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I JC 1ft t JfI jIj J
By Billy Evans
Con He star ball player almost
ready to jbln the down aud out club
show a sudden reversal of form anti
in a short time win back his place 35
a stollur attraction
In baseball Its the ambition of
every amateur and minor leaguer to r
win a berth In either of the big
leagues its the greatest honor that
can be conferred on a diamond hero
In pugilistic circles its the one
desire of every fighter to be ablo at i
some time during his career to write
the word Champion in front of his r
In any branch of athletics the pro I
wesslvo chap always seeks to win the
highest honors that can bo attained
IT ho has the spirit that wins he nev
er Sh H up until be rolgns supreme
A regular place on a bis lease team
Is the same to tho ball player as the
title champion Is to tho fighter ogpj
daily if ho happens to be recognized
its a lender of bin position The strain
that tiny man must undergo to hold
his hrl1t In tho majors or his title
or pugilistic champion is a severe one I
and aoonor or later it will assort It
Belt There cornea a time In the ca
roor rr every athlete when it sonnis
oa If 10 start going back instead of
Getting boner
Itft the history of sportdom thnL I
the percentage of come backs Is great I
ly In i he minority It IB also true that
snore men labeled all in as ball play
ers come back to old lime form than
In any other branch of athletics Fight
tors who have onco received their
qulplui over the knock out route
rarely regain tho confidence and class
thnt made thorn championship con
tender After being once benton and
show into tho ranka of the also TAnS
few athletes are able to win back the
honors and title that made them fa
If hare is any exception to tho rule
Cm utlilotcs cannot come hack after
i repeat d reverses baseball offers 1t1 A
Sxenisal of the averages of tho Na
I tional and American leagues for 1003
11sclocl this fact
Moore Sent to Minors
Several years ago while a mem
ber of the Cleveland club Earl Moore
then regarded as one of the best pitch
era In the American league suffered
un injury to his loft foot Moore
while playing tho Infield one day in
practice wns struck on the Instep by
a swiftly batted ball At the time
llttk attention was paid to the injury
but later it became so serious that
HOUIO of the countrys most noted spe
cialists were called to attend him
The Injury caused Moore to become
almost flat footed and to weakened
tho member that he was unable to
throw any weight on the left foot
when delivering the ball
Naturally because of the weakened
condition of the left foot Mroro was
unable to take the lou stride Hint
he usually did when scnVin the ball
to the batter It Interfered greatly
with his speed and because be was
compelled to practically change his en
tire stylo of pitching he lost control
of the ball
For over a year Moore tried every
Icnowu remedy and appliance that
might strengthen the weakened in
step and apparently all in vain It
was not long before every one was
pronouncing Moore as all in down and
out Some critics were very uncer
tain ns to whether or not Earl would
Ibo able to deliver in the minors Evi
dently the Cleveland club entertained
u like opinion for Moore was dlsnoaed
of to tho New Yorlc Americans in ox
change for Walter CJarkson After
n brief trial with New York Moore
was ticketed to a minor league berth
lo the Eastern league I
Came Back Strong
The onco famous twirler was surely
14 on tho toboggan and It was up to him
to deliver or keep on a sliding Evi
dently it was just the opportunity he
had been waiting for Strength re
turned to his foot he began to deliver
tho ball in tho Hlyle that made him
a terror to American league batsmen
and In a short time had dumped
enough sand on the toboggan to stop
any further movement toward the bot
tom With a club that finished near
lost Mooro averaged better than 500
and fanned better than six men per I
G me
British Lightweight Champion Re
fuses to Be Forced Into Fight
With Chicagoan
London Feb lSPnckey McFar
land thn Chicago lightweight has suc
ceeded In placing Freddie Welsh En
glands champion 135poundor in a
rather bad light before his fellow
I countrymen In consequence McFar
land is receiving a whole lot of sym
pathy and Incidentally some mighty
line advertising McFarlnnd came to
England to meet Welsh and at once
made known his Intentions He called
at the National Sporting club and at
tho ofliccs of tho sporting press with
Ills proposition to fight Welsh twenty
rounds under English lightweight
rules providing for 135 pounds in the
afternoon McFarland was willing to
place a 1000pound wager upon him
self and named Eugene Corn as rot
crce and induced the National Sport
f ing club to are to stag the bout
I Welsh had previously announced
that vhlo he had maJo ba plans to 1
nail for tiuUii4pd SticsIm Vas
Perfectly iipgiojde fthtfoI f I
ho could t1aO on lcFlItln1d But he
balked at the weight figures the very I
figures at which ho had won Ihe Lons
dalo lijrhlweluiit belt a ftv months
before bj defeating Johnny Samnnre
There Is Only One Brmo Quinine
That U LAXATnti litO io lJ s
INE Loo Jar Ihe signature of E W
GROVE rol the world over 10 I
cure a cold inone < lay Cic
ml I BLOB1
Juarf > ViCx r IT C I r >
ites nail tvp l 11 J i 4 o sj
the monty ue lu iin j n > I
ring retJsc i rt IM ihc HAM jJs
of the nie1 > g J i
Firnt ia i J I 1
The Wol Cr i jkCsiflte < t
Rio I e9j irli 1 ij
Second tn IX n >
Hand won nl + Alf i v 1T < vi
ana tl Ir rhH
Tlilnl r Ci I 4 o i l 1 ii i
onftluil iir u > i ii ct Ii
secon ra fr iird L < tl i
Four I v DM f J3 r
lungs n r r wt n A J r
RCCOI r > f f af i T 1 j 1 < J
Fa I i pb n1 jl I
Clint f > trwi i iy t Ji flc
and J J ST jao tt J TamP
S1xjS ytr nV v tv
I teuiit A V f J ri y n
hccor 5 i 2 ri 1J 1 i i
I roLi l J I I
i Jrnl
I t t Lt1 1tU I
Jnr ri i JtabID
at P L a c ad > utor
rimdr o < tii o i c IUIK if ll
T CdJ1 c L UJ y io tho
ofteci u u uu ad his krnj
of hoi iiiii I iciia jirallc a jj
ton C m4 JiiSfSlj lhal ho eul
his c OIQ > v i YD more iliai
20011 t aJ ftc 1Ceit catc
opndii j i re d i OH LIT hal lu
cided i t < ta > i ttj Iivin FraaaJ
Firn uc tttv aDd rija f fur
lonlfl OAjuAdi M woo Sancrlcf
second c > e lIU T iu 12 i5
See isu tjj far oags Si
Jcanr C c bud Tar Court
third T 11 1
Till a e roa s Sly
won L i T iv po t4r
Time rTfr
Fou > ibv p i lrIn IjaiiJl
cap > irnVtsx 1
socoiui 1 d 7 i T re 121 5
Flti C I1 ff r f8eab
yards V 3 Jt POV > t 4v rd hje
ond nily f I J 1r4 i1 <
Slith fr frg > aitotui
Stopc ln vrfnfsr >
John Car i t hl 01 I
ROllfRt It t T FI J
G l 0 t l I 1 111 tj f t d h H i b
Salt Lae F 17 Tc pnal roler
sUating pait c i eea svif tnw I
place at the A uh o j i j ra 11 av
night the cca I n c T j bj ua k
carnival on he 1 c w itnit
dlntcly after the coe l1 f scsJou
a big forr < 11 lmI wilt 1t pat a >
work coroiJrtiig > ° p Uccrru xas tel
the automobile slrw
The nir IRtilva > lomspa wbe
brilliant affair I will be the only
ono of the senson ami an excellent
program baa been JwvaagmT bj Man
ager OMara There I t a big list I
of prises for Vat to h costume antI
there wll be half a Jozcn or more
The roller skniu femn has been I
a most ncccHsfiil though a sitwt one i
and hnadrctls i r Sat Uikeis have I
learned to glide aro md on tlo lolprs
since tin ilik ci cicd about tvn I
months ago I
Oat laud CaL Feb 17 Fajaroiia
carrying ICT welgVt 4oweI Mwt ho I
Ib a hlriclns 11 11 > r fntluv by win
ning the Cetil < niHl liUiioicuj in
clever style at Eiui ryvi Tlii Hod
I well Pig as 11 C1 all h wny
l MeUonilelo nn outsider WQI the
third iromiCce i oVn tuo tuorltc
I Fr t Rue FutHitj cour RflMug
tnucrlCIQ o to 1 won Hc 3 to I I
second Pa scuscr U to 1 third Time
I 11 5
Second Hice Slx rnA ell
Incloineut f to 1 woi S iteat 1C to I
1 seconJ B sUra U to third Thro I
114 45
Third Iact iVIe tin I 7t1 srtl I
rclllng MnioMdiIt1 H to u Won
Kuep Moving 7 tq J second dJ3ail
7 to G third Tine 14 23 I
Fourth RaceFiv0
FOlIl < va fiironpfi CMer
lllo Irndlctn Urr in 5 to z Won
Hainrcr II to V e < ietdight
I 4 t 1 thJd 1Jo 1 0 I
j Fif h Rafi vsc nd ttfcniy y ls I
soiling C WK c to I wo Tom
OMallcy 1 > to I n vioin I
111 to 5 tMrl Tlr J4X
I Sxlh rr 5 r < rt vr m
i longs 5Oii T fv 4r oorni 3
to 1 W or Ail L > 1 ptttl I
ChanClh to f tbirO Tni l X
I How to Swesr Safely
The most important quality of any inveiMimit i1 Us I
Security and tliou its Inionir
I An aicrounf with the ConnncrMal Xatip nl Bank as
I I a ircs loth Safety and Good HefAirns on every doliiir
to your credit t
I 4 per cent interest paid on savings accounts J
00000 Capital 10000000 Surplus and profits 05 1
Juneau Alaska Fob liTbe Alas
kfi Slanmsiip companys steel steam
ship Yucatan bund from Valdez for I
Siatt u with Go iesBungers struck an
ItcJtrs in Icy ttrzlt nl 93ft oclock II
> sUdn > morning and sunk eight min
lt n iao in ux l toms of vntet
I ni va no 01 01 life and HO
it s MOV 1 no person was liijjred
Tif shlpwi celled jrfss ngerS and
ctr a l lIed on Chlhagof Island
isn WIii e brniiRht here tomorrow by
L eicfnei dcorgia which left Jim
j i fee ihu iurta toon after news
uU > < vk wtD received
Ouai80ii of the Yuca
1 L t tttU atO
ft aid va Jl 4 Raymond Jacgorof
Ule isliis KClicOn Alexandria ar
I d Ice fbiA morning with the
rt n 01 ho oatTif the steamer
i he traitorvfcs Iwuud for Gyp
Ii jj On Chlngof island to take on a I
y ol fcypim When Icy strait
vai reccJie thijvnter wni smooth I
nc there wcget holds of Ico and
ilt snow xr Turing FO heavily that I
J US t jJ ibeto Ice oaly a abort
d8RcpaiCtj Captain W P S I
Icjrcr Wil datfce brl ige and with him
a the pi ot Cnptuin iohr Icbnsoo
Slow bell waj cr ered and tho steam
ertroyt Urough tie Ice Suddenly an
kcebarg locuifd up ah nd and tho
j iouijuifji rnqimed Ini j 1 tearing a
Bs < a lio o in 0 > 0 sHe of the vessel I
Ih Which varor pourrl Full steam
rhcaj was enierrd end the Yucatan
j r 1 hen led for Chlhagof Island whore
j I e was beehetl at a p lit where there
lx mn ms tf water at high tld
flit boats wer lowfed and nl on
Ur d crt iakon to shore without
rtlnl ip cr niiislon the tct women
1 3 seae bohig lomoved llrst Food
ail bedflln and tbe Iiaitod States
inn I MI also taken ashore
On the Island the cirtawayc found
tabas f she tcr them from tho cold
mid wit abundant cod clothing
aales sad wocd they are not likely
to endure hardship Many of the pa
r crd o1l nl ther personal effects
SBCJI alter the crew had landed Capt
Joancon Hrsl Mate Gustafson and
four tailors put off in a lifeboat to
reck eld After Towing flftoon miles I
UCjr sBhled the fiehing schooner Al
4Rtirta I
Capnln Jue er of the Alexandria
offered the nee of a ghsollne launch
tn eontnuo the trip to heal John
ron an l the saiors turning back to
IJP Jslrud In the Mfcbcnt
Jaeger and GnstaffJon sailed for
Jiinoau h the launch Unfortunately
1hy Inrnch brckc down after going T
bert dlatunco antI the two men had
difficulty In getfrng the r craft to a
Koonah Indian village The Indians
itiniscd to allow them to have a boat
lo BnlBh their errand and the white
Tf1 were obliged to use threats They
rrrlved at Jijncnu alter being out 21
Ioil Gustafsnn would not venture
ai cnnicn as tn whether the Yucatan
n d be sralvngd
L 2 t u BIL
VnyhliiKtnu Feb liFor more
than two hoilis tudnj the scnnte Us
H lied to a discussion oT the senate
bill authorlstig the Issuance of 30
000000 worili of certificates ot in
debtedness lor the completion of Irrl
giitlon projects already begun
The measure was championed by a
unmber of senators especially by
Messrs Carter ant Borah Mr Carter
fcdd that in n number of cases reserva
olts had been completed while the
inches had not been constructed
The or ct was to withhold the wa
tt rs from settlers I was stated that
tlo money would be all repaid by sot
Ct rs und that in reality the treasury
would not In any way bo effected
The fcnr was voiced by Senators
Flint ann Crawford that the depart
ment might be to
tempted enter upon
new schemes before the completion
ot present enterprises and thus soon
involve the government in further ob
ligations It wns contended on be
half pf the measure that the danger
had been averted by the language of
the h l
Senator Heyburn said the shortage
ol the reclamation fund was due to the
withdrawal of the public lands from
sale Thus the fund hal been starved
bv the soverumcnt and congress had
heedlessly permitted the process He
fccid it would not be asking too much
to ask the appropriation of the money
necessary to make good the wrong
done Ho urged that the relief should
not be cramped
The bill was under consideration
when the senate adjourned
BcoEs OnlR
Paris Feb 17The disappearance
L the young wilf druggist named
Parat whcsts pharmacy If ncnr tho
scene of tho Sleinhell murder was
clearcil np toia > when the police j
biolie in andfouatl the manheavily iy I
chained between Ore bed and the wall
urilb y rcarrod 1
In addltica to the chnInwhich was
ntixjugly padlgckid atotwd the neck I
a crtiolcontrlYancQresembling a coat
of mal but strengthcaed by a belt
ii coiinpr rings cdVolopcd the body 1
Iklh objects could be removed only I
by tile use ofkeys The woimxn told I
a ntifv tale of two years imprison
nunt aud uiHrtyrdOiji Last Novem6er
con still hi chain the gave birth to
Itr NUl child Tho husband refused
tf call adoctwr Paat who was nr
icotert sold ho lox4 hlirwlfe bit wag
crtremriy jealous ij or her 1 i
Butte Mont Feb liTh > Dutte
Reduction works employing about 500
men was compelled to suspend operations
tons tdday because of the suspension
ot work by the International Mine En
gineers union A few days at the I
i most must bring a definite result 11
the Jiiri dlctlonnl dispute botweon the
international engineers and the Butte
r miners union of the Western Federa
tion of MJnera
New York fro 17 Leach Gross
New York lightweight and Johnny
Mnrlo also of New York fought ten
rounds before a hjg crowd tonight
Mario was the aggressor but Cross
MOpxxL blnnwlth hard body punches
onl had a shade tho better of the
Salt Lake Feb 17Colorado was
the feature of the first session of the
local mining stock exchange today its
shares selling up 083 cents for fu I
ture deliveries Tho feeling among
Investors Is that those shares are I
entitled to bettor sunjiort if for no I
other reason than the fact that the
first quarterly dividend indicates that
the company would be able to pay
half of its present market valuation In
dividends during the present year
Now Y rk Was alaol feature of the
call on the strength of reports that
a change in the face of the drift or
the 1000foot level had taken place
Iron Blossom was In good form and
sold seraL points higher than has
been noticed during the earlier part
of the week
Columbus Consolidated which had
been expected to Improve again show
ed signs of weakening Its shares I
were started at 95 cents but there
was lack of support and na result
tapered off to 91 cents The remain
der of tbe list held around tho ruling
prices of the previoun day tough
Silver King Coalition registered n
now how level point by selling at 3
The closing quotations on the rojru
lar call were as folowsBid
S Bid Asked
Beck Tunnel 10 13
Big 1111 03
Dg nI
BIngham Mush 12 15
Bngham Ama1 1
Black Jack I I 1 1 I
Bullock 011 OH
Camp Bird t 00
Carlsa 52
Cedar Talisman 01 02 I
Century 10
Colorado Mln S1 S2
Columbus Con 4 9 93
Con Morcur 1
Crown Point 00 07
DalyIudgo 475
Ely Calumet 0 28
E Crown Pt tOy 00i
E Tin Con 01 < 02
East Tlntlc Dos 054 OG
Grand Central 175 1S24
Gray flock 02
Grutll S s 02
Jnt Pet and Oil v 10iY 110
Ibex Gold 00
Iron Blossom S7 SS
Iron King 20
Joe Bowers 02
Keystone f 25
King William 01 05
Little Bell 192
ltte Del 192
Lower Mammoth 48 51
Major Evans < OOi
Mason Valley 195 200
May Day OS 08 f
Miller Hill r 01 r
Mineral Flat 01 OH
Mountain Lake 05i 06
Moscow CO
McKinley 03j
Nov British 35 50
Nevada FaSrview 02
Nevada Hills 53 62
Newhouse 250 300
New York 11th 12
Ohio Copper 405 415
Pioche Mctalg 03 t
Plutne 05 i
Prince Con 75 82
Provo OG OS
Rich and Ana 10
Sacramento 02
Scottish Chief 00 ½
Seven Troughs 07 07 ½
Silver King 2So 300
Silver Shield 08
Sioux Con 34 35
South Cot OCi OS
So Iron Blossom 004 01
Swansea Con 03 0114
Tlntlc Central 07 07V <
Tlntic Comb 01 t2
Tlntic Empire 01
Uncle Sam 18 39
Utah Con 041 05
Victor Con 04 05
Victoria 125
West Vt Cop 100
Western Nevada 20
Yankee Con 05 09
Yerlublon Cop t 03 01
Now York Fob 17 Custom has
decided that 1 womans pillow Is hor
safe deposit vault at night and as
such can be considered judicially as I
safe a place for the security of her
jewels or other valuables as the
vaults othe United States treasury I
Justice Foster of tic general ses
sions at the court handed down this
opinion today in declining to return
to pawnbrokers with whom they had
been pledged Jewels worth nearly 5
000 stolen from Ida E Moron His
Miss Hills had put the jewels under i
her pillow whan retiring with her
mother after a New Years nitfbl party
in the house of her brotherinlaw
Charles H Zimmerman When she
awoke next morning she found the
Jewels had been stolen and Zimrnor
man had disappeared Zimmerman
was arrested and today was sentenced
to Sing Sing
Tho pawnbroker claimed that Miss
Hill hut been gui cf negligence in
putting her Jewelry in a safe piaco
Judge Fosters dictum upsot their
NO any BUHIA 8 rUl
The Original and Gtnulno i
Tho Fooddrink for All ages
At reslaurants hotel and fountain
Delicious invigorating and sustaining
Keep it on youi sideboard at home
Dont lad without it
A quick lunch prepared in a minute
Take Others no substitute are Ask imitations for HORLICKS
KillS HVl
ploslon in the plant of the Trojan
Powder works at San Lorcnio today
coat the lives of five Den and a prop
erty loss of 50000 Four other em I
ployes were seriously If not fatally In
jured and a dozen mar Including Sup
erintendent Martina were burned and
Tmilscd and narrowly escaped with
their lives
Thnt half a hundred menwere not I
blown to atoms is one of the mys
teries of chance In n magazine lo
cated In the center of tho 25 buildings
which made up the plant was stored I
75000 pounds of powder ready for
shipment Fire followed tho explosion
and ten of the structures were burned
to the ground surrounding th craaga
zinc with a wall of flame through
none dared venture
With the exception of Reuben Tharp
the choflst at tho worlts all the dead
wore workmen
The first warning of the disaster
was the outbreak of a fro in the
mixing room The blazo had already
been noticed when the explosion fol
lowed Its force wrecking neighbor
ing buildings and hurling one of the
mlxors hundreds of foot through the
alt Nearly half a hundred men men
ant women were In and near tho plant
and they were thrown to tho ground
by the violence of tho blast Fire fol
lowed leaping from building to build
ing and the Injured pinned down tin
der the debris of the collapsed build
ings wero threatened with Incinera
The roar of tho explosion drew hun
dreds of persons to the spot nnd by
heroic exertions daring death at
every step the dead and maimed were
dragged from the ruins Only when
It became known that tbo magazine
was threatened by the flames and
another and more terrific explosion
possible relax at ny moment did their efforts
it is possible that other bodies may
be found in the ruins
b Salt Lake City Feb 17 Fearing a
letter which he received but a few
days ago demanding the sum of 500
In golQ and threatening as an alterna
tive the death of his children Law
rence Biackett arrved here today
rom Eureka to enlist the aid of the
police in ferreting out a possible Black
Hand plot Biackett says on the ad
vice of the authorities of Euroka he
attempted to decoy the author of the
threatening missive by visiting the
IJlaco named at the hour appointed
He carried with him a bog filled with
Iron Washers while the sheriffs men
lay concealed about tho spot Hours
passed and the watchers dispersed
but in the morning the decay was dis
covered undisturbed
Other threatening notes and similar
ly worded have found their way Into
the mal at Eurckas postoffice accord
ing to tho story told by Blnckott to
day In some instances the writer
used the word dynamite among his
other threats
Salt Lake Feb 17Lawyers ant
criminologists of Salt Lake City aro
already advocating three measures
dealing with the disposal of criminal
lint will tier say be introduced at
the next session of the Utah legisla
ture next year
Two of these bills are designed to
authorize surgical operations to pre
vent propagation by habitual criminal
and by men convicted of crimes
against nature respectively The
third Is for the abolition of capital pun
ishment substituting tlierctore life
Imprisonment at hard labor the pro
fits accruing from such to go to the
widow or other dependents of the
murdered man
No state in tho union has such a
law as one of those proposed but It
is stated that a number of legIsla
tures will Introduce such bills at their
ncxt session and It is believed that
in a majority of cases the bills in
some form will be passed
Utah Is the only state In the union
that has 1 written law the so called
unwritten law in other suites
law written or unwritten that has
freed hundreds of men whose homes
have been despoiled Now Utah prom
ises to lead in another law
I the legislature was In session nt
the present time and this bill with
two cases now before thc public in
this city wore Introruduced there is
no question in my mind that It would
pass said an advocate of this bill
this morning He referred to the cane
of one man who Is charged with incest
and another who is charged with sod
cmyDr T B Bcntty secretary ofth i
state board of health has pronounced
viewson tho wisdom of the passage of
one of the proposed measures by the
next legislature and stated that ho
would go before the members of the
next state lawuiaklng body and urge
the passage of such a bill
I Is high time said Dr neal
that the states of the union took
some action to prevent reproduction
by habitual criminals and to prevent I
I repetition of such heinous crimes a
Incest sodomy and rape by men once
convicted of such crimes
Debt to Society
Tho men and women of this state
antI ever other stat In the union
owe It to themselves an < J tp their chil
dren to takeInv step trial may bb
deemed neceSsary to put I stop to such
crimes No false modesty hiould stan I
In the wnyto thetraumage of such rv
law T shall certainly advocate the
paF ne of such1 a law at t tf nextse
son of thUf Tjfafa legislature 1
A well known Jurist who spent four
years in this city a a criminal Judge
during which time ho sentenced a
number of men to the state prison for
various crimes is equally pronounced 1
in his I s
At any time such a bill as proposed
posed by Dr Beatty Is Introduced I
shall certainly lend all niv aid to itt
assase Some time ago I sentenced
a man to the stato prison for twenty
years for outraging a MtUd gil Tho
sentence was tho extreme penalty
allowed under the law
What Judge Regretted
J am frank t fia > that I regretted
that the law did not permit rCbatcd
me to im
pose the death penalty and then to
have the opportunity of witnessing Us
Pass such a law Yes it would bo
to the everlasting credit of Utah and
the example would be quickly followed
by eel other state In the union
Another bill that It Is said will bo
Introduced at the next session of the
Utah legislature IB one abolishing cap
ital punishment That such a bill will
meet opposition from those who still
believe In the Morale law of an eye
for an eye a tooth for a tooth there
is no doubt among those who are ad
vocating its passage They urge how
ever that In 6000 years of test capital
punishment done little or no good
Salt Lake Fob 17That the con
erting of Utah gypsum rock into
marble Is one of tho coming indus
tries of the west IB the opinion of
Judge J F Chidester of Richfloldwho
Is In Salt Lake City on business to
day At the Cullcn hotel this mornIng
Ing Judge Chidester oaid
Tho manufacture of marble out o
gypsum is going to be a big thing for
Utah and In fact tho entire weal
Down In RichfIeld there are moun
tains of gypsum Just the other day
1000 tons were blasted Hie huge
boulders were free from seams for
the most part while some of the boul
ders weT perfect ily n secret pro
cess these chunks of gypsum can be
transformed into tho finest marble
slabs you ever saw It can bo 50 d
In place of granite everywhere Ts
is truly tho granite age and no bettor
building material can be found than
this gypsum marble
Within n few months a now con
cern will be established at Richfield
for the manufacture of thL marble
A number of Los Angeles capitalsts
are Interested In the project and they
mean to carry on the bufllness on a
large scale They will build a large
plant nt Richfield
Two piarter and cement pianls
have already boon established ivithfn
a few miles of the town These arc
tho Jumbo Plaster and Cement com
panys plant and the plant of the
Keens Cement and Plnst r company
Although established but a short time
both concerns are doing a splendid
business A spr track has been built
from the Denver Rio Grande tacks
to the Jumbo plant and he new tram
way has been completed Richfield
has been benefited by nt lcntt 30000
during the past year by the bus < nes
done by the young companies
I Took for Richfield to be the cen
ter of this manufacturing industry in
the United States To my notion the
town has a great future beforo It
Hard wall plaster turned out at these
plants IS in great demand nnd is fast
taking the place of concrete and brick
In the building line Hulldlug erect
ed of this mnteral are subBtnntally
built and make a fine appearance
Salt Lake Feb nTbo Utah farm
ers and hortlnculturlsts can make mil
ions in the dairy business was the
allegation of all the speakers this
morning at the annual convention of
the Utah State Dairy association at I I
Armor hal The convention was at
tended by less than llfty persons but i
It was highly Interesting and tbet
speakers gave figures and facts which j
to the average person oven the aver i
age horticulturist were amazing I
Prof L A Merrill gave a strong
address on what the dairy cow can I
do for Utah Alex McPherson spoke I
on his experiences in the dairy busi
ness and Wlllard Hansen state food
nnd dairy commissioner gave a few I
suggestions to the dairymen as to the >
intentions of his department and what I
he hoped to attain In the dairy cow
line Prof Merrill said In substance
I is my belief that tho dairy nnd
the horticultural associations should
got together because n dairy cannot
succeed without horticulture and hor
ticulture cannot ovlst without the
To show what dairying can do for
the state I will take a little district I
la tho southern part of the state I
They used to grow a little wheat I
some potatoes corn pumpkins and
miscellaneous vegetables and crops i
The community got poor and the young
people moved away in tho winter to j
places whore there was more doing
Dairies were started Tho land
became more valuable and there was
a great improvement in the settlement
and the wclforc of the people From
two stores and a poor town there was
built on the strength of a couple I
of creameries a strong town
The dairy has recently mode more
progress in this country than an
other industry
A large part of Denmark wan used
for miscellaneous thirty years
rormlscelaneous crops thrty ear I
ago The people were poor and they I
were moving away Dairying was In
troduced and now Denmark is one of I
tho leading agricultural nations of the
world I
Utah is Just as well situated as
Denmark and the dairy business is
just as profitable The dairy business
I The more you eat i
Quaker I
Scotch Oats r
the better your health I
will be I
Practical experiments I
ments with I
show Quaker Scotch j
Oats tobe the greatest I
strength maker
PicUd rifkcei wd in br
racL in resolir me Jukru
ctKnlr KiJ lit lot tot c4Alca 4
Thoro 1 no way to euro Oatarrh except to purify the blood and thus J
do awal with tho cause Tho symptoms may bo benefited by tho use of
Trashes inhalations sprays medicated tobaccos etc and through tho use
cf such treatment catarrh sufferers receive temporary relief and comfort
External nnd local measures however cannot liavo any effect on tho blood 1
and therefore their uso alono la of no real curative value Oatarrh IB a 1
cloepsoated blood dlsoaso and comes na tho result of catarrhnl matter and I
other impurities in tho circulation These morbid mattors in tho blood
ctvuso on inflammatory and irritatod condition of tho mucous mombrano or
tissue lining of tho cavities of tho body producing an unhealthy socrotion
ringing noises in tho oars stuffy feeling in tho head and nose headaches
hoarseness bronchial affections watery eyes otc S8S is tho best treat
mont for Oatarrh because it Is tho greatest of all blood purifiers This
incdicino removes every particle of the catarrhal impurity from tho circula I
tion making this vital fluid pure fresh and healthy Thon tho inflamed
membranes begin to heal because they aro nourished with pure health
giving blood every symptom disappears and soon SS 8 produces a perfect
cure S SS does not contain tiny habitforming drugs which roally never
can euro Oatarrh but often ruin tho health Book on Catarrh and any
would make afarmlng country out of
vast worthless tracts at present
Company With Elgin
In Utah prices are high for butter
fat much larger than In the great
dairy center or Elgin Ill and Utah
has just as good opportunities as El
gin If not better Elgin gets 29 cents
a pound for butter fat whllo Utah
gets 33 cents a pound In Utah a ton
of hay can bo bought for 7 or 38 and
grain from 18 to 25 a ton Elgin
pays much more than that More cows
can be grazed to an aero In Utah and
Utah excels Elgin in overy respect
And yet we feel that dairying does
not pay
If dairying does not pay In Utah
do not blame tho cow blame tho man
behind tho cow In Utah the dairy
interests are not alert not active nnd
thoy do not attempt to better their
stock The business Isnt profitable I
because they dont have the right kind I
of cows I
A big problem here is the matter I
of a centralized plant or cooperative I
creameries I advocate tho coopera
lye plan because I know that that I
plan in several states of the east Is I
more successful and the farmers get
more money for their milk than in
Kansas and Nebraska where tho con
trail zed system Is carried out
The dairy business and horticul I
ture should go hand in hand It is
prpfitnble and It Is a wonderful thing
for our boys At present the farmer
has nothing to do In the win tor
months whereas If there were dairy
cows on the farm he would have plenty
to do It would give moo attraction
to farm life and there would not be
nearly the number of discontented
farmer boys
The Flavor
Is Different
That u why
Burnetts Vanilla
isnds in a dui by huH For
neatly uxty jtat Burnett
Vanilla Extract has been the
rtcojrnlrcd ticndud of punty acd
excellence by which all other
Vtiulla Extracts ha been jixJjeti
You mAY loot the vorld over
and you will neTcr And another
vinilU inyrwherc quite 10 rich
and utufying in tireogth cr v ith
quite 10 rare and delicate a flare
Ask for It by Name accept
DO other brand
So Pure Ha Good
lor catarrh bay t
TO thrf1 ulr i rii
odtori Wrtii c
Sample Free
t Otfler5QiIra ATh
ii rrt Inn j t r inn rr
t Lcli tjrLoj o ri L
Kondon A Jy Co
MliincupolU Minn
For Evening Hours
I II TheRb Lamp
Some of the sweetest hours of homelife arc
passed under the gentle kindly light of the eve
ning lamp
If it be the Rayo Lamp the light contributes
an added charm makes reading and sewing easy
There arc no aching eyes after reading or sew
ing under the rays of the Rayo Lamp
I The Rayo Lamp diffuses a steady white light
2 Ji It is the least trying of any artificial light Made
tI of brass throughout nickel plated improved
central draught burner
V The Rayo is a lowprked lamp but you cannot
get a better lamp at any price
4 Once a Rayo user olwayj one
iJ Every Dater Kvrrywherc M Nnt at Ymji WrIlc for
et Dcicrirtivc Circular to thf Nejre Ac ncy of the
rcneeL II < 1 I 1j > 3s = L u
e I rJwMfcA To i Jo 1 7z
r t yij rEi fi WVTI
Our Maazkae Barfg2iiH1l
FOR 1910
I The loHowing are 8he best Club OHers ihai
win be made this season AU subscriptions
for the EVENING STANDARD One Month all
others One Year
Ogden St3ndard 751 All Three Ogden Standard 1 All Throb
Pictorial Review 1OOS2O5 pearsons Magzn 1501S225
Success M1gzn 100 L Succoastlagzn 100 I
Ogden Standard 1 All Three 09den 3tandiT 751ATThrcc
Modern Prlsclll1 51AII Pearsons Magzn L501S225
The Housekeeper 75P American Boy 1501
Ogden Standard 751 AI Threc
Ogden Standard 75AII Three rc
The Independent 3O0t24O World TODay 150 S225
PearGon Magzn 150
Succcs Magzn 100
Ogden Standard 75 All Four
Ogden Standard 751 All Four Succeis M1zn 100 I
Pictorial Review 100 PictorIal RevIew 1OO1275
Home Needlework 75S26O American Boy 1001
The Housekeeper 75 Ogden Standard5VXulFii
Ogden Standard 75 All Three Farmero Voice 501
The Housekeeper 75 8155 Home Farm 75J 5155
Home Needlework 75 Poultry Success 50f
OgdenStandard 751 All Four Ogden Standard 75 All Four
World Today 150 Farmers Voice 501
Pictorial Review 100PS3O5 Home Farm 501S155
Succeso Magzn 100 Paris ModeG 50
Inc 1 pattern Iroo J
Ogden Standard 4 75 All Three
Ogden Standard 75 All Three
Metropolitan 1SOSs285
l Tor Home Farm 501S155
World ToDay 150
Reliable Pltry Jrnl 50J
Ogden Standard 751 All Four Ogden Standard 5 1 All Four
Home and Farm 50J Housekeeper 75l
Poultry Success 50S155 Modern Prlccilia 7518225
Park Mode 60J American BOy 100
Inc 1 pattern free I
OgdenStandard75 Atl Three
Ogden Stand1rd 75 All Four Metropolitan t5OS255
HOme Farm 50 Success Magzn 100 I
Farm Poultry 5OS155 Ogden Standard 1
Paris Modes SO
Technlc World 150
unc 1 free
QD pattern frelJ
Or World Today r
Ogden lndard 75AII Three o c StandrdTT75 Both
Farm Jrni5 100
yra 100S19O
Alnclee Magzn 150 Se
The Housekeeper 7I 1501 S1S5
Ogden Standard 75t Both
Ogden St ndard S 7I All Three Success M1gzn 100 SlGS 1
Pictorial Review tCOS225 Or Pictorial Review J
American Boy 100 1
OGden Standard 75 All Four
Ogden Standard S 75i All Four Unci RemusHome 100 I 1
Pictorial Review 100 Metropolitan 150 255 J
Ladles World 5015205 Paris Modes 0I
Modern Prlncilia 75 I Inc 1 pattern free J
Address all Orders to or Call on The
i tattar I
Ogden Utah
J j
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