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Published Dally except Sundays by William Glncmann
L To Country Subscribers I
Every tew days we got a letter from some of our subscribers
who say We dont understand how tho government can atop n
newspaper from sending its paper on crcdU JtJhc pnper wants to
do a credit business
Tho government does not object to the cwdli tttem at nil
But It docs Hay that only actual paying supsjcrfbwa hall have
the benefit of the postal rates of one cant per icuud which means
four cents nor month Daily papers liioru than three months in
arrears must pay 30 cents per month or one cent ouch day
Unless tho subscriber wants to pay the lit touts per month
extra the paper must be discontinued That Is why the Standard
must Inlet on prompt payments Do not lot youn paper run ho
hind more than three months
Evidently the kids on the Examiner cannot distinguish the
difference between a paper printing an anonymous communication
and a paper assuming responsibility for extracts from a communi
cation The moment a paper accepts responsibility the anonymity
The statistical report issued by State Statistician Haines shows
that Weber county has many more births than deaths During last
year thero wore 711 births and only 385 deaths in this county
Many of the deaths were transients
This countys total deaths as compared withthose of Salt Lake
county are in the ratio of 1 to 6 while the births are 1 to 4 tending
to prove that our death rato is less and our birth rate per thousand
greater than that of Salt Lake
Salt Lake county had 2054 and Weber county 532 marriages in
1909 That is 4 to 1 but of divorces Salt Lake county had 318
and Weber county only 64 or a ratio of about 5 to 1
So you see of the good Weber county has proportionately
more than Salt Lake county while in the undesirable things Salt
Lake county leads
I There were 10069 births in Utah last year and only 3866
deaths Either the statistician has misfigured or failed to note all
the deaths or Utah is maintaining a ratio of births over deaths that
Is unequaled Evidently there is no I race suicide in this state
f A Lady Booster writes a letter to the Standard but fails to
sign her name She has a number of suggestions to make to the
Ogden Boosters If the lady will sign her name the communi
cation will be published In full The cause of her modesty is dis
closed in her nom de plume which conveys the thought that while
the writers husband is out boosting she is at home cleaning the
snow and slush from the sidewalks For the sake of her husband
she no doubt refrains from disclosing her name
The lady says she has read of the Ogden Boosters and their
platitudinous resolves but she in her city pride feels embarrassed
when sho realizes that there is no ono to boost the snow from the
walks in front of the homes of the boosters and none to boost a
little paint on to the fences barns and sheds
I When the boosting business keeps the men of Ogden so busy
that the ladies must wade through slush writes the lady with a
p 1 neglectful husband why like charity boosting should begin at home
Little wonder that the lady does not sign her name She is
too considerate to sacrifice her husband on the pillory of public
opinion But she does not limit her reproach to her own careless
companion sho includes all the boosters in her list of those who with
lofty aspirations and with wagons hitched to stars forget the things
of earth having never a thought of the little things which make life
worth living
Of course we boosters having been reminded of our short
comings at home promise to reform and hereafter before pro
ceeding to the place of banquet we shall be more circumspect as to
homo environs
The Union Pacific which L Mohler general manager on the
Witness stand in New York in the government suit to dissolve the
Union PacificSouthern Pacific merger admitted is the slowest road
a the handling of freight trains is not so slow in producing profits
and therefore cannot be very slow in its transportation facilities
We have before us a statement of the financial condition of the Union
Pacific for the five months ending November 30 last
The surplus earnings available for dividends during this period
were 22825647 aaginst which dividends accrued for the five
Mnsic lovers in Ogden will be pleased to learn that next Friday
evening a musical program of exceptional merit will be rendered in
the New Concert Hall over the Ogden Music Cos sales rooms Pub
lic interest in musical events has been aroused lately because of the
Grand Opera productions which have been presented in our state
luring the present month The news that Caruso the worlds great
est tenor has completely recovered from the critical operation on
his throat which for a while threatened to end his remarkable
career has stimulated an interest in this class of music Those who
have heard Caruso sing the role of Canio in the tense dramatic opera
El Pagliacci claim that his rendition of this difficult part is beyond
Description Signor Caruso has made a most remarkable record of
the Climax where the unhappy Canio left alone after the exciting
scene with Nedda wrings his hands and cries liTo play When
my heads whirling with madness Not knowing what Im saying or
what Im doing Yet I must force myself I am not a man Im
but a Pagliacci strolling player
The great Aria now follows in which the unfortunate Pagliacci
J describes how he must paint his face and make merry for the public
while his heart is breaking
The people pay you and they must have their fun
If Harlequin your Columbine takes from you
Laugh loud Pagliacci
And all will shout Well done
Sobbing Laugh Pagliacci for the love that is ended
Laugh for the pain that is gnawing your heart
i He moves slowly toward the theater weeping he stops at the
entrance and hesitates Seized by a new fit of sobbing he burie3 his
I face in his hands To hear Caruso sing this great climax one almost
i imagines seeing it so real and dramatic is this record
i The Mad Scene from Lucia will be rendered as sung by
Mme Melba The quartette from Rigoletto the sextette from Lucia
k that greatest of all sextettes will be sung by Caruso Sembrich Sev
I C erina Scotti J ournet and Daddi This is the most wonderful rec
ord ever made The program has been carefully selected and in
> cludes the overture from Wilhelm Tell as well as other famous
I numbers The concert is to be given under the direction of the Ogden
Music company and no admission will be charged The public is cor
I 11r invited to attend
I 4
months amounted to 10688034 leaving a surplus of 12137613
after dividends
The excess of current assets over current liabilities at November
30 was 73203936 of which amount cash and deposits including
cash out on loans was 68966950 It is evident that Union Pacific
will not bring out important new f 1ancing for many months to come
unless an exceptionally attractive investment market should be pre
I sented whereby a further supply of capital can be secured for times
still farther ahead
I As at November 30 the amount to the credit of profit and loss
stood at 106152979 we know of no railroad that ever had a sur
plus approaching this huge sum
The figures are of a magnitude to impress anyone that great
I and prosperous as the Union Pacific undoubtedly has been and is
I its financial achievement is not limited to the level already attained
but is still going ahead With the company earning 42000000 or
I 20 per cent on its common stock and paying only 21000000 or 10
I per cent its very impetus will carry it forward It added wealth is
I being piled up and earning more wealth and soon one may expect to
see earnings of 25 per cent on the common stock
A friend writes us to advocate the slaughter of about 2000
useless dogs in Ogden He says these curs should be taxed at least
5 or carted off to the crematory
Yesterday a prominent citizen in the livery business on Twenty
fourth street whose name need not be mentioned devoted the morn
ing hours to carrying a loaded shotgun He was out gunning for
dogs A pack of snarling fighting barking canines had annoyed
him during the hours usually devoted to sleep and he had resolved
while tossing in bed that when daylight broke he would rid the com
munity the nuisance He was preparing to do generous execution
when his good wife persuaded him that lacking in experience he
might miss his mark and kill his neighbors cow or blow a hole
through the plate glass across the street
There are others in the community much in the same frame of
mind as the livery keeper with a big gun whose wife must watch him
to keep him from depopulating tho dog colony The unnamed un
owned and uncaredfor dogs of the community are a pest They
destroy sleep break down flower plots uproot plants kill chickens
and commit a nuisance
The sudden departure of these Pariah dogs would be a source
of satisfaction to the people
The dog catcher and his assistants should get busy
The Cannibals Phtlopena I
The Cannibal Queen My dear we
must call on the new missionary this
The Cannibal King Why Aro we
Tho Cannibal QueenNo but his
wife has just presented him with
twins and heros a fine chance to
eat a phllopona Cleveland Leader
A Straight Vote
Tlio secret of the ballot is some
times too good lo Iceop George I
said the squIre do you vote straight
as I told you Sure 01 did squolre
It said on Ihe paper put a X hut 01
included as haw yo said voat straight
and 01 put un straight through uns
iiumo London Chronicle
Contrary Qualities
aI dont understand my husbands
way of talking
4Hov so1 v
I asked him about a young man
ve know who has started In business
and he said ho had great slaying qual
ities that ho was going someE
A Western Solon
Prosecuting Attorney Your Honor
the bull pup has gone and thawed up
the court Bible
Judge Well make the witness kiss
the bull pup then Vc cant ad
journ court for a week jest to hunt
up a now Bible San Antonio Ex
Even If the suffragettes had their
way said the philosophic person
your wlfo would come to you for
Inforamlton before sho went to vote
Yes answered Mr Mcekton
she would probably nsk if her hat
was on straight Washington Star
His Fatal Blunder
Penolopo hear Its all off between
you and Victor What was the
Mohllabol His absentmindedness
The other night ho forgot that I had
already accepted him and ho pro
posed again Chicago Tribune I
Salt Lake Feb 5Judse Alex Mc
Master of the juvenile court yester
day commlttped Walter Dunster 13
years old to tho dale Industrial
school at Ogden Ho has been In
the nintah training school and prov
ed thoroughly incorrigible Two boys
who had boon stealing brasses from
tho Uftji Light and Railway company
wore placed on probation
Philadelphia Feb 25Lcslle M
Shaw formerly secretary of the
treasury today denied that he had I
predicted war with Japan In his re
cent speech at Morrlatown N L
which is said to have occasioned com
ment in Toklo
I did cite certain well known facts
tho logic of which spell war said
Mr Shaw I cited the fact that we
sent sixteen warships to the Pacllic
ocean to dumonstrnto our prowess
and hired seven ahlps built of foreign
material in foreign yards and floating
foreign flags to carry the necessary
supplies and stated what all men
know that one hostile shot from the
meanest couuLr that
country owns a gun
would have sent everyone of these
homo for no country would consent
to have 1U flag mixed up inour con
tentions We are at pence with the
world and yet in 1909 the war de
partment hired moro than forty for
eign shljw to do its work Wo send
food to the soldlors In the Philip
pines In Japanese bottoms
I called attention to the fact that
Japan canI did not say she will
I but that she canput 200000 sol
diers In Hawaii In thirty days with
out firing a shot and being then at
war we could not put 100000 over
there to contest the territory In two
years We have no ships with which
to do it and in event of war wo
could neither hire nor buy
Japan can land n fleet at Scattlo
Dny foggy day without so much as
causing tho barking of a dog an l
sho can march her troops down the
coast and take every excuse for forti
fications which wo have on the coast
without serious opposition Not ono
I of the forts Is protected from the
rear and cannon that arc mounted
to defend against an attack by sea
cannot be turned around in 15 min
utes to resist an attack from the
1 also cited the fact thai if every
powder mill In the United States
I were to make powder twentyfour
hours por day for more Ulan thirty
days the product would last our pre
sent navy two hours so that In caso
of war If eel powder mill were
to quit making sporting and bl l
Ing powder and work twentyfour
hours per day for the government
wo could fight two hours oven
Those arc not stale secrets Ev
erybody knows thorn except our
selves And fltlll wo go on building
In this we do well but battle
I ships without colliers and transports
are absolutely worthless In case of
I war we could not get our 4Atlantio
fleet to San Francisco No vessel In
the fleet can carry coal enough Jo
take It there and we have no colliers
and could then hire none I did not
predict war but I did predict what
we would wake up to In case of
Port Townsend Wash Feb 2G
Vigorous search by detachments of
artillerymen from Fort Wordon yes
terday failed to substantiate the be
lief that bodies other than thoso of
Private B Dunn found last week
and an unidentified soldier found on
Thursday would be discovered The
activity of the officers directing the
searching parties however indicates
their conviction that other men post
ed as deserters have met foul pini
on the military reservation
At tho Sixth Ward Sunday school
tomorrow morning two special music
al numbers are promised Mr D
Parsowllh whose rich baritone volco
has won admiration in Ogden audi
ences before will sing The Dream
by Bartlett
Ernost F Oborn the organist will
render nn organ solo
The discussion on tho Parents de
partment for this occasion will con
cern The Gymnasium and tho Pub
lic Play Ground
Sugar and Coffee
New York Feb 26Susar raw
firm Muscovado S9 test 3SG cen
trifugal 9C tebt IaG molasses sugar I
SU test 3Gl Refined steady
CoffeeSpot steady No 7 Rio I
S 3J No 4 Santos 9 12a11
is what you know yourself
If you suspect coffee is
hurting you stop cud try
lOdaysand be suro
I Theres a Reason
George McCabe of Ogden solicitor
of the Agricultural department W T
Cox In charge of the silviculture de
partment of the national forest ser
vice and M KFignn division fis
cal chief ol the forest service or
Washington n c are In the city
looking after forest service matters
They expect to remain In tho city
until next Monday when they will
continue their Journey to tho other
forufit districts of this section of tho
The gentlemen stale that they will
visit all tho forest districts of the
United Stairs there being six of
them before they return to the na
tional capital When they return to
headquarters In Washington they will
compare notes and then make such
recommendations regarding the for
est service as seems best to them
In talking of the object of their
trip Mr McCabo said that they all
expected to Icarn something of the
forest work before returning to tho
east and hoped to be able to aid
somewhat In tho work at hand Mr
McCabe will Inquire closely Into the
operations of the law department of
the service Mr Cox will Investigate
particularly the question of silvicul
turo and In a general way represent
Forester H S Graves and Mr Pagan
will attend to tho investigation of
fiscal affairs of the six districts
Heretofore said Mr McCabo
tho forestry department had the ab
solute supervision of tho law nnd
fiscal departments of tho forest ser
vice but under the present ardor
of things tho supervision of the law
department will bo under my direc
tion as solicitor of accounts In the
Agricultural department and tho fis
cal affairs will bo under tho direct
supervision of tho chief of tho fis
cal division of the department Mr
A Zappono Mr Pagan Is represent
ing Zapponc in the present Investiga
I cannot say that it Is an Inves
tigation particularly for we are out
for tho purpose of learning more of
the forest service work and thero Is
little question but that we will return
to Washington much edified in that
respect Now Ideas may occur to
us as we carefully examine affaire
and when they do wo will likely
recommend that they he put Into
practice but we will have nothing to
say regarding the operation of the
service In the six districts until we
have had an opportunity to compare
notes aCtor thoroughly acquainting
ourselves with conditions
It surely rfffonls mo much pleasure
to visit my homo and meet my par
ents nnd friends I will likely re
main here until Monday and during
that time I hope to spend a few
hours visiting From hero we will
go to Mlssoula Montana headquar
ters for forest district No 1 From
there to Portland and from that point I
to California
The police department raided tho
St Louis gambling house on the cor
ner of TwentyHfth street and Grant
avenue last night nnd arrested tho
proprietors of the place on the charge
of keeping a gambling house
Complaints were fllod against Al
bert Johnson and Edward Burns
charging them with gambling and
against Charles Cralgbaum charging
him with keeping a house resorted to
for gambling purposes Tho defend
ants were arraigned before the Munic
ipal court this morning and they each
pleaded guilty Judge Murphy sen
tenced each one to pay a fine of 99 or
serve 99 days In the city jail The
fines wero all paid
Tho omcers had no difficulty In en
tering the gambling place and the I
occupants of the place offered no re I
sistance to the officers when they
were placed under arrest
The local manager of the Orphoum
promises the large Sunday night au
dlonce an unusual treat In the corn
ing weeks new bill Every act on
the bill scored a big success In Salt
Lake last week and will no doubt
draw capacity business for tho local
house hero during the coming week
With such good shows the OrpDcum
Is bound to be the talk of the town
suns FilED IN
In the civil division of tho Munici i
pal court this morning E F Cumper i
man commenced suit against Anna
Christiansen to recover the sum of
162 alleged to be duo on an account
The following suit were filed by tho
HarncasDlx company to recover on
alleged promissory notes
J E Baird for 1850
A II Gleason for 1SG
John Dial et al for 1975
Lorenzo Smith for HO
Anson Thornton for JC
Alvin Hale for 1120
Levi Wise for y2 I
Washington Feb 2A cablegram
from officials of the Guatemalan
government stated that there was no
foundation for a report circulated sov
oral days ago that the national debt
of Central American countries had
been refunded by financiers of tho
United States The denial came to
the bureau American Keoublics
Representatives of the sugar beet
farmers of Weber county held a con
ference WIth President David Ecclos
of the Amalgamated Sugar company
yesterday for the purpose of learn
ing what the sugar company can do
this year by way of raising the price
per ton for sugar beets They ropro
Eented to Mr Ecclos that tho beet
growers felt that they should gel at
least J475 a ton for beets and that
hotter railroad facilities should be
afforded them In the shipment of tho
beets to tho factor
In answer to their suggestions Mr
Eccles stated It would bo quite Im
possible for tho company to pay 5173
per ton for beets and make tho fac
tory operate at a profit to the stock
holders That the farmers would
have to content themselves with the
prices of last year If they desired to
market their boots with the Amal
gamated company It Is a question
altogether he contended of whether
they could ralso boots at tho price
tho company could afford to pay and
whothor they desired to sell theIr
product to tho Amalgamated com
Regarding tho question of guaran
teeing better railroad facilities Mr
Eccles told tho beet raisers that he
could not do that because the matter
of operating railroads over which tho
beets wore hauled was not within his
reach but ho told thorn that he
would do all In his power to get Im
proved facilities and would cooper
ate with the farmers In an appeal to
the railroad companies for better ac
Wo desire to oxpress our sincere
thanks and appreciation to all those
who so kindly lent a helping hand
and assisted during our lato bereave
ment In the Toss of a loving husband
and father also to Bishop Robert Me
Quarrle and members of the Second
ward who rendered assistance at the
funeral services
It Is our earnest prayer that they
may all receive the same kind treat
mont during their hour of sorrow
Wo also desire to express our thanks
to those who assisted financially at
Montello Nov
All members Ogden Lodge No 2 aro
requested to meet at Castle Hall to
morrow Sunday Feb 27 at 1030
a m for the purpose of attending me
morial servIces All visiting Knights
are cordially invited to Join
K of R S
At the meeting of Ute stockholders
of t1 on Portland Cement com
pan f their dfice In tho Utah
Na ink building In this city
the lonuwlng directors were elected
for the ensuing year W JBell H
C Day H C Baker R E Bristol
and A T Thefts
The officers elected are as follows
W J Bell president and general
manager H C Day vicepresident
Henry C Baker second vlcepresl
dent and R E Bristol secretary
treasurer and general sales manager
Reports submitted to the stock
holders by various officers show that
tho company Is making excellent
progress In the manufacture of ce
ment and at present Is marketing
their product In Ogden Salt Lake and
elsewhere in the intermountain coun i
The plant located a fow miles north
of Brigham City at present has a pay
roll of 6000 per month but this will
be greatly Increased as soon as tho
weather opens up so tho extensive
improvements outlined by the com
pany can be made
The sentencing of Nick Tacos for
the murder of John Contos which
was to come before Judge Howell
In tho district court was continued
until next Saturday The continu
ation was made on account of oho
nonarrhal from Salt Lake of the at
torney for Vacos
Frank Murray was arraigned and
entered a plea of not guilty to tho
charge of forgery Ills case was set
for hearing March 22
Albuquerque NM Fob 25 Aftor
spending the night at Thoreau N M
Edward Payson Weston started out
onrly this morning with the Intention i
of walking 42 miles today and spend
ing the night at McCarthys where
he will also rest over Sunday Weston
figures on reaching Albuquerque Mon
day three days ahead of his schedule
It does not require nautical observa
tion to prove that the ebb and flow
of social conversation Is mostly flow
kdissabcTher aro orao simpla
remedies indispc Ubl8 1Il ovary Amily
Among theeo the W ot JOAnn
recorded Perry Davis
hhould be
ft urw G2
Puiukillor For both inlornaland external
have round it of groat Trine
recommend It tor colds
peciAlly cm wo r
rhiwitiU3 or frcjh ouncltOlin4Uon
What is probably ono of the first
cases of whlto plavo traffic that tho
local sheriffs office has had to deal
with In a number of months may bo
disclosed In tho arrest of a young
couple at the Union depot this morn
ing at tho roquost of tho Evnnston
Wyoming authorities The couplo
gave the names of G W Abbott and
Ml8 Ruby Mlllor The prompt ac
tion of the Evanstou and Ogden offi
cers has without doubt saved a young
woman from entering that Ufo from
which few return
Early this morning Sheriff Jonathan
Jones of Evanston telephoned Sheriff
Wilson of tho elopement from Evans
ton of tho couplo and auld they WON
passengers on train No9 due to nr
nyc In Ogden nt 1117 n m Deputy
Suerlcs Hutchons and Murphy de
tailed on tho case wont to the depot
to watch for tho couple AS soon as
the train arrived the couple wore
readily located When arrested tho
woman appeared to be frightenedbut
the man was undisturbed
Abbott said that ho would return
to Dvunston without requisition pa
pers Tho Wyoming sheriff advised
the local officers that Abbott has a
wIfe and family living at Akron 0
and stated thai he would bo charged
with enticing a girl away from homo
for Immoral purposes Mls Miller It
Is stated has a mother and a brother
living at Evanston to whom she will
be returned today
Two burglaries occurred In the city
last night and property estimated to
bo worth 100 was stolen The offi
cers believe they can trace tho parties
nnd locate them through evidence af
forded at another burglary committed
somo time ago
Tho coal office of R B Lewis 223G
Wall avenue was broken Into by bat
torlng down tho door and a number
of articles Including umbrellas tools
of different kinds lanterns and other
things wore stolen
Tho other placo burglarized was
the glass show case In front of Baron
companys store on Washington ave
nue between Twentythird and Twen
tyfourth streets The burglars broke
the case Into small bits and ran away
with the contents which consisted of
three pair o f shoes two caps and
twelve pairs of socks
Detective Pander Is of tho opinion
that the offenders are young men of
this city and that they turned another
trick at tho store of the ProudtH com
pany on Twentyfourth street between
Washington and Grant avenues a
short time ago In the latter Instance
the lads cracked tho safe
At Ogden Tabernacle Thursday eve
ning March 3rd
1 Selection God Is Our
Refuge Buck
2 Nymphs et Sylvnns Bcmbcrg
Miss Maggie Tout
C Tenor soloIy Friend
E F Tout
4 PraerL1 ToscaPuccini
Miss Maggie Tout organ nccom
5 PIano tolo Pollchmello
Miss Lauretta Malone
C Duet Our Galdola LucatlanI
Miss Tout and E F Tout
7 Cello solo RomanceFisher
Miss Maggie with Pipe Organ
S Tenor solo Bedouin Lovo
Song Pcnsutl
E F TouL
0 Aria Vlllnnclle Eva D Acqua
Miss Maggie Tout
10 Two English songs
a Nightingale Lehman
I b Cuckoo Newton
I 11 Sweet and LowBarneby
General admission 50c
Representatives from the womens
clubs of Ogdcn met at the homo of
Mrs Blchscl last Friday February
25 to Organize a society to aid homo
less and neglected children Officers
were elected as follows
Mrs C H Gosling president
Mrs J M Bishop vi copros Id on L
Mrs John Culley secretary
Mrs C A Smurthwaite treasurer
Directors Mesdames J M Mills
TL W Clancy H M Barrows Win
Craig Hattie Miller E A LUtleflold
Tamra Canso I N Fulton and R P
The married people of Plain City
have certainly enjoyed themselves
this weok Tuesday evening an en
joyable surprise party was hold at
the home of Mr nnd Mrs William
Wright Wednesday evening friends
Joined them at the homo of Mr and
Mrs C E Palmer and again Thurs
day evening they wended their way
to the residence of W C Carver but
owing to the popularity of surprises
Mr Carver took the matter calmly and
all had a good time Friday evening
they completed the wuek by attend
ing the married peoples ball given
by the railroad commlttae In the
Plain City dancing hall
After an absence of four years Mr
Chris Hansen and family have re
turned to Plain City to make their
futuro homo
John Bln ham
and famllv ar pro
Hurry Ends i
in Indigestion
Use your teeth on your food or your
stomach will suffer Quick lunches
hurried eating bolting food arcsuic
to end sooner or later in some
form of indigestion more or less
2eec1iom I
rn IJ
quickly relieve the distress caused
by hurried eating They net direct J
Iyon the stomach nerves and actu <
ally help the food to digest and
assimilate They are particularly
good for nervous dyspepsia boat
ing hiccoughs bitter taste in tbel
mouth and flatulence With rca 1
sonablc care in eating Bcechams 1
Pills will soon j
Put an End to
btomach 1 His i
Sold Er rjT hcrc In boxe lc end 2Je
FOR RENTOne liveroom cottage
modern Inquire 2769 Grant
A COUPLE with two children desire
board on nearby farm used to fnrnj
lifo man employed In town Addre t >
Standard XX 20lwt
ANTEDGood girl for hoiuoworkj
Mrs G W McCuno 540 2Cth IL
paring to return to tholr formor ham
In Idaho his farm hero being for
sale Tho Blngham farm was provl
oualy ownod by James Wadinon who
is now a resident of Ogden
In tho district court before Judge
Howell tho following probalo calen
dar was heard
Estate of Mary Donnghy deceased
Petition to soil real estate Granted
Eatilo of Patrick J Roardon do
censed Petition for letters of admin
Istration Granted bond 10000
Estate of Jumois Johnston doccascd
Petition for specific performance and
conveyance of real estate To be set
on contest calendar
Estate of Angelina A Shurtliff West
deceased Petition for letters of ad
ministration To bo set on contest
Estate of Warren G Child deceased
Petition for approval = allowance and
settlement of final account and for
distribution Account referred lO
Harry Hales for auditing
Estate of James F Hunter tie
ceased Petition to sell personal prop
arty Granted i
Estate of Warren G Child d
ceased Petition for confirmation of
sale of real estate Granted
Estate and guardianship of Thomas
Wilson Incompetent Petition to ex
change note and for monthly allow
anco Continued lo March 5
Estate om Maria Rose deceased
petition for revocation of letters and
for relafltianco of letters granted by
agreement Bond 100
Estate of Murray GurnHoy de
ceased petlllon for summary distri
bution granted
Estate of John Contou deceased
petition for confirmation of sale of
personal property granted
Estate and guardianship of Mercy
M Mention a minor petition to make
contract to sell real estate granted
EsUto of Alfred S Hlnloy de
ceased petition for letters of admin
istration granted Bond J400
Estate of Maria Rose deceased pe
tition for approval allowance and sol
tlcmcnt of final account and report
Estate of Hans Peter Funk de
ceased petition for letters of admin
istration granted Bond J200 I
Estate of Angellne A ShurlllS
West deceased petition for lelton
of administration contested Goes to
Estate of Laura A Mlnty deceased
petition for confirmation of sale Of
real estate granted
Estate of Simeon Alvord doceasa
petition for letters of administration
granted Bond 1100 <
Estate of John W Shupo deceased
petition for letters of administration
granted Bond 1100 <
Estate and guardianship of IJerbeH
W HInley ct nl mInors petition fW
letters of guardianship granted >
Estato of Frances Perkins Hllller
deceased petition to sell real ceCiL
Engineer J M Walker and FJrnn
M J Spldell who woro severelr
scalded near Tremonton arc restIIiJ
Wfll at tho Ogden general hospital
Tommy Dawson the English flsht
er is to meet Blrdlog Collins or
Peto Sullivan In Ogden the hut
week In March
Now OrleansFeb25Brig Gene
Mi Gabriel P Conrad of the provfcloi
nl army of Xlcarngua arrived at
Orleans today from DIucflelds w
will remain at Ills home In X 1
Iberia La until his wounds heal <
when ho expects to return to Nlonr
It Is only a matter of fifteen dar <
possibly throe weeks with the M3J
rlz government declared Conrad
It cannot possibly hold out longo j
than that I am certain I dont er <
aggcrate the success the Estrad j
fcrcog will attain I know what thL
plans are and I dont see how thai
can falL Managua will all as 5001
at these plans arc carried out
MwUr Guy 5t ossn tot CbikiN J
f TUn fMot for Fv1aii He cbt BJl
Stomach TWhinj Dlor i move and reb1 r
the lluwcl aa4 dotro Wonn Tbej k ruk lii P
Colds In 11 boon Tbtj an w tuAOl low
U Vo and hiri 1r 9 CJ niUS UblWrrn llfc tbf j
Orr 14 1c1enia of cnrw TorJlVrd
v d hi niiil iftM KA Atilaliy 10 a
f IB

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