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L > j i l i a = 01 i
i n f c 7 i 7
r r 1
r > l tr THE DAlLY STATTOAJCP OGDJGN UTAH TUESDAY MARCH 291910 an i 1 lIlsb tr OWJL f L0i > J11
r t
Fifty Years the Standard
1i k Made from Grapes
1 < Highest award Chicago
° Worlds Fair o
Washington March 8Thc charge
preferred on the floor of the house
last Friday by Representative Martin
Democrat Colorado that the former
attorney of tho sugar trust Is now
the head of the department of jusllcr
vt the present administration brought
forth R letter of denial from Attorney I
General VIckersham addressed to
Representative Bennett of New York
and read Into the house record today
Mr Wlckcrahamn letter follows
I have read In the congresnlonal
records of March 25 a statement made I
by a member from Colorado that the
former attorney for Ute sugar trust I
I It at the head of the department of
t justice of tho present administration
and later on what purport to be a
quotation from a newspaper dispatch
loading Attorney Creneral Wlcker
sham the former attorney of the an
gar trust
That such statement may not gain
any currency 1 should Ilke to state
through yon I never was attorney for
the sugar trust by which I under
stand is meant the American Sugar
Refining company and Its allied or
Riibsldary corporations nor had any
professional or business relations vltn
The only possible foundation ror
such a statement lies from the fact I
that ono of my partners some farce
years ago was retained as one of thij
I counsel for tho American Sugar Re
fining company in a single law euif
brought against It and pursnant to
I such retainer he assisted In the de
fense of tae company that action and
1 4 an appeal taken from a judgment in I
1 Its favor but In that law null I was
t i
neither consulted nor did I render any
Representative Martin was not mi
the floor of the house at the time the I
letter was read h > Mr Bennett but I
I when advised of the matter securcl 1
a coyp of the attorney generals let
ter Mr Martin announced he Intend
ed to carry his charges against the I
department of Justice ut a dellnlc
conclusion He now has n resolution
pending for an Investigation of the
acquisition of friar lands In the Phili
ppines by the Havcmcycr Interests
Mr Martin said In an Interview
The attorney general you will ob
serve carefully avoided making any
dental of the principal features of
my cbarges towlt that his decision
I gavo the sugar trust 55000 acres ot
friar lands for a price less than the I
government paid for It and there was
no warrant of law for such a decision
The law plainly limits the sale of
public lands to any one person oi
company to 2500 acres ana there is
qticslfqn of tho friar lands being pub
lic lands
Mr WlckPrflham says his partner
whom I understand was Henry V
Taft a brother of the president and
not he was attorney for tho sugar
trust This form of disavowal wll
not carry much weight I shall con
tinue my efforts to show up what I
believe Is but the beginning of u
gigantic grab of the friar lands of the
Philippines by the sugar trust all
made possible by the unwarranted do
onion of the attorney general I shall
decide upon a further course within
a day or two
I There are JOSOOO acres of these
friar lands In the Philippines acqu t
ed hy the government at a coat or
47200000 which is 18 per acre The
sugar trust acquired this 55000 acres
for 6 an acre
Roosevelt is I
at It I
Again I
Cairo March REx President
Roosevelts outspoken warning to the
nationalists In his speech today be
Core tho Egyptian inlverslty has
I created a great sensation It Is re
I ported determined efforts wore made
to dissuade him from referring to the
asoasslnatlon of the premier Boutros
Pachn Ghall and the political situa
tion but President Roosevelt deliver
ed a scathing denunciation of the as
casein and strongly condemned those
who would condone such an act
Some apprehension Is felt at the
possible attitude of the resentful na
tionalists and the authorities are ex
ercising extraordinary vlgllence and
are prepared to take extreme meas
ures If any manifestations occur
against Colonel Roosevelt
Many women do not realize the at
r tractions they possess because they
do not give Proper attention to the
The women of Paris arc famed for
their beauty not because their facial
features are superior to those of
other women but because they know
how to beep young by supplying vig
or luster and strength to the hair
Three years ago Parisian Sage
could hardly be obtained In America
But now this delightful hair tonic
and dressing can be had In every
town In America BADCONS PHAR
MACY sells It for 50 cents a large bot
tle and they guarantee It to grow
beautiful luxuriant hair to turn dull
lifeless hair Into lustrous hair to
slop falling hair to RtOp Itching of
the scalp Ask for Parisian Sage
Bids will be received closing April
20LL for the construction of the Cov
ey canal near Colevlllo Wyo Ap
proximate quantities Excavation of
earth 100000 cubic yards loose and
solid rock 2000 cubic yards Fur
ther Information can be obtained from
S M Covey 533 East First South
Salt Lake City Utah
Il is predicted that the lingerie
gown will hp more popular than ever
this summer Almi that it will be
more elaborate than in the past
Two hundred Womens OO
Suits 9 worih Up to 3500 9 at tJ
Read This Remarkable Oifer ior
This Week
Two hundred of Ihe must rnrofull diosrn
m r son suits ever made to sell 01 frO 111 2700 to
II z3i00 nre offered as n BIG II Alai for this event Our buyer lIIade some close dcals on
the fabrics and chose various smart models lo The
copy result is these fastidious surolo
li I please niodclsScarccly two stilts in the collectionlining of pure alUsilk Penu ile Cygne
j Jiiid Taffeta either to niatch or
or iVcouirasLing
II I 1 shades Strikingly noticeable is the clover
smoothness of fit fullness nlihc skirls and the rich different
rjlls Ceueral nppcariimv of onch
sutsumrl grays slaplonavys mul 11icks
striking checks pin stripes white ergcs and
all the IcadiiiK lii shades
i Worth up to 25 Worih up to
3500 at m 35800
e e 0 o
i Thousands of Yards 01 Black and Fancy Silks
on Sale at Manufacturers 9 Cost
And such
vat quantities of cv I
cry quality color and pattern that we can hardly notice any decrease iu our stock nol with I I
landing that hundreds upon hundreds of Lards are sold flail 1 1
0 a l bel c i Ip nya uyi A + l 6 I I
o 1 G r b1f yi t
ay a J l
r ri t t Ci l 1 t rCi em r
I I + f j 1 1 Xl au Q I
S E N D t Uv1 is
a t IN 1 n r
i y t n t tJ e y c
r t o c
He Objects to Appropriation of 8000 for Park Purposes and Other
Heavy Expenditures at This Time Vetoes Are Sustained by
theOity Council Comparative Statement
of Street Expenditures
l R
Mayor GlaF mari present1 d to the
city fathers last N night threo commu
mentions voicing measures that had
been passed liy the council nnd mnk
rag sngestonH for fife betterment fir
city affairs and the council supports
him In over Instance
The action of too council In the
matter of making an npproprlaUon of
IKOOO for the use of tlio park com
mission this year was vetoed the
grounds glean for the veto befog that
under the financial conditions of the
city at the present tim the strictest
economy In the expenditure of money
should prevail
The vote on sustnlnlnR the mayor
or park appropriation ws as follows
Ayes Flyeare Hiimphrls Brown
inp DIckson nnd Ieery
asAustln Barker Dana lar
sen 1
I Councilman AVlJaon being absent
therefore not voting
The mayors communication veto
ing the ark approprnilon follows
Veto ofWXH
To the Honorable President and
Members of the Cly Council Gentle
men I return herewith your rcsolu
tlon passed at the lost meeting of tht
Clly Council appropriating to the
Park Commission for the maintenance
of city parka the sum of 5000 Thh
Hum I belle vo Is oxcMlve especially
so when I consider the fact that nn
honorable citizen of this city offorcv
to take care of tho narks for sevcra
thousand dollars less and give a bom
In the sum of lOOM that he wouk
maintain the parks to th4 satlsfacttor
of the people of Ogden
If the city desired to have sonu
specinl monuments fountains and oth
er decorations placed In the parks
the sum probably would not be too
large but when I consider the great
floating debt of Ogden City and the
fact that no provisions have been
made for the payment of snme I uII
convinced the proper policy for the
city government Is1 to appropriate no
more money for T > arks thnn is neces
sary to haply nwlntnln the parks
for the year and I believe o fiOO woult
be ammo for hat purpose Next year
the funds may permit of some Im
provements All of which Is respect
fully submitted Signed William
Glasmann Mayor
The next vein sent to the council
was regarding the action of the coun
cil on the purchase of two now sprink
ling wagons In his communication
vetoing the measure the mayor stated
that he did not consider It necessary
to make the outlay of money called
for as the city could well get along
with tho wagons lualrendy has
The attitude lip naor was sus
tallied by a vote uLa to 5 It requiring
a two thlyds majority vote to pass a
measure over thoomnyors veto Fol
lowing was the solo on sustaining the
mayors veto on buying two street
Xo Browning larson Barker
Humphrls niysaro
AyesAIIRtin DIckson Dana Pcery
The mayors communication was
as follows >
Vetoes Purchaoe of Wasitfng Machines
To tho Honorable President and
Members of till City Council Gentle
men return hcretrlth th resolution
pipsnd hy your honnrnblo body diesel
ing the purchase or two new street
washing machines without my ap
proval for the reasons Hereinafter
There arc only seventeen block
of asphalt paved streets In Ogden and
the two street washers we now have
if worked every day would have to
Glenn only eight and onc half blocks
per day If tho streets were washed
every other day each street washer
would have to clean only four and one
fourth blocks per day or If it Is de
sired to wash the streets dally a
I night shift could be put on and each
washer would have to clean only four
and onefourth blocks on each day
shift and on each night shift
I therefore think that the present
street washers arc all that the city
needs at thin time
I also desire to call jour attention
to the fact hat In other cities the
ir < I1n am required to test the hy
drants every day nnd while doing so
rash the rocl Intersections IIr the
streets and flush out the gutters Tin
street supervisor says it would bn a
great help to him If this were done
in fact the street washers are not
powerful enough to wash out tnc stone
Intersections and gutters ami there
IK no good reason wh > the chief 01
the fire department cannot detail a I
couple of men for this purpose This
was done during my former term ot
office even when the city did not own
till waterworks If this were done It
would also relieve the street washers
from considerable service
I also notice that the street super
visor says that tho present street
washers soon will need repairing
Your washers are guaranteed to give
from ill teen lo twenty years service
and with proper repairs I think will
last that long Two new street wash
ers would cost 1500 or more and 1
betters the city government should
hesitate In purchasing new machines
if the present washers can be made
to answer the purpose by putting on
t night shift In loot I am advised thrt
tho street washers do fifty < per cent
better work during thcv night than
they do during the day because the
teams and wagons do not stand In the
gutters as they do during the day
time Respectfully submitted William
Glasmann Mayor
Insurance Economy
In another communication the may
or called attention to the action of
the council at Its last meeting glvlili
to the hoard of underwriters 00 per
root of the total fire insurance on
public buildings of Opdeu and leaving
to tIp ooh board only If pAr rent
although the rato offered by tb + non
board Is 3 per cent less than that of
fared by tho Board of Underwriters
Nttrr a great deal of dlScfSsslon fl was
d CkI d tsj Jlyo trtb n t rtl fDf
tJ1 t IJI arson on to
ItlVJI lu I j bq 1t0 oni1 I
kd tttr ItGw at tfon
board companies at tbo start of tlic
controversy had offered U rate of 50 1
per cent lesa than that in force with
the underwriters Later the vn < r
writers accepted this rate with the
provlnlon that they bo given lO per
cent of the business At this tht
nonboard companion made another
drop of a per rant it was also ntatct
that tho companies represented by the
I nnn board are for the most part Unit
ed States firms while tho ITndcrwrlt
I ers aro made up mostly of forclgi
companies The matter was reform
to the buildings and grounds commit
j toe with Instruction to assign thi
I Insurance among the vnrlous members
I of the nonboard companies
Before taking up regular businoB
at thv meeting last night Judge A G
I Horn representing several client
owning property on Patterson avenu
brought out that although claims s r
aging approximately 5000 had ben
1 made against tho city by his client
nnd the matter referred to n number
of committees no report had ever
been made He claims that his client
built on their property according to
lines furnished by tho city engineer
and that later these lines were chang
ed making the str ° et cover the prop
arty now used by his clients ns from
lawns Requesting that some settle
ment be mndo of the trouble so as
to avoid law suits and stating that Ir
the street were put back In th3 origin
I al condition according to the lines fur
I nlshed his clients by the city ongln
I eer they would be willing lo put lr
I their share of tho sidewalks Mr Horn
I concluded after which tho mutter
I was referred to tho sidewalks com
mlttce city engineer and city attor
Kircher Salary Again
That nil Is not over In the controv
ersy as to the salary of C H Klr
char was again Indicated last night
when Recorder Carl Allison actlnf
on advice from the city auditor re
turned the pay roll carrying the vote
of the mayor regarding Klrchers al
I ary with the information that council
I would have to take some further ac
tion on the matter before the auditor
can act But little discussion took
place the matter hclng again referred
to the city attorney the waterworks
committee and tho mayor
A communication from the mayoi
calling attention to the enormous ex
pondltures of the street departments
for the present month as compared
with recent years caused some discus
slon but was finally filed without ob
Jectlon Tho communication follows
To the Honorable President and
Members of the City Council Gentle
men I hereby call the attention ot
your honorable body to the great ex
pensc of our street department Tho
two pay rolls for the month of Marcli
this year amount to 302830 and for
the whole year at the coins ratio
ivonld amount to between 30000 and
40QOO To show you comparatively
how high the expenses are for the
month of March thlj year I give here
with the total oxponses obtained
from the city auditor 1 of the street
department for the month of Marcj
Including sprinkling and wushlng or
streets for tho past six years DIP
same covering the last two years 01
my former administration two years
of Mayor Conroys administration and
two years of tho last city government
as follows
Two pay rolls for March In each
of ho following years
March Mil 655 SO
March 190r fR5A9
March lOOfi li57
March 1P07 120XU
March 1008 117G11
March lOOrt 14155
March 1910 302S HO
It will bo reon that the two nay
I rolls fur March this year are more
than donnlo that of the entire expen
diture for any other March for six
ears past and more than four times
as much as that during each year of
llOl and 100 and seven times larg
er than under Mayor Conroys first
arThis expenditure appears to me so
unusual and extraordinary that I feel
it my duty to call attention to this
Over a month ago I sent a com
munication to the street supervisor
calling his attention to the extrava
gant expenditures in i his department
and advised him IhSt the city would
not continue same and the only res
ponse I have received is an inci eased
expenditure So Hcrionp Is this mat
ter that I oarncHtly Invlto your atten
tion jo this subject Very roepe < t
fully submitted Signed William
Glasmann major
Canal Alley Question
Recommending that tho petition sub
milted for the widening of Canal al
ley in the rpar of tho Stevens prop II
erty be not granted until such time
as tho necessary property could bo
secured the committee having charge
of laic matter turned In Its report
last night After some discussion the
matter was referred to the commit
tee on streets and tho city attorney
after the report had been adopted lor
the purpose of taking steps to secure
the property necoaRary
A resolution from the waterworks
committee to the effect that no work
be done In the future in the way of
making extensions In city water mains
until the parties so petitioning make
contracts In writing binding thorn to
make connections with their houses
within no days after the extensions
arc made by the city and paying up
six months water tax In advance was
unanimously adopted after which a
number of small claims from the city
auditor covering various departments
were allowed and the auditor Instruct
ed to mako out warrants covering the
various amounts
Saloon License Refused
In the matter of the liquor license
100 Reward 100
The readers or this i apcr ni11 be ptciea to
turn that there b lit tort one dreaded dluso
ht science bu lxcn chic 0 cure is all its
sate and that ie Catarrh lIali a Catarrh
Cure I i the only rovliTe curt 1con 10 tho mcc
seat rjtcrnit Catarrh tons a conititutioiu
iliioue require a eonmtuuotwl treitmcni
falls Catarrh Cwrc u uten internally seeing
dioiUy urcin Ihc btOOdina Glucose iurfuea df
th ty ten rCbY + fro ag the foundatiein
rd tht a tare and ti tube patient rtrcac S
+ frhilduR > t 111 t1iI1l ition and a nFf1 f
i 1 loin ib t c prottncton ha c
sc rolc 6 f1h1Jrn lillic ti c pocrS that tll vl
oiler One Ullndrcd Dolbn for any cue tbat1
tlJO r < u
Ldrett r J cnsviy lc co Toictis 0
tdrSold bv Ors f at 6c
I Ldlt urily illi ere the test
VrchOtCOOCSfh the chief Of
AI l gh
I olJgf lWrfLnP tflJln a r pr bJhJj
t ppfnn Ol1 Iur it1NtWP Jrrnm CIlk
Jptui UolloClm 1F U1 ORtart 3 retsll
AIQooalr vTTsctty fifth slr Jr was
turned down This was tho only ap
plication all othern lying for nnon
als and all wore granted having been
approved by the chief of police
In n communication from the city
englne the fact that there Is Insuf
flciont equipment for making hate
print was brought out and after some
discussion the snggoBticns of the en
gineer which were In effect that a
machine for prlntln blue prints to
cost COO bo purchased was referred
to tho public buildings and grounds
committee It WAS also mrfevntod by
the city engineer that the business
could be handled through the con
struction of a small room In the attic
of the city hall which would cost
pbont i = Oar or through tho purcluiKo
of a smaller machine costing about
g 300 This however ho cIa linK will
In a few ynrs be Inmifilclcnt to
handle the olumc of buslnean coming
through hb office while In the pur
chase of the large machine costing
COO tho city will bo securing n ma
chine which will handle all kinds of
work and be almost Indestructible
Sanitary Report
In the report of tho sanitary depart
ment for the past week a total of 11
new cases of contagious diseases IB
shown six of which aro lueaalos 4
scarlet fever and one small pox mak
ing a total In all of old and new cases
of 21 now In fire city
Although quite a few petitions for
sewer and curb and guuor district
were received the average wan much
lower than usual A resolution noti
fying the county commissioners that
repairs should be made tollle side
walk In front of the county court
hangs was passed unanimously after
which It was decided that tho matter
of the request from the Davits County
Independent Telephone company will
bo taken up by the city council meet
Ing as a committee of the whole on
next Thursday night
After a motion by Councilman Chris
Flygaro Unit something bo done In
the matter of the sidewalk on Twen
tythird street between Washington
and Adams which he says is covered
with mud and dirt was paused and the
matter referred to the street super
visor with orders to Instruct the own
ers of the adjacent property to clean
up and put In condition at once the
mud corered sidewalk the council ad
Constipation IK a most frequent
cause of piles That is why women
suffer more often from piles than
men Indoor work and lack of exer
cise brings on the attacks
Badcons Pharmacy Ogddn lTtah
soil Hem Rold nn Infernal tablet rem
edy for pile on the ilndonitandliig
that you can hove your alone back I
If dissatisfied 1 for a large bottle i
Dr Loonhardt Co stntlo t B Buffalo I
N Y mall booklet on request I
Dedham Mass March 27Tho
birth of a healthy baby boy In tills
lawn has made Joseph Scars the fath I
er of 11 children Ho has been twice I
I married In the las forty years hl
rr l L < q LIO
fir t
y a
I wrY h tt 1 a
1 > I
14 i
i I i
l 4 x C 4 I
f la
tl t I
hn y 1 l
1 t r l
i t i t
i t t
I < feS2 r
I Spring showers r
I bring forth May flow
They also bring
forth flowery lang
uage from the man
without the raincoat
For S18 at Kuhns
theres a coat that will
Dust fit you and make
you lit for shower or
shine a coat with
I style and all the
waterproof qualities
Modern Clothes
IN 1
AT 2365
first wlfo giving birth to eighteen
children and the present Mm Soar
tn Hlxte Ti But twelo of the largo
families arc living
Charge Hermit
With MurdeR
Concordia CaR March 2SCharll4
Xordmark a hermit was arrested
to < lay and Is held pending nn Inves
tigation of tho murder of Abx Lin
dahl and his two children u daugh
ter aged tea and a son aged eight
whose bodloR won found on the hanks
of the Republican river near Scandia
Kas Sunday I
Suspicion attached to Nordraark be
cause of III feeling known in have es
laird between him and Ilndahl
Pain AonthebscdlzZln n htl1Jatho end q ril
lan f01 Ot n Datkao of Mollitr tirar At t
TllALIANrKAl for ell KMney irlldnr Dr J
Urioarr troubc Whoa oa feel all run doi
IIrM i rTinn vt > oat enfBJ1 you lIe1 r fcrv
clcof IblupJcUAJitherb 4e n srstlaot H
bus ro r lJri JlotUtr Otns Au lrnllnnIenr
Is cod lifr 2 + cfcu rU win by moo forW II rt nIL
Hiuin aim I j t AK Addrci The Mother UraT
Crt > J I
iB az j 1Ii a
I r r
Interest paid on Savings Accounts and Time Certificates I
of Deposit 5
CAPITAL 10000000
SURPLUS 11500000
I H C Bigelow President A P Bigelow Cashier I
J M Browning VicePrest J E Halverson Asst Cashr
G L Becker E L Vnn Meter John K Spiers
II 0 A Parmley L F Bigolow J N Spargo
e I CIii80
= = 0
t = i
II Sole Agents for the Pabst Brewing Co Milwaukee Wis
Distributors and General Agents for
Monarch of Table and Medicinal
al Waters
Is a purely natural
mineral watortho ONLY in the United State bottled at the
Natural Mineral Water Springs
What About Gas for
Cooking This Summer 0
If you wait until the weather is
you will be
late 71
to take your turn People are coming iu every day and asking when lave
gas mains are to be laid on their street It takes
thirty days to lay gas mains ad get the gas turned from two weeks to i
dance on in your resi i
The new gas works will bo started this week
and We will be ready l
to talks orders for
new customers Dont wait
until the weather Tats
warm and expect us to get the gas into your residence bef bets
From the outlook the next dn
we estimate that a car load of next1
ranges and wa
ter heaters will
be required for this
seasons demand
You KNOW that you arc thinking about
gas and whv i i
whJ data
delay Come
in early and arrange for your needs and get iT done in time Y
the comfort of gas cooking If you intend building a home to enjoy
inolude the pipes for COGkL and
cooking heating The
J will not charge a cent more if these ar fail vdcd r contractor
We l1jL Winrt all tHe pipe qrk and Behat3 t is tho first plans
J erly ftc < oficost l t r V v i 1 L a anSed pro 1 I
D Decker Local Manager <
ih t

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