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I a rj
Jnd Phone two ringsNo 58
BelJ Phone to rlnjj3 No 50
Ind Phone ono ringNo 60
I Bell PhoneS one rlngNc 56
WANTED Clean white rag3 at the
f Pneumonia FatalVera A Way
mont the twoyear old daughter of
l Mr and Mrs Leonard Wnyment died
at the home of her parents In War
ren Weber couniy Saturday after a
short Illness with pneumonia Funor
al services will ho held from the War
rem meeting housf > at 1 oclock Tues
afternoon and burial will bo In the
Warren cemotory
Kcmmcror Coal guaranteed tbo bes
gold only by 11 L Jones Coal Co Inn
HO Bell 499K
The monthly priesthood meeting
cf tho Weber stake convened yester
day lit 2 oclock In the Second ward
meeting house President L W
Sliurlllff presiding An unusually
Inrgc attendance fully 300 members
were present A very pleasant fea
ture was the four part singing of tho
Ninth ward priesthood under the ill
roctlon of M Charles Wood After
tho opening exercises departments
adjourned to theIr rooms where les
SOns for the coming month were dis
STORAGE nt reasonable rates In
good brick building If you need any
room consult John Sccwcroft Sono
Call Allen pnonoa 22 for carriages
for funerals and operas Private calls
t specialty Also prompt delivery of
baggage 412 2Cth
Cocaine Cruoade Chief Browning
takes exceptions to reports made by
some of the correspondents of the
Salt Lake papers He says that the
article which appeared In the DoBcrot
News Friday afternoon Is wrong re
specting the campaign against the use
and salo of cocaine In this city The
Chief says he did not Insinuate that
all druggists and doctors In Ogden
were breaking the law on cocaine
Burglar In a Home A burglar en
tered the home of Mrs Carl Ander
son GIG Jefferson avenue at an
onrly hour Sunday morning and ran
sacked the premises Trunks bureaus
and closets where money and other
valuable might he found were opened
and some things were stolen Tho ex
act amount cannot now be determined
Advcrtlsern must TKXVS their copy for
tlo Evening Standard the evening be
fore tho day on which tho advertise
ment Is to appear In order to insure
9 =
A letter from George C Rcadc
signed Old Timer has been received
and It tells a ale of hardships en
counters In Indian lighting and also
reiterates a pitiful condition of want
Reado was born In Now York city
In 1S5 and spent hie boyhood in and
around his native city At tho age
of 21 ho married and emigrated to
Colorado in 1859 with his wife Mr
Rcado engaged In tho livery buslnosu
In Denver and nearby Colorado towns
and served in innumerable Indian
wars both In Colorado and Utah Af
ter his wife died about 12 years ago
the aged veteran unable to console
himself for her loss while living in
the vicinity where jvery familiar
Bcene brought back memories of his
happy married life started roving and
In the last 12 years has been practic
ally all over the western states
That lie acquitted himself nobly
when called upon to defend his own
and his neighbors homos against the
savage and hostile redskins Is provoll
by the paper he carries carefully
wrapped In a a heavy envelope from
the secretary of tho society of Na
tional Indian War Veterans This
lettur advises Mr Rondo of tho fact
that tho society In consideration of
the valuable work he had done In
tho Indian wars and his advanced
age has decided to cancel all dues
and elect tho aged New Yorker an
l honorary life member of the organ
After roving all over the country
Ruade came to Ogden on tho chance
or finding work about a month ago
His scanty supply of money soon be
LOST Diamond necklace containing
diamonds pearls and blcstoncs
Liberal reward Return to Broom
hotel room 51 21 Mwk
f have same by calling at Stock Ex
change 315 2lth street and paying
tor tills iiiitlrp 211Ut
Saying our flour Is the best flour
for you to use unless we can back
np our Btatement with good eolld
Order a Sack of
Try it every day thin week try It
baking and at the
for all kinds of
end of the week tell us If you vo ever
had bettor bako Bluffs at less expense
Flour 16 IlR Oro
PCVJB Cr rcent Dr
best recommendation JCyqu will but
try It
1 y camo exhausted and unable to find
employment the hardy old timer was
forced to throw himself on the char
ity of pedestrians Ho has now been
bogging on tho streets of Ogden for
more than two weeks and boarding
at the Ogden rooming house on Ton
tyllflh Btroet It scorns hard In this
era of pensioning off old employes
and veterans that a man who has
I rendered his country as much service
as has Reade should be forced to
beg for a living on the streets of a
western city A reporter looked up
the aged veteran of many a battle
yesterday afternoon and found him
in the yard hack of the Ogden room
ing house doing chores for his bed
I Yes times are rather bard with me
I just now he said but I guess some
thing will turn up soon I am still
able to do almost any kind of work
except heavy laboring and have had
lots of experience In janitor work If I
there Is anything I can get to do for
awhllo I think things will start up
pretty soon and I would bo willing to I
work for board and lodcinc Just
now I am forced to beg for a living
f Some days lent and some days 1
Rendc has had a family of eight
children He has heard nothing from
any of his children for more than 10
years although several of his five
sons aro married and extremely well
to do In different parts of the coun
Although 74 years of age bade
carries his years with an optimism
any bouynncy In spite of his plllble
plight that would do honor to a man
half his CarK Ho bos the straight
stately carriage of the hardy fron
tiersmen who made the west
As everyone knows C W Post of
Battle Creek Michigan Is not only
a maker of breakfast foods but he I
Is a strong individualist who bellevoa
that tho tradeunions arc a menace to
the liberty of tho country
Believing this and being a natur
al born scrapper for the right as he
sees it Post for several years past
has been engaged In a ceaseless war
fare against tho Labor Trust as he
likes to call it
Not being able to secure free and
untrammeled expression of his opin
ions on this subject through tho rog
ular reading pages of the newspapers
ho has bought advertising space for
this purpose Just as he is accustomed
to for the telling of his Postum
story and ho lips thus spent hun
dreds of thousands of dollars In de
nouncing tradeunionism
As a result of Posts activities tho
people now know a whole lot about
theso organizations how they are
honeycombed with graft how they ob
struct the development of legitimate
businoos curtail labors output hold
up manufacturers graft upon their
own membership and rob the public
Naturally Post Is hated by the trades
unionists nnd intensely
He employs no union labor so they
can not call out his men and he defies
their efforts at boycotting his prod
ucts The latest means of getting
Post Is the widespread publication
the story that a car which was re
cently wrecked In transmission was
found to be loaded with empty peanut
shells which were being shipped from
the south to Posts establishment at
Battle Crock
The canard probably originated
with President John Fitzgerald of the
Chicago Federation of Labor who It
Is said slated It publicly as truth
Post comes back anil glvqs Fitz
gerald the He direct He dpnounccs
Fltfcgoralds statement as a deliberate
falsehood an underhanded and cow
ardly attempt to injure his business
having not the slightest basis In fact
As such an effort It must be regarded
It is significant that this statement
about the peanut shells Is being
given wide newspaper publicity In
the patent inside of an eastern coun
try paper I find It and tho Inference
naturally Is that laborunionists are
insidiously spreading this lie
An institution or a man which will
resort to moral intimidation and to
physical force that will destroy ma
chinery and burn buildings that will I
maim and kill If necessary to effect
its ends naturally would not hesitate
to spread falsehood for the same pur
Wo admire Post While we haveno
enmity toward labor unions so long
as they aro conducted in an honest
llvcandlctllvo kind of a way we
have had enough of the tarred end
of the stick to sympathize thoroughly
with what he Is trying to do Ho de
serves support A man like Post can
not bo killed oven with lies They
aro a boomerang every time Again
we know for hasnt this weapon ev
er weapon that could be thought of
been used and not simply by labor
unions to put us qut of business too
I am going to drink two cups of
Postum every morning from this time
on and iut myself on a diet of Grape
Nuts Bully for Post Editorial III
The American Journal of Clinical
Medicine < >
Dairymen of Utah will hold a con
vention in Salt Lake February 17 fol
lowing the Utah State Horticultural
convention to ho held on tho two pre
vious days Arrangements for this
convention were made as an after
thought and only completed yesterday
by J Edward Taylor state horticul
tural Inspector Mr Taylor said that
the plan for a meeting of tho Utah
State Dairy association had mot with
enthusiastic approval among tho dairy
men Inasmuch as many of them aro
also members of the horticultural as
sociation and by holding tho meetings
the same week all will be able to take
advantage of the special railroad
The horticultural convention will
convent at 10 a m February 15 and
continue for two days The program
for the dairymens convention opens
at 10 oclock Thursday morning and
the program will bo as follows
Morning Session 10 oclock
Address byPresident of tho Asso
ciation Lx > renzo Hanson What the
Dairy Cow Can Do for Utah Prof L
A Merrill Keeping Cows for Prof
it A N Holdaway
Afternoon Sez lon 1 oclock
Future Dairy Development In
Utah H E Cain The Production
of Sanitary MilkBen R Eldrcdge
Some Feeding Suggestions Prof T
E Woodward Practical Dairy Leg
islation W F Jonsen
This will be followed by a business
Elgin Ills Fob 14 Butter firm
Sales for tho week llSSoO pounds
J 1
I Sewer Outlet Muot Be Protected from
I the High Water In the
Weber River
Tho thaw of yesterday and today
has atoned prophetic tongues wag
ging In the language of most of the
weather prophets this Is tho regula
tion February thaw and the winter
Is broken Spring is surely upon us
and It Is nearly tlmo for the farmer
to prepare tho plow for Immediate use
It Is sold that many a time when the
wlncr has been like this one plow
Ing has begun in February and the
crops have been planned before the
end of March It Is also said that just
such conditions as this coupled with
the winter weather of the past two
months pregase early spring and
much high water big crops and plenty
of money next fall
Be that as it may yesterday was a
thawing day and tho south wind of
today Ig culling the anow and ice from
the streets
Since Sunday morning the thermom
eter has registered near tho 40degrcc
mark nnd at no tlmo has it ap
proached anything near tho freezing
point Tho temperature In the can
yons has risen perceptibly If tho
temperature continues at the 10inark
for a few days tho waters of the riv
ers will greatly Increase in volume
At present however there Is no per
ceptible rise In the streams
High water is anticipated and prep
arations aro being made against it
Residents of the lowlands along the
Weber and Ogden rivers mire reenforc
lag tho1 dykes and levies that protected
property against the floods last year
The committee of the city council
on streets in coopcrutlon with prop
erty owners has a force of men at
work at the north ond of Lincoln ave
nuu where lho > arc building a strong
dyke to prevent Ogden river over
flowing the banks At this particular
point the river takes a sudden swing
northward turning almost at a right
angle The city engineer advises that
unless dyking is done there In such
way us to materially change the angle
of the turn in tho river the river will
overflow tho lands to the westward
during the high water season
The city engineer will recommend
to the council tonight that precaution
ary measures bo taken against the
damage that might come to the sower
system at the Intersection of Twenty
I first street and the Weber river by
the overflow of Ute river In high water
lime Tho engineer states that the
main body of tho river at this point
strikes the bank with great force and
has washed it out to within a few feet
of the sewer pipe and that tho pipe
will bo washed away J the channel of
the river Is not chanted
Mr Bostnph will recommend that a
solid dyke of rook and timber be built
around the turn of tho river so as to
protect the pipe or that log cribs
filled with stone he placed in the river
at that place
A delegation of citizens of the north
ern part of Davis county Were In Og
den recently for the purpose of get
ting advice regarding the legal phase
of the question of having a part of
Davis county attached to Weber coun
ty They consulted attorneys hero
and were advised that tho matter
could bo determined by a Joint ma
jority vote of the residents of tho
two respective counties
I seoms that at least threefourths
of the people of that portion of Davis
count are very anxious to have Og
den for their count seat as they
claim that Ogden Is their market
town and much nearer to them than I
Fnrmlngton the county seat of Davis
Tickets on sale Feb 1ith to 18th
inclusive good to return until the
10th also on Bale 2lst and 22nd re
turning tho 27th
Depot 25th St and Lincoln A c
Why tnko any chances In buying
your meals where both Inspected and
notInspected meats are handled You
may then got either kind Be on tho
safe Hide Buy your meats where U
S Inspected moats arc handled EX
CLUSIVELY We have no other
kind You will seo the Inspection
stamp on overy ploco of meat In our
market Seeing Is believing Give us
a trial Wo guarantee satisfaction
Bell 13GS Inl1 3C54D
217G Jackson Ave
Impressive funeral services were
held over the remains of John Staker
at tho Third ward meeting house Sat
urday afternoon Bishop E A Blug
hara presiding Music was furnished
by the Wilson ward choir and many
relatives and friends gathered to pay
their lust respects
There was on unusually large at
tendance of relatives and friends of
the doacd man Solos were rendered
by Mrs Mary Tone the first being
Tho Christians Good Night The
speakers wore President C F Mid
dleton Hyrum Boll l Bishop Robert
McFarland and Bishop Bingham of the
Wilson ward The floral offering was
exceptionally abundant and beautiful
B A Larkin presided at tho dedica
tion of the grave and burial was In
the city cemetery
Fully sixty singers dancers come
dlans and musicians will appear In the
Elks Imperial Minstrels to be given
at the Ogden Theater on Feb 23 21
I and 25 Among the ninny artists to
appear will be S W Chapson O P
Meclws I J McGulre Crtorgo Glenn
i Jay Glenn Paul Kubn Judo J A
S A Magln
Howoll Jed Ballantyno
Silfi C 0 DdVolf li T Clark W D
z S
t <
i J
CoreY Eddie Miller T
f 1lol
W ZolierL
I P Hard L F Wlllt
lock mid about fort O 1ns
rehearsal IR called for
Another big cal
tonight when several other stars will
work out In the various stunts
One of tho big features this years
show will be the rand transforma
tion wi part a most gorgeous sot
ton entitled The Bower of Roses
ting entted
In which the entire company will ap
pear on an elevated stage arrayed In
gorgeous costumes and backed by
beautiful scenery
l Othor features to bo presented arc
Tho Coon From Alabama The
Death ol the Gladiator and as n
llttlnc close to a highclass minstrel
performance The Dusky Belles and
Beaux will present the whirlwind
afterpiece Hulda Hawklns Ball an
act entirely new to modern minstrelsy
This afternoon people residing be
tween Twentysixth and Twentysev
enth streets on Adams avenue need
H Hat boat or rubber bootH to success
fully get In or out of their homes
There Is a lake In front of the resi
dences extending nearly to the middle
of the road The sidewalk Is under
The accumulation of water at that
point Is due to the overflow from the
gutters on Twentj sixth and Twenty
seventh streets and the clogged con I
dltlon of tho drain In tho gutter mid I
diion The
way between the two streets I
ground is low at that point and the
water readily flows In that direction I
The city road supervisor has lund n
force of men working during the day
and finally succeeded In opening the
gutter on Twent > sixth and Twenty
sovonth street sufficiently to carry
the surplus water away In another di
rection But the lake remains and
will not bo released until tho drain Is
opened up
The supervisor has encountered
considerable difficulty In different
parts of the city In removing the Ice
and other obstructions from tho gut
ters An electrical storm accompanied by
hall and sleet prevailed In the city
during a part of the afternoon
Mrs A C Barber entertained at a
kensington Tuesday afternoon Her
rooms wore beautifully decorated with
palms and carnations Tho guests of
tile afternoon wore Mrs Phlllls K
Knlsely Mrs Ralph E Bristol Mrs
Richard T Knno Mrs Ambrose P
Hlbbu Mrs Albert G Horn Mrs Jas
H Devine Mrs S K Brick Mrs it
S Joyce Mrs 0 1 Runyan Mrs J
C Cooper Mrs John E Carver Mrs
John S Lewis Mrs R R Lewis Mrs
George M McCormick Mrs Vlscher
Mrs P A Hardtl Mrs J C Nye Mrs
Harry Bayard Mrs Meek Mrs Gco
H Halvcrson Mrs T H Rhine Mrs I
Rudiger Mrs Olcapon 1lrs Harry I
True Mrs Frank M Driggs Mrs J
T Rush mol lr Cfantz Miss Mon
ogue and Miss Short
Alleging that more than five years
ago her husband drove her and her
children from their homo in Ogdon and
never allowed them to return and
has since neglected and failed to pro
vide the common necessaries of life
Annie Jensen through her attorneys
filed suit for divorce In tho district
court toda against Christian Jenson
cour complainant alleges that thny
wore married in Weber county No
vember IG 1S91 that as an issue of
the marriage there are two children
aged 15 and 17 years that on April
17 1901 the defendant ordered her
to leave the home In Ogdon city and
never return Mrs Jensen further
alleges that since the time sho was
forced to leave the Tiome the defend
ant has rented the homo and received
the benefits therefrom
She asks that the defendant who
resides at Turner Idaho bo restrained
from disposing of hisproperty in Og
den until the final hearing In tho
case She also asks that the court
grant 3ior an Interlocutory decree
that the defendant bo required to
pay 50 attorneys fees and 25 per
month alimony and such other relief
as the court may deen Just
Accompanying the complaint In the
ca e was an order of tho court re
straining tho defendant from dispos
ing of any property In tho jurisdic
tion of the court and setting the hear
ing on the order for February 2Cth
Port Arthur Manchuria Fob 1
Inchan Angan the Korean who assa
ssinated Prince Ito former Japanese
resident general of Korea at Harbin
October 26 1909 was convicted today
and sentenced to death
Angan was formerly an editor and
was alleged to be a member of a
secret Korean organization tho object
of which was the assassination of
Prince Uo
O Washington Fob HHep Q
O resentntivo Martin Denij of 0
O Colorado today Introduced 1 0
O resolution declaring the recent O
O sales of 55000 acres of Friar C
O lands In the Philippines which 0
O he alleges to have been made 0
O to a representative of the O
O Havemoyor sugar Interests 0
O to be a violation of the law O
O denouncing the department of 0
O justice for upholding It and de 0
O mandlng an Investigation O
O 0
Wooburn Mass Feb HThe body
of Major Ambrose Bancroft who
fought in 26 battles of the Civil war
wab found hanging In his homo in
this city yesterday He had commit
ted sulslde For several years Majqr
Baucroft had been falling both men
tally Dd physically Ho was 78
years of age
Washington Fob M Sponhlns In
favor of the rivers and harbors bill
Speaker Cannon occupied tho house
floor for twenty minutes today re
minding the Democrats that the pow
er of the majorly WQ hUllo unless
enforced by a well oiled machine and I
dfclarmg that the antagonistic metro
Politan Journals reminded him of the
Yanke who made his razors to sell
ht many friends and accuialntnnc
es of Wllllum John Plckett will bo
pulned to learn of his death which
occurred at his home Ill Patorson
avenue at 43u oclock Saturday af
ternoon after on Illness of paralysis
Mr Pickett was among tho stalwart
members oC the Mormon church and
hsul been Identified with Utah Inter
ests for the past twontytlvc years
He was well known In Ogden nnd baa
many friends besides numerous rel
Mr Plckett was born in England
June 28th 1893 and came to this couu
try about twentyfive years ago first
settling at Vernal Utah where ho
resided with his family for about
eleven years when he removed hla
family to Ogden whero they have
since resided lie was baptised into
the Mormon church at an early ago
and remained faithful and firm In tho
Faith during his entire leI
The deceased Is survived bra wlfo
and six children ant seventeen grand
children Following are time names
nnd residences of the children
William Plckett David Plckett
both of Ogden James Plckott of Poca
tello Ldaho Mrs 1 D Lluderman
of Lon Angeles California Mrs
Goorgo Wansgaard and Mrs H L
Grant of Ogden
Mr Pickett was 71 years of ago
when the grim reaper called him
During his life up to five years ago
hi had enjoyed good health At that
time he was stricken with paralysis
nnd he never recovered Recently
however he had been feeling bettor
and during all Saturday morning ho
was cheerful nnd joked with his wife
and other members of the family be
ing apparently in fairly good health
and buoyant In spirits At about 330
In the afternoon ho fell over with a
paralytic stroke and did not regain
Funeral services will bo held Wed
nesday afternoon at 2 oclock from the
First ward meeting house under the
auspices of Bishop D II Ensign of
the First Ward
Special music will bo a feature of the
services and will bo rondeied In con
nection with the choir of the ward
Previous to tho funeral the casket
will be open at the residence 141
Patterson avenue on Tuesday evening
and on Wednesday morning until 10
oclock Relatives and friends of the
deceased are Invited to attend Tho
I burial will be In the Ogden city ceme
tery I
The following real estate transfers
were fed with the county recorder to
Scmantha J Hanloy to Lucy S Me I
Dermott part of lot 9 block 31 plat
A Consideration 2JOO
Lucy S McDermott to Semantha
J Hanley lots 1 15 and 1C block 3
Cropsoys addition Consideration
Gustave Peterson and wife to An
drew Peterson part of the southeast
quarter of section 12 township C north
of range 2 cast Consideration 700
Moroni Skeen and wife to Bert
Christiansen part of lot 3 block 55
plat A Consideration 550
BoiEO Ida Fob HThe sale of
short weight lard Is charged In the
Indictments returned by the grand
Jury here today against William Noah
agent of the Cudahy Packing company
the Boise Butcher company and tho
Idaho Dressed Beet company
Tho grand Jury which hog been
probing Into the local food trust situa
tion finds that a combination of coal
dealers was formed to control prices
but that the agreement to Increase the
prices was not carried Into ocecL The
grand jurp also reports that there was
a combination of moat dealers but not
for the purpose of controlling prices
Kansas City Feb HIn this city
today a grand jury took up what prom
ises to bo a most exhaustive invest
gotlon of the Swope mystery
Simultaneously at tho office ot
Frank P Walsh leading attorney for
Dr B C Hyde the taking of deposi
tions In the civil suit brought by Dr
Hyde against John G Paxton for al
leged slander was resumed O tL
Gentry a druggist of Independence
Mo giving his deposition today testified
led that he eent a bottle of medicine
containing strychnine to the Swope
home for Colonel Swopos uso Just ono
week before the millionaire died
Mr Gentry said he was almost cer
tain that it was on September 30th
that Miss Hunton telephoned for a
bottle of medicine for Cousin Tom
When It Comes Along Dont Let It
Get Away From You
I really feel that It Is hardly poss
ible to say too much In favor or
GrapoNUts ts as a health foodwrltos
a Chicago woman
For 19 years I had suffered from
Indigestion and chronic constipation
caused by the continued use of coffee
and rich heavy greasy foods My
ailments made my life so wretched
aiment rnde
that I was eager to try anything that
held out a promise of help And that
IK how I happened t buy a package
of GrapeNuts food last spring
That ondod my experiments For
ia GrapeNuts I found exactly what
I wanted and needed From the day
I began to use U I noticed an improvement
few weeks I
ment and In a very
found my health completely restored
1Y digestive apparatus now works
perfectly and my chronic constipation
has bee entirely relieved I have
gained In weight materially and le
i a very pleasant thing to me BO
long nd I use GruoeNuts once or
twice a day 1 have found by experi
ment that If I leave it off for a few
days my health suffers
A physician In our town has great
success In treating stomach troubles
and the secret of It IB that ho puts
his patients on GrapeNuts always
brings back the powor of digestion
Theres a Reason
Read The Road to Wcllvlllc in
pK S
Ever read the above letter A new
one appears from time to time They
arc Interest genuine true and full of human
7 j =
O 0
O 0
Mr Hunton himself died the next day
October 1 Mr Gentry said that each
teaspon of the medicine contained one
onehundredth and eightieth of a grain
of strychnine and that each bottle
contained four fifteenths ot a grain
The witness testified that he had not
sold more than four bottles of the
medicine to the Swopcs In tho year
before Colonel Swope died
Frank P Walsh announced today
that a sheriff would guard the en
trance to the grand Jury room next
Wednesday while Dr Hcckto was
testifying and that tho physician
would bo served with the writ a he
emerged from the grand jury room
hearing nnd be taken to Mr Walshs
office to give his deposition in Dr
Hydes damage suit
Dr Hccktoen was subpoenaed to
give his deposition while ho was here
for the coroners Inquest and Mr
Walsh assort that tho specialist Ig
nored the summons
Miss Pearl Kellar the nurse who at
tended Colonel Swopc was among the
witnesses summoned by the grand
Jury todya
Ancud Chile Feb HThe Chilean
cruiser Mlnlstro Zentono and five
steamers of the Pacific Navigation
company are racing south today In
tho desperate hope that they may save
the 68 persons who when last re
ported wore clinging to the stern of
the British steamer Alma a the ves
sel was pounding herself to pieces
on a reef in the Huamblln passage in
tho Strait of Magellan
Two hundred and five persons were
taken from the wreck by the British
steamer Hatumet under difficulties
which finally compelled the Hatumet
to abandon the work of rescue Four
of the Hatumots crow sacrificed their
lives before their captain commanded
his crew t cease their efforts
Boise Idaho Feb HJudge Diet
rich In tho United States district
court today overruled a motion for a
coparate trial of the case of William
F Kottonbach the Lewlaton banker
charged with conspiracy to defraud
the federal government out of tim
ber lauds along the Clearwater riv
er The court at the same time sus
tained the motion of tho government
for a consolidation of the cusss
against Kettenbach Georgo H Ken
tel William Dwyor and Jackson
Tho trial of all four defendants on
an Indictment returned In 1906 will
begin tomorrow in Boise a change of
venue having been granted from the
northern division of Idaho district
In a former trial Kettenbach Kes
ter and Dwyer were convicted on two
counts of the indictment but acquit
ted on three others
An appeal was taken to the United
States circuit court of appeals and
the case was remanded back for a
second rltal Other indictments on
I tho charge were returned against the
dcfcndantfl last jonr but tho trial be
ginning tomorrow will be a new ono
Kettenbach and Kester until recent
ly were officers of the Lowlston Na
tlcnnl bank They arc also under In
dictment for embezzlement of fuuds
of tho bank Dwyer was a timber
cruiser and is alleged to have been
employed by Kettenbach and Kotor
Mr OKecfo was indicted as an ac
To Salt Lake City
Dally Feb 14th to 18th Goqd to
return 19th 110 round trip 21
trains The above account Utah
State Horticultural society Utah Arid
Farm association Utah Dairymens as
sociation The Lombardi Opera Co
engagement all week
Washington Fob lI the calcu
lation of members of the senate and
house committee on Interstate com
merce does not go amiss the adminis
tration railroad measure probably will
be under discussion on tho floor of
congO within a month Commit
tees of both houses practically have
completed their general hearings but
members of the Interstate commerce
commission and Attorney General
Wlckcrshain are still to be heard
The railroads with the exception
of tho Chicago Rock Island and Pa
cific have shown a disposition to let
the bill go through without contest
ing IL The bill will be amended In
many respects by the house commit
tee hut It Is already well understood
that it will cover the essential fcea
turos of the presidents measure As
outlined today the bill will cover the
following points
Firm Control of tho issuance of
stocks and bonds by railroad compan
ies and prohibition of the purchase of
competing linos
SecondA provision requiring rail
roads to furnish thoir rates on appli
cations with a penalty for failure to
Third Giving the Interstate com
merce commission power to suspend
a proposed rate before it goes Into ef
Fourth Making effective the lond
and short haul clause oE tw present
law BO as to forbid 1 higher charge
on a short haul than on a long haul
This provision In tho present In
ns destroyed by decisions of the
Fifth Giving the commission pow
er to control the classification of
freight and of all regulations and prac
tices of railroad companies I
The provision for a court of com
merce probably will not be Included
in tho house committees report
New Orleans La Fob 13Moro
than 1 hundred members of the Ni
ttonal Editorial association which con
cluded its arinual convention here
left today on the ateamor Cartbgft for
Panama A vanguard of SO editoffi
sailed for that port ycstciday
Have You Noticed
Three stages there arc of lovers
And Ol will agree we are right
The first is a misunderstanding r
The second a quarrel the third A
fight Chicago News
Charles Riley tho youthful box car
robber who was sentenced to the
State Industrial school a number of
months ago and who subsequent
was ringleader In the break for lib
erty which a number of the inmates
attempted was returned to tho dl
trict court this morning and sentenced
t ono year In the state prison by
Judge Howell
Tho career of the young criminal
reads lee the stories of the heroes
of the nickel novels Several months
ago Riley In company with two oth
ers WA arrested upon the charge of
burglarizing Union Pacific box cars
When questioned Riley exonerated time
others and they were released and h1
was sentenced to the State Industrial
school During the time he was con
fined at the school Riley was under
special guard and was the leader In
all revolts and attempts to escape
The authorities of the school pre
sented the matter to the board of trus
tees of the Institution and they or
dered the return of Rlloy to the dis
trict court
Rile was taken to the penitentiary
this afternoon by Deputy Sheriff
Given under auspices of the employ
Tuesday evening Feb 15 at Congress
Dancing Academy Admission DOC
per couple Extra lady 25c Coney
Island sandwiches and punch served
free Everybody Invited
Citizens of Ogden
Boost Cot your city by using OG
DEN MADE FLOUR It costs you no
more and ever sack you use Is a
boost for your town
In that way you make a Chicago
of Ogden Ogden Milling Ele
vator Co
Chicago Feb 13 Thirteen were
overcome by Illuminating gag and a
woman was killed by inhaling gas
At the residence of Henry Kolkey
twelve people who remained over
night after attending a party were
saved from death by the cry of a baby
The family and the visitors had re
tired after dancing until almost day
light While they slept n defective
gas pipe poured fumes into tho
crowded quarters The gas became1
so dense that they still were asleep
at 1 oclock In tho afternoon At that
time a baby sleeping In another room
by a window became hungry and be
gan to wall loudl This aroused
Henry Kolkoy the only one In thr
house not completely overcome lu
a dazed condition he managed to
crawl to a window and call for help
Outsiders soon battered open tho
doors They found members of the
family and visitors ail unconscious
some apparently dead They wore
taken to a hospital where It was
thought they would recover
In a hotel the police found Annie
Miller 24 years old dead from the
effects of gas and Annie Evans 20
years oldintlme same room dying
Portland Feb 13At 1 oclock to
night no word having been received
loin the jury in the case of Blnser
Herman Judge Wolvcrlon ordered tht
jury to be locked up for the night
Time Jury was still arguing the case
at S16 but about 930 the lights In
the Jury room wore extinguished
Portland Ore Feb l tAter thir
tyone hours spent In the considera
tion of the evidence In the case of
Mr CommlBsione roC the General
tried for
and Ofllcc finger Hermann
conspiracy to defraud the government
in connection with tho establishment
of the Blue Mountain forest preservu
In this state the jury at 630 oclock
tonight still was unable to icach a
Judge Charles E Wolverine an
nounced at that time that ho would
answer any call from tho Jury room
up to 11 oclock and that If 1 vcrdlot
had not been agreed upon al that hour
he would lock up the jurors for tim
The jurors haggard and worn from
their ordeal made but ono appearance
In court today Shortly after 10
oclock today they asked to have rend
to hem again the Instructions of tho
court as to what constituted reason
able doubt and conspiracy
Following a consultation with the
Folowing Judge Wolvorton rcrcad
Trom Juts instructions the portions
asked for and In addition also read
that portion of his Instructions bear
ing upon the credibility of witnesses
Tho Jurors again retired
It was rumored that the jury stood
9 to 3 for acquittal
Paris Feb Championship con <
tests have been arranged by tho In
ternational Cycling union now In nn >
nual session here for July 1 21 and
21 in Brussels The 1911 champion
ships will be held In Turin The congress
rejected tho of the
gross to
American delegates that cyclists be
authorized to appeal to the Interna
tional union In cases where the na
tional bodies refuse licenses
T6 keep tho rivers of the country
free tom tumps and other impedi
ments to navigation tb government
maintains a fleet of no steamboats
spends 500000 a ea

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