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c t I rot
I 41
iJ WOLGAST DEfEA Nfl SON iN lfdt f
Richmond Arena California Fob
22Hls ace battered to a pulp his
eyes closed his llpn puffed covered
with blood and staggering helplessly
about tho ring today Battling Nelson
conqucrer of Joe Gan was cacd
from a knockout In tho 40th round of
his fight with Ad Wolpast when Ref
eree Eddie Smith humanely stoppel
n most unequal contest Nelson
game to the very last stood In tho
center of tho ring and even though
he could hardly raise his hands
begged to be allowed to continue He
was led to his corner broken hearted
In tho opposite corner of the ring
tho now lightweight champion of the
world Ad Wolgost Cadillac Mich
was lifted to tho shoulders of his
trainers amid the cheers of the big
Only once during tho fight did Nol I
Bon have a chance the twent sec I
ond round when with n stinging
right cross to the Jaw ho staggered I
his opponent Before the round had
closed ho dropped Wolgast In the I
middle of the ring with a similar
blow and three seconds were tolled
before Wolgast regained his feet
Tho crowd prepared to leave the
arena tho word wont from bench to
bench through tho spectators that an
other boy had fallen victim to the
wonderful durability of the Dane
But In the next round Wolgast re
cuperated and from then on slowly
steadily but surely wore Nelson
down For twelve rounds before the
finish Nelson seemed bewildered and
his blows wore sent aa though he
held weights In his hands From the
Oth round Nelson could hardly seo
or hear the left side of hEn faco hay
log lost all semblance of UB former
contour He staggered and hung on
In the 37th round ho was all uiu out
but survived tho round
In tho 3Sth round John Robinson
Nelsons manager wanted to throw
tho sponge Into the ring but Abdul
the Turk ono of the seconds tore It
from his hands and throw It Into the
bucket From then on during each
round Roblneon protested on the
ergo of tears that his man was
1ien tho fortieth came Referee
Smith asked Nelson It ho wanted to
quit and Nelson unable to talk I
merely shook his head negatively
When thlrtysovon seconds of tho
40th round had gone and as darknea
was beginning to creep over tho
scene of tho fight and a full moon to
poop through the clouds Referee
Smith raised Wolgasts glove Into the
air and a nor lightweight champion
had come Into flstanla Both men
fought tho same Wolgast had out
generaled outboxed and all but out
gamed tho great Battling Nelson
After tho battle Wolgast scampered
out of he ring like a schoolboy and
galloped through the crowd Nelson
on tho other hand was taken out on
f the arms of his seconds As he was
carried through the crowd ho waq
cheered by the crowd for the remark
I able grit and gamenoss displayed
i tnlch as old ring followers say seldom
has been seen In the prize ring
Referee Smith made tho following
statement to the Associated Press
Wolgast fought Nelson at his own
game and beat him fairly and square
ly Nelson complaJned at times of
Wolgast butting but I paid little heed
ns It was simply a case of tho Battlor
getting the worst of a game where
both men wero equally guilty
Both men fought the same but
one had youth tho power to como
back vigor life and all that goes
with It while thirteen years of fight
Ing through which Nelson had gono
had sapped bin strength and loft him
without his old snap dash and stam
Wolgast said after the fight
My fight today was Hlco a training
bout Only onco did ho bother me
and that was in the twentysecond
round NolRon hurt me more by but
ting me than anytmng else and I felt
funny for just a fow seconds r can
not say anything as to my future
plans but am ready to gvo any de
serving lightweights a chance
When Nelson was able to talk he
I am sorry they called the fight
off when they did I think I could
have stayed the fortyfive rounds but
have no complaint to mako
ROUND 1 Nelson swung his left
on the head and a moment later plant
ed a solid left to the face They
fought at close range at a fast clip
Wolgaat stood with his back against
the rope and flayed tho Battler with
shortarm aba on Jthe face Nelson
forced the fighting landing right and
left on the Jaw and face Wolgast
maddened fought hack fiercely land
Jug several powerful wallops on the I
I champions Jaw and nose It was an
even round I
ROUND 2 Nelson started tho I
round with a left smash to the face I
and forced his man against the ropes
Wolgast swung two powerful lefts to
the face and a right and left to the
Jaw at close range Nelson slipped
Both exchanged rights and lefts to
the face A right swing by Nelson
opened up a cut under Wolgnsts right
eye that bled slightly Nelson took I
the fighting to his opponent but was
met with two hard lefts to the stom
ach and a right to the Jaw Wolgast
had a shade the better of tho round
ROUND 3 Wolgast shot In three
straight lefts to the face Nelson re
buking him with a right swing fairly
on the Jaw Wolgast smiled and they
mixed It against the ropes Nelson
brought tho blood from his opponents
nose crossing him with a vicious
right After somo wrestling Nelson
forced his man against the ropes but
Wolgast covered up and smothered
neatly Nelson was doing the major
portion of the work and both mon
slowed up considerably The round
was even
ROUND 1 Nelson piled onto his
man and the Mllwaukeean fought
back ferociously Nelson staggered
Wolgast with a left uppercut to the
Jaw followed with left and right
swings to tho body Wolgast fought
back gamely playing for the head and
body Nelson forced his antagonist
against tho ropes and tried to land a
knockout punch but Wolgast was too
elusive Wolgast landed twice with a
right on the face and then they fought
at close tango Wolgasts right find
ing the stomach and his loft land
ing on the Battlers Jaw Wolgasts
eye was swollon as he took his seat
and both men bled from the imstrlls
at the close of the round which was
ROUND o Nelson forced his man
around the ring and delivered a tell
ing right smash to tho jaw which Wol
gast responded in kind lifting Nel
son in the air They went at It lute
a pair of bull terriers and both men
were cnjut pned for buffing The
round ended In a furious exchange I
Wolgast having the better of It
ROUND C Wolgast talked to his
seconds as Nelson battered away at I
him After Wolgast had landed two
rights lr the jaw and a left swing
to the same place Nelson closed In I
and an exchange of short arm rights
and lefts to the head followed Nel I
son swung n hard right to the Jaw
which the Battler duplicated a mo
ment later Wolgast backed into his
own corner and scored on the stomach
with a tremendous loft that sent the
crowd howling A moment later he
sent in another to the same place
Tho round closed with the honors In
favor of Wolgaat
ROUND 7 Nelson appeared to
have slowed down a bit Wolgast
swung two lefts to the face nnd a
midring rally followed the men ox
changing right and loft swings to
the head Wolgast met the oncom
ing Battler with two left uppercuts
to the jaw and an Instant later BWung
twice with rights to the face and left
to the body
meanwhile covering
cleverly Nelson sent Wolgast to the
ropes with a straight loft and one to
tho Jaw They mixed It In tho cen
ter of the ring Wolgnst bringing a
fresh stream of blood from the cham
pions face As the bell rang Nelson
swung a hard right over the heart
Tho round was fairly even
ROUND S Nelson rushed In
planting his right solidly on the Jaw
lIe forced the pace but was mot with
a straight right and left tp the face I
Tho champion never faltered how
ever and kept Wolgast constantly at
work covering Nelson started the I
blood flowing from bin mans nostrils
as he chased him about the ring land
Inc several times with right and left
to the face WolgoBt sought a haven
against tho ropes with Nelson slug I
ging away unceasingly Wolgast look
ed tired at this stage of the contest
and his blows seemed to have lost
some of their sting The round clos
ed with Nelson enjoying a good lead
ROUND 9 Wolgast broke ground
before the Battler ever and anon
trying to reach Nelson with right and I
loft for the stomach Finally they
mixed it fighting at a fierce clip each I
landing on the face and jaw One mix
up was a repetition of another Nelson
forcing his man back and Wolgast
trying hard to stop the pace leader
Wolgast uppercut to the Jaw with his
left and a moment later cut open
Nelsons ear with a right swing Nel
son danced to his corner with blood
streaming from his Injured ear Nel
son had a shade I
ROUND 10 Nolson forced the
pace constantly backing his opponent
against the rope Wolgast In a cor
ner fought back fiercely but tho cham
pion was not to be stopped Time
nnd time again Wolgast landed but
Nelson never faltered Volgast pop
perod the champions face with left
and right swings and finally crossed
with a left to the jaw Nelson never
winced all the time compelling Wol
fast to step back against the ropes
Nelson again danced to his corner at
the sound of tie boll Nelsons round
ROUND 11 Wolgast outboxod the
champion but could not make him
break ground Nolson mercilessly
waded in unmindful of the constant
tattoo that Wolgast beat against his
face and Jaw with shortarm hooks
and jolts Wolgast swung right and
left to the Jaw The bell ended the
round with Wolgait hammering away
at Nelsons Jaw and face landing al
most at will Nelsons face was a
mass of blood as ho took his sent with
the honors of the round against him
ROUND 12 Wolgast was cau
tioned to let go by the referee Nel
son forced the pace as usual Wolgast
meeting him with several hard left
swings on the jaw Nelson appar
ently was determined to tire tho Mil
waukeean out but meanwhile he re
ceived fearful punishment Wolgast
flaying with right and left with al
most pendulum precision Wolcast
teemed to gain confidence as tho
mon roughed it head to head against I
tho ropes Wolgast never lot up and
again started the blood flowing from
Nelsons face with a series of right
and left punches
ROUND 13 As tho men toed tho
mark Nelsons lips were puffed and
his mouth and eyes swollen They
mixed like tigers Wolgant landing
repeatedly on the body and Jaw with
Nelson fighting wildly and spitting
blood Wolgast literally cut the Bat
tlers face to ribbons but still tho
Dane camo on for more Nelson
wrestled his man against the ropes
WolftflBt covering up There was a
temporary lull In the battle after
which Wolgast swung right and left
to the body The worst beating tho
champion has ever received said old
followers of Nelson Ills seconds
worked over his damaged face during
tho minutes rest at tho end of t u
round j
v ROUND 1 4 Wblgast looked much
the fresher as limy camb up He
flung his right bin to Ute face and
followed with left and right to the
body Nelsons faco was badly swol
lea < Wolgast fought fiercojy taking
thoOflgutiaffJfeul t thertJAttlor Ncl
son almost forced AVolfeasl through
the ropes and then assisted him Ito
the ring Wolgast IL
the center of smll I
ed and shook the champions hand
warmly Wolgsiat then hooked lils
loft twice In quick succession to tho
Jaw and followed It with a straight
right to the face and tho bell ended
a rather tame round
ROUND 15 Betting now oven
money They whaled away Ineffec
tively at one another both display
Ing more caution than In any pre
vious round Nelson then wrestled
his man about tho ring only to be
rewarded with a left uppercut In his
sore mouth Nelson outpointed badly
continued to force the pace all the
while the target for Wolgasts well
timed swings Nelson missed a tor
rifle swing that was labeled knock
out and this taught Wolgast that ho
had better be careful It was anoth
er tame round
ROUND 1C Wclgast swung in
several times over the kidneys and
thoy roughed It Nelson receiving the
lions share of the punishment Wol
gast kept pegging away with right
and left to llio Jaw and finally a tre
mendous drive caught Nelsons jaw
Nelson neter wavered but closed In
exchanging punch for punch Nelson
swung loft and right to the body and
forced his antagonist against the
ropes landing several times with
right and loft on the Jaw Nolspn
wont to his beat dancing i
ROUND 17 Wolgast backed away
Nelson throwing himself at him with
great vim Wolgast met these On
slaughts with right and left swings
to tho body Nelson fought hard and
never stepped Finally Wolgast
swung a terrific right to the Jaw and
then shot In a half dozen right
swings for the face and oar Nelson
received a hard left upper cut on the
Jaw causing tho blood to flow afresh
The men fought every inch of the
ROUND 18 How do you feel
asked Nelson as the men camo p
As if I woro punching a bag was
tho quick rejolner of Wolgast with
which he waded In landing right and
left on Nelsons sore mouth Wolgast
slipped to his knees In his own cor
ner but was up In a Jiffy He cov
ered UD with Nelson battering away
at him but failing to land Wolgast
apparently staggered the champion
sending in several vicious light swings
to the jaw Wolgast deliberately but
ted the champion with his head and
was quickly rebuked by Referee Smith
Tho crowd hissed and the round bull
ed without damage
ROUND 19 The men came up
almost as fresh as the beginning Wol
gast time and time again jabbed his
left to tho faco Nelson fighting ba < Jk
fiercely but Ineffectively They bat
tled about the ring Nelson thp ag
gressor and novor relenting and Wol
gnat slowly breaking Ground and play
Ing for the face and jaw with short
arm Jolts Wolgast staggered the
champion with a succession of pow
erful rights to tho Jaw Thore was
no giving way with Nolson and as
the round ended he tripped to h a
scat One round was practically hiS
repetition of Its predecessor
ROUND 20r They 0 slugged and
roughed It from ono end of the rluc
to the other It was the same old
story Nelson forcing nnd Wolgnpt
retreating and peppering the cham
pion badly swollen face Wolgast
planted his left to the jaw with much
force li tho round ended It was a
lame session I
ROUND 21 Nelson opened the
round with a vicious straight right o
the jaw and Wolgast sought refuge
In a clinch Nelson then planted right
and left to tho jaw and Wolgast al
most backed through tho ropes Thy
milled It to the center of the ring
without Inflicting damage and then
exchanged rights to the face Wpl
gast swung a hard right to the jaw
Nelson countering with a right cross
to the same place The bell ended
a round of tame milling
ROUND 22 Nelson staggered
Wolgast with a right drlvo to the
stomach He followed his advantage
r 1Pl5Jt1I I nJ tj mlt1 m i tzff Ytill tJj e r clrm l w J ff m qf
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landing right and left to the Jaw and
body A right swing sent Wolgast to
his haunches Ho was up quickly
but staggered about the ring He
clinched and then both strung fierce
ly at each other Nelson tried with
all his might for a knock out but fail
ed Wolgasts seconds gave him
whiskey as ho took his seat It was
all Nelsons round
ROUND 23 Nelson wont right
after his man and Wolgast fought
back gamely He swung twice to tho
Battlers jaw with right and then hard
rally In midring followed both land
Ing tolling punches Nelson appeared
to be tho stronger of tho two He
shot lila left hard to tho Jaw Wol
gast retaliating with left swings to
tho Jaw Nelson tried for a knock
out but Wolgast covered up cleverly
and closed In to clinch The round
ended without damage
ROUND 24 Wolgaat came up
fresher Nelson forced him from ono
end of the ring to the other Wolgast
In the meantime swinging viciously
to tho Jaw with right and left Nolson
only shook his head and then shot a
hard right to the Jaw and a left swing
to the face Wolgast hooked his right
to the Jaw Nelson countered with a
loft hook to the body Wolgast slow
ed up perceptibly and tho crowd yell
ed fIght fight The round ended
ROUND 25V Nelson drove his
man against the ropes but his swings
wore badly directed They exchanged
savage lofts to tho face and Nelson
crossed his right to the Jaw Wolbr st
set his backers cheering by ocorlng
twice on the jaw with hard right
swings Soon thereafter he duplicat
ed tho performance but Nelson never
wavered Wolgast appeared to be tir
ing at this stage The crowd rent
up a great cheer whon they realized
that WoJgast had lasted tho twenty
five rounds
ROUND 2fy Thoy wrestled to
the center of the ring and refused to
break Then thoy battled head to
head Nelson almost closing Wolgasffl
right eye with a straight left After
some slugging at closo quarters Wol
gast swung a powerful wallop to the
battlers taco nnd the Dane went to
his corner spitting blood
ROUND 27 Wolgact changed his
tactics at lie start of this round
Fighting shoulder to shoulder each
landed repeatedly on the taco Nel
sons loft eye was almost entirely
dosed at this stage Wolgast clipped
Nelson solidly Oil the Jaw with his
right and the spectators cheered Wol
gast clog d In and played for the
Danes body but his efforts we o
blocked nnd Nelcon broke it up with
a stinging right to the face It was
Wolgasts round
ROUND 2S Nelson came up with
his left check badly swollen They
fought at a hot pace locked IQ each
others embrace and were cautioned to
break Breaking Wolgaat swung
twice with right on Nelsons sore face
and U close range swung left and
right to Nelsons mouth starting the
blood They slowed up considerably
c cL o
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and frequently fought to a clinch Nel
son went to his corner In a trot No
ROUND 30 Wolgast rushed In
grabbed Nelson with ono arm and
sought to land on the body with the
other Ho finally landed aeoral I
swings over tho kidneys and twice
shot his left to tho face Nelson un
hooked a left that caught Wolgaat
over the heart and the latter winced
and groaned audibly Nelson caught
his man with straight left on the Jaw i
as thor rushed In close nnd then fol I
lowed n succession of clinches
Breaking thoy exchanged toirltlc i
left swings to the Jaw and then fought
to another clinch In which position
they were at tho close of tho round
ROUND 30 As tho men came up
for this round Nelsons left eye was
completely closed Tho men roughed
It Nolson hitting rather low The
crowd yelled Its disapproval At I
close quarters Wolgast drove right
and left repeatedly In the stomach and
Nelson covered up Nelson then
swung a terrific right to tho jaw and
missed two similar blows Wolgast
swung a right to the Jaw and the
champion broke brouug for an Instant
Nelson ended tho round with a right
smash to the chin
ROUND 31 Nelson trotted to the
center of Iho ring and Wolgnst landed
several short arm Jolts on tho stom
ach following them with a right swing
to tho chin Nelson fought moro care
fully Wolgast swung a hard right
to the Bore cheek after which both
rested In a clinch Breaking Wolgnst I I
swung twlco with his right on the
Jaw and he danced away as the Dane
rushed after him Wolgast had tho
advantage of the round I
ROUND 32 The men came up
slowly and Immediately closed In I
volleying at each others stomachs
with Wolgaat landing frequently Sud
denly Wolgast swung with hIs right
catching Nelson flush on the mouth
nnd a stream of blood followed Nol
son presented a gory picture as the
blood covered him from head to foot
The round ended In Wolgasts favor
Wolgast no longer hesitated to mix
It with tho champion and appeared
to gain confidence as the battle pro
ROUND 33 In a clinch Wolgnat
drove throe rights to tho stomach and
with his left peppered away at Nel
sons damaged eye Wolgast then
swung two rights to the same place
and Nelson was half blinded His
blowa were wIld and he found It dif
ficult to locate the Milwaukee lad
They mixed It and Wolgnst planted
two hard rights full tilt In tho stom
ach and Nelson clinched Nolson
could see only out of ono eye tho
other being out of commission It
was all Wolpasts round Nelsons
efforts to land Word feeble
ROUND 34 Both camo up quick
ly and had to bo pried from a clinch
Beta were offered at oven money with
no NolKou money In night Wolpast
peppered Nelsons sore taco and vnrt
led this with right and loft shortarm
rips to the KtoniHch Nelson seemed I
to have lost all his vim and seldom
i Jl j c di
mako any determined effort to land
Tho men closed In and Wolgast start
ed blood spouting from the champions
mouth with two well directed Jolts
Wolgastfl round
ROUND 35 Nelson was a sIght
as ho came to tho center of tho ring
All hope seemed to have gone out of
him His efforts woro devoted to
stopping the blows of his adversary
Wolgast started his arms going In
whirlwind fashion landing without
return on the Danes stomach Wol
gnat staggered the champion with a
terrific left swing to the Jaw and Nel
son appeared to be going to pieces
gradually Wolgast smashed with
his right and had the champion grog
I gy from a succession of rights and
lefts o the jaw The bell rang In
the nick of time saving the champion
I from what looked like certain defeat
ROUND 3C Nelson came up
weak He waded In but could not seo
Wolgast Tho latter danced around I
I the champion like a Jumping jack
sending In punch after punch Nel
son almost tottered Into a clinch hut
Wolgait fought warily and took no I
chances of tho Battler stalling Wol
gast played for the body and head al
ternately but his blows were not I
strong enough for a knockout Nol
son almost fell Into his chair as tho
round ended
ROUND 37 Wolgast took no
chances apparently fearing that the
champion was faking weakness Wol
gast Jarred Nelson with three right
punches to the Jaw and Nelson could
hardly come back They met In mid
ring with Nelson swinging like a babe
and Wolgast landing with good and I
clean punches Nelsons ability to
stem the tide was a wonderful exhi i
titian Wolgast almost sent the cham I
pion through the ropes with a right
smash to the Jaw Nelson tottered
about the ring helplessly and Wolgast
sent In smash upon smash and tho
bell rang saving Nelson from a knock
ROUND 38 Nelson was a pitiful
sight as he staggered to the center of
the ring Wolgast appeared to be In
no hurr to complete his work Robin
son at this stage tried to throw up
tho sponge but the other Nelson sec
onds took the sponge from him and
they threw it Into the bucket Nelson
to all Intonts and purposes was a
beaten man and it required tho use
of all hla senses to stao oft or pro
long tho Inevitable defeat Both men
wore covered from head to loot fjom
tho Danes blood and tilt arena soon
became a shambles Wolgnst pepper
ed away at tho disintegrating cham
pion tho crowd yelling Itself hoarse
for the Mllwaukeonu to Bnlj > h his man
and end the ngony These cries were
mingled with expressions of pity for
Nelson Betting 2 to I In favor of
Round 30 Wolgast auncnrcd to
be loath to put ID the finishing punch
He Jabbed Incessantly at the battlers
anatomy and again tho blood flowed
In a stream Nelson tried to mako
a last rally Inn li was only for a loot
ing inomont and ho jsiln quickly sub
sided and scarcely could hold hits
b j o J
hands up Woeat sent Nelscn lo
the floor landing blow afto biov up
on the defenseless cliaiplcns face
Ring followers said that ncvr bad
thoy soon such nu exblMMon o imo
ness as displayed by Ne5son Rrproe
Smith said he would uto the tht In
the next round If Neleoua recnhs
did not
Round 10 Wolgast baktd away
looking for an opening for a final bow
He smashed the beaten champion
flush on the jaw with a terrific right
putting all his remaining strength in
the blow Nelson tottered and was
on tho point of collnpae when Referee
Eddie Smith stopped the fight and
gave tho verdict to Wolgast Nelson
tried to shake the hand of his con
queror but was so weak that he was
quickly dragged to his corner
SL Jos ph Mo Feb 22Ad Wol
gast began his real fighting career
In St Joseph when he went 15 rounds
with Buck Plotcll of St Joe on March
17 1907 Ho came back a month
later and knocked out Plotcll In the
fifth round
Baltimore Feb 22Joe Cans for
mer lightweight champion today Is
sued a challenge to Ad Wolgnat for
a 20round contest to bo fought any
where the champion wishes and un
der any conditions ho may name
Glorio Heavily Played Favorite
Easily Wins Handicap At
Juarez Tex Feb 22 Before one
of the largest crowds of tho meeting
Glorio heavily played favorite easIly
won the handicap seven furlongs the
foature of the card at Terrazas park
today Summary
First race selling six furlongs
Odd Rose won Miss Caithness sec
ond Dcerfoot third Time 114 25
Second race selling mUcJI M
Ecker won George Guyton second
C J Cox third Time 110 3t
Third race twoyearolds four fur
longs Rue won Flying Wolf sec
ond Sollto third Time H7
Fourth race seven furlongs Glorio
won German Silver second Early
Tide third Time 125 15
Fifth race six furlongs Joe Ehrlch
won Rublola second Gibson third
Time 114 1B
Sixth race selling mile and a six
teenth Alma Boy won Dane see
ond Duchess of Montebollo third
Time 147
And lots of people seem to RO to
church for the purpose of picking
flaws In tho sermon
tiijfneRM on
m < t 1 4

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