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I rr ri
The Evening Paper Is the Paper I WEATHER FORECAST
w I
FORTIETH YEAR NO 49 = PRICE FIVE CENTS OGDEN CITY UTAH FRIDAY EVENING FEBRUARY 25 1910 Entered Second Class Matter at the Postoffice Ogden Utah
They Are to Answer for Conspiracy to Raise
the Prices on Foodstuffs = = = 6rand Jury in I
Hudson County New Jersey Makes
1 Some Sweeping Charges
I o 0
O °
O New York Fob 25Indlct O
O menta charging conspiracy to 0
O ralno prices on foodstuffs con 0
O trary to tho public good 0
O against all the official and dl 0
O rectors of the National Pack 0
C Ing company Ahe eocalleU 0
O beef trust wero presented to O
O Judgo Swanzce of the supreme 0
O court of Hudson county N J 0
O In Jerocy City this after 0
O noon
O 0
New York Fob 25 Packing house
men und cold storago Interests hero
j and elsewhere had representatives on
hand in Jerso CIty today where the
grand jury met for its expected final
notion on recently prepared indict
There was over Indication that tho
Jury would return from a dozen to a
score of Indictments against the meat
packing Interests which maintain the
vast system of cold storage plants
across tho Hudson rhcr from which
New York draws the bulk of its sup
plies of meat and other perishables
and food products
i Prosecutor Garven announced that
he had Issued subpoenas for all tho
lofllccrs of the Corporation Trust com
pany of Now Jersey which represents
Sthc packing companies in the state
lie has demanded that they bring with
fclhein thoir books showing tho otock
r ownership of tho various companies
I their officers nnd directors and other
information desired
i Mr Gnrven said if tho officers failed
Li 510 comply he would move for the
l quashIng of the trust charge
It is understood that two of the I
men whoso testimony wanted have
volunteered to appear ono of them
being S A Patterson of Chicago who
is firnt vicepresident of the National
Packing company and one of the men
said to be named In tho blanket in
dictment against the National Packing
company officials which does not ho
come effective until confirmed by the
court This Is the indictment expected
from the grand jury today
st Combination to Be
Formed Embracing
All Canneries
Chicago Fob 5A combination of
Interests of all packing and canning
factories of tho middle west on a co
epcratlvo basis and under control oC
r the Western Packers association will
r ho effected if plans considered at the
midwinter meeting of tho association
are carried out Tho proposition wm
left with the executive committee for
decision within the non month
It will require about 1000990 to
perfect this combination said George
f Williamson Thorc arc several hun
drcd factories In tho association
which has a membership of 1125 Wo
bolioo tht interests of the Industry
will bo bettor conserved In n coopera
tive combination The association will
control the operations of tho entire
IniluBtry and will givo better results
than is being evidenced in individual
f factories
New York Feb 26Injuries re
ceived In tho earthquake at Messina
have Just resulted in tho death hero
of Charles Barbara an ISyoarold
Italian boy Barbara lived in Messina
with hiD widowed mother and ulster
When the first shock came he was
seated In a ondrtory window and
tumbled out Despite his injuries ho
rotumod to the house and saved his
rnotlfrr but his sister wag killed
Soon afterward mother and son camo
to this country
WufhlnRton Feb 25 Another ad
ministration Conservation measure
this Mine contemplating exchanges of
luulau allotments with a view to re
serving power and roKervolrH sites is
proposed In a draft of a bill submit
ted to the house by Secretary of the
Interior nallliifjpr
If The propopc moaHiirc authorise
Ihn secretary to set asldo and roscrvq
4 hinds chiefly valued as power and
f reservoir sites before the surplus
lands arc opoucd to settlement an
thorl7cn cancellation of patents Is
F fjicd for allotments with such sites
I and reimbursements of the Indians for
their Improvements and the reallot
ment of such Indian allotces on other
lands within the irrigable areas of the
7 Seattle Feb 25The weather here
and In the Cascade mountains turned
clear and cold ast night and the
Northern Pacific track was opened
Trains aro departing on schedule to
day and no further trouble Is ex
pected rhe Great Northern Is still
closed and trains are unable to pro I
ceed up tho west slope of the Cas
cades on account of snow are return
Ing to this city The Milwaukee is no
better off than It was yesterday and
I no trains are running
The change In the weather dispels
fear of flood which was felt yesterday
on account of tho heavy rain
Chicago Feb 25A special to the
RecordHerald from Washington says
Former President Roosevelt In
tends to write history of Texas He
will visit tho Lono Star state for his
torical matter after he has recovered
from the fatlguo of his African trip
Colonel Roosevelt always had a
deep Interest In Texas said Colonel
Lyon Republican national committee
man from that state and long ago
expressed a desire to write a history
of our commonwealth He IB a great
admirer of Sam Houston and other
characters who made Texas famous
While in Texas we hope Colonel
Roosevelt will make a few political
speeches for the G O P We aro not
predicting that with his aid wo will
carry the state but seed must be
planted before the harvest can bo
Tulsa Okla Feb 25When the
telegraph operator in the St Louie
San Francisco station here step
ped from his office to the platform
at 430 oclock yesterday morning
he was greeted with tho sight of a
paJamaclad figure pacing back and
forth Tho night was bitter cold and
when the operator had recovered his
composure ho inquired if the walker
was taking hla constitutional Ito
celvlng no reply ho approached clos
er and found that tho eyes of the
thinlyclad person were closed and
that he was U all appearances
When awakened the somnambulist
his teeth chattering so hadly that ho
could barely talk explained that he
wn T E Jamlcson a business man
of New York and that he had been
a passenger on tho St Louis train
cnroute to Oklahoma City The last
lie remembered was retiring to his
berth in a Pullman sleeper
Explanations concluded Jamloson
began to collect a wardrobe From
6no station employee ho obtained tho
loan of a pair of overalls and others
furnished him with a serviceable out
fit Thus attired Jamloson took the
next train for Sapulpa whore biB
clothing and belongings had been tak
en off the train
Kansas City Feb 24 Aroused by
tho activity of a gang of chicken i
thieves that is said to have chlor
oformed and stolen 5000 chickens In
Wyandotte county Kansas since last
Christmas tho Wyandotte county
horticultural society has offered
G000 reward for the arrest and con
viction of the perpetrators of tho
If tho reward of 5000 Is not In
ducement enough to cause sleuths to
got out and capture the thieves tho
size of the purge will be raised say
members of the society They want
the thieves at any cost
Got tho thieves and we mil pay I
ou your price Is what the promot
crs of tho war gnlnst the purloin
ers toll Inquisitive detectives
It is said that the thieves use drugs
applied to the nostrils of the chick
ens put them to sleep and remove
them from the roosts without even
oo much as a squawk
v Spokane Wash Fob 25 After
1 bflvoiiicpn hours of deliberation the
Jury 411 the conspiracy case against
Elizabeth Gurley Flynn and C L Fl
liKno growing out of the rocont Indus
I trial Workers of the World demon
stration returned a verdict lato last
night acquitting Miss Flynn and find
ling Flllguo guilt The penalty in
the case of Flllgno may bo imprison
ment for one year or a fine of 1000
or both Ho will bo sentenced today
Tho verdict created no surprise
Chicago Fob 25Herds of goats
and sheep are soon to be sent from
the United States to Japan for use of
the Japanese government In develop
ing stockraising according to Dr
Olda Tanlmura dean of animal Indus
try of tho University of Toklo who
is here
He came to Chicago yesterday from
the cast whore ho has visited several
universities and after a day or two
here he will continue his Journey to
San Francisco and Japan
We raise a few sheep in Japan
he said last night but no goats and
our purpose now Is to go into the in
dustry to a largo extent providing It
will prove profitable and feasible in
our climate
Chicago Feb 251lisG Lillian M
Williamson attended a show at tho
Coliseum last night and heard her
namo called off as the winner of the
5000 concrete house offered to the
woman guessing closest to the total
paid admissions nt tho cement show
on Washingtons birthday and the fol
lowing day
She IB a stenographer in n bank
and is 19 years old She guessed the
attendance for the two days would
bo 159CO The total paid attendance
was 15 9C5 Other guesses ranged
from 3500 to 80000 Miss Williamson
recently made the lost payment on a
thirtyfoot corner lot and has 500
saved up on a building fund
I think part of this good luck came
from ray fortunate possession a
lot said Miss Williamson What
would I have done with material for
a 500 home if I had spent all of my
spare chango for millinery or choco
late creams
Philadelphia Street Car
Company Claims to
Have Won
Philadelphia Fob Encouraged
by its success yesterday and last
night the Philadelphia Rapid Transit
company began at daybreak this morn
ing to open additional lines some of
which had not been in operation slnco
tho strike began
Gangs of laborers shortly after mid
night started the work of clearing
away obstructions which had been on
the tracks since they wore abandoned
last Saturday Traffic on all lines
however Is still far from nprmal
Although there was a number of se
rious outbreaks last night in West
Philadelphia and in the northorn sec
tion of tho city yesterday was the
quietest day since tho present lull be
gan The state police wore able to
handle with little difficulty whatever
disorder manifested Itself In the Ken
sington Mill district whore they es
corted cars all day and evening The
troops were on hand again early to
day and tho cars continued to run In
this territory patrolled by them
While the Transit company officials
claim thor havo won tho struggle nnd
continue to hire more men powerful
Influences aro at work endeavoring to
got the company to come to a peace
able agreement with the striking moo
tormen mid conductors
The proposal of the clergymen of
Philadelphia that both sides submit
the case to arbitration has not yet
borne fruit Tho strikers through
National Organizer C 0 Pratt have
expressed their willingness to arbi
trate Tho company notified the
churchmens committee that the ap
peal would be duly considered at the
next mooting of the companys board
of directors March 7
Organized labor Is backing the strik
ers strongly Frequent meetings are
being held by loading union organiza
tions who aro here from all parts of
the country to aid the strikers In
every way their experience can sug
Chicago Feb 25The Patchen
WIlkes stock arm consignment
brought the hlghwater marlc In thfe
fourth day of the auction at the stock
yards yesterday the high prices being
1900 for Thomas Stokes 225 by
Peter the Great the stallion sold to
C A Hutton of Provo Utah The
next highest price was 1500 which
was paid for Miss Wills a twoyear
old Peter the Great filly she going to
S J Thornton of Minneapolis Minn
Chicago Fob 25Just as a means
of keeping her husband humble Mrs
Anna Ulrich has decided that he must
do the family washing and help every
day with the dishes These tasks and
several others are imposed because
Judge Newcomer Cve her the Power
in tho Dcsplalncfl Btroot court yester
day The husband Charles Ulrich
was paroled to his wife after being
arraigned on a charge of drunkenness
Tho judge told mo I could boss him
around and Ill keep him out of
trouble said Mrs Ulrich
In addition to doing the washing
and doing tho dishes I am going to
see that he does not stay out at night
I am going to let him havo three
glasses of beer a day Beer doesnt
hurt anybody that knows when to
quit 111 give you a chance said tho
court You are pcrolod to this wo
man Sho will collect your wages and
give you a dally allowance Shos got
to run the house now
I St Louis Fob 25 Charging that I
Dr H W Wiley chemist of the de
partment of agriculture is filling
the papers with bluster and mis
statements In the socallod bleached
flour cases and that tho government
Is seeking to poison tho public mind
through the press while using ever
effort to avoid a trial in court the
executive committee of the Millers
Defense committee last night sent
an opon letter to Secretary Wilson
in which they ask tho government
to keep its word and bo ready to
go Into court March 17 when five
cases are set for trial in Iowa
Los Angeles Cal Fob 25 Pro
crastinating corporations aro making
an elevonthhour rush to comply with
the provisions of the now federal ono
pei cent tax law Only four das re
main before tho infliction of the pen
allies prescribed for failure to make
reports as to earnings and condition I
Get 2500 buslnoos organizations
chartered and otherwise which arc
amenable to tho law have failed to
malta the required returns Penal
ties range from fines of from 1000
to 10000 Theso fines will be im
posed on corporations that fall to
have their reports in on or before
March 1
Now York Fob 25More than
four million persons attend moving
picture shows every day in the United
States according to Professor Charles
Sprague Smith of Columbia univer
sity This total he adds is four
times as groat as tho number who
go to all other theaters combined
Speaking before tho congregation
of the Church of the Messiah last
night Prfessor Smith declared that
the moving picture show Is a great
educational power Under an ade
quate censorship ho said It could be
made a force of moral and mental up
lift second to none
Mines Are Again Run
ning at Almost Nor
mal Production
Butte fontFeb 25Interest In
the strike situation hero centers
about the probable action of the in
ternational unions who may bo drawn
Into tho Jurisdiction of the court by
the union which walked out last week
and tho old engineers union which
acknowledged the Jurisdiction of the
Western Federation of Minors Matt
Comerford general president of the
union of steam engineers who is here
from Brooklyn has said that his or
ganization will stand by the strikers
No definite proposition looking to
ward settlement has yet been made
In the meantime tho companies arc
filling tho places of the striking hoist
ing engineers and operations arc
gradually approaching normal
During the 24hour period that
ended at 7 oclock this morning the
Amalgamated Copper company prop
erties hoisted 8575 tons of ore In
addition to that the Clark mines in
creased their tonnage and Independent
concerns wore also operating Today
the Tramway and Rams mines of the
Red Metal company were started up
Ore from tho East Grey Rock a Butte
Boston property is being hoisted
and the West Grey Rock probably
will resume tomorrow The Buffalo of
the Washoe company will start up to
morrow Men havebeen added to the
force employed at the Waahoe concen
trator at Anaconda and tho usual ton
nage of oro is being sent to the Boston
Montana smeller at Great Falls
Salt Lake Fob 25The municipal
laws committee of the city council on
Thursday night again decided to re
port favorably upon the annexation of
the Sugar Housc district to the city
A new potUloUwap presented which
embraces the territory included in the
several positions which have hereto
fore boon presented to the council
The district now proposed LObo an
nexed runts from Seventh to Thir
teenth East streets and from tho
present southern limits of the city to
Twelfth South street also from
Eleventh to Twentyfirst East streets
and from Twclfh to Thirteenth South
J street The latter portion of the dis
I trict includes Union Heights addition T
Highland Park addition Idlewlld and 1
tho property owned by the state and
occupied by tho state prison grounds
Tho committee decided to report fav
orably on the annexation and In
structed tho city attorney to draw up
tho Annexation ordinance Kimball
Rlcfairds tho owners of Highland
Park addition will be required to put
up a bond of 7500 to guarantee that
the streets In that addition will be
brought to the propor grade within
six months or the bond will be for
To Consider Prison Water
The waterworks committee will cite
Warden Pratt of the state prison be
fore the committee next Thursday
night to consider the matter of the
water now supplied to the prison
Tho sanitary and markets commit
tee tWill recommend that McMillan
Sono of Murray be granted tho privi
lege of inspection by the city moat
Inspectors for their slaughter houso
upon the payment by them of onehalf
of tho expenses of such Inspection
This will mean that they will havo
to pay onehalf of the salary of tho
inspector which will amount to 43
a month
A special meeting of the city coun
cil was hold at which tho contract
with the Moran Construction company
of Ogdon for the construction of the
conduit along Parleys creek at
Twelfth South street was approved
Tho amount of ho contract is
Are in Favor of the
Roosevelt Policies
of Taft
Huron S D Feb 25Atter a bat
tle of four hours peace settled over
the conference of the progressive wing
of the Republican party of South Da
kota at midnight
R 0 Richards of Huron was made
chairman of tho campaign committee
and Governor Veasoy will bo the Re
publican party leader on a platform
which is the embodiment of the Ideas
of tho leaders of both tho Richards
faction and the faction led by E L
Sonn which opposed Richards
The platform says in part
We commend President Taft for
tilt reiterated declarations of loyalty
to tie lloosevelt policies of progres
sive Republicanism and pledge his
administration tho support of the pro
gressive Republicans in his efforts to
obtain the enactment of legislation
embodying those principles
The dominating Issue in the corn
ing campaign is tho wresting of con
I trol of national legislation from spe
cial Interests intrenched behind Speak
er Cannon of tho house and Leader
Aldrich of the senate and their sup
porters It is riot sufficient that
Speaker Canpon he retired It is es
sential that a successor bo elected who
Is committed to und is a supporter of
progressive principles The progres
sive Republicans of South Dakota will
not support a candidate for the pri
mary who does not stand unequivo
cally on this platform
We believe tho Payne tariff law
was a decided step in fulfillment of
tho party pledge but that inequalities
yet exist which should be remedied
when demonstrated to be such by tho
investigations of the tariff commis
Wo denounce the practice of col
lecting moneys for political campaign
purposes from persons who hold or
are aspiring to appointive government
positions and favor the prohibition
thereof by amendment of the corrupt
practice act
We favor the elimination of the
personal spirit system by amend
ments to the primary law to provide
how party nominations to all appoint
ive government positions shall bo de
Wo favor the nomination of post
masters for presidential postottlccs by
popular party elections who are resi
dent patrons of the office
We favor an amendment of the
present corrupt practice act so as to
eliminate therefrom tho legality of
paying for men and teams to haul tho
voters to the polls1
Cincinnati Feb 5Take this poi
son jailer It was given to mo to
end ny IIfQ rather thun to suffer tho
digrac of Imprisonment In tho peni
tentiary But I have concluded to
This declaration was made by John
H Mackle former owner of a sporting
goods store in Columbus 0 as ho
won taken from the Jail hero to the
Columbus penitentiary today to servo
a sentence of five years for embezzling
funds from his wifes grandmother
He was arrested in Loa Angeles
Cal In company with a woman
Provo Fob 25After being with
out food or nourishment ot any kind
except u small sack of salt since last
Saturday and with his feet badly froz
on Fred Erwin Fancy the partner of
Gelbart Slebol the man who was
frozen to death alid whose body wan
discovered by a searching party Tues
day morning was found by the same
party today at Hanger cabin whore
the two mop had stopped last Friday
nightThe mon it develops were on their
way down Spanisn Fork canyon to
Diamond Switch the headquarters of
the Strawberry Irrigation Project
company where they hoped to obtain
work Thoy left the cabin Saturday
morning but Gcthart Slcbcl was over
I come by the cold Fahey was com
polled to leave his partner and
pressed onward toward the switch
The cold of the canyon and tho deep
snow however forced him to retreat
and the next morning ho again
reached the scone whoro ho left his
partner only to find him dead It
was Fancys Idea to go to the switch
and then bring help to the exhausted
man but ho was unable to do It
Ffthey then went back to tho cabin
where ho romalned until he was found
today Fancy 13 27 years of age and
his parents aro In the cast Tho man
was found by Deptuy Sheriff Hales
Sheriff Judd and County Physician
Palno who met him with a sleigh In
which ho was taken down tho canyon
a distance of seventeen miles to tho
swItch It Is feared by the physician
that one If not both of his feet will
have to bo amputated Until Fahey I
was found the identity of the man
whose dead body was found last Tuos j
day remained a mystery That Fahey I
did not succumb to cold and starvation
Is considered a miracle
Now York Feb England is be
ginning to send shoes to this country
Hitherto tho trado has been the other
way but tho reduction of the duty
from 25 per cent to 10 per cent has
changed the situation Since Feb
smary 1 twelve separate consign
ments from Leicester have come In
at this port Tho Leicester menu
facturers use American machinery and
American methods hut employ cheap
er labor than is possible in this coun
try Tho first consignments aro in
the nature of an experiment If
successful the Englishmen will make
a determined effort to get a foothold
in this country
College Professor Who
Thing Well of Men
of Europe
New York Fob 25 Professor Ed
ward A Steiner of Iowa college who
is delivering a course of lectures ut
Columbia university is in favor of
unrestricted immigration la his
first lecture he said
There Is greater need in this coun
try for men who aro willing to work
with their hands than for men who
want to live by their wits Tho 900
000 Immigrants who came to our
shores last year served a far better
purpose than would an equal num
ber of university graduates with
hands uncallousod and minds unwill
ing to begin work at the bottom of
the ladder
The argument that the country is
impoverished by withdrawal of the
money of returning immigrants lu
Moat of tho money taken abroad
goes in tho wallets of Yankee tour
ists expatriates and heiresses who
aro marrying into the nobility
Tho Pilgrim Fathers wero merely
steeiage passengers on a par with
those of the present day
Cambridge Mass Feb 25With a
smile on his face apparently with
out care or worry Georgo W Cole
man the alleged defaulting book
keeper of the wrecked National City
bank of Cambridge was brought to
I police headquarters here today Cole
man arrived in Boston on tho Twen
tieth Century Limited and surrend
ered to a deputy Uuited Slates mar
It is understood Coleman is tn be
taken to the office of the United
States commissioner in poston later
in tho day
Captain Hurloy said that Coleman
since leaving Cambridge had boon In
Kansas City Chicago Philadelphia
and New York
At police headquarters Coleman
was visited by his father mother and
sister The meeting was a tearful
one Later Coleman was taken to
the federal building in Boston where
United States Commissioner Hayes
held him in 50000 bonds for the
grand jury District Attorney French
In suggesting tho amount of the bail
said the defalcation was at least
Salt Lake Feb 25SnU Lake Elks
are making arrangements to astonish
Detroit pcdple by the magnificence of
the tralri which will carry the Utahns
to the Michigan metropolis next July
for the annual convention of tho grand
lodge The Sagebrush Special will
be one of tho finest trains over sent
out of the west Elks residing lo
Idaho Wyoming and Nevada may Join
tho Utah delegation on a trip which
I will Include a visit to Indiana Ken
tucky and Ohio towns whore the vis
itors will be enturtainod before going
to Detroit Negotiations were begun
with the railroads Thursday and pro
gressed far enough to make certain
that the special will be n real train
dc luxa
I Special Agent Charges a Government Repre I
sentative Sent Out on the Cunningham
Coal Cases With 6ross Incom
petency and Praises Glavis
Washington Feb 25Tho Ballln
RcrPlnchot Inquiry took an expected
I turn today when Special Agent Horace
T Jones of tho land office took tho
I stand for the prosecution and made
I a sensational attack on James M
Sheridan who was sent by the land
office to Seattle lest year to take I
charge of tho governments caso In
hearings on the Cunningham coal
claims on Alaska
Jones declared that Sheridan had
teen graduated in law only a year or
two that his conduct of the case was
Incompetent and that he had opposed
to him two of tho leading lawyers of
Testifying for an hour or more as
to Sheridans conduct of the case and
Riving instances from which he wished
the committee to draw its own con
clusions Jones said he did not deslro
to criticise Sheridan In any way I
He said Louis 13 Glavis wan not a
lawyer but knew moro law than I
Sheridan did and he thought it was
a reflection on Glavis for tho laud
ofDco to send Sheridan out there to i
tako charge of a case which Glavis I
had worked up
Under crossexamination Jones ap
peared defiant and aggressive to mem
bers of tho committee and counsel
alike and said ho did not caro what
inferences wore drawn from his testi
Jones was still under crossexami
nation when luncheon recess was
taken and it appeared that Gifford
Plnchot would not be reached an a wit
ness until lato in the afternoon
Jones was examined by Mr Bran
dela as to his work on the coal cases
in 1907 Tho witness said ho con
suited freely with Commissioner Bal
linger when the latter was In Seattle
in July1907 He told Mr Balllnger
that Special Agent Lovo In Alaska
was only halfhearted in his work be
cause he was a candidate for United
States marshal
I told the Commissioner hs
added that Love did not have the
proper spirit for an investigator and
he agreed with me Tho commis
sioner asked me to make an investi
gation of all tho claims as soon as
possible as he wanted to bo In a posi
tion to appear before congress to ad
vocate remedial legislation He wanted
to know just what the conditions were
in the various Alaska groups so ho
could speak Intelligently I told him
it would bo sufficient to Interview two
or Uuoo claimants in each group
The witness said ho had novel seen
the report made by Love on the Cun
ningham cases dated Aug 2 1007 un
til December of that year when Glavis
told him about it It was claimed on
this report of AUb 2 that Commis
sioner Balllnger In January 1908 or
dered tho Cunningham claims to ho
I clear listed for patent
Jones corroborated Glavis testi
mony as to his efforts to got tho
Alaska cases taken up by tho grand
Jury at Seattle Glavis va criticised
in Wicfcershams report to the Presi
dent for hating dono nothing toward
a criminal prosecution Jones said ho
went to District Attorney Todd at
Spaltle by direction of Glavis who
was then his chief
Todd said it was useless to take
tho cases up at Seattle for Judge
Hanford was constitutionally opposed
to land fraud cases and ho did not
want to be humiliated by being turned
down the witness said
Todd suggested that we take tho
I matter up with the attorney general
at Washington and get the attorney
general to direct him to take up the
matter at Seattle
Jones corroborated what Glavis had
testified to as to the otatomeut made
by Donald A McKonzle that tho rea
son Jjmes R Garfleld was not re
tained In Mr rafts cabinet was be
cause of his hostility to tim Alaska
conl claims
The affidavit iimle by lones and
Glavif ns a lobbyist was Introduced
in c Stenco and reid
Washington Fob 25 Interest in
the resumption of the BalllngcrPin
chot congressional Inquiry today after
an adjournment from Saturday lost
centered In the announcement that
Gifford PIchot would be called to tho
stand as tho third Important witness
for tho prosecution
Just what Mr Pinchot would say
was problematical After the avowal
of Louis R Glavis that ho sought Mr
Plnchots assistance and that Mr Pin
chot had sent him to the President
tho former forester seems to have had
less to do with the matters under in
vestigation by the committee than had
been popularly supposed
There was a rumor before the days
session began that an effort would bo
made to hold Mr Plnchot strictly to
testimony dealing with tho Alaska
coal lands or matters concerning tho
inquiry and this might materially cur
tail his recital
Tho inquiry was inaugurated for the
purpose of delving Into both the inte
rior department and the forestry serv
Ice but after tho resolution passed
congress Mr Plnchot and his two sub
ordinates who woro active in the
Glavis matter were dismissed from
the service
When Mr Pn hot was asked by ho
committee jsomb time ago as to what
angle of the case his testimony would
have to do with ho answered that he
proposed to tell tho story of his con
nection with conservation
Followers of the Inquiry have
t v1
formed the Impression that the vcr 1
diet if there Is not to be a majority I
and minority finding which would
leave the matter practically where it I
was before the Inquiry began will
hinge upon tho testimony of Mr Bal i
linger himself 1
I In other words the case will soon
narrow down to an issue between Mr
Glavis and the secretary of tho inte I
rior The committee Is rather restive
and anxious that Mr Balllngers test
mony should be reached at the earliest I
time When he has concluded and 1
tho documents arc all In tho inquiry
will probably be closed I
When the committee met In open I
session Attorney Brandois for the
prosecution requested permission to I
introduce In evidence the statements
recently made before tho senate com I
mittee on territories by Stephen
Birch managing director and J N
I Steel attorney for tho Alaskan syndi
cate of Morgan Guggenheim syndicate L
for the exploitation of Alaska j
Theso statements told In part of tha A
GuggenheimCunningham coal claims
which have been tho source of all the l
trouble incident to tho present inquiry i
Chairman Nelson said the state
monts of Messrs Birch and Steel had
not been made under oath The com
mlttce agreed that the men should be 1
summoned as witnesses The attor 1
neys for both aIdes unite in tho re I
quest I
Special Agent Horace T Jones who
worked with Glals on the Alaska
cases having arrived in tho city since
the lost adjournment of the commit
tee was called to the stand while Mr
Plnchot waited
New York Feb 25A fraction
decline In Union Pacific was tho only
exception to tho upward tendency oJ
opening prices for stocks Tho ad
vances wore limited to small frao
tons outside of half a down in
stances Sales of 1500 shares of
United States Steel were mao afc
3112 to SI 78 compared with 811S
last night Wabash preferred Erie
first Ireferred and Amalgamated Cop
per rose largo fractions
The early activity in tho market i
subsided and prices took a downward
turn led by Louisville Nashville
and Reading In which tho realizing
was on a large scale Union Paclflo
declined a largo fraction and some ol
the specialties which were strong lost
n good part of tho gains Reading ami
Louisville Nashville sold 138 be
low yesterdays close I
Soiling pressure was renewed front
time to time Union Pacific and St
Paul receded 1 Ixnilsvlllc Nash J
vlllo 2 and Reading second preferred
Bonds were firm
Chicago Livestock
Chicago Feb 25CattleRe
celpts estimated at 3000 marekt i
steady Beeves 175a800 Texas
steers I50a560 western steers 4 50a
625 stockers and feeders 350a575
cows and heifers 250a615 calve
Hogs Receipts estimated at 15000
Market steady Light 915a952 12
mixed 920aO 65 heavy 925o970
rough 925a910 good to choice l
heavy 940a970 pigs 810ad35 bulk
of unles 915a9CO
Sheep Receipts estimated at TOOOi
Market steady Native lS5a775
western 510a7S5 yearlings 770a f
S60 65a935 lambs native 760a933 western
Chicago Produce 1 a
Chicago Fob 25 Butter Steady I
creameries 2G30c dairies 2I25c
Eggs Easy receipts 05S2 cases
at mark cases Included 1922c
first 2ic prime firsts 25c
Cheese Steady dairies 16 3i I
17c twins 1C 121C 3lc young
Americas 16 12310 sic
Omaha Livestock i
Omaha Fob 25 Cattle Receipts
2800 market steady Native steers
175535 cows and heifers 375
COO canners 7537S stokers
and feeders 00600 calves 300
850 bulls stags etc 4005
Hogs Receipts 900 tho market f
opened 6c higher closing easier
Heavy 3001940 mixed 925
9 30 light 910925 bulk of sales
Sheep Receipts 3SOO market
steady Yearlings 700S60 weth
ers 65081775 ewes 62f725
lambs S25925 i
Chicago Close
Chicago Feb 5Clo5OWhOtt
J Cllcngo 5Sa34 July 107 14 Sep
tember 103 1S
I Corn May 114 7Sn66 July 67 t
JSal4 Sept 67 38
Oats May 47 1SaM July 14 1Sa 1
14 Sept 41 lSoSLi
I Pork Muy 2395a97 12 July
2390 J
Lard MW 1295a97 12 July 12
12 nibs May 1262 12 July 1257
itJi < l

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