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f lJff < L r r 7 rl1 1 r fFifJfi t J 1 I i7 u i trill
5 < a <
I f
SeaWc Waoh Mar a Eighteen
foot of snow on the west slope of
the Cascade and olght foul on the
081 slope Is being changed Into water
1 y a warm wind from tile cea Tho
rivers cannot carry away tho deluge
and tho Washington valloyn are ovrr
r flowed railroads compelled to suspend
bUfiTn7 jufd bridges washed away by
tho wldospxoadlloodin2ujjcars
WJtb rajlroail cy > mnjmcatpn to Port1
tonfl tutjoft h > wwhontel Settle to
day ban onlozo direct tail6aatouU
lot however raij bo cloned at nny
time bj the turbulent green river
vhlch JB already threatening the
Northern IracJiH
Thus far tim financial loss lly tho
flood has been small and the discom
fort of the evicted dwcilqnv aloug the
swollen ntrenms IB larger than u hf for
mer morfkmn
There IK no nlorm ln sight and con
tinuance nt lhp nrtge jTijItJ4nudY
weather with occasional showers ant
high temperature in mountains 15
dt Slezak
JL lC < tI
sing Celeste Aida in the
Edison Phonograph
The New York Tribune The New York American
says says
Mr SJczak dominated crcry toll is but n trifling with words of
fccnc ivtid bis clarion olco ring course to say that he W Jllbc went
out superbly in the climaxes Ho cstllhndnmcs tliat ever appeared on
sang the Celeste Aida with cflect the Amcricun StAge The house wns
ircncsc nnd the Nile ccne with crowded nod the standees out in
fire nod passion yet always with force yet It 411 Sl aknot GUUSO
regard for phrase who sang the principal tenor role
These comments represent the consensus of opinion
of all who heard Slezak at the Metropolitan in the role of I
Rhadamcs Could you ask for better evidence of the fact that
Slezak Is the greatest lyric tenor since the days of Tamagno
He sings the Celeste Aida and the great arias from
j Verdis Otello exclusively for the Edison Phonograph
The Slezak Records arc Edison Grand Opera Ambcrols
playing longer than any other Records made
The AMBEROLA the newest and
highest type of Edison Phonograph
V combine the rich tonal KMuly of the EdUon ThonoffripU with
t cabinet that U a nuutcrpiTc of craflmAnstilp It h clmrmlnnly
clfUpTictl and flnl hfd Ant roues In cither Malmmn or Ojl to
t nt liirrnondo with ncrroundliiR tn nov home It plays both Standard
i nod Amh ol IlworfK Uhuitrawer forhoWlmcKORcoirda The
Ok price tOO Other typo > of Kdixm Phonoffrnpn JH w lojm
fi See and htnr Uic Ambtrnti at joar deilcrmt be sure to
bear SleD sins Cclutc Aida
PxlUon Grant Orrrt itecorils75e e
j don Standard Uccord
YAhon Amberol Records pliy twice a
i I
i National IPhonoBr ph Company 75 Lat < < Jr A > caei LHC 11 J
Edison Dealers
or Ogden
100 Machines from 1250 to i
2000025000 Records to
Select From
Prouiifif Sporting Goods G
351 24th Street
J t
r Call at the
and Hear Some
01 the Operatic Music
f Sung During the week in
1g Salt Lake by the
ft Lombard Opera Company
Buy an Edison Machine A Little Down and
a Dollar a Week
> i
tp T
jc Daoderine
t Grows Hair
CIk and we can
The Great DANDERINE Never
t3 i
4 J Fails to Produce the
t C Desired Results
3 j IT enlivens and inuRoratci the hair
glands and titsuca of the scalp
SI 4 resulting in a continuous nnd
it increasing growth of the hair
9 i J k i L r Her of pfalK xro cunlln
JT 4 II utlly roailau In fro DtUl
0 I I 1 all pru of tic coualry 01
I a I r V line Out Diuulcrlfl lu ns
itiS z I Dcncil Ihn gruitlti ot haLt ID
cit rl > c4 tbtt were eongt1ert4
lhci q I f t aboti tCUfd
I t 11G1 r1I11roo11 D rlt
L fr ev 4 Ateratiort uljl ai httr
lI1U tJi
I N HIOTP J flllirx n d I ocnr
c tlu 4 bao a locly UMt ot hair
1 OftC veu LP1j > rrybavyae4eeroaead
4 a quarter yar < l II >
Hc F Dondcrinc ttimuhles the scalp
11ija 1 rrukc it health and krcpc it so
11 It ii tlicgrcatcit scalp JnviRorator
gcn1 known Itisa wholesome medi
urf cine for both Ihc lialr and tcalp
ur p u Even a small bottle of it will
j t u put more genuine life in your
p A hair than gallon of any other
toi1i Fl a hair tonic over mndc Itshovra
ubsr results from the cry start
delid t 4 Novvontaleat cervdrupand
ul toilet atore in the land 3 cue
fl1fiu ti J j 2Sc 50c and 5100
comJ jt
coni i
Fr eo TolIoor bOlJqtclIl
Horn k1 ri cy nanacr nc ri fP
IOJT1 i I Cat II b1 brae nQpl fr
turiwiituyon rio
I c
r ce i ix Ic J Ttisueaisthtrrcqjcpaataibe
2 f I Out katllI Oltitrtu Co CMutX
bl ttaaae sa v1rui
i I1VlflVICrCruuca
L lf H
r predicted A change to freezing U
the CnecodOjS would sooii end thc
i floqjlA Tlfd warpn will conUnyq q
rj o lonfsHt aM tomorrow 1l
MrjcathcVljurcatf P1J 1 cw 1 >
Pendloton dro lar 2Th
Umuitllla jhcr has reached tbaflooi
hiige but JUtjo damageJs antlclpatcil
bcyojid the demoralization of railroad
w 7 j1r
Contrallft Wash Mar 2Ttic
busiao section of this cJc > BSIn
undated lotlay by th > worst flood OK
ptfrlfindo ycare Railroad llnea fii
both directions are blocked by land
slides The country between Ccn
trtlfa and Chchulls Is covered by a
sheet of water
Portland Ore Mar 2Both the
Willamette and Columbia rivers are
rlelng steadily tho former having
reached the lower docks at this pfllnt I
Railroad scheduled have been aband
oned and ho railroad situation Is the
voret in 20 pmr8
Manila March Following the
refusal of the owners to grant a sqr
los of demands thc crews of the In
terislund steamers struck today tic
ins up tho vessels and w holding up
the innlls It IB claimed that the
strllio was Instigated by Domjnador I
Comes former president of the Na i
tionalist purl The strike breaks a
two years pact entorcd Into by tho
owners and crows last fall
Washington March 2 Approxi
mately 51200 acres of laud In Ore
gon were today designated bj the
secretary of the Interior as subject to
disposition under the enlarged home
stead act permitting C20 acres to each
settler The total amount of land
that has been placed within the pro
visions of this act up to the present
time is 8311200 acres
Withdrawals from entry today in I
volved tracts In Oregon Idaho and
Utah Approximately 14932 acres I
along ho Snake river In Idaho which
was thought contained power possibil
ities and 1008 acres in Oregon were I
withdrawn In aid of legislation affect
Ing the disposition of powersltcs on
the public domain
As a proposed addition to the Wa
satcli National Forest 800 aces in
Utah were withdrawn from all forms
of disposal under the public land laws
except the mineral laws This land
was withdrawn at the request of the
department of agriculture
St Johns N B Mdrch 2An am
algamation of Canadian amusement i
houses announced A syndicate will
take ovcr the theaters controlled by
Bennett Shubert Klaw and ErlaJigor
Keith Con ldlnc and John Cort Wal
ker of Winnipeg and Sparrow of Mon I
treal This combination will cbntrol
practically all theatres in iQanada
embracing the drama vaudeville mov
ing pictures and other amusement
Salt Lake March 2 Between 100
and 200 determined citizens of the I
weal side met In mass meeting Tues
day night to protest against the con
tinuance of tho stockade In that part
of town
Speeches were mado by J W Bond
Jerry Hancock and others All were
strong iu denouncing tho stockade
and those who were instrumental In
having it located there and those who
ctlll countenanced IL
A committee of five consisting of
James W Ure chairman George S
Ashton Edwin Butcrworth Karshaw
White and Jerry Hancock was ap
pointed to walt upon the city coun
cil at its > next session probably next
Monday and enter a vigorous protest
looking to the abolition of tho infa
mous place and asking for Its Im
mediate removal If that falls then
tho county commissioners will be ap
pealed to I
This committee will report as soon
as possible to the committee appoint
ed about a year ago when if things
still look doubtful of success probab
ly other stops will bo taken I The
people are determined to keep up the
fight until they win The mooting
last evening was called by the old
committee E C Ashtou was chair
Salt Lako March Oomplalnta
were tiled today by U S District At
torney Booth against both tho Ore
gon Short Liuo and Denver Rib
Grando railroads charging a viola
tion of tho federal statute known as
Hie Safety Appliance ACt The
specific charge against the Oregon
Short Line IB that It operated aa on
sino tho front1 end of which WTIH
without grahlrons or hand holds
and hat the coupling ahoV uncoupling
apparatus was out of repair and jn
operative Thp DT Bj Gi Is charg
ed with having hauled a freight air
from tho rlghtf hamlfiJdd of the B
end The grablrons wore missing
and also tt4t the locomotive haul
Ing the trafq was defective In Ita
safety coupling apparatus
1 Laxative Bromo Quinine
Cures a Cold la Ono Day GrlpUi 2 DY1
Little Girl Victim of a Serious
t v c PH Wti TaKen Long
I Distance
n 0
Salt Lake March 2Bnlscd and
I bleeding from a gash in the bead hall
the sire of a mans band writhing
and muttering incoherently lltlo Dora
Martin daughter of Matt Martin ol
I Castle valley was found a couple ol
days ago on the rocks In a lonely ra >
vine some distance from tho ranch
house at that place her horse stand
Ing by If having apparently stumbled
and thrown the girl upon the rocks
I The child Is now lying at the
Groves L D S hospital having Just
Undergone a successful operation at
tho hands of Dr George F Harding
The Tomajnlng gravel was washed out
and flc pieces of the skull were
either raised fronvtho brain or entire
ly removed The Indenture was so
large and deep that n childs hand
could hart been placed in IL The
effects of the crushing fall was to In
terfere materially wIth the speech of
the chUtl and she could not rem m
btr how It nil happened Now her
speech returning to her and she js
In a fair way to recover
The child nine years old took one
of the horses off to the creek to wa
ter She failed to return and ntli
oclock In the afternoon her Imrci s
ent Jn search of nor They saw fltc
horse standing near the water in3a
deep ravine some distance from the
house and on closer examination dir
covered the child lying nlbe rotfkB
belqw In a semi conscious conditions
M 81 NUTAlt
FIlES sun
Salt Lake March 21rs Irene
Nuttall a young and pretty hair
dresser whose suit for separate maIn
leuoncc against her husband John T
Nuttall was dismissed recently l > >
Judge Morse because he called their
difficulties childs play filed a suit
for divorce this morning In tho Third
district court From the allegations
set forth it appears that she had a
detective shadowing her husband
The complaint charges him with in
fidelity and states that on several OC
casions lie was on Commercial street
where he went to places of lllroputo
and consorted With lewd Women Ties
sides this she declares that ho desert
ed her and Ihat she had to work hard
to maintain herself and son Eldwin
4 years old of whom she asks the
custody t
In addition to a divorce she asks
for suitable alimony attorneys fees
and suit money They wore married1
In Farmington on December 2 1804J
Nuttall Is employed by the Utah Light
Railway company earning 70 a
Detroit Mich March 2There was
no change In the leadership of the
three events oftho annual tourney
of the American Bowling Congress
today The Elks No 31 of Syracuse
N Y Jumped into second place In
the fives AUttt 2787
In the doubles Meyer and Smart of
Cleveland led the days rolling with
1149 which gave them second ildve
F l1 Boughton of Detroit was he
star of tho singles and rolled Into
I fourth place with a total or 620
F M Bougliton of Detroit was the
star of tho singles and rolled Into
fourth place with a total of C25
Albuquerque N M March S Ed I
ward Pajsou Weston reached Chap
pelle N M at S oclock tonight after
having traveled fortysix miles from
Lainy Junction since 0 oclock this
I El Paso Texas March 2 Running
I at lifty miles an hour this afternoon
the touring car of Postmaster J A
Smith cattle In collision with a heavy
wagon and was demolished Miss
Gene Sodden was fatally injured nnd
Miss Rosemary Pulllam was badly
Jacksonville Fla March 2AgncB
May running In the colors of F J
o POUB today wan the first two year
old bUiKe of Ute eaaon
First race five ami onehalf furlonps
maidens Duko of Ormonde won
Vrftqlandi second Marie Hyde third
Time 110 15
Second race six furlongs Belling
Gold Dust won Anderson second
i Cablegram third Time 118
I Third race seven furlongs purse
Fulfill won Pulka second The Gold
en Butterfly third Time 113 15
Fourth race Deserters stake four
furlongs A nes May won Moncrfef
second Ellenotte third Time 52 15
Fifth race s vcn furlongs purse
Rio Grande won FortyFour1 fec
ond Diction third Time 133 35
I Sixth race mile and seventy yards
Frolwon1 Ardrlr second Sir
Catesby third Time 152 15
Cl f asol Tei March 2Texas Is
cclebnllri v today the seventyfourth
annhfersarj W its declaration of hide
I pondcnce from Mexico All the public
schools courts banks and state offices
ire ccd
g 7
f r 25C
r c
1 ll t f t
j > u < f I J
r l
RIdes flU ee vinn ers a Row
t If I
jt 1 5 A T3
T rt fl I
d Crowley boy5 iig
rr r
Oakland Cal March 2Jockey
Shilling vas in that limelight nt Em
eryvllle today riding three winners
In a row Thoro was a Biirnrlno In
the fourth when Jz Graivley a 100
to 1 flhot was second to W T Over
Ton the favorite
Martin Xathanson today secured
Jockey Thomas to ride for F A For
sythe r
First race six furlonge Arthur Hj
man 3 to 1 won Silver Grain 5 to 2
second Kalserhof to 2 third Time
Second race thrcc and a half fur
longs Binda ovenwon Milt Jonou
9to 2 second Kormak even third
Tlmo H225 I
Third race six furjongs Hannibal
Boy Z to 1 won Argonaut 5 to 1
second Beds 7 to 1 third Time
114 25
Fourth race futurity course soiling
W T Chorton S to 5 WOn J T
Crowley 100 to 1 second Sowell 5
to 1 third Time 11025
Fifth race mile Belling Wicket 11
to G won Steel Z to 1 second One
tflssa G to 1 third Time 4235
Sixth ruce futurity course Lady
Panchitn even won Dr Dougherty
5 to 1 second Silk 10 to 1 third
Time 1 12
Tampa Fla Mrcb 2Not a favorite
won today and ha card was practic
ally without a feature
First race five and onolialt fur
longs selling Moscow 13ello won
JUlack Anule Hocflnd Dr Hoard third
Time 11i 25
Second rare live and onehalf fur
longs selling Lucky Mate wOn Mal
ta second Oem thrld Time 111 15
0 Third race five and onehalf fur
longs selling Gqldamlth won NIan
tic second Tallow Dip third Time
111 25
Fourth race five and onehalf fur
longs soiling Jack Donnerlen won
LaRelno Hindoo second LaSallo
third Time 110 15
Fifth race fire furlongs selling
Restless Lady won GllllforJ second
Michael Beck third Time 105 25
Sixth race mile and seventy yards
HlnsHurlock won Necha sec
ond Alada third Time 152 G5
Washington Mar 3The Browns
ville court of inquiry has concluded
taking testimony and will begin to
prepare Its report with two weeks Of
the 167 members of the 25th colored
Infantry discharged byas order of
resident Roosevelt all except H
have been examined personally In
its report the court will pass upon
the right of ench of the soldiers ex
amined to reenlist but members ot
the board declined to indicate what
their findings ivlll be
Chicago March 2 Battling Nelson
announced today that In all probabil
ity he and Johnny Thompson would
bp matched for a 4 round fight to take
place at San Francisco about tho lst
of May According Nelson a guar
antee of 810500 basbeon offered him
by James J Griffin of San Francisco
with a provision that the light take
place this month Nelson declined
tho offer on the ground that ho could I
not got Into condition before May
Ho however bolloves Griffin will
agree to the latter date
New York Mar 2Star John J
Murphy one of the Incorporators
named In the Gallmgcr bill to estab
lish the Rockefeller foundation salil
today that he did not yet know what
endowment the foundation would
have Tho bill introduced at Washing
ton today said Jr Murphy li In
tended to broaden the scope of Mr
Rockefeller phllonthroplcs and Is al
most identical in form with the act
of congress of1903 under which the
Rockefeller educational Mild vas uu
horlxcd The new bill makes it pos
sible for Mr Rockefeller to go Into
any fprrn of philanthropy in the
world whereas rhe first endOwment
was specifically limited 1
JEstimatcB of Mr Rockefellers past
benefaqtlons and present f nun
varY largely Jt Iff conceded thai In
charity ho has but one lcad An
drew Carnegie and the bet opinion
is that Rockefeller has given away
something approaching 131000000 as
against 162000000 for Mr Carnegie
The leading Rockefeller gifts have
General educational board J53000
000 University of Chicago 26000
000 Rush Medical college 5f000OOQ
Inatltu of Medical Research I4300
000 Churches known 31QOOQQ
Wastilngtoiu March ldon2
Tdfi today denied nppJlcaUon Jo
pardon m thjv cases lot touriatja seij
icncodnto pritfco1 InXBrlou iarte 01
tiro coun no rorroI r u iU 2J
on 1 nl n t
J r
1 AflFranciFCOIa1 3 rhc In
uiiaubiojrizedb > Qic lollIaglsla
lure In the hlpaco of todd mCali
fornia and the operations of alleged
combines of dealers In fish raisins
and other lines of trade was begun
today by a legislative committee
ft nrO
tnt rnal Revenue DeaVttWlt
R BeUeyes Returns Will be
Fairly targer
I r >
Washington Ma rah Zrom flag
mentary advices which have crnlo
Royal M Cabcll commlwloner r of in
tornal revenue from thd eastern cd
middle parts of the United Stale
he believes the percentage of della
I Quonia In making returns under thy
law Imposing a tax of one jwr cent < J
tho net Income of corporation Will
I not bo more than 10 per conL
No deflnlto Information however
as to the txtCnl to which tho law
hasbeen compiled wltfi throughout the
United Slatws an a whole Is nvalabl
and will not bo until Uio monthly re
ports of the collectors ot Internal rev
enue to whom the returns arc made
have been made to the treasury dc
Officials boJUnc tho revenue will
reach and possibly exceed tho State
for the tax made by Secretary Mac
enshV 25010000 during this ycoj
The districts In which the lorgtw
number of corporations arc listed in
elude Kansas 20000 and Montana
Now York March 2Tol1ar was
bookkeeping d Yln the Union Pa
clue merger hearing Masses of stA
tlfttlcg supporting arid claboratlnp tezu
tlmony already 1ntI woro subnrttt
by Assistant Auditor CoS Stobbln
of the merged Union Pscilcitthqin
Pacific system which the goernmenl
Is suing1 to dissolve
Mr Stchblns wai unable to supply
the original data of l he Southern Pa
clflos builnecs In tha yonrff piic l
ing h San Francisco fife tht grcjif
or part of tho rocorda of the < om
panv It was explained having hdon
dostroycd In thus fire < The fijurw
submitted related largely to freIght
movement und division data of the
Every Claim IB Backed by Local
Ifthe render wants stronger ilrool
than the following statement and ex
perience of a resident of Dgdon what
can it bo
XW Browning 5S1 22nd St Ogden
Utah Rays I believe tho exposure I
underwent at different times during
my life caused my kidnoy complaint
About ton yours ago I felt tho Iroutilo
first There was a pain Ih my back
especially severe when I oxcreierted
rnjsclf About five years ago lhpdoc
lors told me I had dlauetes and 1 he
Hovcd this to bo true as my kidneys
wOrft Ip A Aorrlblc qornllUpnj Jl hg kid
I ney secretions wore unnatural and
filled with sediment and the passages
were entirely too frequent I was
obliged to get up from ten to twehc
times during tho night on account ol
this weakness and my health steadily
ian down I lost forty pounds In
weight and felt tired and listless My
back pained me u groat deal axd J
had rheumatism in my limbs A few
months ago I heard about Doans Kid
ney Pills and began their use Before
long I was in good health I have in
duced several of mj friends to take
Doan a Kidney Pills and I know one
caqe whore the contents of two boxes
effected a comploto cure From
statement given March 7 1907
Mr Browning was Interviewed on
July 2S 1909 and said Although J
am now seventysoon years of ago
my health Is excellent I have never
had an attack of kidney trouble since
Doans Kidney Pills cured me When
over I have the opportunity I give
this remedy my endorsement as I
consider It to be a specific for kidney
and bladder difllcultlea
For sale by all dealers Price 50
cents FoslerMllburn Co Buffalo
Now York sole agents for the United
Remember the name Doans nnd
take no other
We are paying for fat hogs as fol
Hogs froni 200 lbs and up per
100 Ibs 875
Hogs from 160 to 200 Ibs per
100 Ibs 850
Hogs from 125 to 160 lbs per
100 lbs 825
We receive hogs dally
Anybody who prefers dreaae
weight on hogs may bring them in on
Tuesdayc or Fridays between 730
and 10 a m We will then slaughter
them while jou wait and pay 1200
per 100 Ibs dressed At either of
those days you may chooeo whether
you want the Ho weight prlco or
1200 dressed
We pay for fat veal from 70 to 125
lbs dressed weight 1 cents per lb
and receive them dully You may
bring them in cither live or dressed
Access to our plant Is now con
venient since the construction of the
Salt Lake March 3WhIle little
Is being aoldof the work being done
at the Utah Minos Coalition property
Uthe head of El Cott ° W0d work
Is f 9f ng pus cd with fScal energy
Every minute Is Ulng taken cure 6 f
and the big boreis pushing Its Fay
through th mountain at a goodirata
if speed Thus tar no sen atfcn1l
are bodies have bet encountered but
stead improvanrtnl Is noted arery
t jayrbXr tanJ wMhatlK bJiqtA jto dc
kelOPe the property Is nolvina ilL
tance of 2300 feet to siOO fedr and
iccording to the estimates of Capt
Duncan SlacVicblo it will be 300 feet
Bore before a large ore body will be
ncounteroiL As the tunnel 13 now
r t V
Ono of the most valuable qualities of Mothers Friend Is J
that It safeguards the future health of tha mother It la a
linJincnt to bo applied externally to the body tho use of
iirnlcb lubricates the rowcles and tendons softens tho glarida
nd ducts prevents lumps forming In the breasts and relieves tho pain ervoas
ness nausoa and other troubles from which so many expectant mothers Buffer
When Mother friend is used regularly It fits and prepares the ayatcm for an i
easy andnntnralconsnxnmatlcn of the term Women who mavaso with this
great liniment arc always saved much suffering when baby comes and recover
more quietly and without ill effects Mothers Friend is sold at drug storea
Wrlto for our free book for cipectant mothers
rorklnr along the Oreson vein nnd
encountering considerable ore there la
n gw > dpos5lbllUy of a larg body of
ore bofng found lilt any time Capt
MacVlchio spent sovoral days last
ned loo Ing over the property
I Each dny oonsiilorable knowledge
of Ute country is being learned It
ban been demonstrated that tho work
ings which are tho doopoat In the
district will got carbonates and that
the rah r level Is iftvoral hundred
feet billow the tunnel
About 300 feet ahead of the face
of tho tunnel Is u croifc fissure that
cuts tlic four rich vein frohi which
ore has L4cn taken nt various limos
To tho rot of the Wand IH the Black
IJpn vpln which lifts produced a Iftreo
amount of tho rich ore On tho right
hand silo of the tunnel come tho
Lucky Jim and Grizzly voln Doth
of thceo have produced good ore
The drift from the tunnel at the
junction of tho Oregon veIn and the
cross fissure would cut Jtho Black
Bee t4n nt a dppth of bntwoen 900
antI 10 fooL While a drift In tltl
oppofllto direction would cilt the Lisp
pj Jim and Grizzly at 1200 feet
Along the Oregon vein several good
bunche of ore have been found but
thus far frothing of tiny great size
The ground as It nears the cross fill
euro Is becoming more strongly min
eraUnad and there U but llttlo doubt
but what a rood sized ore body will
bo encountered before the crosfl
sure IB reached
Spokane Wash March 2Tbo
Western Development companv or
ganized with a capital of 53500 099
by mining men of the Coour dAlr > nes
ivJII have the control and management
of the Idaho Giant Mining company
Just leased for fifteen years to George
Huston of Mullnn Idaho ind tho
Boulder Creek Mining company nnd
the Bitter Root Mining company It
is also announced officially that he
now company will expend more thai
1 > 0000 In development work on 20
claims and fnjctlpne during tho iext
three years
Mr Hfiton gave out this statement
while In Spokane
In addition to these leases we se
caged 2J20no shares of the IIOOIMMJ
share of stock In tho Idaho OIGiut
Mining conrpom Of the BlUer HtoGt
Mining company we optionod on long
time 26ot > oo shares out of tho 1500
OOfi cnpltnlltation In the nouWea
Crt < k Mining company wo purchased
and optlonwi 915000 shares of Ute J
J16000 authorized t
In all wo will have a strip of land f
7SM feet long and gOO foot wide ex J
tending from tle Idaho Giant on the
east to the Morning mOl of tho Fed
oral Mining company on tho west It 1
la In tluit section lying south of tie
Northern Pacific tracks and tho town i
of Mullan and is along a distinct i 1 j
system which lUll Mon under Iwi r
logic study by myself for four yearn
Tho development of the work will
be under my direction and the work 1
will l > o In charge of OM of tho oldest
and host known mining men in lbs
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O Old bafiobun mica when nor 0
O tilted by uptodolc fans read 0
O almost like Joe Millers Joko 0
O book Hero are a few culled O
O from an old rule book of the 0
O National league bock In 1SS2 0
O No manager captain or 0
O player shall address the audi 0
OerIce 0
O Tho leo and expenses of 0
O the umpire shall be paid by 0
O the visiting club 0
O No player shall bo allowed 0 I
O a substitute In running the 0
O baso 0
O When soon hall base 0 t
O been callod by tho umpire the 0 j
O baUmsui almll tako one base 0 j
O providing ho does so on tho 0 J
O run 0
O The bAtflrami shall be called O i
O out If n foal ball bo caught bo 0
O fore touching ground or alter 0 I
O touching ground but once 0
O Tho batsman on taking his 0
O position must call for a high 0
O haH a low ball or a fair 0
O ball1 0 r
O When two strikes have 0
O passed should tho boiler not 0
O strike nt tho next Rood hall 0
0 tho umpire shall wnrn him by 0
O calllns good ball Should ho 0 1
O strike and fall to hit the ball 0 J
O or strike and full to hit tho O
O next hOOd ball three strikes 0
0 BUM If called 0
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The life of an employe in the clcetrif power house il mon
clonous exceptmff iu the event of storms or hue interruptions
nnd accidents Tile continuous neverending magnet hum of
the dynamos soon tire the nerves which arc constantly listen
ing for a change in the pitch or tone as a piano tuner would
say Tvhen tightening loosening a string j and at tho moment
whenever the magnet tone or hum does change tho trained
ears of the man in chnrgo tells him of impending troubles
It may be that a bolt of lightning has struck the high power
line and started an arc across the lightning arresters If the
discharge heavy it may reach into Iho station to the sec
ond arrangement of lightning arresters which aro usually
placed back of the switchboards The room may bo filled
with the wellknown bluish liquid fire but the men arc at tho
throttle wheels to prevent tho big dynamos from bursting
in the event that the inan at the twitches hag suddenly tbrown
the load off of them Thin is done to prevent the lightning
from melting the wires on the dynamos The water running
through nozzles is traveling at the rato of two miles earh
minute of lime and unless it was quickly Earned off at the
wheel the big magnet or armature of the dynamo would be
running at a bursting speed of two miles per minute Then
again thero are times when no electrical storms exist tho
weather is clear and the tune of the dynamo suddenly
changes by what is called a short on thd line which causes
the current to suddenly increase which instantly heats tho
wire coils in the dynamo to the burning joint J inc troubles
are alw3jS a source of anxiety to the company and the men
in change S
An extra machine con always be started and cut in when
ever another one gives out but the lines of wires stretching
far away over the mountains and lulls are quite another mat
ter whenever omc unavoidable accident happens
About six years ago two eagles ivcre playing in the air
about twenty miles fron the power house near Oroville Cal
I They struck u tjirccs wilt 00000 volt line their wings being at
least six feet acroafi formed a hort circuit from one of tho
and about 10000 horse pussod t
wires to tHc other power
through their bodies In lew than a fraction fn minute one
of the transformers at tho power home boiled the oil OY r
and set it on fire and it was only on account of quick action
that the building was saved
I On another occasion a crow of men between Pelaluma and i
Santa Rosa were moving a tall hay derrick wanted to pass
i under the high tension wires but found the derrick too high
One of the men said he knewjU about electricity ami ventured
I to raise the wires with a pitchfork He had nearly completed
his dangerous undertaking when one of the bystander taking r
ing hojd of a loose guy wins attached the top of tho der
rick thoughUlo asiUrt tile man upon th6top with the pitch r
J fw1s Thj next moment the derrick lied touched tho wire
I and the grpss began to burn under the vHcel or luo wagon 1
I The current was grounded or shorted af they call it and these
I two iti experienced what it mean to be without elOctrjcal n
service for a few hours S aFo
4 The public of today demands n coL nuouR and unintcr U
f rupted service The su ss of business and use of power and thIn 1
light rely largely npon this modern magi energy vl
It II n
v L 2
= S 1

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