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ItlOME of Abandoned Fido ana Pussy a Theatre of Cheery
Comedy and Gripping Tragedy of Animal Life Whictf
Possess a Deep Human Appeal
j I 1 iCopjrlcbt 1010 by tic Nur fork lUrnlil Co All rlzht revrf i
I XKYV YOKIs Satnrda
1 = liuun arc cry few persons In NLW Yorl who
jjj do not inow or think they know just ex
i I nctly what the BldeaWce llonios They
j have nil read about It so often In the news
papers that tbey can tell Ow Inquirer In a Hash
tbaC It Is a place whero ebandoncd animals may llnd
t ternporarx refuge Thus Is the matter dismissed for
once and for alL There you are they say and
thats nil there Is to It
t Those persons arc right ns far as they go Blrtoa
Voc is the Salvation Army of anliijaldom But back
of the hurried definition back of the curtain there
i Is a stage on which Is being acted constantly drama
I of as many themes as the drama of Its participants
BIdeaVcc Is the greatest real single theatre In
J cxv York city The comedy and tragedy and farce
I to be found In It ilval in variety tlC comedy and
tragedy and farce of makebelleve Broadway
I Ah maybe you sneer but only In the lives of a
lot of dogs and cats and what lu the world is the use
m of makiug a fuss over what you dare call the drama
t of their lives Indeed we an treating simply of a
I lot of dogs and cats abandoned dogs and cats at
that But dogs and cats or men and women the
I diama Is there And if perchance it may be not so
glamourous as tho drama of maUebcllcv of living
1 human hearts and soul it Is trite drama O time less
Every little slant of theme to he divulged herein
stands ready to be verified Distinctly Ills up to tho
Not long ago those In charge the homo ofnnimnl
I drama received a cull at the building lu Lexington
I avenue from a woman whose name figures In distinct
type in the social chronicles of the metropolis
I I 1 am about to go abroad with my husband and
little daughter for several months she fahU Wo
I r have had n dog a pet in our jiomc for thV last thir
teen years lIe Is setting old now and we have de
ckled to get rid of him Our trip abroad we have
decided will afford precisely the oppoi Utility for
which we have been waiting Of com we are
sorry In a way to give the dog up but really he
has become a nuisance AVU1 you take him off our
i hands
BUlcaTVce said it would and did the woman
I her husband and little girl left for the Continent
m The dog whining was dragged away from its home
by its masters servant and lodged In the kennels of
charity rr r
f For a week the animal drooped moaning dog
er fashion for the family that bad loved n in Its youth
I and had deserted it in age Another week passed
and then one day n waller from Martins went la
1 BldcaVce In search of a pot for his little daughter
lie did not hove enough funds he ald Jo buy n good
I dog and would the persons In charge give him one
ri that needed a home lie promisedto tul good care
of It
The Pica Unheeded
Walking about in the kennel room the waiter spied
the whining abandoned animal lie wont close to
the dog and patted it The dog thankful fpr the
show of affection in this his day of desolation licked
the waiters hand Id like this Ollluitllie man
And twenty minutes later the animal wts being ed
by a pow master to an adopted home
As the days parsed the wallers baby daughter came
to love the dog and thin dog forgetting lib sadness
came to love his new tiny mistress as he had once
loved her little predecessor up in the aveniiQ They
played together all through the tiny and when night
time came tho dog would sit by the childs cradle until
she had gone to sleep At times the nnlmal would
stick its paw through the bars and Imltutlug thin
babys mothers actions would pat her once sir utter
In this way four months came and went tjit till
meantime the avenue family lied returned fromjubroncl
and the little daughter of the rich begotto get lioinc
slrk for the pet that she had lost tint nor parents
had glen away She misted him She trout 1 not rest
content until she had him back Her patents trlod u
convince her that the dog was now ton old to have
around their homo But still the child Insisted
Gixiug In to her wish the father went down to
nideaVee told his story am asked for the return
of the dog
It Is too late was the reply We have found
him a new home
The father Implored the officials to gct the dog back
for him but he was assured that such a thing was Im
possible as far as they were concerned Lie was told
honeor that he might go Jo the nailcix home mil
try to get his pet back from Its new master That
One of the Hospital Patients
same uay no did go to the waiters house aw the
waiter saw the dog he had abandoned md begged
the man to allow him to have tho animal for jl
childs sake <
But answered The waiter urnr own little daugh
ter has got to lore the dog so I wouldnt give himup
for anything
The father urged urged ngnln and offoicd a large
sum if the waiter would return his old net to lllui
but to no avail The rich man as n Inst resort went to
the dog and tried by patting him and calling him by
name to get the animal to come to him But tho dog
remembered and ran off Into the room where his now
little boss sat playing with her doll Tinas how far
A Grateful Patient Well
on the Way to Recovery I
this out drama has gone up to today And probably i
the curtain has not fallen on it yet 1
About three months ogo tho attention the utun
avers of Bide aWee was called to the case of iwo
Maltese cats and a pug dog iu a home up in the lest j
Scxentles The reader shall Know the sits us flan
and Xeti respectively and Ihc pug as Ilmmy Tlin >
were the pets of nn aged woman who with only a
servant lived in the big house else lilled with soil
tudeOne t
One day the mistress of thin nulmals was taken to
hop bed She had been ailing for several months
and the wear and tear of Illness on her already taxed
couslltutlon had begun to niiike their marks UIIII I
her It had been this womans custom for two lean
at least to keep her pets with her constantly for curt
pany Shu loved themthey lined her There they
lived the four of them In complete harmony Tha
pets each In his ornamental basket slept in a room
off the aged womans s boudoir and w hen she becnuc
confined to her bed throughout the day tjiey would
come to her bedside jump upon the corers and lid
her hands in animal token of their affection for her
Soon the woman sank in health cell more suit
then came the day with Its attack paralysis The
ambulance was summoned the patient for greater
Her saw
care was lakcn to a private hospital pets
her go They clambered about the lieels of HIP coin
xeynnce the cats jumped up on the stepltoard as If
determined to tlrk to their mistress lie pug whined
aud wheezed and barked when they ilrovq liljn uviy
The servant grasping the cats and kicking the dog
alicad of him managed to get the animals back Into
the house as the ambulance rumbled 1 nay
E j
Broken Hearted
Once In the house the cats nod the dog rushed
up the stairs to their mistress bedroom They
Jumped on tho bed as they hud doneevery day before
about the
fore She was gone They rummaged
house They couldnt find her The fact of her go
ing away probably for good slowly began to get
Its work In on them They had seen her go but they
had not been able to appreciate that her leavlntr was
serious She had left before and had always come
back soon Tho next day they went to her room and
still found her mlssiiig And the next day too Then
oldently for the l rit time their animal souses seemed
to reillo the moanlap and < loiHness of her absence
Tile cats and the dog went to their baskets curled
up and rcoin hued there They refused to tnoxe Thu
cats mewed for their mMsltis niMiess Tho pug re
mained sullen The servile I placed food Ivjfore them
They refused to touch It lie tiled to forcn them to
eat but failed The animals broken hearted were
going to starve themselves to death
The servant at his wit end called IJldenWce
And BideaWee calpe and took the c Us away Ii >
Mie them mllea lee did not take lite pug H >
pulsing every effoit thil had been made 10 get him to
Bike food he hnd taken his life through starvation
nut varing for It now that his mMresb ban gone
A man valUIng down Third aveiiuo less thin ii a
yens urn came across a tray Irish teirlor hoc
waited flesh told Us own story The dog ran to
him brushed up against his legs and mutely ludt
rated to him the eloquence of hits di tres > The dog
hud boon abandoned and was atari lug The man
hulled n IHSslll delivery wagon gathered the dog
in and hurried hllil down to BldeaWce Look out
fur him for a tonplt of days hu said here some
money ihat wiH keep him that length of time Ill
collie back for him and give the poor fellow a home
Jhrec clays later the man relumed the dog ran to
him with a ltughing lath and the man lifting him
up answered his happy greeting by nklug him away
In his homo oji IMigJShind The dog rhunkful for all
the man had done for him gave dally demonstra
tions of his gratitudft and OHO night a month later
ned not tfcly the life of hl3 Third avenue rescuer
but the lira of the lattcrs family as well when ho
aroused lbehou ohoiqby his barking In the dead of
night and thus warnb the sleeping Inmates of tho
lire that bad alrcady bcgun eating Its way up the
That comedy even farce Is Intermingled here with
framlv and melodrama Is to bf chniuMed throuch
the story of a setter that was found cratcblog at the
door of the BideaVee table begglug for admission
Hearing tip soinuU outride the door one of the vet
erinarians looked to learn the cause of the noises and
011 opening the door found the dog cringing there
flu lifted It across the footboard that stretches be
neath the entrance and led It back to an Inuer loom
The setter was suffering as far as tho man was able
to gauge from nothing more serious than hunger At
least hunger seemed to be the dogs chief trouble
Calling one of the attendants the man cu ed a choice
nsortment of dog nourishment to be placed In front
of the animal and the way tlic latter got away with
tho big mail bespoke wonders
Going about their duties for a few mlnntcj lie two
men left the setter alone and on returning soon after
ward were surprised to find him gone They ran to
the door and there discovered the setter trying his
best to get away
An Artful Dodger
At that moment a knock was heard on the outside
of the door the latch was pulled aside and a tall well
drescrul inn n entered But hmo the latter had i
chance to ask the question that was on his tongue he
cnui hit sight of the fetter who had run way Into a far
corner of lime otliec How did that dog get lu lioreT
IIP demanded He was told He was also told of the
hngo meal that the seemingly Ntarvlng animal had
heiMi denied to
to certain persons classified by the grace of God aa
human beings
The original locale of the real drama to which ref
erence has been mode was In Harlem The theme of
lie play speaking In the phraseology of ThespU
1818 there match a thing as love between male
and female animals The drama In question argued
and argues for the alHnnatlxe To gel to the heart
of the story an inspector on the staff of EldenWco
had bis attention some lime ago called to two dogs
a female retriever and a male spaniel who were to
be soon every night In the vicinity of the old Harlem
Hospital at Pleasant nvcnueand 1JOth street These
dogs were always tocrether and to all appearances
were homeles Oddly enough however they were
iieicr veeu until evening
The Inspector endenvorerl to catch them on numer
ous occasion but they eluded his every effort With
the lilt of an assistant the Inspector finally located
the home of the couple under n huge pile of lumber
near the hospital grounds Desiring to solve the mys
tery that surrounded the canine couple before effect
ing their captute the two men laid low and watched
the movements of the dogs One tIny the female did
not come out of her home The male dfd hoxxcver
but remained away only an Jinur Then he returned
with a hone that he dragged Jute the place where his
mate was hiding
This performance was repealed tho next day and
the liar after us well The curiosity of the men wjs
aroused uou mud pnJIitlng the services of a couple ol
la borers they cleared oft the snow and DCSHU to re
move the lumber under which the dogs were making
their home After several hours xvork they finally
uncovered Use Mystery for there In among the loose
boards at the bottom of the pile they found the litHe
retriever with fourteen puppies nine of which had
been frozen to death The male dog was keeping
guard over his family Procuring1 n huge basket the
m cmi romoied the dogs and their puppies to BIdea
Wet and the curtain fell on the first act
Working Out the Drama
A mouth ehipscd between the first and second acts
A man came to the Institution at tin end of that tlmo
In search of n foster mother and the dog and her pup
pies were Passed over Into his core A short time
afterward a woman en me and took the impale dog with
her to her home In New Jersey Upon being sepa
rated the dogs xvhlned heir sorrow In n manner
breathing the grief of human souls The persons at
the Institution hated to separate them but there tits
no other wny
Again time passed and the third act began The
man who had taken away the mother wrote to Bide
nee flint ho was giving the animal every care that
she seemed to like him but Unit she gave every ladles
thou of missing her mate The woman who had
taken the spaniel similarly wrote that the nmlo dog
was constantly gi lex ing for the mnte from whom bo
had been separated And thus the drama rests today
Miles npnrt in comfortable IIOIUCH the dog Is tor
towing for his companion and she for him Their
case hues been recorded as the most marvellous ex
nniplc of nnlmal love that bus come to the atten
tion of TIIten Wee
Although a future fourth act tn this drama Is con
jectural n promise that there may be a possibility
for the minion it the canine couple may rest In the
fact that the mrslor of the mother Is a bachelor and
the inslie s of the spa 0idI an unmarried woman To
be sure the present writer Is alone responsible for
the hnxtirded opinion of the fourth act but It mnnot
be denied thnt the suggestion is a legitimate and valid
one even If rflC future shows that the last act la
never to III xvrjtten
The limits Imposed bj space prevent a complete ac
count of the ninny other comedies and tragedies of
BIdeaWec By wny of fragmentary synopses how
ever there may be recorded story of n teuyearolci
Maltese eat Hint titter the death of Its mistress was
taken to the Institution where It died a few days later
of a broken heart not hypothetical but actually the
story uf a dog and his matu separated and reunited a
year Inter In an accidental xvay at the farm cf
Jlldea W o in New Jersey and the story of a dog
turned adrift by Us master on being struck with
paralysis and upon being subsequently oured at the
Institution being given Into the keeping of a stranger
despite the efforts of his orlglunlly cruel but now
The New Farm at Harrington Park N J
Ftarvlug the man llterallj jelled Nonsense
That sutlers mime Is Brandon and he lalongs n UL
Im Mr SoandSo and my house Is around the cam
enter That dogI Js g1 nn nppitlte thats a wonder
We glut him tlircc big meals every day and he spends
the rust of the Jilt snooping around the neighborhood
in search more food lie never quits eating if be
can help lt
It dvvalopril IthL this was true that the dog had
frequently xvorkcd On the sympathies of the neighbor
for food and bad now beguiled the Hide aVcc at
tendants In tho FaUie manner It has not been chron
icled that the setter mistook Bldea Wee for a dog
That the happy ending Is not as Insistently
ubiquitous the drama of BldoaWct as It Is In the
drama of Broadway Is to be Judged from several ex
amples of xvhlch probably the best for chronicle from
n human Interest standpoint Is that referred to bv
the mniiagore of the Institution as the canine marl
vied couple Relevantly is not the phrase human
Interest ns nerllmni in relaHon In some dogs t5 It I a
thoroughly repentant master to tcelalrn him
There Is good dramatic shift too iu the tory or a
dog that xvas sit lo BldtaY by its Montchiir
X J mlMrcs who had tired of It The dog exl
dently dctcimined lo make his mistress take him
baelc Jumped out of a second story xvlndoxv at tho I
home effected his escape nod made his way to the
ferry Ache dog wa found there by a mnu who returned
turned blip to lie home Again he made his escape
in hIs effort to got back to his mistress but again he
was returned by another man Oddly enough Bide
nYVcc finally foutid u home for the persistent dog in j
the very town xvhere he had originally lived But
although his now home xvns near that of the woman
who had been hard hearted enough to turn him loose i
on the world the dog with a pride almost humin to i
this day liaj never ventured nesir his first mistress
or bar house Ills ucxv masters say that the dog goes
around with a she wlll regret It someday air and Is
happy Thu xvilter has half a dozen friends xvho slue
no indication of having the souse this dog tins in mat
trr of lilt same nature
c 3I l

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