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I The Evening Paper Is the Paper 1 WEATHER FORECAST I I
Paper of Yesterday + NIGHT AND THURSDAY
h I
FORTIETH YEARNO CITY UTAH FEBRUARY Entered as Second Class Matter at the Postoffice t OgdenUtah
Two Thousand Windows Broken and City Is
Without a Supply of Iassc = = Tin Soldiers
Are Made Ridiciilo = = 18000 Men to
March to the City Hall
Philadelphia Feb 23lhrce dead
two lying at the point of death In
hoapltala and moro than a thousand
persons Injured IB tho toll exacted
by the iclgn of lawlessness which has
existed In this city for throe days
since tho street car strike started
It Is understood that Mayor Hey
hurn Is anxious to call upon tho state
troops hut Director of Public Safety
Clay Is opposed to this procedure
Tho director urges that tho state po
lice an experienced mounted organ I
zat lon which han done effective duty
In different parts of the stale should
at first bo called upon There are
however only 200 men In thin organi
zation but they are the pick of tho
Thus far the rioters havo made
street cars the principal objects ot
their attacks The northeastern sec
tion of the city and Market street un
dor the very eyes of the mayor have
been tho main scenes of their opera
Dynamite was used last night In a
car barn In tho northwest section
where fifteen policemen were asleep
No ono was Injured
Tho fact that the strike was not de
clared by President John J Murphy
of the Central Labor union acted as
a respite to tho tired police officials
of the city who were anticipating a
strike of 100000 men A move Is on
foot however to have the sympathiz
ers parade peacefully to the city hall
100000 strong and thereby show tho
mayor and other officials the gigan
tic proportions of the threatened up
Fenclblcc Are Tin SoldIers
A careful Investigation of the situa
tion shows that Murphy us head oC
the Central Labor union has no power
to order H general strike but IB only
ostcd with tho authority to suggest
ono It then rests with each trade
union to act upon the matter
The placing on guard of tho state
fcnclblcs along Lchlgh avenue yes
terday la admitted to have been a
mistake Tho mombern of this organ
ization which enjoys the UGO of a city
armory are mostly very young men
como of them mere boys They were
placed all along tho street and when I
the residents of the great mill district
of Kensington heard of the arrival of
the young soldiers they turned out In
force to greet them
Practical jokes of every description
were played upon the members of the
fonclblcs Some wore partially
stripped of their clothes and after
their arms had been taken from them
wore chased up and down the streets
by bands of young roughs The girls
of the districts collected the brass
buttons from the uniforms as souve I
nirs The soldiers were not assembled
In squads but were stationed some
times a square apart One girl stuck
a hatpin In a soldiers back which
caused him to Jump and tho crowd
to laugh
Boys Attacked Trolley Cars
That the attacks on trolley cars In
the northeast section were In a num
ber of cases planned by gangs of j
boys In shown by the antpmortcin i
statement made last night by one of
the youths shot In yesterdays rioting
Moro than 1000 persons have been
arrested for rioting and 36 have been
Indicted by tho grand Jury
The stock of window glass In the
city suitable for store windows has
been exhausted and no more broken
windows can be replaced until more
glass Is supplied More than 2000
windows were broken yesterday
At 9 oclook this morning the Trac
tion company announced that It had
554 car In operation or 38 more than
at tho same hour yesterday This
number It was stated would bo In
creased during tho day to 800 Tho
company also announced that It had
enough men to man 1400 cars If tho
city would provide sufficient police
protection I
As ono or two policemen are on I
each car the company says tho city j
IB not In a position to furnish protec
tion to all the cars and at the same
time take caro of the general police
situation TIll number of cars nor
mally operated Is 1800
Police Guard tho Cars
Tho Traction company opened Its
Frankford line today for the first tlmo
since the strike started When tha
first car was started out It carried
four policemen but no passengers
When It turned from Frankford ave
nue Into Kensington avenue It wan
met by four mounted pollcoinon who
rode behind It along that highway
which has been tho scono of much
disorder At every twenty feet along
the avenue stood a policeman with I
a heavy riot club a yard long I
Both sides of the street were well
filled with people but the show of
police force had a quieting effect
Car Fired Upon
At Fortyfourth and Lancaster aye
nile in West Philadelphia about 0
oclock two cars coupled together and
carrying twelve passengers aud two
policemen were flrod on by an uniden
tified man standing at the curb With
tho flrft shni the passengers four of
whom WITO women throw themselves
qn he floor of the car The police
men gave chase hut the man pot
The third death as a result of tho
cpnflSct between the police and strike
sympathizers occurred today whan
lohn Hough IS years old died In tho
Samaritan hospital
A policeman who wan protecting a
motorman saw boys throwing Btonos
at the car The policeman opened fire
on them and one bullet struck Heugh
In thu neck Hough Is the boy who I
In an antcmortom statement to the
coroner sold he was ono of an organ
ized gang of 150 carpet mill employes
who had agreed to assemble and at
tack curs
Governor Stuart who spent Wash I
ingtons birthday In this city left for
Harrisburg at 10 a m Ho said ho
had not received a call from the may I
or for state troops
Plttsburg Fob 3An the stato
constabulary troops In this district
Including Johnstown Greensburg and
I Jeanotte numbering more than 100
men have been ordered to mobilize I
today at Grccnsburg training bar
racks ready to proceed at once with
Held equipment to Philadelphia
Three Negroes Cause a
Panic on the Jersey
New York Feb 3The ne
groes who boarded the smoker of a
Jersey Central train as wnslcavlng
the Jersey City terminal early this
morning pulled out three huge re
Tolvors a fow minutes later and pro
ceeded to shoot up the car In wild
west fashion
When tho smoke cleared away It
was found that two passengers had
been seriously hurt One had a bullet
let in his abdomen and the other shot I
through tho breast
The negroes apparently sobered by
the result of their work took to their I
hoels jumping from the rear plat
form as the train whirled through
the suburbs of Jersey City I
The train was quickly stopped and
the Injured men hurried to tho city
hospital A Bquad of policemen sent
post haste to the scene wore unable
to find any trace of the assailants
Within an hour the entire police
force of the city reinforced by a
largo squad of patrolmen from tho re
serves was put to work with orders
to search eery nook and corner of
the neighborhood
On account of tho panic which en
sued among the passengers when tho
shooting began the pollco were un
able to get any very satisfactory ac
count of the affair or any definite de
scription of the negroes from the eye
witnesses No effort was made by
any of the passengers to prevent the
escape of the assailants
Ssr Francisco Fob 23Tho mrs
rry of tho Ideiullv of the woman
whose lody way found on the side o
Mount Tamalpale several weckn ago
has at last been solved at least to
the satisfaction of the Marion county
authorities Mrs B S Tulle of Mill
Valley yesterday identified the watch j
and the flour de lis pin as those of
a Mrs McKay who worked for her as I
I a domestic for a time during the
nummor of 1908 Tho watch Is tho
same timepiece that was Identified by
A B Woller In Eureka as having
been repaired by his father several
years ago for James McKay a half
breed Indian who formerly lived In
Humboldt county Tho McKay woman
lived In Eureka at one time after she
I had run away from Portland where
I hoi stepmother now lives According
to a story she once told Mrs Tutle
I she married a man named McKay In
Eureka The clothing of tho woman
whose remains were found on tho
mountain side was purchased In Port
land I
St Louis Feh 23Slr James Duf
field of London who claims to be a
lineal descendant of Lord Cornwallls
camo to tho rescue of George Wash
ington and the hatchet story last
nlghl In company with Hon Charles
S Hyman former minister of public
works of Ottawa Canada The two
aro out on a pleasure Jaunt and they
camo to the United Slates to en
joy It
Sir James severely criticised tho
American people for the way they
make light of the hatchet slory Ho
believes the story and I
says It is a
reduction upon the present generation
lit e j wf
In this free country to doubt It It
Is only an example ho points out of
t disrespect of average American
citizens for tho prowess of their fore
fathers and the government of their
Why Washington was the greatest
man this country ever produced he
declared but you Americans don
appreciate him dont you know Why
should not wo bellive the story of tho
hatchet and tho cherry tree 7 Its a
part of your history down from gener
ation to generation mid you young
men ought to respect It But you
dont You care nothing for precedent
and you dont respoct tho men whom
you have placed In office By George
I dont understand IU
No Plaster of Paris Saint
Now York Fob 2S I am glad that
modern historians have ceased to
make Washington a plaster of Paris
saint with a tin halo declared the
Re Dr Rufus P Johnston In his ad
I dress last night before the Washing
ton Headquarters association In New
Washington was humane contin
ued Dr Johnston He was a man
among men Ho was fond of fox hunt
Ing and horse races and also drank
Ho oven swore we are told and I
am glad of It because there are times
when a good oath seems to be a nat
ural vent for a mans emotions
Butler Pa Feb 23111 get you
shouted Bowman B Seybert aged 80
as he slept In the office chair of Red
icks livery stable Ill get yon he
kept repeating and drawing a heavy
revolver from his pocket ho began
firing Two shots struck the office
walls and as a third hit his own head
Seybert rolled from tho chair and
awoke to find himself bleeding upon
the floor At the first shots John Con
rad a stable hand jumped through a
Seybort says he was dreaming that
he was pursued by a man who wanted
to kill him and that ho fired In self
defense His wound is serious
Syracuse N Y Feb 23Lucc
Gregorls an Austrian 34 years 01
age on his way from Los Angeles
Cal to Trieste Austria was standing
on the platform of a Now York Cen
tral express train near Wecdsport
last night when a fickle breeze blew
off his lint Gregorls reached for his
hat foil over the guardrail and was
fatally Injured He died at St Jos
ephs hospital The train was speed
ing at the rat of 50 miles an hour
Chicago Fob 23Fred Morrlfield
former University of Chicago base
ball tar who Is teaching school In
Japan booms tho island empire as
a safe resort for umpires In an article
written for the current number of tho
University of Chicago Magazine Mer
rlfield says ho has umpired games for
three ears In Japan and the worst
kick he ever received was a polite
and mild protest Merrlflold says base
ball Is one of tho best Influences In the
life of the young Japanese
Chicago Fcb iiTothn Pearson
a 14yearold Russian Gypsy who It
Is alleged was stolen from her moth
er Mrs Totha Pearson in Boston
two years ago was found In tho pos
session of Mrs Annie Lucas a Mexi
can Gypsy at Sixtyfifth and Loomis
streets hy detectives Mrs Lucas
was arrested and will be given a
hearing today
rhe Lucases admit tho girl Is Mrs
Pearsons child but claim they
ought her for 100 Mrs Pearson
denies this as docs the girl who
says she was coaxed away by a prom
iso to take her to moving picture
They made me work hard dolug
washing because I was not old
enough to toll fortunes tho girl sold
Im so glad to got back to my moth I
er I often tried to got awn but
they always watched me Thc first
winter after I was stolen we spent
In Europe Two weeks ago we came
to Chicago I learned from little chil
dren that my brother and mother
wore here and several times tried to
reach them but was brought back
Hostilities are expected between
the Russian Gypsies living near State
and Fiftysixth streets to whom uio
girl belongs and the Gypsies living
In the vicinity of LoomIs and Sixty
fifth streets
IDVO Feb 23G M Ltol engi
neer In charge of the Strawberry Irri
gation project recvcd a telephone
nusnst from the hcVdquarlerB of the
coiopn > at Dlamoud Switch In Span
ish Fork canyon tonight advising
him that tho body of n man who had
been frozen to death had been found
V u r t
about three miles from the switch A
Party of men from tho headquarters
of the Irrigation company brought the
body down the canyon
Last Friday two men started to tho
switch from a point some distance
away In search of work and It Is
supposed that It wns the body of one
of these although the Identity of the
man Is unknown The other man Is
thought to have suffered the Game
fate and tomorrow Sheriff Judd and
G M Lytel will go in ntsnich of his
body Some difficulty Is anticipated In
finding It as It Is snowing in the
canyon at tho pebcnt time and tho
body will doubtlessly bo covered HP
General Chamorro Re
ported to Have Taken
Washington Feb 23 Victories of
Immense importance to tho Insurgent
arms in Nicaragua arc told In dis
patches being received today at the
state department
General Chamorro with the maIn
division of the Insurgent army has
completely Invaded the government
troops sent out to check him and by
a flank movement has taken the city
of Granada It Is Inferred that Gen
oral Estrada once believed to be go
ing In the direction of Grey town IB I
marching to make a combination with
The losses of the government troops
have been terrifying Guerilla war
fare has prevailed It Is Bald that
after the engagement orthc nine
teenth scores of unburIed dead lay
on the fields The losses of the pro
visional troops were slight
Disorder and panic are spreading
through tho Mndnz troops and tho
government All trains on tho rail
road east of Managua have been
abandoned and tho line is used only
for military purposes The situation
In the surrounding country Is becom
ing more serious for the government
The Insurgents also recaptured tho
government steamer Victoria on Lake
Madriz taking alarm at the spirit
01 unrest among tho populace which
has Increased every day as Chamor
mos troops have boon advancing has
practically declared a dictatorship
over the departments qf Granada
Masaya and Carazo 1
New York Fob 23The Herald to
day publishes a dispatch from San
Juan Del Sur Nicaragua saying It
Is reported from Managua that the
Insurgents under General Chamorro
fluttered a severe defeat yesterday af
ternoon near Tlpltah The casual
ties on both sides are placed at SOO
No confirmation of this reported en
gagement has been received In Now
Land telegraph lines connecting
San Juan Del Sur with Managua
wore severed for several hours yes
Bookkeeper Gets Away
With 144000 of
the Funds
Boston Fob 23Becauso a short
age said to bo 144000 was discov
ered in tho accounts of National City
Bank of Cambridge that institution
was closed today by order of tho
comptroller of the currency and Bank I
Examiner Ellis S Popper was appoint
ed temporary receiver
G W Coleman Iii the name given
at the office of the comptroller of tho
currency as the bookkeeper of the
National City Bank of Cambridge
hose defalcation caused the closing
of tho Institution He has fled HIs
shortage moro than wipes out the I
capital stock of 100000 and tho sur
plus and undivided profits amounting
to 39450 thus making the bank In
The depojblts amount to 128132
and the loans and discounts 20Sfi25
Comptroller Murray will appoint a
Pawpuskn OkhaFeb 33ilfan
herds of cattle In the pastures of tho
Osage country were saved from death
by freezing during tho recent blizzard
by the action of their owners In tap
ping the natural gas pipe lines of that
oction and Igniting the escaping gas II
Tho comfort of tho animals however
was at the expense of the citizens of
those towns depending on natural gas I
for heating tho shortage of gas hav
ing caused much suffering
New York Fob 23The recent
contest for tho honor of having tho
longest vermiform appendix proves to
have boon so much wasted time The
real record Is heldMn New York city
and was sot several months ago
From an authoritative source tho
announcement came today that on
May G 1900 Dr Harold Meeker of
this city removed from a woman pa
tient an appendix measuring nine
incites wliich he now has In his pos
This appears to set aside the cham
pionship claims of Edward Ross of
Sharon Pa seven Inches Howard
= JI rf
Gould ot Wlnthrop Mass 7 i8
Inches and George GOBS the former
Yale football star six Inchen The
average appendix Is from two to
three Inches long
Flltsburg Pa Feb 23Slates and
sponges have been eliminated from
tho schools of McKccsport by order
vof the health officer because of tho
liTOvalcnco of scarlet fever Offici
I nile maintain that they are germ breed
ers and are In a great measure re
sponsible for many of tho diseases
in the city
Tine teachers desks wore found fill
ed with contraband confiscated from
pupils which wore to be kept until
tho end of tho term The desks have
been cleared and all confiscated ar
ticles must bo returned at the end
of each days session
Feels That He Could
Have Continued to
Final Round
San Francisco Feb 227ho light
weight battle at Richmond yesterday
was the sole topic of conversation
today among sporting men Tho name
oftonest upon the tongues of the
fight devotees Is strangely enough
not that ot the noir champion Wol
gnst but that of Nelson whose game
struggle against Inevitable defeat was
the feature of the match
Tho former champion with his
manager had expected to leave for
Chicago this morning but tholr de
parture will be postponed until Nel
son learns the status or nle theatrical
The attendance at the fight Is esti
mated at between 13000 and 15000
Tho total receipts were 37570 bay
ing a good margin for the promoters
ns It was estimated that tho fight
cost them 20000 Nelson was guar
anteed 12000 win lose or draw
with 1000 for expenses
Wolgast received 3760 for his ond
The moving pictures will prove valu
able Nelson bought a 35 per cent
Interest In them for 5750
Nelson gives hie conqueror due
credit but maintains that ho trained
too long and that he was down to
weight too soon It was the Impres
sion of many abont tho ringside that
iNelson did not show his usual speed
and Accuracy The former champion
would not criticise tho action of Ref
eree Smith In stopping the fight hut
declared that he could have lasted
until the end and ho was not without
hope that he might have landed a
knockout punch
Wolgast has not made any definite
plans but Indicated that ho would
take a long rest before he entered the
ring again Ho declared that he pur
posely played a waiting game ns ho
desired to beat Nelson by adopting
his adversarys favorite plan of slow
ly battering down his opponent
Battling Nelsons Home
Was a Gloomy Place
Chicago Feb 23IThls Is tho sad
dest moment In my life said Mrs
Nelson mother of Battling Nelson
at her homo In Hogewlsch as she
strove to brush asldo the tears that
coursed down her face last night af
ter she heard of her sons defeat h
Ad Wolgast In San Francisco
1 hope Battling will give up box
Ing now He has been so busy writ
Ing and traveling In the last year that
1 dont think he prepared long enough
for tho match Nobody over cnn ac I
cuse him ora dlshciest act though
and I dare say he Is greater In defeat
than If ho had won from his rival
We watched all afternoon and
long after supper Umo for word from
out west and all of us looked for the
name message ho has sent us so of
ten tolling of victory I hope ho was
not hurt
Battling would stand up and fight
until he seemed he must keel over
and die Perhaps this lesson will
tech him to give up prizefighting
San Diego Cal Feb 23 Warners
Hot Springs about seventy miles
northeast of this city reports that a
meteor of extraordinary size and
brilliancy was soen there yesterday
afternoon It was traveling from west
to east
I Point a PltrcGuadaloupn Feb 23 I
Duringa clash between the sugarcane
cutters who arc on strike and the
soldlcrb thrtui strikers were killed
and several wounded TWO gendarmes
received wounds The sugar fields aro
burning having boon fired by the
Chicago Feb 2gAn announce
ment of a complete reorganization of
I tho t three railroads which brought
I about the financial downfall of John
flWalshthe Southern Indiana the
L r f
I r = =
Illinois Southern and the Chicago
Southern railways Is expected soon
The clearing house banks of Chicago
took over the roods following the
financial settlement bctwoon tho
banks > on tho ono side and Mr
Mr Walsh and the guarantors on his
flovenmlllloadbllar note on tho
Albuquerque N M Feb 23 Ed
ward Payson Wcston spent last night
at Navajo Arizona having covered
moro than forty miles yesterday Wes
ton expects to cross the New Mexico
line today and reach Manuelito N I
M before stopping for tho night
Man Allows Himself to
Be Knocked Down
and Run Over
New York Fob 23 Charles Smith
a houso painter with no home told
the hospital physicians today that he
was so hungry last night that he al
lowed himself to be knocked down
and run over In order that he might
obtain a meal Smith was crossing
an uptown street when a horso driven
by a finelydressed woman came
along Ho stepped in front of the
horse was knocked down and the
runabout passed over him A pollco
mau wanted to arrest the woman but
Smith refused to make a complaint
saying that all ho wanted was money
enough to got a meal Tho woman
handed him 5 and she was allowed
to go on her way Smiths injuries
are trifling
o O
o 0
O Utica KY Feb 23From 0
O the records In the geological 0
O department of Hamilton col 0
O kpe It Is computed that tho 0
O fall of snow here this far this O
O season has been 93 Inches 0
O This Is a record for central 0
O New York O
O 0
This Year Will Be a
Good One For the
Iron Trade
New York Fob 23The officers of
the Iron moulders conference board
representing eleven local unions of
Iron moulders In New York and vlcln
city have Just received exhaustive re
ports on trade conditions In tho prin
cipal cities of the country These re
ports it Is announced show that 1910
la to be a very prosperous year In tho
Employers In Plttsburg raised the
wages 25 cents a day In January and
I Chicago employers granted the same
Increase on February 1 The agree
ment between the Now York mould
ers and their employers does not ex
pire until May 1 when they expect
to go tthe samo Increase
We havo no labor troubles in
sght and arc not expecting any diffi
culties declared J J Flanagan the
chief business agent of tho board to
Will Cross the Atlantic
from Germany
J in April
New York Fcb 23If Karl Lops
of Hamburg can find a proper place
in the neighborhood of Now York for
a balloon landing he Jntends to sail
in his big dirigible from Germany In
April With eight motors generating
ono thousand horsepower he will
make the trip In three days he says
He plans to havo nine passengers with I
him although his airship would eas
ily carry ten times as many
Ar t
Leslie Hi Shaw Fresh from Cabinet Secrets
Forecasis the Coming of a Tremendous
Struggle if the United States j
is Not Prepared
Now York Feb 23A speech by
Leslie M Shaw former secretary of
I tho treasury In which tho possibility
i of coming trouble with Japan Is
i strongly suggested excited consider
r able comment here today
Mr Shaw spoko last night In Mor
rlstown N J at a dinner of the
Washington aacociatlon there He
pleaded for a merchant marine and
held up before his auditors the peril
of Japanese domination of tho Pacific
Japan declared thhe former cab
inet member proposes to dominate
tho Pacific or make It run red There
ig race hatred between the countries
You go to Japan to live and you live
whore you are told to livo Tho Japa
nese come here and want to hive
I where they please
Strange Story of a
Tragedy That Did
Not Occur
Galvoston Texas Fob 23RcctM
Williams 52 years old has been re
leased from tho state penitentiary at
Rusk after a 20j ears service ac
companied by tliQ man he was con
victed of having killed Bernard J
Carter of Seattle Wash was respon
sible for the release of Williams from
prison whore he was serving a fort
year term
When Carter saw the name of Rec
tor Williams mentioned among tho
convicts who testified before a legis
lative committee he became IntoroRt
ed and discovered It was the same
man who drove cattle and rode the
range with him twenty years ago
Carter visited the prison and tho par
don of Williams followed
Twenty years ago Williams and Car
ter owned small interests In cattle
In west Texas and were employed on
the McCormlck ranch In Crockett
and Pecos counties They had fre
quent quarrels which terminated In a
fight in which Carter was stabbed
and left for dead Williams believed
he had killed his companion and ho
attempted to hide the crime by throw
ing the body In tho Pecos river Car
ter however recovered and left tho
Denver Fob 23uch milder
I temperatures were reported from tho
mountains today It was ten above
at Denver this morning and warmer
weather Js predicted
cgflLD S
Seven Year Old Boy
Who is Studying
Chicago Feb 23 Taking his place
In the name rank with learned scien
tists Fonton B Turck Jr tho 7
earold son of Dr Fenton B Turck I
of the postgraduate medical school
of Chicago last night exhibited bac
teria mounted by him on elides and
adjusted by him under compound I
microscopes nt the Microscopical
soiree given at the Chicago Acad
emy of Science
According to scientists here Mas
ter Turck has an excellent claim to
be classed with tho mathematical
prodigy the son of Professor Sldls of
Practically all of his work has
been research work and a consider
able portion of It has been original
said I5r Turck I dont think he is
a prodigy but ho has displayed a
genius for research for two yeara
J K Mulllns the Denver Hour mil
lionaire and president the Colorado
Milling Elevator company has
closed a deal whereby he has success
fully completed the organization of a
Ii 1L
million dollar corporation for the
building of a 1000barrol capacity In
Salt Lake City and In which Ogden
capital will probably bo Interested
Tho site of tho proposed plant Is on
Fifth South street extending from
Third to Fourth West streets
I W O Kay of Ogden president of I
the Utah Grain Elevator company I
ut Salt Lake City and owner ot a
chain of grain elevators through Cache
I valley has been referred to as ono J 1
of the promoters In the big deal j
stated to a representatIve of Tho
I Standard today that lIe was not Inter J
I ested financially but had sold one of
I I his Salt Lake grain elevators to Mr I I
Mulllns who had also bought out the
I Intermountain VOF4LDS Milling MARKETS company I
New York Feb 23Thoro was a
lack of decision today In the opening
movement of prices of stocks which
showed small gains and losses mixed
Dealings were light Reading was a
feature with a rise ot 13L Ameri
can Telephone gained 2 and Ameri
can Car Utah Copper and Tennessee
Copper large fractions
Reading increased Its gain to over
two points and there was a general
rise In other stocks to above Mon
days closing before the market be
como weak Reading fell back 18S
and Union Pacific St Paul Now
York Central United States Steel Io
American Smelting and American
Telephone 1 Tho lowQrprI oa5j rej 4 i
ateil a new demand Reading rallying
gain to 170 CS Bethlehem Stool ad i
vanced 2 points and the preferred 3
The market developed a dull drag
ging tone Prices slipped back to the
lowest mil then drifted uncertainly
Minneapolis and St Louis preferred
sold at a decline of 8 Tho active I
stocks steadied somewhat later
Bonds were steady
Sugar and Coffee
New York Feb 23SugarRnw
firm Muscavado 89 test 473 cen
trifugal 9G test 463 molasses su
gar 89 tost 430 Refined steady
Coffee Spot steady No7 Rio
7 34c No i Santos 9 1S9 l4c
Chicago Livestock
Chicago Feb 23 Cattle Receipts
estimated at 15000 market strong
I higher Beeves 475a800 Texas
btcers 150a5CO western steers
Oa625 stockers and feeders 350
n575 cows and heifers 250aC10
calves 7 25a9 90
Hogs Receipts estimated at 25000
market lOc higher Light 9lOa950
mixed 91Ga9GO heavy 920a960
rough 920a950 good to choice
heavy 935a9CO pigs S35a9J5
bulk ot sales 945a955
Sheep Receipts estimated at 14
000 market strong Native 450a
5C5 western 500a750 yearlings
770a8 60 lambs native 750a930
western 50a930
Omaha Livestock
Omaha Feb 23Cattle Receipts
3800 market strong to lOaloc high
or Native steors 47Ca725 cows
and heifers 300a60Q western
steers 325aG05 cows and heifers
280a170 canners 300a375 stock
rrb and feedors 300a605 calves
300a25 bulls stags etc 360a
Hogs Receipts 6600 market 15a I
20c higher Heavy 325a935 mixed
920a925 light 910a925 pigs I
775800 bulk 91Ca925
SheepReceipts 5000 market
steady Yearlings 715a815 woth
ers 625n735 ewes CGOaG80
lambs S15a915 I
Metal Market h I
Now York Fcb 2CopporDhull
standard spot and March 1287123
Silver 52c F >
Chicago Close
Chicago Feb 23 Wheat May
113 R8113 12 July 104 34 Scp
tombor 100 38110 12
CornMay 15 13 July CG 58
66 34 September GG3 + 6S7S
Oats May 1G3 1S1 67S July
43S4 September 4078
Pork May 2237 12
Lard May 128712 July
1287 12
Ribs May 12ii712 July 1205
Barley Cash G372c < >
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o Troy N Y Feh 2J13 O
o wlldcrcd In a heavy snoW 0
Q storm Reuben Collier of ttatcr o
o ford wandered for two hours 0
CJ last night In n circle only a 0
0 few hundredyards m dlainet o
Q or and finally fell exhausted 0
o on the tracks ofa suburban 0
o electric line Ho WaS hit bv a 0
o cr rmd o
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