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IN BIG civic PlM
Program of Spokane committee
Involves Investment o
25 Million
gpokano Wash Fob 3 Improve
penis Involving the expendturc of
more than 25000000 arc contain
plated aa part of the program of the 1
committee to ho appointed
civic plan c I
hy Charles M Fnssctt president of
tho chamber of commerce to mase I
Spokane not only the largest city on
the inland continent but also the
best place In which to work and live
Mr fasselt said In outlining the pre
liminaries for the work to bo started
this year I
Wo want Spokane to bo beautiful
sane healthy and happy We want
parks boulevards paved streets anJ
a scheme of public buildings that will
be a credit to our people We want
perfect water sewage and garbage
t nyatcms Wo want anything that will
make Spokane a better place ID
which to live and with these we mry I
trust Implicitly that It will be pop j
lated by the right kind of non find
women and become as great nun as I
I strong as the aggregate of Its cIM on I
ship Wo want to combine the beau j
tlful and the practical tIn I
In connection with these pAn we t
shall also begin a movement to better
the condition of the ranchers nnl
other wealthproducers We LcJeve j
that If the country tributary to ths I
I city with the right kind of farmers I
whose lives may be made as comfort j
able as possible Spokane will talc I
cart > of lt ° olf
Tho committee to bo appointed I
a few days wu uu divided into fj
committees on legislation phvsical
development municipal udmlnlst
lion commurce and economics ijKc
buildings and civic art and oxplo tn
tlon but will not be limited to any
one Improvement or class of Improve
ments We are more anxious to fiiow
wherein Spr ine Is weak than where
in It Is strong so that we may build
accordingly I
Salt Lake Feb Q3Therc was a
decided improvement In the Tlntlc
stocks on the reopening of the local
exchange this morning after the hoB i
day of Tuesday This was especially I
true of tho Knight stocks in so far i
ac Colorado and Iron Blossom were j
concerned Colorado sold up to 82
cents with only small blocks of tho
stock coining out while Iron Dlossoui r
was up to 90 cents and closed very
jo strong around the top prices The I
only explanation offered for the exist t >
ing conditions In these properties is
the fact that eac hcompany Is pllln I
up a large surplus In addition to meet i
ing dividend requirements j
Columbus Consolidated continues to
net badly and tho lowering of Its
prlco again this morning Is ft matter
of great disappointment to a number I
of Its supporters Ohio Copper Just I
about held Its own while Sioux Con
solidated was somewhat stronger The 1
remainder of the list showed little
change find tho entire business of tho
two calls footed up less than 10000
While the local market was sulll
clently strong to cause all stock own
ers to hope for better conditions ton I
eastern markets showed oarly the cf i
tects of large selling orders Tho I
break In copper stocks was especially I
noticeable Tho closing quotations on
tho regular call were as follows
Bid Asked
Beck Tunnel 12
Dig Hill 01 0
BIngham Amal 12 12
Black Jack 11 12
Bullock 01 OlVi
Camp JJhd 01
Carlsu < uC
Cedar Talisman OJ 02Y
Central Mam 04 10
Century 00 10
Colorado Mln SI 82
f Columbus Con 70 SO
Crown Point UGVS 07V J
l Daly Judge 373 180
Decker Ciiuyoa 02
B Crown Pt OOJi OJ
E Tlntlc Con 01i 02
L T Gold King 00
Grand Ceiitml 173 177V
Grutll 03
Int Pet and 011 102 105
ibex Gold Of
Indian Tuecu 2J 021
Inyo Gold 00
Iron Blossom SO DO
Iron King lii
Joe Bowers I 02
Keystone 21
King William OC 10
Little Bell lfiO 180
Lower Maw 17V4 481
Major Evans OOV4 I
Mason Valley JL02 135
May Day OSVi 10
Mlllor Hill 01 Qiy
Mineral Flat 01 OlA
Mountain Lake Oil
ML Lake Ext I 01
Moscow JO
McKinley 03
Ncv Brltlih 35 50
Nevada Falrvlew 021fJ
Nevada Hllln 51 GJ
TCcwIiouso 270 3 00
New York 09 10
Ohio Copper 407V 115
Ploche Metals 04
Plulus 0131 OG
Prince Con 79
Provo 05y 07V
Rich and Ana 10
Seven Troughs 07 074 I
Silver King 2S5 300
Silver Shield OG 10
Sioux Con 35 26
South Col 05 V 004 i
So Iron Bios 00f 00
Swansea Con 03 01
Swansea Ext 0011
Tlntfc ntr1lot1 iOGi 07
TlntlQ Comb 011 02V6
Tlntlc Empire 013ra
Undo Samr r 41 4tp
Utah Con W OC t
Victor Con 0H OSVfc
Victoria If 105 lCO
W brl1td 14
11Testornt5da rF 11i Y t jIII
Yankee Con 05
Ycrluglon Copper 0aY 01
rw p r l A r i Y r < ritr
ri I i I f7 n r d r f > I 4 r h J Jaa i tj 1 14 II r Q J s fedd ry feSiibra 4 I f lf cl u 4 l J G E
I t
e ff = > ff 1C < < R r 7
0 c l l r Sv y
LP J1 1L E a j ie 0 r 4
L r St u r <
Iieft NEW YEH g DISH ES bl1ugs In
Recipes By ANflR W MORRISO Jf Milk J
Excellent Methods of Avoiding Waste of the Extra
Amount of Food Cooked for Holidays
ANY housekeepers have a
MANY dread of the week
after Christmas It is true
that the arduous work and
worry of preparing for the festivity arc
over The rush and extra hours arc be
hind them and household affairs are be
ginning to relapse into the normal But
they arc confronted with the serious
trouble of how to avoid waste In every
larder there arc vast quantities rem I
nants perfectly good food which even
Christmas appetites have failed to dis I
pose of
I There is really not the slightest neces
sityfor worry over the problem Many
people prefer the afterChristmas din
ners to that on the actual day because
there is such an almost infinite variety
of tasty refined dishes that can be made
But of the remnants There is soup td
be made out of bones with salads and
entrees innumerable and succulent
sweetmeats to be concocted from other
foods By making careful and exhaus
tive use of the leftovers the extra ex
pense of the holidays can be equalized
by the cheapness of meals during the
following wrecks Some appropriate
recipes arc given below
Swiss Omelets
Swiss Omelets is a dish that will be
new to most cooks Take the shreds of
the turkey and the dressing mince both
fine Allow one egg for each member
of the family separate the egg and beat
lljc while light and dry then fold into
the beaten yolks add to every six eggs
onehalf a level spoonful salt one
fourth teaspoonful pepper ndd one tea
spoonful cold water to each egg used
Divide the mixture in two parts have
lngpan hot and place in one level
tablespoonful of butter When hot turn
in half of the egg mixture and spread
evenly over the pan Cook gently until
the top begins to set then spread the
turkey mixture over this and fold over
the omelet and slip onto a hot dish until
the other portion is cooked the same
way Cover the omelets with the left
over stewed tomatoes which have been
pressed through a sieve and reheated
Any olives or pimolas can also be healed
with the tomatoes and used with the
omelets preferred the tomatoes can
be reheated with the leftover gravy and
strained over the omelets By dividing
the mixture better shaped omelets arc
Potato Ring
This makes an exceedingly nice dish
for either a family luncheon or dinner
It is attractive to the eye besides afford
ing a good opportunity for economy
The mashed potato should be reheated
in a little milk or cream and placed in
a pan set into hot water While these
arc heating cut the leftover fowl or
meat into small pieces and reheat in the
pravy When ready to dish whip into
the potato the stiffly whipped white of
one egg and then place tablespoonfuls
around the meat as illustrated A gar
nish of parsley adds to the good effect
and tufts of this or of celery foliage
may be placed around the base Should
there be any onions left over from the
Christmas feast they can be reheated
with the meat and gravy
Pilgrim PIe 1 la Mode
This is another luncheon or dinner
dish that will please the members of the
family who usually object to made
ocrs Line a deep dish with rich
bakingpowder dough fill with corn
meal to keep its shape while baking
when done turn out the meal and fill this
shell with leftover fowl and meat re
heated in the gravy Cover the top with
whipped cream or mashed potato If
the latter is used sprinkle with bread
crumbs browned in butter before using
on the potato Garnish the base with
pimolas olives and parsley
lturuilDougIi One pint of flour one
and onehalf rounding teaspoonful bak
ingpowder onefourth level teaspoon ful
salt onc heaping tablespoonful of but
ter mix well together then add cold
milk enough to make the dough soft
Sweet Potato Waffles
Nearly everybody likes sweet potatoes
and this way of preparing them will be
a revelation to those who have only
known them m their plain form To
make the waffles take leftover sweet
potatoes and mash to each two round
ing add one each level
tablespoonful butter and sugar one pint
of milk and four tablespoonfuls of flour
onehalf teaspoonful salt Beat together
and add two eggs well beaten pass
through a sieve and bake in a hot waffle
iron Serve with whipped cream flav
ored with four tablespoonfuls of strained
honey added before whipping or omit
the hone and sweeten with maple
syrup Mashed cooked carrots can he
used in place of the potatoes In this
case omit the sugar and cream and serve
the waffles with dusted sugar over the
Cranberry Tarts
In numberless households the cran
berry sauce that has remained over has
simply been discarded an appetizing way
of using it not being known to the
housewife Hereafter let her try this
simple and dainty dessert From scraps
of pastry used to make the pumpkin
pies line patty pans After the Christ
mas dinner take the cranberry sauce and
cook with a few raisins until < hick fill
the shells place lattice work of the
pastry over the tops and bake in a quick
oven or place a meringue on top deli
cately browning in the oven Or hipped
cream may be used as the decoration
Should there not eany cranberry
sauce left then the scraps of pastry can
be utilized for mince or pumpkin patty
Beefsteak and Mushrooms
Melt onequarter cupful butter in a
saucepan add one quart fresh mush
rooms thoroughly cleaned Cover and
stew gently about fifteen minutes or un
til tender and season to taste with salt
and pepper Broil tenderloin steak place
Handsome Articles that can be Made at Small Expense
I and by Interesting Work
H 1 DOLED leather is a very popu
lar and inexpensive branch of
arts and crafts work Tools
for modeling and stamping the
leather may be purchased for a reason
able price at any art supply store The
notice not quite certain of success or
liking for the work may even manage
to avoid this expense by substituting
the head of a steel crochet hook a nut
pick or similar pointed tool for the
regular graver An ivory or bone nail
file answers the purpose very nicely
The file portion is not used but the
pointed end of the ivory may be used
for outlining the design while the wide
curved end is suitable for rubbing down
and polishing the background A nail
tile of this kind may be purcascd for
five or ten cents and will serve very
well for a beginners experiments In
terest in the work is certain to grow with
each small piece completed and then
will come the desire to have the proper
tools in order to do the very best
kind of work Initial expense of this
kind often deters one from attempting
a new work but the results produced
by a makeshift tool frequently justify
a roper and complete equipment
All leathers will nQt model well as
some arc too soft for the purpose Rus
aflhalf t6 thirst for modeling and
t canbepurchtiscdByrtKc foolthough a
larger quantity or a small hide will
cost much less per foot Those parts I
of the skin
nearest the backbone arc
the best for modeling The wrinkled
parts at the edges of the skin can
best be used for pockets of purses backs
of pen aipers lacings etc Before ap
plying the design to the leather it is
best to test the
quality by dampening a
small piece and using the modeling tool
upon it If the leather is good the lines I
made upon it should remain Designs
may be successfully tooled on such ob
jects as purses card cases photograph
frames bookcovers mats penwipers
cut away afterward In finishing the
for glasses collarboxes handkerchief
boxes table mats soft pillows etc
Hardfinish sheepskin may be used for
some purposes and costs less than either
calf or goatskin
The actual working designs some
what reduced In size arc illustrated
here as the working method may be
better described by reference to them
than to the completed Icth articles
These transfer patterns arc made bvh
process which permits the transfer of
the design to wood leather or metal in
addition to the usual list of
fabrics Mo
moisture or heat is required the pattern
is laid on the leather facing it and
something smooth the handle of a
knife or Jape cutter the bowl of a
° spoorvorsimtlarsUrfacc rubbed over
the design from the back of the pat
tern Transfer patterns arc supposed to
be used but once but by actual trial the
RubMc patterns may be depended
upon to make several good and distinct
The leather should not be cut to
exact size and shape until after the en
graving has been done It is advisable
to fasten the leather to a board with
thumbtacks while doing the engraving
and these should be thrust through a
margin beyond the design that may be
cut away afterward In finishing you
should always make an extra allowance
of onequarter of an inch to permit
turning under for a neater and more
complete finish
The leather must be made thoroughly
damp before beginning the work in
on a platter and border it with the
stewed mushrooms Garnish with pars
Canncton of Beef with Macaroni
To two cupfuls finely chopped round
of beef add two teasponfuls salt one
half teaspoonful pepper onion juice if
liked one egg onehalf cupful bread
crumbs and onequarter cupful water or
stock Form into a roll and bake Serve
on a bed of fresh boiled macaroni with
tomato or a rich brown sauce
Now Years Salad
Select a large wellshaped head of
cabbage remove coarse outer leaves and
cut out center to leave a thin wall
then shape m blocks as illustrated Chop
the removed cabbage very fine and to
two cupfuls add two green peppers finely
chopped one teaspoonful celery seed
one tcaspoonful salt onehalf teaspoon
ful mustard seed onequarter cupful
brown sugar and onehalf cupful vine =
gar Serve thoroughly chilled in the
cabbage bowl resting on lettuce leaves
Decorate with parsley and cooked beet
cut with vegetable cutters Before cut
ting let the cabbage stand in iccwatcr for
one hour to become crisp Delicious
with fried oysters
Green Peppers Served In Different
i Oyster cocktail in pepper case rest
ing on lettuce leaves 2 Stuffed Pcp
sCut a slice from stem end of each
pepper remove seeds and parboil fifteen
minutes Fill with equal parts of finely
chopped cooked chicken or veal and
breadcrumbs moistened with cream or
brown sauce Season highly cover with
buttered crumbs and bake ten minutes
Serve on round of toast with sauce like
used for filling 3 Cut upper edge of
pepper in points and chill in cold water
Wipe dry fill with English walnut and
celery salad and garnish with nutmeats
Shredded cabbage and celery or any kind
of salad may be used as filling
Macaroon Pudding
Beat two cupfuls heavy cream until stiff
fold in onctjnrd cupful sugar and flavor
with vanilla Cook onehalf cupful rai
sins in sugar syrup ten minutes then
drain Crumble one dozen macaroons
Drop mixture by spoonful in one pound
baking powder cans sprinkling each lay
cr with raisins and macaroons Let
stand two hours packed in ice and salt
three parts ice one part salt Unmould
and sprinkle with macaroon crumbs
Serve at once when unmoulded
Jelly Tarts
Bake rich pie crust in small fluted
cake pans Put a spoonful of jelly in
each shell when cold cover with me
ringue and sprinkle with chopped nut
megs or garnish center with a cube of
jell Bake in a very slow oven until
meringue is firm
ugllcBeat whites of two cogs
until stiff fold in gradually onethird
cupful pulverized sugara tablespoon
ful at a timeworking lightly till the
meringue is smooth then flavor Drop
by the spoonful
order that it may retain the engraved
lines permanently Water may be ap
plied with a brush or the entire piece may
be soaked in water for a few minutes
The latter method is preferable for un
less the water is brushed very evenly
watermarks will result and even model
ing will be difficult After soaking hang
the leather upto drain then fasten it
to a board by driving thumbtacks or
lacking these small ordinary tacks about
one inch apartTryWiththe tool > oc
casionally to see if the surface is ready
Dream Cako
Threefourths cupful butler two cup
fuls sugar one teaspoonsful extract bit
ter almond one cupful milk three and
onehalf cupfuls flour two tablespoon
fuls baking powder whites of eight eggs
Bake m a loaf and spread roughly with
While Mountain Cream Whites of
two eggs one and onehalf cupful sugar
one tablespoonful vinegar onehalf cup
ful water vanilla to flavor Cook sugar
vinegar and water to the soft ball add
sloth lo stiffly beaten whites beat un I
til smooth and flavor Shred with wet
Walnut Cake
Onehalf cupful butter one cupful
sugar two eggs one spoonful vanilla
one cupful chopped nutmcats onehalf I
cupful water one and onehalf cupful
flour one tablespoon baking powder
Bake in two layers Spread with frost
ing between and on top and press un
broken English walnut halves into top
and sides
Frosting Butter a granite saucepan
add two ounces chocolate melt over hot
water add threequarter pound brown
sugar and onchalf cupful cream Cook
to the soft ball stage cool and flavor
with vanilla
Of all foods which may be termed
necessities of everyday life probably
milk is oftenest adulterated It is an
open product from the time it leaves
the cow until it reaches the consumcrand
passing through so many hands from the
farmer to the city distributor there is
more opportunity for sophistication than
with many other foods
for working If upon using the tool
drops of water appear or the tool
scrapes over the leather it is too wet
Should it become too dry while work
ing the leather may be moistened with
a sponge brush or wet cloth When
the surface of the leather seems in prop
er condition lay the transfer design
upon it and rub over the back of it to
transfer the lines If a transfer pattern
is not used but the design is drawn up
on paper place this paper over the
leather and go over all the lines with
an agate point the tool sold for the
purpose or with the point of the ivory
nailfile Remove the paper whether
transfer design or drawn pattern and
go over all the lines on the leather with
a pencil in order that they may be per
manently fixed on the leather Now
go over all the lines with the bone point
bearing on sufficiently hard to sink the
lines strongly Where a particular
SHorpnlG BAG
Every Housewife should have a Lactometer to Detect
Adulterants in the Milk She buys
Formerly the adulteration of milk
meant cither the addition of water or
the removal of a percentage of tc but
ter fat or cream hut hitter > as the
unholy use of antiseptics has become so
common a new form of adulteration by
the addition of chemical prcscnaiivo
socalled is practiced and in some sec
tions to an alarming extent The object
of adding these chemicals is to keep the
milk from soaring but it i s a danger
ous practice
These preservatives arc manufac
tured by commingling one or more
chemical antiseptics in water to produce
a two to four per cent soutiou The
commercial chemical purchased in quan
tity is cry cheap and a dollarbottle
of milk preservative put up with a tak
ing name and a fancy label may be
actually worth four to eight cents in
eluding the botte It will be seen
therefore hat there is an immense
profit in the busmen and by means of
lively agents and attractive advertising
matter the stuff IS pushed even into
the remotest sections of the country
What makes the matter still worse I
these preservatives arc sold upon false
representations The claim is often set
forth that they arc harmless that
they may be used without violating any
of the provisions of the puic food
laws that they will keep milk and i
heavy outline is desired it may be cut
with A penknife then gone ocr attain
with the bone or agate point When
working draw the tools from left to
right or toward you
Different figureS may have different
treatment Some may be outlined more
heauly than others to make variety in
the complete design but the outlining
of each figure shold he of uniform depth
and strength After the design is en
graved the leather must be put aside
for several days to dry thoroughly
Illustration 1 represents a coin purse
with engraved design on the back only
The transfer pattern includes the piece
for the underside to form the pocket
which is to be stitched to the engraved
piece cut in one with the flap This
too may 1c made with raw edges but
will look neater and produce a better
and more valuable parse if it is lined
with silk and the edges are neatly
turned under and pasted before the two
pocket pieces are sewed together The
fashionable purse of the moment is lined
with moire but any scrap of silk may
he used It is applied to the inside of
the leather with Dour paste spread over
evenly and thinly then the piece is ppt
under a pile of books or other pressure
is employed to keep it flat and smooth
while drying Mark off the turnover
space of the leather and with a sharp
knife shave the wrong side of the leath
er edge to make it as thin as possible
i Paste this edge turn it over evenly and
straight to the silk lining and again
put under books until it is dry A ball
and socket fastening of the kind sold
for skirt plnckcts may l > c sewed flic ball
to the lining of the flap and the socket
to hc r under pockctpiccr of the purse
I The card case illustration III has
an cnqrSvcd design on both the back
I and the flap The figures of this dc
cream perfectly fresh and in a natural
state for months without the use of ice
All of which is fraudulent and intended
to deceive In consequence of such de
liberate falsehoods otherwise honest
handlers of milk are often induced to
buy especially as the use of preserva
tive is guaranteed to save them from
money loss by milk spoiling on their
hands and also by enabling them to dis
pose of surplus milk when it is not
strictly fresh and would not otherwise
be salable
The most common form of antiseptic
emploed in the manufacture of milk
preservative is formaldehyde of
the chemicals that is proscribed as a
preservative and which should never be
used in any food preparation In an il
lustrative case where children in a
locality were suddenly made ill by us
ing sophisticated milk it was found
upon investigation that preservatives
had been added to the milk four ttincs
that is by the farmer by the collector
the wholesale city dealer and the dis
tributor who sold to the consumers
Milk that remains unchanged in warm
weather too long a time is suspicious
though it should be noted that a milk
that has been properly sterilized or pas
teurized will keep sweet from the time
of pasteurization about fortyeight
hours Pasteurizing is heating the milk
to a temperature of 153 to ICO degrees
and cooling to 3G degrees before placing
in the delivery bottles Cream is heated
to 130 s
In a table of statistics just published
representing M32i examinations of
iiillc in the States of New Hampshire
Massachusetts Connecticut Michigan
Minnesota Ohio and Kentucky made
during the years 3000 to 1004 by boards
of health and the chemists of agricul
tural experiment stations over twenty
eight per cent of the examinations
showed adulteration Examinations in
Massachusetts for adulterations by the
addition of water or removal of butter
fat during a period of nine years ending
1900 showed a range of percentages or
adulteration from 27 per cent to 493
per cent
Cream is adulterated by the use of
thickeners which are preparations of
gelatine with boracic acid The food
value of cream depends upon its butter
fat When gelatine is substituted not
only is there a fraud in the lowering of
the nutritive value but when such
cream is employed in the preparation of
modified milk for infants use an in
digestible product results from the sub
stitution of cane sugar for milk sugar
which is exceedingly dangerous to tho
infant health
There arc not only good laws but
municipal regulations everywhere against
tampering with the milk supply of
cities but the utmost vigilance is neces
sary at all times to keep down the evil
No doubt the increase of responsible
dairy supply companies or concerns in
citieswhere there is actual ownership
of herds control of the product from
the cow to the consumer and with
the employment of sanitary methods of
handlingwill do much to lessen the
evil but we arc stilL a long way from
absolutely pure milk
By the purchase of a lactometer
which costs but a trifle any housewife
can detect excessive water adulteration
The specific gravity of water is con
sidered to be 1 on the scale of whole
milk 1027 to 1033 If water is adder
to milk the lactometer will of course
stand at a point between 1 and 1027
It should be noted however that the
specific gravity of very rich milk may
sometimes be lower than these figures
but there is such difference in general
appearance between a rich milk and a
watered milk that the use of the instru
ment may still be considered a reliable
sign may be rubbed down and polished
and the background left untouched The
open space in the center of the design
might have an initial or a monogram
A design for a reticule or shopping
bag is shown at illustration IV The
floral figures should he heavily outlined
ant the background either stamped or
polished This bag will be very hand
some if it is made of tan or brown
leather with the flowers tinted a dull
orange and the leaves olivegreen using
tapestry dyes Pour a little of the dye
into a clean saucer add water if neces
sary to secure the desired tint Try the
color on paper or a scrap of leather
Wash in the color the same as for water
color Do the coloring quickly and do
not make the leather too moist If the
first tint is not deep enough it must
be allowed to dry before another is
washed over it This bag may have the
two sides seamed together in an or
dinary seam on the inside A larger
and more convenient bag will result
however if a strip of leather long
chough to reach down both sides and
across the bottom of the bag is stitched
one edge to one side portion of the bag
the other to the other forming a strip
about an inch and onehalf wide between
the two side sections This is stitched
with an ordinary narrow seam toward
the inside If you cannot conveniently
cut so long a strip from the leather jon
havje it may be divided into three
lengths allowing for two of the pieces
to have an end of each cut into a round
or pointed end to be lapped over ani
stitched the third piece The seams
around the side sections will be im
proved if a narrow welt of lather u
included in each The bag should he
lined with silk and is drawn up hy a
ribbon cordor thongs run through the
slits cut near the top
V =
1 I

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