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fife o = m i
f I I
Ind Phone two ringsNo oa
Bell Phone two rlngo No 50
Ind Phone ono rlnjNo Oa
Boll Phono Ono rlrtaNo Sa
AdvcrtleerH must TIV their copy ror
tle Evening Standard tho evening bc
tort the day on valch tho advertise
ment Is to appear In ordtr to Insure
publication oW
James Dunn 1 James Dunn who
Is well known to and popular In a
large circle of Ogden friends IB dang
erously III at the Ogden General hos
pital Local friends aro giving him
assistance and relatives have been no
i tified It Is not believed that he will
WANTED Clean white rasa at tho
Cnll Allen pnonea = 2 for carriages
for funerals and operas Private calls
t specialty Also prompt delivery of
Lasgage 412 26th
Mrs Dermody Dead Mrs D Dor
mod mother of W J Dermody tho
local manager of the Western Union
Telegraph company died last night
at her homo in Mount Vernon Ohio
Summoned by announcement of hor
serious illness Mr Dermody left for
Ml Vernon Monday afternoon Tho
news will come as a shock to the
many friemls made by the deceased
during a recent visit to tho home of
her son In this city
Attends Sick Relative D Jj Ed
wards a prominent farmer of Malad
I Idaho has been In Ogden for several
days attending Ills brotherinlaw
I John Van Sickle who has been seri
ously 111 at tho Ogden General hospi
tal for some time but is now believed
to be on the road to recovery Mr
Van Sickle underwent an operation
for appendicitis and complications
and his brother came here to be with I
him Mr Edwards has a number of
friends In this city II
For SaieOld mats Good to put
under carpets Inquire Standard office I
j I
Aptly Illustrating the truth of tho
commonly accepted Idea that a story
grows as It travels the experiences
of Offlcor A II Mohlman since Toy
Smith the negro whom lie was at
tempting to arrest tried to shoot him
In tho cigar stand In front of the Og
den beer hall on Monday afternoon
are Interesting
In telephonic communication with
Wyoming points police officials send
ing out a description of the negro
have been asked several times If there
Is any hope of Mr Mohlmans recov
ery and when told that ho was not
hurt have expressed surprise Even
In cities within fifty miles of Ogden
tho general belief Is that Officer
Mohlman was badly Injured and some
towns have already managed to mix
up half a dozen negroes and the en
tire police force in tho matter
The Final ReckonIng
i That marriages are made in heaven
i Devoutly were taught to say
Yet strange ere a divorce bo given
There Is always the devil to pay
Ill 111111111
IJlt hjJhlhh z hMhjbb
i The more discussion the
better Truth doesnt mind
I i being talked about
ate dljcuwed because theyre worth
diicujsion The blend of fine to
r baccos the mouthpiece the mat
paper no wonder they re talked
10 for 10 cents
pY I
allow your grocer to send up any
hoer but
Make him understand that your
cUindlng order Is for PecryB Cres
cent Flour because It bakes tho most
Bd the beat bread
r 4lr < i
Turning his ankle In tho heat of a
free fight on lower Twentyfifth street
last night at about 730 oclock Jaa
Moran who says ho Is a boilermaker
and had recently come to this city
from Wlnnomucox fell to the ground
sustaining a slightly dislocated ankle
and breaking a Small bone in his
He was picked up In a saloen a few
minute later by the police answer
Ing a call from somo of his compan
ions and taken to tho police station
where his Injuries were repaired by
the city physician Whether or not
tho man will be a county charge for
th > time necessary to complete tho
healing of his broken ankle Is not yet
known IIo has a brother running on
the Oregon Short Line between Poca
tello and Salt Lake City and the po
lice intend to notify him and have
him take carl of tho man until his
anklo is bettor
Break Up That
Cok un a Day
You can stop a cough or a cold as
It by magic by just breathing sooth
ing healing Ilyomel over tho sore
raw and Inflammcd membrane
This Is from a man who knows
Mrs Mngcr and myself have used
your inhaler faithfully whenever
needed and It has always given In
stant relief and saved us from many
severe colds
The above Is voluntarily given and
if In your estimation Its use as a tes
timonial would help to got others to
use it I will gladly have you do so
as we consider It a wonderful discov
ery and recommend It whenever an
opportunity presents Itself F W
Mager Contracting Freight Agent C
H D Ky Co Cincinnati Ohio
Oct 22 1000
Dont fool wjth stomach nostrums
try magical Hyomcl at once It re
lieves a stuffed up head In two min
A complete Hyomel outfit including
inhaler and one bottle of Hyomel
costs only 100 at druggists every
It Is guaranteed to cure catarrh croup
coughs colds sore throat and bron
chitis or mono back Extra bottles
of Hyomel If afterward needed coat
but 30 cents
The second service In the Union
meetings of Passion week was held
Tuesday evening In tho Episcopal
church Rev W W Fleetwood
preaching a strong sermon on Ue
events of the day of the weekof long
age Reverends Klderkin and Me
Creery road the psalms and Hickman
and Carvor the scripture lessons
Mrs W C Hpnderson sang Tho
King of LOVQ MySj ephera Is The
r congregation completely filled tho
church Wednesday l oven ng at S
JI m services will he held
In tlio Methodist church Roy G W
McCrrrry will preach his topic being
lessons from the Day of Rptlre
menL Misses May and Jessamine
Denmark will sing a duct A cordial
Invitation Is extended to all people
Tho funeral services of Mrs Mary
Elizabeth lligglnhotham were hold
yesterday afternoon at 2 oclock In
lie Fourth Ward meeting house Bish
op E A Olson presiding The speak I
ers were Joseph Jarry Pros C P
Middleton and Apostle David C Mc I
Kay Mrs Mary Parley sang Some I
Time Well Understand and Christ
ians Goodnight and William Pickott
loudered a polo Not Half Has Eer
Been Told followed by Marian John
son who Hang One Sweot Solemn
Thought Numerous floral offerings
were received Burial was in tho city
Philadelphia March 22The con
ference of the Rapid Transit officials
committee of ten Georgo II Earlc
and othor broke up at 130 oclock
this morning W Mahon president of I
the Amalgamated association of Street I
and Railway Electric Ilallwaymen as
he emerged from the meeting said
There IB on settlement In sight
At a mooting of the executive com
mittee of the textile workers union
tonight It was decided to Instruct all
employes to return to work tomorrow
There arc about 35000 textile work
erf In this city and nearly all of them
quit work three weeks ago
Fourth Ward Soclai Tho Mutual
Improvement association ot the Fourth
Ward will give another of their good
time socials and dances Friday March
25 Alf Sutnmerlll and Mrs Griffin
have been working hard to make a
KUCCOSS of this Social and assure all
that attend that they will have the
best time of the season Tho hall
has been beaulfully decorated and
Freys orchestra will furnlah tho mu
sic for the dance
6V M Mrrc0j
Gray Halr Rutorcr
V r IhfW I
l rlntro itolld
tI dll aUm
loolta lft < t
r nit lrhs Iap r
trubr i un flI
trub n u
ural Ib no umenl M 1 nenh r Y r r
c t4r
hAt 1 otA1 t rf ofrthfn
< > rr Ka colb
Iguolt Ure1D lil Ic klr
blr MAn T 8o J f
rofJlnr 11111 IIDI Thela r I I to nw bot = AI l
10011 bran du IlIclc1LD
kJ < r
a > t
Both Phone 323
American Debut of
The Celebrated Hungarian Pianoforte
PhenomenonImitation of a Complete
Orchestra on the Piano
Playing Their New Slang Classic
Pagans Decision
The Tramp Juggler
And Company In The Making of a
European Grotesque Equilibrists
No Checkce No Wnahce
PRICESNlght 10c 25c and 50c
Matinees lOc 15c and 25c
I will offer the following stallions
for public service at the Fair grounds
season 1910
By McKinncy 211 the sire of 22
with records heller than 210 The
greatest sIre too world has ever
known He sold for 50000 at 17
years ot age Fee 3000
Record 209 14 trotting lIe has
shown you If you are from Missouri
He has as much speed as any horse
living or dead Fee 2500
Record 217 14 1th heat The
fastest and gamest 3yearold pacer
on the north Pacific coast last year
A 205 pacer sure No hobbles
Feo 2000
Terms cash or bankable note A
few good driving and family horses
for sale C B JOHNSON
Cizens of Ogden
Boost for your city by using OG
DEN MADE FLOURIt costs you no
more and every sack you use lo a
boost for your town
In that way you make a Chicago
of Ogden Ogden Milling 8 Ele
vator Co
Ferrer Ses
Paris France March 23Il sel
dom falls to the lot of a mar
lyr to any cause lo have hIs
memory perpetuated by stutes as
quickly as that of Francisco Ferrer
Within a few weeks of the execution
at Montjuloh rwo memorials have
been completed in Paris and are ready
for erection
WithIn a day or two of the execn
Uon a fund was started French
sympathizers and the response was
quick amid generous Money poured
In from every quarter Derre the
sculptor of the statue of Marat who
has won a number of medals at the
salon and who has taken all the hon
ors that an artist can receive In
France was approached and asked
to undertake the commission Work
ing night and day lIe succeeded In
completing the enormous statue and
It only rests In the artists atelier
until a slto Is secured for Its perma
nent resting place
This Imposing monument represents
Forror a martyr for free thought who
IB crushed and hrowen under the
pressure of uarrow opinions and has
fallen under the pondorouo weight
helpless Into the arms of Humanity
Grouped by his side is a confused
mass of other victims at Montjulch
who are landing with their backs to
the wall of tho Spanish fortress
The promoters of this movement
will probably have somo trouble with
tho city of Paris over a site as the
more radical of Ferrers followers In
sist on Its being placed before one of
the big cathedrals where It Is bound
to give offense This demand tho
municipal council will undoubtedly
refuse to consider
France will not bo alono In raising
a monument to tho memory of Ferrer
Derre has also finished another stat
ue which will bo erected either In
Italy or Belgium both countries being
anxious to obtain IL
Ferrers talented daughter Senor
Ita Paz Forrer who in an actress at
the Odeon theater was requested by
tho artist to pose for tho second slat
uo Ho realized that her expressive
face with Its beauty of line and reg
ular features would lend Itself again
to symbolize Humanity The devoted
daughter acquiesced and Immcdlately
threw her whole soul Into the pro
ject hat was to ImmDrtalLzo er
father and she haa enabled Dtrro
to portray a most noble and touching
figure for the idealized Humanity
Boston Post
Oh Martha Im so Interested in
our genealogy Do you know anv
thing about yours
No Gertrude I have enough trou
ble keeping track of my husband with
out adding ancestors to my difficulty
I want this run top of column next
to pure reading matter said the ad
vertiser as he laid a fourlino adver
tisement on the desk of the business
manager of a yellow dally
Ill have to put It on page 23
said the manager
Page 261 Why so far back In tho
paper 7
Because the newspaper man r > o
plied thata where wo ran the ro
llglous news
L > c i J OJ
Word was received from Kid
Hannon of Salt hake who Is
looking after the i training of
Pete Sullivan for his bout in
this city on March 20 with Tommy
Dawson that Sullivan Is In Uptop
shape and ready lo put up the battle
of his life Pete Is full of confidence
as to tho outcome of the contest and
says he Is going to win from tho
Sullivan has been training hard
for some time and rccpritly asked for
a postponement of tho date of the
fight from March 21 to March 29 on
account of his aversion to fighting
during Holy Week and Incidentally
to allow him more time lo get right
He says now that he IK practically
ready to enter the ring at a moments
notice and as Tommy Dawson has
been In shape for the last few days I
since which time he has been confin I
ing himself to light road work and
lope skipping lest he go stale the
prospects for a first class contest are
looking good
The henpecked husband always
arouses sympathy though there Is
no sound reason why the man should
rulo the woman any more than tho
woman the man still when a man Is
picked at bossed nagged and goner
ally made to obey his wifes behests
his condition awakens moro pity than
when tho shoo Is 1m the other foot
His friends lament and advise They
lure him away from home and give
him a good time and In every way
possible try to recompense him for
tho miserable plight Into which ho
has fallen
There Is little help however for
tho man who has become a submis
sive henpecked husband This Is a
thing that needs tobo nipped In the
hud A man wants to tnko It at Its
very inception and handle It In a de
cisive manner If one drifts or tries
to sidestep it It will gradually fas
ton Itself upon him until ho Is help
less In Us grasp
It Is usually the forceful capable
woman who henpecks her husband
especially If ho be indecisive or weak
It begins gradually She will stand
out that she Is right In an argument
or that he hnsnt the facts correct In
something he Is telling She will as
sort her side positively She will
not budge an Inch from tho ground
she has taken and for the sake of
peace especially before others ho
will give In or drop the subject
though he may know she Is wrong
It may be oil right to give up thin
argument then as If is pot pleasant
to disagree In public But in the
privacy of the home he should tal
it out with her not In a quarrelsome
or argumentative manner but frank
ly and kindly He should show her
that It Is not wellbred or consider
ate lo be so positive and domineering
and ho should point out that It Is
certainly a lack ot courtesy and re
spect to him to treat him In this man
ner If they arc Just married If she
has the least regaid for him In the
world If she la a woman with any
feeling for the lights of others she
will see his point and admit tho jus
Uco of It
This is the time right at the begin
ning to tako the matter In hand
Often a woman does not realize how
dictatorial and positive sho is nor
in what an unpleasant position sho
Is putting her husband Sho will
bo only too anxious to remedy If
when It Is brought to her attention
But oven If this Is her nature a man
had hotter light It out at the cry
start and make lj stand for his
rights Once ho becomes a hen
pecked husband there IB no escape
for him He cant run away from it
for the tongueslashlng only awaits
him when ho returns
It is a most unwise thing for a wo
man to do too for breaks the spirit
of a man nail no woman admires a
husband of this sort If a womaii dis
covers that in certain things she is
moro capable than her husband lei
her quietly and tactfully managu But
do not let her do it In such a way I
that she tears his selfrespect to tat
ters and makes him an object of pity
and sympathy with all who know
them x
The time was when a woman knew
so little of business and was In addi
tion supposed to have a mind so Inca
plae of grasping Us details that a
man rarely thought of talking over
business matters with her Such I
things were supposed to be outside i
her realm I
But this condition Is changed Wom
en have shown today that they are
qulto capable of mastering business
Indeed In some lines they arc prey
ing hotter than men So that this ob
Jectlon Is largely removed
But this does riot decide the ques
tion however whether It Is wise for
a man to consult his wife about his
business affairs For this Is an indi
vidual matter and the rule that ap
plies generally will not always hold
good In tho Individual case
Despite the fact that there Is a host
of successful women in almost all
lines of business there Is still thQ
woman who knows almost nothlnf
about business and is Incapable of
grasping Its details or absolutely In
different to them The man who Is
Y4 j3jfiJflO
Ll5 5UOAJ1
gycgocas tVZWHtRE r
i l
married to thin cort of woman will
find It of little use to talk over his
business affairs with her She could
not give him advice or suggestions
that would ho of any value All she
cares about his business as a rule Is
that It hall make enough money for
him to bo able to gratify her needs
and whims
Again somo women there are who
might be capable of giving good
sound helpful suggestions yet who
would ho really Incapable of keeping
their husbands business matters
secret it would to impossible for
them not to tell at least Homethlng
of thotn to their host friend If to no
I body else This might do no harm
and again It might The man with a
wife of this Sort needs to be careful
as to how he consults her about biB
Again a man especially If he la
employed by another may not bo at
liberty to tell business affairs no
matter how much he may desire his
wifes help and advice
But when a man has a practical
sensible woman for a wife who has a
good business hnad apd con keep a
secret If necessary he Is wlac Indeed
to share all his business plans with
her Such a woman can bo most help
Not only are two heads better than
one but a woman has ah entirely dif
ferent viewpoint of life and the world
from a mans She can toll him thln s
and give him Ideas of which he knows
nothing She speaks from a realm of
which he has no cognizance A wom
an too has a head for details for
economy for llttlo things that seem
too trlflnlng to a man often to con
sider yet which may bo the very
things that will count most for his
success All her training for genera
tions has been In this direction and
these things come to her almost intu
The right kind of a woman can be
of the utmost help to a man In his
business And It adds much to tho
happiness of a wife of this sort to be
consulted She feeds that they arc
Indeed partners She rejoices In be
ing a help to him In this Held in be
ing considered aa his qual In such
matters It makes her feel moro truly
a helpmeet and tho more a true wom
an can he of service to her husband
the happier sho Is
You would think a woman who has
been cooking for thirty years would
know everything about kitchen work I
Some do and some do not One clings I
to tho heavy articles and another
makes her work more laborious by
not washing utensils as she uses them
which Is ono sign of a good cook when
she docs Discard heavy kitchen uten
sils and aim to have only what is
Lawyer examining prospective ju
ror on murder trln1Have you any
objections to capital punishment
Labor Leader Objections to capi
tal punishment Well I should say
not I tell you sir that the rich has
got to bo sat upon In this country
You just put me down as favorln all
the punishment the poor pcoplell over
bo able to give capital
To the Ogden Theater for Any Show
This MonthTwo 1 Tickets I
by Paying Your Subscrip i
tion In Advance
To all persons paying three months
I subscription In advance we will give
one ticket and lo porsonsjj > aylng six
months In advance wo will give two
onedollar tickets for any of the fol
lowing big shows at the Ogden thea
ter Charles B Hanford March 23rd
Otis Skinner March 2lth
Maclntiro and Heath on March
All are firstclass shows
We give you two onedollar tickets
for each six months subscription paid
In advance If you want a better
seat for Instance a box seat you can
pay the difference In cash
Remember this offer Is open to old
and now subscribers
Masslllon Ohio March 2Not
guilty was the plea entered by the
16yearold Catherine Mantx when ar
rajgiicd before Magistrate Remley to
day on the charge of murdering her
sister Elizabeth aged 19 by admin
Islorlng a deadly drug Tho warrant
sworn out against Catherine charges
murder in the first degree
TOlB morning after a night in tho
Masslllon Jail the girl underwent a
two hours examination throughout
which she calmly chewed gum and
persisted in hor denial of any guilt
In connection with hor sisters death
Fho reiterated her original story of
a mysterious man for whom sho had
purchased strychnine and who hnd
given her two capsuls which she says
BUG believed contained quinine She
refused to toll the name of tho man
I Lexington Ky March 22l was
stated here today that R L Thomas
millionaire horseman of Kentucky
and New York would retire at onco
from racing and devotees of tho busi
ness Interests at Ford Ky
Why dont you got your husbands
family tree
It Is not necessary I Know all I
care to know about It already
Oh youve investigated then
Yes its a lemon
Frank R Watkins grocery has re
moved to 21G Twentyfifth street just
cast ot tho old atand In tho now brick
Bids will bo received closing April
JOlh for the construction of the Cov
e canal near Colevllle Wyo Ap
proximate quantities Excavation ot
earth 100000 cubic yards loose and
solid rock 2000 cubic yards Fur
ther Informatlorucan be obtained from
S M Covey 033 East First South
Salt Lake City Utah
L h i1 kJ kj >
liI1 4 S S S 0
Any system that needs a tonic needs also a blood purifier for it is
the weakened and impure condition of thecirculation that is responsible
for the rundown state of health Ve have only to recognize the
importance of pure rich blood in preserving health to realize the danger
of a weakened or impure circulation The great majority of persons
are rapidly coming to understand the importance of preventing disease
they know that a poorly nourished system cannot resist germs and
microbes and that a tonic which purifies and enriches the blood will
often ward off a serious spell of illness later on
That Spring is the most trying season on the health is a fact well
known to every one It is the time of year when our constitutions are
required to stand the greatest strain and unless the system receives
the proper amount of blood nutriment the health is bound to be affected
The general bodily weakness tired wornout feeling fickle appetite
poor digestion etc come directly as a result of weak watery blood
If you need a tonic you need a medicine that has real blood puri
fying properties A great many so called tonics are mere nerve stim
ulants orten producing instantaneous exhilarating effect but acting
with decided injury on the system If your system is weak and run
down you can only tone it up by supplying an increased amount of
blood nutriment and this can come only through pure rich blood
Any tonic which does not purify the blood is dangerous because leaves
the impurities in the circulation constantly prey upon the health
S S S is Ihe greatest of all tonics because it is the greatest of all
blood purifiers and it is the one medicine you can rely on to supply
the system with the best tonic
effects and at the same time thor
oughly purify the blood The FEELS BETTER IN EVERY WAY
use of S S S at this time may S S S is a good medicine I keep
save you from a long spell of it in the house all the while It is an
sickness and it will l excellent tonic to give strength to the
SIC ness nn WI certainly pre system and tone to all the physical
pare you for the strain of the long members It gives appetite and
hot Summer Many people have energy and makes one feel better in
put off using a tonic until the sys every way > r have found it also an
excellent blood For months
became weakened it could punficr
tern am so wea ene cou I was troubled with an itching skin
not resist disease and have paid eruption on the face and tried many
for the neglect later on with a specialists and many remedies to pet
spell of fever malaria or some a cure but S S S is the only medicine
that seemed to relieve I free
< am now
sickness S SS
other debilitating SIC ness of this eruption I think a great deal
is Natures ideal tonic and blood of your medicine believing it to be
purifier It does not contain a the best blood purifier and tonic known
particle of mineral in any form to the world today
nor does it contain any of the 1330 Bast Seventh Canton 0 I
deleterious nerve stimulants that
are used in so many medicines
called tonics S S S tones up the stomach and digestion rids one of
the tired wornout feeling improves the appetite and digestion and in
every way contributes to the upbuilding and strengthening of the
entire system S S S is absolutely safe for persons of any age and
all who are in need of a tonic will find this medicine exactly suited to
fee dng the Hleat
of a Candle At
2 Miles Di5anCe
If our nenes could feel tho heat
from tho flrxmd of candle at a dis
tance of two miles we could not stay
a minute In a hundred yards of an
oil lamp With nerves that line we
were being broiled by tho sun with
the thermometer at zero In winter
But it Is said hr Prof Houston of
Princeton university that a device
called the radlcrometer now renders
It possible to detect the heat from
the flame of a candle at the distance
of two miles
Tho scientific nerves which do this
arc very fino mineral threads A fine
thread of filament or quartz Is hung
between the poles of a powerful mag
net The magnot is so arranged that
the thread of quartz answers to
changes from heat to cold or cold to
heal It Is said to show as slight a
change ns a millionth part of the de
gree of a common thermometer
This Is an improvement on a de
Ice Invented by Prof Ianglcy Ho
arranged two flno wires platinum I
threads so that they balance each
other exactly on the two sides of an
electrical bridge or balance as long
as tho heat of both wires is exactly
the same He attached a needle to
mark any difference shown by heating
one wire more than the other He
was able In this way to use his elec
tric nerves to show tho difference of
the thousandth part of a degree more
or less In heat He wont beyond all
thermometers then In use and be
yond what It Is possible actually to
think Measuring the millionth part
of a degree of heat goes so ranch fur
ther that If wo had nerves to feel It
we could measure tho heat ot a lump
of ice with the linger tlpsWo would
prohably got the same idem with
nerves of that kind from touching leo
that we now get from touching hot
Iron Tho radiomicrometer takes the
place of nerves which would bo very
To euro a nervous or sick headache
take some raw potatoes and nib the
dirt off with n damp cloth Cut them
into thick slices and lay them close to
gether on tho forehead and temples
As tho pieces of potato get hot re
place them with fresh ones
Thev glvo much the same coolness
as ico without the unpleasant damp
ness and thero is not the burning
sensation afterwards that ice often
A neighbor of tho Lyaunder John
Appleton family recently gave a birth
day party at which there figured a
cake covered with candles The next
week the Applctona celebrated Chann
ceys birthday and tho cake was deco
rated with electric lights Tho neigh
bors say It really wasnt his birthday
that his mother faked up a birthday
In order to get ahead of those candles
Atchison Globe
Many Men and Women
who are not availing themselves of the advantages
of a Check Account would be pleased to do so if
they realized its efficiency economy and great con
venience An account subject to check with the
Commercial National Bank is a Safe Guide to
financial success
I iv Capital 1 10000000 w
fffi Surplus and Profits 10000000
Boston Shock Absorbers
ble Save your car and your
S otor
Once attached no fur
ther attention IB required
Fully guaranteed
Do not drng en springs 8000 per set of four
Do absorb the shock
30 days trial Knapp
Hydraulic Greenwood
Uelrj ell to check re
call of sprIngs
1000 Boylston St Boston
Do not stiffen the
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