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Farmers should cat
more oatmeal
Although the farmer today is able
to buy almost anything he wants to
wear or to eat he isnt paying enough
attention to food > jic3 when it comes
to his own table
If he has been watebing the exten
sive researches and experiments on
the question of the best human food
for muscle and brain he will heed the
advice from all sides to eat more
Quaker Scotch Oats
Quaker Scotch Oats is mentioned
because it is recognized in this country
and Europe as the bcstof all oatmeals
Feeding farm hands on Quaker Scotch
Oats means getting more worl out of
them than if you feed them on anything
For hot climates it is packed in her
metically sealed tins and in regular
packages Cl
Washington March S Philander
Chase Knox Jr discreetly left his
young brldo In Baltimore today when
he hurried here to bravo the parental
storm and ask fortfvoness Mrs I
Knox Jr joined him a fow hours I
later and tho young son of tho secre
tary of state and his new wife im
mediate loft for Providence To all
appearancos the hopedfor bless you
my children was not forthcoming
Young Knox was dlecovcred In tho
lobby of a hotel after ho had been to
Interview his father The young man
slipped Into town with Dr French
principal of the Morris Helghths
school who went with young Knox
to break tho news The small army
of photographers and reporters that
Lad been storming the Union station
was BO Intent on finding a blonde
young woman with a rod feather In
her hat that they overlooked young
Knox entirely
Dr French and his pupil hurried to
the Knox homo on K street After
tho parental interview Dr French
bolted for a train and Knox wont lo
a hotel and tolegraphod his wife to
come to him Young Mrs Knox ar
rived In two hours and gave evidence
of feeling as though they had been
separated a week
While they woro waiting to start
for Providence young Knox was quite
willing to talk about his marriage
but very reticent about hia interview
with his father From his manner
it evidently had not been what ho
Im glad WQ aro married ho ex
Of course my marriage was a big
surprise to my father and mother
in fact a shock But I hope they
will forglvo me and that everything
will bo all right before long Wo aro
going back to Providence to set my
things together nnd then I shall go
to work if necessary to support my
Tho Interview at r tho oecreturys
homo evidently was short Tho young
man said ho had no reason to believe
ho would hoar from his father before
leaving Washington
I am expecting and hoping to hear
from him In Pro ji ncq after he gK
used to the Idcaof me boms married
saiu Doling Knoxjrnthor sadly
VeS rli 9S aqV wHh Dr French
Ill eying In Ws expulsion < from
scHool young Knox vigorously de
Dr ITeneh
came ho as my
friend he declared to help me
n i i
utrnlghton the thing out with my
rather lIe camo down voluntarily Ho
dId not expel 1110 or try tO liave7ne
arrested Hed I resigned when Igot mar
And thats all rot about my wife
being a shop girl Her mother got
married a second time nnd because
my wife did not got along well with
her stepfather her mother rented
separate apartments for her My
father promised to set mo up In busi
ness when I got through college I
hopo he will do It now concluded
young Knox
Secretary Knox nnd Mrs Knox de
clined to bo Interviewed and at the
Knox homo all knowledge of the
whereabouts of tho young man and
his wife waG denied It la said young
Knox did not see his mother when he
wont homo today
Coughs and AldsAt this Benson when
coughs nro so prevalent nn effectual rem
edy nnd ono costly obtAined is Perry Da ia
Painkiller It is no now nostrum vended
by unknown agents but has stood the test
of Ocr socnty years i and thoeo who uso
tho article internally or externally will
connect with it grateful recollections of its
worthy inventor
Albany N Yn March SUnlle1
States Senator Bllhu Root presum
ably reflecting tho wishes of Presi
dent Taft has taken active charge
of the critical situation in the Re
publican party In Now York state
Tonight on the eve of a conference
of Republican senators called to elect
a successor to Senator Jotham P
Allds as temporary president of tho
senate Senator Root sent a telegram
to State Senator Frederick M Daven
port advocating tho candidacy of
Senator Harvey D Hinman of Ding
hamton a staunch supporter of the
policies of jovernor Hughes as
against Senator George A Davis of
Buffalo and Senator George II Cobb
of Watortown both regarded as op
posed to Governor Hughes policies
Tho conference early in the day
Boomed likely to give Cobb a majority
of tho Republican votes for this of
fice and tho immediate effect of tho
telegram was the adjournment of tho
meeting without action until Thurs
day night
ROllER Will MEfT
Kansas City Mar SDr D F
Roller of Seattle and Zybscko tho
Pole havo signed ar ides for a wrest
liug bout here March 2nd Tho
purse IB 7000
Roller and the Polo recently met
here tho Pole agreeing to throw his
opponent twice In sixty minutes He
failed Roller proving the aggressor
much of the time
Washington Mar S Hereafter
Idaho will brook no opposition to the
forestry service of tho U S on school
sections within tho forestry reserva
tion of that state Senator Heyburn
made this announcement while the
agricultural appropriation bill was un
der discussion In the senate today
Ho was speaking of the right of the
government to Include tho school sec
tions In Its supervision of rescrva
lion areas and In this connection Mr
Stnoot raised the point that the na
I tional authority was supreme If the
land has not been surveyed Mr
Smoot said that even when the for
entry service had cut timber on tho
unsurvycd sections It had turned
ocr to the state 2G per cent of the
That responded Mr Hoybuni
sounds like a chapter from tho life
of Dick Turpln who when ho found
his victims stranded by his depreda
tions would giro them enough of their
own money to buy breakfast
He wont on to say that the recent
administration of forest reservations
had been utterly regardless of law
And let It be known ho thunder
ed that from this time on Idaho
proposes to administer Its own lands
The authorities have been Instructed
of their competency In this respect
and they will protect their Interests
If they are disturbed by the foresters
they will Involve the aid of the stato
How arc you going to locate your
lands If they arc not surveyed ques
tioned Mr Burkett
Land Is always put You dont
have to locate land ho retorted God
located It before the flood
Mr Hoyburn charged the foresters
with accepting bounty money from tho
state for the killing of predator wild
animals although this Is one of their
Tho Idaho Senator went Into de
tail in describing Instances In which
settlors have been ovlcted from their
homes within the reserves for no
other reason he said than that the
foresters wanted the use of their Im
lu reply to Mr Shlvorly he said
these proceeding wore absolutely
arbitrary and without sanction of
legal authority
In this latter statement Mr hey
burn was corroborated by his col
league Mr Borah who said the for
estry officials constitute themselves
Judges Jury and prosecuting attor
ney In the proceedings disregard
ing almost every civilized law for the
protection of men which has been
adopted by civilized society
No explanation of excuse was ever
then to the victim of these arbitrary
proceedings ho said
Plttsburg March SMrs Mary
Scott Hartje according to her at
torneys will within the next three
weeks apply for an absolute divorce
Single =
Correctly Brewed
Proves the merit and satisfaction there is in Postum But it is often only half
brewed and the result is often unjust condemnation
There are no grades of Postum Every package is the same It is the
steady boiling for at least fifteen minutes after boiling begins that gives a cup
of Postum its fine snappy flavour
If your first cup of
P I 0 S T U M
Was not satisfactory the fault was in the Have Your Enough Beverages to Win You Made Good
brewing it must be boiled until it is dark and
The rule about not boiling coffee
richdont attempt to make it as you would leads many persons to prepare Poslum
in tho same way
make coffee remember Thin is a mistake and of course is
unfair to Postnm Have jt just right
Thelonger Postum is boiled the better and It bus much the name flavor as
tho mild and highpriced Java coffee
it is I but never causes tho troubles that
i coffee does
An Illinois man found out how to
Well made Postum served with good mulcc Pot > turn so It tasted as good to
him aa his oldtime coffee Ho writes
cream has a flavour distinctly its own and not
For years I could not breakfast
I unlike that of mild highgrade Java coffee without m > cup of coffee
During this time I was Iroublctl
s with palpitation of the heVrf with
The best proof of the value of Postum is Bmotherlng and nervous iiclls The
doctor told The to cult cotfco but 1
found in the clear brain and steady nerves did not
which follow its use as the regular daily bever I was Finally glvnn one Postum time for while breakfast visiting I
ageln place of coffee or tea cant say I enjoyed It at firnt they
only guessed how to make It But
when wo followed the directions on
Postum made of clean hard wheat including the package wo all agreed that
Postum was fine
cluding the brancoat vtth its vital phosphates Then I began to enjoy my menls
Could take plenty of substantial rood
f phates r grown in the grain quickly assists hesldes the Postum and foil good
in r the wornout body cells because afterwards My headaches were gone
rebuilding l voln o and gradually I forget 1 over I hall
it contains these valuable elements liquid heart trouble
I I havo told persons wo used POll
form in fact it lSa very palatable liquid nm at our house and they remarked
I they did not know boss we could uw
I food tbo stuff Thy did not got at its I
1 SoodnoBS because it iwii8 not made
After airarguments 10 days trial proves right A lady tried to give Postum to a
I lot of hired man ihtlt they wduld not
r take It I tAsted It as she made it
Vb mid didnt wonder It didnt llltO
Theres a Reason for Postum like ours Asked about it alto said
she never had paid much attention
to dlractlonu on the package
The next time I saw her she had
1 r x i J j learned Jiqw tpmpke Postum right
t g 11FI ruuiflnlQ lh < s mn lfolkib nSktHlJor
I J fl iPJfj4aompan II d f L tlftHecond cup J ollo directions ana
r JjauJl linvp good Postum Have it
J r Bm tlCl4k Ilil light
1ft 1 4 N
ft fj 4 a 1 1
u r s b J
u 1 IIf 1
l I ΒΌ
j I
us TO 1tll J o 1
h Tn I
r el r > t
Life is the art of giving
have added much to life for they
arc pleasing thousands x f discrim
inating smokers who appreciate
the artof good tobacco well blend
ed They will please you too
10 for 10 cents
< 4
from her husband Augustus Hartje
the millionaire imjioi manufacturer
and It Is said tho action will not be
opposed It Is also reported Mrs
Ilartjo will receive tho Income from
a trust fund of SJOOOOO during hei
natural life and will reLiln her daugh
ter Marie Louise until she Is old
enough to choose which parent she
desires to live with
Scotty Hartje the only son will
live with his father
Sore Throat I
Colds Coughs Croup and Catarrh
Relieved in Two Minutes
Is your throat sore
Breathe Iljomcl
Have you catarrh
Breathe Hyomcl
Have you a cough
Breathe Hyorricl
Have you a cold
Breathe Hyomcl
Hyomci Is tho best remedy for all
nose throat and lung troubles It
does not contain any cocaine or mor
phine and all that Is necessary Is to
breathe It through the little Made
pocket Inhaler that comes with each
A complete dutfitcosts only 100
nt druggists eveiywhero and at Bad
cons Pharmacy tuid Hyomel Is
guaranteed to cure catarrh croup
coughs colds sore throat and bron
chitis or money hark A llyojnet
Inhaler lasts a JlfetLHie and extra hot
tics of Hyomel cnn Gl oblalued from
druggists for only oO cents Sample
of Hyomel and bWrtclct free Ad
dress Booths Hyomej Co Bullalo I
Kansas City March ISChampion
Frank Gotch and Dr B P Roller de
feated In straight falls Pat Connelly
cliampUu of Ireland and Carl Becker
of Austria respectively In nrestlluy
matches at Convention hall here to
Connelly who was heralded as a
rough grapplcr proved tame In the
hands of Golch The champion toyed
with his opponent several times
carrying him around the ring In his
arms The llrst 11 came In IDOS
wjth a reverse Nelson hold A revorso
Nelson and a English Bar hold de
cided tho second fallen 515
Becker wiis easily outclassed by
Roller The physician won the Ini
tial fall with a combination half nol
ron and toe hold in 1020 A double
body hold caused the second fall in
Los Angeles Calif Mar SMor
gans Vernon team of the Padlllc
Coast league gave the White Sox No
2 of Chicago a severe drubbing today
Lack of loam work and loss fielding
was partially responsible for tho de
feat of tho caBtornors but also thoy
were unablo to hit the ball Score
White Sox 3 S I
Vernon 8 12 3
Batteries Kruger and Holm Hcnbl
ing and Hogan
Knmag City March SDr n C
Hydo charged with murder and at
tempted murdor in the Swopc case
was released from the county Jail to
day after furnishing a bond In the
sum of 100000
Ills attorneys agreed to have the
physician In court on Vprll 11th the
datoset yesterday for his trial upon
tho charges contained In the recently
returned ludlctmenls ot murdering
Colonel Thomas ii Swope Colonel
Moss Huston and Chrisman Swope
and of having poisoned eight mem
bers of tho household 1Ire3 Logan
0 Swopo
a The bond was divided as follows
< In caso of Thomat lit Swpne 501
i 1
oo Chrlbinan Swept tJoQjo Jluu
oh J000 eight cases of attempted
curler 2000 each The bond tt 1
fjwice tho size of that accepted from
Dr Hyde when he wa aUfsed last
month on tho charge of murd r prey
terred by JohhtGPflxton toO
n r
Southampton J12IlLr7Morp t
OO f ure 1I gc fBiaBBSBws IiTw IMf
Southampton for tbo United States
within a fortnight breaking all re
y j
or O l REPlY
r it j r rr fi 4 i t
1r r r
What Rockefeller and
Associates Have Done
in Oil Trade
Washington March DThe Stand
ard Oil company today tiled In the su
prome court of the United States Its
brief In opposition to tho attempt ol
the government to dissolve It as vie
lating the Sherman antitrust law
This comes an a prelude to the oral
argument of the case made by attor
neys for the defense al l1or thy gov I
ernment The brief la tho work of D
T Watson John M Freeman and
Ernest C Irwin Tho brief of the gov 1
ernment has not yot been filed
The keynote of the dofonse Is tho
cocalled preservation of tho rights of
Individual citizens of the United
Tho Issue according to this brief Is
tho charge made In the petition de
nied In tho answer and reasserted In
tho reply that tho seven individual
defendants John D Rockefeller Wil
liam R Rockefeller John D Arch
hold Oliver Payne Henry M Tlngler
Charles M Pratt and Henry 1L Rog
ers combined and conspired and con
tinued to combine and conspire at the
time the petition was filed to re
strain Interstate trade In oil and to
gain a monopoly of It
Tho brief asserts that tho circuit
court of the United States for the
eastern district of Missouri whose
adverse decree the defendants seek
to overturn held that solely because
these individual Joint owners of a
group of noncompotltlvo properties
engaged for forty years in private
trade Instead of continuing to hold
through trustees controlled by these
defendants changed in 1899as the
brief says the method of holding
their properties by convoying them to
the Standard 011 company of Nov
Jersey and that such change was a
violation of the Sherman antitrust
This decree is complained of as be
ing unjust to tho men who according
to the brief were a lawful group
lawfully doing business and who af
ter what is described as a mere con
voyance and solely by reason there
of became a group of lawless con
spirators It Is charged The claim
that tho seven Individuals arc en
gaged in lawful business Is empha
Tho Standard 011 company as It
existed in lOG and still exists says
the brief was tho natural develop
ment and outgrowth of the business
begun In 1SC2 and steadily pursued
by the Rockefellers and others
By untiring energy with Infinite
skill with abundant capital and tho
steady reinvestment of earlier prof
Its these men and their associates
created out of an entirely new
unique and unprecedented product
crude oil a new universally used and
cheaper illuminant than the world has
Known By creative skill they so
cured from refuse oil valuable by
products They invented the huge
reservoirs for storing ol1tbo com
blned pipe Hue system which gather
up and carries the natural products
the tank cars which carry the refined
They created tho export trade in
oil transporting It in ships of their
own construction and selling it in
Asia India China Japan Russia and
all j urope They devised the trail
ing stations the tank delivery wag
OIIB and used every means to cheapen
tho product and improve tho quality
From 1SC2 to lJOGJI ear8Uie
work went on They took the risk of
the failure in production of destruc
tion by fire and tempest besides all
the ordinary risks of trade Thoy met
all emergencies with competent skill
and sufficient funds Tho unexpect
ed enormous increase In production
greatly increased their business and
added to KB importance and profit
Nearly Wild with Painful Burning
EruptionHalf Her Hair Fell Out
and Combing It Was Torture
Feared She Would be Bald
I Jut abouttwo years ago sown form
of humor appeared on my scalp The
beginning was a elight Itching but it
grow steadily wore until hon I combed
my hair tho Ecalp became raw and the
ends of tho combt oth rrould be wet I
with blood Most of tho time there was
an intolerable itching in a painful
biirnliiK way very much as a bad raw
burn if deep will itch and emart whoa
first beginning to heal Combing ray
hair was positive torture My hair Tfaa
long nnd tangled terribly because of tho
blood and scabs This continued prow
inS worse and over hah my hair foil
out I was In despair really afraid of
becoming totaUy bald
Somotlmcjt tho pain was eo great
that when partially awol < o I would
scratch tho worst plocca so that my fin
ger Ups would bo bloody 1 could not
slcop well and after being aslcop a short
lime that awful stinging pain would
common and then I would wabo up
nearly wild with the torture A neighbor
sold it must bo salt rboum Having
used Cutlcura Soap merely as a toilet
soap before I now decided to order a
set of the Cutlcura BcrnCdles Cutlcura
Soap Ointment and Pills I need them
according to directions for perhaps six
weeps then left off as tho disease scemr4
to lx eradicated But toward spring
eighteen months neo there was a elight
roturn of tho scalp humor I com
menced the Cutlcura treatment once
no had very little troublo On my scalp
I ucd about one half a cako of Cut uryt
J Soap rind half a box of Cutloura Oint
ment ia all Tho fIrst timo I took tl y i
or seven bottles of Cutlcura Pills aridl
I tho list time three bottles neither an
expensive or tedious treatment Since
then Lhavo had no scalp trouble of any
Und Standing up with my hair un
bound it cornea to my knws and had
it not been Cuticura I should doubt
ICM be wholly bald j f
aTidsis a voluntary unsolicited testi
monial and I take plccauro In writing
it hoping mv experience may help e mo i
xnoolsc Jf I Lillian BrownrmiVDrl
Liberty Me Oct 20 1000
Mlleura JUTictlisj arc MM throurhovt ter 2i
Potter Ante cff ruim adorn riaa Prop ht d sy
Uui Will Jsd free Cutkw 1 O < K ca At 8 p a
LL 1 iwi i
t G i WI l 11 t RD V 1 a 1 l
t ot r D11 I fflU zHf I
Ii tD I
Suce siun lBankihmg
The substantial growth of the Commercial National
Banks proven by the steadily increasing number of
depositors We solicit your account and guarantee
that full measure of strength security and protec
tion so requisite to successful
Capital 10000000
Surplus and Profits 10000000 10 >
Jo ton9 Shock Ab oJrbe s
Adjustable Savo your car and your
Once attached no fur
ther attention Is required yf
Fully guaranteed
Do not drag en springs
x sh 8000 per act of four
Do absorb the shock
30 days trial ti rt 1
Hydraulic +
Urlrj ell to check recoil O
coil of springs
Do not stiffen tho 1000 Boylaton St Boston I
+ t
springs Send or Catalog
N t
Stormy Weatines N
often brings on colds and kindred ills Thais when An ounce of
prevention IB worth a pound of cure +
r un YB K l I
Wh1iske l
with its rich tonic properties stimulates every organ of the I
body into tingling activity and quickly drives out the first I
seeds of disease Absolute purity and mellowness mako f
its uo perfectly info and frco from harmful effects 1
distilled aged and bottled under tho direct supervision of a
U S Government Inspectors each bottle js scaled with T
tbo Green Government Stamp bowing tho exact age
strength and quantitylook for this stamp c j f
e14h11Y ROrd
F J KIESEL CO Gen Distributors
Ogden Utah
Servce jve 0 byar
Lighting Comp21II1lile j
In on first article I told you something of the details neces
sary at the Dam the Pipe line and Power House and now we i
will take up the attention which must be given by the Lighting
Companies in order to safeguard the Public against accidents
and from firo under the promiscous and general uso of electricity
Insulated wires must be used on all city lines and also the
supply wires running from the poles to the house to prevent the I
current from escaping into trees and buildings which might
cause serious shocks to persons touching them l I
When your house is being wired the work IK done in accord I
ance with Avcll known Insurance rules which are printed in j
pamphlet form and followed by all wiremen Whenever you cull I
at the Lighting Office to make your application for connecting
your store or residence nn inspection order is given to an expert
maintained by the company to examine and report conditions of
all wires in your premises to see that they arc snfcly insulated
in accordance with the Insurance rules Carpenters and other
mechanics when making changes in buildings often disturb this
insulation of wires which might endanger the building and lives
of its occupants if supplied with eleclricitiy but on account of
thorough and rigid inspections we can retire nt night without
the slightest fear from electric currents I
The Company also maintains a special service called the i
trouble man who will visit your home at all hours from 100
PtL until midnight When the lamp socket key switch or j
fuse is out of order he goes any time or distance in answer to I
your call It may he that something has caused the fuse to burn
ill the transformer Ot1 the pole that furnishes nIl the lights in your r
neighborhood Soon after you can see him climbing Iho pole in i
rain or snow now he cautiously moves up between the big wires
that carry the high currents ono slip or to touch those wires
would perhaps mean death He reaches the transformer aud care
fully removes the porcelain plug carrying the melted fuse a
new fuse is attached and then the light come on again
In order that jour incandescent lamps may be kept up to
E in brilliancy The Company furnish now Edison lamps
at 10 cents each just bring them Its the lamp and not the cur
rent In rooms where you use most light buy the Tungsten 1J
from tho Electric Supply houses These lamps will surely reduce
your lighting bills
Our purpose is to furnish the bst possi lc servicethat labor
and capital can provide
I < D DECKER cllflTgr
I 1
Their iflctods of holding their
oiiit properties and the management
of them wore dictated by economic I
1 They uprih fhi > best and cheapest
method In clue 1 hall i n u ot titles and
In the transportation production re
fining anil tti of oil and they gpufiht
l frraufl iitv1Iy bf d1iincndim tJtu tfSsfi
and cheapest product
They competed with the canto on
orgy and aklll they built up
They succeeded as If ono had dO
i l
velopcd unexpectedly a gold or diamond +
mond mine and abundant revenue
legitimately became theirs k
The business thus created amt a
awful oho and the owners thereof
Vcr and are lawfully entitled to
continue the jyimcandlf Jn Jtl1IU
UenXUio pcitionrH filed lficyt wore
not restricting interstate trade or by
unlawful means seeking n monopoly
which it was not the court should
not have Interfered with It

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