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Pages 9 to 16 I U THE OGDEN ST ANDARD I Part Two I
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tIc raIl of tbe 1fou = 1bearte r
° o By Bertha Easterbrooke Qoodier L
ti E OiI the EggandBultcr Man spoke con
clusivcly you wont find no scch nothcr
boss this side of Mason an DLxon line
But he isnt black nor chestnut with white feet
ccn protest rang m my tone I was so disap
lomled I will tell you why
Since girlhood I had dreamed of a proud moment
s I Mary Ellen Hicks should find myself sole
possessor of a horse How I had envied The Lady
rabclla as she pranced across the pages of my
tc aonlc romance on a sliming palfrey with four
i vhitc feet How I had thrilled to read of Lord
Chillingly thundering past on his fiery black My
I j toirow when Uncle Jonathan was gathered to his
others might have been keener but for the legacy
l TC had left me lo be spent on luxuries Uncle
r fonathan had willed it realizing perhaps that lux
irics arc few and far between in the life of a little
p old maid schoolmaam
I had commissioned the E and Butter Man to
and me such a horse promising him twentyfive
lollars for his trouble NoW he brought me a bay
hadnt even thought of a bay In silence I heard
rim through
You sec maam blacks is too wild fcr a lone
oman to handle As fcr chestnut with white feet
well fact is them as has cm wont part with cm
Better look this feller over Hes a purty color an
ao slouch A lamb couldnt he gentler an scare
tvhy Dick dont know what scare is Jlcd cat hay
t off 1 tractionen inc an never prick up his cars
Wouldnt you Dick
Dick snuggled up to the EggandButtcr Mails
inn He whinnied gently and regarded me with
fin engaging mildness I put out one hand The
great neck arched for the caress Softening I went
into the house returning with an offering of sugar
It was pleasant to feel a soft nose mumbling my
hand and my heart warmed toward Dick With
the sunlight gleaming against his sleek rounded
sides slender cllturjicd Icgs silky flowing mane
hc was as theEggandButtcr Man declared no
Sound as a dollar Stand without hitchin Dotes
on omen an kids More of Dicks virtues
iAre you sure J began impressively jcmemhcr
ing certain books drawn from the public library and
conned with much care that lies sound of wind
and limb
EggandButtcr Man stared
He might he a spain or a ring bonc or
seedy toes or shale hoofs jOu kitm warminf
tomy subjctAre you sure he hasn the bline
staggers or the big lIehe a distort 7 IIfid
learned with dismay as common among horses as
mankipd He might be lugger or a cribbcr or
stiib his toe or balk
Or turn doublc somcrsaultsx ith fine irony
Now jest let me hitch him to that new phaeton you
bpught an take you fcr a ride Thatll settle all
difficulties an if you dont say yon never drove
behind a handsomer casicrgoin equine Ill take
him back where I got him au not ask a cent
fcr my trouble
lie certainly was handsome when incased in my
ocw silvermounted harness Easygoing Well
just a trifle too easygoing yet this was not the
worst of faults for the horse of a lone woman
The dream of the beautiful black died hard yet
u itlunr the week Richard Caur dc lion tilled
everycranny of my lonely heart I had rcrhrislcncd
him hus for I bought him from a man named
Lyon and the title seems fitted fo the noble animal
that was soon my ery own
And since he was my own I wanted to drive him
myself I resented the EggandButtcr Mans easy
familiarity Git up liar Dick Step lively l i
wanted to handle Iho long ribbons and feel the
beautiful body responsive to my touch I said so
in substance
Want to paddle vcr own canoe eh laughed my
gobetween Well be careful an dont go too
near them street carst parting warning
Now what I questioned Richard who was
peaceably cropping the lender grass along my
flowerborders did he mean by that Weve driven
alongside dozens of cars Why should I be care
The question bothered me more than I cared to
admit and perhaps it wasnt all kindness that made
me call out to a frecklefaced youngster passing by
Want to go for a drive Ben r
Ben was over the wheel before the words were
fairly spoken He caught up the lax lines and shook
I them out while I sank back against the soft cush
ions gratefully Ben was frail and slender yet I
knew his wrists were like iron for he had played
in and out among the stalls of his fathers livery
barn sjncc babyhood
We drove to my grocers While Ben went inside
I tat wailing my cjcs upon the great horse before
me Then I was conscious of someone liy my
side I turned towards the little rattyfaced man
11111 stared coldly 1 did not like his looks nor his
manner of asking What arc you doing with that
Its my horse For the life of me I could not
keep back a note of pride nor a fond smile as I
glanced at Richard In the next instant the smile
froze on my lips
Well thats a runaway horse and hell go through
a brick wall once hes started
My heart sank There was something strangely
convincing about this horrid man Mr Young had
said to be careful What could it all mean
Arc you sure he ever ran away
Ran away with Doctor Anderson a year ago It
was a close call I tell you Then there was a
woman over on Meridian Street only two months
ago My names Newport maam hut you dont
need to believe me Just drive around and ask the
Doctell you thats a dangerous animal 1 I
wouldnt let my wife go a block behind him He
turned abruptly and was lost in the crowd
Ben found me huddled into the corner of my
beautiful carriage amid the ruins of my castle in the
air Gravely he heard me through Ben was too
old in matters equine had been educated too liberally
in the intricacies of the horsetrade to pass such
warning by Might as well drive around to the
Doctors was his verdict
The doctor we learned with dismay had gone to a
famous healthresort would not be back for six
weeks His man had heard of the runaway but
couldnt identify the horse Mrs Bedford we found
at home in a communicative mood
Y csm thats the very horse Lord how he did
rear up and prance round and paw tilt air Mr
Newport hed been here the day before he told
us how itd be but Samthats my husband
t Sam just laughed Tell you when that horse com
menced to cut up Sam laughed out the other side
of his mouth and hustled back to Mr Lyons stable
Mr Newport he works for Mr Lyon he says
theyve sold that horse heaps of times but its always
the same story they have to take him back Sam
was glad enough to get rid of him for fifty dollars
Fifty dollars How much had you paid for
You let them beat you out of twentyfive dollars
A light was dawning over me I had paid one
hundred and fifty dollars for Richard Cccur dc
Lion Then his value varied with the worldly
status of the buyer
Oh you sec Mr Newport he said twas like
selling him to someone else and tt ought to be
glad to get that much for a runaway
Now what Id like to know I said when Ben
and I went on our way once more is what position
in this affair Mr Newport occupies
The boy grinned shrewdly Near as I can figure
it out he explained Mr Newport is what is known
to the profession as the capper while your friend
Mr Young is the barker
Surely you dont suspect Mr Young I exclaimed
in horror Tlie plot was thickening with a vcn
You just sec if he offers to refund the twcnly
five thats all answered the worldly wise one
Well we mustnt let all this spoil our drive since
it may he the last I ever take behind my beautiful
Caur de Lion Now that I was likely to lose him
the great horse seemed very near to me
He thrcatcncd to he even nearer a few moments
later I was in deathly dcrror lest he back over the
dashboard into my lap Starting as though the
yellow car before us were some hideous undreamcd
of thing Richard the lamb lilcJ ihc ° asygoing
reared high in the air and waltzed along after a
fashion better suited to the sawdust arena than a
crowded street
Ben rose also He gripped the lines and the way
he laid on with my ivoryhandled whip would have
called out the humane society in full force It
subdued the LionJIcarlcd He rcsumcd his normal
attitude Bent himself nearly double to gaze back
upon ° its with Veycs whercin 5urpriscridinurcd
dignity were jiTainly evident He tried flic experi
ment again that afternoon Bens remedy effected a
change of heart each tfme
All you want is a gopd strong hand Ilclcl soon
learn whos boss the boy assurcdrmc
Thank you but J havent lme to cultivate a
stron handI replied as I JlligIUcdbcfqrcmy
door I couldnt resist going ftfrwaril frf pet the
great head bent so meekly and I mourned > as r for
one already lost J t = l r
a Oh Richard Richard so youre ° like IIthc rest
of the world Yon have to be true lo your own
nature even if it is a runaway horscsvl hiM hoped
to make you so happy too and be so happy my
self And now Im to be a little lone woman just
as I was before you came Sometimes its hard to be
a lone woman Richard though I wouldnt tell
anyone but you
These Ihpughls were in my mind next morning
when Mr Young te lo lcll me that if VI didnt
want Dick he would send someone from the stables
directly Remembering Bens words I > listened for
some mention of the twentyfive dollnrs When I
heard none another fragment my faith in man
kind crumbled off t
From my window I could watch Richard daintily
grazing in my tiny back yard with Doc the old
negro I had hired to care for him standing near I
was thinking how empty that yard would stem
wilhoul the graceful yellow form moving here and
there when a sharp knocking at my front door took
me quickly toward it There stood ai man who
carried the stamp of Ould Ireland on his broad face
and a dilapidated slraw hat in one hand
Good mornin maam said this individual
politely I hear you dont like your horse
I rlonl I said briefly resenting his suaity
Nov whats the matter wid him Me names
Murphy maam Timothy Murphy Im a partner
of Mr Lyons The horse belonged to me an I
know hes a good horse
Well Mr Murphy I said I bought the horse
through Mr Young from Mr
Lyon bur if he was
your horse I might as well negotiate with you You
refund me my money take your horse and end the
Oh of course if you aint satisfied maam Im
willin to do the square thing Ill take him back and
give you a hundred dollars >
That you will not They had no ignorant woman
to deal with this time Youll return the price I
paid you or Ill prosecute you and your partner to
the full extent of the law
I hoped the man would feel the grasp of my iron
hand Evidently he did not
Much good thatll do he I
you laughed If you
got judgment agin me you couldnt collect I aint
worth a cent I tell you Ill take the horse and
give you a hundred dollars kin
or you keep him an
make the best ye can of it And hats the last word
Ive got to say to you maam
And the last word I have to say to you sir my
ire was rising is Good morning And the door
As I watched him stride down the narraw path and
out of the gate suddenly my little stock of courage
went seeping from my fingertips r had as men
say put up a strong talk Could I make my bold
words good One thing was certain I would not
give these men fifty of Uncle Jonalhans hard
earned dollars and the pleasure of cheating a lone
woman besides No one should ever say he had
duped a Hicks We were t that sort
To the full extent of the law 1 had said Imagine
a little schoolmaam going to lawl Well there was
nothing else for it I would consult with a lawyer
and that without letting the sun go down on my
wrath The hour for action was cornel The tocsin
had sounded
A lawyer yes Well and good But which law
yer In all the great cityful I knew not one legal
adviser on whom I might callunlessoh dared I
The quick blood flared to my checks at the thought
In a flash memory swept aside my simple room
and I saw again the laughing girl who had lightly
tossed away a good mans love Poor thoughtless
girl How could she guess that he would
go from her door that night never td return What
could she know of weary years of the world that
should some day stand between the paths of a
successful man and a little old maid schoolmaam
Ah had she but known The cry was in my heart
It rose to my lips Almost fiercely I thrust it back
What had the Honorable James Lothrop to do with
me or my life He had forgotten ages ago The
dead past had buried its own dead
Yet there was another picture in the swimming
mist a face so boyish sd bronzed so good to look
upon two keen gray cycs that sought my own so
kindly Ah after all what change could centuries
bring to such as he His manly earnest voice rang
in my car Nell if you ever need a friend promise
with the silver threads he bestows so generously on
me It was like the old Jimto say just the nicest
We talked of what I can scarcely tell It was
enough for me to sit opposite him and watch the
sunlight as it slanted through the heavy velvet cur
tains touching the irongray head gently Presently
stern propriety jogged my elbow I had not come
here to rehearse the past All my resentment surged
back as I thought of Murphy and the threat that I
must make good My lawyer for he laughingly con
scntcd to act for me listened attentively but gave
me little encouragement
Youd better take the money Nell was his
advice the fellows arc swindlers thats sure and
theyll probabl go on swindling to the end of the
chapter for you see you cant make Lyon
responsible as the horse was not owned in partner
ship and its undoubtedly true that the Irishmans
not worth a sent Thats the way they work their
graft Youd better lake thc hundred
James Lawton Lothrop I sat up very straight
assuming my most an e inspiring pedagogical air
Im surprised You an American citizen A
representative of the law of our land A man to
whom your fellows point as the highest exponent
of principle and integrity You advise me to back
down before a couple of footpads Not if it takes
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w r wi R r Kf L t I i SJ is Y t n
° Y g n + 5 r fr r l t Irrr CAr f
r <
C w
tt n
iffy card rrill explain both questions
youll come to me first of all
Was it these words that made me take from US
sweetscented covering my best blue go wnthc onc
with thc ruffles of soft chiffon and liftfrom thc hoc
a hat girlish with its rosebuds and ribbp 4 s and
lace Or was it just a mad longing to hear that
voice again t
I blushed furiouslythen smiled a littleI could
not help itwhen at last I stood all in brave array
My mirror was very kind today and what if ope
has left the last milestone of vanity farbchind
Isnt gracious to smile upon so kind a friend i
The ridiculous color did not leave my check as I
rode downtown It flamed to scarlet when at last
I came to a massive c ° dlctlcrcd door that bore
his name I was sure the young man to whom I
gave my card could hear my hearts wild thumping
and then when he Icd me into the luxurious private
office suddenly the heartbeats ceased and I could
only stand not daring to raise my eyes to those of
the tall man beside the desk gripping the back of
his chair with ingots that had grown tense
There was silcafce for a moment Then his face
lightened As I HvcNclU he cried Who could
have guessed it wouldbe masquerading under
the nom dc plume of Ellll1 Jane II
His grave eyes lingered upon mc The world
has treated you very kindly these twenty years
he declared OM Father Time hasnt been around
U Jonathans last dollar
So ihats the way of it Millions for defense
but not one cent for tribute Plucky as everi
seebnt what arc we to do
iMy opinion of your abililyas a lawyer is suffering
a1 severe shock
And Ill have to get my thinking cap on or
youll find out that Im just a great bluff laugh
A thought that almost staggered me with its
daring and deceit flashed into mind I was up in an
instant crying Thais itl Now youve got it Oh
I know we could carry it through What a joke
It My counsel was puzzled
The bluff of course Dont you sec You just
go down there and bluff them into giving up my
money Rear and tear Scare them good
I The Honorable James arose also My good
woman he bent his brows severely I could have
you arrested for contempt of court Rear and
tear indeed You have a fine idea of the dignity of
the tart Besides that if they dont scare as the
highest exponent of principle and integrity Id be
ltaa rather embarrassing position
Theyll scare I told him confidently and in the
eri < ihe consented though not at all sure in hIs own 1
mind d that he would be a howling success
Messrs Lyon and Murphy looked their surprise at
seeing me so soon The latter came forward with a
bland smile evidently forgiving the slight I had put
upon him Youve comefor your money maam
Very well Mr Lyon indicating the rotund figure I
in the doorway will make out the check A hun
dred Lyon you mind
Hc neednt trouble to The tall figure that
stepped forward quite hid my diminutive self from
ieWNot until I have had a few words
The men stared They were unprepared fcr this
Who arc you an what business is this of ours
demanded Murphy
My card will explain both questions This lady
has retained me and I am here as her attorney
The name blocked in correct type was enough
to quell the moneyed man of the firm Mr Lyon
was not as courageous as his name would suggest
but it takes a good deal to intimidate a son of the
Emerald Isle Murphy assumed a bravado that made
my heart sink
Youre waslin valuable time sir I made my offer
to the lady an I made it fair and square That
horse is all right I tell you an Im a poor hard
workin man an cant lose money for every womans
whim Lyon hell write the check
No hc wont
I jumped at the stentorian tone Lyon jumped
loo and looked this way and that as for some
avenue of escape The time was evidently ripe for
rearing and tearing The Honorable James might
have been a Icrriblc Turk bearing down upon these
unlucky horsetraders with scimitar unsheathed He
was splendid awful I
No he wont Not till Ive had my say Now
my fine fellows let me tell you one thing Youll
refund this womans money one hundred and fifty
dollars do you hearby twelve oclock tomorrow
or Ill prosecute you to the full extent of the law
both civil and criminal Ill sec you landed in the
penitentiary for endangering life by selling a run
away horse Ill show you theres a law in this land
that protects helpless women and children Ill
make an example of you thatll discourage others
from trying the game for many years to come
Theres too much of this business going on Its
got to come to a stop Ive had my eye on your
establishment for a long lime and have been waitinj
for just this chance Now sir wheeling suddenly i
on the trembling Lyon you may write that chcci
when you please but remember the hour I men
tioned noon tomorrow Miss Hicks pardon my
subjecting you to this scene The lines of the lavr
do not always fall in pleasant placs And with
out so much as a glance toward the speechless men
he led me toward the waiting carriage
Well he asked when we were about the corner
did they scare
Did they scare I echoed and then we both fell
to laughing merrily
Id like to sec their faces when they find out that
it was all a great bluff that originated ih the brain
of a clever little woman
Something in his tone made me glance quickly
upward Then I looked away and sat more quietly
It all came over me as we drove through the
shady streets how pleasant it would be to have
someone holding the reins with a strong hand
smiling down upon you and calling you clever
little woman in that halftender way Somehow
the loneliness would be harder to bear now when l
the world claimed him again This afternoon had
Ijecn like a little glimpse of paradise The sun was
setting The shadows lengthened Why must it
all end so soon
At my while gateway I turned Wont you come
ivs I said
He held out his hand Not today little woman
hc said but if youll repeat the invitation fors3
tomorrow lfternoonsurcly your lawyer would
rejoice with you over your check I hope youll let I
me come many afternoons Nell Its been more
to me than yOtt can guess this page out of the
old life I hope we will never close the book again
My days arc busy ones and some of them are very
lonely Wont you help to make them less so
What could I answer but Why yes Jim It would
make me very happy and xcry proud for > ou sec my
little Adamlcss Eden is lonely too
When he was gone I did a very unschoohnaamliko
thing Catching up my skirts I raced through my tiny
house out of the back door into the yard and quite re
gardless of chiffons and lace fairly flung myself upon
the arching neck of the magnificent Richard Cccur da
Lion with laugh that was half a sob and a sobbing
that was not all sadness
Oh Richard Richard jourc a bad scheming old
horse Youre hand in hoof with those tricksters I
know You amble along like the most peaceable of
nags till youve won a womans confidence then you
g through your act and frighten her out of a years
ggrottth old cheat because
growth But I love you > ou dear
Richard if it werent for you this afternoon would
never have happened and then he wouldnt be coming
Richard and Ill
tomorrow Yes its all your doings
never forget you never
And I never have The next morning when Mr
Murphy he had i
Murphy a meek and conciliatory
dipped his colors most mgloriously and stood upon my
doorstep check in hand with fully three hours to spare
watched from window
led him away I learfully my
till there was only a gleam of yellow amid the trees So
passed Richard Cccur dc Lion out of my life but
never forgot him
1 did not get my next horse through the kind officea
of the Irgg and Buttcr Man Jim and I bought her to
gether and a nice bargain we made Dollys a dainty
little creature chestnut with four while feet and wo
couldnt love her better though on the slightest provo +
cation she has been known to stumble and plough tip flits
earth for yards with hen nose be the road level as a
floor But there is a strong hand at the reins now and 1
am not lonely woman any longer
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