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Page 1 by JUSTICE DAVID J BREWER of the United States Supreme Court H Tabfe
Ballots Will Not Prevent JBabies Quality of Offspring Pre
j ferable to Quantity The Lioness and the Hare
HE question of female suffrage
THE the gho3t of Banquo will
not down To some it is only
a shade from the nether world
while to others it is as one of the
whiterobed celestial beings who ap
peared to Peter James and John on the
mountain top
Turning from the supernatural to the
real it is now a living practical ques
tion It has passed beyond the days of
ridicule and we hear no more of its
advocates as shorthaired women and
longhaired men It is being considered
by thoughtful men and women ani
mated by the desire of doing that which
I shall be for the best interests of all
Speaking abstractly it is difficult to
see how the capacity to vote and to vote
wisely depends on the mere matter of
sex or that that fact alone decides for
or against female suffrage Yet not
always does abstract right determine the
question of wisdom or availability A
t scheme may seem logically correct and
perfect and yet upon trial prove a fail I
ure John Locke drafted a form of I
government for one of the Southern
colonies which on the face of it ap
peared to be wise and just yet it failed
of success The consent of the gov
erned affirmed in the Declaration of In
dependence is not always of immediate
application By the late amendments to
the national constitution the emancipated
slaves were made citizens and given the
right of suffrage yet it has always been
a question whether the latter grant was
then the part of wisdom for them or the
nation The inhabitants of the Philip
pine Islands were brought under our
control Full suffrage was not granted
to them and the matter is still one for
fair discussion whether now or if not
now how soon it should be granted
Indeed looking at other nations we find
that in many of them the people are
not yet capable of selfgovernment
f They have not the respect for legal
r proceedings the selfrestraint which is
necessary to make safe and efficient gov
ernment of and by the people So it is
a practical question whether the grant
ing today of full female suffrage will
inure to the benefit of the sex or the
nation It has been granted in four
States and thoughtful men are watch
ing those States to see its effects upon
their political life
Objections arc raised not flippantly
but seriously and to be seriously con
t sidered One grows out of the fact that
I in many States the franchise has been
I granted to women in respect only to
L educational matters We naturally think
that nothing would be of more vital
importance to them than that which
I affects their children and that they
would everywhere take part in educa
tional questions and show their inter
est by participation in the ballot yet it
is true that they have not responded as
fully as was expected Thus while there
were about 700000 women authorized to
vote in Massachusetts on school ques
tions the number actually voting fell
fo from 18483 in 1906 to 13610 in 1907
In one hundred and eightynine towns
f where 3608 women were registered not
a single woman voted In Cleveland
o Ohio the number of registered voters
1 diminished from 66Si in 1004 to 3179
in 1937 They seem to have thought the
partial ballot not worthy of their at
tention and the argument is that if
I educational interests do not appeal to I
them sufficiently to bring out their attendance
t tendance at the polls they will also fail
r if the full franchise is granted
I Man of our English sisters arc striv
I ing to secure the ballot but the means
which according to the papers they
take would not be tolerated here and I
to say the least arc Offensive Vc want I
no fighting Amazons no gathering of
women to break up a political meeting
or to force their way against the efforts
of the police into the halls of legislation
They must appeal to the Americans
sense of justice and belief in the bene
ficial effects of womans suffrage They
cannot here force their way to the
It is said that the sex as a body is
opposed to the granting of the franchise
Associations of women have been formed
in different States claiming that they
believe female suffrage would be an in
jury to them that their welfare is pro
moted by making the home more secure
and more fully upder their control
rather than by participation in public life
Beyond the open direct opposition of
these associations is a general indiffer
ence of a large majority of the sex
They do not seem to care for it they
look upon the effort to obtain it as mere
political clatter adding that where it
has been granted it is treated as only
a toy I lately read in a magazine an
article by a woman describing a visit
to Cheyenne Wyoming and what she
saw take place on election day Car
I legislature was affirmative action taken
except that of South Dakota
Further it is urged that there arc
some duties incumbent upon citizenship
which women could not discharge others
the discharge of which would often be
embarrassing and still others in which
they would likely be more influenced by
sympathj than justice But this is true
to no small extent of both sexes Old
age relieves the man from military fire
man and juror services So do sick
ness and physical injuries Sympathy
docs not always blind the judgment Is
not a masculine juror fully as likely to
be influenced by the pretty face and tears
of a woman litigant as a feminine juror
would be by anything in the appearance
or conduct of a male party to an ac
tion My experience tells me that the
most dangerous adversary a man has in
a law suit is an attractive woman And
is sympathy especially in criminal mat
ters always an enemy of justice The
quality of mercy is not strained and
mercy seasons justice Arc we sure
that our rigid criminal laws and their
equally rigid administration arc perfect
Is not reformation as much an object of
the law as punishment Is not mother
love one of the strongest forces in s
mans life And may we not well be
lieve that womans gentle touch upon our
criminal law in all its varied processes
of administration will do more for the
criminals reformation than masculine
rigor and adherence to the letter of the
statutes What man is doing more if
Justice David J Browr I
riages were sent in every direction to
bring the women to the polls and they
came dressed m their best clothes The
whole thing was treated as quite a so
cial affair and seemed to have been made
a sort of picnic
In this connection may be noticed some
of the legislative and popular action out
side of the four States named In Ore
gon in 1900 the popular majority against I
womans suffrage was only 2137 in 1906
10173 and in 1908 21812 The latest 1
born of the Stales Oklahoma refused
to put womans suffrage in its constitu
tion In 1907 the legislatures of six I I
teen States defeated bills for womans I
suffrage and again in 1908 similar action
was taken in eight States and by no
Patriotic Decorations and Humorous Exhibits Make Novel
J Afternoons Entertainment for February 22d
The pleasure of Miss Eunice Clarks
presence is cordially requested at a
patriotic exhibition of Washington
Relics to be displayed at 15 Stan
hope Square on the afternoon of
February 22d from 4 till 7 oclock
VEN those who knew the host
E ess most intimately had never
I y heard that she possessed any
treasures in the way of me
memoes of the Father of His Country
and curiosity was rife among the in
Mtcd guests
I Where could she 1m c secured the
famous things in sufficient quantity to
form an exhibition Was it by special
Joan from a museum or from sonic
friend owning a collection or how
At the door of the living room
through which the boys and girls caught
glimpses of walls delightfully trimmed
with tissue paper in buff and blue
stood a young lady beating T lively rub
adub on a small drum suspended round
her neck She was most picturesque in
a Continental cocked hat with a baldrc
of tricolor worn over her white dress
Each guest passing in received a small
blank book covered in blue and deco
rated with a tiny head of Washington
The lettering which read Catalogue of
the Relics was in buff As with the
aid of these booklets guests began to
discover and to understand the differ
ent entries bursts of laughter rang out
t on all sides
= l
The first relic placarded Exhibit 1
was an American flag made it was
noticed with only thirteen stars on the
blue ground This was tacked on the
wall with a white sheet as a back
ground The explanation in the cata
logue read The Flag of General
George Washington This beautiful ban
ner became Washingtons and ours
in 1777 It has been in the family ever
since though more stars have been I
Exhibit 3 was a tiny cherry tree of I
the kind sold in all novelty stores and
toy departments at this time of the
year The explanation in the catalogue
read This tree belonged to the great
mans father It was cut down by
George at an early age and was never
afterward separated from him
A little farther on the laughing
guests found Exhibit 3 This was a
map specially drawn the principal
outlines of winch resembled the boun
dirics of the Thirteen Original States
Towns and river were given the for
mer as they now existbut the names
of the States themselves were omitted
for a reason which appeared later on
in the entertainment Instead of a
name each State was identified with a
number This exhibit was labeled
View of the United States Just After
the Revolutionary War
Exhibit 4 was a toy cannon mounted
on a small table with a heap of red
white and blue balls beside it The two
Continental soldiers bought
in a nov
elty shop stood beside it at attention
< I
as much for human betterment than
Miss Jane Addams of Chicago Her
womanly sympathy does not blind her
judgment and multitudes feel that their
uplift in life is due to her
Further in favor of female suffrage
is the belief that it will tend to cleanse
the polls and purify politics It is asked
who is doing most effective work in ele
vating the character of our public
schools in cleaning and improving the
appearance of cities in suppressing in
temperance and vice And if all femi
nine strength can be brought into active
effort will not the result be a wonderful
change for the better It is said it is
true in response to this that the actions
of the women reformers show a radical
The catalogue read The firearms of
Washingtons day were extremely crude I
compared with those of our own times
but the patriotism of 70 made up for
what the colonies lacked in point of
weapons and armament The balls in
this exhibit are of modern date Please
I ism so intense as to be retroactive and
destructive that instead of using such
remedies as arc reasonable and mod i
erate they attack vice in a way that
offends and will ultimately do more harm
than good But will not experience tend
to correct this evil
Again it is said that there is daily
growing a strength of character which
comes not a little from familiarity with
public affairs and that out of that
strength of character will be developed
a greater capacity for improving public
life and morals and that they will as
the days go by realize that voting is a
duty and not a pastime
Mere voting may not give the needed
qualities but as they more and more
take part in public affairs much of ob
jection to the franchise will disappear
and unless human nature in the one sex
is different from that in the other the
very effort they make in these several
directions will develop day by day a
greater ability to do that which is wise
to act with moderation and yet with firm
ness and to bring about the better day
which we all believe is coming
More than that the heart of the sex
is against the terrible destructions of
war they will be found a mighty po
litical force in favor of the settlement
of international disputes by arbitration
and against the resort to the sword or
the musket Indeed when universal
female suffrage comes it may be
affirmed that the ironclad will be seen
only in pictures and known only in his
tory The sweet song of the angels
I man executed in crayon on a Jargc
square of muslin and stretched taut in
a disused picture frame This was de
scribed as Portrait of Washington at
the Time of His First Presidency
17801703 Artist unknown
Exhibit 0 was a collection of dolls
cral Braddocks disastrous expedition
against Fort Duqucsric where he
scorned the good advice of his youth
ful aide Washington and lost his life
The different frolics arranged for the
afternoon programme began with some
novel cannon practice
A Oentarpleoe Suitable for a Young Folks Feast where Fun will Reign Bunrem 0ves a View of thll Fathor of hIli Country Oross
I Inc the Delaware with a Boa Mo 4 or Cherrict Tho needed Artlclet ore Oompiratlvely Few Comprlilnff a lllrror a
low ClIndtd rams IL TOT Boat a Doll DreMed In cploolal Costurao > n < J Cherries and Leaves tlit May bo Either ArUflctiU or
I do not handle Cannon and balls
figure later on
Exhibit 5 was a portrait of the great
about the manger at Bethlehem will be
come the universal song of humanity
But putting all the arguments pro and
con together whatever may be the ab
stract right the real question is a prac
tical one How docs womans suffrage
work when tried In this nation four
States Colorado Utah Wyoming and
Idaho have granted full suffrage and in
at least the first three of them it has
been in existence long enough for sub
stantial results The conditions of life
in them differ and doubtless that differ
ence may affect the full significance of
the results One thing is true of all
There has been no organized effort to
repeal the grant Whatever may be iso
lated opinions the general mass of the
voters are satisfied Indeed few have
expressed antagonistic views A short
time since the papers reported an inter
iew with the late governor of Colorado
in which he declaredwomansuffr1se a
failure but he promptly denied any such
interview If the citizens of these States
find nothing objectionable in womans
suffrage a natural conclusion is that no
injury has resulted therefrom While it
may be said that a general belief in the
impossibility of revoking the grant may
have prevented any organized effort in
that direction yet certainly the men and
omen in those States are not so timid
as to fear giving expression to their
views and we should have heard such
expression and the reasons therefor It
s true that this silence may be some
what in the nature of negative testimony
but it is not without weight Especially
i s this true when the declarations of its
friends in its favor are many and strong
Doubtless some opposition may come
from personal ambition and expectation
defeated by the action of the women
voters Thus Judge Lindsay of the
Juvenile Court m Denver who has at
tracted much attention by his good work
m that Court after having been denied
a renomination by each of the great political
litical parties came out as an inde
pendent candidate and was elected
mainly it is said by the voles of wom
en who appreciated his labors and de
termined that the young culprits of that
city should not be deprived of the bene
fit of his judgment and experience It
would be strange if the defeated candi
dates did not feel and express them
selves against womans suffrage But
their complaint is really testimony to its
The relative number of the two sexes
the industries and some other matters de
serve consideration The census of
x oathat of 1910 not having as yet been
taken gives to Wyoming 53184 males
and 34347 females or a total of 92531
that of Colorado 29533 males and 244
wig hanging from a string of colored I
I beads The explanation here was
Scalps taken bythc Indians in Gen i
f r L 9
368 females a total of 539700 of Utah
141087 males and 135062 females or in
all 276749 in Idaho were 93367 males
63405 females or a total of i6r772 Thus
in each of the States was a preponder
ance of males in Wyoming and Idaho a
large preponderance I recall nothing in
the lives of these States since that census
to call for any great change in the rela
tive proportions of the two sexes
The toy cannon was loaded with the I
I red white and blue balls which lay be
side it and fired with repeated salvos
I 0I
deration is comparatively small It has a
large commercial city another a man
facturmg center while mining is a large
industry It has
a large population as
compared with the other suffrage States
both actually and relatively to her area
There is to be found in at least two
cities the congestion population which
gives rise to some of the most trouble
some questions of the day It has led
Hr Clorenoo II Mactaiy of Mew York I
Wyoming is chiefly an agricultural
and slock raising State with no large
commercial city and comparatively little
manufacturing mining Public schools
opnAto both sexes abound and a gen
eral intelligence prevails among both
Itjis not strange therefore that little
aggressive spirit is shown by the female
voter that there is a community of
thought and purpose between husband
and wife man and woman Yet it is
worthy of notice that there has been
little of the commercial element and no
scandal in its political life It is not un
reasonable to believe that this is some
what due to the feminine clement which
though relatively small would be prompt
tpantagonize any effor of bad men to
secure office or grasp for undue privilege
Certainly so far as can be seen female
suffrage has worked no harm to and
probably been a wholesome restraint up
on the political life of the State
In Utah the relative proportion of the
sexes is much closer than that of Wy
oming The significant feature of its
life is the Mormon church As woman
is more religious than her brother the
dominance of church control over her is
greater than over him Indeed it has
often been said that female suffrage was
brought about by the rulers of the
Mormon church in the elief that there
by its control of politics in Utah would
be made more secure Be that as it may
it is clear that when that suffrage is
largely a part of the machinery of a
church it is helpful or hurtful as the
interests of that church seem to its lead
ers to demand Its results cannot be
considered a fair test such as will be
found where her action is free from
church control The fulness of that
control in Utah is evident from the fact
thlt after the alleged revelation to
Brigham Young the women freely ac
cepted polygamy
Of Idaho little can be saicj So short
a time has elapsed since the grant that
results cannot well be estimated
Colorado is the significant State
While males preponderate the prepon
quite turbulent life More than once
has the military been called out to pre
serve order and many instances of
grievous outrages have been recorded
Intemperance and the social evil are
abundant What under such circum
stances has womans suffrage accom
plished Tins is a question more easily
asked than answered Woman has not
forced her way into politics though she
has held some minor offices and dis
charged their duties acceptably There
is much talk of sending one of their
leaders a cultivated and practical wom
an Congress at the next election
According to the best information I can
get her influence on political life has
been mainly in the way of restraint pre
venting the nomination of unworthy
persons and demanding as in the case
of Judge Lindsey of the Juvenile Court
in Denver the election of the best man
She has not hesitated to take her part in
school matters and her insistence has
caused many improvements in the ad
ministration of city affairs She has not
reformed everything Intemperance still
prevails and the social evil abounds But
large changes like these cannot be ac
complished solely by legislation or in
a day If the tendency of her efforts is
in the right direction it is all that can
be expected To sum it up ina word
The womans suffrage has not been
hurtful It has helped a little perhaps
more than can easily be particularized
If we look across the waters we find
that in some of the Scandinavian na
tions full suffrage has been granted
while in many other European countries
efforts are being made to bring it about
In addition must be noticed the change
in the position of woman Fifty years
ago the only vocations open to her were
teaching and sewing If she were averse
to these or failed in them the only al
ternative was to marry and then it was
any man Good Lord any man or
else to live with some relative as the
generally despised old maid But with
in the last half century she has entered
into active outdoor life and is no longer
a necessary homebody Not that home
has lost jts charms or that it will ever
cease to be the place which she most
loves and where she reigns supreme
but choice or necessity has driven her
into varied pursuits many of them call
ing for familiarity with public affairs and
executive ability
You see them not only doing clerical
work m offices but acting as shop girls in
stores or laborers in a factory Many
have charge of large administrations arc
presidents of colleges heads of corpora
tions and indeed engaging in almost
every avocation of their brothers and
doing so with success I have been told
that the large apartment houses in Lon
don are mainly in charge of women who
surpass men m the collection of rents
in the supervision of the buildings en
forcing cleanliness and preserving or
I derMany a business man in this country
has as his secretary a woman with whom
he consults m his business transactions
and on whose judgment he relics
There is a host of female doctors
Women have invaded the pulpit and
are pastors of many churches They
arc found in the court room and not a
few are efficient and successful practi
tioners Indeed it may truly be affirmed
that they have fully entered into the
active life of the world
And now what of the future Female
suffrage will come Not fully at once
but by varying steps Womans broader
education her increasing familiarity with
business and public affairs will lead to
it And why not The chief reply is
the home God forbid that it should be
jcopardizdd for upon it in all its fulness
depends the best social life In fact it
is the basis upon which growing human
ity depends Andin it woman must ever
be the great factor the unchallenged
queen But female suffrage will not
debase the home or lessen its power and
influence On the other hand it will in
troduce a refining and uplifting power
into our political life It will not stop
marriageneither will a higher education
The great natural laws of our being will
always assert themselves Speaking at
a Vassar commencement a few years
since I overheard one of the graduates
say to two others I am simply dis
gusted threefourths of the girls arc en
gaged already Evidently she was not
one of the happy ones It is to be hoped
that afterwards she fared better But <
woman conscious of her independence
and capacity to support herself will de
mand true manhood in her husband
Children will come However the glory
of the home will not be in the number
but in the quality of the offspring bee
suicide is not the worse offense There
is wisdom in the fable of the hare and
the lioness The former boastiig of
her litter sneered at the latter for her to
single offspring Yes was the reply f 1
but he is a lion To load a home with
so many children that the mother cannot
give to each the full blessing of a moth
ers care and attention is far worse than
race suicide Not crime but mutual self i
denial should and will place reasonable
limits on the number of the family group
Union in effort is the growing lesson
of the times Our first parents guilty of
a mutual sin were according to the alle
gory in Genesis driven out of Eden that
garden which gave man all things to
live with and nothing to live for Our
great epic poet closes his immortal poem
with these words
The world was all before them where
to choose
Their place of rest and providence their
They hand in hand with wandring
steps and slow
Through Eden took their solitary way
Hand in hand they went out of Eden
hand in hand they must enter the new
paradise grander and nobler than the
pristine Eden because wrought out of
the thorngrowing earth by the united
labors of man and woman and into
which have entered and shall enter all
of human toil and struggle selfdenial
and sacrifice hopes and aspirations faith
and worship
Suggestion for Decoration of the Table for Washingtons
Birthday Luncheons Easy and Inexpensive
As the pretty colored shot was pro
jected toward the center of the room
the boys and girls endeavored to catch
it As soon as any player had caught
one ball he or she withdrew from the
field retaining of course what was
caught When the red white and blue
tissue paper coverings were stripped
from the shot it was found to consist
of delicious balls of popcorn or ribbon
candy which were promptly enjoyed
Those who failed to catch a cannon
ball were afforded a chance to distin
guish themselves and incidentally to
win a prize in the game of the Thirteen
Original States
For this little cards were distributed
I having pencils attached with tricoiorcd
I ribbon and the numbers from I to IT
inclusive written don the lefthand
margin The young folks drew up
their chairs in a semicircle facing the
map which had formed Exhibit 3 Each
boy and girl was now called on to
identify rliff States by writing their
jlanic in these were supposed to be
opposite the numbers on thecards lor
I identification x v
Fiftcenvimnulcs was allowed for this
feat The pla > crs who at the end oi
I that time wis found to have named the
most States correctly won a prize This
was an interesting volume of stories
from early American history 4
Then a merry scramble game which
I coni iitcd in seeing who could blind
i folded place a laurel wreath on the
I patriotic brows of our first president
I represented by the crayon portrait Each
I I IIIr o
girl or boy in turn had a handkerchief
bound over his eyes and was given the
laurel cut from a green cloth and
stiffened by pasting on a buckxam foun
dation with a strong pm through it
All those who made their way success
fully across the room without the ad
vantage of eyesight and honored the
Father of His Country with a garland
were eligible to draw for the prize
The foundation of another sport was
a penny flag of the smallest sue obtain
able not more than about two inches
in width To arrange the game the
children all withdrew into the hall
while some elder person placed the flag
upright somewhere on the scene of
action The object was not to hide
the flag but to have it displayed omc
where in some rather inconspicuous
position where it would not necessarily
catch the eye of anyone entering the 4
As soon as lIme flag was poised the
young folks were readmitted lIT the par
lor The person first to sight the flag
did not announce the fact but quietly
took a seal Anyone sec nrr a player
seated also sat down whether he him
self had discovered the whereabouts of
the flag or not This continued until
but one boy or girl remained standing
Thi person wa = shouted down by the
rest oilllac company who called out
m unison General George Washing
ton1 The player caught napping vvasa > r > 1
of course considered out of the glmef
The flap was rcplcd sin litres ix >
players biintj therefore caught out j
c Hi
l rfURGfS
Washington D C FW is Ta J
feet President Taft said to some oil
tho senate loaders whom ho wflod I
to the White House today
Why dont you push mwwri to
rodoom party pledges while the house I
Is dealing wJth
appropriation bitts
You Sire moving too slowly
It Is sold he exhibited oxtwmo 1m
patience with the I
degree of prooesB
thus farmade toward the enactment
of administration bills
By way of result the senators wore
able to announce tonight the follow
The almost hopeless tangle in which t
the Rout and Smoot amendment have
ensnared the postal Havings bank bill
will receive attention at a conference
tomorrow in rooms of tho finance
committee of which Senator Aldrich
Is chairman Whon whipped into
shape the poetal BATlntBbanlt but is I il
to displace the Alasknn
legislative I
council bill as the unfinished busi
ness and tho latter IB to bo laid aside I
as Invojving problems that cannot be I
solved at the present session
Tho administration railroad bill is I
to be reported from the committee on I
interstate commerce next week and
force put behind it to pass it without
material amendment The several
conservation bills are to be perfected
by a special committee of western sen
ators appointed today by Chairman
Nelson from tho membership of thu
comimltccon public lands and these
arc to be reported to the senate as
rapidly as completed
The antiInjunction bill Is to be
considered by the Judiciary commit
too next Monday
Statehood legislation which al
ready has been reported from the com
mittee on territories Is not to bo per
mitted to lag and probably will re
ceive attention as coon ns the postal
savings bank bill is out of the way
This program Includes neither the
federal incorporation bill nor ship
subsidy legislation although the latter
Is likely to pore the senate without
much debate It will meet difficult
hurdles In the house
I Senators Carter Borah ami Hover
Idge carrIed from the capitol Presi
dent Tafta views of the delays en
counter d by bills contained in his
program They roportod that there
could he no mistaking the Presidents
temper The postal savings bank bill
Save him the most concern it is said
because the opposition that had devel
oped to such legislation did not up
I pear to him based on sound principles
i When the senate adjourned today
tin postAl saving bank bill was in
cncli a tangle that no one was willing
to prophes Its outcome In truth the
adjournment was brought about chief
ly because the senate was not ready
lo taco the situation In reference to
tUs bill and there was nothing else
Mint could be considered as the
Akibkan bill wab In a snarl evon more
I Intricate
I Chicago Feb 1iA severe storm
omoun ting In some places to n blizKKrd
I oml bringing lo oilier localities a
I honvy downfall of snow driven by
I wind ot almost hurricane violence
swept oor the west northwest and
I southwest today and tonight is moving
I rapidly eastward
i The stor extended as far east as
Indianapolis where nine inches of
snow loll Twelve Inches of snow Is
reported at Terre Haute Reaching
I Into Oklahoma with a violent hail and
sleet downfall and into norththeru
I Texas Kansas Iowa Arkansas Mis
souri and Minnesota the storm played
havoc with the Rocky mountain tmtatis
where it delayed for hours transcon
tlncntal passenger trains
At Denver in the 24 hour ending
tonuy the temperature dropped 58
degrees In other Colorado cities the
storm unroofed buildings and blow
In windows In the mountains the
wind blew 65 miles an hour In Wy
omlng a drop ot 53 degrees was re
At Cheyennne it was I degrees be
low and at Lander G degrees below
7fro Heavy loss of livestock was
feared In Oklahoma where the wind
and sleet made suffrrlng Intense
Much suffering was also reported In
Kansas and Missouri
Seattle reported that northern Pa
cific trains due there were from seven
lo fourteen hoors late on account of
th cheavy snow In Montana
Dallas Texas Feb 160n the
heels of a spring like weather the
severest storm of sleet an snow of
many earn wept over the southwet
tonight From many points reports
came of holder weather and blizzards
Joplin Mo Feb 16A storm swept
over the MissouriKansas mining dls
tilst today ctusing a general shut
down of all mining plants and com
plete demoralisation ot traffic
The domebUc gas supply Is falling
Unluss additional pressure can bo sup
piled from wells In Kansas suffering
will result
nslowcdlnafoldlngULMstlel sh sh cmh
St Louis Fob16ThO worst bliz
zard of tho season interfering with
traffic and causing much Bartering
prevails In this city and throughout
Missouri and southern Illinois
Denver ColOFOb 16 Snow
driven by wind of almost hurricane
violence and accompanied by an nx
treihe drop in temperature prevailoa
over eastern Colorado and Wyoming
last night and today At Denver the
mcYcury dropped from 30 above yes
terday morning to 2 nbove thlp morn I
Albuquerque NM Feb 16 In
tensely cold weather accompanied
by heavy wind and snow prevails I I
qvor ribithorn and central Nex Mex
ico today Zorot temperatures are re
jxjrled from a number of plaoes
Chicago Feb 16Thc W tern lea
I fOic was unable to decide upon b
I iichcdulo today ind adjourned U

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