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i Better Each WeekRead t he Crftkism of the Show
Last NightWiI Flay Crowded Houses eiS Week Reserve Your Seafcs Earl
Now YorkvMarch r Thomas Col
lier Plait formerly United States sen
ntor from Now York and for many
years ixnntlonnl figure in Republi
can politics died at 3In oclock this
afternoon In tho apartment of Mr
and Mrs Gustavo Abele on West llth
street from whom hojhad rented three
rooms for tho last Tour years Mrs
Abclo had been hlii nurse
Dr Paul Auterbrldge his physician
said tonight ihat the cause of death
was chronic and cute Origins dis
ease The body was removed tonight
to the home of Frank H Plait n son
and will be taken on Tucuday to Os
wcgo X V the senators birthplace
where it will be burled
Funeral services will be held Wed
nesday at the Presbyterian church In
Tho ond was slantingly sudden An
hour before the senator died his two
nons Frank and Edward with their
families and his widowed son Harry
with tho lattors daughter Charlotte
and sou Sherman had left tho house
after their usual Sunday visit Tho
ficnator said at that time that he felt
very well and thought he would read
the Sunday papeia At 3 oclock ho
was lahen with a fainting npell and
Drr Auterbrldge was hurriedly called
The family was notified and returned
In haste Mr Plait recovered from
his first lapse but sank Into uncon
sciousness again at half past three
and died 15 minutes later The rela
tives wore all at the bedside
Sketch of Life
Thomas Collier Platt the easy
boss of the earlier and brighter days
was for many years not only tho Re
publican leader of his state but a
figure In national politics rtood shoul
der to shoulder with men of such
rank and reputation as tho Into Ma
thew Stanley Quay of Pennsylvania
Both were men of exceptional Intel
lectual attainments and both turned
them with signal success to part
Quay died still a power Platt out
lived his time and felt himself In late
I years out of touch with the moving
oplrit of events
In twenty years in congress las
G Blame described Plntt as a busi
nessman of great personal popular
ity He has an aptitude for public
affairs and Is a man of strong Infhi
pnce in his state Ho Is no debater
1 but has Strong common sense and
quick judgment of men Yet with all
his native Judgment wide experience
I and skill as an organizer it became
the fate of Platt to win romembrance
j more for his associations with others
than for anything he did of bin own
initiative Twice In his life Platt I
was the center of the national stages
once when he resigned wllh Roscoe j
Conkllng from the United States son
Contentment is a state
of mind
j create it Their full flavored
I satisfying blend is the secret
fhcy nrc a quality smoke
10 ior 10 cents
Hut by your apparel
If your apparel Is soiled stained
ond spotty the opinion formed can
not but ho poor
By having us DRY CLEAN your I
garments regularly you arc positive r
oC having a neat CLEAX welldrcssud
appearance I
The cost Is nominal why nol try
us and bo convinced
Ogden Steam
Laundry Cp
Phones 174 437 25th Street
alo and was instantly jiicknarrud
He too Platt and once when ho In
duced Theodore Roosevelt U > run for
vim ce president with McKinley very
much against RooseeliR better Judg
ment in the face of his repeated dec
larations that nothing could Induce
him to accept the nomination
Irony Mocks Wisdom
There could not he a better Instance I
of Platts skill in persuasion and man
Ipulallon or of the Irony that mocked
his ripest wisdom McKinley was
shot Roosevelt became president and
the days of Plaits domination in the
state lapsed Into senility
His bodily strength declined rapid
ly He made a second nwrrlago which
ended in the courts and he was sued I
by Mao Wood formerly a clerk In I
tho government employ for a divorce I
on the strength of a third marriage I
novcr proved to hoc taken place
The episode with Conkllng which
Was nol exceeded In public excite
ment say the newspaper files of that
day by any event In the civil war
was as follows
Platt was elected to tho senate In
1SS1 He and his colleague Conkling
became embroiled with Garfield In a
bitter controversy over the appoint I
ment of William H Robertson to be
collector of the port of Xow York
The selection was distasteful to the
Now York organization and both Platt
and Conkllng refused to confirm it
In the senate Thereupon President
Garfield withdrew other nominations
made at their Instigation among them
one Stewart L Woodford to be Unit
cd States district attorney and Lou
F Payne recently remembered as an
accelerator of public opinion to be
United States marshal Finding them
selves In a hopeless deadlock Platt
a mid Conkllng both resigned Conk
I linp was caught In the great blizzard
of 1S8S and died of exposure Platt
was supposed to bo frozen out of poll
lies but he turned his attention to
building Influence In the southern tier I
of New York counties became a stale
leader again In 1804 and In 1S97 was
elected a second time to the United
Slates senate nucceeding David Ben
nett Hill
He fell out with Governor Frank
Black and to defeat his renomlnatlon
put forward Theodore Roosevelt a
type whoso undeveloped possibilities
he did not justly esllmate It was
Roosevelts rapid progress toward pop
ularity and power that later led Platt
to suggest him for the vice presiden
cy hoping that In the quiet of that
dignified office he might he forgot
Philadelphia March G Phlladel
phlas Ilrst Sunday under the general
sympathetic strike beginning peace
fully ended turbiilonlly with the fatal
shooting of a woman by a police of
ficer as a climax Employers feel In
clined to believe that the trouble will
be shortlived The traction company
operated some eight hundred cars dur
ing the day and two hundred tonight
A shot wns fired during a disturbance
at 2Glh street and ehigh avenue one
man being slightly Injured I
This trouble was quickly quelled
U S Troops Ordered
Wilmington Del That the United
States government docs uot Intend to
take any chances of having Its prop
a rty Interfered with by unruly mobs
was made evident today when orders
were received at Fort Dupont to have
the fortyfifth company coast artll
lory ready to leave for Philadelphia
al a moments notice
This company of regulars It is said
will be used to protect the Philadel
phia mint and other government build
Philadelphia Mar GThe conclu
sion of the quietest day Philadel
phia has seen since tho street car
orrlkes began more than two week
ago was broken today by a series of
disturbances In which three persons
ivcre shot one a girl fatally many
unruly persons were severely clubbed
b y the police and more than a score
of arrepts made
The turbulence of the night came
as an unwelcome shock to the hopes
of the authorities that a Sunday was
to pass without serious disorders This
hope had been fostered by the days
Pacific aspect which In Itself had
been surprising as trouble was an
ticipated because of the general sym
pathetic strike
Until the disorders which came
with the fall of darkness the devlop
nieuts of the day in the strike sltua
lion had not been ipmportant Con
flicting claims still continued as to
tbo number of men who have respo lI
ed to the general strike call and there
seems to be no way to obtain ac
curate figures The committee of ten
In charge of the organized strike
movement claims 120000 persons in
tile various branches of Philadelphia
vldely diversified industries have left
their employment to demonstrate their
sympathy with tho traction mens
cause and help them to win their I
flirht Figures gathered
by the police
department however are cited by
Dlrelor of Public Safely Clay to suii
von his previous claim that not more
than 1JOOOO men struck
Committee Statement
Philadelphia Pa March GTho
strikers committee of ten Issued the
following statement tonight
The second dnyur the general strike
find labors force militant with nearly
every organized worker on strike and
with thousands of the unorganized
preparing to Join in thlsdemon tra
tlon To thosn reported yesterday to
have answered the strike proclamma <
tlon thousands will he added Monday 1
who worked Saturday to protect the
stock find property of tholr cmpiov
l yncon ° ar thoroughly aroused I
as to < JO meaning of thls flshkVrhoy i
realize that It In a single between I
the corporate interests and human t
rights as guaranteed by the constllu
lion of the United States Mass meet
Ing of clllzens held during the lat
forty eight hours disclose the enthus
Insm and determination that prevails
among tho rank and file of the peo
ple and clearly demonstrate the cor
rectness of our position
Realizing that the fight has just
begun providing the traction com
pany officials do nol immediately set
tle their disputes with the carmen or
submit the same to arbitration this
cornmltteo IB preparing for the com
plete organization of the entire city
Dally Reports
Every striking labor local Is direct
ed to establish headquarters where
Its members shall report dally and to
hold mass meetings undo the sup
ervision of a subcomiullteo of the I
committee of ten This provision is
made the Btalomcjit says thai at
such meetings Irresponsible and un
authorized speakers may bo given no
opportunity to Incite riot or unlawful
Tho strikers will hold a mass meet
Ins tomorrow afternoon in Labor Ly
I ceum hall The committee of ten
today received word of several Im
portant accessions to the ranks of
tho strikers Among those who it is
claimed will quit work tomorrow are
the Carpet Loom Weavers union In
volving GOOO men the glass work
ers 1500 and Shirt and Laundry
Workers 5000 Charles A Hope sec
retary of the Central Labor union pre
dicted thai 150000 men will be out
tomorrow and that practically every
important Industry in Philadelphia
would be tied up The strikers esti
mates of the number now on strike
vary from 100000 to 123000
As for Director Clays statement
that no more than 20000 are out said
Hope I will offer to accompany him
nt any time through the mill district
of Kensington and show him 30000
strikers In that quarter alone
Business Men Sympathetic
It vas reported at labor headquart
ers today that the Business Mens as
sociation of Kensington and West
Philadelphia are planning a public
demonstration of their sympathy with
the strikers Actors local Dumber G
which Includes nearly all the perform
ers In the moving picture shows and
cheap vaudeville Ihcatero voted this
afternoon to accept no Philadelphia I
engagements while the strike Is on
This action It Is said will result In
closing many of these places of
Director of Public Safety Clay this
afternoon Issucd a statement to the
extent of the sympathetic strike
The flnirr worn nlilninrxl hv tho I
police and ire declared lo bo authen
tic Tho list of establishments nf
fa cted contains eighteen names with
a total Of 3070 men on strike To
this Is added a list of eleven con
cerns affected the number of strik
ers not being given The number of
establishments unaffected by the
walkout Is twenty four employing
35935 persons
Clays Figures
The list of unaffected concerns with
tho number of employes not given al
so contains twentyfour names These
figures Mr Clay declared are oh
talncd after a careful canvass
Upon these he bases his estimate of
less than 2000 participating In the
bympathetic strike
I Mr Clav further slated that many
workmen nominally out on a sympa
thetic strike yesterday woro really
enjoying a little holiday and they
will be found at work tomorrow morn
ing He instanced Ino hrlt1 x layers
who he says today voted to go back
Firms Not Effected
Among the large employers of labor
not affected by he strike are tho
Baldwin Locomotive Works 11000
men Mhhnlc Steel Works GOOO 1
G Drill Car company 2800 J B
Stetson Hat Manufacturing company
1000 Disstons Works 3300 Atlan
tic Refining company 800 Dobsons
Carpet Mills 1200 Other largo em
ployers of labor unaffected are tho
Bell Telephone company the Phila
delphia Electric Company Cramjps
Shipyard the Wilbur Chocolate com
pany Folwell Bros Co and the
Sanquolt Silk Manufacturing com
pany I
With the approach of the sweet
spring zephyr comes again one or
Americas annual wars
War in its most violent form
Against the flics houscflles If you
please In the cast the war has start
ed already and Oklahoma will soon
enlist her legions
In Washington D C the crusade
will be made Inloresllug to tho pub
lic by moving pictures showing the
fly in his common haunts whether
pecking gleefully away at a bald pale
or dining luclouely on a piece ol
custard pieIs not stated
A part of enthusiasts have formed
themselves Into a special fiyllgbtlng
committee think of it Genevieve
and expect to educate the fretted I
bothered public to the dangers of the
housefly and transform all the popula
tion Into an army that will make his
existence short
A citizen of this city has invcnled
a plan to diminish the fly population I
here und after much pulling of hair
aud a vain effort to secure a patent
gives It aa follows
First erect a high lower then coax
the victim to the foot of the lowe
with a piece of Umburger cheese or
a strawberry when they are out nf
season iwo the cheese induce him
to climb to the topmost point by
making a noise like a delicatessen
phop and when JiQ has been iH > JBoilx H
there for several seconds push him
off with a darning needle
Jn falling to the chasm beow his
nork will7be brokpn This Is n pjpnj
not pastjmo and1the number X0f flics
will decrease noticeably I
In an articles on the germcarrying
abilities of She fly City Chomlsi cur J
ord has made the statement that the
flies arc germ carriers of the most I
fearful variety i
Sometimes IheKorms are placed in I
suit cases and sometimes they are
carried by the fly loose In a paper
back Clifford after cvhauatlng atitiu
I ties on the subject states that an
epidemic of typhoid lover in Chicago
III 1002 was traced directly to flies
which had carried germs from house
to honse
It snot evident paid Clifford that
this epidemic was brought about b >
the dlsscmiuatloiiof tho Infeclous ma
terials by Hies
Insets may convey pathogenic
bacteria on their bodies by coming In
contact with Infective materials
lie finishes with
Files may carry tubercles bacilli
within their bodies when they have
ben permitted to feed on tubercular
pputum Llvo tubercle bacilli have
been obtained from the feces of flies
fed on tubercular sputum Conse
quently the feceS of flies may be a
source of danger I
Files may also serve to cany In a
similar manner dlplherla pneumonia
sryslpclas suppuration and possibly
From Maryland tome the glad tid
ings that a bill has just been Intro
duced Into the legislature which will
limit tho size of hats worn by wont
on to a diameter of ten Inches
Not so long ago t meddling measuo
was proposed by one of the solons of I
a Western stite which concerned it
self with the proper length of hat pins
Every two or three months the II
newspapers tell of similar masculine
efforts to estnbllph over women in
general the carping censorship of her
deportment and an arcl which ev
ory wlfo encounters In her own
I wonder if it has occuired to any
cf these legislative invaders of wont
ans sphere that a dark day is dawn
Ing whon we will bo able to retaliate
upon them for Interfering In what
they have boon pleased to designate
ns our domain
When Mrs Belmont Is represent
hag her constituents at Albany and
Mrs Gilbert Jonef forges her way
mllltantly into public life to convince
olhor women thatthey ought not to
bo there some non lng Inel will
drive a legislativeispike through the
masculine soul bv Introducing a bill
making it a misdemeanor for any man
under CO to wear a frock coat nnd
declaring that upon the appearance
In the public streets of anyone wear
ing that sartorial abomination time
abominaton tl
silk hat he can lie arrested and tried
for a felony Inhe latter provision
of course apecdl exemption should
be made of Oscar Hammerstein and
o musical and dramatic critics since
it would be ob ously unfair to de
prhe a large and worthy claw of
one of the tools of Its trade
The wearing of red by blond men
with ashen complexions should also
be forbidden by intule Women real
ize that certain colors arc by nature
predestined for dusky beauty and
here Is no reason why men should
not bo compelled In the Interest of
the general landscape to similar dls
And Then The Green Kelly
If the atrocity known as tho green
kelly or Its successor tho moss col
ored plush head covering Introduced
by Harry LohrV cs er makes Us ap
pearance after women become
hu legis
lators a special bill must be passed
constituting Its wearing n capital of
But perhaps mans sartorial sins for
a time at least mlcht be permitted
to go unheeded There are graver
leeds for reform
For Instance that good old torture
of the middle ages boiling In oil
might be revived for the creature
who halts a whole lino of people go
i ng up the subway or down the L
stairs while he tages out a cigarette
and a box of twitches and slowly and
dcliberalely llghln up Strangely
enough I havo neVer seen this pa
t Icu lar male nuisance referred to
though columns have heon written
about careless women who drag their
skirts up and down those same stairs
putting men to the trouble of not step
ping on them I have often lingered
In compulsory leisure behind one of
these fiends who cant wait until they
reach the street for a cigarette and
wondered what ought to be done to
him and his kind Bolllpg oil scorns
to be the answer
He Needs Suppression Too
Of course tho man who Jostles by
you and then turns around and glares
becaiiBP you got In his way demands
legislative attention while a whole
session might be devoted to ways and
means for the suppression and pun
ishment of the masher But perhaps
these suggested mevares all como Un
der the head of class legislation and
are unconstitutional What does thai
No ono ever hears of the freak bills
concerning the size of womens hats
and hat pins or the enforced use of
tho short skirt Or the taxing of bach
elors after their Irruductlon They
simply enable some mute Inglorious
statesman to get his name In the i
papers and provide needed material I
for the cartoonists But though men
collectively In legislatures admit their
Inability to cope with the question of
feminine fashion there is no doubt
that each separate Solon goes home
and renews the story of tho folly and i
conspicuousness of large hats and ex
pensive feathers the Insanitary par
ado of and the
trailing skirts dang
ers that lurk in the deadly hat pin
And then afterhaving convinced his
wife of her niter lack of discrimina
tion and taste
Bytho way Pneod omc new ne < k
ties Got nio half a dozen whcnybure
down town
Couldnt Trusl Him i
Docs the nieekeslj most admiring
and foolishly fqnd wife ask her hus
band o buyvncckUes for her or chi I
lars or gloves She does 01 And
If by any chance he brings such things
home she TIs apt tn wait Just long
enough for him to forget about them I
so she can have them exchanged a
Who steals her vote AlaWs trash r
sho may he persuaded but he who I
filches from her right to wear a
combination hat and umbrella over 1
Jr 1 it J 01003 her will
7 IW
Portland Ore March GDr Ralph
I Matson city bacteriologist today
made public the fact that ho had
found about one grain of strychnine
In a portion of the stomach of Mrs
Edith Pcpoon whoso husband George
L Poppoon is undoi arrest at Xorth
pdrt Wash In connection with his
wiles death The chemist stated that
when the rest of the viscera Is anal
y7eml ho expects to flnd enough strych
nine to havo killed several persons
The death of Mrs Poppon occurred at
Northport on August 29 1909 A few
weeks afterward Mrs W D Wolcotl
of this city mother of Mrs Pepoon
was Informed by a friend that the
death had been unusual Mrs Wol
cOl began work on the case and as
a result Pepoon was placed under
arrest and a warrant was issued for
I Ray Wllcox an alleged former con
vict who was said to have been a
drugglsl AVIIcox has not been apprehended
At ths tlmo MIB Pepo ns body
was cxhumqd rnd her stomach sent
to Portland for analysis
not be forgiven
It It a bravo man that attempts
even In his own home to control the
sartorial fancies of one woman And
he who seeks to llgislate about tho
apparel of a whole state full is rush
Ing upon inevitable doom
Retaliatory legislation Is fair be
tween nations Who touches a feath
er In your Hindu turban docs so at
the peril of forfeiting some cherished
possession of his own To mo It only
seems a pity that all these was regu
lating our finery cannot be passed
for In that event wed have oven
the lady antis running for tho legis
lature In six monthRXC
New York Eve
ning World
A retired qucen 115 years old who
delights to walk abroad through the
glOW covered fields barefooted and
who believes that her health Is bene
fited by Jt This In short Is the de
scription of a woman whom Cuyahoga
county in general and Brooklyn town
ship zen In particular can boast as n citi
zenTho woman was discovered a fow
days ago by Patrolmen Moore and
Schtitt In a band of gypsies I I spite
of her extreme age and her dally
habits Queen Aura Mary as she Is
known by her tribe retains today
all of her faculties
People would live longer If they
lived more hlmple and did not burn
up all their energy in their younger
This la Queen Aura Marys re
clpo for long life and health She
says she has lived up to It all her
life and she Is doing i today
A shawl over her summer coslume
helps her to faco the winter weath
er As for shoos she has no use for
them except when on a march Yes
terday during the celebration of Ave
Maria Day she danced with the rest
of the tribe barefooted In the snow
Shoeless and stocklngless she takes
her dally walks regardless of the
Queen Aura Mnry jays she was
born In Egypt way back In the tune
when Napoleon ha = 1ie European
crowned heads scared Into taking In
their gales oer night It was long
after the second war between tills
country and England that she came
to America She has traveled In ev
cry state east of tho Mississippi river
and in some states In the Weal Sho
say sho has ton children thirtyseven
grandchildren and 125 greatgrand
Twenty years ago she gave Ill the
throne lo her oldest daughter now
70 years old Tho heavy work of gov
erning the trlbo and dealings with
refractory members however IR in
the hands of Aura Marys grandson
Gus Cleveland Plaln a9J
stL S
Salt Lake March 7 snlL s e has
tin aviator who niado a rJ umndiy
afternoon on the fats this
city equal to some of i11 1er ovcr
made by Paulhan lie cr1izhDier
lot Farmftn or Glenn jC5 s Ior
more than an hour Sunday ortcrnoon
tho aviator swept i < ron tbbf Country
between Groat Salt Lnkc utb < TIor
I dun river while a faVorqtrfaw ot
Salt Lakes residents Blood pellbounl
r mid watched them reraarfcamc evolu
tions of the manbird +
This Is no aorodreanif T4ie flight
wrB witnessed b > a numhjv r pp
sentalvo citizens of SalliSakuvhtclud
lug a banker public ofjffclSLfthd al
least a score of olhersv Mpfp > of the I
party who watched the a RyM report
ed tho occurrence to ThesMmmpr and
Btatcd positively that piiHchlne
was not a biplane glldornbujva self
propelled machine resewiblng t ono
used by Louis PaulhmamfitIf9 fair
grounds some weeks go S ft IliPii
I watched the ovolullons jhgujgh bi
noculars and at times coulaylatlnclly
see tho man ut the thro lqJ
Several business men taking
a trip through the CdpUoJlml district
early In the afternoon jhcti one rf
the numuor saw tho m riflJth bird
like thing far to the wpsOapperjnlly I
not far trom the eastorn r horo of
Great Salt lake and nahortdi6ianca
orJ tnC I
north of SalUilr The acroplanehoa J
cdjfor UIQ city and cam gJacSr aa
the Jordan river Tho mal circled I
and headed In a M > uJrlS oJrectlon
then came north desciboUjlumenus
dips und cunes and vjdtf Willy lot
to view behind eSCrbU1lmernus
Jordan river not r Int1
Nprtlt I
The night was tmTdjfJ J Jember3
of the party on Capljpi hllrand thA I
machine was In the af l WKrc than an 1
hour 4 1
Kansas City March GAd Wolsafil
the new lightweight champion passed
through this city last night on his
way to Chicago Asked if ho would
give Battling Nelson another chance
to regain the lightweight title Wol
gast replied
Sure Nelson and I will meet again
I bent him before and Ill beat him
easier the next time But dont think
for a minute I am going to giyo him
another chance unless 1 name Limo
term Ho will hnr to jump through
this time Ho probably would not
fight before noxt fall and that would
suit me
Wolgasi will begin a ten weeks vau
deville engagement In this city March
1 = He declares ho will pay no at
tention to challenges from Tommy
Murphy Owen Moran oY any other
anplrant until his theatrical contract
here Is one question which often
puzzles a business girl when she llrst
goes to work and that is how to be
have to her masculine associates
the men In the office And it is
right here that any number of well
intentioned girls mako sonic great
There are many girls who think I
no mailer If they flirt a little bit
with the men with whom they work
from day to day l seems to i
to add a splco of fun to the ofllce grind
this silly coquetting
The bookkeeper offers to sharpen
pencils or to find an eraser He has
been attracted manlike b the
alrcted mnnlkl by pret
ty pink cheeks and bright ayes of
Miss New Comer And Miss Now
Comer Instead of thanking him frank
ly and then going on with her work i
giggles foolishly and arches
foolshlr her eye
brows at him and at lunch tlmo he
tells the bookkeeper from the outside
ofl leo Gee sties easy
Unfortunately Miss New Comer
doesnt hear him She thinks she
has made a conquest and goes on
her way smiling to herself In her
selfsatisfied vanity And whon tho
bookkeeper from the outside office
comes In and stares and pays her a
bold compliment she tosses her head
and Is more pleased with herself ihai m
eYorl she only knew what Jhosc men
really thin of her 11 business
girls could only realize that coquetry
IK not for office hours
Reputation in Her Own Hands
The girl In an ofllce makes or mars
her own reputation with her fellow
workers If she moots their advances
politely not too coldly hut In sim H
ple frank friendliness making it plain
however that her work Is her real
Interest be assured she will nero
meet with anything hit tho kindest
and most considerate treatment The
men who work beside her will bo real
I friends ready to help and sivc good
counsel and better sill always speak
ing of her In lerms of the highest re
spect and admiration
S much for the men who work on
lImo same level with herself Now for
the men who arc her superiors In
the office Here IB an entirely dif
ferent problem which must however
be met in exactly the same way
Many a girl goes to her first posl
ton with her head Bluffed full of non
sense aboui rich
aholt employers who fall
In love with their stenographers mar
ry at once after whirlwind courtships
and for all the
rest of their lives
these lucky damseld live In luxury un
Well there may be such Instances
brt the average is about ono in a mil
lion So our hustnnss girl had letter
devote herself to taking Mr Headof
IheFirms letters accurately and an
swering tho telephone Intelligently
and making herself Invaluable in the
ofllce generally without any though
of matrimonial chances
Slcnographer Not a Confidant
One hears a good bit too about em
ployor who
though married pay a
great deal of attention to their tfccre
tare give them presents take them
out to luncheon and dinner and the
theater and so on If any business
girl finds that she has an employer
of this sort she had better look for
another Job at once No sclfreKnoeL p
in girl will accept compromising al
tentlon or presents from a married
man and the fact that he Is her em
ployer makes this rule of common de
cency no less binding
The business girl mubl discourage
her employer or any of her male of
fice associates from talking to her
of their private affairs When Mr
Head of the Firm comes In In the
morning and says be has an awful
cold It is nol his secretarys place
to be unduly sympathetic If how
ever he asks her to go out and buy
some medicine for him It assuredly
is her place to go cheerfully and
If at any lime her employer BO for
gets himself as to toll her something
of his life and occupations away from
the office the secretary should listen
respecifully and answer politely and
then forget about what hp has said
Many a man In an czanblvo mood Will
loll thinS which fairly makes his
blood run cold to remember after
ward rcrenr arer I
Keep your employers confidence
of this sort which ho should have
never made as Inviolate as you keep
your knowledge of his business af
fairs And remember that the habit
of talking loo much Is one which has
lost many a bright girl her position
The girl who goes to work with tho
Idea that abe
will metl a number of
whom she can know socially as
well as in a business way Is making
a nlistjihe So far as I
can see It IB
Car better to keep
ones business and
ono social ICe
loclal distinctly
L > on t have the men from the separate office
comlnl Cal Orr you and ofce
oat with them
tham As one who knows
I can sn that
say at business
aTe better and pleasure
eaR maThTV A rlIa husl
may bat cn ° nJ Io > ounK men
ridumirers mer
dllrers and
q qailersrtnd
CJltrs rind plenty of
attcntfon Cron mfcn uut ishjs had bet
tom tul
see to It tnnt they are not mon
Crm her own ofllcc For
that I nint Bfmc reason
explain but which I
often Observed the girl alto I bave
t TE
Prospects of An
Early Spring
So our shop is blossoming gut
with fresh patturus alluring
designs nnd arlvanco sl > lis
We are fill roatly to satisfy
tin bright Inn who keeps his
appoarnnoc up to time advamo
lies working for J
Modern Clothes
AT 2365
social attentions from men in her of
flee Is sure to bo moro or lees an
object of ofllce gossip Any girl who
has worked for any length of lime
knows well that to be gossiped about
In ones office Is a most unen able
Familiarity to DC Discouraged
Another thing that the girl In the
office must be sure to do IB to dis
courage familiarity Dont hesitate
to call down sharply the mnn who
ventures on calling you dearie or
girlie as I once knew a disgrace
ful old man In a big office to call ov
cry girl who came there As lit had
a position of Importance more than
one girl put up with his ImperMnenc
rather than lose her position hut ono
day a grllly little western girl wan
Installed at the desk next
lxt his md
the first dearie that came In her di
rection was greeted with MJ s Smith
I please In a tone that showed she
was not goln to permit any nonsense
The man accepted the hint and never
offended again and 1 do him the
crtfdlt to say that he bore hr no
III will fo the anib for he knew
he descried It and he could hardly
help admiring her pplrit
In short a business girl should treat
her male associates and coworkera
with friendly dignity with Klndneu
but without familiarity and without
coquetry If sho will do this she vlll
Insure herself a band of friendly and
respectful admirers rom her employ
er down to the ofllce lmo3ChiCao
From big atudlu window Dr frill
cus FlubDubbe gazed wearily at thr
leaden sky and the grit and Rrimo
of our comparably dirty city And
this week said he turning to the
Program Std Class we have Tjrh
nlkowahys Pathetic symphony Pa
Ihellc Is a mild term
I love It said Mrs Glvu A Payee
Dont rOi lovo It Miss Pants
I could expire while the last
movement Is playing declared Potta
claspIng her hands
I s sympathise pursued Dr Duhb
with a lady Who writes me that she
IB KO gloom that she Is leading town
this week for fear ahe might go to
hear the symphony for she says II
I heard It I should Just howl Yes
lie Pathetic Is the climax of all
gloom and should be played In the
fall when we are fresh and strong
and not In the late winter or spring
when our vitality Is running low
But ah such heucnly melan
choly murmured Mrs BorenSlyffe
Such celestial mumps said Miss
Gay Vote
Just at tho last movement adagio
lamentoso Is the clnmlx of
ntoso all gloom
said Dr Dubbe so the chord of the
augmented sixfive Is the climax of
he climax of the dolorous theme and
the poissant E aharp Is the climax
of the chord One might say ihat
K sharp was the keynote of Esrhal
wokswys life
Why should the augmented sixfive
be so bad asked r Fuller
Because In this case the sixth Is
omitted replied Iho Doctor Tho
augmented sixfive Is a very peculiar
chord 1 derives from two tonics
and hence Is a Teutonic or Gorman
chord and not a French chord as
ole have maintained
But why Is tho E sharp In the
chord of the augmented Blxflve so
anguishful inquired Miss SaraBand
Because It is limo sharpest tone
said Dr Dubbe I shall go Into this
matter more detailfully so that an in
fant will be able 10 understand It
I am sure Doctor that you have
already stated It with admirable clar
ity said Mrs Glvu A Payne
As plain as a church seen by a
flash of lightning contributed Miss
Gay Vote
That tbensall the Doctor 13
a tribute to your perspicacity rather
than to my powers of clLcldation
Chicago Tribune
ilostfri qBuao
Lady Poor man So you are Just
out of Jan
Tramp Yes mum J was a victim
of fortune tellers back In nlnetynlnc
TrampYes mum The District
Attorney told me where Id been and
what Id ever done during my whole
life and the Judge predicted where
I would be for the next ten year
The way thc number on the back
of an automobile normally looks
4114J N J
And Ibis Is how it looks one and
threeeighls seconds after it hits
Oanderfne w ortondm 1prednec t
Ijoir JUt as surety ot nta r
ed innJiInn raises crops I producwaliltt
ytortti oi IniLrtrnt hair trlien iU otter itfto t
do falL We piinnteo i > aodcrlao lldraf f
Blsti oU ire we nnJ II per bottle T
G 1
ptoro Ui worth tend till iJ it lib toe la euaJ I
or allver and KO VIM mall you a lirco fu4
Chlcojc Ul
f I

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