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per Uno either Ran om Reference or L ocala Xo hon altonnJ 1 Hnnilom
The Wo1 gaetce1son prize fight has made it evident that under
certain conditions thero is great brutality in the roped arena The
description of the battle will prove offensive to women who read
the story of tho creating of a new champion and will cause even
the men to doubt the advisability of allowing contests of the kind
The gloves the fighters used in the Richmond arena are either too
light or tho limit of 45 rounds is a mistake With larger gloves on
and a limit of 20 rounds there can be no such gruelling exhausting
bloody exhibitions as was seen yesterday by the sports of San Fran
cisco A knockout blow may be administered and the defeated
gladiator recover within a few seconds none the worse because of
1 the anaesthesia and the spectators will fail to receive any impres
sion of brutality but when a courageous fellow like Battling Nelson
resists blow after blow until his face no longer resembles that of a
human being and he is carried from the ring the average man will
say that bull fighting and that kind of prize fighting arc similar
and are equally shocking to tho finer sensibilities
The Standard has repeatedly suggested the benefits to be ob
I tained were an automobile highway to bo constructed from Ogden
west to Great Salt Lake and now that the boosters are laboring
to build that road this paper wishes them success
The Inland Sea is one of the great wonders of the world It is
the briny tears of old Lake Bonneville that ancient sea which ter
raced the mountains east of Ogden and left a record of its vastness
that can be read by even the novice in the study of geology
In the summer time the pleasure of an automobile ride to the
lake and a dip in the buoyant waters will be a diversion for even
our people who enjoy more scenic wonders and have more delight
ful drives than any other people in the west
Tho Morning Kid deliberately misrepresented the action of
the city council last Monday night First it said the city council una
nimously voted to keep Fire Chief Paine The statement is absolutely
false Second the Morning Kid said the city council It squelched
the mayor and gave his veto of the 3000 water managers salary
the laugh The statement is also false
i The official records show that the Morning Kid simply mis
represented the whole matter as it has misrepresented everything in
relation to the mayor
I Long before election day tho sheet prostituted its editorial column
for money to abuse the mayor The abuse and misrepresentation have
i been kept Up ever since
i The Southern Pacific shops in this city have become an important
factor in the citys welfare There are 650 men employed calling
j I for wages aggregating about 50000 That of itself is a large pay
I roll but does not include the engineers and trainmen who make Og
I den their home and are paid out of the treasury of the Southern Pa
I cific
I cificDuring the month of January the engineers on the Salt Lake division
vision of the Southern Pacific received 200000 and the trainmen
including conductors were paid 185000
r Much of this money reaches Ogden and helps to maintain the
business community
Today there are employed in the local carshops 250 men and in
the machine shops and boiler departments 400 men These men rep
resent a well paid army of toilers who belong to the bucket brigade
the builders of cities
By the way the Salt Lake division of the Southern Pacific is a
big part of the system the maintenance of which runs into millions
of dollars
Did the people of Ogden tax themselves a year ago to buy the
Ogden waterworks for the benefit and personal advancement of Chas
Kircher Why must the city pay more for the management of the I
Ogden waterworks than did the old water company We are in
formed that when Charles Kircher acted as manager of the water
works company for David Eccles and others he received for years
only 1800 per year and in addition to acting as manager of the
waterworks he was secretary and bookkeeper for the Ogden North =
western railway bookkeeper for the Hot Springs Resort also acting
secretary and bookkeeper the Ogden Rapid Transit Co also man
ager and bookkeeper of Glenwood Park Resort also manager of the
Baseball Park all for the salary of 1800 and that
per yearand for the
last year or two he received for all such services 2100
Now if all this service is worth only 2100 under
per year private
ownership it should not be worth any more under city ownership If
Mr Kircher could act as bookkeeper and general agent for five busi
ness enterprises at the price of 1800 or even 32100 per year he
surely should not ask for more money to handle just one of the enter
David Eccles said when he sold the woterworks If the city
handles the waterworks as a private would
company it will be a good
for the city That is the
thing key to the situation The water system
was not bought to give one man a life of ease
Mr Kircher has some of the
city councilmen buffaloed
says eI have been with the waterworks 18 years My ltnowled
Y knowledge of
the waterworks is worth a great deal to the city and some of the
councilmen are so alarmed that Mr Kircher may quit and take with
him all the knowledge he possesses on the waterworks systems that
they would pay him even 5000 rather than take chances of losin
The knowledge Mr Kircher has on waterworks was paid for by
tho old waterworks company and he has
no right to ask the city to
pay for that again
We findMr Kirchers chief assistant demands a raise from 1200
per year to 1800 per year and says unless he gets a raise he will
quit When a suggestion is made that Mr Kircher might be
planted by some other person the cry goes up that he cannot be
r r
J W tfo < < < =
spared that the city waterworks would go to Halifax across lots
When it was suggested that the assistant might be replaced for less
than 1800 it was stated that the assistant to Mr Kircher was
the practical man i he was the man that could repair the pipes got
the water and knew just what to do at the proper time
So it seems the waterworks were bought for Kircher and his
assistants not one of them could be spared or replaced without an
earthquake swallowing up the whole system
Lou Zitzman said he would take the place of both Kirchor and
his assistant for the sum of 1800 per year Kircher wants 4800 Zitz
man says he vail give a bond in the sum of 25000 that he will
make good
Lou Zitzman is a master plumber He understands the water
works situation from a practical standpoint He can make any re
pair needed on the system Everybody in Ogden will admit Mr Zltz
mans ability as a mechanic If he can handle the mechanical part
of the water system what is there that Mr Kircher does that Mr
Zitzman cannot do They say that Mr Kircher watches the pay
ment of water rentals but the city treasurer could take the water
payments without additional cost to the city For what then is Mr
Kircher to receive 1800 for a practical assistant if Mr Lou Zits
man will take both jobs for 1800 and give a 25000 bond that he
will make good
The people were promised a reduction of taxes if they would buy
the waterworks They are entitled to every dollar that can be saved
from the system This paper does not believe any man on the pres
ent water system a necessity We do not believe that the system will
be swallowed by earthquake if the waterworks people are re
quired to work for a reasonable salary The same reason that big
railroad companies make frequent changes of superintendents we be
lieve applies to city officials who get bumptious and who feel that
the city cannot get along without them
Let Mr Kircher get down to business or give Mr Lou Zitzman
a chance
The city wants all the profits of the waterworks and tho tax
payers are entitled to have the same applied as a reduction of taxes
New One on George Washington
During a Friday afternoon lecture
on history In a Baltimore
Institution tho Instructor had given a
length disquisition on the character
of George Washington incidentally
touching upon his work as the organ
izer Hof the Revolution
Xow asked the Instructor If
George Washington were alive today
what practical part do you think he
would play In presentday politics
Judging from the past
A prolonged silence on the part of
the public followed this Finally how
ever one lad saw a way out
Sir he queried wouldnt he be
too old LIpplncottH
Ive got to go to Philadelphia said
the hurried traveler who was fumb
ling for his pocketbook
Well answered the New York
ticket seller aro you buying trans
portation or just telling your
troubles Washington Star
Profitable Business
HlclsIs Bjones doing well
Wicks Well ho has made fifty
thousand dollars a year for the last
three years
Hicks What
Wicks Fact He has been court
Ing all heiress since Christmas 190G
and she has just agreed to marry him
Somcrvllle Journal
It Seems So
Tho little son of the family hap
pened to be idling his time in thu
kitchen when the colored porter came
up out of the cellar where he had
been shoveling coal into tho heater
grasped tho white towel hanging on
the door and passed Into the hall
For an Instant the youth gazed awe
nick at tho coaldust impressions
left on the towel then yelled after
the retreating negro Oh Sam
your colors coming otflJudge I
The Alternative I
Lets go to the theater
Ive nothing to wear
Then well go to the opera
Small Comfort
Willie Our teacher says that at the
rate people are cutting down the for
ests there will bo no trees a hun
dred years from now
Jimmy Aw whats the use Some
smart professor will Invent some
thing to take the placo of the switch
and tho ruler so the kids will got It
Just the same Judge
A Peevish Patient
You are unreasonable declared
the physician
Why so doc
You stuff yourself with forty kinds
of rich grub and then kick because
you have to take two kinds qf medi
cine Louisville CourierJournal
Like All Mankind
Ho Darlingall I possess liar at
your feet
She You are Just like all the men
you Insist on putting things where
a woman will have to pick them up
after you DutIll say yes John
An Expert Hre
Teacher Th1rcl Is pronounced
third not thold
PupilWwell teacher ththats tho
foist time In a long while yeve hold
mo say ono o them words wrong
Harpers Bazar
That Settled It
Mother Did you tell Arthur you
would cult him off with a dollar If ho
married the girl
Father No tho idiot would marry
her In spite of that so I told the
The Mother Hand
Teacher Jimmy you look very
palo this morning Are you Ill
Jimmy No maam Ma washed my
face this morning herself Womans
Home Companion
So They Say
You Hamerlcans say we ave no
humor said the royal Britisher but
Ill ave you understand sir that HIng
llsh joked are not to be laughed at
Enough Said
Not long ago a Toledo clergyman
was called upon to conduct the serv
ices at the funeral of a man with
whom he had no acquaintanci So
thinking to glean a useful hint or two
touching the deceaseds character
when he was shown Into tho living
room the divine railed a little boy of
S evidently a member of tho family
and put to him the question
Can you tell me what wore tho
J last words of your father
He didnt have any responded the
t L
lad with the utmost naivete Ma
was with him to tho luslLlppln
The commissioners of Indian war
records who have been In session ut
Salt Lake City for a number of days
past have been In the field the great
er part of the last nine months dur
ing at which tlmo they have visited ev
ery county In the state and generally
speaking all the larger places in each
county Tho commissioners hoped to
finish their labors last Saturday but
It was found that there then remain
ed many who desired to register and
It was considered advisable to remain
in session until Saturday next and to
hold a session beginning on Febru
ary 28 and continuing for one week
at which ono commissioner should
be present at Cedar City Provo and
Logan Mr Wcswood to be at Provo
Mr Pratt at Logan and Mr Archer
at Cedar City and these sessions
will wind up tho work of the commis
sioners so far as registration Is con
cerned It has been Impossible for
hem to make It convenient for ov
ry veteran to register but they have
abored constantly and faithfully In
heir Interest and by holding thofec
Cessions in the different parts of the
state hope to make It possible for
tho greater part or those not regis
tered to do so
Functions of Commission
Thero seems to be a widespread
misunderstanding of the purpose of
this commission and of the effect of
being registered by It The commis
Sion Itself cannot procure pensions for
veterans neither does registration at
this limo aid In tho procurement > f
pensions There is no state or Unit
ed States law authorizing the pay
ment of pensions for any service in
Indian wars in Utah performed lat
er than 1353 For service In tile
Walker war for a period of more
than thirty days rendered In 53 or
prior thereto a pension may be ob
tained upon proper proof made to
the pension department at Washing
As many of the veterans of the In
dian wars of tho state wove reach
Ing an advanced age and as thero
was no full and authentic records of
the services performed or of those
participating therein the legislature
took steps to secure the best record
practicable at this lato day by tho
appointment of the commission If
congress shall In the future consid
er the extension of pension legisla
tion so as to covor services rendered
later than 1863 this record will be
of assistance In securing favorable
action and If tho laws are extendod
It will form a partial basis for tho
individuals registered upon which to
base their personal claims
Broader Pension Legislation
The enactment of tho law creating
tho commission was favored strongly
by the Indian War Veterans associa
I tion and the association will use Its
host efforts to secure broader pen
sion legislation and to this end It woo
suggested at Its last meeting that
such of the veterans as foIl BO dis
posed should contribute 1 to a gen
eral fund to defray the expenses of
necessary committees As a matter
of convenience this has been paid in
I many instances to the commission
and by It turned over to Mr Lam
I bert tho quartermaster of the Veter
ans association This is purely a
veterans fund to ho used for the
veterans joint Interest the expenses
of the commission being paid wholly
by tho state
The record taken by the commis
sion will remain on file In the office
of tho adjutant general and whether
or not tho hope of tho veterans In
tho way of pensions Is realized tho
record Itself will perpetuate the early
history of tho state and the names of
those who BO well helped to make it
Butte Mont Feb 22Thc Leonard
Mine resumed operations this morn
Ins with 300 men according to state
ments of John Gillie general mana
ger of tho Amalgamated company
About eighty men went to work last
night and started breaking rock Ap
proximately 300 men went to work
on this evenings shift of th0 Leonard
Tonight the West Colusa will re
sumo and the Pennsylvania and Dia
mond will start tomorrow said jjr
j <
Many of the auto enthusiasts of
Ogden took advantage of the holiday
yesterday and wont to Salt Lalce to
visit tho hip auto show which Is now
being held In that city Yesterday
afternoon and evening was the big
time at the show and It was noted
In the largo crowd present that there
were about an many Ogdenltes there 1
as there wen Salt Lakers
Tho Salt Lake fans commented on
tho large number of purchases that
the Ogdooltcs have mode this year
through Ogden agencies of some of
the high class cars One Salt Lake
dealer road the remark that while
I Ogden would not have bo many car
thB summer that all the 1910 cars
I belonging to Ogdonltps would be the
best and equal to those seen any
where lu tho country
Another topic of discussion to the
credit of Ogden and weber county
was the strong movement that pre
vails for Rood roads in the city and
county The remark was made to an
auto dealer of Ogden that If thorn
was a like number of good road
boosters throughout other cities and
towns of the state as there are In
Ogden that Utah would have some
of tho host roads In the Intermoun
tain region and noeclbly In the west
The removal of the bicycle racks
from tho sidewalks In the business
section of the city has boon a subject
of much favorable comment on the
part of pedestrians and those of artis
tic tastes It Is contended that the
bicycle rack has become a nuisance
to tho pedestrian and served no par
ticular purpose The sidewalk along
Twcntyflfth street between Washing
ton and Wall avenue Is rather narrow I
and when thoro are many people on
the walk the entire space Is required
Chief of Polled Thomas Browning
is of he opinion that the removal of
the racks and advertising signs will
aid materially In solving tho problem
of controlling the pernicious habit
of expectorating on the sidewalks lie
contends that naturally the tobacco
user and all others who are In the I
habit of expectorating frequently will
walk close to the curb If It Is possible
for them to do so and use tho gutter
as a spittoon With tho obstructions
such ns the bicycle racks were along
tho outer edge of tho walk It will be
less likely for the expoctomter to avail
himself of the opportunity hence he I
would spit upon the walk The chief
says ho has already noticed quite a
change In this regard and that It is
much easier to enforce tho expecto
rating ordinance whoro thero la a
place for men to spit other than on
the walk
Friends of Mrs Eliza Balwen wife
of Harry W Balwen and daughter of
John N and Botila Wilson of 2050
Liberty avenue will be grieved to
learn of her death In Chicago last
Saturday Tho body will arrive in
Ogdon at 545 this afternoon accom
panied by the husband and a sister
Mrs Emma Ring of Chicago
Mrs Balwen had returned to her
homo in Chicago one month ago af
ter spending three months with her
parents at her old home In Ogden
feeling greatly recuperated She was
stricken with paralysis of the nerves
soon aftor her return death ensuing
on February 19 I
Funeral services will bo held In the
Fourth ward meeting houso tomor
row afternoon at 2 oclock
Tho surviving members of the fam
ily are the husband Harry W Bal
wen the parents John N and Bo
tila Wilson four brothers Robert
James Thomas and Walter Wilson
and four sisters Mrs Emma Ring of
Chicago Mrs J D Phorman and
Masses Clara and Nolllo Wilson of
Tho condition at Sparks Novada
In the machinists strike Is unsettled
and Superintendent Manson of the
Southern Pacific company Is still al
Sparks padding further developments
A couference botween Superintendent
Manson and VlcePrcaldont and Gen
eral Manager Bancroft of the Oregon
Short Lino who went west yesterday
afternoon en route to Los Angeles
probably will be held today
The conference between tho two offi
cials will only bo the reviewing of the
case and will have no great bearing
upon It except as to future policy of
tho company In regard to such cases
The grievance of the machinists has
been referred to Chief Connors In Chi
cago who will undoubtedly confer
with Julius Kruttschnltt director of
maintenance and operation of the
HarrIman lines This conferonce will
be tho final in the case and Its result
Is awaited with Interest > by local as
well as other machinists employed
upno the HarrIman lines
Wo desire to express our heartfelt
appreciation for the many kindnesses
extended by friends during our be
reavement and the funeral services
for our beloved husband and father
the Into Jolm F Fife and especially
aro we grateful to the speakers who
offered words of hope and consolation
to the singers for their appropriate
I and beautiful selections and to all I
those who sent floral offerings May
Gods blessing remain with all i
and Family
> L
Walter J Manning a car Inspector II
In tho employ of Ole Western Pacific
Railroad company was instantly I
hilled Monday afternoon at Wendover I
Utah by falling under the rear car of
the worktrain at that place I
The last time Manning was soon
alive was Just before the worktrain
I at Wendovor left that fltation for the
I gravel pits twelve miles distant The
brakeman on the car next to the en
I gine noticed Manning standing in the
yards near tho moving train and call
ing to Manning asked him If he
wanted to ride to the pits Manning
shook his head and appeared to be
looking at the numbers on the cars
as they were passing
Whoa the train returned from tho
gravel pits loaded with gravel the
body of Manning was found alongside
the tracks and an examination of the
wheels of the cars on the train showed
that the wheels of the last car must
have passed over tho head of tho un
forlnn rte man Whether he attempted
to board the train and lost his foot
ing or whether he fainted and foil
under the roar car as it was passing
In not known on account of the fact
that no one saw the accident Ho
was from St Johns Ohio
Insofar as the record of the crimi
nal division of the Municipal court is
concerned thoro were four cases of
drunkenness In Ogden yesterday time
anniversary of Washingtons birth
It la said by the officers that the day
passed quietly and peaceably there
being but tow heavy Imbibers
Those on the unlawfully drunk
list were John Riley and Jamos Mul
ler each of whom pleaded guilty to
tho charge and wero sentenced to pay
a fine of 5 or go to Jail five days
The other two were W E Wear and
John Dooloy who did not appear to
defend themselves against the charge
They however left 5 each with tho
desk sergeant the evening before as a
security for their appearance this
morning and their bonds were de
clared forfeited
W Ward and Albert McNautty
wore arrlgncd before the court
charged with mendicancy alleged to
have been committed yesterday They
pleaded guilty and wore sentenced to
pay a fine of 10 each or go to Jail
ten days It Is needless to say that
the beggars went to Jail
Marvin Bennett pleaded guilty to
the charge of assault and battery and
the court ordered that he pay a fine
of 55 or spend five days In the city
bastllc ThQ young man paid the
Joo Sothern was sentenced to pay a
fine of 10 for vagrancy or servo ten
days In Jail The man pleaded guilty
when thecomplaint charging him with
the crlmo was read Ho is a young
man and he mndo the statement to
the court that ho had a room engaged
and paid for but that when the olD
cers arrested him he had no money
Ho also stilted that ho expected to get
work In Salt Lake
C H Morgan was charged by Spe
cial Officer Shumnkor of tho Southern
Pacific with the thoft of a sack of
coal valued at 25 cents Tho man
pleaded guilty to thp charge and was
sentenced to pay a fine of 5 or go to
jail five days
A StartiitBg
New York Medical Authorities
Claim Dyspepsia to be a
PreDisposing Cause
of Consumption
Tho post mortem statistics of the
big New York hospitals show that
some cases of consumption are due
at least Indirectly to unchecked dys
pepsia especially when the victim was
predisposed to tuberculosis I
Dyspepsia wears out tho body and
brain The weakened Irritable stom
ach being unable to digest food tho
body docs not receive the required
nourishment and tho victim becomes
thin weal and haggard As a result
the body becomes a fertile field In
which the germs of disease may lodgo
and flourish
Therefore the person who permits
dyspepsia to progress unhindered Is
guilty of contributing toward the de
velopment of one of the most Insid
ious and fatal diseases known to man
Dyspopsia may he completely erad
icated If properly treated We sell a
remedy that we positively guarantee
will completely relieve Indigestion or
dyspepsia or tho medicine used dur
ing tho trial will cost tho user noth
This remedy has been named Rex
all Dyspepsia Tablets Certainly no
offor should be proof positive that I
Reall Dyspepsia Tablets aro a de
pendable remedy
Inasmuch as the medicine will cost
you nothing If It does not benefit you
wo urge you who are suffering with
indigestion or dyspepsia to try Rexall
Dyspepsia Tablets A 25cent box
contains enough medicine for fifteen
days treatment For chronic cases
we have two larger sizes 50 cents and
100 Remember you can obtain
Rexall Remedies In Ogden only at
our storeThe Rexall Store The T
H Carr Drug Co corner Grant and
Twentyfifth streets
Certain parties representing private
book concerns of the country are mik
Ins a canvas of Ogden for tho sale of
school books and In their efforts to
make sales are representing to the
people that the books they have for
sale arc those recommended for use I
by the city hoard of education
They oven go so fAr as to IDS the
I I 4
New Ogden Theatre if l
> L i
Jr T
I t > <
I 4 phi
t 1
I f i r 1
A N 6 ii t
f Yi Y
I i
t n
t i e
> I
s Ij
I V t
ie I I I
t L
4 7 G
which comes to the
Saturd y 9 FebFuary 26th t
MATINEE AND NGHTPopular Prices r
1 + n H y fir
r 1
Matinee and Night
A machine of great merit combining
euue speed and durability t
One forward and back ctroke of up J
right lover rotates fly wheel five and
onehalf turns and gives the dasher a
complete reverse motion Fly wheel t
gives great momentum Insuring ease I
of operation
There Is no friction or realstanco
fir The main bearings are fitted with j
v hardened bicycle ball bearings run
ning In specially tempered steel ball
o cups
J It washes clean for it is fitted with
the famous Visible Dasher which <
l t adjusts Itself automatically to any I
l t 44j elzo washing and tho motion and ac YJ
Pn1 tion of tho clothes is shown in sight I
of tho operator No wood or Iron
center poles extending through dash I
or to tear clothes
The entire mechanism under tho tub t
Is fastened to a hardwood cross held
In position by two stool rods bolted and fastened to the legs Main
Bearings aro on one solid casting Insuring a perfect alignment of oJ
gearsOnly first quality material used This washer has Improved iron t
wringer box I
A perfect washing machine the kind you ought to buy
You can operate the machine sitting In a chair by tho Improved
foot treadle Last year 1009 we used 12 cars This year we are
going to use 13 cars I 4
There arc 250 machines in a car Every one sold makes a friend
Puce COnRy 125 >
Ogden hrnre Carpet 0 o
the use of the kInd of books they are
selling Is made mandatory by tho
school board Many of the parents
are purchasing these books Some of
them wondering whether the agents
could possibly be Impostor have in
quired at tho office of the city board
of education They of course have
been advised that if they have pur
chased any of the books that they are
victims of some unscrupulous graftor
Santiago Chile Feb 22 William J
Bryan who will leave for Concepclon
tomorrow dined today with President
lonlt A reception was given in his
y + a at tho
American legation
4 1
J1 1
Port Townsend Wash Feb 22
Ensign Philip 0 Grinith aged 25 I
an ofllcer of the armored cruiser
Washington died at the Diamond t <
Point quarantine station this after i
noon of smallpox T
This Is tho fourth death resulting i
from small pox among the crow of tho
Washington since the cruller return I
ed from Honolulu
1u 1 11 >

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