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PubJIohed Dally except Sundays by William Glasmann
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lion or too per line per week
CKUHCHEa SKCIIET BOCTITnEB nnd Chnrltabjf In lltillnn S 1S cents I
per lino either Random RMerencee or Locale No heml allow I nnnitAniK
It is doubtful whether the Clark road will ever reach the im
portance it attained prior to the destruction of the line through the
Meadow Valley wash and the suspending of all through traffic
While the road is inoperative and the engineers arc cocking out
a feasible route the Harriman people are completing a new line
to Southern California having Ogden as its eastern terminus which
will be by far the most attractive line of travel from Los Angeles
Tho California Nevada railway the aqueduct branch of the
I Southern Pacific was completed to Olancha the southern tip of
Owens Lake last Tucsdny It is printed in the new maps of the
Southern Pacific line as a transcontinental road and as soon as the
tracks to Keeler are broadgauged according to the Los Angeles
Times it will give Los Angeles a new and more direct route to
Ogden Denver and the East over the Union Pacific
When the line was started it was supposed to be merely a branch
for the purpose of carrying on the traffic incidental to the building
of the Los Angeles aqueduct It also opened up the mining district
of Inyo county and the agricultural territory in the Owens River
valley It soon became nvident however that the road was being
extravagantly constructed for the purposes of freight hauling
Expensive bridges cement culverts and tunnels were put in Now
that it is practically completed it becomes evident that the distance
to points in the Middle West has been reduced 300 or 400 miles by
the new route Instead of going by way of Sacramento and over
the steep grades of tho Sierras it will be possible to divert eastern
traffic at Mojave and take it by easier grades and a shorter route
directly toward Ogden
The Los Angeles paper quotes N R Martin passenger agent
of the Southern Pacific as saying
Tho ultimate plans of the Southern Pacific have not been
generally published and yet it is no secret that this aqueduct line
is to become an important one I do not know how soon it will
como into operation for through traffic but it is built with that
end in view Thero remains now a short span across Owens Lake
to conduct with the old narrow gauge road from Mound House to i
Keeler It will take some little time to broadgauge that road
When it is completed it is easy to see by the map that we have cut
off a considerable distance from the old route by way of Sacramento
We also avoid the high grade and the long snowsheds between Sac
ramento and Truckee U
i Those who have been over the line of the aqueduct recently say
I the work there is imposing Intone place where a temporary track
was laid around the end of a bluff serving present purposes well
enough a tunnel is being bored through the hill to straighten the
line The bridges and culverts over canyons instead of being
trestles are put in to carry the heaviest traffic
It is said by mining men and geologists who have been over what
arc known as the Jawbone and Grapevine districts of the equeduct
that there are large bodies of lowgrade ore which will be possible
I of extensive development with the new railroad facilities
11 A large part of the Southern Pacifics passenger traffic to
I Los Angeles is handled by way of Sacramento going down the
valley line to Los Angeles With the new road in operation the
i time could be shortened by nearly twelve hours and the expensive
t haul over tho high mountains eliminated The new route will also
q make Tonopoh Goldfiold and the mining districts of Nevada prac
tically way stations on the overland route to Los Angeles
I When the road is broadgauged and trains are in operation from
Ogden to Los Angelas there will be little necessity or demand for any
more roads from Utah into Southern California
p This is seasonable weather said a business man this morning
Every winter is an unusual muter because there are storms Why
f storms make the country and give to us our prosperity The farmers
I must have precipitation and they are at the foundation of our wel
II p fareThat
That is optimism which sees good in dark clouds dark days and
snow but there is much that is true in the statement Still we feel
that the Storm King has about fulfilled all that might have been ex
pected by the most enthusiastic lover of gloomy weather
1 So I Butch Cassidy has been heard from He was supposed to
be dead but instead of dying in answer to the prayers of the in
numerable victims of his holdups he halt taken on new life and is
now one of three American outlaws at the head of a strong body of I
brieunds operating in the valleys and mountain fastnesses of the I
I Argentine Republic Wo commiserate the people of Argentine with
in the scope of tho raids of these Americans
I Butch Oaseidy r mad headquarters for a time in southern Utah I
I and then he established himself in the HolcinthcWall country
near the Utah state line and within easy reach of the Union Pacific I
railroad For years he and his gang forced the Union Pacific to
I carry heavily armed guards and to maintain an arsenal train < n
reserve to be called at a moments notice The train was a traveling
fortress and horses were a part of the equipment to be employed
in pursuing the bandits When the railroads preparations to re I
sist possible attack became forbidding and every sheriff in half
a dozen states was waiting for a chance to pounce upon him Butch
Oasaidy vacated his mountain retreat and disappeared He was
never listed on the export trade reports but he was
one of the most important exportations ever made by this country
and the inflicting of him upon a foreign country in a measure
proves an equivalent for all the undesirables which this country
has been afflicted with since the first Mafia and the first Black
Hand arrived at Castle Garden
Butch Cassidy at one time had planned to storm the Weber
county Jail so the story goes and the threatened attack made tv
officers as nervous as though he had sent a message passing Cep
them A man named Coleman was in the
tance on jail having been
from Vernal near which place he
brought here was attacked by a
gang of paid exterminators who were in the employ of miners who
disputed Colcmans right to a mining property Coleman had
taken the precaution to hire a few gunmen to resist those who were 1
harassing him and as a result when tho clash came two or three
bold brigands on the side of the miners died with their boots on 1
as did tho father of the j Luck of Roaring Camp Oolemans de
fenders were arrested and spirited away to Ogden to prevent a I
lynching in Vernal One of them was a pal of Butch Cassidy and t
Butch was credited with organizing a cavalcade to ride to this
city and demand the keys that held his friend enthralled But the
hairocasing plot never materialized though it gave Ogden an
added interest in the exploits of the Dick Turpin of Utah
Unless quickly squelched Butch Cassidy will do that which
President Diaz is credited with having done in Mexicoorganize
the countrys bandits into an army and become dictator
Utah has no regrets to offer over the loss of so energetic a
citizen but hopes the climate of Argentina will prove more smooth
ing to tho tingling nerves of Butch Cassidy than did the climate of
this mountainous region
Can You Seat It1
Woman Is very unreasonable
Bflld n venerable New Hampshire Jus I
tice of tile peace I remember that
my wife and I were talking over our I
affairs one day and we agreed thnt
It had como to the point where wo
must both economise
Yes my dear said to my wife
wo must both economize
Very well Henry oho said with
a tlrcdof submission air you shave
yourself and Ill cut your hair
Paved the Way
The FatherIt was a noblo doed
young man to plunge Into the raging
wator after my daughter 1 suppose
jou realized tho awful risk that yon
were running
Tho Hero modestly Yes sir I
did sir
Tho Father Good Than you will
readily appreciate the necessity of
having a policy In the Sklnen Lifo I
Insurance Company for which I am
the chief solicitor Puck
Bound to Recover
Patient Toll mo candidly doctor
do you think Ill pull through 7
Doctor Oh youre bound to get
well you cant help yourself The
Mcdlca Record shows that out of 100
cases like yours 1 per cent Invariably
recovers Ive treated ninetynine
cases and every one of them died
Why man alive you cant die If you
try Theres no humbug In statistics
So the bride and groom especially
requested their friends not to throw
lice after them I
Yes They naked us to hand tho
rice over In a package BO that it could
bo used when they go to housekeep
ing Washington Star
As I understand it they have lost
their money but all of tho daughters I
are able to earn their own living save
one who Is most Idle and Incompe
tent What will become of her
Shell have to cot married
Aggravated It
It seems to me that I have seen
you before
You have my Lord I used to give
your daughter singing lessons
Twenty years Cassells Journal
A Suggestion
Stop these multitudinous divorces
Modify the marriage lines we pray
Let us try awhile if any force is
In to love to honor and to stay
Boeton Transcript I
Maryc Lamb
Mary had n little lamb j
AP all the people know
But If the price of meat stays up
The lamb IH sure to go
New York Sun
A Considerate Girl
Madge He said you were very
Marjorle Why shouldnt he I
never kept him waiting more than half
an hour In my life Llpplncotte
She wouldnt listen to my suit
what do you supposo Is the reason Z
Your tie Is BO loud Kho probably
couldnt hear your Bull Houston
1 1B S
While not the best bill of tho sea
son the one which opened at the
Orphoum last night for the week
Is as Rood and as Interesting ofl any
seen there It is highly entertaining
throughout It Is one of those bills
which Is good without those big head
liners Alice Lloyd and the afcNauBh
tons who were on It at Salt Lake last
week Ogden does not lose much by
the nonappearance of those perform
ers on this weeks bill While Miss
Lloyd is undoubtedly an artist as an
entertainer and probably has capti
audiences her
vated many English
mi lit infrtHftr tr some nrcaented toy
Americans who have been seen at the
Orpheum this winter Tho comedy
act of UK McNaughtons was Tory dry
and lacks merit The local bill this
week will be sure to prove popular
with the patrons of the house
The Hlltona open the bill with n
bicycle corned act that while It
does not surpass others seen on tho
circuit is highly entertaining and
much appreciated The comedy ot
one member of the team is original
and clever and his stunts with tho
bike are certainly good
Two of the hardest working enter
tainers seen on tho circuit in many
I woeVs are the McConnell ulsters
neat and eccentric grotesque singers
and dancers Every minute they arc
before the footlights tho versatile
misses unmistakably convoy to the
audience that they are there to pleas
which Is a pleasure thorn They
closf their act with one of the quick
est cbanffpa seen on tho vaudovllle
stage in many months Within less
than a mInute thoy change from
charming beautifully dressed white
cirls to blackfaced topalcs with
< Moth Bfl hoes ancl stockings to
match They not only l < o1r the part
t < ut they lnv tbe voices which they
HIe in a rich coon song They
LakS one of the hits of the evening
I J W Clark has a troupe of mon I
1 ovjt nimnRi human In actions that
I l
art wonderful little entertainers Mr
Clarks act shows what can ba accom
plI bod by kindness toward animals
and In one that IB enjoyed by children
of nil Ages
Prank and Paulno Berry In their
musical molango are the headliners
Of the bill and sham tho honors of
the evening with the McConnolls
With the use of sevoral different mu
sical Instruments anti a little de
licious nonsense and comedy they
present an act that would cure any
case of the blues A feature of their
act is the Fronch horn and saxa
phone solos and the renditions show
that the Berrys are artlsta in their
Tho Carbroy Twin Brothers present
a dance that It novel and very well
oxocuted Without those usual pre
liminary monologues which are tire
some to say the least and such as
many of tho dapcers have present
ed the Carbreyg dance and dance
entertainingly which wins the appro
bation of tho most blase
The Permnno Brothers those ec
centric clowns in an offering en
titled Nightingales Making Love
win some applause The act like I
many English acf Is a little too
slow for tho active and busy Am
erican but It is novol and will prob
ably prove popular They are billed
as the hcadlinera well other Eng
lish acts have boon billed that way
The Orpheum orchestras selections
were good and well received The
kinodromo has some good pictures
A popular attraction at the Now Og
ccn Theater for this coming Saturday
matinee and evening is William P
Cullens new edition of Tho Alas
kan already seen hero In Its original
form This splendid musical show
has been revised by two very clever
comedians Richard F Carroll and Gus
Weluburg who themselves have parts
suited to their humor in this now of
fering The piece comes here after a
phenomenal run of five months In Chi
cago and while many of the original
cong numbers have been retained
many new and novel Interpolations
have been introduced Amongst tho
latter Is the now famous Snowball
Ing number In which the Girly
chorus throw snowballs at the nu
Hence while the audience pelts them
back It IH very Interesting while III
lasts but no ono enjoys the clever con
celt more than Mi tIre and Miss
Audience Tho group of wellbohaved
genuine Alaskan dogs are still a prom
inent feature while tho weird dance
of the Totem Poles the wonderfully
I eaJl tlc snowstorm scone and the
many prismatic and electrical effects
all go to form an entirely somewhat
different departure In latterday mu
sical comedy Tho entire Chicago
production will bo brought here In
Inct nnd besides the principal come
dians Carroll and Welnburg the largo
company consists of Detmar Poppen
John R Phillips Al Rauh Sidney Al
giers Josslo Stoner Alice Keen Etta
Lockhart ilarcoll Scott and an ex
ceptionally largo chorus Scats on
6le Thursday at 10 a in
Tho annual reunion of tho Child
family Is a social function looked for
ward to iby members of the family I
with great Interest and happy antici I
pation The twentyfourth reunion i
will be held in the Third ward meet I
lag house and amusement hall tomor
row It Is expected that tho mooting
this year will bo larger than It was
last year and that it will be of greater
Interest to the members of the family
Those having the matter in hand state
that the reunion will embrace not otily
ho members of the Child family hut
that those bearing the name of Rich
ardson are eligible
Besides an elaborate program of
entertainment consisting of Instru
mental and vocal music recitations
nnd solos Impromptu and prepared
addresses by different members of
the family and step danolnp will be
features and in fact the affair will
be a srular old fashioned Indoor pic
nic where everyone IB oxpocted to
have a rood time
I Among the more prominent mom
bers of the Immediate family are tho
following John C Child county su
pervisor John Bishop a local grocer
Charles E Child who is connected
with the Utah Construction company
K D Richardson a brother of Ezra
Richardson M B Richardson con
nectod with Beckers brewery War
ren C Child Jr of Horrlnville WII
Ham Child Hoopor bl bop of Hooper
Ezra Richardson a Well known retail
grocer Chris Brown of the Watson
Tanner Clothing company Henry F
Child of Rivcrdale Rosetta Shaw and
Mrs John Browning
An Invitation giving the program
of entertainment has been sent out
by tho committee having charge of
of tho
nrranRemcns and all members
family as well as prospective mom
bers are urgently requested to be
present and cement old ties stronger
while uniting the new ones that have
been added to the family durng the
The Sixth ward mooting house has
been completed and It Is ready for
use The first gathering of the people
The s
Some Advice Against the Use
of Harsh Purgatives
and Physics
A doctors first question when con
srlted by a patient Is Are your bow I
ods regular He knows thut DS pr I
cent of 111 Is attended jy inactive
bowels and torpid liver This condi I
tion poisons the system with waste
matter tnd causes acctinulatlon of
gases which must ho removed
through the bowel before health cU
be restored
Salts ordinary pills and cathartics
may bo truly likened to dynamite
Through their harsh Irritating no
tion they force a passage througn tin
bowels causing pain and damage to
the delicate Intestinal structure
which weakens the whole system
and at best only produce temporary
relief Tho repented use of such
such treatments causes chronic Irri
tation of the stomach and bowels
f dries and hardens tho tissues stiffens I
I their muscles and generally brings I
I about an Injurious habit which some
times has almost If not fatal results
We have a pleasant and safe reme
dy for constipation and bowel disor
ders In general Wo are so certain
of its great curative value that we
promise to return the purchasers
money In every case where It falls to
produce entire satisfaction Tills
remedy Is called Roxalls Orderlies
We urge you to try them at our en
tire risk
Roxnll Orderlies are eaten like
candy they act quietly and have a
soothing strengthening healing reg
ulative Influence on the entire Intes
tinal tract They do not purge gripe
cause nausea flatulence excessive
looseness diarrhoea or other annoy
ing effects and they may be taken
at any time without Inconvenience
Roxall Orderlies overcome the
drugging habit and safely remedy
constipation and associate ailments
whether acute or chronic eycept In
I surgical cases They are especially
good for children weak persons or
old folks Price 36 tablets 26 cents
and 12 tablets 10 cents Remember
you can obtain Rexall Remedies In
Ogden only at our store Tho Rexall
Store T H Carr corner Grant and
f1 tJfl7
ve y
The old waists the spotted or
stained clothing that you thought nec
essary to discard as useless youll
find can be put In firstclass order
equal to new once you try our Dry
Cleaning methods
Money saving opportunities phone
us now and have us call for your
work Youll be more than pleased
and surprised with the satisfactory
results wo give
Charges always reasonable
Ogden Steam
Laundry Co
Phones 174 437 25th Street
in the now building will be hold to
morrow evening when tho Sunday
school ot tho ward will jive a benefit
concert For this occasion an Inter
esting program ham boon arranRcd
and a number of Ocdons highest mu
Elcal artists will appear
Tho completed program shows a
delightful list of choice music there
probably never has boon presented at
a ward concert so much talent i
Mr Ensign has been very liberal
in his offering Ho will appear on 1
the program three tmes Ringing A
and B selections In his first and
second numbers
Tho male chorus from tho Taber I
nacle choir with Miss Balllncor as
soloist will nine Ita Is Not Death to
Die Miss BalllnKer will also bo
heard In tho solo Friends
Mrs Charles Henry Stevens will
sing For All Eternity
Mr Ernest F Oborn will play
ButterflIes and flowers by hot
I tercr and Miss Maud Zolmor a com
position by Chopin both piano solo
I Tho Marguerite Waltz from
Faust Is on Instrumental number
T = 1
Get Your Seats for II
pcs 100 75 50 25c I
< 1It 1 I
r I M T
The life of an employ in the electric power house is mon
otonous excepting in the event of storms or line interruptions
and accidents The continuous neverending magnet hum of
tho dynamos soon tire the nerves which are constantly listen
ing for a change in the pitch or tone i as a piano tuner wmiM II
say when tightening or loosening a string i and at the moment
whenever the magnet tone or hum does change the trained
ears of the man in charge fells him of impending troubles
It may bo thata bolt of lightning has struck the high power
I line and started an arc across the lightning arresters If the
discharge is heavy it may reach into the station to the see
I ond arrangement of lightning arresters which are usually
placed back of the switchboards The room may be filled
with the wellknown bluish liquid fire but the men are at the
f throttle wheels to prevent the big dynamos from bursting
r in the event that the man at the switches has suddenly thrown
1 the load off of them This is done to prevent the lightning
from melting the wires on the dynamos The water running
through nozzles is traveling at the rate of two miles each
minute of time and unless it was quickly turned off at the
wheel the big magnet or armature of the dynamo would be
running at a bursting speed of two miles per minute Then
again there are times when no electrical storms exist the
weather is clear and the tune of the dynamo suddenly
changes by what is called a short on the line which causes
the current to suddenly increase which instantly heats the
wire coils in the dynamo to the burning point Line troubles
are always a source of anxiety to the company and the men
in charge
An extra machine can always be started and cut in when
ever another one gives out but the lines of wires stretching
far away ovor the mountains and hills are quite another mat
ter whenever some unavoidable accident happens I
About six years ago two eagles were playing in the air
about twenty miles from the power house near Oroville Gal
They struck a three wire 60000 volt line their wings being at
least six feet across formed a short circuit from one of the
wires to the other and about 10000 horse power passed
through their bodies In less than a fraction of a minute one
of the transformers at the power house boiled the oil over
and set it on fire and it was only on account of quick action
that the building was saved
On another occasion a crew of men between Petaluma and
Santa Rosa were moving a tall hay derrick wanted to pass
under the high tension wires but found the derrick too high
One of the men said he knew all about electricity and ventured
to raise the wires with a pitchfork He had nearly completed
his dangerous undertaking when one of the bystanders Lik
I ing hold of a loose guy wire attached to the top of the der
I rick thought to assist the man upon the top with the pitch 1
I fork The next moment the derrick had touched the wires
I and the grass began to bnrn under the wheels of the wagon
The current was grounded or shorted us they call it and these
two citi s experienced what it means to be without electrical
service for a few hours
The public of today demands a continuous and uninter
rupted service The success of business and use of power and
light rely largely upon this modern magic energy
I > = =
two violins piano and cello by the
Misses Lillian Rachel Ellen and O
Florence Wright This promises to V
be a pleasing number f
Mr Moroni Olson still keeps the l
title of his number unannounced It
will bo a recitation
Tho first number will be given I
promptly at S15 j t
Tho condition of Representative
Jamoa B PerkIns of Now York show i
ml no Improvement Sunday nnd la re
garded na extremely critical
Telling Lies
Thats the tide of an intercstine duet a
suns by Ada Jones and Billy Murray
and even Gcorce Va8hin ton
would have found it hard to stick to
t I
the truth under the circumstances
Its the Edison Standard Record I J
No 10314 for February Hear it
today at your dealers on the J
Oct complts Oct ol February ReconJs roo f
your di ler or writ to 1tiouai Ihoncerapti
Company LskiWo Avenue Oranct NJ
Edison 1
wear ers
for gAr
100 Machines from
I 1250 to 20000 J
25000 Records to
Select From
Grand Opera for
Ogden I
Call at the I
and Hear Some
of the Operatic Music
I Sung During tho Week in
Salt Lake by the
Lombardi Opera Company
Buy an Edison Machine A
Little Down and a Dollar a
I Week a
tfchard ro Carroll and the
tti Sis usrfs 10 ° the
4I fifflr a V A ASKA N 9
J Lt 3
2t Ti ui
fr Saturday Feb 25

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