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The bulletins issued by Professor Lowell from his Flagstaff
Arizona observatory are developing skeptics For a long time the
astronomer in Flagstaff was listened to by respectful auditors but
he has said so many astonishing things about Mars which is his
specialty that other astronomers have commenced to snicker and not
a few editors are loudly laughing at the improbable discoveries
announced by Professor Lowell The
San Francisco Chronicle re
viewing tho astronomical wonders says
It was in June 1907 that Professor Lowell described certain
vegetation at the base of the receding snow cap of the Martian
South pole Nobody else saw it and some harsh astronomical spirits
seemed doubtful that the vegetation would be green enough against
tho snow bank to show at 35000000
up of miles Still that was amore
more matter of detail and Eastern prejudice was at the bottom of it
Along in March 1008 Professor Lowell hit up his spyglass again
and found Mars shrouded with water vapor No one else could dis
cover any even through bigger telescopes and one jaundiced
scientist in his disappointment said that with so small a glass as
Lowells nothing of the kind could be seen if it were there Then
i there was that conceded temperature of Mars of twenty below zero
1 to consider How about showers and full canals forsooth But
there was no fcazing Lowell He had Mars down pat and along
in May he saw rifts in the South Polar cap big enough for a musk
ox to fall into Everybody in the astronomical line then clapped a
telescope to his eye but there wasnt a sled track let alone a rift
visible Lowell had a scoop at least so they said but it was a case I
of sheer sectional jealousy r
< < On September 24 1909 news came from Lowell that the
Antarctic canals were discovered We were all proud to take the
Arisona discoverers word for it Along in November of the same
year the Professor sent out a Martian weather bulletin announcing
1 the first Antarctic snow storm There had been a few light flurries
r the day before and the inhabitants wore apparently getting in their
coal in anticipation of a hard winter The day of the announcement
the blizzard struck and the inference was that the roads were all
driftedNest tt I
Next wo knew a dust storm had swept Mars and when it blew
away thorn were a lot more canals in sight and open for the spring 1
trade Not a word from the other astronomers They had been
caught napping again and were ashamed of themselves And yes
terday they got another solar plexus blow While they were out
after supper watching the comet the vigilant inside man at Flagstaff
with his eye on Mars saw one of his new canals in the very act I
of irrigating crops There was a sudden strip of produce 1000 miles
long and twenty miles mide right in sight It was impossible to say
whether the yield was of sugar beets or lettuce but of course Pro
fessor Lowell cant be expected to act as if he were the secretary of
agriculture He is only a plain astronomer with limited knowledge
of vegetables
The facts are that Professor Lowell presuming on the credulity
of the and to the inability of
public trusting any one to success
fully contradict him has been faking He has been drawing on
his imagination and making discoveries to meet his aspirations
Like Tesla in the electrical world Professor Lowell in the field
of star gazing is to be accepted with caution
The American people are possessed of a sweet tooth They con
sume nearly onefourth of the sugar produced in the world and the
taste for sweets is steadily increasing Twenty years ago the aver
age American had his craving appeased by 50 pounds of sugar today
he must be fed 82 pounds which in an average family means an an
nual consumption of a quarter of a ton of sugar
Every nation has some peculiarity in eating and drinkig The
Russians are the tea drinkers the French enjoy their wines the
Germans indulge in light beer and the English must have their
black tea but Americans enjoy that strongest of all table drinks
coffee and they consume more coffee than all the world outside
but their coffee must be sweet and making it sweet is one great
cause of the extraordinary sugar consumption
The year 1888twentytwo years pastsaw only 571200 pounds
of beet sugar prodced in this country The industry has since grown
to large proportions the production totaling one billion pounds and
still that is only oneseventh of the entire consumption of sugar in
this country
I The island of Cuba not as large as the state of Utah supplies
three times more cane than there is beet sugar produced in the entire
Evidently there is room for the expansion of the beet industry in
the United States and this will be increased if the Americans go on
demanding more sugar
Shall Ogden have a sane Fourth of July This seems an early
date to speak of preparing for the Fourth yet it is none too soon
to start an agitation against the practice of celebrating Independence
Day by a noisy dangerous use of fireworks and firecrackers
We note that Chicago has organized a league to eliminate ex
tplosives from the days festivities and instead of an uproarious
Fourth that city is to have a parade made up of all nationalities rep
resented in Chicagos heterogeneous population the people of each
race to have a typical representation
That is original and should prove highly entertaining and sat
isfying Ogden cannot imitate Chicago but a parade equally as
pleasing might be made up of the school children of the city each
school presenting in tableau or float the most stirring scenes of Am
erican history either entirely Revolutionary or from Pilgrims Rock
I to the present Every child in the city should take a part includ
ing wee tots in cars of state When the parade ends the children
should be given refreshments including of course ice cream and
The fourth of July has become childrens day Young America
has claimed the right on that one day of the year to freedom equal
tothat of the eagle in its eyrie and he has enjoyed the privilege
so long as to regard any restrictions with some show of petulance
and therefore it is necessary to gently direct him away from his
bent of mind until he is made to see that a sane Fourth is equally aS
enjoyable as the one on which he has been in the habit of blowing
off a finger or burning the skin from a big fraction of his body
One of the most delightful parades ever given in Ogden was that
i 1 u
W Le Buswell
2367 Washington Avenue
Retiring Sale
Lease Expires Feb
LIIpL1 28th 191 0
Open Everything
1IIust Be Sold
ALL FIXTURES Before That Date
Electric Fixtures New
Last Christmas II I
Nothing Reserved
Attractions at the New Ogden Theater I
The House a Thousand Candles
i a o m Hugo Koch CHICAGO J jI
of the school children on Arbor Day four years ago when the
schools turned out about 5000 marchers
A parade in the middle of a day in July involves a hardship
and it might be the better policy to have the children march in the
evening at a time when they would be arranging for self destruc
tion with bombs and skyrockets if free to act and not diverted from
their pyrotechnics
Ogden should have a league similar to the one organized in
Chicago and if our suggestion does not meet with approval then
the league should propose some more feasible plan for a great cele
bration of the Fourth free from the murderous explosives which
in the past have claimed so many young lives
No Phyllis
As Ho Dictated It
Phyllis up In the morning
Spirit of love and spring
Phyllis lithe as the willow
Voice like the birds that sing
Phyllis full of the sunshine
Sparkling like drops of dew
Phyllis Phyllis 0 PhylllB
This Is a song for you
Phyllis why do you lIngor
Why do your feet remain
Phyllis we wait your coming
Over the bloomdecked plain
Phyllis a brimming beaker
Now your health we quaff
Setting our hearts all leaping
Lighter than windblown chaff
Do Fill Us
As His Stenographer Took It
Fill us up In the morning
Spirits of loving spring
Fill us tight as a pillow
Boys like tho birds that sing
Fill us full of moonshine
Sparkling like dropsy due
Fill us nil us oh nil us
This is too strong for you i
Fill us Why do you linger
Why are your feet in pain
Fill not Wo wait your cunning
Over tho gloomnecked plain
Fill ua brimming beaker
Now to your healthy graft
Sending our heartshorn leaping
Light as a rlngboncd calf
The Postal Record
His Only Chance
Amore the nallents in a certain hos
pltal of Harrisburg thero was recently
one disposed to take a dark view of
his chances for recovery Cheer up
old man admonished the youthful
medico attached to the ward wherein
the patient lay Your symptoms are
Identical with those of my own case
four years ago I was just as sick as
you are Look at me now The pa
tient ran his eye over the physicians
stalwart frame What doctor did you
have ho finally asked feebly Ar
Doing a Kindness 1
Did you remember what I told you
about being kind to dumb animals
asked the teacher
Yesm replied Jimmy Jiggs As
soon as I got homo I took the blanket
and blue ribbon off mas pet poodlJe
and turned him loose and lot him
chase a cat up a tree Washington
Ideal Construction
Woggs Why are tho women so en
thusiastic over Blnks new house
BoggsIt has back stairs to every
room so that his wife can Ho around
anywhere In hor morning wrapper and
yet be sure of getting upstairs with
out being seen when tho bell rings
Theres one thing that 1 enjoy
about the weather weve been get
ting said tho man who trios to bo I
What Is that
It makes me realize that some of
those Arctic talkers had their
troubles Washington Star
If He Gets the Ague
Madgo Edith is surely not going to
marry that living skeleton of a man
Hes nothing but skin and bones
Tcss Why not Hell make her a
rattling husbaud Boston Transcript
A Rarity
I never saw a purplo cow
I think It Is a fake
And In the times prevailing now
I seldom see a steak
Washington Herald
The Storm Center
Actor on the rondHOw about
the thunder storm effect In act three
Provincial Stage Manager Oh
thatll be easy All Ill do Is bide the
property mans pint bottle Puck
Salt Lake Feb ISTho committee
in chargo of the campaign against late
shopping Saturday nights which Is
being conducted by the Retail Clerks
Local No 55S will hold a meeting
this evening at the Federation of La
bor hall it Is the desire of the clerks
that the stores be closed at 0 oclock
Saturday evenings and if the shoppers
will help the clerks by shopping early
the thing will be accomplished with
out trouble
The clerks have prepared circulars
and will place cards in the various
store windows asking tho public to aid
In the campaign The employers are
not directly blamed for the trouble
but the fact that people have simply
got Into the habit of trading late Is
hold largely responsible
Tho Baptist Kensington society
spent nn hour with the poets on Wed
nesday afternoon at the homo of Mrs
S P Brooks 2204 Grant avenue
Selections from Longfellow Whit
tier Tennyson and other beloved
I American and English poets were re
I cited by members and music and gen
eral social recreation followed by the
serving of dainty refreshments In
I Mrs Brooks own hospitable way
completed a delightful afternoon
Mrs Wm Nashitt was hostess to
tho Comblmn club Thursday after
noon Feb 10 A pTonsant afternoon
was spent with cards music and so
cial chat Mrs E Eggleston and Mrs
L Boyle were winners for first prizes
and Mrs B Livingston and Mrs C I
Christenfccn receiving consolation
prizes Many beautiful piano selec
tions were rendered by Mrs H Prls
cilia which Were much enjoyed by the
At 130 a dainty lunch was served
covers being laid for eighL
On Thursday afternoon Feb 24
the club ladles will meet with Mrs
J B Murray at the homo of her
daughter Mrs J E Lyon S32 Twenty
I sixth street
The Ladles Aid society the Con
gregational church held their regular
business meeting Thursday afternoon
at the homo of Mrs C F Conn S13
Twentyttfth street
Miss Minnie J Lund of Brigham
City hap boon vlslilng relatives and
friends In Olden this weok
Misses DIna Brawn and Florence
Woolley of Ogden were visitors In
Brigham City Sunday the guests of
Mr and Mrs C W Wright
Monday being Valentine Day and
also meeting night for Sego Lily Cir
cle 171 Women ot Woodcraft the I
members of tho organization held
their usual business session after I
which a valentine box party followed
each receiving a fine assortment of
valentines many of which excited
much merriment around the banquet
Plans were made for the celebra
tion of Washingtons birthday Feb
ruary 22 at the Royal Dancing Acad
emy ai which a good time Is assured
tho participants by Circle 171
Wednesday afternoon at the homo
of Mrs G A Muller 3057 Porter ave I
nue tho ladles of the W C T U en
joyed an interesting program the oc 1
casion being a memorial In honor of
the lato Frances E Willard
The liCe and work of Miss Willard I
was reviewed Mrs G A Muller
pooms dedicated to tho great leader
of the organization were read by Mrs
William Craig and Mrs Flowelllng
song service was conducted by Mrs
Martha May and tho devotional sort
ice by Mrs Craig tho W C T U
president An especially interesting
feature of the afternoon was tho ad
dress to the W C T U by Mrs Vir
ginia Leo Brandt Burg national work
er for the Crlttcnton home Mrs
Burg In speaking of conditions lead
ing up to the great labor questions
of tho day and of tho fall of so many
young women said that the liquor
traffic and the white slave traffic go
hand In hand and that of the three
million unemployed men today a large
percentage are either confirmed
drunkards or moderate drinkers and
because of their untrustworthiness
three million girls and women are
forced into their places to earn a live
lihood Too many wives mothers
and daughters are thus forced direct
ly or Indirectly into contact with tho
world and compelled to live on such
meager salaries that they are oflon
led into wrong paths in life tho gla
mour of tho sparkling wino and fine I
ralmont after loading to their ultimate
downfall but she added America al
ways does the right thing when It Is
once understood that a condition pre
vails that IH harmful and as soon as
tho men of America arc educated to
the conclusion that the liquor traffic
Is harmful to Its poople and Its purses
the evil will bo abolished
Mr Burg will deliver an address
on the White Slave Traffic in the
tabernacle this evening at S oclock
Hor lecture which has been delivered
before largo audiences in noarly overt
state In tho Union will deal with girl
life in large clUos mills factories and
department stores the question why
girls KO wrong what our Government
and Its peoplo are doing for our girls
and the social evils of the day
The parsonage of the First Meth I
odist Episcopal church of Ogden was
the scene of a pretty little wedding on
Wednesday afternoon when Miss Car 1
rie Wadman of Ogden and Mr Thomas
Harris a carpenter and contractor of I
Cleveland Ohio wore united in marriage
riage by Rev G W McCreery
The bride was attired In a stylish
pray traveling suit and was accom
panied by hor sister Miss Mary Wad
man who with Mrs G W McCreory
witnessed tho beautiful ring cere
mony that solemnized the union of the
happy couple I
Mr and Mrs Harris will be at homo 1
to their friends at the reaidence of the I
brides father R H Wadman on
Twentyfourth street during the next
two weeks after which they antici
pate a trip north
Mrs Harris has a host of young
friends In Ogdon who will deeply re
gret her departure
Mrs Dr J S Gordon was hostess to
the ladles of ho Presbyterian church
Thursday afternoon and a very pleas
ant time was had
Two vocal solos by Mrs Mary Har
rington Stevens and two by Miss Lou
Mltoholl wore especially beautiful
numbers Instrumental music by Miss
Ruth Lewis were charmingly rendered
and piano selections played by Miss
Dorothy Gordon during tho serving of
refreshments wore much appreciated
by tho guests
Special to tho Standard
LOB Angeles Cal Feb SA very
pleasant oveniiip party wan given at
the lintel inkcrshin Tuesday even
ing by Mrs Adam Patterson of Ogden
to a number of Ogdcnltca who roe reg
istered here The evcnlig was spent
In a social way and later light refresh
ments were served
Among some of the Ogdenltos ho
ar > registered at the Lankcrsbln ore
Mrs Adam Patterson and two daugh
ters Mrs H H Spencer and son Mr
and Mrs Nowman and sons Mr and
Mrs L L Reynolds Mrs Abe Kuhn
Mrs A R Iloywood Mrs 1 W Guth
re Mr and Mrs Patrick Healy Mrs 1
John Lynch Mrs Armstrong and
daughters Mrs S W Badcon and Irs
Ensign are at the Palace
Wednesday evening Mr and Mrs
Max Figman entertained in honor of
Ogden friends followed by a theater
party to witness Mr FJgman In Mary I
Janes Pa I
The Ogden colony In Los Angeles Is I
growing It Is the largest this winter I
that it has ever been and all seem to C
be having a good time I
Mrs E A Rouse wan given a com
plete surprise Tuesday February 15
when about thirty of her relatives
gathered at the home of Mrs Ann
1 Mark 2211 Adams avenue to cele
brate her birthday anniversary
The evening was delightfully spent
music games and pleasant reminis
cences being followed by a sumptuous
repast at which toasts and wishes for
many happy returns of the day to
the guest of honor were In order
Gifts in remembrance of the day
wore a pleasant feature of the occa
The musical program at the Tab
ernacle Sunday will be
Selection Tanoruacle Choir
Selection Tauornacle Choir
Soprano solo Selected
Mrs Hebor Warnor
Addreas Mission of Mor
monlsmWnu D Van Dyke Jr
Chorus Hosaunab Karkor
Tabernacle Choir
EllS Will POR
Gladiator Seeks Death
Because of Lifes
Culinary Failure
Domestic trouble of ancient Roman
society will bo laid bar at tho Elks
Minstrels on February 23d 24th and
25th An ancient
manuscript sup
posed to have been loft by a famous
old gladiator when he committed sub
clde rather than eat his wifes cook
In K has been found and Incorporate a
Into an act which will be a fcaturt I
I of tho minstrel olio In spite of itt
tragic foundation thin act in said It
be a scream
Little Eddie Miller is the father
whose daughter has had aspiration
cast upon her culinary efforts oat
Lnroy Corey IB the daughter whose
husband seeks redress for the out
rages perpetrated upon his stomach
Tho bright particular star of the cast
IK W C Camp who as the gladlawt
has boen illtreated by his spouse
o t f z
Who will appear with his merry omlt
and crack his funny Jokes
People afflicted with the blues will
experience no difficulty In forgetting
their troubles If they attend any 01
tho three performances and the 8Ur
COBS of tho rehearsals seems to war
rant this opinion Last night the end
men wore given their Jokes and
worked out on the hones and torn i
bourlnes and went through ther va
rlous dnncln stunts Tonight an tier
big rehearsal Is called whoa all tho
ballad nnd chorus slnsors will be prc
enL Tho big parade will take pla o
Wednesday at noon when fifty Elk
in gorgeous costumes will appear n i
the streets No painS are Hclng Bpnrrj
to make this show In all Its font
ono of the most successful 01 Us 1 > 1
ever given by local talent
O Cherry Ills Fob IP O
O Charles Atherton known as the O
O top boss of the St Paul coal O
O mine was shot and probnl O
O fatally wounded this nltornoon J
O The shooting occurred while
O the bodies of the entombed C
O minors were being recover d I
Hclpfu Hsnts on
Ha r Health
Scalp and Hair Troubles Gen
erally Caused by Care
Dandruff Is a contagious dlscarc
caused by a microbe which also pn
duces baldness Never use a comb
or brush belonging to some one else
No matter how cleanly the owner I
may be these articles may be In I
fected with microbes which will in
fect your scalp It Is far easier to
catch hair mlrobcs than it Is to pet
rid of them and a alngl6 stroke of
an Infetcd comb or brush may weir
lead 10 baldness Novor try on any
body clues hat Many a hatband U
a resting placo for microbes
If you happen to bo troubled with
dandruff Itching sculp falling hair
or baldness we have a remedy which
we believe will completely relieve
these troubles Wo nro so sure of I
this that we offer It to you with the
understanding that It will cost yon
nothing for the trial if It does not pro
duce the results we claim This rem
edy Is called Rexall 93 Hair Tnlc
We honestly believe it to be the most
scientific remedy for scalp and hair
troubles nnd we know of nothing else
that equals It for effectiveness be t
cause of the results It has produced
in thousands of cases
Rexall 93 Hair Tonic Is devised
to banish dandruff restore natural
color when Its loss has been brought
about by disease and make the hair
I naturally silky soft and glossy It
does this because it stimulates the
hair follicles destroys the germ mat
f ter anal brings about a free healthy
circulation of blood which nourishes
the hair roots causing them to tight
on and grow new hair Wo want
everybody who has any trouble with
hair or scalp to know tthat Rexall
93 Hair Tonic If the best hair tonic
and restorative Jn existence and no
one should scoff at or doubt this
statement until they have put our
claims to a fair test with the under
standing that they pay us nothing for
the remedy If It does not give full and
complete satisfaction In every par
ticular Two sizes 50 cents and SI
Remember you can obaln Roxall Rem
edies In Ogden only at our storo
The Rexall Store The T H Carr
Drug Co corner Grant and Twenty

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