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1 11
r2h t roR CATARRH
I Thcro is no way to euro Catarrh except to purify tho blood and thin
do away with tho cause Tho symptoms may bo benefited by tho use o
washes Inhalations sprays medicated tobaccos otc and through tho us
I of such treatment catarrh Euffororc reccivo temporary relief and comfort
External and local measures however cannot havo any otlcct on tho blood
I and therefore their uso alono Is of no real curativo valuo Catarrh is r
dcepceatod blood disease and comos as tho rosult of catarrhal matter anr
other impurities In tho circulation Thoso morbid matters in the blood
cause au Inflammatory and Irritated condition of tho mucous membrane o
tissue lining of tho cavities of tho body producing an unhealthy secretion
ringing noses in tho oars stuffy fooling in tho head and noco headaches
hoarseness bronchial affections watery oycs otc S S S is tho beat treat
ment for Catarrh because it is tho greatest of all blood purifiers ThL
1 medicine removes every partSclo of tho catarrhal impurity from tho circula
tion making this vital fluid pure fresh and healthy Then tho inflamed
membranes bogin to heal trecauso thoy aro nourishod with pure health
giving blood ovory symptom disappears and soon S S S produces a perfect
euro SSS does not contain any habitforming drugs which really never
can cure Catarrh but often ruin tho health Book on Catarrh and any
I r
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Your Easter Hat
An ElegairaS Line OH the ILatesfi Designs
TTJ VkU ojl r JL W rVt f t ijnt il T a JTI i JL l JZl a iSjLVfc
2350 Wasiiintogn Ave
Madison AVis 1 March 20 The rg
port oC the assembly committee pt
the Wisconsin legislating 1 v L sat
ing tho uivp ° n Hturc8 of beiiatorial
candidates In the last primary elec
tion field recommends various reforms
including the elimination of state I
oraploxes from politics Senator Jtf
Follette was severely criticised for
the alleged use of state employes for
political purposes during his adminls
lialiou as governor
Holgradc SonIa March 20King
Peter with the premier M Pachitch
the foreign minister Dr Millovnno
vile and a large suite started to
day for St Petersburg Crown
Prince oGorgo has been re
gent during the lines absence Klig
I Peter vll spend several days with I
iio czar
New Ulm Minn March 20Firc
early today destroyed the mill two
elevators and the olllce building of
the New Ulm roller mill company
The loss is estimated at 100000
Approximately 275000 acres of
land in Utah will be sold to the high
est bidder at Logan April II 15
and 1C next
Moro than a quarter of a million
acres some of it grazing land some
adapted to dry land fanning some
of it Irrigated and somo in a town
site truly au opening of very con
siderable proportions
This Is however not government
Innd It has long been In tho pos
session of private owners and will
be sold by the PromontoryCurlew
Land company nt Its offices In Lo
gan Tho land lies In the territory
north of the Great San Lake and
reaches past the UtahIdaho line
Until recently thin land belonged
to the Crocker estate and as lIch
it has had quite a history It was
contained In tho original land grant
to the Central Pacific and after
wards came Into the possession of
the late Charles Crocker one of the
builders of that railroad Ho decid
ed to operate the tract which con
tained approximately 400000 acres as
a huge stock farm A ranch was
fitted up and George Crocker a son
of tho railroad builder was placed In
charge When the land on the death
of Charles Crocker reverted to tho
Crocker estate it was divided into
two sections operated respectively l
by the Promontory Ranch company
and the Curley Ranch company
George Crocker was president of both
Some Land Purchased
The railroad grant included the
oddnumbered sections of land for
twenty miles on each side of the right
of way This meant that if a map
I of that territory had been drawn
and the Crocker holdings colored
the result would have presented the
wellknown checkorbonrd appear
pcarancc In the progress of time
Bomo of the land on the Intervening
sections was purchased by private
parties from the estate but little
was ever done to improve these hold
ings The owners found that access
to their property was comparatively
difficult nml that almost the entire
water supply which Includes numer
ous springs Hcatteied over the tract
was comprised in the Crocker hold
It followed that In all that vast ro
gion though it was not all Includ
ed in tho Crocker estate about a
quarter of a million acres of the best
farm land In the slate remained un
developed Lands outside tho teal
tory but adjacent to It include some
of the most progressive farms in
Utah The claim is made that thnro
Is much similar land within tho con
fines of the Crocker estate now the
holdings of the ProraontoryCurlcy
Land company For example Tre
monton apples are declared to be un
excelled The soil In Blue Creek
valley a part of this huge tract IK
almost Identical with that at Trcmon
ton Approximately 3000 acres oi
this Blue Creek valley land will he
sold with perpetual water rights
I The PromontoryCurlew Land com
pany owns all the available water
supply there
Town of Howell J
In this same valley the town of
Howell will bo established named
In honor of Congressman Joseph I
Howell whoso efforts made the open
ing of this huge tract possible It
is confidently predicted that Howell
will soon equal In Importance any
town in Northern Utah Howell will
be In township 12 north range 2
west of tho Sail Lake meridian or
about 75 miles as the crow files
northwest of Salt Lake City Its do
mestic water supply will bo provided
from the Hillside spring Water
for Irrigation purposes will be
pumped from the Blue creek to u
monster cistern at the head of the
main street and thence carried
through the town by a pipe line
While the Crocker Interests were
aware of tho possibilities latent In
their holdings after the surrounding
territory and particularly that to the
past and north hail developed they
repeatedly refused to entertain any
propositions to dispose of he land
in parcels It remained for Congress
man Toseph Howell lo open up the
negotiations which resulted In the
acquisition by the PromontoryCur
lew Land company of all tho Crocker
holdings In Utah nnd Idaho
Tho benefit to this district and to
I tho state from hiss succoss iR two
fold II means the building up of
an immense territory thnt hilts hith
erto been undeveloped and it makes
It possible for persona already own
Ing land that had been hemmed In by
the Crocker holdings to improve
their properly
Ogden Mon Interested
As a result of Congressman How
oils activity the PromontoryCurle
Land company was organized tile
principal stockholders at first being
Mr Howell David Eccles of Ogden
H B Hatch president of the Thatch
er Brothers Banking company of
Logan M S Browning of Ogden
end Oleen X Stohl president of Box
Elder Stake These sold some of
their stock and the treasury stock
was placed on the market in Cache
and Box Elder counties It was over
subscribed In twelve hours The di
rectorate of tho company Includes Mr
Eccles who is president Mr Howell
vicepresident Herschel Billion Jr
secretary Mr Hatch treasurer Seth
A Langton formerly manager of the
Lognn branch of the Consolidated
Wagon Machine company manag
er President Stohl and Mr Brown
On assuming the > noslUon of manag
er Mr LangtonVIemployed a force oC
appraisers and nn engineer to go ov
er the holdings segregate and clas
Ity the land according to Its possible
uses and place la valuation on each
of the various parcels
As the work of this forco progress
ed the land was offered to the pub
lic and at three sale days approxi
mately 100000 acres has already been
disposed of Thenext will be held at
Logan April 14 15 and 16 when
practically the entire portion of the
tNadtstill unsold will he placed on
the market
Only Appraised Value
None of the land will uc sold at
less than Its appraised value which
It Is declared has been put very low
purposely As time progresses the
right is reserved to Increase the ap
praised price of insold lands If IK
u I ftfi f n CII SALE
Ladies anod M sses 9 Sk on Sa1e on New Raincoats
flew Sfi1 s a S Q 0 gs 15 900 Raincoats S750
Utn lIHill
tpD 25 1250 Raincoats 1h40
70 X20 Suits S1500 30 1500 Rainioats 1250 I
125 2200 Suits S1SOO 20 1750 Ruueoais 1400
50 2300 Suits 21 QO I
GO 30 00 Snits i 2500 °
Sa e on Lad es and M isses
Sale on Ladies imd Misses New Spdng Skirts
I NevI Sor ng Jake 125 500 Skirts 400
40 600 Jackets 500 70 600 Skirts 500
GO 700 Jackets S600 SO 700 Skirts n 600
70 750 Jackets w 5650 10 SOO Skirls 675
10 1000 Jackets 750 50 1000 Skirls 750
500 Pair Ladies Hose 25c to 35c qualities special 20c
300 Pair 50c to 75c Ladies Hose + 39c
250 Hand Bags at Cost
50 Pair 200 Kid Gloves 625
+ + + + + + + + + + +
S peCI31S < In CD SilkS Li >
135 23iucli rough weave silks 90 3G to 14iueIi V oilcs all colors from J25 to 175 now
100 27inch Rajahs 69 special per yard I 98
35c 27inch Suratka silk 25 12 l2c to Jut Ginghams 27 inches 11
125 36inch Pongee silk 30inch French Galatea Cloth special 20 I
90 Regular J0ccnt Galatea special 1
JOe 27indi
c Pongee Silk
ongee 75 J212 cent 34jnch Percales plaid stripes ctespeelal71
150 3G inch Black Taffeta
Taff ta
X100 Short 12 l2c
length regular 9
r now
ti115 3G inch Black Taffeta
S9 Short length Ginghams 10c regular now 71
A Greal Assortment 01 Towels
± at a Special Pric
J real value Increases Two rnllroads 1
I through the IrrrHory are projected I
which will mean higher price for
land adjacent to their rightofway
should the lines be built And the
development of the territory throng
bPttlemcnt and Improvement by priv
ate owner must result In enhancing
the value Of lands still lying Idle
should there be any such
Special Inducements are hold nut to
the man who will settle on and de
velop the holdings of which he may
become the purchaser Buyers of
farms will hl given the preference lu I
the rale ot lots in the lownsltc of
Howell and also In the sale of toe I
llOacre Irrigated tracts Into which
the portion of Blue Creek valley ad
jacent to Howell Is divided Thus
the owner of a dry land farm will be
able to secure a comfortable home
for himself nnd family and also to
provide lucern fruit nnd other n >
ceSar products which may not be
raised on the dry land farm I arce
areas of grazing land of excellent
quality are Included In the tract and
purchasers of these have the panic
privileges as purchasers of dry land
The company has prepared a book
let which sets forth the condition of
sale and tells just where the lands
arc and what Ic tho appraised price
on each acre Roughly speaking the
lauds arc divided Into three classes
Dry lands including dry farming
lands and grazing lands town lots
nnd Irrigated lands
Dry Lands Largest
The dry lands are by far the larg
est In area nnd for these the prices
rango from 50 cents an acre to
12 50 an acre Tracts may be se
cured In almost any portion of tho
Crocker estate from the Great Salt
Lnke to the Idaho line Land on
Promontory Point IK Included In this
and Is appraised at 300 an acre
which Is about tho average price for
tho dry lands Gunnlson Inland In
the lake la also Included but no ap
praised value Is fixed Dry land farms
adjacent to Ilowell are appraised at
from U to 12 an acre The Dllllo
Ranch of 7500 acres has a minimum
sale value of 10200 It Is about 15
miles from Howell
Lots In Howell are appraised at
from 50 up to 325 with the aver
age lot selling around 125 One lot
In the center of the town already
has a large building on It which it
is expected will be converted Into a
The Irrigated lands adjacent to
Howell will be sold In 20acrc tracts
nnd are valued at from 35 to G5 an
acre bids will be opened in tho company
offices at Logan on each of the three
days AprIl II 15 and 16 at in
oclock in the morning This will
mean that If the bidder finds his price
for a certain piece of properly on
which he bid the first day outclassed
he may make tender for a second
piece of property the following day
and HO on having In all three
I chances Each bid must bo accom
panied by a certified check or cash
for onetenth Its amount the money
to he returned to the unsuccessful
bidders No bid will be received for
loss than tile appraised value which
will be posted at Logan and which
may be had In advance from the com
panys olTlces The bids will be open
ed In public so that each man who
males a tender will have chance to
know nt Just what price the hind he
desired sold I
The company Is especially desirous
of receiving bids from residents of
Northern Utah alreadj familiar with
tho lands and with the conditions
that accompany farming and stock
raising thore Most of all It Is de
sired to secure settlers who will go
uiiead with the development of the
country nnd these will at all limes I
have preference over speculators so
far as that is possible
Lenvenworth Kas March 20
Frederick Taylor Fnulkner of Ken
tucky second secretary of the Am
erican legation at Shanghai Ch Ina
was brought hack to the federal pris
on here to serve five years for ejn
bezlcmont Faulkner was convicted
in China of stealing 55000 of Mexi
can legation funds
Made to the Secretary of State of the
State of Utah of the Condition of
Located at Ogden In the Ccunty of
Weber State of Utah at the close
of Business on the 14th Day of
March 1910
Loans and discount 7990GC57
Bonds Stocks Certificates
etc 17355423
Real Estate 2801000
Due from National banks 21217S 4
Duo from State Banks and
Bankers Ul91517
Current expenses taxes
paid 133230
Total f 124G37G93
Capital Stock paid in 7500000
Surplus Fund 2500000
Undivided Profits HOr725
Dividends unpaid SOo
Savings deps Q I per ct 1102331OS
Total 121037693
State of Utah County of Weber
Chas U Barton being first duly
sworn nccordlng to law deposes and
says that he Is the Cashier of tho
above named bank that the above and
foregoing report contains a full true
and correct statement of tho condition
of the said bank at the close of busi
ness on the 14th day of March 1910
Correct Attest
Subscribed and sworn to before me
this ISth day of March 1910
Seal Notary Public
My commission expires March 23 I
State of Utah Office of the Secre
tary of State
1 C S TINGEY Secretary pf Slato
of the Stato of Utah hcrjbycertl
fy that the foregoing Is a full true and
correct copy of the statement of the
above named company filed in ray of
flee this 10th day of March 1910
Seal Secretary of State
< II
i7 y
Business generally In all lines is
more than satisfactory During the
past week such an improvement was
noted that the tone qf optimism
changed to ono of Joy and dealers
In all lines say that trading has been
good and the prospects for tho future
arc highly BMisfaclory
In banking circles n lively demand
for money Is reported us tho unus
ually line weather hag made possible
nil kinds of outdoor operations One
bank alone has been naked to loan
money for tho construction of olgh
loon residences while one client ask
for a loan with which lo erect seven
Highly gratifying conditions are re
ported by the local hardware trade
with business booming largely on ac
count of the weather which has
started building operations In all parts
of the city Recovery from the re
stricted conditions that prevailed dur
ing tho winter la proving to be re
markable and retailers who hero
asking for extensions ti month ago
on account of the severe weather and
the resulting trade conditions find
themselves to be In a position where
they can pay up their Indebtedness
Carloads of steel goods garden
Implements rope fencing builders
hardware tin and galvanized ware
are being sent to the various dealers
The machinery market Is reported to
bp rather quiet but better conditions
are expected within the next thirty
Fine Weather Aids
Tho fine weather has proved to bo
a godsend to the lumber trade Tho
various firms report themselves stock
ed up with business Shingles arc
still on the advance and all Indica
tions are that there will bo an ad
vance shortly In fir anti pine lumber
The northwest mills are resuming op
erations but some delay IB occasion
ed In the receipt of goods on account
of the Inability to got cars The lo
cal yards aro finding It dlfllcult to
supply all orders on account of the
congestion of freights at certain
points In Idaho Concrete Is being
I used to a greater amount than ever
before In the history of the state
and tho cement plants arc unablo to
fill the orders with reasonable dis
To the Ogden Theater for Any Show
This Month Two S1 Tickets
by Paying Your Subscrip
tion In Advance
To all persons paying three months
subscription In advance we will give
ono ticket and lo pcrsons < paylng six
months In advance wo will give two
onedollar tickets for any of the fol
lowing big shows at the Ogden then
Charles B Hanford March 23rd
Otis S inner March 24th
Thc LI6u and tli < Mouse Marc
2CthMaclntlro arid HCate OH March
All aro firstclass shows
We give you two onedollar tickets
for each six months subscription pah
In advance If you want a better
seat for Instance a box neat you can
pay the difference In cash
Remember this offer Is open to old
nnd new subscribers
Moscow March 20The priests
Father John and Fathor Demolrli
were unfrocked and anathematized
today by a decree of tho Holy Synod
the decree being rend in all the
churches Father John was the most
popular preacher and temperance ad
vocate among the masses In Russia
By C E Van Loan
New York March 22 They all
get It If they slay with the game long
It makes no difference bow good the
fighter Is or how much be outclasses
his competition let him slay with the
game long enough nnd he will come
back to the bunch Just as the
sprinter In the long race opens ti
the gap on the field to fall back at
the head of the stretch the chawplon
has his time when he Isout in front
winning along easily picking up the
money with both hands mind wonder
Ing If it can be true that he used
to live on three dollars a week Then
the first thing he knows he gets u
bumping and falls back with the com
mon herd again
Now Its Nelson
The w hlte hatred Dansh boy came
from nowhere just about six years
ago I roniombor the first time I
oor saw the name Batlllng Nelson
In print It struck me as a fine nanid
for a fighting nine and It was
coupled with a performance which
startled most of the Pacific coast
men The stranger Nelson had beat
en Spider Welsh In Salt Lake City
knocked him out In 1C rounds Spider
Welsh was rated as a milling good
man that he should be beaten b > an
unknown seemed almost incredible
That was In April of 1004 See what
Nelson accomplished In the remain
ing months of that year
In May he knocked out the tough
Cnnolo In July he knocked out Ed
die Hanlon the most popular little
fighter the coast ever produced In
September he whaled the demon Mex
ican Aurelio Hlrorraln Novem
ber he put away Young Corhrll In len
rounds nnd In December he fought
20 rounds with Britt and was out
pointed but never outfought
That was a fairly busy year four
lough lightweights knocked out ono
benton on a decision and ono deci
sion lost to Jlrainy BritL But Nel
son became one of tho two big fig
ures In the white lightweight divi
sion and tho oilier one was Jccnis
Edwards a Native Son
Nelson appealed to popular Imagina
tlonR couldnt box ho had no
frotwprK ho Lad not learned to do
startling press agent stunts he was
a tough honest little fighter who
never backed away from his work
With the first of the big money
Bat Darned he paid off the mortgage
on his little home In Hegowlch and
f 1
i 11
j fJ
s i
4i if
kf I
n1 ti l I
This floublobrenstecl suit is
the style that is most becoming
to most boys it gives an jit
tractive fullness lo slight fig 1
ores but if your boy is one of
the solid husky nthlctie build I
our single breasted coat is better
All the now spring styles are
here and a visit from you
would be appreciated at our
store H
Modern Clothes
AT 2365
notified hula dad that It was time for
him to retire Many a man of better
education and more opportunities In
youth hasnt assayed as much pure
gold as Nelson and when money came
his way he did not Ions It awny on
the sports and tho good fellows and
the bright fight sycophants The
whole Nelson family wes declared In
on Balls prosperity
fn 1905 ho removed Jimmy BrIt
from the championship mnp The rest
of his record Is ring history The d
feat at Goldfield the beefsteak fight
with Brllt and the dotermlnod up
hill fight which wound up with Nel
son the lightweight champion of hc
wrrlrt tliosn things ore known to ev
ery sporting man In the country
Bait was a long limo fighting his
way to the toi eleven yearsand bo
i held his title just 20 month defend
ing It six times and losing It nt last
to a man without tho punch U was
a melnncholy finish for the fighter
who trimmed nil the star walloper
of the lightweight brigade anti trIm
mcd them until they howled for the
I police
II Billy Nolan Knew Nelson hotter
Ulan nny other man in the business
and Billy used to cay When this
fellow blows up he will be a mark
for every thlyd rate fighter In the
country When bis stnmlpa gpos they
Will all lick > him because thats nil
he ever JindV 1
We hay been fjrenalng up the
hearse or Bat eYcr time he slnrfd
It was all ready for him at Goldfiold
but he wiggled througl that time
Ho had another mighty close call
when he fought Britt the third lint
Had he been knocked out then the
chances are that he would never have
been given another big fight
I He stalled through to the finish
helpless but still on hiM feet Every
body Thought it was all over with
him when ho made the second Cans
match but ho amazed the talent by
liuttlng away the Old Master and
ranking clear his llllo to tho light
weight championship
The wagon was ready for him when
be fought Gnns the third time Gan
was going to train properly and there
wouldnt be anything to It Nelson
won again Hyland was going to lick
him Hyland was knocked out nnd
once more the hearse was trundled
back Into the barn
Then came along Adolph Wolgast
a Milwaukee German This time
the hoarso wasnt greased up for a
trip We all thought Nelson would
win that fight for Wolgasi had never
shown the punch And Just at th
time when the lightweight champion
seemed ready to walk aawy with a
soft victim blng Hears people
walking slowly crepe on the elbows
goodbye Nelson
Well It will he a long time before
we see another one like Bat
An Illinois railroad has equipped fif
teen of Its suburban trains running out
of Chicago with electric lights the cur
rent being supplied by turbinedriven
dynamos mounted on the locomoMvs
There is no prob
lem of increased cost
of food if you eat more
Scotch Oats
An ideal food delicious
appetizing strengthening
Compared with other
foods Quaker Scotch Oats
costs almost nothing and
y t it builds the best
Picked in rcralir picicxre and la
hermetically tealedtin 62
Dessert Making
is too expensive and too much
bother to run any risk of ruining
the flavor by the UM of ordinary
flavoring extracL
All FUron
give a rare subtle flavor such as
no other extract can give
Their use will add a distinct
charm to the daintiest delicacy
you know how to prepare
lie n
1 I I a s
j I1
IJ t
I I I f
I k
1 1
r I
i t i
r I
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1 i
j jt
I l

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