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if IDij 1tucuiug tttuhttrh 1
t Published Daily Except Sundays by Wm Glasmann
f Advertising Rates
J G IH I 0
> lay S > g > 4 C g I
q1p I 1 1 Q 1 C E
G tr c C 7a e
Mert1Hment ban
run dC P poA 4 CI po CI 00 r r
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ChlU1tQ each Saw toe c ha o COc
Ad to run tWlce wtthlTll change ISo Ito Qc 2lc
Ad to run throe Umee without ehanao 10 I 17c I Esc I Jc I I 44c
Ad to run ILEX Uma without chance He lSe lSc 10
CIaulne4 want ado om cent pr word eAch day no drat Inaertlon lac thaD
iii conli or no pcr UM per month
Random r etkeaacoe sc par line the t tneertlon 27 cents each eubeegaent In
urtJonr 51 cent per Ilno per week or 302 pu Ilse per month with chance
cues each week
Local Beadere 150 Per line Ant Inertlon IOc per Uno each ubllcquont InIlOr
tJon or roc vr Uno per week
CHURCHES SECRET BOCrnTTEti and Charltlble InstltuUnns S tl cent
per Un e1lhCT itandom Rtferenc or LocetL Ito b04d allowed In Ran ome
The farmers should raise hogs Here are a few figures furnished
us on hog raising in Utah and Idaho
By feeding beets exclusively ono man made his hogs gain 50
pounds each one month He fed 900 pounds of beets per head At
the present price of hogs 960 per 100 pounds the beets would
bring him 1066 per ton Even at the usual fall price for hogs
7 per 100 pounds beets fed to hogs would bo worth 780 per ton
Another party bought three tons of sugar beets for 1245 He fat
tened eight hogs which for a little over two months feeding gave
him a profit of 43 In this instance the beets were cooked before
S being red to the hogs In both of these cases beets only were used
while by adding a small amount of grain these profits may still be
In another instance a bunch of hogs were made to gain three
F pounds per day They were fed
3 Ibs bran and shorts worth 0312
2 lbs corn worth 1 03
Whey worth r 03
Three pounds gain at 9 12 cents is 28 12 cents per day leaving
T a profit of 19 12 cents per head daily Even figuring the hogs at
700 there is still a profit of more than 11 cents per head
Last summer a farmer sold 275 worth of hogs from 4 12 acres
of land This land was fenced with hog wire and half an acre of
it was in beets The remainder produced alfalfa barley and peas
iHe let the hogs pasture in it
At the present time thousands of dollars are going east every
month for live hogs Besides the eastern packers are shipping to
Ut 1 every month over 300000 worth of pork products This is
between three and four million dollars a year
For an outlay of 8 for six months to raise a hog that will sell
for 20 sounds almost unreasonable still this is what is being
l accomplished In Utah and Idaho at the present time A man with
a herd of 100 hogs can take in 200 each month for his labors
Hog raising in this section of the country has been revolution
ized within the last year Formerly a farmer thought it impossible
to raise a hog from anything but grain He is now learning
through actual tests that hogs can be raised from other feed at
t a greatly increased profit and yet produce as good a quality of pork
Every farmer should have from 10 to 26 hogs to market every
t year and even at normal prices of hogs there are enormous profits
in this line of business Beets and alfalfa green or cured in large
proportions with a little grain will grow a hog at small cost Peas
05 a finisher produce an excellent sweet flavored pork and is being
used in Colorado with great success
C With the packing plant now springing up in Utah a steady
market is always assured the hog raiser By their cold storage facil
ities packing is just as feasible during the hot summer months as any
other time of the year Prices usually range the highest from July
to September
The local plant we understand will pay Omaha prices for hogs
f Two young men of Ogden have leased an alfalfa field on which
l they are to raise II stockers They are to start with twenty
sows and expect an increase of 120 animals the first year which
i when fattened should bring approximately 2000 They have had
r experience in the sheep business but claim there is more profit in
the raising of hogs as the increase is greater The one adverse
rr feature is the danger of cholera although experienced hog men state
It that the disease can be kept out by sanitary precautions and avoiding
contact with animals known to be infected
f Hog raising is one of the most promising and yet neglected
branches of the livestock industries in the west
The State Board of Health has issued a bulletin on cleanliness
S and filth which is an appeal to the people to place their homes in
sanitary condition particularly at this time of year when there
may be filth accumulations of the winter
in the yttrds and even
within the homes
The bulletin
Filth and uncleanliness are directly or indirectly responsible
for most of the diseases now known to be preventable j these include
all contagious or communicable diseases and cause the death of more
than twothirds of the human race The forms of uncleanliness which
exact such a terrible penalty include filthy bodies from insuffi
cient bathing filthy houses from gross neglect of good housekeep
ing i filthy air from
neglect of ventilation filthy premises from al
lowing tho accumulation of garbage and other refuse
including un
sanitary outhouses i filthy water from contaminated surface wells
and ditches i and filthy personal habits
such as promiscuous
The health authorities are urged to make a personal inspection
of premises in an effort to wipe out filth I
Southern Pacific trains continue to be sent west from Ogden
over the old Central Pacific line north of Great Salt Lake but local
officials state that the Ogden Lucin cutoff will be reopened to
traffic late this evening
Work trains are rapidly repairing the storm I
damage to the em
bankments which form the
approaches to the bridge across the lake
The trestle proper was not damaged by the storm of Tuesday in fact
not since its I
construction seven years ago has the big bridge been 0
impaired in the least by wave action and this demonstration of the I
durability of the structure has caused the Harriman
engineers to
prepare plans for the displacing of the fillins with piling and the
trestling of several miles of the road now built up of rock and earth
1 material Pile drivers and bridge gangs are at work extending the
1 bridge on the west side of the lake and the statement is made that I
with the completion of the improvements
at that point the driving
I Go TflpWa11
Carts I Paper
New Spring Line On
and Carriages for the Baby
GoCarts up from 1000 Display
English Perambulators 1600 Prices from 15c per double roll
Folders all nickle 1500
Folders with hood 1000 up Suitable for every room
Greatest Line Ever Shown in the House
of piles will be commenced on the cast end where the greatest dam
age occurred during Tuesdays storm
The bridging of the entire distance across the inland sea was
E A Harrimans original suggestion but later the expense was
thought to be unnecessary Since then the lake has increased in
depth nearly eight feet and the recurring storms with increasing
wave force on the larger body of water have made imperative ex
tensions to the trestle
The statement made in the morning sheet that Mayor Glasmann
and Doctor Rowe were among the promoters of the boxing contest
of Sullivan and Dawson is not true
Dawson wrote a letter from Indiana to the Evening Standard
offering to meet Sullivan and through that letter Dawson came to
The Morning Kids never fail to throw mud at the mayor To
show how unreliable the Kids are on Tuesday morning they said the
city council had turned down three vetoes of the mayor when the
facts are the council sustained the mayor in each instance
Some time ago the Kids said the Standard refused to publish a
letter from a beet grower yet the Examiner Kids refused to publish
a very important letter on the beet question offered by H E Baker
It is safe to say that no reliance can be placed in anything tho
Examiner Kids say concerning anybody connected with this paper
Why He Coud Beat McGregor
Alexander Ure the Lord Advocate
of Scotland Is a keen golfer and he
has a good store of golfing talcs
These he Is always ready to relate
even if they toll against himself
Playing on a certain course In Scot
land ho remarked incidentally to hint
By the way I played a round with
Todd McGregor tho last time 1 was
here Grand player McGregor
Ay eald the caddie but yc could
bate McGregor the noo
Do you think so1 exclaimed tho
gratified Lord Advocate being well
aware of McGregors prowess
Ay drawled tho caddie McGreg
ors decdGolfing
Feminine Resource
Mr D went to the club leaving Mrs
D with a ady friend whose abilities
an a scandal monger and mischief
maker were preeminent When he
returned he just polled his head Into
tho drawing room and said with a
sigh of relief That old cats gone I
For an instant there was a profound
silence for as he uttered the last word
he encountered the stony rage of the
lady who had been In his mind Then
his wife came to the roacuO
Oh you dear she said I sent It
to the cats home In a basket this
morning Tit Blts
A Miracle
Do you believe the Biblical stories
about the miracles
Sure Why shouldnt 11 If there
arc miracles now why may there not
have been miracles then
But are there miracles now
There was one this morning 1
wanted to catch a train and no coal
wagon driver Insisted on staying on
tho track thus delaying the car I was
onChlcngo RecorClH
Anticipation Safer I
It Is not always necessary to make
a direct accusation said the lawyer
who was asking damages because In
slnuatlous had been made against his
clients good name You may have
heard of the woman who called to the
hired girl Mary Mary come hero
and tale the parrot downstairs the
master has dropped his collar hut
ton Everybodys
Saying the Wrong Thing
Those people who joke about suf
fragettes said Mr Moektons wife
dont know what they are talking
about I
Thats right nnswered her hut
baud Anybody with a real suffra
gette in the family knows Its no j
cWnshlngtoll Star I
The Auto Girt
That is a beautiful bracelet you
got for Christmas
Yes It was given me by an old
Not any in Milk Trust
The Original and Genuine
The Fooddrink for All Ages
More healthful than Tea or Coffee
Agrees with the weakest digestion
Delicious invigorating and nutritious
Rich milk malted grain powder form
A quick lunch prepared in a minute
Take substitute Ask forHORLICKS
Others are imitations 1
fashioned friend For the same money
he could have bought ten barrels of
gasoline or a set of UresKnnsns
City Journal
Timely Suggestion
Skinner I dont know what Im to
do about that bill wo owe time grocer
Ho annoys me lerrlbly
Mrs Skinner Well If it comes to
the worst you can pay IL
Skinner Yes thats so But I never
should havo thought of that Chicago
News u
I How much will you tip that wall
Oh just cnpugh to avoid getting
a harsh look but not so much as to
> make him Anxious to help me on with
my overcoat Washington Slar
Mistake Somewhere
Miss Fangle is a homeopathist
isnt she queried the hostess
Weally lawdonl think so re
o plied young Foalherby At least she
I Isawneuh al homo when I cnll
i cloudier knos 4 Chicago News j
o 0
I i
0 0
I O Sail Lake March 9Wl1al 0 i
O Is the cause of blackheads on 0
0 the face aro they contagions 0
I O What effect does close shay 0
OlliS have on the skin 0
i O Have you personally obscrv 0
I 0 cd a case of Impetigo O
j 0 How do you prepare a 20 0
j O per cent solution of formable 0
I O hyde 0
I C Do you always dip razor In 0
O an antiseptic solution before O
j 0 shaving a patron 0
I 0 Why does the hair spill and 0
j 0 break at the ends and what do 0
O you do to prevent It 0
i 0 Describe the appearance of 0
i 0 ringworm 0
O Describe the appearance and 0
O cause of dandruff 0
O Is dandruff transmissible 0
O 0
o 0 0 0 0 OO O 0000000 0
Thi above questions arc some of
the mosl important which candidates
for stale barber certificates must an
swer satisfactorily boforo they are
I permitted to practice the tonsorial
I art In the slate of Utah
j Of the fortyllvc candidates who
took the examination conducted by
the stale hoard of examiners of bar
bers in time office of tho secretary
D J Watts 17 Weal Soulh Templo
street yesterday continued today and
about half as many candidates will an
swer thc questions
Tho papern of the six Japanese who
look the teat yesterday have already
boon looked over and five of the for
eigners Passed with a high standing
These candidates had worked at the
trade In their own counlry for a long
time and had passed tho examinations
required there They used their own
toi Is In the examination and worked
upon their own countrymen Thero
arc a large number of Japanese bar
bers in the United Stales now It Is
said and each year finds more of the
link men taking up this line of work
Greek Need Interpreter
It was necessary for the two Greeks
who were examined to have an inter
preter answer tho questions for
them Their answers demonstrated
I the fact lhat they had made a study
of barberlng and really lnew moro
j about the care of tools and treatment
of skin diseases than many of tho
American aspirants for certificates
Besides n large number of questions
which the candidates are required to
answer Intelligently the candidate
must actually demonstrate that he
knows how to cut hair shave sham
poo and gl r o a face massage
Free barber treatment is much In
order al tho Watts shop when the
e n1lnntlon Is In progress and many
a man has had a first class piece of
work done for nothing today
The stale board of examiners of
barbers consists of two barbers and
a physician The Utah board Is com
posed of W M Piggott of Ogden pres
ident D J Watts of Salt Lako City
secretary and Dr C M Benedict of
Salt Lnko City official physician
All of the candidates are required
to pass a rigid physical examination
before they are licensed to lake up
tho work
Your choice of Twelve trains dally
via Oregon Short Line to Sail Lake
City Tickets on salo April let to Clh
Good to return April 12lh Special
train leaving Ogden S30 am April
I 3rd 4th 5th and Cth Rate 110
Salt Lake March 29The list of
census enumerators for Utah which
was recommended by Supervisor
Hugh A McMlllin last week was ap
proved this morning by E Dana Dur
and director of the census and the
successful contestants for tho posi
tions will I > o Informed at once Out
of 235 districts In the state only five
have not been filled These aro No
IS Logan No 11G Sail Lake No
152 Manll No 210 St George No
221 Ogdeu In these districts tho ap
plicants for the positions have been
taken sick or have refused to serve
and the selection of the enumerators
will have to he made by Special
Agents H P Myton and R M Pope
who will leave In a few days to eottlo
tho mailer
The active duties of the enumer
ators will commence on the morning
of April 15 and in Salt Lake tlty
Ogden Provo Logan and Park City
will last two weeks only and In all
the other districts of the state the
work musl bo completed within thirty
dajs from April 15 The compensa
tion of the enumerators Is based on
3 cents per capita In all cities and
towns of the state and from 250 to I
0 per day In the outside rural dis
tricts bniicd according to the ell 111 I
collies of cnumerallon
Geographically Arranged
Tho enumeration districts arc geo
graphically arranged in Washington
according to the election dlstrlclfi of
the slate In Sail Lake Oaden Pro
vo Logan etc enumerators have
been comparatively easy to secure
but in San Juan Carbon Roc Elder
and other counties the enumerator
must not only secure a count of the
population but ho must enmmrate
the Indians take n record of produc
tive Industries live stock mince and
quarries and manufacture having
blanks for that purpose so thai the
rate of compensation has been equit
ably adjusted according to local cou
d I lions
The entire work of the Ulnh bureau
of the census is supposed to be fin
ished by May 81 1910 but this Is not
compulsory but Is entirely arranged
Sore Throat
Colds Coughs Croup and Catarrh
Relieved in Two Minutes
Is your throat soro
Breathe Ilyomel
Ilavo you catarrh
Breathe Hyomof r
Have you a cough
Breathe Hyoracl
Have you a cold
Breatho Ilyomel
Hyomel is the beet remedy for all
nose throat and lung troubles It
does not contain any cocaine or mor
pblne and all that la necessary Is to
breathe it through tho little blade
pocket inhaler that comes with each
A complete outfit costs only 10 < J
at druggists everywhere and al DAD
CONS PHARMACY and Hyomel is
guaranteed to euro catarrh croup
coughs colds sore throat and bron
chins or money back A Hyomel
Inhaler lasts a lifetime and extra hot
tms of Hyomel can be obtained from
druggists for only 50 cents Sample
I of Hyomei and booklet free Ad
dross Booths Hyomol Co Buffalo j
according to whether the enumerators
hay completed their work
The bureau of the Dooly block num
bors a considerably office force being
us follows
Hugh A McMlllin supervisor fo r
Frank M Eldrcdgc chief assistant
Howell P Myton special agent
Rock M Pope special agont
Jcuulo Harrington clerk
Florence J Foreman stenographer
The following Is the list as ap
proved giving the number of the enu
merator district the name of th e
enumerator and his postolllco address
211 Potor Nelson
216lrs Bessie R Child R F D
No 2 Ogden
21C Benjamin F Blayloclc R F D
No J Ogden
217 William Whcolor Slotcrvlllo
218 Miss Ella Frow R F D N o
2 Hooper
219 Miss Lelly Surrage Hunts
220 Miss Florence Powell R F D
No 2 Ogden
221Not approved
222Ir8 Alice Collins 20S3 Pin
gree avenue Ogden
223Mrs Laura W Vallcruox S29
Twenlysbcth street Ogden
224 William W Shaw 15CJ was
Ington avenue Ogden
225Samuel P Brooks 2201 Gran
avenue Ogden
22C Ellas S King 2157 Reeves avc
nee Ogden
227 Miss Dorothy Webb 301 Third
street Ogden
228 Joseph F Critchlow 3120 Gran
avenue Ogden
22D Miss Mary F Emmorlson 870
Twentieth street Ogden
OIsH Bernice R Kohn JUG g
Jefferson avenue Ogden
231John P Bush 2342 Monro
nvonuo Ogden
232 Henry E Steele 1122 Twcn
ty second street Ogden
1 233118 Charlotte B Foulgor 276
Adams avenue Ogden
231 Thomas A Schroovc 2G4G Mad
I Ison avenue Ogden
235 Harvey W Eager 2592 Adam s
avenue Ogden
Centennial E Palmer Box 191
R F D No2 Plain City
Addis Abeba Abyssinia March 30
Menellk 11 king of Abysslnln din
today aged 6fi years in the twenty
first year of his reign Prince LIJ
Jeassu grandson of the Into mono
arch aged 14 years is heir to tho
The anclonl empire of Abyssinia or
Ethiopia Includes the kingdoms of
Tigre Amharn Shout with other terri
lories and dependencies Its area Is
200000 square miles and tho popula
tion Is estimated al between 0000000
and U000000
Mfiiellk was elected king of the
Abs lnn chieftains over Ras Man
gashn Ho claimed to bfl a direct de
scendant of Solomon or tho Queen of
Shaba and styled himself Conquer
Ing Lion of tho tribe of Jiida Elect of
tho Savior King of Kings of Ethio
Menellk refused to
the dominations of Italy over his
country and compelled the Italian
army to capitulate at Adown in ISflC
when a treaty was signed recognizing
the absolute Independence of Abys
Since Ulan pcaco has crowned Men
ellks policy toward foreign power
and the country has prospered wit
tho Introduction of Improved methods
of government and commerce
London March 30 Todays report
thut King Menellk Is dead appears to
come by way of Aden Arabia and it
la thought here that It la only a repe
tition Of thO rumors Of thin mnnnrrhH
death which have boon current for
some days Commercial intaresta
which are in direct touch through
their agencies with Addis Abcbn re
ceived no confirmation of tho report
The funeral of President John Rox
Winder will bo held Thursday at 11
oclock in the Tabernacle In Salt Lako
Tho body will lie in state and cun bo
viewed from 9 oclock until 1030
oclock In the morning The music
will be furnished by the Tabernacle
choir of which organization Mr Win
der was president Such were tho
principal details decided upon Tuc
dRY by tho leading churchmen to
whom had been left the arrangements
for the mineral of one of their lead
Ing officer The family will moot at
the home of President Winder which
is just opposite the Tabernncle bul
mourning will be discarded owing
lo ono of the lust wishes of tho d < s
Tbo general public has been Jnvlmj
to the TabernnHc services and trw
attendance will no doubt bo very
large Tho Interment will bo in thn
City cflinotory Tho program of the
cervices In as follows
Hymn God Moves In a Mysterious
Way choir nnd organ E Stephen
director J J McClollau organist
Prayer Joseph K Taylor
Hymn O My Father Tabernacle
Quartette Who Are Those Arrayed
In Whlio Mrs Little T Edwards
Emma R Morris Robert SIddowa
Horace S EnPlgn
Address j
Hymn Mid Scones of Confusion
Horace S Ensign and Tabernacle J
Address I
Hymn Rest for the Weary Soul t
Tabernacle choir and organ II
Benediction Soymour B Toung
Organ music
Hymn at ccmutory Zion Stands 1
TVlih Hills Surrounded temple 0
Dedication of grave Bishop Frank 1
lin S Tlngoy I
The funeral procession will bo ai
flIow I
First presidency and patriarchs
Twelve apostles
First seven prosldonlc of seventies
Presiding bishopric
Presidents of stakes
President of Relief society
Tenvplc workers rind chorr
Members of Dcseret Sunday school
union board
Members of Y M M I A board
Members of Y L M I A hoard
Members of primary board
Members of religion class board
Directors of business organizations
to which deceased belonged
Clvlr nnd military organizations
General public
I have JO bend broke mares and
geldings weighing from S50 to 1100
pounds at Duchencau Stable corner
7th and Washington avenue
117 25th st
Boll phone 26S or 628
Ogden Utah March 29 1910
List of letters remaining In lie
Postofflce at O don Utah which If
not called for in two weeks will ho
dent to the Dead Loiter Office
Gensemeno List
Anderson A Anderson P
Brock King D Burdett Thomas
Burrows T F Burley Ross Bon
jictt Morgan Buchanan T M Blnk
John T Baker Goo II Bergstrom
Aug Boyd Dan Bird James
Chance O P Chlpp Arthur Cook
Frank Corny Ill Clifford W Ci
Carson W R
Doyle Rupert V
Huguchl M r
Kwlng R T Elliott C E
Falconer Dlcll
Graves C W
llemmort Lyman Herrick John
B Hall Jack
Inaburt Frank
Johnnoon Alexander
Kariya U Kool Jennlfl Kaneko
Y KaJIhora K Branch Prod 1
Lapray David Lighten S H Louis
J S Ly6n FauU J1 f > 1
McCarty V KMarshall John W I
Maclcod John N Matthews R B
Miller W R
Nlchoka K
Pourel Robt Panarloe Peter
Rlrnmol J A
Voss August
Warnick A V Wrath Joseph C
Young George
Ladles UsU
Cameron Mrs B Conlon Mrs Mat
ter Clay Mrs Mary Colemnn Alia
Dlnsdalc Marcelln Duller Miss
FJrith Mrs E Frantzen Mr Trine
Fuller Mrs Harland
Graham Lllllo Goodwin Mrs
Lyria Gray Mrs M A Grange Mrs
Trlcy Martin Mrs Nellie 1
Jlldlcy Mrs Albert Roberta Mrs
Jib 1
Vltsrnan Miss Mary
White Mrs S P Wright Miss He 1 r
on Walker Mrs M Woavor Mrs
c 3JJJ
H OW they wear thats the
I I only way to judge tho
quality of hosiery And
yell have to take somebodys
word when yon buy
W e give yon our word that
LARKS MAKE will wear hot
ter than any 25c hose If they
dorn t you nlay have il new pair
That urnt talkit is a promise
If you will take us nl our word
corny m anti sea this hnudsomo
hosiery display i
Shown in
wide range of colors i I
for men women and children
150 the Box
Clarks Shoe Store
I btL

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