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Published Dally except Su ndayo by WIMIom Qlaemonn
L To Subscribers by Mail > I I
Every lev days TTO got a letter from some of our subscribers
who pay We dont understand how the government can atop a
ncrwapapar tram tending Its paper on credit If tho paper wants to
do arcredH boatnoaa
Thfr eovonuneat < toesv eon bjcct totbo credit system nt all
But it rises Bar that nT actual paying subscribers shall have
the ba aet of tits postal rates erf one cent per pound which means
tow cAotfl par month Dally papers more than three months in
K7ax < atset j ey 30 cent per month or ono cent each day
melees the subscriber wants to pay tho 20 cents per month
ctm do paper must be discontinued That IB why too Standard
raaat Insiat on prompt paywentrf Do not lot your paper run be
hind score than tbr e month
I President Taft has felt the sting of newspaper criticism and he
has freelyconfessed that adverse public comment has filled him with
sorrow and at times hay so depressed him that even the thought that
t his picture is to adorn the walls of the White House in a group of
the nations most distinguished chief magistrates and that he has oc
cupied the chaor of greatest exaltation in this republic offer no unc
tion to his perturbed soul
These open confidences of a President are refreshing to a man
who cannot be President and who had imagined that the acme of
content settled down like the fabled cooing dove of peace on any
one whom Fate decreed should be one of the very few to don the
cloak of Lincoln or take up the sceptre of Roosevelt
After all groat men are made of the common clay which so
largely enters into the composition of ordinary men and they are
as sensitive to the averted glance and the forbidding frown as the
fellow who hopes for little and realizes less and never reaches a
I pinnacle of importance above the mediocre
Taft in his public talks has said more than he had intended
to say i he has been too frank r1Cl has told some of the secrets
which every mind possesses on likes and dislikes vanities and I
sensibilities But we enjoy the Presidents candor he draws himself
so close to us by his unbosoming giving to his frankness of utter
ance that slight touch of imperfection which topples him from the
pedestal of gods and places him alongside the everyday man of
I human impulses and frailties
Any one can find in the vibrating of the heart strings of our
President the minor chord which all sweet souls at times feel
as the world moves by contraries
The deadlock between the beet growers and the Sugar company
continues Neither side cares to make a concession that will be ac
ceptable to the other Here is the Sugar company whose president
is often referred to as the Sugar King anxious and willing to
do something to let the sugar factory work this year but with a
something somewhere holding him back as though from saying
something that would grant all that was asked and as if something
were stopping the words to be uttered i just what it is we cannot say
This paper belieycs that if the Ogden Sugar company were free it
would make concessions that would be acceptable to the beet farmers
And then we see the beet farmers who could grow the beets
at 460 per ton if they wanted to sit down in their upholstered arm
chairs in the little parlors of the farm houses and with a waive of
the hand say We dont have to raise beets In fact one
farmer told us that he thought it would do his ground good to let it
rest one year and not grow any crops
All of which indicates that both sides are in a very prosperous
condition and that each side is willing to rest one year unless satis
factory concessions are made
I The Weber county farmer undoubtedly is the Beet King in
this country He has at any rate assumed the dictatorship of a real
king in the beet growing industry of this country Now if it were
I only the Sugar King and the Beet King that might suffer by
Il the closing up of the sugar factory and the nonproduction of beets
I this paper and the people probably would be unconcerned But it
so happens that the 300000 paid to the frmers for the sugar beets
I and the 100000 paid to the employes of the sugar factory total
1 almost onehalf million dollars and we need this money in circula
1 tion this fall Every citizen of Ogden and Weber county is inter
ested in this money It is this money that produces business trade
and prosperity This money is really of such great good that the
people have a right to be heard in this matter This paper believes
t t oy t Easter
l Shoes
k n
I With the Dawn of each new Season he ninc thoughts
turn toward the now things in wearing nppurcl what she will
f have for a new hat a new gown and lastly hut not of the
least importance her new shoes
If she chooses wisely PATRICIAN will be her selection
fashioned from Serviceable leathers
in exquisite stylos lo meet every demand PATRICIAN enjoys
the confidence of tho most discriminating purchasers Those
who are particular in the selection of their footwear and ap
preciate the skillcraft so effectively applied in Shoe Construc
V tion always buy PATRICIAN The modest price will surely
warrant your next selection being PATRICIAN
Sold the World Over w
350 400
r that in forcing itself into the controversy it represents the whole 1
people of Weber county and as such a representative it claims to I
have the right to demand for and in behalf of all the people that
each side yield something I
It is all right for the royal farmers of beetdom and the sugar
king to sit back in their easy chairs and simply say Nothing doing
this year To us it appears that both sides assume a position entirely
too royal for democratic America This worlds doings are based upon
give and take Probably everywhere we find compromised the
issues of the day Why should the sugar and the beet industry be
d ferent from every other business or industrial enterprise
We ask for and in behalf of all the people that the beet rais
er s and the sugar makers prepare to give and take We ask that
they place themselves in a position where a compromise of this great
question mqy be reached
This paper offers its columns for the purpose of leading to
conditions that will be acceptable to both the beet people and the
sugar people Soon it will be too late to do anything this year
Dont let either side wait for the other side to make the first
offers of concession Let both the sugar company and the beet grow
ers have a letter for tomorrows Standard each making a concession
Let each proceed on this basis as if one did not know what the other
might do Perhaps if a proposition from each side were to be pub
lished tomorrow it might settle the question Now is the time to act
We have just read in a paper that the downfall of the Repub
lican party is imminent and that the Democratic party ascendency
again is probable The particular reason for this is charged to the I
new tariff law passed by the Republican party which tariff law
by the way is charged with being responsible for everything and 1
anything that everybody or anybody is opposed to It is an old I
saying that history repeats itself Similar conditions existed im
mediately after the McKinley bill was passed when Harrison was
president of the United States Prices were high everybody was
working There was so much prosperity that the people thought a
change could not hurt Cleveland was elected and sure enough the
prices did go down Prices under that Democratic administration
went down from 30 to 50 per cent of what they were under the
McKinley bill but peculiar as it may seem the common people could
not get money to buy at the very low and cheap prices that pre
vailed Whereas under the McKinley bill every member of a family
I was working under Cleveland and his Wilson bill not even one mem
ber of the family could find work and the result was the great
panic of Clevelands time So cheap became the prices that the peo
ple could not get money enough to raise the price of a meal Thous
ands and thousands were fed free soup in every big city in the land
In the west great armies formed and called themselves C C Coxeyites
and tramped from city to city and were fed at the public expense
It may be possible that the people have forgotten what low
prices mean It may be that the Republican party has given such
great prosperity to the nation that the people have been worked too
hard and that a rest is required All thoy have to do Is to turn the I
Republican party to the wall and put in the Democracy and we will
have the Coxey army and the free soup houses gain We believe
however that the people have not yet forgotten We believe there
will be no downfall of Republicanism this year or next Just the
picture of the past will be sufficient to remind the people that
adversity is a concomitant to Democracy
is a phenomenon which occurs at
The salt storm of last evening
rare intervals in this city and is due to windstorms filling the upper
strata of the atmosphere with fine particles of salt which arc pre
cipitated by rainfall
Late yesterday afternoon the sky was overcast as by a heavy
dust storm though there was little or no wind blowing and there
was no local dust disturbance The higher air currents were carry
ing salt water from the lake or salt dust from the desert region
beyond the lake When the moisture in the atmosphere began to
precipitate the rain carried down the salt splashed it on hats
and other wearing apparel and deposited it on pavements and
the of having been white
houses giving to the city appearance
value from the
Mire compensating
These salt storms h ve a slight
caught without ° umbrellas or
damage they inflict on pedestrians
other protection they have a purifying disinfecting effect
had been
Last night whou supper
cleared away
table doin
round the
Ant we sat
And Icarnln1 grammar for next day
there comes
The queerest kind of odor like burnt
Mixed with the smoke of some onos
scorching gums
But ma she any Why Hint IB Siqlci
And she IK burnin1 wreaths of grapes
and plums
In all those leather frames sho bought
Says ma Lets go and watch her
work Its great
I like this pyrography craze
Chic whizz the sight that met our
startled gaze
Dad fast asleep his boots stuck in the
glowin grate
And snorin in blissful peace until ma
And thats the burnin leather that we
smelled Judge
r I
Simply OM1gcd To I
Old George Kettle rushed Into the I
Trotwood telegraph office the other
small package wrapped in
day with a
a newspaper under his arm
Telegraph this to my wife down to
Dayton Harvey he said to the tele
graph clerk thrusting the package
through the little window
Xo no George we cant do any
thing like that laughed tho clerk
Drat ye said George angrily ye
cot to do it Its my wifes teeth
Kansas City Journal
Another Smile
What did the sun look Iiko to you
when you wore in tho Arctic regions
Well answered the explorer
thoughtfully It resembled an elusive
gold dollar much magnified Wash
ington Star
Taking No Chances on a Cure
Patient 1 am suffering from the
loss of memory doctor Cant remem
ber a thing flvo minutes
DoctorVellorbarlnt you bet
terthat isermy fee Is 5
Brownings Magazine
In Spite of Tommy
Home study for Tommy had Just
begun and ho found it hard to apply
himself to regular hours At bodtlmo
one evening his father said Tommy
I am not at all pleased with the re
port your mother gives me of your I
conduct today
No father I knowed you wouldnt
be and I told her no But she went I
right ahead an made th reporL Jest
like a woman aint llLadle
Home Journal
As a Culture Boooter
Now that you have taken up your
I residence in our beautiful suburb my
dear Mrs Newcomb said the lady I
caller you ought lo join our literary
l society
I Do you think so queried the
I otherYes Indeed Its just too awfully
Interesting for anything At our last
I meeting we took up Carlyles quar
rels with his wife
I It muat have been vory entertain
Sure At our next meeting we are
going to Investigate tho private life of I
Goothe and his love affairs
Yes and we have found out all
about Poes dissipation and disrepu
table conduct and by and by we are
I going to thoroughly Investigate the
Immoral doings of Voltalro
j Are you 1
Thats what Oh theres nothing
like a literary society to boost ones
culture You really ought to join
Chicago Daily News
On a Party Line
The lady of tho house where they
wo a party line told the now maid
to repeat lo her any message Then
the lady went shopping When she
returned she summoned the maid
Did you receive a message for me
Jane she inquired
Only one maam I thought I
hoard th bell ring maam an I look
down th receiver maam an Just
them a voice said Listening again
are you you old snoop Cleveland
Plain Dealer
Showing Proper Resentment
Bill what share did you get of
your grandfathers estate
I got what was left after every
other feller had boon provided for
Then you arc the residuary lega
I aint notliln of the sort blame
ye Jm an honcHt hardworking cop
persmith Chicago Tribune
This weeks show
at t e Orphetim is
one of the seasons
best offerings
By Eddie Smith
Oakland March Uegardless of
the fact that there was any number
of people at the ringside to witness
the batUe between Battling Nelson
and Adolph Wolgast who wanted to
BOO the Dane lose It Is admitted that
law more popular champions haw
ever graced tho ring and few men
have gone down to detent with so
many mourners bewailing his fat
than did the lightweight champion
who lost last Washingtons birth
Although the Battler has said that
he will come back and regain the tltla
and has no Idea that ho has paused
his day of great use In the ring there
are any number of fans who belleu
that he will never come back as he
w prior to his defeat For that r < a
son any number of the men Intercut
cd In the game of hit and get aWi xv
are interested In knowing whether
Nelson will leave the ring financially
Tho answer to thin is that ho will
rotlre with enough money to keep
him the rest of his life but not
enough to live In luxury or with any
whero noar the amount he has
boasted There Is no lulling just how
well fixed Nelson Is at this time but
1116 foil that he Is not worth anything
like 200000 as per his claim
There are a thousand and one ways
that money slips through the fingers
of a fighter and the Dane has fallen
for many a bunko game that he has
not let tho public in on Nelson is
not tho sort of a follow who will de
liberately squander his money on
foolish things and In this respect ho
has been a credit to tho game
How Nelson Lost Money
The groat bulk of tho real estate
owned by Nolson Is located In the
little town of Hegewlsch from which
ho hails and the latest reports from
there Is to tho effect that the town
has gone to the bad to some extent
since the railroad shops which were
the chief asset of the village have
been moved further down the line
The property owned by the fighter
therefore has decreased in value and
the renting of it will not be very
Then the champion was stuck on
the vineyard he bought at Livermore
and this cost him a pretty penny
Just after tho NtlsonGans fight at
Goldflold the Dane was let in on the
ground floor of a mining company
that was named after him and here
they took him down tho line for a
few thousand He also fell for the
Investment of some money In tho
roko game ho tried to make popular
In his training and there Is sonic
sort of a washing machine that got
him for a bit
These things and others have taken
many a dollar from the exchampion
and he Is today a much wiser but
sadder young man While It has al
ways been said of Nelson that ho
would not buy wine for a man dying
with thirst there arc many other
ways in which he has shown his lib
erality In the case of his family
he has taken the best of care of his
mother and father and has been pa
In for the tuition of brother Charles
at the University of California
Sends Money at Time of Fire
The champion was also a good
lender If one wanted money for
booze or good time there was little
cahnce to get It But a hard luck
story would always get the sympa
thetic little fellow and he would conic
through As one of the best examples
of his goodness with his money it will
always be remembered that at tho
time of the big earthquake and fire
Battling Nelson was tho first man III
the country to send aid As soon as
tho little champion heard of the dis
aster he remembered that It was here
that he made his greatest winnings
and he mailed a check calling for
1000 that came through with the
first hatch of mull
These are the things that have
tilimned down the fortune of the Sam
little fighter to some extent but he
has plenty to keep alive and the
chances of ever seeing Nelson go
about tho country begging for aid are
very slim
Nelson has thrown up the Idea of
meeting Cyclone Johnnie Thompson
and has sent word to tho coast that
ho Is finding the theatrical game too
profitable to leavo for a fight with
Tohmpson The real reason for this
declaring off of the match is that
Nolson wants more rest and longer
time to train than the Thompson date
would allow him and although we
are sorry to hear of his Intention ot
not fighting again until such time as
Wolgast is ready to give him a return
match we feel that he Is using good
judgment in not getting Into action
too soon after his Inst flghL
W orRby off
Con g 0 dence
An Offer Backed by One of
Our Most Reputable
We pay for all the medicine usod
during the trial if our remedy falls
to completely relieve you of constipa
tion We tako all the nak You aro
not obligated to us In any way what
ever if you accept our offer Thats
a mighty broad statement but we I
mean every word of IL Could any
thing be moro fair for you
A most scientific commonsense
treatment is Koxall Orderlies whlcn
are eaten llko candy Thler active
principle Is a recent scientific dis
covery that is odorless colorless and
tasteless very prouounced gentle
and pleasant In action and particu
larly agreeable In every way This
Ingredient does not cause diarrhoea
nausea flatulence griping or any In
convenience whatever Rexall Order
lies are particularly good for children
aged and delicate persons
If you suffer from chronic or habit
ual constipation or the associate or
dependent chronic allmonls we urgo
you to try Roxall Orderlies at our
risk Remember you can get them
In Ogdon only at our store 12 tablots
10 cents 3C tablets 25 cents The
Hoxnll Store The T If Carr Drug
Co corner Grant and Twentyfifth
Kansas City Mo March 22Thlfi
was the hottest day of the year here
the government thermometer register
Ing 00 degrees nt3 oclock this after
Po J
4 March 23rd
f l F Lawrence Walker
it announces the engagement of
ar 1 y f CHAS B
Accompanied by
In the merry comedy l
The Taming
4 4 l of the Shrew l
Preceded by >
A 0 U EE T RUCtlIO ° IN A Story of Waterloo
p 0 1Ao HlY O1 >
In his late jnd best liked Now York success
Ij l lr > = IJ > u t y oli1 I c vj
The talk of all America
SaiuJrday By Chas Klein
17 9 Author of The Third Degree
M21IrCh 26 Henry B Hams Will Again
I Present The Everlasting Success
The Lion Sind fthe Mo Se
3 Years in New York 8 Months in Chicago 6 Months in
A Carefully Selected Company Complete Production
Washington March President
Mndriz of Nicaragua has offered to
give the United States every guaran
tee demanded for the safety of Am
erican life and Interests In that coun
try In return for a formal recogni
tion of tho legitimacy of his govern
Sonor Correa who represents Ma
drlz In Washington has been In com
munication with tho state department
on this subject and today had a long
talk with Assistant Secretary Wilson
lIe told Mr Wilson that England
Franco and other European countries
already have extended arch recogni
tion while Mexico hat refrained from
doing so only out of consideration for
the United States
New Orleans March 22 Declaring
that the Nicaraguan Insurgents are I
far from whipped and thattho entire
Atlantic coast is a stronghold of the
Estrada force Victor D Gordon
Drlgladlor General of tho Nicaragua
provincials and organizer of the Am
orlcan body of flllbustorcrs for tho I
Katrnda cause arrived hero laU night I
With him came Major S Drehen a I I
Philadelphia soldier of fortune who I
was In command of tho detachment of
sharpshooters of General Gordons I
Webb City Mo March 2An ox I
ilosloa of a dynamite magazine nt
Red Dog Is reported to hftvo caused
tho death of an enUre family and of I
several miners I
Salt Lake March 22To complete
arrangements for tho pure food con
vention in Boise April 11 and 12 a
conference la bolng held this after
noon at limo elute of Willard Hansen
I Utah state food and dairy commis
sioner In attendance at the confer
I ence are Utah representatives and
J II Wallace commissioner of Ida
I ho and main promoter of the convon
j lion
j Mr Wallace came down from Boise
last night to attend the conference
nnd to talk over the various matters
lo bo discussed In Uto convention
Tho convention was planned last
fall whon an association of the pure I
food commlHHlonora of Utah Idaho
and Wyoming was formed for the bet
terment of food conditions
The main work of tho convention
will l > e tho arranging of uniform
food laws throughout the west which
will be submitted in thu various states m
to the next legislatures At tho pres
I ent time the laws of tho western
states aro Irregular and it is difficult t
for manufacturers who desire to carry j
on interstnto trade to cope with tho I
varied laws A food might be adrals
sible on tho market of Utah whllo it
would he against the law on the mar
I ket in Idaho It is the hope now to
arrange tho lawn of the various states m
In such a manner that a manufac
turer can send his goods to any port
of tho west without having to change I
the nature of the goods
To the convention has boon Invited
the state food commissioner and the
state chemist of every stato west of I
thC Mississippi Replies indicate that
tho most of tho commissioners and
chemists will attend
Among the speakers at the conven
tion will bo Herman Harms tho TJtib
state rhemlst who will speak on
Colorlax In Food Products Wlllard I
Hansen will also speak his subject
be decided on later
bft 1

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