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< I > 91 71 T
v tt + 1 f tX
r nu
ti ct
Ind Phone two rlngoNo 5S
Bcfl Phone two ringsNo 66
Ind Phono one ringNo B8
Bell Phono one ringNo GS
Adrortlsern miiot nave theIr copy for
t e Evening Standard the evening bo
toro tho day on which tho advertise
ment is to appoar In order to Insure
VlclUng In Evanston Miss fraud
Stevenson of this city Is visiting MM
Rupe of Evanston Wyo who had pre
viously been her guest In this city
for somo time
WANTED Clean whlto rags at tho
Mrs Cain RoturnsMrs J W
Cain of Evanston Wyo who has beon
In this city for her health returned
home last week very much better to
visit her husband and friends She
was delighted with the climate iu
Ogden I
Call Allow phones 22 for carriages
for funerals and operas Private calls
L specialty Also prompt delivery of
LiiggugO 412 25th
Wyoming Visitors Thos Jalnter
Phil Myers D J Chisholm Atty P
W Spalding and II N Dodine all of
nvRiiton Wyoming were visitors to
Ogden last week
For SaJeOld mats Good to put
under carets Inquire Standard office
Ogden Man Chooen G C Todd of
this city has been appointed manager
at Evanston Wyoming for the Rocky
Mountain pell Telephone company
vice R E HIggins who will resign
in April 1 when Mr Todd will take
charge of tho duties of tho position
There was nn especially large at
I tendance yesterday at both the morn
Ing and afternoon sessions of the
regular quarterly conference of tho
forth Weber Stake
The services Included addresses by
arson F Whitney and lion Brigham
Jf Robortfl A special musical pro
Vrain was given by the choir and
several excellent gnlcm were rendered
r After Uie Invocation offered by El
a der Samuel A Blair the choir sang
r Yo Simple Souls Who Stray
f This was followed by a report of
Uio work done since tho last con
f ference brands A Stratford giving
f the report In his lemarku tho speak
er expressed bin appreciation of the
rood work done by his nssoelates and
hppod that the members would re
I QVC the teachings with the spirit In
ivhfal it was g yon Mr Stratford
ddmonlghpd tjio vnrJoiiB Officers u >
tsolan Influence over tho members
> f their quorums
I Tho petition of the Btiko authorities
bi regard to the present controversy
between the bectgrowerB and fltc
tl Sticking to a Habit When It Meant
Old King Coffee knocks subjects out
i tolciably flat at timer and there is
no possible doubt of what did it A
t Mich woman gives her experience
f I need to havu liver trouble nearly
all of the time and took medicine
which relieved mo only for a little
while Thon every onco In a while
I would ho suddenly doubled up with
1 nu awful agony In my stomach It
seemed as though every time I took
I a breath I would die No ono could
suffer any more and live
Finally I got down so sick with
catarrh of tho stomach that I could I
not turn over in bed and my stomach
did not digest oven milk rho doctor f
flnully told mo that If I did not give
up drinking coffee 1 would surely die
hut I felt I could not give It up
t However Husband brought homo
n package of Postum and it was made
t strictly according to directions It
I was the only thing that would < stay on
my aloninch and I soon got so I liked
l It very much
I Gradually I began to hot better and
ii wook by wook gained in strength and
I health Now I am In perfect condi
i tion and I am convinced that tho
whole cause of my trouble was coffee
drinking and my getting hotter was
duo to leaving off coffee and taking
A short time ago I tasted some cof
fee and found to my astonishment
that 1 did not care anything about It
1 never have to take medicine any
more I hope you will use this letter
for tho benefit of those Buffering from
tho poisonous effects of coffee
Rend Uio little book rite Road to
Wollvlllc In pkgs TheroB a Rea
Ever read the above letter A note
one appears from time to time They
are genuine true and full of human I
7 R
+ < p
k tl
Y w
c5t 7r r
allow your grocer to send up any
t flour but
Make him understand that your
standing order Is for Pearys Cres
cent Flour because It bakes tho most
and the beat bread
Sugar company wan also Mated by
the speaker advUlng the members to
uo nothing In worldly matter which
would lead to bnd feelings netween
them as members of tbochurch but to
use reasonable means for a psacajul
settlement of the difficulty Tim ad
cress was followed by a soprano
solo by Mpg Heber Warner
Orson F Whitney then took the
stand and spoke at some length
Speaking reminiscent of former
vlBlulo Ogden ho said that he great
ly enjoyed his visits hero with the
saints but enld that he and the other i
general officers of the church should
not show favoritism toward any one
locality but should love and teach
alike any branch of the church where
ever they uhould be
lie further Bald that a spirit of
sympathy should exist between the
olllcers of the different stakes and
wards and that although they should
give their beat efforts to the work
in the district they presided over i
hey should HUll have a bond of love
for and Interest In the church work
In general I
Tn his closing remarKs Mr Whitney
sao an Interesting discussion which
he had with an eastern colonizer
while In Oregon regarding the meth
ods pursued In increasing the mem
bcrshlp of the church Ho summariz I
ed all by saying that people should
not come Into the church blindly but
> t their own free will and a full un J
crstandlng of the truth of the Gospel
as taught by the Church of Jesus I
Christ of Latter Day Saints I
Jos A West and Jos Parry each
bore testimony of their belief In the
gospel expressing the hope that tho
church would continuo to progress III
good works
At the afternoon servIce an cspe
fly line musical
program was I
rendered by the choir J
Mrs M S Marriott of the stake i
Relief Society gave an Interesting re
port of the work of that organization I
giving special stress to the series of j
lectures which are being given by j
firs Dr Schofield of Salt Lake un
tier the auspices of tho society John i
V Bluth then presented the general
and stake authorities who were unanl I
lously sustained by all present
Hon B H Roberts then addressed I
the congregation
He began by speaking of tho spirit I
of unrest which Booms to be stinging
the entire country at the present time
otably the great labor strike In
ennsylvaula and the recent doings
In congress which have stirred the
nution He then followed with a short
historical narrative going hack to a
period after the organization of the
church when Joseph Smith was com
manded to gather the saints and go
from Now York to Ohio which was
done Whilo In Ohio the las of the I
church were revealed to him among
them the one regarding tho consecra
j tion of property which designated
man to be only a steward of hh earth
ly jiossiiRslous mental and physical
flrongtll fucludOd fo be uged for the
best goaf ofGods people
Since the year 1S30 went on tho
speaker until the present time tho
world has been undergoing A transi
tion In the paL SO years tho world I
nas progressed more than man in the I
1000 years previous A complete rev
olutlon has taken place AU this I
attribute to tho restoration of the
Gospel of the Mormon Prophet
awakening the entire world to Its
In no department of the worlds
action has there boon such a change I
as In the department of labor Eighty
years ago It look 2000 men to do the
work which can be done now by one
man and a machine At that tlmo
employer and employee were on terms
of friendship but with the Improved
machinery which came as time woic
on class distinction began to creep in
and employer and employee became
moro and more alienated And then
the owners of factories in different
districts began to combine with no
thought of the employees whatever
Not doing singlehanded in the soul
less manner which they desired they
formed corporations thus thinking to
take the blame from their own should
ers This to my mind can well bo
compared to a mob which may com
mit violence not thinking of any
personal blame being attached to Its
members But the thought Is In ev
ery mind and as the scriptures say
Thought the wicked band hand in
hand they will not escape damnation
Thus the employes In order to
receive any consideration whatever
wore forced to organize trade unions
and these as tho conditions of the
present time
Hero at home our fathers lived tho
simple frontier life with plenty of
land for all and aa a new generation
grew up the farmn were subdivided
and In tlmo It wan necessary for tho
boys as they married tp find homes
In neighboring counties anal to till
tho soil factories being built to take
care of a portion of the product
Rcgardlng the present difference
mentioned by Francis R Stratford
Mr Roberts said that ho concurred
with tho stake presidency In the po
sition which they took further stat
ing that the things of this world
moan but little as compared with tho
world to come
Benediction was offered by Win
Moycs and the conference then ad
Jonrncd for three months
Thin materials and satin faced ones
are to remain In vogue
The Weber Academy team in com
pony with a number of students went I
to Salt Lnko and played the tie game
off with tho Mutes The score at the
end of the first half stood 2fi to 5 In I
Webers favor The bois were then
told to slow down a little In the sec
ond half and the final score stood I
22 to CC In Welrors favor
Holier City High School team are J
the champions of the Southern league
and the Mutes defeated them In their
own hall and the Weber team de
feated the Mutes so badly that there
should be no question about where
the stato high school basket ball
championship rests
A representative of the Glenn Bros
Music company will deliver a talk be
fore the Weber Academy Commercial
club next Thursday at 1 oclock on
sonic live business question A good
Limo Is insured All Interested aro
A treat is promised to all who nt
lend the lecture next Wednesday
March 22 Mr Elliott Is one of the
greatest Impersonators
A large and enthusiastic audience
witnessed the play Tulii at Morgan
last Saturday put on by the Weber
Academy Dramatic club
Such a spirit of fraternity and fel
lowship seemed to bo tho result of the
union services last year during Pas
sion Week that tho pastors of the
various churches In tho city have de
cided to observe services during Pas
sion Week an follows
Palm Sunday 11 a in and
7tO p m In the Various Churches i
Monday S p idBaptist Church
Tuesday S pm Episcopal Church
Wednesday S p Methodist Church
= w
Thursday 8 p mPresbyterian Church
Krlday S p Congregational Church I
EarIff Sunday 11 a in and I
7h p niin the Various Churches
Ou Monday evening Mr Jlameyj will
wing a tenor solo The Lost fchord
ThP service will bn made bright and
cheerful with a short sermon on an
incident taken from Monday of Pas
sion Week
Last Friday night the school child
ren of Slatervllle charmingly present
ed to tho good people of that little
town the play Whats Next A
throeart comedy by Rob Watt The
play was given under the direction i
of Principal II A Sunders of the
SlatorvIllB School for the benefit of
the now school library The house
das packed with people and tho per
formance was highly appreciated
both for the talent exhibited by the
children and for the purpose th t
It was given
Those who took part In the per
formance were
Nellie Knight Mario ChadwIck
Katie Peruka Beatrice Chadwlck
Jasper Perry Delwin Hutchins Am
mon Bartholomew Alfred Aired
Clement Casey Russell Wheeler
Myrtle Stangcr Ronnie Peruka In
land Knights Asol Simmons Clar
cuco Wheeler Edna Eklns and ManIll
Slater Those Interested In building
up a new and complete library at tho
Slatervllle school weio given a Bur
prlsc Saturday when word was re
ceived that the county school board
would in all probability vote to con
tribute 15 for tho fund The mat
ter was taken up when the board met
but was not definitely decided
Pocatello March 20 Messrs John
Stewart lj Richards and G A Mc
Donald second vice president and
general sales agent respoctlvly of the
Quaker Oats company of Chicago III
are In the ilty ronferring with the Po
ratlolo Commercial club and other
representative citizens relative to es
tablishing a Quaker Oats factory bore
Ono or tho Quaker Oats men was In
Pocatello several months ago and his
favorable report on Pocatello as an
idol location for a factory for the
Clunker Oats people Is responsible for
tho present visit of the high officials
of the company
A special meeting of the Commer
cial club was called last evening by
President Young that teh citizens
might meet MesHrs Stewart Richards
and McDonald and talk over matters
relative to getting tho big factory lo
cated hero
Word has reached Ogden that a I
vaudeville sketch written by Ernest I
T Spencer the well known Ogden
newspaper writer and cartoonist has
been accepted by ono of the larger
theatrical concerns and will he staged
thin week In Chicago to continue an
engagement of six months Another
sketch prepared by Mr Spencer has I
been accepted by a well known artist
and will be staged hero On top of I
this Spcnco TB receiving congratula
tions upon tho artistic designing of a I
new drop curtain which made itsl
first appearance at last Friday nights j
performance of The Great Divide
at the New Ogden theatre
Washington March lIt must be
pretty hard to shoot at a target while
nakos are crawling around your legs
yot that Is what the bluejackets in
the Philippines hae been doing ac
cording to an official report to the
navy department
Ensign Morrison who conducted the
target practice of the mon on the
Callo at tho naval range at Olongapo
says It Is the most difficult range that
can be Imagined and when tho men
wore not running through water ankle
deep or lying down In two Inches of
soft red mud they were besot with
Insects and reptiles and when the
ground was dry tho timekeepers of the
skirmish runs were busy killing the
Bnakes that woro crawling around the
mon lying on the ground firing at tho
Three typhoons also added an ele
ment of excitement and uncertainty
whllo tho practice wan going on
Denver March Preliminary re
turns on the vote being taken by the
unions of tho Western Federation of
Miners on the proposition to affiliate
with tho American Federation of La
bor indicate that the issue will carry
by a substantial majority At head
quarters hore It was announced yes
terday that the votes of Montana
unions which strongly oppose the
proposition have not vet hen re
ceived bnt that whichever way they
vote the result cannot be changed
Tho matter has been fought out
yearly In the annual convention of tho
federation and only last year was its
supporters able to secure endorsement
of their resolution to send a commit
tee lo confer with officials of the
Polled Mine Workers of America
This conference was hold at the re
cent annual convention of tho eastern
miners organization
Grows Hair
on Bald Heads
A Remedy that Costs Nothing
if it Fails to do as
ttcsorcln Is ono of Uio latent and
most effective germkillers discovered
11 y science and in connection with
Beta Naplithol also a powerful anti
septic a combination is formed which
I destroys tho germs which rob the
hnlr of Its nutriment and thus cro
ntcs a clean and healthy condition of
I the scalp which prevents the develop
ment of new germs
I Pllocarplno Is a well known cnt
for restoring the hair to its natural
color where the loss of color has been
due to a disease Yet It IR not a col
oring matter or dye
The famous Rexall 03 Hair Tonic
i Is chiefly composed of nesorcln Beta
Naphtliol and Pllocarpino combined
with pure alcohol because of its cleans
ing and antiseptic qualities it makes
the scalp healthy nourishes the hair
revitalize tho roots supplies hair
noiidahment and stimulates a now
Vo want you to try a few bottles
I of Rexall OS Hair Tonic on our per
sonal guarantee that the trial will
not cost you a penny If It does not
I give you absolute satisfaction Thatfl
proof of our faith in this remedy and
It should Indisputably demonstrate
that we know what we are talking
about when we say that Rexall flj
Hair Tonic will prow hair on bald
heads except of course where bald
ness baa been of such long duration
that tho roots of the hair nro entirely
doa Lao follicles closed and grown
I over and tho scalp Is gazed
Remember wo are basing out state
ment upon what has already been ac
complishcd by the use of Rexall 91
Hair Tonic and we have the right to
assume that what fi has done for
hundreds of others it will do for you
I In any event you cannot lose any
I thing by giving It a trial on our lib
eral guarantee Two sizes HO cents
I and si 00 Remember you can obtain
I Rexall Remedies in Ogden onl at our
I store The Reuill Store T II Carr
I corner Grant and 25th
I d T1
i s r 1 I
r t ill i
4 JDW I S trp t ce T r2J 819 II V IS fJJ t I I y IS S I ore
Just now you will find the most magnificent display of furniture ever brought to this city It
will be a revelation to you to see this springs stocks unless you have already been in to see our new
displays + Every inch of floor space is now occupied by the very latest offerings from all the leading
manufacturers Every piece was selected with the greatest care and carries our guarantee for its
absolute worthiness
pj All the La h C ll 13
d 1
I M n l7 r
N E t4
hma Our new stock of Carpets Rug and a f
Y nq6 Linoleum has just arrived and placed in stock ° tt x
r rr ai Before our variety begins to lessen come and t 7
k t a P sif what we have 10 offer A few hints from
r our big lino
i 4000 Kymric Bigelow Wilton Rugs in the I R >
a very latest designs and colorings special 0x12 1
y iaj ft laid 4 2800
5000 value BipeloiY Arlington Rugs 225 Smith Wilton Velvet Carpet 41 n o a
the Best Axminster Rug made i
> 4000 special laid price yd 1 150
425 grade first grade Scotch Inlaid lliLlallH An loP + lsinn Wilton
Linoleums tree patterns to select i
from laid per lineal yd 275 Hugs 0x12 5800
325 Nairns Inlaid Linoleum Whittalls AugloIl1 ian Wilton TCugs fefee 9x12 s Ir I400O
> 8200 Whitlalls Royal Wilton Rug spenial this week 9x12 94000
275 Nairns Inlaid Linoleum 1650 Kashmir Ruga size 9x12 verb sp iial 1150
175 3500 Amsterdam Body Brussels Hug f stir 9x12 special 2500
If I I I
Our New SpFtag Stock 1 >
q n
WaHR PapelrS 1
h i v i0i
Is ready for inspection I a 6
> e
Come and soc what weve gathered for U
your consideration Wall Paper time is here
and so is our new Spring stock in all its won
derful variety of patterns and designs Never
were colorings of such a high standard nor the r
designs so beautiful I o r
Special Sale of odd lots of papers at half c t
price Be sure and see north display window
30c papers reduced to 15 r
70c papers reduced to Ie 35
< Special attention Is drawn to
DOC reduced 25es
papers onr fine display of wall burlaps I
35c papers reduced to u SanitosVIIIT Oil Cloth and I
ITic papers reduced to 10 room mouldings headings and r
plate railing
Many fine designs in sale a
JC S 1 8 I
I I I 1111
2S2923S1233S WasMn on Ave
ySSHi i fcljTi L < L1 JJ v Jfr I t = OiiiiJ

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