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i 1 v yYal
t 1 YIHJE QG N 5ANA ll >
r if PI > I fIGHT 5
1 r
CoRjrJslit 1010 t f the Non York HcraM Co All nllits ncwrrO
NDDR the white glare of the arc lights the
U cculio of a thousand eyes two pink figures
I move about the cnnvns covered square back
and forth with quick subtly evasive motions
j and gloved hands fiuttcrlngly cruel They
sire the skilful gladiators of our Irne though ttc can
not see nil their cleverness They have tricks within
tricks lilcks beneath the tilcks we see which the
owners of the Uioiiijrtul eyes do not know about
For the Irlcks of the pugilist trade are many They
commence back In the days of training The fighter
though Is then the subject not tho projector of
tricks Then It Is the trulner who engages In them
Say the tighter Is nervous for instance and his tem
perament protests at n too dull routine like the re
doubtable Mr MeGovcrn whose being loathed the
skipping rope and whose soul revolted at the abhor
rence of the punching bag
It was n problem for the trainer but he solved It by
laying one day Oh let us cut all this work aural go
tad play baseball Immediately the gentle Terry
became exuberant In his enthusiasm Cut work
Play Why certainly So he straightway raced and
pitched and sweated uncomplainingly under the burn
I Ing sun joyously convinced that his regular athletic
fp work was being shelved
I After this the trainer challenged MeGovcrn at
hnndbnll MeGovcrn banged this time In the place of
t pitching though he raced and sweated just the same
He felt Joyful at the knowledge that he had to work
no longer nud worked harder than ever It tips n
trick of the tialners simple doubtless but sufficient
to attain Its object Into the same category would
come the Ingemiitles of spurring u pugilist to harder
training by nriniiging for appalling reports from his
opponents camp lilies of wonderful Illness of magi
cal now dodges which were being prepared Fancy
Btaggcis at the tonic quality which such news may
i have upon a lighter who forthwith ndds a few miles
I of extra roadwork and boxes more snappily and butts
Into the sandbag moio perseveringly than over
These tricks of the rode however arc far from be
Ing limited to providing the nutrition of encourage
ment to your own manthey arc more fruitful yet
I In discommoding his opponent The once eminent
Young Corbett vas nil adept at this Through
his public work It was his ingenious wont to ppcar
weak In some point of defence lie carefully en
gineered the filtration of Hews to that effect to the
opposing camp which would then devote much time
and attention to It only to find that on the night of
the contest the Ingenious Corbett wns rather more
than perfect In It It was discouraging to say the
least and discouragement In your opponent Is
m rained ns a Jewel b r those who know the ways oC
the ring
J1 More crafty yet was McCoy however McCoy
whose tricks must not be counted singly but by
the bag That historic piece of craft of which the
< t accommodating Mr Tommy Kyan wns the victim
Is a case in point McCoy bad been the sparring
partner of Ryan and had carefully learned his points
of strength without exhibiting his own Inny a
if beating had the generous nan somewhat ungen
J tle with his sparring partners given to him In the
practice bouts but the unknown McCoy was uncotn
1 plainlug lie was learning
The Double Cross
I 4
rinnlly deciding that he had the whole of Mr
Ityuns knowledge safely stored hq resigned his spar
ling partnership and In a few months challenged his
Into employer ns it will give me a chance of getting a
few dollar he remarked privately to that gentle
mn 1
I I Ilynn knowing he had beaten McCoy each day for
months accepted whereupon the Inventive Kid
certain to leave no stone unturned wrote a letter
I Dear Tommy It ran in substance IIr know you
nn put me out any time you want to but Im going
t Co nsk you to do me a favor Let me stay ten round
1Viio could resist such a naive appeal Certainly
not Mr Ryan who Immediately consented and forth
rlth ceased the rigors of training Wns he not
issurod that the Kid would now do tho same
V However the Kid had different views He cume
r Ito the ring lu perfect condition and very artistically
Iia Ryan never forgot that He
ilanghtcrcd Mr Ryan fOlsot
squirms at Its mention to this day
In the preparatory singes of conflict Fltysimraons
was not unapt Prior to his fight for the light heavy
weight championship with Gardner he mot his op
ponent nt the weighing With his whole strength and
he Mr Gardner upon the
sith utter geniality slapped
Im meet young fellow
back Wy glad to you
novitiates and was al
Mitronlzod Gardner felt his
force the blow Ho
iiost knocked down by the of
lame to the ring less confident thnn ho hud been A
trick of the trade had lobbed him of something
I FitZblmuionH however had need of trlcka iu that
1 contest In tho tenth round his bund was knpcked
I Into splinters The bones of the Hrat two knuckles
force of tho
stunned by thu
wore broken Gardner 8lUII CI
Wow did not notice thus His seconds however moro
obaenjiut told him of it during the rest FlUsslm
minis Musing Ills opponent gluneo over suddenly com
f m Mj s l unconcernedly to ttvlddlc bus thumbs though
I l < piln must have bien excruciating Iu the next
It 1vi rowels he 8wu s viciouslyand repeatedly y with
i t
A FE V Stories of the Ring in
4L Which Crafty Ones Like McCoy
Fitzsimmons and Others but Principally
McCoy Have Demonstrated That an
Active Brain Often a Finer Possession
Than an Agile Fist j
at the lusldo bleep muscle of the giant 1C you tap
your own Very gently with your clenched hand you
may faintly and afar oft experience the simple Stew
art sensations McCoys blow was paralyzing
Is that permissible 1 asked he quickly and before
there could be answer McCoy bad located a particular
nerve at tho back of Stewarts nock McCoy hn
studied his anatomy and with a rough Jell of the arm
had nlmoat wrenched the youthful lighters head off
Or that asked he
1 Sic wail now thoroughly fearful sounded the loud
nqto of alarm I wont have any of that in the
clinches hti protested I wont stand for any
rough work In the clinches at nil Well bleak
clean This wns exactly tile condition for which
the lighter nnd less muscular Kid had been striv
ing Ho had addition so cowcii Stewart that the
tlghf was won before it was well commenced And
McCoy at that bile was long past his primc
The McCojChoynsU contest was anithurexam
pie of n gentle nld to chances moie Ingenious than
lOglllmntc The two hIll met oil seVcnil occnslgim
L and McCoy felt that saving ill luck he could defeat
best that night That lilcidiu OBrien was treadle
all over me foci
lii the BarryMeVey light in Pads McCoys artifices
as conch were also requisitioned by Barry II wont
fight unless I have you behind me he plaintively re
marked Theyre nil for McVcy here So McCoy
volunteered His Instructions however had some
slight dllllculty of acceptance Barry being mire will
Ing than understanding All he could remember was
to grind the negros toes which he did with Icn tIn
slstcnpo but WitS receiving very much the worse of the
So McCoy did some quick thinking Now he
said this referees green and I dont think hell dis
qualify you for one foul blow Anyhow joull be
beaten It you dont try It Just slip one low punch lo
on him and then rush in So Barry slipped the
o e low punch and MeVey was almost disabled He
staggered into a clinch Give him another one said
the experienced Kid after his fighter came to rest
Another one will fix him So Barry went in and de
Hvpiod another one McVcy fell Into another clinch
and hung ou with the frenzy of the proverbial drown
that maimed right baud missing carefully each
time and It was not until the fifteenth round
that Gardner commenced to entertain suspicIons that
all was not well with that dangerous right When
Fllzslmmons saw this he hit Gardner n tremendous
glancing blow with the third and fourth knuckles of
it which convinced Gardner once more that he must
have been mistaken Fitzsltnmons won that fight on
points purely by tricks of the trade which wero only
thoroughly understood at its conclusion
A tilck he played upon Jeffries upon the occasion
of their first contest was less successful When
fighting for the championship a young boxer Is us
ually nervous Fltzslmmons reasonably expecting
tills dallied In his dressing room while his chal
lenger waited amid the din of the ring Fltzalui
mons wns permitting the sickening sense of chance
to sink utterly in To most young fighters the ex
perience would havo been demoralizing Jeffries
however was the exception to the rule That night
he won the championship
In these trickeries of the ring however we ore
forced back to lie one inevitable master of them
McCoy For It may be said that ho expanded be
yond the mere domain of trickery He was au In
ventor on a large scale and a large manufacturing
plant In addition The game of fighting was not a
blind brutality with McCoy He was the student
of a nicely adustcd science lie studied his hlows as
a musician might his scales and ho planned to win
The means Mere details with him With each oppo
nent fresh and until hen untapped deceits would
burst forth to dazzle and defeat him
The Rosin on the Glove
Notice the Kid for Instance lithe and amiable
strolllug about the ring Immediately prior to a plo
fcsslonal engagement There are little heaps of rosin
scattered about the canvas stretched floor and lie
Kid wipes hiM feet in them kicks them playfully
without the least apparent preconceived intent In the
world lie smiles at his friends and pleasantly ip
cehcs their applause But the rosin in the ling be
comes gradually accelerated In the direction of hs
corner if there ho none already there
The glous have been chosen and the seconds crowd
about tholr men carefully pushing the horsehair pad
ding away from the centre They bend over to fix
them on the principle that accidents will fxnnetlmcs
happen In fact they always happen In the Kids
corner Before he has nn opportunity to assume them
they drop regularly into that roslu heap drop there
and are squeezed and twisted into it ere they are
picked up aud finally assumed And a rosined glove
may be made to cut like a knife in the hands of a
McCoy In fact It often has cut like a knife nnd iu
nicely calculated places too This is but a single
one In the sum of tricks McCoy has practised
There was that lime In which Jim Stewart suffered
at his master hands Stewart was Inexperienced but
It every way a stronger tad heavier man and In
clinches his weight would become a factor So the
crafty McCoy set himself lo circumvent this as the
guileless and confiding Stewart pleasantly advanced
to receive tho Instructions of the referee upon Inter
pi clntions of the rules immediately before the contest
It became u question as to what would bo considered
permissible in clinches
McCoy stepped close to tho confiding Stewart and
without warning heaved theIull weight of his shoulder
1 X engine driver of the Cotton Belt Railway Com
J puny relates the following
I came to Little Hock about twenty years ago
A census agent was here at the time takingthe cen
sus Down In Hector sheet which wasnt near ns
long us It Is MOM he encountered an old ucgrcga In
response to his ref tst she wont out to tho fence and
leaned with her aims 1 it while ho asked her name
how many children sir had tat her age JAt tho last
question she exclaimed f j J
1 J f
Law I dunnolJf k
aiassa 3
Cant you give me sown trice
No salt jn r
Well give n guess bout i J
She walled her ejcs around a moment and said
Ill tell you the best I can masse I hnvi been
here about cvonlyfltc jean I vas j1r hun the
stars fell and T knew George Washington tnulAAdurn
Xow jou can do the guessing
his opponent An accident however had enabled
ChoynskI to deliver a blow from which the Kid
experienced n trouble of recovery Each was strain
ing desperately toward the end of a round and both
men were exhausted McCoy had posed himself for
a blow when the gong clanged At the sound
ChoynskI dropped his hands but McCoy summoning
every reserve of force within him drove home a
desperate blow It was foul but he had calculated
with lightning rapidity that It would be Impossible
for any onlooker fairly to tell If It were intentional
ChoynskI crumpled beneath it but McCoys calcula
tion had been correct Choynskl never recovered
thoroughly from that blow and was beaten as the
result of It
The Crafty Kid
It was McCoy too who introduced the ingenious
practice of putting a heavy layer of bicycle tnpc upon
his hands Then tho Kid in dressing gown would
pleasantly argue in the centre of the ring as to the
desirability of that tapes removal would argue till
the tOIle had become hardened like lion lie would
then smilingly take oft as much of the tape as was
possible But bicycle tape has the unfortunate quali
fication of adhering when heated and the final strand
would still stay on
McCoy would grimace helplessly and his opponent
would usually overlook the last and most dangerous
strand of nil McCoys knuckles would however
bo protected with bands like iron which a trick of the
trade had made possible This Ingenious little device
has been the occasion of making the pugilist of the
present time doubly careful as to the hand bandages
of nn opponent It is the legacy of McCoy to his pro
But examples of his art In thu trickeries of his craft
are almost numberless
Trend on the old mans feet theyre bad he
Coached OBrien whcii the Philadelphia man boxed
tho waning Fitzsimmons in San Francisco OBrien1
did nnd won Months nflerwaid the old champion
called on McCoy at the jewellers store of which In
was then proprietor
Hallo Bob remarked the genial McCoy I
havent seen you since the OBrien tight
Bobs fnce took to Itself a pained rApiofialoii Do
rOll know he said Innixinlb hI couldnt light my
ing man And then with only one slight fair tap
necessary to finish his man Barry commenced to fran
llcally butt with his head and was disqualified So
may good seed be wasted upon barren ground
It vns a trick of another kind that ended the famous
CoibcttMcCoy fight This was the one fixed con
test In which McCoy ever engaged While each
thought he could beat the other Corbelt was unwilling
to take a chance with his reputation So It was
agreed thnt McCoy should lay down If I may quite
relentlessly copy the sporting pages The difficulty
was however how to lay down McCoy had several
times presented his confiding chin but the blows of
Corbett lacked a sufficient force to even nearly bring
about the end which both so greatly desired
McCoys brain of experience told him that no sport
Ing spectators lot alone sporting experts could be
lulled lo sweet satisfaction by n blow of that kind so
he pioaented an opening which invited a clear passage
to that norld renowned solar plexus Corbett drove for
It And though I hardly felt it reninikcd the Kid at
a future time 1 knew that uo one could tell whether
a blow delivered there was a leal knock out or not
So down I went And so satisfactorily lil seems Hint
It was only afterward that n long suffering world
heard about it through the too confiding nature of OHO
of Mr Coibctts own family
After such instances of artistry as lhesc It would
be almost inmtlstrc descend to tho coiu > araiic
crudeness of a Young Corbotl whose vliiileneo iid u
flcctho Character of language regularly put his op
ponents Into a frenzy which made them < M y to de
feat ur yet the unshaven and nitiildally wll1 condl
Ion of n Battling Nelsons hair wah whlen to bulimic
mic an opponent eyes Their could only be stated
that rote example1 of cunning ulien nn opponent nf
Ihe1 latter went into n contest with lliu lightwuight
ghaniplon wltlr gloves which were In nn otriiiuly
ncldulntcd conditluu Those completely blinded the
courageous but humau Battler and alinust defeated
him f
It Is howeer siilllclont to indicate the till of a
trains which apparentiy severe in more ways than
one r Most of theso tricks ale unfah yes but whllt
r f
ItUk arc toes Many gentlemen V many desirable
pifcsyiouslice In guts > Looses It seems Can they
afford to throw stones at gntlelllaul pugilists t

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