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I i < a i > c r I
11 I > J 1
II 41i
= = G = = = = =
Ind Phone two rlneD No 6i
Bell Phone two rlnQ BNo 66
Ind Phono one ringNo oo
Bell Phono one ringNo 03
Advertisers mum nave their copy ror
the Evening Standard the evening bo
Core the day on which tho advertioo
ment IB to appear In order to inauro
Kennedy Funeral Funeral services
for W W Kennedy will be held this
afternoon at 3 oclock In tho LInd
qulst funeral chapel Prior to tho ser
vices the casket will beopen at tno
family residence between the hours or
10 oclock and 1 oclock today
WANTED Clean whlto mca at tho
Entertains With tasteful d cora
tions of pink and whlto throughout
the house Miss May Morrlsoy last
Tuesday night entertained a number
of her young friends at a chile party
Mrs Morrlsey raado tho chile which
was much enjoyed by all present
Call Allen pnonca 22 for carriages
for funerals and oporas Private calls
t upeclalty Also prompt delivery of
tacac 412 26th
In Municipal CourtIn the civil di
laon or tho municipal court this
morning the Studebaker Brothers
ccnipany commenced suit against W
B Wed l1to recover 200 alleged to
be duo for the unlawful sale of a
horso and buggy T H Thomas ii
company Is suing Peter Erlckson for
9075 claimed to be due on an ac
count Thin case has been transferred
from tho court of Stanley A Hanks
Justice of the peace of Salt Lako prc
Fruit Crop Injured Reports indi
cate that some damage was dono by
frost last night to apricots Another
frost tonight is predicted
Killed by Box Car Thieves Tho
body of Edward Scott a raJlroa4
watchman was found dead In the
Union Pacific yards In Cheyenne last
night It Is believed ho was mur
dered by box car thieves but no clue
to their Identity has been found
Scott was 29 years of age and the
toil of former Postmaster J C Scott
of Sterling Colorado H ewas evi
dently killed by n blow on the head
wino and snow Heavy snow
driven in sheets before a flftymllc
anhom gale is prevailing today over
eastern Wyoming Wires are down in
many places and trains are being delayed
Jared I
Marriage LicenseA marriage li
cense was issued at tho office of the
S county clerk this afternoon to Albert
L Teachman of Ruthorfor irNJ and
Mary E Cole of Ogden
Demurrers Filed Demurrers have
been filed by the defendants In the
following cases In tho district court
Anna Stewart Oregon Short Line
John F Mcdcrafl va Oregon Short
Line and others and he H L Grit
fin company vs Oregon Short Line
Damaged Track The railroad offi
cials out on tho cutoff report 2000
fet of embankment washout out on
the east end of the road across tho
lake large gaps cut In tho roadbed
west of Saline and some damage done
at Rambo on the west approach to
the trestle Tho repairs cannot bo I
aade before late Wednesday
The following real estate transfers
I were filed for record with tile record
Casey P Bowen Jr to Elubu Urry
parts of the northeast quarter of sec
i tion 20 township il north range 1
wost Consideration 1RO
Lottie A Shurtllff to Ada G RIg
gins part of lot 7 block 40 plat C
Consideration 150 I
Bertha A Dailoy and others to Pa
cific Realty association part of lot
1 block 5 plat B Consideration
San Francisco March 2JI11o 1310
season of the Pacific Coast league will
open tomorrow the San Francisco
and Portland clubs meeting In this
city Vernon and Los Angeles and
Oakland and Sacramento also clash
Weather conditions are promising and
a record attendance expected In
terest in baseball has increased re
markably on this coast and league
olllclals predict that this season will
bo one of flue best from all standpoints
that the coast has over Icuowii
A big prairie flro started Wednes
day in the rango country of Sturgls
It had burned over a country 20 by
90 miles and Is still burning It de
rtroyed nearly everything In Its path
Loss cannot bo estimated Many per
sons are homeless
It Makco For Health
A man tried leaving off meat po
tatoes coffee and otc and adopted
a breakfast of fruit GrapeNuts with
l cream some crisp toast and a cup of
Ills health began to Improve at onco
for tho reason that a meat eater will
r reach a place once In a while whore
his system seems to become clogged
and tho machinery doesnt work
I smoothly
A chang of this kind puts aside
food of low nutritive value and taken
up food and drink of the highest val
ue already partly digested und cap
able of being quickly changed into
good rich blood and strong tissue
A most valuable feature of Grapo
Nuts in the natural phosophato of pot
ush grown In the grains from which
It Is mad This IB the element which
transforms albumen in the body Into
the soft ray Rllllfltnnco whIch flits
tbTlil n W rttft irt
I A few days HBO of GrapeNuts will
plvo one a degree of nervous strength
Well worth the trial
Look In pkgu for the little book
The Road to Wellvillc Theres n
Ile < Ulon
l I
I E mR D S i I
Easter day has over had historic
associations of Bong nod praise More
hymns cantatas and choruses have
been composed for this do
days message
than for any other Sunday of the
year Tho best composers and au
thors have found in tho Risen Christ
and tho riven tomb a theme to call
forth their best words and Inspire
their richest melodies The masters
of melody who know no land or
tongue but speak to all climes and
hearts have made tho world their
debtor and all posterity richer by
tholr gift of song for this day And
ho who gives tho world a great song
gives most widely richly and continu
In InterpretIng a song the singer
must depend to a great extent upon
the underlying strong find sympathetic
touch and feeling of tho accompanlsU
Too much pralno could not bo given
to Miss Gertrude E Diddle for her
excellent work In supporting those
who sang Sunday In the First Pres
byterian church With Tare artistic
temperament she did a hard and Idng
days work nnd did It well
The quartettes by Shelly and Ash
worth were given by Miss Corn Mrs
Stevens Mr Saunders and Mr Chris
topherson in a spirited war which
caused them tolJe most pleasing to
tho audience The Illness of Miss
Mitchell compelled her withdrawal
from the program Miss Corn at an
hours notice was ablQ to enter so
perfectly Into the soprano part that
all believed that she had practiced It
from the first The four voices bend
ed perfectly In ahellGys Christian
the morn breaks sweetly oer thee
Mr Chrlstopherson sang five solos
dining tho day besides carrying the
bass In the quartette lie Is at his
best In his quartetto work and In it
shows plainly his long training as a
quartette singer In his rendering of
Sullivans God ShaH Wipe Away All
Tears and Danks Just as I Am
his voice showed Its best range and
sweetness Much credit Is due to him
for ths f > nplnt ofTprf nf Mm ilitvc mil
n J
Mrs Stevens was In excellent voice
and In hor two solos by Adams and
Shelley found a key well suited to the
rich tones of a mezzosoprano voice
Her quartette work was worthy of
special mention She was one of tho
best singers of the day and was uni
versally appreciated
Mr Saundors was at his best Sun
day Ills tenor parts In the quartettes
were clear and distinct but In his
solos by Gounod and Ambrose his
sympathetic Interpretation was fine
He has never sung better than In ren
derlnc One Sweetly Solemn
Thought at the evening service and
that Is saying a good deal
Miss Corn has a clear sweet nnd
strong soprano voice of much rich
floss and as a comparatively new
singer to Ogden people received much
praise To be able to enter Into two
difficult quartettes on an hours noUce
speaks much for her ability and train
ing Hot Interpretation of Loud
Angels Message a difficult number
was with such fineness of tone that It
was one of the best of the day
Miss Belnap Is a favorite wIth Ogden I
people not only because of her shill I
ty but also on account of the sweet II
ness of tone and pleasing manner
She sang Gounods Nazareth with
flue effect
In Plnsiitls Nlghtlcss Land Mrs
Lynch found a solo well adapted to
reveal the jiower of feeling which she
can express BO well We hope to
hear this good voice much moro in
the future
Mrs Cullcy sang Ilillers Prayer
as a prayer should he sung lending
to the spirit of the song a fineness of
feeling which made It an excellent
Though suffering from a cold Miss
Bartlett sang Gounods Green Hill
Far Away and Granlers Hbsannah
with an ability which speaks much
for her musical future Miss Bartlett
Is a now singer at these services and
wIth pleasing manner sang thorn In a
voice worthy of praise
Mrs Ashworth Is especially good
In her tochnlo and In singing Shel
don Resurrection she found a
number well fitted lo reveal her good
musical training
Possessing a deep rich olce of
much power of range and sympathy
Miss Geddes gave Bartletts Come
Jesus Redeemer with a degree of
ability and expression which told of
her faithful study It wMa meal
helpful number In making real tim
message of the song
Miss Slater with clear and true
tones gao Van dor Meteors Easter
Song with the spirit which the num
ber called for and received many
words of appreciation for the good
rendering of the song
The violin obligates and offortorlns
rendered by Miss Hamlll at the three
services though dinicult wer splen
didly given Miss Hamlll has the
musical temperament to make her
playing a real treat to thoso who hear
Miss Mitchell through illness was
unable to give the numbers assigned
to nero Her voice and presence were
much missed as her songs are always
All in all the three programs vcro
of a standard and tono long to bo
remembered and sao full proof that
Ogden has a rich variety and range of
talon If the Pentesostal praise ser
vices arc to maintain the standard
rained by the Easter services they
will be excellent Indeed
Washington March 2SElsht bridal
Couples came from Richmond to
Washingtou and wore married for
charity DC course charily was not
the only reason but a charity reap
ed tho flrftt benefits
They camo with a wedding party
of 450 persons which llllud seven
coaches of a specIal train Rev J
F Cook of Baltimore camo to tho
apltol to tie the bunch or K not
JraUb f1dJ1j t 11yrrQ 1
license clerks office for permitn That
olllcliil did his work In an hour Then
In the parlors of a down Town hoiol
I tho clergymen did tho rest
Each year Mrs James R Gill supt
of the male orphan asylum In Rich
clJL t J
mWd runs th6vnfllild HrllJdllltR
nm1lnsf f6r Ilio tinhfltItot1 Mr
1 K IGhi ltnhJdfIIok nn j Trlenrhl
of tmVntfjffirn Ctfmposo < lio weddfuir
atterfrtonts and see thfll wedding gifts
are not lacking Three othor youlig
couples would not wait and were mar
ried in Richmond this morning and
cnmo along on the Bpeclul traIn for
their honeymoons
Stockholm Sweden March 28
Crown Princess Gualave Adolph of
Sweden formerly Princess Margaret
i of naught gave birth to a daugh
tor today Tho other children of the
crown prince and princess are Prince
I Gustavo Adolph born In bog and
Prince Slpvard year younger
After a vigilance of many days the
department has succeeded in captur
big Antonio Alto an Italian of many
aliases who Is wanted at Durango
Colo for robbery
About ton days ago Detective Pon
der received Information that an Ital
ian had committed a robbery In Du
rango and that the officers Durango
would like to capture him It was
also stated that things pointed to the
probability that tho man had departed
for Ogden Certain letters had been
addressed to him at this place as a
decoy and the police department was
requested to keep close watch at the
pos tofu cc
This was done and for n number
of days past the postofllce has been
graced by the presence of an officer of
the law rite officers began to gel
Impatient for it seemed the man
would never call for his mall The
reward came last evening however
when Officer Hagbert Anderson placed
Ills hand upon Altos shoulder and
advised him You are wanted at the i
police station
When the officer apprehended the
man he had Just received a bundle of
mall that had been In tho office for
a number of days
The man was held In the city Jail
last night and today not being able
to speak the English language Un In
terpreter was employed to converse
with him and got a statement The
conversation between tho two Italians
disclosed the fact that the man under
arrest was James Alto brother of An
tonio and that ho had been sent to
the postoflice for the mall
He stated that his brother was In
the railroad yards and ho readily ac
companied the officers to the place
where Antonio was at work James
was released and his brother Antonio
was placed In his cell
At a late hour today Detective Pen
del stated that ho had been advised
that Antonio Is not only wanted by
the Durango officers but that govern
ment officers arc looking for him
After on illness lasting nearlj all
winter William GIddings who for
man years has conducted a drug
store on Twentyfifth street and has
a large number of friends and busi
ness associates In this pity died yesterday
erday at his home of heart disease
aged 6L Mr Glddlngs was prominent
ly Identified with the early building
of the city and hah been one of tho
most loyal citizens ever since The
body will probably be taken to his old
home In Iowa Wh6re he lived before
coming to Utah for burial Announce
ment will be made JaUr
In the Halls
of Congress
Washington March 28Thc pass
ago of bills relating to tho govern
ment of the District of Columbia oc
cupied almost tho entire session of
the house today
Attorney General Wfcksrsham made
a formal denial to tho charge that ho
had ever been counsel for tho sugar
trust This denial was contained in
Cl letter written by Mr WlcltOrsham
to Rep ntatlo Bennett of New
York and read in the house in reply
to a speech made by Mr Martin of
Colorado several days ago
Tho senate adopted a Joint roholu
lon authorizing tho states of Oregon
and Washington to establish a boun
dary line between those states
Both houses will be in session to
Youngstown 0 March SAR a
result of a Black Hand plot John Ja
celtics shot and killed Mike Fair at a
hoarding house in East Youngstown
today Jacobles and his brother Joe
facobies Tony Touchlc and Sam
Jocblc are being hold In hue county
jail hero in connection with the mur
Home Cure for Eczema
Docs it not scorn strange that BO
man people suffer year In and year
out with eczema
A 25cont bottle of a simple wash
stops the Itch and will surely con
Inco any patient
This wash composed of mild
and soothing oil of wintergreen mixed
with thymol and glycerine etc and
known as D D D Proflcrlptlon Wo
do not know how Jougthe D DD
Laborptod wilt cclht Duo thfl oc
SNJ fy l F1 it vor I
6eforo been put on tho market on
any special offers
If you want relief tonight try a
bcttlo at 25c on our personal recom
Culley Drug Co 2470 WashluBtou
r r I
B l l A ttf
In former years Ogden has carried
away the honors In baseball and It is
confidently anticipated that this wil
bo the case this year It the baseball
fans of the city start out to cnpturo
tho pennant
A baseball meeting has been called
for Wednesday night at S oclock at
tho Weber club for the purpose of
discussing the proposition to organize
a team and placo It In the stato
league Everybody la Invited to at
tend the meeting and tako part In tO
deliberations The club rooms will be
thrown open to all baseball fans and
It Is expected that tho meeting will
be largely attended
There seems to be llltlo doubt but
that a baseball organization will he
formed and a committee appointed
to look after the securing of the nec
essary funds to back the enterprise
Seam of tho best business Interests
of the city are Identified with tho
movement and Its success Is assured
In the criminal division of tho muni
cipal court this morning ono of the
oldtime jailbirds was perched upon
the mourners bench under the charge
of drunkenness Jolmor Anderson has
been registered at the police elation
many times during the lout year for
drinking too heavily and It has gotten
to bo quite natural for him to make
his appearance and plead guilty to the
charge When complaint was read
to him this morning ho stated that
he had been drinking a great deal of
beer during the past few days Ho was
sentenced to pay nJlne of 5 or go to
Jail five days Jalmor always servos
time so as to save his money for
another spree
George Watson pleaded guilty to
the charge of mendicancy and was
sentenced to pay a fine of 10 or go
lo jail ten days
For the first lImo In seven years
or since the cutoff was built across
the Great Salt Lake the Southern Pa
cific company Is Vudiiy compelled to
use the old lino arbund the north end
of the lake In order to prevent the
complete blocklngf traffic
It was reported this afternoon that
the damage by wind and waves on the
cutoff this morning will require from
thirtysix to fortyeight hours to re
From Ogdon to Umhria Junction by
the old line is 147 miles while by the
line across the lake It Is only 101
miles or 13 mllea farther by the old
line From Ogden to Kclton the Ore
gon Short Line track will be used
From Kelton to UmbrIa the old line
of the Southern Pacific will be used
Over this district the track has not
been used much during the past six
or seven years and all trains will be
operated on a slow schedule
Now Orleans March 28 Having
openly declared his intention of send
ing men and arms to Nicaragua to sup
port tho insurgent cause In that coun
try General Victor D B Gordon the
American leader in the revolutionary
army reiterated his position toaa
upon the report that a company of
sharpshooters had arrived hero and
would proceed to Nicaragua to engage
In the warfaro against Mardlr
According to published reports hero
today General LUR Monas insurgent
lender at the battel of El Kccrco
and Santa Clara has neon named as
military commander In chief and
EmIJIano Chamorro as political chief
of the insurgents How Estrada
figure In such an arrangement Is not
clear It IB rumored that Chamorro
may supplant him
Denver March 2810geph Bogard I
aged 7 nhot and killed his fouryear
old brother here today then went to
a neighbors and told lila mother of
the net although Ignorant of Its con
sequences The house In which the
fatality occurred is tho home of
George P Brown cJJ who is await
ing trial for an alleged murder com
mitted February 22
New York March 28 Lev 1 C Weir
president of the Adorns Express com
pany died hero today Mr Weirs
death occurred only a few hours after
that of Dudley Evans president of
the Wells Fargo company who died
last night at a hospital here
I d i trs I L 01 II 2 I j L
I1bI dT D or
St Louis March 28Fi0 thou
sand women and children of the 20
000 Jews In the ghetto who cat only
kosher meat loft without sources of
supply by the closing Of fortytwo
hops today stormed the four shops
dt1 r
OnA another to
agMUIrfto liesnftanand buy moat at
what ever prlco might bo demanded
lha clamor at tIm four shopfl re
sembled a wheat pit In a panic All
kinds of prices were offered for th >
cmnlcd moat but It was sold only at
tho established price 12 cents a penn
which according to the fortytwo
dealers who liavo closed their shops
Is too low to permit them to continue
In bualncso
Mt Etna was Kommvhat moro active
Monday Tho slowing up of the erup
tion Sunday allowed some solidifica
tion of tho lava and tho now streams
are moving more slowly While the
fields and vineyards have been greatly
damaged nono of the villages are
now threatened
Toy Smith stood before the judge
of the municipal court this morning
and intently listened to tho reading
of a complaint charging him with an
assault with Intent to commit murder
tho allegation being that on March
21st the defendant drew a revolver
on Officer O H Mohlnmn and fired a
shot with tho Intent of killing him
Toy listened to the proceedlngo
with a stoicism that plainly Indicat
ed that the program carried out In a
criminal court Is not new to him It
was a matter of routine business with
him and he understood just what was
The court advised the negro of his
rights In the matter and that ho was
entitled to a speedy preliminary hear
ing and trial The court had hardly
finished advising him when Toy
arose and addressed tho court
If your honor please I desire to
waive tho right of preliminary hear
ing and be bound over to the district
court at this time
Your request will bo granted re
plied tho court if tho county attorn
ey consents to your waiver I think
the attorney will agree to that and
tho matter can be fixed Immediately
You will bo placed under a bond of
Now York March 29 Conditions in
tho reinstatement of Catcher John C
Kllng Into the good graces of organized
baseball which will bo officially an
nounced Thursday Include his assign
ment to a baseball club according o
President Thomas J Lynch of the
National League who is one of three
members of tho national committee
which passed on tho case Tho de I
cision Inflicts a certain penalty on
Kling said President Lynch today
and names tho club with which ho
must play
Marshfleld Ore March 29 Wilson
Peters a rancher living about six
miles from hero today shot his wife
twice and attempted to kill his
daughter aged 20 and Bessie Hope
aged IS who was visiting his family
when the girls attempted to disarm
him Peterson then committed suE
cldo He is thought to have suddenly
become crazed
Mrs Peterson was building a fire
In tho kltchpn stove when Peterson
entered the kitchen and opened fire
One bullet shuck her in the neck and
another grazed her head
At the sound of tho first shot the
girls rushed from their bedroom and
pounced upon Peterson After a des
perate struggle In which Peterson
struck his daughter over the head
with the pun and choked the Hopn
girl they wrested tho revolver from
Neighbors went to tho Peterson
ranch and found Peterson dead In a
haymow Ho had cut his throaL
Mrs Peterson probably will recover I
Tho insurgents In the house who
have been considering the proposition
of eliminating the speakers power of
appointing committees have decided
to defer any action along that line
until the house has had an opportunity
to net upon the legislative program
of President Taft
George W Coleman who is under
heavy bonds atBjsJqu awaiting trial
for the alleged omb jiXlcrflent of 250 I
000 from tho National City bank of
Cambridge has denied poralatont rum
ors that ho had married Mamie High
tover a Kansas City girl despite his
fathers prohibition of such a stop
The noroplane being used by the
Wright brothers at the practice
grounds near Montgomery Alabama
foil yesterday from a height of 100
feet hut struck easily in soft ploughed
ground Orvllle Wright who was up
was not hurt nor the machine injured
the descent bclnF in a measure under
Scheldknocht Swiss 16 years of age
who declared he was being forccd by
anarchists to assassinate Secretary
Balllngor was arrested at Cleveland
Ohio Monday He was committed to
the slate hospital for insanity
Inquiry before special commissioner
McGee of the general land office to
determine whethor tho Cunningham
coal claims In Alaska are valid ad
journed to meet Monday in Salt Lake
City at 10 oclock Saturday when tho
testimony of W H Campbell a guide
employed ty Clarence Cunningham
In locating coal claims will be taken
He will bo the last witness called I
by tho government
Combining the skill of oxpertn with
the simplest of methods thieves last
night or early yesterday robbed the
ault In the oifice of the chashier at
the Richmond Va poslofllco of stamps
crtlmated toKVf worth about Si500
and IncldcMlly < Wrled off 160 Ji I
casii belonging tothiepayrohi fund
John Witrdsuys that with Austra
lian natives a dish of snakes Is a
rmichostoenipd luxury Many Afri
can trlbci count snake flesh among I
the luxuries
r Lf 1 <
Ji M
> lI
v 1
o T r tcN
Associate Forester Albert F Potter
Is in the city today in conference
with Forester A R Sherman and his
associates regard lag forest service
conditions in ihlg district Ht will
continue his trip toward tho national
capital this afternoon HIs first and
only stop between hero and Washing
ton will be at Denver where he will
meet with tho forest service employes
of the second district
Mr Potter states that no particular
significance attaches to his present
trip west the main object being lo
attend forest conventions at llssoula
Montana and Portland Oregon Ho
came down from that section of coun
try yesterday attending n convention
at Pocatello on his wa >
It does not make any difference
what the changes In the pcrKonnel of
tho leaders of the forest service of
tho nation may be he said the
great work of protecting the water
sheds and the Umber belts of the
country will go on just tho same The
general policies Inaugurated In the
service will be continued the effort
of Iho head of the service and all
operating under him being to get the
very best results and advance tho best
interests of the people to the highest
possible degree
Wo of course are coincwlnit con
cerned over tho Bal1ln erPlnchol Con
troversy but Its ultimate outcome will
not materially affect tho work of tho
forest service department You may
depend upon It that there will bo no
material chango of policy In the serv
ice That would be quite impossible
under present conditions The plans
that have been adopted for tho
guidance of the managers of the for
est work cannot well bo set aside
I have a kindly feeling toward Og
den and it gives mo pleasure to visit
here The Ogden people have treated
tho forest service boys royally and
we all heartily appreciate IL It will
bo Impossible for me to remain In the
city longer than today and Awhile I
am here my time will be taken up In
meeting with the forest service men
I have no special Infractions to give
them but want to talk over matters
of a general nature
BOND fOR 500
Henry Roberts was arraigned on the
charge of burglary In the second de
gree and was placed under a bond
of 1600 for his appearance for a pre
liminary hearing the time for which
will be fixed later The complaint
alleges that on March 20th the de
fendant entered the room of his friend
A V Kanatchcr and stole some of his
belongings The defendant was ar
rested In Salt Lake Saturday and
brought to this city yesterday by De
tective Fender
The ladies of the St Josephs Sew
ing society will meet with Mrs D
Seer at St Josephs hall Thursday
afternoon March SI
A gay party of friends gathered it
the home of Mr and Mrs W A
Wiggins 1556 Robinson avenue last
evening In honor of the birthday an
niversary of Mrs Wiggins Games
music and various methods of social
diversion were Indulged hi until a late
hour when refreshments were served
tho guests soon after repairing to
their homes wishing Mrs Wiggins
many happy returns of her birthday
My beautiful chinchilla queen
Ashbrlttlo Pearl daughter of The late
His Majesty of Whitehall saysa
writer in the Strand Magazine re
cently had a family snugly > d
In the room known as the cat kitch
en whero the food for tho animals
IB prepared The other day when
these kittens were nearly three weeks
old loud cries were heard proceed
ing from Pearl and her jprogeny and
on hastening to tho door tho room
was found to be fill of donPo snioko
and with a most disagreeable and
alarming smell of burning so thick
indeed was the smoke that It was
difficult to cross the room to open
the window
Pearl flew forward with a cry of
joy and brought out a kitten soaking
wot and when tho smoke cleared
the other kittens for whom Pearl re
turned were all foUnd to have been
placed by their mother in tho milk
bowl as she evidently considered they
wore less likely to bo burned or
smothered there Tho cause of the
fracas was the attendant having
been called away and detained dur
ing which time the food on the fire
hail burnt dry thu bottom of the pan
being burned out and the food re
duced to cinders Of course tho little
things were carefully dried and
warmed at the fIre and happily suf
fered no 111vtfccls from their milk
Chicago March 27A working gjr
with a salaryof I2 a week loday out
oPi niiHiwtfldfiflto J1ac < Hini5flited
by tuning 50 cents a week served an
Raster dinner to jlty prisonos at
the Harrison street police station The I
girl Is Miss Julia Gleeson a clerk jn
a downtown store who fdr hr work
among the women prisoners has be
1 r i
gfrtffigl33 q r
taknown as Ihe Angel of j J
iaijr > ft 1 I
S jfr tw0jvco11 M8 niepson hn Hi
ojfjrMlsrf plen Anderson ann ir
working girl had worked aflor offic
hourH preparing the delalln of thin
dinner After dinner the girl made
a speech to tH prisoners admonish J I
ing them to avoid doing things that
would got thorn Into trouble I
Cambridge Mass March 29 Alex
ander Agassis naturalist and prosl
dent of the Calumet H cla Mining
company dIed yesterday on tho Btoam
or from Southampton to New York i
Tho now was received In a wireless
message today I
President Harris of the Northwest
era university talked to tho pupllatof
tho high school at 10 oclock this
morning Snperlnt9ndent Mills Intro
duced the distinguished speaker who
was warmly greeted by the students
who with the local members of the
Northwestern university alumni gave
Northwestern yells the high school
chorus rendering the Northwestern
college songs The > ells were most
vociferously given as President Harris
entered the auditorium A number
the uchcKjl hoard members were pres
In a masterly address President
Harris gao a clear exposition of the
higher values of education dividing
his subject Into live heads Training
tho body the mind the social quali
ties tlc temperament tho Ideals
He advised that all his hearers should
get something and be something at
the same time enlarging on tho possi
bilities of giving as exemplified not I
only In tho lives of many great Amor
leans but also as manifested here in I
Ogden by the magnificent new high
President Harris advanced the the I
ory that students of today should re 1
gard the education given to them by
tho state as a sacred trust always to
he used In tho advancement of city
state and nation
Owing t an engagement to speak
at tho university at Lawrence Kan
sas President Harris was obliged to
cancel an engagement t speak In one
of the local churches this ovenlng and
left on the limited for the cast
At noon President Harris was en
tertained by Mayor Glasmann at
luncheon in the Webor club
San Francisco March 29Jlm
Barry of Chicago and Jade Burns of
Salina Cal the heavyweight pugl
llstjs whowlll box20 rounds tonight
here are reported to be la rareform
and although no championship title
is at stake light followers are look
Ing forward to a battle royal between
the pair Betting favors tho Chlca
goan at 2 to 1
Barry also has In view his contest
with Langford which is to take place
in LOB Angeles next month
I will bowl this Salina chap over
In short order saId Barry and then
I will resume my training for the Los
Angeles matcli r expect to give
Langford the hardest fight of his ca
Both Phones 323
In His Own Musical Dramatic Playlet f
In the Comedy Sketch A C O D t
Wonderful Trained Monkeys
Tho rich American 1
Clay Molder and Pastel Painter 1
Club Juggler Extraordinary
PRICESNight 10c 25c and Son
Matinees 10c 15c and 25c I
Consult County Clerk or the Reepo >
tlvo Signora for Further
ERlato of Samuel Fletcher Cred
itors will present claims with vouch
ers to the undersigned at the law
ojuco of Halvorson Pratt Nos 1023
Eccles Building Ogden City Utah on
or before tho Jlrst day of August A
D 1910
1 I r
Estate Of Mary Jane Potter Cred I J
itors will present claims with vouch
ers to the undersigned at the Jaw
office of Halverson Pratt Nos 1023
Kccles Building Ogden Utah On or
before tho first day of August A p t
I It11 i 1 r3r i I
l ft fLrf < kfQ ell
1t IH eh r
era to the undersigned at the lay I
office of IJalvurson Pratt Nos 102U
Reeled Building Ogden City Utah on
or before the first day of August A
P 1310 WILLIAM VRUGGINK Administrator II I
7 s
A J 1

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