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r c Y II1f 7c i F1 i f 7
I The Evening Pap r Is the Paper I 11 WEATHER FORECAST
J 1
of Today The Morning t I titk r UTAH THE INDICATIONS ARE THAT THE
Paper of Yesterday + TOMORROW
S FORTIETH YEAR NO 53 PRICE FIVE CENTS OGDEN CITY UTAH WEDNESDAY EVENING MARCH 2 1910 Entered as Second Class Matter at the Postoffice OgderijFutah I
Southern PacilicWest of Ogden Flooded i ii
and Trains Will Not Move for a Week tI
b Bridges Made Unsafe and 300 Miles of Road Closed to Traffic Flood
r Sweeping Down the Humboldt Valley Threatens
Destruction to Elko Nevada I
r I i
icstorday the Southern Pjiclfic offl
r dais looked forward to the opening
of the load west of Ogdcn within 2j
hours today they admit that the
floods In the Humholdt valley Nova
da ore overwhelming and wide
spread In their dostructlxcnesn that It
will he n week before am Fomblance
of tramc will be attainable Three
Jargo brldgcH are out In Palisade can
on 000 miles west of Ogden and be
tween Harncj and Cluro In TenMllo
canon tLo Humboldt rher has
changed Its course and Is now sweep
lug In an Jrroslstlble flood where the
railroad track lan
And to add to the alarming condl
lion warnings were Issued at Elko
Nevada this morning that the crest
of nn unprecedented Hood Is at Deeth
and Is of such proportions as to sub
merge all that district near Ellto as
It passes down the Humboldt valley
The people of Elho have been au I
V 4tpl to desert the business district
which Ibin the path of the flood
Trains which were started wept
from Ogden yesterday are returned tq
he hell hore Indefinite
The White Sox special train will
ho held n week nnd Comlskey has de
cided to start training at this point
The players have secured the local
armory and gymnasium for Indoor
work and will do field work at tho
local ball grounds and at the Ogden
Seldom In tho history of transcon
tinental railroads hns the Pacific
slope been cut off from the rest IIr
the continent as It Is today Of tho
eevaril transcontinental HncK haytnR
terminals on the coast only thc most
southern routes aro operating rIll
Central Pacific Northern Pacific
Great Northern and other northern
roads arc nta standstill so far as
through traffic Is concerned every line
1m Ing been blocked by floods or
snowslides The only open route is
viii Los Angeles and Up the coast
The Central Pacific Is blocled In I
northeastern NcAada west of Ell o
by floods which destroyed many miles
of the roadbed No overland train
have left Ogden for the Pacific coast
for three days and delayed truing are
held at stations throughout Nevada
III the north the sudden Increase In
temperature following hea y snow
fall has blocked the lines of the Great
Northern and Northcin Paclllc
through the Cascade mountains Small
slides have Interrupted and delayed
traffic for several weeks but the
groat avalanches of the last three
days have completely tied up the lines
and caused heavy loss of life From
all parts of Washington and Northern
Oregon reports of impending floods
hare boon received and It Is thought
probable that the railroads will have
now difficulties to faco In the Jow
lands before the mountain lines have
been cleared
Telegraphic communication through
out tho Northwest has been generally
interrupted by tho storms and In some
cases totally cut ofT Because of this <
it has been possible to secure only
nicagro details of tho disasters
Detouring Trninc
The detouring of trains via Poca
fjllo Idaho mid Portland Orc lIn
k the only hope that the officials
t > f the Harriman linN have of pol
ting passengers and mall lo and from
the Pacific coast The hope In that
dliectlon Is based on the statement
from Nampa Idaho that tho flood
situation them is well In hand and
the Oregon Short Line officials ay
that the line will ho open within the
next thlrt > lx hours Following his
report comes one that the Shasta
route of the oSulhcrn Paolfle between
San Francisco
tween Portland and
IN suffering from hikh water
The situation on the Orcunn Short I
Line between Ogden and Pocatollo
IR causing no little concern and anx
iety for the officials of that road
Through the Swan Lako Valley six
ty miles north of Ogden the water
I rising and Is close to the railroad
lila Port Neuf river in Port Neul I
aafiyon between McCammon and
1ocatello In now n raging torrent i
Reports received In Ogdou this I
morning from Pocatollo arc to tho
tflcct that tho rosldentH of the wet j
side of Pocatello through which th
Port Ncuf river flnwfi ave been com
Idled to leave their homes and
move to tho high lands
Croatcr Danger Ahead
A prominent engineer la speaking
of the flood situation wild to a rep 1
ioscnlatlvc of this paper that should
the weather remain warm and ti >
hnw continue for two days more the
railroads of the country CMFWYP
iillroadg of the wets would suffer a
lass that would reach millions and
that It would prctlcall demoralise
trafFic for from twenty tii thirty
lays T
thyTe situation on the Southern Pi
rifle for a dlotanre of 400 miles west
of Ogden Is far moro gravo than at
first thought Instead the flood
y totaling It IK Increasing and OB fnet
f no one break la repaired another oc
1 aura The statement wan made tuiR
morning by officials of tho road that
l would be anywhere from a wcoK
o ten days before trains could bo
lIdlmi by tho Southern Pacific
Diiriny the past twentyfoiir Jiours ad
ditional washouts hao occuircd
which Increases the seriousness ui I
tho situation
I Humboldt Breaks Loose
I During the night the channel of tho
Humboldt river between unmet and
I Cluro 203 miles wast of OgdMi
changed and took out a piece of the
I lOrdbod Thrco bridges In Palisade
I canyon wore weakened and may pos
sfbly go out al any lime From Win
ncmueca hattie Mountain Carlin
ElI < o anil other points along the lino
come reports that there Is little
change In the flood situation The
Western Pacific track through the
Humobldo valley which parallels the
Southern Pacific west of Welle for
several hundred miles Is likewise
suffering and has from six to eight
I breaks In Its line to repair
I None of the railroad officials at
Ogden will attempt to eutlmaiu tn
amount of damage done nor the
Pinount of rtack that has hen de
rtrovcd They say that It would be
Imposolblc to give figures Oil the situ
Trains Arc Returning
The rains that left Ogden yester
day afternoon for the west as well
as thoso that have been held east
of the flood will bo returned to Og
dell today whercthey will be held
until the line In opened or they will
U1 detoured by the waj of Portland
Oregon If satisfactory report pare ro
celod from the Shasta route and
from NampaldRho f
Train No 9 the fast mnil which
left Ogden with a greafftuantlay of
delayed moll will be returned and
held here
By tomorrow morning It Is ostihiat
od hat the Southern Pacific com
pany will be feeding five to six hun
dred pasfiengers at the Pacific ho
tel In this city This number will
bf steadily Increased on account of
the colonist rush which started about
three days ago
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Victims of the Slides
Are Being Buried
in That City
Wallace Idaho March 2 With
lags at halfmast stores and buslnesH
houHt closed over a thousand people
of t Iw Cour dAlenes gathered hEro
yesterday for the first funeral non
ICOR of the victims of the great slides
that lslted the Maco and Burke dis
I nets Inion services in which nil
tho clergy of the city participated
WQVC held In iho ATatoulc temple
opera house over the bodies of R IJ
Pallcol Eddie Pascoe Inoz Pnscoe
Illchard Moylo and Bert Shepherd
Special trains brought throngs to
the city from every mine In the dis
trict aud from tho surrounding terri
tory The weather continues rainy and
many slides are reported In canyons
of the dlctrlcl raislpg damage iso
lated hitlldlngR shops and mills
General apprehension Is driving to
Wallace the residents of towns ex
posed tu the danger of slides
Vncouver Wad Mich 2Ril
road ofllcials hat received inform
lea lhar a small landslide was cause J
by recent rains late yesterday at a
bllml siding a fow miea north of j
Contralla Wash and that traffic on
the PortlandSeal route of the I
Northern Pnolflc rnsvayistied up
IT T v n in KIP T fmc
Chicago March 2Three million j
five hundred and elght four thousand I
nft hundred and twcntj eggs were j
thrown on tho wholesale market yen
torday Tills deluge caused a reduc
Ion from l to 20 cents per dozen I
over night Continual recessions In I
the price of eggs since last Thursday
nrohroul1t values to a level seldom
scqn at this season of the year
i Cold storage eggs have been dls
1 posed of and the eggs on the irtarkot
now are ot thq finest quality produced I
at any season of thonoar said A W f
Hale secretary of the butter and egg
board Wholesalers arc atizious to
keep supplies from accumulating on
tho niarVct nt thin time and they are
gvng the retailers tho full benollt of
tho lecllnit It is up to the combiner I
L o
I to see that ho also Is given the same
Spokane Wash March 2Geer
1 Pepoon was arrested yesleiday a <
Northport Wafih charged joint
with Roy Wilcox a paroled convict
with tho murder of Mrs Pepoon on
last August Wilcox has not been ap
prehended Pep < ulIs preliminary
hearing will not be granted until re
port ire heard from annlxels of I he
ilead womans stomach which lias
been sent to Portland PepOons av
rest is the result or an invnPtigatlou
conducted by Mrs Wolcott mother oCT
Mrs Pepoon
Natives of the Soudan
Frantic Over Presence
of Roosevelt
Gondokoro Soudan March 2A na
tive runner from Mongalla reached
here with news of the euthunlnstic re
ception which Col Roosevelt and his
party lire receiving at ttte ports on
the l Bar el lobol where the steamer
Dal Is making slope
As the steamer drew Into Lado the
Americans witnessed the pleasant
sight of an Immense American flag
flying above the landing Drawn up
On tho wharf was a guard of honor
composed of ninety native Belgian
roldlcrs Major Rcnlse the Belgian
commandant gave ti luncheon to the
At Mongalla a htlll greater rcccp
Uon awaited the visitors At tho pier
wore 200 Soudanese soldiers who
acted as an escort dr the party when
It left the steamer and visited the
Last night Col Owen COnIc the
governor of Mongalla gave a dinner
for Cal Roosevelt ainlall of the oth I
ers of the part Later they wore en
tertained with a dance given by 1000
natives who armed with shields and
spears gave an exhibition of frantic I
enthusiasm over the presents of tin
white guests Col Roosevelt planted
a tree in the ccnlci ot the town to
commemorate the visit
Tho party planned to proceed at
daybreak on tho ateamcr Dal to the
vicinity of Lako No
Roosevelt < lY Be Affected
Washington D C March 2Cnpt
Fritz DiiriUBsno elf East Africa lion
hunter and Boer fighter expressed
fear hero today that Col Roosevelt
and party have not escaped the Infoc
tlon of the sleeping sickness Tho I
Captain declared the dlscaoo germs
may bp in the Wood of the members
of the party and he nays they would
manifest themselves hcforc the party
reached Europe
It is highly probable said Capt
Diiquesne that every member of the I
Roosevelt party now has tho sleeping
sickness In his veins It may not
develop uiitlj they reach Europe or I
even Vmerlra It le sometimes not
manifested III the pwson for several I
month after the infection occurs It
IB well nigh hicredihle that the Roosc I
volt party pairing through FO many
of tho sickness sonofi has escaped in
o 0
O r 0
O Muskogo Okla March 2 0
O Stray Waddell when arraigned 0
O today chargoil with complicity O
O In robbing a bank at Fort 0
O Kansas IImdln sensational 0
O sensational escape from Judge 0
O Ballojs court room He eluded 0
O his guards ran Into a lavatory 0
O and leaped from a hIgh win 0
O dow to the ground A dozen 0
O deputies were guarding him 0
O expecting an attempt at res 0 I
O cue Q i
O 0
O ooocoooooooooooo
o 0
o San Antonio Tex March 2 0
OGordon Davis who was born 0
o a slave to Jeiferaon Davis 0
o family died yesterday at his O i
C home In South Bocrne aged 0
o CO During ho civil war he 0 i
o was taken by Union noldlom 0
o nod made a corporal in tho 0
o Union nrru and was after o
o wards known as Corporal Da 0
o Us 0
o o 1
goo o o o o o oo o o Ooog
o 0 o o o o o o o o o 00 Q 9 o o
10 Q
O Paris Mar 2Th dontlnuol Q
0 rainfall has raised the Iqvel of 0
0 the river Sclno to 21 fee C 0 I
o Inches today almost equalling 0 I
0 the flood maximum of 1SS2 0 1
ro The wntcr Is gatniriiSlnte 0
0 the mouth of the ewer The Q
0 veathortiowover ° is Gradually o
0 Improvingand thtfpfothorlUfs 0
10 believe tl1e river willnot rise 0
0 further < a
0 0
v I
n k
Men Women and Children on Great Northern Passenger Are Buried
in a Deep Gulch 50 Dead One of the Worst
Disasters in Railroad History
Everett Wash March 2SU1erlu
tendent ONeill of the Great North
ern who la directing the rollef work
In the mountaIns telegraphs that six
tv lives wore lort In j esterdar ava
lancho Everv effort is being mad
to restore telegraphic communication
Cars FeU 150 Feet
Everett Wash Maroh 2 It Is I
said fifty lives were lost In the ava
lanchc that carried two Great North
ern trains into a canyon near Well
ington yesterday Tho cars fell 150
feet and wore lmricd by debris The
town of Wellington and the Great I
Northern power house wore not de
It will he Impossible to reach the
scene of the wreck today except by
foot travel From the tiast side of the
Cascades approach Is cut off by a
snowsllde at Druiy six miles cast of
Leavonworth which desUrojed the
station and killed Watchman John
eon The wounded are being cared for al
Wellington but will be taken to tho
big hotel at ScenJc Hot Springs as I
soon as possible It Is expected that I
tho bodies of the dead will ho em
balmed It being impracticable to
bring thorn out on sledges
The weather In tho mountains con
tinues warm arid rescue parties will
be in Constant peril from snowMldcs
The first news of the disaster was
brought out by John Wontrol of Wel
lington He staggered Info SkykQ
joalsh eighteen miles from Wellington
yesterday and gasped out his story
AlI wiped out he cried Noth
ing hut smooth snow where the tracks
stood and the trains are dumped jnto
tho canon he said
He was ho exhausted from his fight
against the snow that It was several
hours before he could give a coherent
stoi >
stoiBit by bit Wentzels disjointed ut
terances were pieced together into a
j connected narrative The nvalancho
I camo without warning Wentzel who
I was at W R Ballots hotel ran out
I td see the billows of snow settling
over the tracks thcrc the train had
Later he saw men carrying women
and children from the partially buried
coaches which had been carried do n
I Ow side of the gulch He thought
eight women and children were car
rlcd out while he looked on Some
I of thorn moaned and he knew they
were living Ballot moved his fam
lly back Into the tunnel for safety
Bailete hotel hc saloon to the east
of It and the ftoio on the west wore
untouched The little railroad station
just west of the aUirc was swept away
by the edge of the avalanche which I
had grazed the huddled houses and
wreaked Its fury on the trains stand
I ing directly in Its path
I Messages of the disaster were sent
to Everett and relief trains bearing
physicians and nurses were made up
and sent out at once
Owing to previous slides which
have blocked the road and swept away
portions of he trackthe rescue trains
can gec no farther
whence the rescuers have to make
their way on foot over the snow i
Another train bearing wrecking I
equipment and parrying undertakers i
and more workers left Everett lato
last night I
A bird tratn carrying workmen and
provisions enough tc last POO persons I
I ten days was sort east this morning
Communication with Scenic IB in
terrupted Rld s and It Is difficult
I to got complete details of the disas
1 ter The nanles of all the passengers
who were caught in the avalanche are
not known hero Men who tired of
I tIC delay In the mountains and walked
I that Gl travelers
lOUt to Skykomisjj f y Ii trel
i ers remained at Y 1Q ton Monday
I night Only forty of these slept on
I the train the others staying at the
railroad hotel aud nearby cottages I
Amonjf the passengers who were on I
the train are the following
James M Henry Aq Mablor R H
Bethel Gco L Drills Charles S El
lags Davis and child all of
Seattle Mr and Mrs Beck and
Seatle children Ploasanton Cal Mrs j
i M A Covlngton OlympIa Wash
Mrs Wm Starrett and three children
I Victoria B C I Johnson a clock
man of Trinidad Col Coyn
Everett Wash Alexander Chlsholm
UosKland B C John Mackle Moylo
B C G Heron Vnncomcr B C
Ir and Mrs Win JlMf Chotnahniia
I B C fcW hcMtiBOn Bclllngham
Wnslu I y i j
Seattle Was r n jttarc A John S
Ilowsloj > thSVitwas one of the I
snowboutjd passengers on tho Spo
kSJuTosfeis1 H ger M of the long
wait forrclipf ndVtlkcd out to
I kYkQml eli kr I
Mr Roor eH Wellington the
night b fore the illrastcr and arrived I
In Seattle last nlpht Ho gave an
account of thi Talt of tbo passengers
for relief and of the conditions about
VnUlngton prior 4o the avalanche
Wednesday naming wo vere
stopped at the ell portal of the Cas
ads tunnel said Mr Rogers We
told thtr tDtl fray night vhen
> 4
we left the cast portal and a few
hpurs later ns wo afterward learned
an avalanche from the mountain side
wiped out the stat Ion and the bunk
house where wo all killing two men
We pulled through the tunnol as far
at i Wellington which is about half a
pille beyond the west portal I
t Conductor Petllt was In charge of
our train and ho proed a hero I
hrouphoiit hose Qln days There
wan plenty of food but only onouch i
cOil 10 maintain the heat In our I
coaches which was rKsolutoly neces I
< tary because of the sick people I
aboard For this reason wo abandoned
a jan to run our train back into the
L Sunday I saw a slide come down to
thc cast of the hotel carrying timber
wllh It Int resistless wae of snow
Sunday night there was a slide at the
fast portal Which filled a fiftyfoot 1
culch across the track
I The menace of that great snow cap
3 a pall Oil ally of our spirits All
Ibis time It had snowed continuously
jyHh terrific winds driving the drifts
j On Monday night eight of us de
> cldodto ivrtt no longer and set on
t fo walk to Skykcmlsb which wo I
frcnchod this morning I
i Seattle Wash March 2The
snow olldcf at Wellington Is officially
imported to tho Great Northern nUt
fills 111 SeattlQtd be ahqut one mile
ffjj width leaching fromUif wator
fovorsouth1 of Wellington tjdhii limY
snow shed fully I mile distant paKt
the four sittings that ore capable of
holding Seventy cart each
The equipment carried down tie
ste Is with
stoop slope It a rotary plowwlth
Il crow l of whom slept In tho ro
tarys hunk house
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Millions to Fight Spirit
I ual Battle Against
Chicago March 2Tho prayers of
Christians throughout the world will
it Is announced turned against the
Chlcigo saloons and for i local op
tion victory on April 5 ab a result of
the entrance of the Chicago Christian
Endeavor Into rhe fight against the
llnuor traffic Following a resolution
adopted last night by delegates of 400
branches of thiTForJoty in this city
fitly inlljlon Olirifjtans wjll bo asked
to stop Work nt i oclock each morn
ing bolAeen now and election day and
offer a prayer for aid in defeating the
saloons hnro
TIP various branches of the Chris I
tian endeavor LfnlOn throughout the
World haVt approximately 1000000
msrMterfi Th o will heHtkie lo I
spread tbo To < f tto members of
churches by means of denominational I
magazines and religious publications I
all onllst their pva > ers In the f ht
Seattle Vash March 2Vntor
from the melting snow In the moun I
ana augmented by local rains has
lade raglpg torrents of all the
etroiircs Ji > central nnd wcateiu Wash
tngton and todfy the towns In the
lowlands are facing actions floods I
From nil pai tn of the state reports
are being received showing that tho
rim Ire rising rapdlx Many of I
the streams have already let their
bfnliH and Inundated tho lower por
tions ol in towns
The snowfall Tn the mountains JK
0 I o
O pj P9 pR g
G Parlji MiiWh 2 ThcFccncup
O govornmojit has feplled to Sec O
G rotarv TCnoVP proposal to the 0
O powers looltlng to the estab 0
O llshmont ofn permanent Inter Q
Q national court df arbitral jus 0
O Uce accciJtlng the proportion O
O i prihclplo hut making cer 0
O tain eng etflions which tho 0
O French government b loe O
O will bring all the other powers 0
O into Record 0
O 0
Mnpoho9 OQQ OOP
than eight fclon the level and In
somo places the snow Is said to bo
eighteen feet deep Chinook winds
are mOltIng this snow faster than the
gorged rivers can carry off the water
Several small bridges have been
carried Oll but as yet the property
loss is Inconsiderable The Intakq
of the pipe line that brings drinking
water to Seattle from the mountains
In threatened by the rising waters of
Cedar river and the city water de
partmeut has sent a forco ot men to
the dllS0r point
Aberdeen Wash March 2From
Pope a former Indian Judge Is a fu
gltlve from Justice and has en
trenched himself In the mountainous
country near Tahola Pursuing him
are federal officers who aro seeking
to arrest tho Indian on the charge of
slaying Adam Hawk and Hoh Williams
hams two other Indians on the Quln
ault reservation Monday night
Popo Is said to have asserted that
he will resist nirest until his ammu
nition Is exhausted after which he
will take his own life rather than submit
Distinguished Woman
Points Out the Craze
at For Titesi
SL Louis March 2Lady Laurler
wife of Sir Wilfrid Canadian pre
mier stopped off In St Muls long
enough last night en rpittd to Hot
Springs Ark to severely arraign
Americans for their love of UUo and
wo of nobility
ir havent observed anything dem
ocratic In tho social Ideals of Annex
Icu she said I dont say that It
isnt mixed enough Americans dis
play far greater eagerness and awo
for royal prerogatives than do Euro
Titles are of far greater value
over here than where people arc used
to them Americans give unqualified
homn 5 to royalty while in European I
countries their value is not dispro
portionate to their station What Is
the ideal of America When you arc
successful the first thing you buy II I
a title There If a great niarket for
them here
The titled European need the
money require it In fact but tho
Americans have no use for titles
They lmo not been very successful
in the possession of thorn if We ho
liee what we hear of the marriages
For myself I do not believe In
nrrh marriages I think Americans
Uiould marry at home and Europeans
likewise To the European a title
btandb for hrcedluer culture Ration
To an American It cannot mean this
since It Is bought
Senator Jones a membor of tlvi
Canadian parliament and Mrs
mane Bristol wife of a member are
accompanying Ixuly Laurler
New York March 2Altert Mels
aba for half a century ringer of the
chimes of Old Trinity church hero ID
dead at his home in Madl ° on N J
This morning the historic bolls were
tolled for the berlnger
Mclslahn was born in the shadow
of tho Old Trinity spire 62 years ago
At a lad he delighted I l climb tho
belfrv and help the old bellringer
at his ta k Then when only 1
ears old he was officially anjiolated
bellringer I
Among the occasions on which
Melblahn mode the bells ring out
wore the unveiling of the Statue of
Llbortx lie opening of the Brooklyn
bridge Queen Victorias diamond Ju
hileo the homecoming of Dowcy ant
t ic departure of Roosevelt
I San Juan Ool Sur Nlcnrajtua March 1
Dosererfl from General Monaa
force who huvo surrendered to tlio 1
Velmtdfvh5lcn at Acorapa state
that rjenojal fraiuorro arrlvpd In San
Vlfonta st4Yrday with airty horse
oithf ron nant of the arnl of
lGOO with which h reached TIgnia
They also state that whon General
Mena and General Zeeledon learned I
of the dJpastor to the Insurgent troops
at Tlpltnpa and Tlsma Uiqy decided
tp abandon their positions and return
o Rama The ranks of thp Inwur
gento arc reported to havo been great
jy depleted as the news became
town General Vasque now proh
nhly occuple6 Ban Vjent1
iI I
Floods in Olb nudating tho Lowlands Submerging Tow SIce 1 j
Gorge Form a Great Lake Which Endangers Life and
t I
Property at Warren Ohio
WareD 1
Cleveland March 2FulLy a thou
sand persons honulofcs other thou
sands living on the second floor of
their homes traffic Impeded and busi
ness demoiallzed in many places Is
the situation in Ohio today as a re
sult of tho recent Hoods While the
water liar receded somewhat In most I
river alleys yet In others the danger
still remains caused h Ice
I rlains cacd by goipen
A bridge was washed away at De
fiance Mochanlcsburg is still under
water Boats only can be used In the
great part of Warren whero the Ma
honing thor Is on a rampage Water
Is slowly creeping upon the business
section of Napoleon The Ciiyahoga
rlyer his inundated Clinton and War
Rain still prevail in the southern
part of the state which will add to
the flood In the Ohio river valley At I
Xanosville several htndrod families
I have been driven from their homes
At Fremont great danger still lurks
about the gorged SandiisKy river
I Columbus 0 March 4FIfty fam
lies were drhen from their homes 2
Coshockton today b > the Musklncpiin
river fed by the overflow of the Tus
car river
Eight Hundred Homeless
Zancsville 0 March 2EIbt hun
dred people arc homeless here as A
result the flood The river was at
standatlU at 0 oclook and the worst
Of hO flood Is believed to be over 4 1
i Houses Submerged
Toledo 0 March 2Two hun
dred houses in Fremont are partly
submerged by the swollen waters and
many of the occupants have been
compelled to leave their homes
The tracks of the Wheeling fi Lake
Erie railroad ate flooded for more
than five miles The Lake Shore Is
transferring passengers nt Defiance
A great gorge of ice formed at De
fiance and sweeping down the Ang
lalse river carried away the Francis
street bridge a two span steel struc
ture 350 feet long
In Toledo the fcc Is still holding
but It may bieak at any hour
Floods Close Mills
Youngstown 0 March 2All nine
mills of the Brown Bonnet plant of
the Republic Iron 1 Steel company
havo been shut down h y the flood in
the Mahinlng river
The William Toil plant three de
partments tR of the Youngstown Sheet
k Tube companv and all departments
except otto of the Bessemer plant of
the Republic Iron Stool company
have also been forced to suspend
Town In Great Peril
Warren Ohio March 2Vtith 1
reservoir of water six miles long and
three miles wide hold In check b > an
ire gorg fie miles above here in the
Mahoning river this city Is considered I
to be In great peril Already a great
Is undei water
portion of the towji > Ildel
Los Angeles Makes an
Offer of 150000
for the Battle
2With San
San Francisco March 2Vlh
IVanclsco Salt Lake City and Los
Aimoles all bidding for the Jeffries
Johnson light no definite idea as to
where the contest will bo held is yet
Ferris in behalf of
to bo had Felrl hehaI
l < qs Angeles further complicated tInt
situation yesterday when he wired an
IUuaton and Jack
offer to Tex Rlckard fnll
Glcason Of 1FO00 for their Interest
In the championship battle Forrie
offer however has boon dwarfed ac
cording to Rlckard by an alluring offer
fer from Salt Jako City though no
figures am quoted Doth Gleason and
Rlckard ail last night that n meet
jag would be held not later than next
Monday at which tho matter was to
be fiually settled
Sam forger Jeffries manager
went to Santa Cruz CaL yesterday
accompanied bj John T Clark the
stakeholder for the purpose of in
apocUiB tho place as a possible train j
loc camp for tho big boilermaker Tie
Jm confer with Jeffries before maV I
inff any decision i the matter
Jar inducements wore offered Bet
got by FredSwnnton aiid 6thcrs and
these Vlll bo considerodr
Joseph Nelson president ol the
SuHalr Pavilion company of Salt Lake
cIty who made < the offer to Rlckard I
11 behalf of the Utah people will
Prhmbl heave for home todaj He
U ur
1i I
says that he will allow his offer to
take euro of Itroll against any others 1
that may be made
Rapid Melting of Snow
Is Turning Creeks
I Into fivers
Spokane Wash March 2 Speciah I
to the SpokcHmanReview from inland I
points tell of tho most devastating I
floods in the history of the lltnf l I
to midnight five persons reton beet
drowned Falling to heed warning 1 J
two Tckoa men were swept awaj bv
floods rushing o era bridge four mllei 1 j
from Oaksdale and drowned togethpi
with their team Tho worn Eldei
Mondroll and Maurice OBrien Two 1 r
companions were pulled safely ashore
Pullman streets are torrents thi 01
11havlng crtripep k rzreto 5infnn
ha5nR been swept away t tbgetJiQr 1
with tho homes of halt 3 dozen families
lies n
At Davenport and Garfield tho
rivers ire rushing through the j 1
streets I
Coif ax is isolated all railway and
wiry connection being cut off wIth
water three feet deep In the streets
North Idaho reports loll of lie
Clearvvator and Snake rivers rising
rapidly fed bj swollen creeks lint
are running rampant through canyon
towns such as Peck Kooakla and
Arrow Junction while on the Ner t
Perce and Camas prairies above
those towns water stands from a foot
to three feet deep on the hlghwajs
One span of the Lawyers canoc
bridge said to he one of the longest
and highest railway bridges In tin
hlgheRt rllu brdges
I United States Is reported to have 1
been swept away above Kamlah
At 2 oclock this morning the food
showed no signs of suhslliug I
Seatrlo March 2Witim weathei
prevails today all over the State ol
Washlnqton The mountain snow is
meltliit at a prodigious rate and it I
nwlllJ a
not unlikely the entire country will he < tl
cut oft from rallmnd connection win f
the cast and south before the day I t
overTho Northern Pacific which has
been clearing away rock and snow 1
slides In tho mountains for weeks j
Is having less trouble in keeping Its
track pep In the snow replon hut
or tht > west slope of the Cascades the I
main line roadbed Is threatened with
washout 11 a number of plaros
A Northern Pacific train ntartcd for
Portland this morning but there Is f
great uncertainty about It getting
thiough The line t Portland yesterday
day wan tied up by
Thesis breaks have been repaired hut I
all Iho streams are going out of their 4J
1anka Most of the trains between JT
Portland and Seattle havo been an 1 J
nulled V
nulel Great Northern main hits
through the mountains will he closed d
for a week longer It expected
The weather bureau does not offer
much hope The rainfall has been
lljrht hOI the temperature contlnuei
the same as yesterday at all points
Streams Receding J
Walla Walla Vnrh March 2Dan r I I 1
scr of floodstln the ala Walla val
fey and southern Washington is Do
Heved to be over as the streams havn
leed receding since midnight Reports
from Individual towns state that con j
ditions have Improved within the Inst
twelve hours
New York l1 r2OpcnIng busl
ness In stocks today was small and
Krie first
prices generally higher Jre frst
renernllr National Railways
preferred rose 1 5S Rai
Mexicos first preferred 1 14
ways of Mcxlcof Irst
Amalgamated Copper and Readinganrl
Colorado FuoJ largo fractions Gain I
othrwl were restrIcted to small I
otherwise rfrlcted malL
Profittakiiig droro Reading a froc
closing and 1
than below ycsterdays
cancelled nearly all of tho advance ln >
1nhamatcr Copper An active de
mand for the western railroad stocks
eastern trunk lines and United States I
market upward
Stool turned the
Trading became Very lively on tha
rally and bioadonad conaldprabty with
prices generally materially above yeE
Itonlavs final fisures A5iu Arbor
gained S12 Erie first preferred
1lncd Reading and Wisconsin Central
1 12 St Paul Northern Pacific Pa
cific Mall WoRlinshotiBe Electric
Railway Stoel SprinGs and Amrelcac I
Voolen preferred 1

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