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1T r C r 7 ffr n V r
f y
Here are the prices decided upon to do the work
r 201750 to 2000 Tailored Suits 1500
15 22 50 to 2500 Tnilorrd Sails S1S50
1 2750 lo 35 00 tailored RUINS 2500
1 43500 to 3750 Tailored Snits 52750
B4000 4500 Tailored Suit 3500
64750 to 5000 Tailored Suits 4000
8 5500 to 6500 Tailored Suits v 4750
4 67GO to 500 Tailored Suits 5750
t 1 It is in the dainty touches of Lingerie Fashioned into foliar or
j Jabot that true refinement revonls itself and the most nseejie tastes
I will lie pleased by our showings of week fixings for April
1 t Spring Display of Nemo Corsets
Superb Models for Slender FiguresNew
Styles in SellReducing
r AYo have been selling Nemo Corsets about two years Our Xenio
have real
r intrinsic merit and Rive onr Iustonwrs perfect satisfaction DONT
I II trr3to4 dill
4 Bow Uncle Sam Created a Millionaire Mill
Charles Russell Gives Inside History of the Central and Southern Pacific Steals
t Ii In tho light of tho governments
i prosocuUon against tho merger of tho
I Union Pacific and the Southern Pacific
Hallway companies an article by
jl1 Charles Edward Russel in tho forth
1 coming April number of Hamptons
I 1 Magazine entitled Tho Groat Mil
L lionaire Mill purporting to bo the
i first real history of tho Pacific sys
torn of railroads nnd tho groat for
1 tunes built out of them Is timely Mr
Jlusoel characterizes tho building of
j tho Control Pacific now the Southern
1 Pacific aa tho greatest steal over per
petrated upon the United States gov i
i He charges that four projectors of i
the road ColIn P Huutinglon Leland
Stanford Mark Hopkins and Charlea
Crocker divided among themselves In
I lock land grants from the govern
ment government bonds and bondx
which the government guaranteed
and donations from California coun
ties the sum of H9000000 for which
they did not pay one coat The total
I of tho government subsidy which
Huntington by clever lobbying got
from congress Mr nuswl declafes
was 60000000
miow lid llgurss were juggle 4 to
turn most of this tmmotiKO subsidy In
to the pockets of the four promoters
i Is explained by Mr Ruasel as fol
1 lows
The bill provided that the govern
I ment should Issuo to the road 1000
six per cent honds for very mllo In
valley or level laud 16000 In bonds
I for givers mllo in the foothill 32000
in hondF nnd for every mile in the
mountains f4S < WO In bonds Mr Rus
sell alleges that tho company charg
ed the government at tho mountain
rate 45000 a mile on thirty miles of I
level or nearly level ground near
Sacramento and at the foothill rate j
32000 a mile for many miles of level I
1 t building la tho valley cast ot the I
This says Mr Jlussol Is tho or
i igin of tho familiar saying In Call
j forma that the Central Pacific was
+ tho strongest corporation In the world
because it had moved the Sierra Nev
ado mountains thirty miles It not
only made these charges but collect
i ed them although Mr Judah the en
glncor refused to assent to the tran
t 1 BticOon
Abating nothing of admiration
Rays Mr Ru < sol speaking of the com
I pletion of tho road for tho physi
cal performance It IB time now to ro
I I flect that It was aleo n monstrous
triumph of greed fraud and corrup
tlon that It might have hon had at
n fraction of Its cost to ihe public and
that It might very easily have been a
1 nlraslng instead ot a blight to that
rich country of which It wns ecstatic
ally called tho gateway
For tho gate was quickly closed
and before It appeared the grim figure
of Collls P Huntington one hand
holding the kny and tho other stretch
ed out tAldnj toll The physical flg
uro of Uuntlngton Is no longer there
and before It aro his successors still
busily inking toll
How much do you think
From tho day tho gate was erect
od and closed down to the present
year first Mr Hontington and his as
sociataB and then their successors
have taken and divided more than
600000000 In unjust tolls all from
the people of tho United States who
so kindly erected the gale across their
own highway
Jn the course of his article Mr Rus
sell describes vividly the race for a
Junction between the Central Pacific
and the Union Pacific the roads now
attempting to merge
Tho act of 1861 ho says Vhad
authorized the Central Pacific to build
eastward to a junction with the Union
Pacific wherever that might be At
first tho four partners had assumed
this Junction would bo far to the east
ward allowing them good mileage
and many fat bonds but the swift ad
vance of the Union Pacific began to
annoy them and by 1SC7 they were
thoroughly alarmed Tho Union Pa
cific was approaching the mountains
If It should thread them first tho
Central Pacific would lose the fattest
part of its contract with the govern
ment also the best of the Joint haul
when the roads should be united
There ensued the maddest chapter
in all railroad history The two roads
entered Into a race tearing Into tho
work before them regardless of any
question of cost working day and
night with relay al1 s
It was the wild romance of rail
road building Winter came on the
terrible Sierra winter with Its phenom
enal snow falls but to the worlds
amazement the work never stopped
In the dead of wlnterralls mnculuery
care even locomotives In pieces were
dragged hundreds of miles on wag I
one traversing roads heavy and badly
mad threatened with imminent dis
aster from the pnowslldes and tho
Talk about the present high cost
ot living listen to this
I Food for men and fodder for the
horses reached fabuloun prices Oats
were Bold by the pound at 12 to 15
I cents hay was 100 a ton and some
times 51S1 for teams the contractors I
paid 12 and 14 a day 1
In April 1SC9 they were almost
within sight of tho enemy s lines Be
fore them was Ogden tho goal of the
race in the great valley between the 1
Hooky and the Sierra Nevada ranges
in the fury oc competition both com
panies far overshot the mark The
Union Pacific had HR graders 100
miles west of Ogden the Central Pa
cific had its advance line forty miles
beyond Its track layers Only the i
iron actually put Into position count I
ed in the race I
On the last day ten miles were i
laid on April 28 they struck the Union
Pacific line fortythree miles west of
Ogden and May 10 they drove tho
golden spike that cemented the two
roods Tho Union Pacific had won
by fifty three miles Subsequently
I the Central Pacific bought of tho Un i
ion Pacific at a high price the over
lapping road
Lots of It In Ogden But Daily Grow
Ing Less
Tho kidneys cry for help
Not an organ in the whole body so
delicately constructed
Not one so important to health
Tho kidneys arc the filters of the
When they fall the blood becomes
foul and poisonous
There cn be no health where
there Is poisonous blood
Backache In ono of the first indi
cations of kidney trouble
It Is kldnovo cry for help Heed
Deans Kidney Pills arc what Is
I wanted
Arc just what overworked kidneys
They strengthen and invigorate the
kidneys help them to do their work
never falls to cure any case of kidney
Read the proof from an Ogdon
citizen j
Mrs Rebecca Hartley 2506 Adams
AvcrOgden Utah says Tho pub
lic statement my husband gave in
1900 recommending Deans Kidney
Pills was correct in every particular
1 used this remedy and It did rue a
world of good I have since recom
mcned Doans Kidney Pills to many
people Von are at liberty to con
tinue the publication ot our former
For sale by all dealers Price 50
cents FostrrMllbuni Co Buffalo
New York sole agents for the United
Remember the namo Doans and
take no other
Washington March 301ho proc
lamations of the president granting
the minimum rates of tariff under the
PayneAldrlch act to Canada Aus
tralia and a number of countries leas
Important commercially signed today
completes the extension of the coun
trys minimum rates to the whole
world About 130 nations and de
I pendencies ore included In the list
I The export of the U S to Australia
durbng the calendar year 1908 amount
ed to more than J29000000 the lead
ing item being machinery and manu
facturers of metal 9J312lG wood
manufactures 5179508 mineral olla
2771279 tobacco and manufactures
713575 The Imports from Alls
trallta during 1908 aggregated nearl
12000000 Among the moro Import
ant articles are wood manufactures
4178539 copper mnmiiacturos 3
779SJ1 coal 1497617
Peoria Ills March 30 Edward
Parson Weston the pedestrian reach
I ed Wllllamsneld Ills after a 50 mllu
walk from Galesburg this evening Ho
I left Galeoburg shortly after nrou
Victrola EVerybOdy
j Concert No Charges
At 815 Oclock
f r I
Ogden Music CQS Store
I I 2370 Washington Ave
Every BusinessHouse in Ogden Must Pay License Beginning This I
Evening1 Strict Saloon Regulations Booths and Wine Rooms
Go Out Lunch Rooms and Restaurants Prohibited in Sa
loons Side Doors Must Close General Review
er New Laws of Ogden City
The new city ordinances which
have been considered by the City
Council during Jibe pa l tbrac admin
istration hocamp a law today In ac
cordance with the estate law revised
ordinances lake effect the day fol
lowing their publication The printer
completed the first lot of books today
bound In pnper covor As soon as
the paper covered books are all out
cloth covered hooks as well as sheep
fihin covered hooks will be prepared
and undoubtedly the City Council at
next Monday night mealing Will
establish a price tq be charged for tho
city ordinances ln book form
The ordinances arc not so much
new ordinances nil they are a revision
and codification of all the ordinances
passed b > Ogden City In the years
gone by
Probably tho principal new matter
in tho ordinance U the building or
dinance Including the electric wiring
of buildings nor tho new milk ordi
I nance which latter provides that loss
than one gallon of milk shall be de
livered In scaled bottler
The next most Important item la tho
merchants license A license Is pro
vided for every person Jlrm or com
pany doing business In Ogden In
the merchants line every person car I
rying a stock of less than 500 pars I
5 per year and so on The licenses
are graded until tho person carrying 1
a stock of less than 100000 pays
RO per year
In addition to the merchants
license everything else In a busi
ness way Is licensed For Instance
laundries running less than five wag
onr pay f per month Livery stables
from r to 130 per year Barbers
510 per year
The license for peddling merchan
dise Is rather severe For each wag
on stand or othor method of peddling
or selling merchandise outside of a
store building 500 per year
Restaurants from J10 to 25 per
year Sowing machine agents 100
per year tJpmmlssJori agents and
secondhand dealers 100 per year
Hotels pay from 25 to 3150 per year
Fortune tellers 200 per annum
Saloons hereafter must be discon
nected from all other bunlnoaa houses
by sldo door All lunch rooms and
reaUiurAnts must move out of saloons
All booths wine rooms or any other
rooms in saloons must be taken out
This is the strictest liquor ordinance
Ogden City has had in more than
thirty years and la intended to sat
isfy the prohibitionists
The dog taxes are raised to i3 and
Drug < dtnre slcanm > t sell liquor ex
copt on prescription of physlclnna
and all poIsonV must > be labeled
A Jlurfood chapter Is added Riv
ing a food Inspector power to con
The Utah Academy of Sciences will
hold Us annual sessions in the rooms
of the rtali Society of Engineers No
702 Xewhouso Building Salt Lake
on Friday evening and Saturday af
ternoon of this week It may bo neces
I sary to hold an adjourned session Sat
urday owning for the list of papers
I on the program Is rather long and
varied Business of Importance to
I the academy will be transacted and
the following papers presented
Mondcllsm review Dr E D
Ball A C U
Chamberlains Cosmogony Prof J
L Gibson U of u
Presidential Address Dr W c
Ebauph IT of U
A General Survey of tho Jurassic In
Southeastern Utah John Forrester
Preliminary Report on tho Animals
of Great SaltLake Dr C Vorhles
U of U
Preliminary Report on the Plants
of Great Salt lakeL L Dames
Recent Progress In Economic En
tomology DrF S Titus A C U
The Quantitative Relation of Car
bon Phosphorus and Nitrogen in Soils
Dr Robert Stewart A C U
Preliminary Report on the Effect
of Smelter Fumes on Vogctalloa Pro
lessor L A Merrill A C U
Recent Analyses of Water from
GrAnt Salt Lake Wallace MacFar
Some Correlation Factors in Egg
Production M Turpln
Address Dr McJunkln U of U
Address P G Snow
A Reported Occurrence of Native
Iron In Utah Dr W C Ebaugh U
of U
The Composition of Sollda Preclpl
I toted from the Atmosphere During
I Salt StormsDr W C Ebaugh U
of r
All persons Interested in science are
cordially Invited to attend the sessions
of the academy
Catherine E Wheelwright widow
of the late li B Wheelwright passed
peacefully away this morning at S40
at her home Sit Tw ntfifth street
At the ago of 74 years jurropnded by
her children 3
Catherine El Wheelwright was born
In Leeds Yorkshire Eng ind Do
comber 28 1S36 and came to Utah
with a handcart company in 1860
and haB lived Ih Ogden and vlclnltjv
ever since <
She was the mother of the Wheel
wright brothels of tnts city and ser
I oral daughters nil of them residing
I In Weber count
The deceased was taken HI last
Thanksgiving day and had been con
0 lfi
A =
j f H
demo everything not up to tho stand
Milch cow must be fed wholesome
Two garbage districts are created
and 75 cents Is the price of a load of
refine Metal boxes must be provid
ed for each yard to hold filthy refuse
Boxing contests when the tickets
are over 2 300 for each exhibition
5100 for each exhibition if less
Circuses and wild west shows 600
per day or 250 per show for each
days circus down to 100 for each
performance ot the smaller shows
And so on
The entire list of business houses
Is considered and a license placed on
All licenses must be paid at least
six months In advance excepting
that when parties take out a license
after the first of January or the first
of July they will have to pay for only
the unexplred part of the half year
so that tho licenses will all expire
and be renewed on the First of Janu
ary and the first of July Therefore
the first license to bo paid this year
will bo for throe months beginning
April 1st
The penalty for failure to pay for
the license strictly In advance lit a
line of UIO or imprisonment In the
city jail not moro than one hundred
days or both such fine and imprison
ment and tho license in addition
thereto can be collected by civil pro
cedure the same ns any other debt
4 throwing nil tho costs upon the per
son refusing to pay the license
I The ordinances also cover the new
regulations for the health board de
fining what Is a violation of the quar
antine law and defining nuisances
The ordinance also covers a chapter
on how automobiles shall be run on
tho streets of Ogden
In fact the ordinances acorn to
cover anything and everything that
j the legislature gives the city the pow
II er to act on
I The engineering department Is
o strong embracing plumb
Ing electric wiring regulations build
ing regulations sewer regulations etc
I Hereafter each and every building
erected In Ogden must be erected In
accordance with the new ordinance
The ordinances were passed and ap
proved some lime ago but the state
law provides that when the city or
dinances are revised and codified that
they shall not take effect until tho
books are actually printed and placed
In the hands ot the city recorder
This has been accomplished today
and tomprro Ogden City will be gov
erned under the new ordinances
tLook out for fine
The city record or says he will be
ready to issue all licenses tomorrow
j but will try not to prosecute anybody
for a few days as he Is busy getting
I out his books for the new laws
fined to her room ever slnco and
through her suffering has alvtvys been
patient never eompiotnlng Every
thing was done for ncr comfort arid
to relieve her suffering that loving
hands faith nnd skill could do
Though the announcement of the
funeral will be mnde Intor1l will
probably take place Saturday from
tho Fifth ward meeting house
Many eczema sufferers have failed
EO utterly with salves and other dis
coveries that even tho assurance of
the best physician or druggist cannot
Induce thorn to Invest another dollar
In any remedy
It Is to these discouraged sufferers
In particular that we now offer at
only 25 cents a trial bottle of the
accepted standard eczema remedy a
simple wash of oil of wintergreen thy
mol and glycerine as compounded in
D D D Proscription
Hundreds uC curis have convinced
ns and we know you can prove in
stantly with the first application that
it takes away the itch at once
Citizens of Ogden
Boost for your city by using OG
DEN MADE FLOUR it costs you no
moro and every sack you use la a
boost for your town
In that way you make a Chicago
of Ogden Ogden Milling Ele
vator Co
The Trlbuno says Reports re
garding tho damage done to tht cher
ry and apricot crops or the northern
Utah counties by tie cold weather
and frost of Monday and Tuesday are
extremely conflicting and In all prob
ability the actual extent of tho loss
will not be known for some weeks
Reports received at the local weath
er bureau from different towns
I throughout the state Wednesday Indi
cate that the loss will be extremely
light Fruit men from the same dis
tricts have declared that practically
twothirds of the cherry crop has been
lost and the apricot trees seriously
affected Tho cherry crop is the most
Important as the apricots are a minor
Issue comparatively speaking
This fact however seems to be gen
erally accepted The apple and poach
treos are uninjured by the cold weath
er because the buds were not suffi
ciently matured to suffer from tho
Assistant Section Director of the
Weather Bureau J Alter made on ex
tensive inquiry and used the long dis
tance telephone for nearly an hour
Ho reports that the weather corres
pondents In the different towns includ
edin tho frost belt stated that the
damage dono to the cherries indapn
cots was light
Nicholas Bvbowcr city park super
intendent took an entirely different
view HO said that in Mill creek
Hollldav and other places twothirds
r T
r 7
of the cherry trees had been damaged
nnd that the apricot trees had also
been badly affected 1
Tho wind was a Rood thing said
Mr B7how dnfOadItY night It
kept the high barometric pressure
from settling and thus prevented a
more intense cold spoil But In an
other war the wind was a bad factor
because It was so high that It made
smudging practically impossible And
the cold snap came K unexpectedly
that many of the fruit growers were
unprepared to protect their trees
Bids will bo received closing April
20lh for the construction of tho Cov
ey canal near Colrvlllc Wyo Ap
proximate quantities Excavation of
earth 100000 cubic yards loose and
solid rock 2000 cubic yards Fur
her Information can bo obtained from
S M Covey 033 East First South
Salt Jake city Utah
Harry Syphcrs a wellknown lath
ing contractor died at the family res
idence 282 Twentysecond street at
1030 oclock last night of spinal men
ingitis after a weeks Illness About
a week ago the deceased was taken
111 with an attack of pneumonia
which brought on the affliction which
caused his death
Hurry Sjjhers was born at Ilouton
Maine fortyone years ago In 1S90
In company with his brother Grant
Syphera of the Standard advertising
department ho cam > to Utah where
they engaged In the lathing trade
Subsequently the mother and other
brothers of the deceased came to Og
den which has since been their homo
The deceased Is survived by his
mother and four brother one of tare
latter residing at Newcastle lull
The funeral arrangements will not he
announced until the brother In the
east Is heard from
The seasons best
offering Mr Julius
Steger m the 6l Fifth
Commandment > at
e Orpheum
San Diego Cal March 31 Thoman
Foreman aged 17 and Gertrude Sic
fort 15 the San Diego pair who wore
captured In the mountains near Dee
Canzo Tuesday night after a sensa
tional elopement in nnaulomobllo and u
flight through the brush will be mar
led according to an nunounceraont
mado last nlghl i v
Tho happy Itwuo of young For 1IUIA
tumultuous wooing comes Ofvn hectic
experience Including two olopomdnts
the latter beginning with tho descent
of the maiden from her chamber on a
rope mado of bed sheets and ondlng
with the last stand of tho young
ochinvar ngalnst a posse of deputy
sheriffs In the char paral In the City
rmrvca mountains
John Slofort tho girls father con
sents to the wedding but stipulates
that It must bo delayed 18 months
during which time ho will send his
daughter to Europe
Chicago March tPttctuor
Schmlrler of the Chicago Ameri
cans was yesterday turned over tu
the Peoria club of the Three I
league according to an announcement
by President Comlskcy
Schmirler Is a south paw hailing
from Wntipau WIs and was secur
ed from till Superior tsam of the Min
nesotaWisconsin ef no Comlsltoy
made n hurried dcpaituro last night
for Dubuque when he heard that Tom
Llftls the former president of the
Three I league was critically ill
Mluholm Am Kheln Mnroh 31It
appears today thaI more than 200
persons received more or lees serious
Injuries when the steamer express
ran clown and wri clisd a military train
bound for Strasburg yesterday There
was ono death during the night mak
ing the total dead 22 and six others
were said to bo dying The vic
tims were soldiers
Two signal men have been arraat
od and aro charged with having giv
en both trains the right of way at
tho same moment
New York March 31 Additional
entries for the lankeR of the Sara
toga Racing association brought the
total today up to 1171 Races for two
year olds show 7SO responses for
three onroIcls 252 and for three
yearolds and upward 439
Western horses nominated for the
Saratoga handicap includo Stanley
Fay 0 M Miller Jeff Bernstein
Boggs Boola Boola Duke of Ormondo
Pulka Llsaro Wlntergreon and Czar
Santa Barbara Cal March nF
E Olmstead United State district
forester of San Francisco who Is here
inspecting tho Santa Barbara rierve
said today ho had been notified thnt
Chief Forester Graves who succeed
ed Gifford Plnchot would come to
California next May to begin an In
spection of all the reserves on the
coast Mr Graves will spend two
months at the task
Now York March 3LFoxhall
Keene the horseman had a bad fall
whllo competing in tho Mellon Steeple
chase in England yofltorday accord
ing to a cable message received by
his fntnxuv Tboriders collarbone was
Foxhall Kiene has a long record
of painful accidents which bar com
to him In horseback and 3tomobIltJ
riding during the last 20 yoaic
1 i 1 s
it 9
r Fcrtl
You will get fooled
not only the first day
but every day ol
April if you rely on 1
the weather predic I
tions Better rely on
one of our raincoats
310 to S25 Est
Modern ClotHes
AT 2365
t t
Washington March 310ddlr en El
ough the first case the seven Justices
left at active work In tho 8iipretne 111
court of the United States will tale lrac
up after the Easter recess will bf and
one resulting from a vacancy on th mao
bench when tho court rendered a pTOS
decision In a similar case about four per
years ago This was when Justice
Henry D Drown resigned and Justice j ntln
Moody was appointed s C
Tho case la that of Collector of In crgt
tornnl Revenue Hertz of Chicago and
against the executors of the estate of ban
David C Woodman of tho same city junt
and Involves the interpretation of thn pint
Spanish war stamp legislation Tin Bra
outcome of the cane affects the pay
meat of more than 3000000 of taxes Qr
to tho government The case will a
be argued Monday C i
Kanaas City March 31 Advices re 1C
ceived here last night from Martins I Snn
burg W Vn says Allen B Knoll at J 1
torney there for Elmer G Swop 1 nt
who asserts he IK a son of tho late the
Colonel Thomas II Swope d nlos his flit
client has signed a quit claim deed Yt
to tho Swope fortune in favor of Mr tiI
13 C Hyde niece of tho dead mil I
Mr Noll It Is said will continue his
efforts to prove Elmer Swopo the n et
or Colonel Swope qn
A T Milton attorney in Kansan tilt
City for Elmer Swope Is positive In 111
his assertions that hylBvolJont alpned 1
the deecj w G r at
Cheyenne Wyo March XI = Ihf
coroners Jury today decided that
Ednu Nelson the lOmonthsold child r
of Bertha Nelson whose death wag 0
reported by the attending physician j cat
us being due to acute morphine poison ri
ing came to her death b > accidental all
poisoning The mother had admlnl
tercd doses of a well known oothln m
syrup known to contain morphine nl 1t
though the parent believed It to be
harmless Tho state pure food agent 111
will cause an Investigation to bo mad cn
fur the pur oe of preventing the fur th
ther sale of this drug The body was vl
shipped to KJmball Xeb today for K
burial m
Pittsburp March 31Mr and Mr ti
Andrew Carnegie with their dnugh U
ter will arrive here tomorrow for a 1t
few days visit to the Iron City It n
IK hit first visit hero for three yens 0
when he was hero lo cr en the grout w
Carnegie Institute c
Tulle and net are much used tll
trim hats forming the crowns of some 1 I
find hugo bows upon others IE
= E
I 1
An interesting case wns that of Mr 1
H L McDuffeo a member of tho firm
of H C I > Wolfe ft Co of the
Crocker Building San Francisco
The case was puzzling There wns
pain In the kldnoy with a showing of
blood Examination by seven physic
ians proved that the blood was from
the kidneys and It was tho opinion
of all that there was a stone cutting
the kidneys aa tho least exercise
caused a showing of blood
Four XRay pictures wore taken
three of th > m showing a stone half
an Inch In diameter To lie certain
that It was a stone that cast the shad
ow n similar stone about tho same
size taken from a patient was put
under him for comparison both stones
showing on the plate
An operation was about decided up
on when Pultons Renal Compound
Was recommended to Mr McDuffe
He feared the knife and gave It a trial
Within ten weeks the blood and pain
had ceased and In six months he con
siderod himself well
We also have a three page letter
from an oldschool physician a lectur
er In ono of the San Francisco Medi >
cal Colleges covering a similar case v
of stone In the kidney An operation
seemed Inevitable j i
I Ha proscribed Fultons Renal Com
pound upon the thoory that as it was >
setting results In Xesrllls It ought
to have some effect to reduce the In
flammation and oxcosslvo uric acid
that attends Calculus He was eo
surprised to get a complete recovery
that ho thought a record ought to > KJ
made of It and gave us the letter
above referred to
Fulton Renal Compound seem to
hare about the same percentage
efficiency In stone In the kidney that
It has shown In Brlghfs Disease >
For free lIt ratun > address the John
J Fulton Co 015 Battery SL San
Frsrim Cal
Fultons Renal Compound can IK had e v
of our agents Win Driver Q Snn Drug A
CoWe i
We desire to
advise with every va
dent who It not nottag the usual fnv
< oral TMoJts by the third wok i
1111 >
1 rj C

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