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I The Evening Paper Is the Paper OC tanbr 1
rensadonal Declarations Made by the Former
Head of the Forest Service Who Refers
to Ballinger as a Tricky and
Dangerous Public Man
Washington Feb 2C Glfford Pin
chot taking the witness stand at tho
BalllngcrPlnchot Inquiry this after
noon rend a statement to tho commit
tee before being sworn in which ho
charged Secretary Balllnger with
falsehood and disloyalty to President
TaCt and declared that Mr Ballinger
nhould bo dismissed from the service
Washington Fob 26Mr Plnchot
made to the BalllngerPIiichot Invcs
0 Illation committee this statement of
his charges ngalnnt Secretary Ballln
ger when ho went on tho stand today
What I deslro to lay before tho
committee Is a consecutive story of
my experience with Mr Bellinger in
relation to tho conservation of nat
uril resources Among several other
matters there are three of principal
Importance to bo called to your atten
Tho first of these concerns tho pol
icy devised and Inaugurated by tho
lost administration of protesting
against monopolistic control of tho
water power sites owned by the peo
I shall show you that Secretary
Ballinger entered his office with tho
clear determination to make short
work of that policy that ho reversed
It so far ns he was allowed to do so
that he restored tho power altos to
entry without tho remotest Idea of re
withdrawing them and that finally j
when I charged him lost autumn to
the President with being an enemy
of the policy of cousorvatlon ho
clapped tho climax by giving to the
President himself an explanation of
his conduct that was essentially false
Tho second has to do with my con
nection as a government officer with
the Cunningham coal cases and with
the GJavIs charges I shall show you
how the forest service became in
volved In these cases and how Glavlfi
iibmlttcd hie facts to mo I believed
r then as I believe now that he told
the truth I am convinced now as t
was when ho came to me that Glavla
was a faithful public servant and that
tho facts which ho presented prove
that Mr Balllnger had been iftrfallh
ful to his trust as a servant of the
people and as the guardian of public
property of enormous value
I shall show that since I learned
tho facts you havo heard from Glavls
and others which I am about to lay
belore you I have acted steadily In
the light of them as it was my duty
both ns n public officer and as a cltl
len to do I shall show you that In
pursuance of that duty I laid before
the President both my word of mouth
and in a letter of Nov I a statement
of my conviction that Secretary Bal
linger has been a dangerous enemy to
1 shall show you that this letter
was submitted by the President to Mr
Balllnger and that as part of his re
ply he laid before the President a
statement concerning the Cunningham
coal cases which statement Is shown
hy undisputed documentary evidence
to be absolutely false In three essen
tial particulars It will then appear
that Mr Balllngcr wilfully deceived
l the President and was disloyal to him
The third principal matter is con
corned with tho attitude of this got
ornm ° nt in law and administrative
practice toward the conservation of
he national resources belonging to
ho people
I desire to show you that the story
of Glavls courageous and successful
fight to protect tho properly of the
people which ended In his dismissal
without a hearing Is but a single
chapter In tho history of tho public
lands I shall show you that under
our present law and practice the more
difficult task falli on thoso who would
protect the public property and not on
those who would despoil it and that
under the present system the betrayal
I Ino monopolistic control of what be
longs to all of us Is mado easy and
often in practice inevitable
1 The Imperative duty before this
country Is not merely to get rid of an
unfaithful public servant A far moro
Important duly is to bring about a
undamcntal change In tho law and
dIe practice toward conservation to I
lrc enl for the future what has been
in the Past the most Inevitable sacri
fice of the public welfare and to make
possible horo tho utilization of tho
natural resources and the natural ad
vantages for the bcncllt of all the
people Instead of merely for the profit
of a few
Vhtii this story has been told and
the witnesses whom I shall ask you
to call have been heard you will real
ize that tho Interests of the country
are not safe in Mr Balllngcru hands
und that tho public demands of this
committee a verdict In harmony with
the genera conviction that tho secre I
tary of the Interior has been unfaith
ful both to the public whose property
he has endangered and to tho Presi
dent whom he has deceived
IT W Barr the Seattle timber donl
or who became so tangled up on the
stand jontcrday when testifying as to
an agocmcnt he had entered into will
Louis R Glavis as to the location of
timber claims following tho letters I
dhralssnl from the service was re
called today
The witness was rjuOKtloncd further
concerning his timber operations The
qneatlcna were directed In tho endeav
or to prove that while Glavls IB charg
ing Mr Ballingor with having become
counsel for tho Cunningham group
t after beIng land comnilsHloncr and
giving the claimants the benefit of
knowledge obtained in the govern
ment service Glavls himself is now
making use of tho knowledge of public
lands by entering into an agreement
with a timoor dealer Mr Barr saw
he had ordered Ills office III Seattle to
send out the agreement between him
self and Glavls
Amnuw Kennedy the coal expert
who testified yesterday also was re
called thIs morning to arrange a few
Kennedy said ho had been in
structed by Glnvls to work In harmony
with a coal expert sent by the forest
service to Alaska but that Glavls had
never attempted to Influence him in
making his report or finding
Kennedy said it was impossible to
work In harmony with the forest ox
pert who reported tho Cunningham
coal lands worthless as a commercial
The witness estimated tho amount
of coal available in the Cunningham
group at ninety million tons The
Alaska coal ho declared was a good
ns any he had over seen Tho profit
to tho mine owners ho had estimated
it from 25 cents to GO cents a ton a
net value to tho owners of from t25
000000 to 45000000
Mr Kennedy said his estimates
wore rough ones for he had not bono
thoroughly into the question of val
lies In dollars and cents
The Alaska coal fields were the rich
est the witness had over seen in his
twentyflvo years experience
Mr Kennedy was questioned in de
all by members of the committee
to tbo location of tht claims with ref
erence 10 the cost possible harbors
Washington Feb GVhen tho
luncheon recess of tho Balllnger
Plnchot investigating committee was
ordered at 105 p mit was an
nounced that Glfford Plnchot prob
ably would bo tho first witness at the
afternoon session
While disappointed yesterday In
their expectation of hearing what
Gifford Plnchot had to tell of his ex
periences with Mr Balllnger in re
lotion to the conservation of the na
tional resources the crowd of spec
tators which has followed the Ballln
gorPlnchot hearing since its initia
tion gathered in great numbers In
ho sonato office building this mom
log It had been announced last
night that Mr Plnchot would surely
take the stand today and that his
testimony as to his dealings with Mr
Balllngcr would prove decidedly in
Mr Plnchot it is said has spent I
much time in the preparation for his
examination It was announced that I
tie would call a number of witnesses I
to bring out charges it was paid he
would make against Mr Balllngcr
especially with regard to the disposi
tion of water power sites Mr
Pinchot also will do all that he can
It Is predicted to substantiate Mr
Glavis and will say that when Glavls
came to him with his statement of
facts last year at Spokane he be
lieved him In every detail and that he
believes him now
Baker City Ore Feb 2GTn a hear
ing before Special Examiner Gco F
Brown representing tho Interstate
Commerce Commission In this city
yesterday Baker City submitted evi
dence tn support of a contention that
freight rates to this city should be
based upon a proportional charge
Thee aso 15 said to be the first
brought before the Interstate com
merce commission upon that conten
tion alone and if successful will
mean the establishment of an entirely
different system ot railroad rate mak
ing throughout tho United Slates
Salt Lake Fob 2GJfko Yokel of
the Y M C A threw Al Ackerman
twice in fortyfive minutes of wrest
ling at the Salt Lake Theater Friday
night thereby winning the national
welterweight wrestling championship
Yokel secured the first fall with a toe
hold at the end of fortythree minutes
of aggressive wrestling nearly break
ing Ackermana leg before tho latter
had time to yell enough The second I
fall was secured after two minutes of i
wrestling Yokel securing a combina
tion log and head lock iu which Ack
erman was held aa If In a vice and
apaln hu had to take oft his cap to
Mike Yokel who Is without doubt tho
befit wrestler of his inches in the
world at present
Tho match was disappointing in
that Ackerman came here as the
worlds champion and showed abso
lutely nothing For fortythree min
utes he crawled arcnud on the mat on
his hands and knees preferring
probably compelled totho floor to
mixing things Whfn Ackerman at
tempted to work en Yokel he was
thrown OH easily ts a schoolboy Ack
I crman was on the defcnetvo at all
times which of course made It hard
for Yokel but the latter was prepared
for a hard match and gave the pub
lic a flue exhibition of what he can do
New York Fob 2GThe weeks
stock market quieted down Into the
usual after conditions of a sudden re
bound from a previous severe decline
The desire to know the decision of
the auiiremo court in tho American
Tobacco and Standard Oil cases is ex
pected to have sonic effect upon tho
speculation until It is handed down
Tho clearing un of tho prospect for
winter planted crops will bo awaited
with tho greatest interest Labor con
troversies In process of adjustment
give occasion for excitement Demand
for finished stool product Is reported
good luit the price of iron has de
clined again
Maturllles falling due of corpora
lion notes hold largely abroad makes
a demand for foreign exchange which
Is In scanty supply yet owing to small
export demand for cotton and wheat
Negroes Kill a Man
His Wife and
Plttsburg KnnFeb 26GUA
Thomas alias Ed Young a negro aged
28 years confessed at GIrard near
here last night to the murder of Wil
liam Dork a white farmer tho lat
ors wife and child and another ne
gro Ho was arraigned secretly last
night pleaded guilty was sentenced
to Imprisonment for life and was
taken to the penitentiary at Lansing
Thomas Implicated Ed ChalIce an
other negro who was arrested with
him Challes was hurried away to
tho jail at Fort Scott Kan for safe
Besides the four murd rs Thomas
confessed that he ana Chailes had
committed numerous robberies
Thomas and Chailes were arrested
in GIrard Thursday but their arrest
was kept a secret
Tho crimes woro the most brutal
ever committed In this section
Bork apparently was killed before
he could leave the vehicle having I
been shot in the back Then the
child was dispatched cvldoutly to I
prevent its giving alarm I
The woman was next attacked She
was renderous unconscious by a blow
on tho head and then dragged to a
nearby cornfield When tho bodies
were found next day those of Bork
and his wife were badly mutilated
and there were evidences that the
couple had made a terrific fight for
their lives The bodies had been
Thomas also confessed to the mar
dor and robbery a year ago of James
White a negro at Bunk Kan a
mining camp ten miles from here
After shooting him Whiles murderer
cut his throat robbed the body and
threw it under the Ice of a pond
Thomas and Challes were arrested
following a voluntary statement state
ment made by Thomas wife to nn at
torney at GIrard that she believed
her husband guilty of the crime as
size had washed bloodstains from his
Washington Feb 26ls your ice
cream Wiley proof If not look out
for Uncle Sam i
What is ico cream is the latest
problem the government has under
taken to solve and In a suit brought
against a local Ice cream manufac
turer for violation of the pure food
law Dr Harvey W Wiley chief of tho
bureau oi chemistry was called as a
witness yesterday
To mako ten gallons of Wile
proof Ice cream the witness testi
fied there should be used six gallons
of good cream eight pounds of sugar
I and In tanllla Ice cream 2 12 ounces
of tho flavoring extracL
Suppose doctor tho witness was
asked that you were at homo and
expressed a desire for Ice cream If
a mixture of cream sugar eggs and
flavoring extract properly boiled
were served you would that be ice
f should say that It would be a I
mixture of boiled milk and scrambled
eggs Dr Wiley replied You forgot
to freeze the stuff
Moro expert testimony Is to be pro
cured before the government deter
mines upon a recipe for real ice cream I
Salt Lake Feb 25A case of mis I
taken Identity came mighty nearly i
ending fatally for A Armstrong
who hives with his brotherinlaw I
lveR wih
Thomas Gold at Tenth West and J
Ninth South As It IB Armstrong la
in the I D S hospital whore the I
surgeon has just completed the tnsk
I of picking blrdshot out of him I
At about 1130 oclock Thursday
night Gold mistook Armstrong who
I was passing the window for a bur
glar Gold look flown his shotgun
j mil opened fire Tho charge of shot
I entered ArmSron 5 left arm which
1 a terribly lacerated and innumer
i ablu shots also entered the back
As soon aa possible Armstrong was
removed to tho hospital where Dr L
Clarence Smullyan performed an op
Washington Feb 25 Imports and
exports between the United States and
foreign countries for the seven months
ending with January 1 1910 wore
largely In excess of imports and ex
ports for the corresponding period of
according to detailed
the year before dotnled
figureR compiled by the department
of commerce and lobor t
Imports of merchandise from the I
grand division of the seven months
last past and the seven months pre
vious were as follows
1910 1909 I
Europe 480407078 355607507
N America 145055178 115367612
S America 121287461 86673619
Asia and Oa 133429097 132172131
Africa 10SS1S11 7177150
From the United Kingdom the value
of imports In tho last seven months
was 150610299 n compared to 111
287676 in the sovcn months of tho
year before From Germany 101291
258 as against 80850904 from
France 84677513 as against 68
The comparative table for exports
for tho same period Is as follows
1910 1909 I
Europe 7435BG511 741896963
N America 212566480 170337155
E America 53033940 44722289
Asia and Oa 05239218 61357401
Africa 10304011 1256968
Exports from tho United Kingdom
for tho last seven months were valued
at 329230019 from Germany 164
419580 from Canada 116130777
from Franco 87460132 an Increase
everywhere except from tho United
Kingdom which shows 3 slight fall
ing off
Philadelphia Fob 25Tho govern
rnont will renew Its attack on the
anthracite coal carrying roars It
was decided today by federal authori
ties hero that the United States su
promo court opinion written by Jus
tice White in tho commodities clause
case left n loop hole through which
the government could further attack I I
certain coal carrying roads under
that clause
Boise Ida Fob 26Tho introduc
tion of testimony In the trial of William
Ham F Kottenbach George Kester
and William Dwyor on a charge or
conspiracy to defraud tho government
of Umber lands was finished in the
norning session of the trial and this I
afternoon arguments of attorneys
were begun Assistant District Att r
na Miles S Johnson opening foe tho
The last 1tnes examined by the
defense WAR W F Kottenbach for
mer president of tho Lewiston Nati
onal Bank and ono of tho defend
ants His testimony followed that ot
Kcstcr and Dwyor and similarly was
a general denial of the governments
In rebuttal the governments at
torneys Introduced testimony to con
tradict the evidence submitted by the
defense as to the reputation of the
go ernment witness
Washington Feb Representa
tive Nicholas Longworth of Ohio to
day denied he had any knowledge of
tho hellish plot a he called it be
tween former President Roosevelt
former Senator Forakcr and himself
to carry Ohio for tho Republican
himself for
ticket naming governor
and Forakor for senator
Mr Longworth was show a news
paper clipping giving details purport
ing to come from Representative
Sherwod of Ohio
I hadnt gIven the governorship a I
thught he declared
Albany N Y Feb 5There was
a short session of the senate In com
mittee of the whole today taking evi i
dence as to the allegation made by
Senator Penn Conger regarding the
corrupt use of money in the assembly
during 1901 and at the close of the
Bitting tho hearing was adjourned
until Tuesday
Several witnesses who were mem
bers of the assembly at the time Sen
ator Allds was alleged to have re
ceived 1000 from the bridge com
panies through Hiram G Moe testified
that they had no knowledge of im
proper influences exerted for or
against the highway or bridge bills as
charged by Conger
Mlddletown Conn Feb 25be
ttov George B Gllhcft rector of
Christ Episcopal church In this city
has been making a study of the boy
problem and announces that there is
really more hope of developing the
typical bad boy than the typical good
boy into a useful citizen
Mr Gilbert prefers bad boys for
Sunday school scholars and the more
deviltry they display the more hopes
1 ho has of them It was announced
today that ho has rented a fiftyacre
small lake and
farm bordering on a smal a11
will turn it Into a practical plant for
making bad boys Into useful citizens
Fort Lcavenworth Kan Feb 25
i The punishment of Cnptaln John E
Hunt TwuntyfKUi Infantry U S A
I who while in the Philippines was
found guilty bY a courtmartial of
DaVing broken his pledge to abstain
toni yslng intoxicants and sentenc
ed t dismissal from the1 sonIce van
I commuted yesterday to a reduction
I of fifty files In rank Orders to this
effect came from tho war depart
ment yesterday It was on the recom
mendation of Secretary of War Dick
inson that Hunts sentence was com
Captain Hunt graduated from West
Point in 1894
She is Charged With
the Murder of Her
Kirksvlllo Mo Fob 26Mrs Al
ma doctor Vaughn was arrested on a
warrant charging her with tho mur
der of her husband Prof John
Vaughn this morning Sho was re
leased on 25000 bond
Mrs Vaughn went to the ofllco of
Sheriff Williams and surrendered at
340 oclock During a 20nalnuto
wait while her attorneys were con
sulted she sat In the sheriffs office
and at 0 oclock she went Into tho
circuit court room
Judge Shelton told her she was
charged with first degree murder She
replied with a nod of her head She
was calm until sho was told to stand
j tip and swear she would appear In
court when summoned
i Then she broke down and wept
i and after taking tho oath she sank
Into her chair James S Scott her
I uncle J M Proctor Jr her brother
and E K Yowoll of Monroe City
qualified a bondsmen swearing their
aggregate wealth a In excess of
Attorney William T Ragland asked
tho court to set the hearing but
Tudgo Shelton said It could not bo
before tho May term
The report of the grand Jury was
not made public this morning The
warrant was issued soon after tho
grand Jury reported late yesterday af
Prosecuting Attorney Reiser an
I nounced In court that he had Issued a
warrant for tho rearrcst of Dr R J
Hull of Monroe City As Dr Hull Is
out on bail at Liberty on a bond of
7500 Sheriff Williams will not go to
Monroe City to servo It Immediately
Mrs Vaughn arrived hero last night
I ill Monroe City a the request of
her attorneys They had anticipated
a warrant would bo served on her to
day She did not want her aped pas
rents to BOO tho warrant served
rcnt tinkling strains of Mcndelssonn
Wedding March played by Mrs
Vaughn after her husbands death led
of tho
to the grand Jury Investigation
death ofProf Vaughn
Although Prof Vaughn who was
Instructor of American History In the
Stale Normal school here died In con
yviilslon October 1 no one suspected
atrjtho time that his death wasr un
natural except one or two persons
who thought he might have taken
poison accidentally
plson Vaughns music was heard ten
days after Vaughns death by Mrs J
B Kirk whoso guest she was after
the funeral Mrs Kirks suspicions
wore aroused and she confided in her
husband who is president of the State
I Normal Sho told him other things
she had observed which seemed un
usual In tho behavior of a widow
I An investigation of the death was
Instigated by President Kirk and
Vaughns brothers as a result
Prof Vaughn was apparently in tho I
best of health when he arrived homo
from church on the night of his death
Thirty minutes after he died iu con
vulsions His widow Mrs Alma Proc
tor Vaughn who survived him with
their sevenyearold daughter testified
at the coroners Inquest her husband I
took quinine in 0 paper capsule as
soon as ho arrived home
Washington Fob 25Tho admin
istration rallrpad bill was ordered fa
vorably reported to tho senate by the
committee on Interstate commerce to
day Immediately after the considera
tion of the measure had been com
Washington Feb 25An Increased
number of open accounts and a ala
in deposits marked tho operation dur
ing November last of the postal
savings bank of the Philippine is
On November 5 the aggregate re
sources were 1590250 pesos The deposits
O3 stamps I
posits were lWiO351 pesos
outstanding 1707 pesos and Interest I
fund 28098 pesos The gain in de I
posits In the month was 16050 pesos
The gain In deposits In the month
was 1G050 pesos while the gain in
open accounts numbered 339 I
The depositors are classified as fol I
American 31SS Filipinos 0171
Europeans 353 Asians 238 soci
ety accounts 55
Salt Lake Feb 20 Sheriff W W
Bower of Laramlo Wyo arrived in I
Salt lake City Friday morning for
tho purpose of returning to Laramie
I Karl McGear arrested here Tuesday
night by Detectives Wilson and Rip
I ICY on a telegram from Laramie
Sheriff Bower will leave for Laramlo
Saturday morning McGear is wanted
Laramie on the charge of obtain
ing money under false pretenses
0 0
0 O
O Albuquerque N M Fob 2C 0
O With a scheduled walk of O
O 50 miles before him layEd 0
O ward Paysou Weston left Me 0
O Cartyg N XL early this morn 0
O Ing Tho veteran will walk 0
O 21 miles Sunday and rench 0
O AlbuquerqueMonday He has 0
O averaged 40 miles dally on his 0
I 0 long tramp across tho cant 0
O nont 0
10 0
Will Shoot on Lake No
the Extent of Which
is Unknown
Gondokoro Soudan on tho Upper
Nile Feb 2GThls was breakup day
for the Smithsonian African scien
tific expedition all of the porters awl
half of the servants returning to
Kampala and Nairobi Colonel
Roosevelt and Kermit who wore to
return to Rajaf today are expected
here on the Belgian steamer tomor
Colonel Roosevelts hunting party
will leave again Monday for a shoot I
on Lake No a body of water on the
lower reaches of the Nile which i
so overgrown with weeds that Its
exact extent has never been deter
I During this excursion tho former
president will be entertained by the
governors of the Lado Enclave and
Mongolia provinces Plans aro bo
i Ing mado to give him an enthusiastic
reception A dinner for Mr Roose
I volts party will be given by the
governor of Mongolia
Expedition Organized
to Raise a Lost
Seattle Wash Feb 26An expedi
tion has been organized by an expert I
diver to raise the steamer Islander
sunk ten years ago in 120 fathoms of
water near Juneau Alaska while
bound for Seattle with 2000000 ot
Klondike gold in her strong box
The situation of the steamer Is
known but the depth of water haa I
forbidden salvage attempts Tho plan
proposed is to lift the vessel with a
huge metal seine
New York Feb 2GThe trend of
the opening price movement of stocks
today was downward on small deal
ings but there wore enough excep
tions to give alight irregularity to the
movement Union Pacific New York
Central and American Smelter de
clined 5S
The decline in the market ceased
when Reading was bid up a point
but the improvement In the active
stocks did not hold long Reading fall
lug again to below yesterdays close
and tho whole market weakening
sharply A number ot obscure stocks
made material advances American
Smelting fell 112 St Paul 112 and
Union Pacific 1 The market cloaed
weak and active Anticipation of 1
weak bank return prompted sales of
stocks Reading ran off 231
U S Steel and Amalgamated lost 1
Hogs at 990
Chicago Fob GUc hog prices i
kept their hold on the market here
today the record price 990 top fig
ures since 1870 being paid
Chicago Produce
Chicago Feb 2G Butter Steady
creameries 2630c dairies 21S25c
I EggsEasy firsts 23 l2c prime
firsts 24 12c Cheese Steady dai
sies 1645 17c twins young Amer
icas and longhorns 16 121C 3ic
Chicago Close
Chicago Feb 26Close
Wheat May 114 July 10738
Jfl0712 September 103 CSj
I 1 03 12 0
Corn May 65 3Ic July C71Sc i
September C7 3Sc
Oats May 47 < g > 171Sc July 14 1S
0441Jc September l8c
Pork May and July 2420
Lard May and July 1307 12
Ribs May and July 1275
Chicago Livestock
Chicago Feb 26 Cattle Receipts
estimated at 12000 market steady
I Beeves 450SOO Texas steers
I 4GOJGOO western steers S4GO0 >
f2S stocker and feeders 330fl >
I C75 i cows and heifers 250C15
calves 725990
Hogs Receipts estimated at 3C
I 000 market steady Light iL2fift
955 mixed 9259G2 t2 heavy
930965 rough 030 < B > 940 good
to choice heavy 9105905 pigs
SSIO935 bulk of sales 50060 I
Sheep Receipts estimated at 2500
market steady Native 185775
western 510785 yearlings 790
sj8GO lambs native 750935
western 765935
Omaha Livestock
I Omaha Feb 26 Cattlo Receipts
300 market atcady Native steers
475740 stockers and feeders
3259GOO calves 3000850 bulls
stags etc 3DO550
Hogs Receipts 600 market Cc I
higher Heavy 9300 Cu W V I
925 ff 935 llgbwicy a former cony
775 900 hXfthcrlno Clommons Got
Sheep IJt Juno was awarded a dec
steady Jaratlon from her husband H
ers 65a0iid with alimony of 36001
lambs J
JM r
Head of Labor Unions
in Philadelphia Pre I
dicts Bloodshed
Philadelphia Feb GThe begin
ning of the second week of the strUm
the Transit
against Philadelphia Rapid
sit company finds the city authorities
apprehensive what today and to
morrow may develop In spite of the
progress toward tho rccstabllshment
order made in lie last two days
Today is a half holiday In many of
the industrial plants whoso employes
arc strongly In sympathy with tho
strikers and last Sunday proves to
I be the hardest day on the police of
any during tho strike
The arrest of John T Murphy tho
young president of the Central Labor
union on tho charge of inciting to
riot has added to the uneasiness in
labor circles Tho warrant for Mur
phys arrest was issued by tho direc
tion of Director of Public Safety Clay
following tho publication in tho after
noon papers of the following state
ment said to have been mado by the
head of the Central Labor union
You can dopond upon It that by
Sundays meeting a general strike will
ho called I ono man is shot In Ken
sington there will follow a carnival
I of riot and bloodshed which will
startle the entire country
J should not care to be responsible
for such an outbreak The state po
lice would bo helpless 1 want It un
derstood that thio r men in tho
northeast who can shoot as straight
as any troopers over drew breath Just
wait a little while for developments I
and you will see something which will
open your eyes
Murphy denied that ho had made
such a statement for publication He
says ho merely expressed an opinion
nn to what might develop If the strike
Unlike Pratt who was denied bail
when arrested on a similar charge a
few days ago Murphy was permitted
to enter bal before a friendly magis
rate for his hearing toda
The flat refusal of tho board of di
rectors of the Rapid Transit company
to entertain a proposition of arbitra
tion leads many to believe that tho
contest between the company and tho
union will continue until one or the
other surredera
Yesterday there was no noticeable
change in the early hours of thc day
of tho matter of street car facilities
They wero operated under protection
on nearly all lines
President Murphy says he fully ex
pected the central body at its regular
meeting tomorrow to endorse such a
move Ho would not predict whether
all trades unions in the city would
Join in a walkout
I U i i H y
Meat Trust May Have
Its Legal Exstence
Now York Feb 26A motion to
nullify tho charter of the National
Packing company one of the corpora
tions Indicted yesterday for conspir
acy to raise the price of meat by the
Hudson county grand jury at Jersey
City will bo made next week by Pros
ecutor Garvan
Prosecutor Garvan said today
I will wait a week or ten days be
fore issuing any capiascp and give tho
men under indictment a chance to put
in n voluntary appearance If they
fail to come Into the state and an
swer the charges within that time I
will have capiases issued and give
thorn Into the hands of sheriffs who
will hunt up tho Indicted Individuals
in Chicago or wherever they may be
The machinery will be put in motion
to bring the mel to Now Jersey
The fact developed today that tho
meat investigation and the indictment
which followed yesterday had so far
cost the New Jersey county ot Hud 1
son where the proceedings have been
conducted tho net sum of only forty
cents This is approximately the value
of the stationary used by the district
attorneys office and tho grand Jury
YHhin ton Fob 25 Having In
troduce an amendment lo tho postal
aaviupa bank bill providing that the
comptroller of UIO currency set apart
the annual tax on the circulation of
National banks as a bank depositors
I guaranty fund to ho used by tho
comptroller for the Immediate pay
ment of the depositors of falling na
tional banks Sonator Owen of Okla
homa today addressed the senate In
support of tho proposition basing his
argument on the experience of Okla
Ho said the Oklahoma bank guaran
ty system had proved successful In
winning time confidence of the people
and declared It had resulted In bank
ing of tho highest order
Rholms Fcc Fob 25 Cardinal
Ludovlg Lucon archbishop Qf Rholnis
I was condemned today In the civil tr
ict9l to pay flOO damages to the Pub
lid I ooj Teachers association for
roe L cp ° nit letter forbidding
ow L M texthooks in Ito
o a 1 READ THE C > association sued
= 11111 ini I i H
I Taft Advocates Changes
in the Personnel of 0
the Navy 1
Special to Tho Standard
Washington Fob President
Taft today sent a special message to
congress urging tho Improvement of
tho personnel of the navy
The Presidents message outlines a
I bill which would reduce the ages of
I the senior oflicors and recognize the
line 0
That Ogden and Brigham Cit will
bo connected by an electric Inter
urban line before the end oC tho
present summer is the assurance that
the residents of the Em Eldor
metropolis have gen their Ogden
friends Raying that both tho Box
Elder county commissioners wilt
grant the franchises which uro 10W
before them
Monday afternoon the county com
missioners will piohably pass thc
franchise after having given It n
weeks consideration On Wcclnes
day the Brigham councils conunitto <
on laws and ordinances will make
their report upon the application of
the Ogden Northwestern to op
orate an olcctrio lino over tho streets
ot the city
About a week ago this paper pub
lished a statement from ono of th < j
Ogden Northwestern officials at
Ogden to the effect that tho com
pany would luilld the proposed ex
tension to Brigham City from the
Hot Springs providing toy could se
cure the rightofway without having
to go Into court
According to tho Brigham city
newspapers tho statement IB mad r
that the citizens of Box Elder coun
ty aro unanimously in favor of grant
ing of the franchises to tho company I
and arc looking eagerly for tho com
ing of the Interurban line II
The sormons on tho reconstruction I I j
of belief will lIe continued Sunday ifil
evening at tho Congregational churoh V I
The place of Jesus in tho now the 1
ology will be discussed The pulpit i
editorial will be run in 03 Tho Para 0 I
Lie of the Modern Monka discus 0 j
sion of points of view Tho
pints ve craning 0
music 0
Organ prelude Sunset JSEacDoweH I
Miss Webflter
Anthem Wild Beauty Clothes tho
Fertile Vale GanaGreeno
Tho Choir
Solo Consider the Lilies Jltotlea I
Miss Mae Conroy
Violin offertory Berceuse GotldartI
Miss Mary Pannley
Organ postlude Soloctc
Miss Webster
Considerable interest nHachcs nfl
the present time to tho prospecting
and mining going on In Weber can
yon near Morgan City and ret
the reports of the discovery thonj oD
highgrade copper ores hare bee t
Particularly encouraging rosnltg
have attended the development work
on the claims of the ChicagoUtah
company which are located about ono
mile south of Devils Slide In the can
yon There are nine claims con
trolled by this company and In tholr
prospecting and development work
several thousand dollars has been expended i
pended A peculiar black oxide of
copper which shows an old etreokago 0 <
of gray copper with a bright silver
glint unlike anything in the copper
ore lino discovered on the claims
This product la said to run as high
na 70 per cent In copper the silver j
values also being of considerable im
portance The ChkapoUtah peoplo j
have a well equipped d plant for work
though a water course encountered In
the tunnel has prevented ot late tho
actual production of oro on tho south
side workings Arrangements are
now being made however to drlln o 0
the workings from a point lower
down tho hill and when this Is ac
complished It Is said that shipping 0
will be started On the nor side
workings conditions are much better
and mining IB going on steadily
Other Finds 0
Midway between the ChicagoUtah
claims and Morgan City I new mln
oralljiod district Is also being pros
pected quite fUl3d late discov
eries hero also are Bald t he of an
encouraging nature the formations 0
being well defined conaldend from
tho detDcd mining exports
About fIve miles southweSt of this I
point the northern rim of the Hardscrabble
scrabble district commences anl
when the first snows of winter fell in I
this section Important i
cries wore just heln made
Washington Feb25s n result
of the cabinet meetingtoday Attor
noy General WicWershnm telegraphed
to District Attorney Wise at New York
to note an apper from tho decision
of Judsllotigli dismissing for want
of jurisdiction the indictment ngfilnst
jursl ton te
the Profn Publishing company
te of libel in
York World on tho charge lbel
the Panama canal
connection with PCnRma a
cases 0
i R

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