amer
ican Tobacco and Standard Oil cases
and the subsequent course to be
adopted by the government authori
ties assume momentous importance in
view of both financial and government
L > ni 1 W
Beginning Monday our entire line of Brass and Iron
Bed at greatly reduced prices for one week We arc dis
playing over 150 patterns of Brass and Iron Beds made by the k
best manufacturers in the country showing the latest and 1x
I t I
most approved lines in beds
The pleasure of a Iiomp is added to in large measure by
I cozy pretty bedrooinfurniture and the most important factor
is the bed Our line will surprise you ti
A No r 296 Brass flew special
cial satin finish continu
SJ ous post posts arco in l
Price 5f3300 reduced
1 to 2500
J 1
i Hjo
This No 1024 beauliful
iron bed combination col
i ors graceful design brass a +
trimmed 1400 reduced l 01
to 1000 W J r 1 W 1
tA44J 11 TIU I
llb i v f
y ti
j M
This No 105 Iron Bcd
1 Pk t
combination colors t
t lj strong as a higher priced
H i 1 bed for only 550
> It1
Iron beds as low as r 2 50 Make your selection early and
s et the bent choice We are also making special price on 1
a complete bedroom set and a dining room set Sec our display
windows for the same F
Our new Carpets and Rugs arc arriving daily and dur
ing this month we are o1ug to make special prices on all
floor coverings i c C
The most uptodafe pattern ever shown from the best
mills I j I 1
f j
We make the terms to suit your income t
JJ > > t MI r + T x t 7di Jtr > l oj rtr IP
I Ogden Furniture Carpet Company 1
i t t J I
r I
wI = S = = =
eo J
Attractions at the New Ogden TbeaLre i
t j
< >
r T onsg L
1 Y Is r bur F a SATURDAY 9
P4I1k f1
n r
r t1c
Pf ± =
4 rC s
t i aJlliu
l The F tan a r ican
y f MusicaR Comedy
The Top 0 Th9 World
The All Year Round Success at the
Chicago Casino and Maestlc Theaters New York City and St11
Only One
dcbakcr Theater COIn
Th World Companies The Real Stars and an Or p Infng pies Thee arc no Number Two Top O i
nglDal Compony Intact
n = <
< r i E
rh H u k 6J
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