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C J c C P f > I r > 0 i 4 rll
The Evening Pap r Is the Paper I WEATHER FORECAST
QD1tn taflbLrb
Paper of Yesterday + OR TOMORROW
1 I
Leslie HI Shaws Speech Reproduced in I
Japanese Papers Causes a Most Gloomy
Impression in Japan on the Eve of the
Arrival of Americans at Yokohama
Tokio Feb 24Spccial dispntche
to the newspapers from tile Unltei
States report a recurrence of the ant
Japanese movement at San Franclscc
Today nIl of tho local papers fcaturei
the speech of Leslie M Shaw brine
secretary of tho treasury In which h
Is reported as having said that wa
between tho United States and Japan
was Inevitable
The speech has caused a most
gloomy Impression among Japanese
and foreigners alike Tho spcclali
quote Major General Franklin Bell as
having said that war between tho
two countries was likely to break out
at any moment Tho press and tin
public are unable to understand the
reason for these violent utterances
The Asalhl Sklmbun and the JIJ
Shlopo print long specials from San
Francisco quoting Mr Shaws speech
nt lorrl town N J on last Tuesday
Commenting on this speech tho pa >
pers remarlc the coincidence In the
receipt of these dispatches at a time
when preparations are being made at
Yokohama and in this city for a recep
tion to the 700 Americans aboard the
steamer Cleveland which Is duo at
Yokohama tomorrow morning
Editorially the papers repudiate
suggestion that Japan Is seeking con
trol of the Pacific and declare that
American competition will be wel
Unions Are Responsible
San Francisco Feb IWhl1o
there has been nothing in the nature
of a renewed antiJapanese movement
In this city or state the special dis
patches from San Francisco men
tioned nn having been received In To
kin are believed to have been Inspired
by the action of the labor council last
Friday In adopting a resolution advis
ing all unions not to unionize or per
mit their members to work In houses
where Oriental labor Is employed
The adoption of the resolution fol
lowed a discussion of the proposed
movement against saloons whoro Chi
nese nod Japanese holp Is employed
and the action wits designed to ex
tend tho scopo of the movement to
embrace all houses employing Orient
als It received considerable public
ity nt tho time as an antiAsiatic move
ment but tho Japanese were not spe
cifically mentioned
In addition to thle the AntiAsiatic
League Is endeavoring to secure as
surances that Asiatics will not bo cm
ployed by tho PanamaPacific exposi
tion directors
1 housands of Chicagos
Poor Forced to
Seek Aid
Chicago Feb 24 Gauged by the
number of poor who have applied for
assistance at the twelve stations of
the United Charities of Chicago this
has been the severest winter In sev
eral decades
Superintendent Kingsley of the
Vnited Charities Bald
Into the dozen relief headquarters
of the United Charities thousands of
i victims of tho cold have been flocking
j and yestordnyB renewal of the frigid
weather when tho thermometer wont
fo G degrees below zero Indicated that
nine endurance of Chicagos poor was
l near tho snapping point
Where 200 has been tho ordinary
number of n days appeals there wore
over 300 yesterday
Topeka Kan Feb 21 Because his
nile would not pray A F Barker
73 years old was granted n Divorce
by the district court hero yesterday
MTK Barker 1B 63 years old
Harkot testified that for fortyflve
yearn be hag prayed nnd read the
Bible after supper but his wife would
not bow her head
She told mo she was a Christian
when we were married said Darker
but tho Sunday after she wouldnt
KO to church nor did she go on the
Snadayn following After supper she
would not kneel when I prayed
hen I asked her to kneel she said
It hurt my knees
Washington Pa F4h 21Jor more
thnn an hour John Provlnse a dairy
man wan held prisoner with thu Icy
waters of Harmon creek up to hl
nock when with his wagon load of
filled milk cans he was toppled over I
n 40foot embankment The horses
were drowned ProvliiRo was caught
yeneah the sled with his head Just
above water Sixty cans of milk were
washed down stream to a dam where
la er all but one were recovered Ir
the meantime Provlnse yelled lustily
for help and was rescued with the
aid of a rope
White PlainsNY Feb 24A
Jury In tho Supreme court here has
decided that the fingers of a work
mans left hand are worth 1000
each Jt awarded a verdict of 4000
to Peter Mandy of Osslnlng for the
loss of four fingers which were cut
off In a planer at the factory where
ho was employed
Northern Pacific Gets
Passengers Through
the Cascades
Seattle Wash Feb 2lLate last
night the Northern Pacific succeeded
In getting its line through the moun
tains open and began the movement I
of trains Four overland trains that
have been snowbound In the Cascades
since last night wore expected to nr
rlvo here this morning
The Great Northern and the Chi
cago Milwaukee t Puget Sound are
still blockaded and eastbound trains
are stalled In the mountains
Chicago Feb 21 Thieves phowed
he white feather In two Inclances
last night when resisted bv Intended
victims and fled
In one place a woman threw her
arms around a burglars neck and
hold him so tightly that ho was
obliged to throw off his coat In order
to escape In another instance two
aimed robbers were put to flight by
a Hiring of bologna sausages hurled
Into their faces
Mrs Fred Brona saw a burglar
climbing out through tho basement
window of her home She caught
him by tho legs and pulled him back
Into the basement and screamed for
helm The thief struck at her and
struggled but waR unable to free
himself He finally succeeded In
dragging his arms from the sleeves
of his coat and left Mrs Brona hold
Ing the garment as he Jumped
through the open window
Two robbers ono armed with a piS
tol and the other with a billy and
both with blackened faces entered
tho grocery of Herman IJarnlhow
2242 Bclmont avcnuo last night
We want your money said the
robl or with the revolver
Darnlkow seized a string of sam
ngep and threw them striking the
robber squarely In the face
The suddenness of the attack sur
prised the Intruders who fled with
Jnrnlkow In hot pursuit Barnlhow
who weighs nearly 300 pounds
chased the mon for two blocks but
they outran him and escaped
Atchison Kan Feb 24Tho few
remaining acres of what was once a
400ncro farm of the finest bottom land
has gone Into the Missouri river and
Richard Frs keB who owned the prop
erty IB congratulating himself be
cause three day ago ho moved his
15room house granary and other
farm buildings out of danger
Great Inroads have been made by
the river on the farms in tho bottom
between the towns of Klckapoo and
Fort Lcavenworth A IGOacro farm
owned by George Wctzel Is entirely
Inundated and a farm owned by Mrs
J H Glavln has been reduced from
72 to 5 acres
Denver Feb 21 Through the si
lr nt labors of the Franciscan Friars
of St Elizabeths church
carried on
ver since he was assassinated at the
altar two years ago Father Leos
name will be perpetuated by a sani
tarium for the treatment of tubercu
losisA site of fifteen acres ban been
I purchase near tho Hooth rn edge of
this city for the purpose
I Father Leo was murdered at the
altar while giving sacrament one
Snndny morning by an Italian an
f z i j
archlst who afterwards expiated the
crime on the gallows
SL Louis Feb 24 Eighteen sticks
of dynamite said lo have been
brought here from Lcavenworth
Washington county by Georgo Lowe
and W W Ebcllng are In the pos
cession of local Inspectors Lowe and
Ebellng are held on charges of rob
blng the malls In Missouri Pacific
train holdup last month
A woman who owns tho house
where Lowe and Ebcllng lived told
the police that tho men brought tho
explosive to her homo two years ago
McPherson Knn Feb 2IJohn F
Hanson at attorney who is serving
a sentence In jail hero for contempt
of court Is preparing to appeal his
case from the Kansas supreme court
to the United States supremo court
Hanson who Is of that class of
Swedes known as Dolarne of whom
It Is said In their native country
never doff their hats to a king was
fined for refusing to answer ques
tions put by tho Judge of the probate
court He refused to pay the fine
and was committed to Jail where he
has been for eight months His case
came up yesterday but he refused to
answer certain questions declaring
he belonging to a family of Swedes
who never had surrendered to tyran
Denver Colo Feb 21 Atttacked
by n huge dog which sprang at her
throat when she attemptedto drive it
from her yard Mrs Carl Swanson
wife of Rev Carl Swanson of this
city fought the animal for an hour
finally pushing her elbow Into Its
throat in order to regain strength for
a final effort to beat off the mad
dened beast
Working her way toward the rear
door of her home the dojj biting and
chewing her arm Mrs Swnheon dealt
tho beast a 110w with all her
strength tore herself loose nnd fled
into the house
She had vitality enough left to
summon a physician who treated her
lacerated arm and announced that
her condition was not dangerous
Two Senators Meet on
Field of Honor and
One Is Wounded
Paris Feb 24 Senators M lilies
LrtCrolx and Tlntllhae fought a duel
with swords in tho Par des PInccs
this morning At the first encounter
Millies La Croix neatly parried a
lunge by Tintllhac and ran tho latter
through tho forearm Tintil line
wished to continue but tho seconds
stopped the combat The ndvorsadlos
were reconciled before leaving the
Tho dul was th outgrowth of n dis
pute among the members of tho sen
ate committee on secrecy of the bal
lot of which Senator La Croix Is tho
president The president called Tin
tllac a liar and tine latter responded
My seconds will deliver my an
Senator La Croix was formerly
minister of the colonies and Is GO
years of age Senator Tintllhac Is
three years younger Both nre heav
ily built When they Meed each
other today they wore attired In
blouses and trousers of soft linen
Seattle Wash Feb 25 Reports
received here from the north say that
the men who are standing by the
wreck of the Alaska Steamship com
panys steel steamer Yucatan which
was wrecked on a reef at the entrance
to Mud Bay AlIuka last week are
engaged In n continuous battle with
huge Icebergs to keep tho beached
vessel from complete destruction
With the exception of tho forward
house tho Yucatan Is entirely sub
merged nt high tide Capt WS Por
ter and the men who are with him I
are living In tho forward house pend I
ing the arrival of tho wrecking steam
ship Santa Cruz
Indianapolis Feb 24 Tondollar
hogs were almost realized at the In
dianapolls stockyards today The
best grades sold at 995 A leading
buyer said
The country has been swept bare
of hogs Tho farmer are Belling j
even their brood sows It will take
three heavy corn crops to bring back
a normal supply of hogs and until
a4 1 i 1 L t
o 0
o 0
0 New York Feb 211n a 0
O fire of incendiary origin In a 0
o Varlck street tenement today 0
o fifteen persons were burned or 0
o Injured two so seriously that 0
o they vlll probably die The O
0 property loss was small O
0 0
then no marked decline in prices can
be expected
Seattle Wash Feb 21 Burglars
set fire to two houses last night and I
In one instance got away with 1750
Tho money belonged to Tos Loan
bardo a contractor who had taken
the money home and placed It In a
trunk for safe keeping over night In
tending to pay off his men with it
Capt Fowler One of the
Defeated Insurgents
at Tipitapa
Managua Feb 24Capt1ln Godfrey
Fowler who commanded General Cha
morros artillery is reported to have
been wounded In Tuesdays battle
near Tlpltapn Fowler Is an Amer
ican and formerly was a member of
the Thirtythird Infantry U S A
The governments victory appears
to have been complete The Insur
gents thrice charged at a bridge over
the TIpltnpa hurling their infantry
against General Agullars battery of
three Maxim guns with tho fury of
despair hut were unable to force a
passage of the river and retired In
disorder abandoning GOO rifles ln000
cartridges and their baggage and
leaving their wounded on the field
The whereabouts of General Chit
morro tho lender of the Insurgents In
the recent battle is not known here
Tho exultation over the govern
ments victory continues here
The story of the fighting was told
In a dispatch from General RHas
who was in command of the troops
that attacked the insurgents Accord
jug to Rlvxj the battle began early
Tuesday the government forces as
suming the offensive an attack on
Tlsma which had been occupied by
the Inourgents who had mounted two
Maxim guns These guns commanded
by Captain Fowler did great execu
tion among the loyal troops and foV
seven hours General hamorro had
the advantage At an opportune mo
ment Rivas was reinforced by tho
men under Chnvnrrla Soon after
General Yntsquez and General Agulllar
camo to tho support of the govern
ment lines Agulllar brought artillery
and poured a merciless lire Into the
ranks of the Insurgent Infantry
At sundown the rebels withdrew to
ward Tpitapa leaving their dead on
the field The fighting was the most
severe of the war thus far where 100
men were killed or wounded
During the night Chamorro reor
ganized his forces and attempted to
capture the trenches occupied by Gen
eral Ramirez at Tlpltapn The fight
Ing lasted four hours when the Insur
gents were driven back They retired
In the direction of Salttllo and it is
thought they will join the division un
der General Mona
Dallas Tex Feb 2fCapt God
frey Fowler reported In todays Asso
ciated Press dispatch as being wound
ed In the battle of Tipitapa is a resi
dent of Palestine Texas and Is a
grandson of the late John H Reagan
postmaster general of the Confederacy
and afterward United States senator
Capt Fowler served one term in the
Texas legislature He served in the
Philippines during the Spanish Amer
ican war and Is 3G years of age
To The Ogden Standard From a
report of n recent meeting of tho Real
Estate association of this city pub
lished In The Standard I observe
that some of the members of the asso
ciation are advocating the making or
an automobile road from this city to
Little Mountain in order to reach a
point where n good view of Great Salt
Lake can bo had I beg to say to
these gentlemen come and bring your
friends to Nob Hill In the eastern
part of the city where overlooking
the city a magnificent view not alone
of the lake but of the Intervening
valley and Its villages surrounded by
many farms and orchards can be had
Here above the smoke of the city
and the fogs which occasionally set
tle oyer the lower portion of It are
to be found Bites for residences ns
fine as can befound hrany city In the
world From the front11 porch of my
residence I can look over the city and
across the valley to the lake and wit
ness sunsets ns gorgeous and beauti
ful as can be seen anywhere In the
Ooldn West
But If ono must go somewhere away
from the city for a view upon which
his eyes shall feast then Jet him
come with me to Sunny Crest my
little fruit ranch on Orchard Heights
between this city and Roy and only
a short distance away where sur
I rounded by many acres of young or
chards which In a very few years will
o 0
O 0
D Portland Ore Feb 24Hls 0
O clothing Igniting from a news 0
O paper which flamed up as he 0
O tried to put It into the door 0
O of a stove Robert Bebee five 0
O years old was burned to death 0
O here yesterday 0
0 0
be as line as any to be found in the
west or northwest he can havo an
unsurpassed view of mountains val
ley city and lake and can watch the
trains crossing tho lake Why chase
off to desolate Little Mountain
Whats the use when there are
greater beauties at hand
J Signed A W AGEE
t February 23 1010
Detroit Feb HEddle Nelson of
Grand Rapids and Curloy Gcrhardt
of Detroit fought eight fast rounds to
a draw at Windsor last night Nel
son once knocked out Ad Wolgnst tho
only man who has performed that
Rev Carver was called to Salt Lake
City yeste i my to attend the luncheon
given by the central committees of the
I aymcne Missionary convention
which Is to he held in Salt Lake
I March 8 9 and 10 The convention I
will commence wlfh a banquet for
laymen only Tuesday evening March
Sth Covers will be laid for 600 and
missionary addresses will be given
Already more than 600 tickets arc
Bpoken for at 75 cents each
The speakers of the convention are
said to be the strongest and best of j
ho various churches Among them
I are S Earl Taylor George Sherwood
Eddy of India Isaac Taylor Headland
of Pokln Bishop W S Lewis Dr E
H Richards of Africa G H Jones of
Korea M I Enbank of China J C
Robbing of time Philippines with many
1 The banquet will bo held in the
First Presbyterian church and the reg
I ular session In thc Methodist church
Rjjjf Carver la endeavoring to secure
one hundred tickets for the Qgdon I
men but so great Is the demand for
the banquet scats that not even one
half that number will be procured
It Is hoped that one evening can be
arranged for thy speakers to be heard
in Ogden I
Concerning the luncheon yesterday
the Salt Lake papers say
The Laymeris Missionary conven
tion commItteemen forty in number
met at luncheon at the Wilson at I
1230 Wednesday and heard C L
Rhodes of Now York City the advance II
agent of the National Laymens Mis I
sionary movement Theso committee
men art representative of this
city In business and the professions
Mr Rhodes In his address luridly
said that in the Students Volunteer
convention of Nashville In 1906 there
I was a young business man from the
city of Washington who being strong I
ly Impressed with the power of groat
speakers presenting world conditions I
on the lives of students determined
that thin same power should be exer
cised over tho lives of the great army
of Christian laymen In America Ac
cording It was planned to send great
speakers to address representative
Christian men of the cities lu conven
tion The movement last year swept
across Canada from coast to cdast I
touching the twentyfour centers of
the Dpmlnlon with most astonishing I
results This year a campaign was
organized by the Christian leaders of
New York City to extend over the en
tire district of the United States
touching the seen five strongest cit
ies In the country
fMr Rhodes jlso said In the moving
of f commercial ovonts of tho past eight
years extending the field of com
merce from the limits of this nation to
the countries oV the Orient Involving
the Investment not of millions of dol
lars but of billions that In this un
paralleled extension or commerce Is
found the sole thought suggesting to
tho church of America that Christian
ity must he coextensive with world
wide financial enterprises This In
dustrial movement of tho age has pre
pared the hearts of American Chris
tian men to receive the proposition
from the church to arise and evangel
ize aa well as commercialize the
world and for every man to make
Christianity at least coequal In life
with the claims of business
Mr Rhodes reYnarks had a telling
effect upon every man at the lunch
con and every ono left tho meeting
with a vital Interest In and a serious
determination to make the coining I
convention reach as many men as pos
sible In this city and to become the
greatest religious movement among
men In the history of tho Intortnoun
tain west
Rev Dr Bowerman of Salt Lake
Baptist church nnd Rev Carver were
I tho only ministers present
At a meeting held by the Utah
Fruit exchange In Salt Lake City
February 17th there were several
prominent fruit shippers bidding for
the handling of the Utah fruit but
tho contract was awarded to the
Pioneer Fruit company by an over
whelming majority and the managers
of the associations with whom they
did business last year stated In the
meeting that the Pioneer Fruit com
pany had lived up to every require
Cc >
= 1
mont and more It was also decided
by a popular vote of the represents
lives of tIne Fruit exchange that they
retain their offices and headquarters
In Ogden for tho coming year The
Pioneer people are malting prepara
lions to move their ofllco to tho
Corey block 2662 Washington ave
nue where large and spacious office
rooms are being prepared on the
ground floor where there will be suf
ficient room to carry oil the enormous
business expected tho coming season
In the marketing of the fruit of the
eleven or twelve associations
The present outlook points to a
very heavy troll crop and judging
from reports from peach sections out
side the state of Utah the peach crop
has been severely damaged In a great
many districts but barring late
frosts every Indication points to a
heavy crop of peaches at good prices
the coming season In Utah
Texan Writes to an
Astronomer For
Chicago Feb 24A citizen of Hor
ton Texas fears disasters Including
storms floods war famine and pcstl
lence when the earth passes througl
the tall of Halleys comet May JS and
has written to Prof F H Moulton 01
the department ot astronomy of the
University of Chicago asking for en
Some expect a collision betweer
the earth and tho comet thus ending
life on the planet he writes Others
look for storms floods droughts and
numerous disasters I do not know
If there Is a possibility of the critter
flying the track and sending UB Into
another world but God forbid I wll
certainly be grateful for any Informa
ton you will give UB and I repeat ni
intentions to take a course In youi
university before I die If that come
spares mo
He says he hns always had an Incli
nation to dip into the science of
Prof Moullon will reply to the Tex
an about as follows
That comet will not cause an >
trouble anywhere It Is perfectly
harmless We have passed througV
the same experience twentysix times
and each time safely There Is m
need for alarm
A special dispatch to the Nevadu
Slate Journal Reno from Denver
Colo carries tho announcement of the
purchase by J S Lodor of Reno ol
the smelting plant of the 7sTevadaConv
monwealth company the smelter be
Ing located about a mile east of Rene
It Is Plated that Mr Loder has ex
pressed his Intention of starling at
once he remodeling repairing and en
larging of the plant nnd that In the
near future the smelter will be ready
to receive and treat tho ores of the
mining country tributary to Reno
The vital significance of this an
nouncement to tho city of Reno can
hardly be estimated says the Jour
For a long time some such deal as
this one has been pending and the
parties Immediately concerned have
been negotiating over many months
I Now that it has been announced the
potentialities for Renos development
I and expansion loom on a tremendous
0 0
O 0
O New York Feb 24An at 0
O tempt hns boon made to bribe 0
0 Prosecutor Gnrvan of Hudson 0
O county N J to drop the prose 0
O cutlon of the meat packers ac 0
O cording to a slatem nit mado 0
0 today by an official of Mr Gar 0
O vans office In Jersey City 0
O The allegation is that two 0
0 men from Chicago had an 0
0 preached an acquaintance of 0
0 Mr Garvan and Indirectly sing 0
0 geBted that the prosecutor 0
0 could retire a rich man If he 0
0 would drop the prosecution of 0
0 tho packers 0
3 0
0 0
o El Pasb Tex Feb 24 0
a Relatives and friends of MaJ 0
o Don Stafford adjutant general 0
3 or loulslaim arc greatly 0
o alarmed over his strange dls 0
o appearance Major Stafford 0
o left New Orleans last week to 0
> visit his brother T D Staf 0
o ford In El Paso and since 0
o then nothing has boon heard 0
o of him HIs brother hero nnd 0
o his frlonds in Louisiana have 0
o been frantically trying to get 0
information about him 0
o 0
J iL 4t > 2
1I tj
Instructs United States Attorney to See That
Mail Cars Are Not Interfered WithBig I
Strike Gains National Importance = =
Clergymen Propose Arbitration
3 1
I Washington Feb 2ITho Presi
dent today directed that the United
States attorney at Philadelphia bo or
dored to see that mall agencies are
not Interfered with during tho strike
to cause the arrest and exert every
effort to secure the conviction of any
one attempting to Interfere with the
mall In any way and to see that Uic
governments contract with the Phila
delphia Rapid Transit company is
carried out
Taft Will Make No Reply
Washington Feb President
Taft will make no reply to the tele
gram received from the street car
men at Philadelphia This telegram
merely stated tho strikers wero not
responsible for any Interference with
tho handling of United States mall
as they offered union men to run Limo
mail cars and the company refused
The telegram was referred to La
bor Commissioner Nelll and the post
office department informed of Its con
Investigation Ordered
Washington Fob i4 Attorney
General Wlckersham acting on In
structions from President Taft has
I directed the United Slates attorney
I at Philadelphia to report at his ear
liest convenience whether there has
been any Interference with the
TnltPd States malls during the strike
of the street car employes
Philadelphia Fob 2IThe first
opon move to bring about a settle
ment of tho street car strike In this
city was made today when a commit
tee composed of clergymen of many
denominations offered two plans to
the company and the strikers
Tho first plan calls for a board of
arbitration to ho composed of two
Judges two clergymen two business
men and a seventh member lo he
chosen by the other sixth It is pro
posed that each sldo select three of
tho arbitrators
Among the clergymen in the move
ment are Bishop Luther Wilson of
the Methodist Episcopal church Rab
hi Krauskopf and Archbishop Ryan
A man was arrested in tho north
ern part of the city today on a charge
of attempting to dynamite cars It
is snld he Implicated several other
menThe police requested all dealers to
refrain from selling firearms until the
strike Is over
Philadelphia Feb 21 Mounted
and amply equipped for any kind or
s rlce the four companies of the
Pennsylvania state police numbering
200 men arrived here today to assist
the local authorities in maintaining
order during the street car strike
The troopers are all veterans of tho
regular army who have been on riot
duty In all parts of the state Them
presence is expected to have a salu
tary effect upon the lawless clement
that has been wrecking street cars
Arriving at the railroad yards In
the northern section of the city each
company detrained its horses while a
curious crowd looked on Then the
command to mount was given and
they clattered along the streets to tho
Second regiment armory at Broad and
Susquehanna avenue where headquar
ters have been established within easy
riding distance of the Kensington Mill
district which Is giving the police
most concern Local mounted police I
have already demonstrated the effect
iveness of cavalry methods ns applied
to suppressing mobs I
After the mun breakfasted they I
were sent to Kensington It Is the
llrst time tho state policemen have
seen service in Philadelphia since they
were organized live years ago I
In Kensington they wore distributed I
in squads Unless downright rebel
lion against civil authority arises the
troopers will not carry their carbines
The first attempt to operate cars at
night since last Saturday will proba
bly be inado this evening This is
regarded as tho final test of the com
panS ability to maim Its cars
Although the reign of lawlessness
appears to be approaching an end the
points at Issue between the Philadel
phia Rapid Transit company and the
Amalgamated Association of Street
Electric employes remain unsettled
I The movement started yesterday by
prominent churchmen to bring about
arbitration Is regarded as encouraging
I by the strikers who all along have
claimed that all they desiro is a fair
1 arbitration of their grievances
I The Transit officials maintain there
In nothing to arbitrate They say I
they would not take back any of the
strikers If they Vere willing to return
I and anY further they have enough men
to operate all the cars I
I Three Dead Many Injured
The casualties as the result of the
I lawlessness stand at three dead sev
eral persons In a serious condition
In hospitals and more than a thousand
suffering from lacerations inflicted by
bullets police clubs and missiles
The heavy sentence Inflicted upon
some of tho rioters in the courts you
terdny Is expected to have a good ef
fect in the work Of maintaining order
One man was given six years and a
number of others were sentenced to
terms of two years each
The strike hns had a serious effect
on business generally Merchants
complain bitterly over tho disturbed
I r conditions One of the big depart
f j H
f j ij
4 I
ment stores has laid off more than
200 employes I
I The Transit company appeared Ic
have more cars In operation during 1
the morning than at any time since I
the strike started The weather was
clear and cold The cars also seemed
to bo better patronized r
At 9 oclock the Transit company
claimed It had G5H cars In operation
or lOll more than at the same hour
They Stone a Car
The first disturbance of the day oc
curred In West Philadelphia where
men women and children Joined In
stoning a car No ono was hurt One
I man was arrested
The mayor mado his first arrest
while Inspecting streets after leaving
I the city hall early this morning Two
men placing Fewor pipe on the car
tracks were discovered by the mayor
nnd aided by Detective McFadden
were held until a patrol wagon could
be summoned They were locked up
Time barricade was half completed
when the mayor rode up In an auto
The mayor and Detective McFnd
den who Is known as the mayor
body guard sprang from the auto and
seized the lawbreakers tho chauffer
taking them to the station
New York Feb 2J Only a handful j
of grdcrswns in the stock market
for execution at the opening today j
Prices moved a small fraction eltnei 1
way and then came to a standstill A
Eomowhnt firmer tone prevailed for i
while after thc opening but this wan
dispelled by concerted selling of Read >
Ing and other leaders all of which
sagged below yesterdays final prices
The market steadied before 1 oclock
but became duller at the recovery
Strength in the stocks of Souther
railroads had only moderate effect ofl
tile general list Bonds were irregular
Sugar and Coffee
Now York Fob 24Sug3Ra
firm Muscovado SJ test 3S0 centrl
fugal 96 test 130 molasses sugar Si
test 365 refined steady
Coffee Spot steady No 7 Rio I
8C4c No1 Santos 9 1S9 Me
Omaha j
Omaha Feb ICaUleRcelpt i
1800 market slow native steers
IS5S 725 cows and heifers 5275
GOO western steers 575G25 I
stockers and feederS 3GOO calves
Hogs Receipts 10200 market for
shipping grades steady others slow I
and weak heavy 920i930 mixed
S920iir925 light 9920 bulk
Sheep Receipts COO market is
steady yearlings 715S25 weth
ers C60 < 8 > 750 ewes G50725
lambs S S10t926
Chicago Produce
Chicago Feb 21ButterSteady 1
creameries 2G30c dairies 2l < 5 > 25c J
Eggs Firm firsts 25c prime firsts I
2Gc receipts itii Cheese Steady I
daisies lG3l fl7c twins young
Americas and longhorns lGl2
Refined Sugar Advanced
Now York Fob 21Alt grades ol
refined Sugar wcro advanced 10c a
hundred pounds today
Chicago Live Stock
Chicago Feb 21CattleReceipts
estimated at 4000 market steady j
beeves J75iS Texas steers 490
CT6M western steers 1500 25
stockers nnd fcednrs S2505 7S
cows rind heifers 250jf613 calves
725000 J
Hois Receipts estimated at 22000
market steady light 920i955i i
mixed 392O9ui heavy 59253
970 good to choice heavy 9 400
970 pigs S40Q940 bulk of sales
945 < 0 > 9GO
SheepReceipts estimated at 10
000 market strong native 17G < 3
770 western 5578 > yearlings
770MO lambs > native 7501l
955 western 7GOi5J > 925
Metal Market
New York Feb 24CopperDnn1i
standard spot and March 12 7S13c
Sliver 52c
Washington Feb2iA son ni
the house met today the postofflce
appropriation bill was taken up On
3ppronlalon Representative Weeks of
Massachusetts the house voted to
fa86nchI8ts unUI II
tonight from 8
hold a session untl
li in In artier to allow time for sm
ernl debate on the measure I
I I Albuquerque N 3I Feb 24Two
I days ahead of his schedule Edward I
Pnyson Weston early this mornlnj
loft Manuelito N r with the inten
tion of walking 50 miles today to
Thoreau Weston rested at Gallup
IumoUS1flo88 con
Mn A nc > i 224tt
J t i

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