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Fortieth YeNe 67Pde Five Cents
OGDEN CITY UTAH FR DAY EVENING MARCH 18 mo Entered a3 Second Class Matter at the Poatottlce Ogden Utah
AH Night Session of the House During Which
the Regular Republicans Are Placed on
the Defensive = = = Crisis ReacliedRecess
Taken at 2 P M Today
10 0
1 0 Washington March ISAl 1 0
0 p m n motion by Rep Martin o
J 0 of South Dakota a regular 0
O that tho House recess mull I 0
O p m was carried 161 to 151 O
O Imloscrll > ablo confusion and 0
0 deafening yclla greeted the re 0
O suit of thIs the first test of 0
0 strength 0
O Nine Insurgents voted with 0
O ho regulars on tho motion to 0
O recess in order to get lime to 0
O consldor the compromise upon 0
O which all factions had been 0
O working Both tho Democrats 0
I 0 and Insurgents denied that the 0
O vote indicated any Ions of 0
O strength whatever on the main o
C proposition at issue 0
O 0
O Washington March 1RThe 0
O House regulars and Insurgent 0
O Republicans after a long con 0
C fercnce In an effort to compro 0
O mill on a rules plan announced 0
O they wern unable to reach an 0 j
O agreement Tho conference 0
C broke up at 350 wlh several Oj
O of the loaders apparently on O
C the verge of physical collapse 0
O 0
Washington March IS It was a
memorable fight which daylight found
rtlll in progress in the houso A stub
horn filibuster on the part of Spoaker
Cannon and tho house organization
nu equally relentless attack on the
part of the alllos these were the
distinguishing features in the hottest
fight that hns yet been made to over
throw the present control of the
It was extraordinary in many was I
For Instance the odd spectacle was
presented of the house preponderant
ly Republican ordering the arreat of
tho absentees of that party on the
motion of a Democrat carried by tho
Democratic votes
Then tooit is not often that a fill
buster is carried on by the i uvular
house organization virtually 1i by
the speaker supposedly In full control
of the house machinery to provenl
consideration of n resolution designed
to overthrow that organization make
the rules nnd reorganize radically the
committee the tenure of whose chair
manship is supposed to be the chief
asset of the speakers wealth of
It is many years old observers say
In fact no precise parallel was sug
gested last night since tho house re
mained actually in session all night
nnd that after an allday session To
make the odd situation odder still the
weary task of watch the sole was
left to the theoretically triumphant
minority while the recalcitrant mem
bers of the majority such ns escaped
the searching deputies stole naps or
longer sloops In places of comfor
Tho big light was virtually unex
pected by all parties Lo it It was pre
cipitated late In tho afternoon when
Representative Crumpacker of In
diana tried again to secure considera
tion of a resolution amending the cen
SUB act The issue was a purely tech
nical one of parliamentary procedure
but It was the same on which the
speaker was defeated the day hefor
The organization apparently labored
under the delusion that they had suc
ceeded In gaining Democratic votes
enough to turn into victory the defeat
of the day before They were sadly
mistaken for at every stage of thq
game they wore beaten Probably tho
insurgentDemocratic allies were aK
much surprised as the regulars at
heir victory However thai may be
they certainly made the most of It
Representative Norris of Nebraska
forthwith took occasion to produce
from hlA desk a resolution providing
for a reorganization of the committee
on rules It would create a new plan
of choosing the committee the Im
portant thing being thnt It would
make tho speaker Ineligible for mem
bership on tho committee on which
he Is now chairman I
Representative Dalzoll of Iomiiol
vanla Republican made tho point of
order that the resolution could not bo
presented under the order of business
then In process The regulars through
out the whole struggle have made
this their fighting point
The allloH on the other hand de
manded a ruling by the speaker on I
his point their evident expectation
being to appenl from the expected ad I
verso decision of the clmlr and to 1
merrulo tho speaker The speaker
011 his part insists that in order to I
make a proper ruling on the point of
order he must hao time to consult I
Iho precedents The DcmocratH took I
nvcry opportunity to demand a ruling
from tho speaker I
Both nidOB exhausted their oratori i
cal resources in attack nad defense
Most of Uio speakers consumed tho I
full hours time allowed them under I
the rules Several exceeded this limb
Nobody protended to know early to
day what in detail would l > 9 the out
come of the battle ovon if the allies
nhould win their first point Every
body did know hoxvever that the
speaker and the rcgulac organiza
tion were standing with their hacks
I to the wall fighting for their very ex
I Istonce
i The long night in the house was re
I plete with amusing Incidents as the
I weary Democrats tried to while away
the hours of waiting for the sergeant
atarms to bring in the recalcitrant
Republicans The funniest of them all
I came when the officers found one lone
I Republican Holllngsworth of Ohio
i peacefully asleop at his hotel They
served the house warrant requiring
I tho Ohioan to get up and dress and
come before the bar of the house Ho
I came protesting with voluble Indigna
tion that he was regularly paired and
I entitled to lie in bed
I 1 want to know Mr Hollings
I worth shouted who made the motloii
on which T was arrested
The record was read and Mr Hoi
I lingsworth was Informed that ho was
arrested on the order of the house
I But was everybody Included in the
I order besides me demanded the an
grv representative During Mr Hoi
llngsworlhs whole speech which was
a long one tho house was Iti n gale
of laughter the Democrats evident
finding peculiar Joy in baiting the one
poor victim of tho search of the ser
geant atnrnis and he paired with a
Mr Clayton made the point of or
I der whenhe heard thqt Mr Holllngs
worth had boon asleep In a leading
I hotel that no Republican who stayed
at an expensive hotel had a right to I
be paired with any Democrat
hi wanted to know why I was ar
rested demanded Mr Holllngs
worth and who signed the warrant
For half an hour the horse play
went on the Democrats shrieking
with laughter at Mr Holllngs worths
I indignation Finally ho was excused
I During thoIntor afternoon as the
dehat6 grew heated Speaker Cannon
sat quietly In his chair now and then
shifting hs crossed legs and nervous
ly fingering the gavel with his left
hand now and then sipping the glass
of water at his side Ills face woro
a serious look and his lips were tight
ly compressed A red carnation in the
buttonhole of his coat supplied the
only bit of color In tho speakers
otherwise somber appearance Now
and then ho leaned with his elbows
on the desk in front of him and gazed
Intently at the members who were de
nouncing the speakers alleged domi
nation of the house At times when
the disorder grew so great that mom
hers who were engaged In the debate
could be heard but a few feet outside
of the Interested and clamorous
groups which surrounded them the
speaker wielded his gavel vigorously
demanding The house will conic to
With quiet once more restored ho
would again recognize the fiery Insur
gent engaged In berating him
Several times he called regular
Republicans to the chair and walked
Into the corridor for a few moments
or mingled with the throng of mem
bers In front of the speakers desk
loiter In the evening he went to the
restaurant on the floor below and
while the Impassioned speeches of the
latter part of the evening were being
delivered the speaker reclined in a
barbers chair in the House shop and
quietly enjoyed a shave and a mas
Then he returned to the house
watching the proceedings until the
time came when he demanded a
chance to answer the accusations of
Reprcscntallvo Cooper
tncle Joe was In his room all
night now and then coming out Into
the HOURO where Representative Dal
zell held the chnlr lie seemed Impcr
lurbed by all Iho warfare going on
about his head
Underlying all the events and hi
larity of tho night was an exceed
ingly serious vein This appeared es
pecially when Representative Norris
nt n20 proposed an adjournment un
til noon They had exemplified the
principle for which they stood he
said and here they were In the dawn
after a sleepless night wearying
themselves out fruitlessly while the
mon they were fighting were getting
a good nights sleep
Mr Tames of Kentucky made an
eloquent protest against any conces
sion to personal comfort which would
tend to detract from the Impressive
ness ot the object lesson which they
were giving to tho public of devotion
I to tho public business while the Re
publican regulars were deliberately
I absent In the pursuance of a conspir
acy to prevent a quorum
I About 530 a m there was a hot
I donate about the possibility of ap
pointing a new sergeanlatarms or
other officers necessary to bring In the
absent mqinbcre It was the general I
opinion that the sergeantatarms nnd
hi deputies were making no sincere j
effort to find the missing Republicans I
I Mr Dnlzcll In the chair ruled that
the minority there present was help
less to appoint any additional officers
cf the House
Tho Democrats contended that the
appointment of additional officers nec
essary to secure a quorum was an
essential part of the powers conferred
upon less than a quorum by the con
stitution of tho Inlled States and the
rules of the House
There was a long wrangle about
this and finally Representative Hard
wick Dem of Gqorgia moved the ap
pointment of a temporary assistant
sergenntatarms with authority to
employ additional assistance to bring
in the missing representatives
I The chair ruled the motion out of
ord rbut on appeal was overruled
with a shout The same procedure
was gone through with on a motion
that the newly appointed officers be
equipped with new warrants
Then the new officers went out to
look for the missing Republicans This
affair took on a somewhat different
i aspect however when Speaker Can
I non himself came on the scene This
I was about C a in
Mr Burlcsnn of Texas demanded of
I the speaker whether he had signed
tho warrants as ordered by this
Incle Joes voice quivered with
suppressed rage as he replied with a
bang of the gavel
The chair declines to be catechised
by the gentleman from Texas
This defiance by the speaker struck
sparks nil Ocr the room Mr Dune
sons face was very red and his voice
shook with passion as ho said
With all respect to the speaker of
this House im I to understand that
the speaker declines to obey the man
date of this House Have not these
warrants been issued
Warrants were Issued shouted
the speaker under the rules for sum
moning of each of the ahsenlees
I mean the warrant ordered by
this House to be given to loo Sin
nott who was appointed by this House
ns assistant sergeant atarms per
sisted Mr Burleson
The chair has no knowledge of any I
Joe Slnnott whoever hn may he re
torted tho speaker with scornful de I
I submit the speaker Is as much
bound shouted tho Texan to carry
out the will of this House when there
Is not a quorum as when there is a
Then followed a lively Interchange
participated in by Messrs Underwool
of Alabama Olm lead of Pennsylva
nia James of Kentucky and the
speaker the latter evidently suppress
ing his emotions wlthrmich difficulty
The end of it was the speaker re
fused to recognize the authority of
less than a quorum to Issue any war
rants for anybody
Lcm than a quorum has no powers
In this respect saO those conferred
upon it by tho rules Such a warrant I
as that requested the speaker care
fully emphasized the word requested I
by the gentleman from Texas and
the members less than n quorum
would he null and void and would be
no protection to Ir Joe Slnnott
whoever ho may be The speaker will
hesitate long before performing a
ministerial duty under the rules other
wise than prescribed by the rules
Tho speaker then modified his ag I
gressive tone and continued remark
Ing that the long night vigil had cl
dently led certan members to he some
what careless in the use of language
and to cost suspicion upon faithful
I hiivo never known a quorum to
be obtained in the early morning
hours or before daybreak he said
By this time the heat noticeably
cooled there was sonic desultory ar
gument but everybody appeared to
lose Interest thereafter in the new
assistant serjeantatarms and his un
signed warrants
The hands of the big round clock
In the back of the hall Indicated S
ocloclc when the rollcall was con
cluded It was evident to the most
casual observer that the Olmstcad
motion had been lost but there was
no hurry In announcing the result I
It required some time for the clerks
to make their tally and the speaker
himself showed no disposition to ex
pedite matters At last he stated that
the motion had been defeated 24 to
93 with 29 present hut not voting
A weary yawning from tho Demo
cratic side of the house which was
audible throughout tho chamber con
stituted the most animated demon
stration that greeted the announce
At this hour Undo Too was Blill
at the helm He appeared slightly
worn but the carnation which had
graced his Japel yesterday was still
froBh nnd his voice was not the least
bit hiinky
Mr Mann raised the point of no
quorum but apparently the speaker
was not cerlaln of the footing of even
as close a frfond as tho Chicago meD
her whoso hair bad not been combed
for twentyfour hours and he refused
to entertain the point He held that
as the house was not eventhen un
dergoing the process of a call the
point could not he entertained
There is a quorum of record ho
said but It docs not materialize
Ho then stated that no business
could be transacted so long as there
was not a sufficient number to meet
tho requirements of parliamentary
practice Immediately tbo House
thinned out Probably not fifty mem
bers were left In their scats and some
of them were asleep ijome reading
the morning papers other gathered I
In groups wearily discussing the sit
nation The speaker held his post
Idly toying with his gaVel with the I
same fondufips often manifested by an
old hunter towards a gun with which
ho had brought down much gome I
Some of hla Democratic friends took i
advantage of the opportunity and i
going to his side join d In Jovial con I
Admittedly it was the lull before
tho storm with nil orts of things I
predicted before the close of the day
and members generally were prepar
ing for a strenuous tmio
There will he some snakekilling
before the day Is ovoY said Champ
Clark as he sat In hfs scat ruboins
his tired eyes I
Many Including the speaker won
to breakfast Even Republican Whip
Dwight wandered out forabrief nsr
and was found asleep In a quiet cor I
ner Gonio on cruelly work him up to
crack a joke al his eXp 11Re He lc
fended himself agnlnsl the eharRo of
not having his Republjoan cohorts In
attendance hv saying that the respon
sibility for time white mans burden
had been taken from his ahouldeis
and turned over to ho scrgeanlat
arms The speaker ate sparingly Ho
ordered breadsticks fj largo cup of
coffee and two hardboiled eggs I
That the day which had begun at
noon yesterday had bcxjn an exciting
one was shown by thjf ofilclal report
ers notes Thej had taken down
110000 word more titan three tlmos
thc average and none of them had
had i wink of slccp I
At J30 a in Representative Xorrls
At riO a nh Representative Norris
of Nebraska asserted his confidence
of a majority of from en to fifteen
for his resolution 1
I Wo will heat them he said I
There is no doubt ot he result un I
less there Is some legerdemain
Minority Leader ChQmjfc Clark who
stayed nt his post all night made the
same prediction adding J that it was
the most remarkable struggle in the
histor of congress
At 11 oclock the tense situation ex
isting would never hate been suspect
ed from the appearance of the floors
of the house Apparently It was much I
more serene that it had ben at any
time since the condition de eloped
yesterday The Insurgent Republicans I
still Were In conference and the regu j
lar Republicans were declaring that
the result of the rncbiing would he a
compromise +
While the conference was on the
house was practically recess ThC
speaker kept some one In the chair
but he wnndtrd around the corridors
of the building apparent uncon
cerned over the strife qvor him
The members good naturedly disf
cussed the situation In n frlendli
manner I
Nothing could be < done until the in I
surgents should return Then some I
thing might happen The Democrats
I were insistent lint there would be no
agreement between the insurgents
and tho regulars
They will not go hnck on us said
I Champ Clark btmfidently9ie was
holding his forces In readiness for
I battle They had een refused an
overture to take recess pending the
insurgent mcotingj iriout enough to
tidy up the chamber
> Wo prefer to sleep on our arms
they said and some of them did
Washington March 18At 130 I
oclock this morning the Democrats
were holding the fort In the house
The regular Republicans had prac
tically all disappeared and tho ser
geantataim was supposed to bo
looking l them He had not found
single Republican Jlc had brought Iii
five Democrats There 4 seemed no
prospect of a quorum much before
noon Flualh Mr Holllngsworth Re
publican Ohio was dragged out of
his bed in ontO of the lending hotels
He came protesting that he was
paired with a Democrat and had a
right to be absent Mr Clayton ob
jected saying that anybody who could
stop at an expensive hotel had a right
to pair with any Democrat
Washington March IS At 515 to
m Representative Norris author of
the resolution about which the fight
conters proposed an adjournment
Mr James Democrat Kentucky op
posed It declaring that It was their
duty to stay In session to demonstrate
the importance of the fight they were
making against Cannonism
Washington March ISAbout C a
m after a long parllmentary wran
gle In which Mr Dalzell In the chair
was overruled in his decision that less
than a quorum had no pow
er to add to the number of mploycs
of the house a special assistant ser
geantatarins was appointed to look
for absentees
Washington March 18From one
of the Democratic allies came tho
startling report at fl1 oclock today
that the Insurgent Republicans are
considering it as In their power to
depose Speaker Cannon or discharge
the scrgeantatarmfi of Ute house
In a fiery spnech Representative
Shackleford of Missouri declared that
by abdicating his throne the speak
er had Instituted a reign of anarchy
In the hoiiRu and that the speaker
had privately Instructed the sergeant
atnrms not to arrest absentees be
cause ho was unable to command a
majority vote The insurgents filed Into
the house at 1147but the result of
their conference has not yet been an
Washington March JS The insur
gent Republicans today selected
Messrs Gardner MassJ Hayes
Cal L nroot Wis and Norris
Neb to meet a elmllar reprcscnia
lion from the regulars to arrange for
an enlargement ofthe rules commit
tee to ten or fifteen members with
the elimination of the speaker
Washington March ISA commit
tee of the regulars composed of Rep
resentatives Dalzell of Pennsylvania
Smith of Iowa aud01mst of Ponn
sylvanlt mot the Insurgents during
their meeting in an effort to reach a
basis of compromise No compromise
was effected but therelira possibility
of a recess until oclock
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I Indians Had Made a
Practice of Killing
Seattle Wash March ISBltl for
the heroic efforts of Mrs Thomas
Noyes of Nome Alaska wife of tho
principal owner of the greatest placer
project on KelJiobus sound the na
tives of the far northland today might
be con Inning the old tribal custom
of weeding out female Infants
Mr and Mrs Noyes nnd their nine
yoarold dai hter Connie who was
born far up In the Arctic circle are I
In Seattle on their way to California
I Whpn wo first went to the north
in IfKH said Mrs Noyes yesterday
Conditions were terrible If a son
was horn all was well but if a daugh
ter the mother might continue the
fight for the existence for both her
self and her babe but eventually aba
II would he forced to how to the inev
itable and sacrifice tile life of tho in
Tho last case I heard of waR most
heartrending continued Mrs Noyes
Tho mother had borne twins Ono
was a boy and Iho other a girl What
followed she innocently told me after
wards The bov was nurtured care
fully but the woman said she stran
gled tho little girl regularly but tho
poor little unfortunate fought hard
for hor life and persisted In crying
when thrown out Into the snow
With other women of Nome and fur
ther north whom she enlisted In the
fight as fast as she could make their
acquaintance Mrs Noyes Journeyed
hundreds of miles behind dog teams
slept alone In the open and visited the
IglcoK of a hundred sections A sharp
lookout was kept on the Igloos about
the settlements and one after another
girl babies were rescued from exter
mination and tho parents who hal
cast them out were coaxed cajoled or
by threats forced into compliance with
the code of civilization
Dawson Alaska March ISThe
Northwest mounted police expedition
arrivingfrom McPherson at the
mouth of the MocKonzIe yesterday
brings word that sevontyelghl Fort
Rae Indians of the Dogrlb tribe In the
< Inity of Great Slave lake died this
Inter of starvation The reports
wero roc led from nitishcrs
Captain Jennings of the mounted
police party which arrived at McPher
son from HerSchel connecting with
tho Dawson expedition reports
Thompson and < Anderson the ethno
logists wintering between Bailey Is
land Cape Paris and the Ernest Ief
llngwcll scientific expedition with a
small schooner wintering near Flar
man island
Tho whaler Knrluk Is the only ship
wintering at herschel She has 80
000 worth of bone having taken elev
en whales Tho Karluk expects to
leave the Arctic next fall with a 200 I
000 catch I
Chicago March 18Two hundred
and sixty telephone calls for President
Tan at the la Salle hotel during his
I stay yesterday wore answered by In
formation Clark George Smith the 1
I cells ranging from a desire to speak
to Mr Taft to a demand that my
compliments be given to the Presi
dent for f knew him In Ohio
The calls could nol be delivered of
Course said Clerk Smith nnd I hud
to pacify the callers ap best I could
When I told them the President
could not answer it made them mad
I and when r said yes this is Mr
Taft their joy wns evidenced In
I their voices It was a great strain
I and the iccord of 200 calls for one
j man in one day anti evening I be
lieve is n record certainly here
l odI
Chicago March ISJack Johnson
heavyweight champion after receiv
ing formal notice yesterday from Jack
I tiJeasou one of the promoters of the
JeffrleEJohnson fight that the con I
test will be staged at Emeryville on
Tul > Ith decided to leave for Son
Francisco early In April to take up I
i active training uud not wait until I
May as has been his original plan
I Johnson will leave for Now York
I Sundn > night where his trial on a
I charge of assault In the second de
I gree como up on March 23
I New YorkiMRrcli IS P Thomas
j will be obliged to undergo another op
r o eration for Injuries received In an
automobile accident two years ago
The operation will probably he per
formed In Paris European surgeons
have exnrqsBed confidence that this I
will restore Mr Thomas to health
Japan Has No Intention
of Following a
Broad Policy
New York March lSJallan IB
first of all u practical nation sayn
R Ichlncmujn head ot the Yoko
hama Specie hank on Wall street
in n statement on the question of the
open door In China given out hero
today I
Japan unquestionably believes In
equal opportunity for the monetary i
interests and commerce of all on
ions In China continued Mr Ichln
onuja but business Is business and
von must bear in mind that China
is a sovereign nation and can do I
business with whomsoever she likes
Japan Is In harmony with the Unit
ed States in KT general attitude in
I Chlun and she has shown this In Man
churia Naturally however she Is
opposed tu the neulraliratlon of the
Manchuriun railroad This wes ceded
to her by Russia after a war which
cost Jnpun dearly and It Is scaicely
I to be expected that she will give up
willlnplj control of what cost so
nluch I
Somewaht different views on tie
subject of Japans Intentions wore
voiced by G S Gerst the American
representative of tho RussoChineso
bank Japan has no idea of k ° epus
the opn door he said Her nttlud
ever since the RusboOnponcso war
has shown that Japans policy Is to se
I cure all she can gel L know that I
lived In Japan for runny years
Wnlla Walla Wash March IS
That James Joy Miller missing quar
terback on last years Unicrslty of
Michigan football eleven who was lo
cated on a fruit farm west of Walla
Walla yesterday working as a com
mon laborer remembers his past rec
ord on the gridiron as well as his
other experiences Is believed by those
who have Interviewed him His ac
tions and the fact that be has been
receiving mall regularly from friends
in Michigan leads tho obligating
authorities tobelieve time his sus
pension of memory IK only feigned
Pressed with quesllons by those
working on the case Miller for the
past month has persistently denied
his identity asserting that he isonly
an acquaintance of the missing football
ball man
The first clew that the man was
working on the fruit farm was Miller
came through the postal unthbritlcs
Miller has called regularly at thy
postofilce in Walln Walla pad asked
for mall for Miller Tie explained that
his name was Milne and that Miller
had asked him to get any mall ad
dressed to him and hold It
Miller was In a room with a dozen
common laborers seated at a long
table and playing cards by lamplight
when found last night Responding to
several questions Miller said
lOr prefer not to talk about this I
matter Its none of the publics busi I
ness I have written home and every
thing is nil right If father wants to
make any statement let It come from
Asked If he intended to return
home Miller replied that he had no
decided what he would do It all
depends on circumstance he con I
Oakland Cal March 1Srh
police and private detective agencies
are searching for Frank Thomas a
boy In knickerbockers who Is ar
cuscd of swindling several local banks
out of sums totaling 800 Represent
ing himself to be the owner of news
paper wagons here nnd In San Fran
clnco and stating hat ho needed mon
ey to take out shipments of maga
zines awaiting him at railroad stn
IIOIIB Thomas said tp havo Indur
ed tho banks to advance him amounts
ranging from 40 to aOO The police
believe Thomas to he an eastern
awlndler knQwn as The Knee
breeches Kid
Washington March IS Hereafter
In accordance with a ruling of the
commissioner of internal revenue the
caution notice required to be affixed
to each box containing cigars may ho
Imprinted or Intended directly on the
weed metal paper or other materials
used separately or In combination for
packing cigars and cigarettes
The new form of notices will take
the place of labels and will result in
n ronsldorablo saving of time and
money to manufacturers
Portland Ore March ISHenr
Turrlsn of Duluth Minim represent
ing eastern capitalist today com
pleted tho purchase from S Benson
of Portland of 28000 acres of timber
land for nearly OOOOOO The land
lies between the Columbia and Naba
lcm rivers and forms one of the most
extensive tracts In tho west
Big Demand for Them
in the Southern
States I
New York March ISThC annual I
report of the Now York Foundling
and Orphum asylum given out hero I
today declares that there Is an unus i
ually active demand for New York I
babies In the United States pnrtlc I I
ulnrly New Orleans and other Louis
iana cities A shipment of seventy I
babies went south some time ago
proved satisfactory that the Institution
Iloycd so sutsfncLr lost I
tution has had requests for more
and Is now getting ready to ship an
other consignment
The homes to which the babies arc
destined are carefully inspected I
three times by different agents of
the as > htm bel ore requests are ap I
proved Thee hlldrcn rangc In na I
from two to three years i
Tokio Friday Feb 27Japan hfH
agreed temutatlvely to lend moral sup
port If not actually to take financial i
Interest In tho yroposed Chinchow j
AI un railway in which American
capitalists arc interested Japanese
capitalists do not believe the line mviii
he constructed for many > car In
fact It is not thoinht that Russia
will consent to building to Algun at
least until more prO reg3 has been
made with the projected Hue north of
the Amur river I
The counlry through which the pro 1
jected line passes has not as yet giv
on promise of business I Is thought
likely that there are some good min I
ing properties to he developed but time I I
more astute business men look very
much askance at the proposition oCi
railroad line controlled by six or
seven syndicates of capital represent
Ing six or seven nationalities Ills A
pointed out that If each counlry infer
eslcd could secure a mining or pther
concessionwhich would be of equal
value with that secured by his neigh
bor the proposition might he prac I I
Again there Is the question of sup
plies It Is suggested that the cnso i
of a railroad owned by Chinat but for
which the had been
hlcl money hnl supplied I
by various nationalities each country
would want a share In the profits In r
sippllcs and equipment and that this 1
isa mailer to be fully arranged be
fore the capital can bo forthcoming
It Is estimated flint 100000000 Is
necessary to build such a line 200
miles of which will pass through tho I
Elyrlu 0 March ISRobert Green I
r once a wealthy banker is in Jail here l
ruined and disgraced through his I
mania for broken down horses He
was arrested on the charge of steal
ing a loam belonging to a farmer of
Oberlin The horses were discov
ered In n stable In companj with otlmr
tennis also stolen t
Two years ago Green was vice
president of the Farmers Mer
chants bank a trustee of the Meth
odist church and respected He lost
Ms fortunt through stock specula
tion nnd lu May 1SOS was sentenced
for horse stealing bill he escaperl
from prison II Is said In May 1903 t
He again fell under suspicion and
rented n barn in Cleveland which It
In charged he proposed io fill with I
steeds He also appeared to covet
the most dilapidated cqulius ho could
find t j
Chicago March ISWhfn Prosl ll
dent Taft entered the rooiiib of tho II
Chicago Newspaper club jesterdny
thc members greeted him with a song
to the mimic of the Stein Song writ
ten for the ocaslon lie last stanza
of which follows
Whos afraid tho of the big stick
Theres a man across the ocean
Who is coming homo some day
Will hcstir up a commotion
Its a bet so nomo folks say
Whos afraid tho of the big stick
Not a soul It frighten will
For whos got n stout nhlllalah
And the boys all answer Bill
Fresno Cat March IS Penniless I
and homeless a wanderer from place I
to place there has been discovered
In Fresno a man who declares he Is
part heir to n estate of 750000 In
Boston This man Is Daniel Blake
Russell who has boon missing for
twentyfive years
He has made an affidavit as to hip I
Identity which is said to have caused
There IP another
a stir In Boston Ther If
8tr be
man now In Jloston who claIm t
Daniel Blake Russell
The Great TONIGHT denTheatre Dont i
Lme GreatDtvideFQNIGHTOgdCn Miss It
1 4

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