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1N 1 J i
1 r
1 i Ind Phone two rlngo No 68
Bel Phone two rlngo No 60
Ind Phono one ring No 50
I Bell phone one ringNo GO
j i
Advertisers muni flzLye tneir copy Tor
I tko Evening Standard tho evening be
fore the day on which tho advertlatv
mcnt Is to appear in order to Insure
Coal call up Parker t Co for
rates on lump nut and clack
Would Settle Estate Sarah 0 Con
4 t nor yesterday filed with the district
I court a pclitlon asking for letters of
4 ndmlnlslration In Uio estate of Hiram
Connor who died December 16 1909
at Huntsvlllo leaving an stato val
I ued at about 1000 in addition to
the widow thero are six children who
Kill Inherit the estate
Puro food only Charles Cafe
a torla
Castle Gate Clear Creek and Rock
Springs coal 560 per ton cash on
delivery Phono 149 Jlobt D Lewis
i Wedding Permit Only one applica
11 tion for a license lo marry was re
J ceived in the oftlco of the county clerk
j yesterday This was CharleH J Sher
r man of this city and Miss Isabel Story
J of North Ogden i
J For SaleOld mass Good to put
j I under carpets Inquire Standard office
f COAL Call up Parker Co for
IT tea on lump nut and alack Parker
1 Coal Co
I Youth Arrested Charged with dis
turbing tho peace Ivan Rolland a 17
jearold south was arrested last
night by Detective Robert Burke on
a warrant issued yesterday Ho will
probably be heard in the municipal
S court this morning
Call Allen pfionos 22 for carriages
r for funerals and oporas Private calls
ri t specialty Also prompt delivery of
9 bglgo 412 2GUL
Q Bakery goods at Charles Cafe
Wllllamo Will Filed Harry F Wil
liams the executor of the estate of
James B Williams who died in Ills
D city on August 21 1891 yesterday
filed with tho probate division of the
district court the will of his deceased
relative for probate The estate con
sist ot realty in Weber county
I amounting to approximately 1000
e All kinds of coal 550 cash deliv
ered M L Jones Coal Co
0 < Bread of quality Charles Cafe
C WANTED Clean whlto raga at tbo
0 Standard
Q H J f
The Coal That
g Will Not Slack
gT Satisfactory and profitable to
l Goth consumer and dealer because
i highest quality and best prepara
Ask your dealer
3 j 624531532633 Judge Bldg
Salt Lake City Utah
I will offer tho following stallions
for public ocrvlco at tho Fair grounds
season 1910
IJy McKlnnoy 211 the sro of 22
I with records holler thau 210 Tho
greatest sire tno world has over
known Ho sold for 50000 at 17
years of ago Fee 3000
Record 200 11 trotting He has
shown you It you aro from Missouri
Ho has as much spend as any horso
living or doad Ff > o 2fiOO
Record 217 14 4h boat TIm
fastest and gamest 3yearold pacer
on the iiorlh Pacific coast last year
r A 205 pacer sure No hobbles
I Fee 2000
Terms cash or bankablo note A
few good driving and family horcos
for calo C B JOHNSON
Every Wonu
1a in I Iot J ILnd thould klow
abonL t1MI III1IJfDl
I MARVELWhlrlinJS 81
n II 1l T n
imL n tLtU
rlt tL
r lIIol1caW kflAft1 n trlTP
I toll rarUellra Uld dJr IIO In
nIQl to hd1n IAnII cu
r 1 < < aUa1ueetHW On1f
Recommending in bin annual report
that Immediate action bo taken in the
matter of a new club house which
has been under discussion in an In
formal way for more than a year
among the club members Hon A R
Hey wood last night received vocifer
ous applause and approval from the
assembled members of tho Webor
Club at the rooms In tho Eccles I
building Mr Hojwood In his annual
report advocated a number of other
Improvements but everything was
lost night of In the general hope tor
Immediate action in the matter of a
now club house
Practically all the old board of di
rectors were elected and with few
exceptions the officers are the snub
as those holding ofllco last year The
matter of the new club house was
left to the board of directors and
while nothing definite was given out
last night It is the prevailing Im
pression that in the near future some
thing will bo done It Is not known
whether the board officers havo some
building In mind that could bo con
verted Into a club house or whether
the club will favor building In the
latter ovent tho chances for Ogden I
getting a handsome and palatial build
ing arc thought to ho exceedingly
Following aro tho names of tho
officers elected at the meeting last
right to serve during the ensuing
year President Hon A R Hey
wood vice president W C Wright
treasurer C H Barton secretary L
L Reynolds These with tho fol
lowing constitute the board of di
rectors W D Brown J S Corlew
and Prof K M Drlggs
The annual report of Secretary
Reynolds shown last years receipts to
have been 3241323 leaving a casa
balance on March 31 1910 of 5
30112 During tho year 71 new mem
bers were added to the rolls bringing
the total number up to 333 The
statement gives in detail all figures
of Importance The membership
campaign Is expected to increase ma
terially during the coming year the
rolls of the club
Medical writers declare It incurable
after the sixth month whether albu
mcnous or not
Tho average man prefers to think
of it as kidney trouble and lots it
go but the census shows thIs appalling
fact out of G3000 deaths from kid
ney troubles the last census year over
ninetenths of them 58000 took tho
form called Brights Disease al
though It Is quite probable that nine
tenths of these lip to the last moment
thought of it as and called It kidney
trouble when as a mailer of fact
tho only possible hope laid through a
specific for Brights Disease
There never was one until Fulton
worked out his Renal emollient Ful
tons Renal Compound
Since then inflammailon of the kid
neys whether albumonous or not or
whether called kidney trouble or
Brights Disease or whether six I
years old commonly yields
If you havo had kidney trouble over I
six months no matter what you call
It it Is tho only hope Efficiency 87
per cent whore patients do not walt
jnlll bedridden although somo of
them recover It can he bad In Og
den at Vm Driver Son Drug Co
Te desire to hear from and advise
with patients not noting tho usual Im
provement by the third bottle Liter
ature mailed free Write John 7 Ful
ton Co 645 Battery St San Francis
co Cal
Continued From rage Two
One of them had a cjiockbnok on a
local bank and the other had two dia
mond rings in his pocketbook
The police Hay they have been
hanging nbout tho down town streets
for several days without any appar
ent means of making a living
SALT LAKE April 11 Fraternal
oigunlzulionu that write or conduct
Insurance aro to be brought up on the
carpet by the state insurance depart
fluent unless articles of Incorporation
aro flied within the next few weeks
Willard Done acting insurance com
missioner stated this morning that
there arc several of the organizations
that arc doing Insurance business
without having filed articles and this
IB contrary to law The mutter Is
being taken up with them and unless
articles are filed more stringent mea
sores will be taken Mr Done stat
ed that he doen not believe there Is
anything mullcloua in tho failure of
the orders lo Ilk articles It being a
matter of oversight in most of the
NUn Fry colored Carl W Wilson
Mil Joseph Anderson picked up In
different purls of the city and lodged
III the city Jail 011 charges of vagran
0 was tbo result of tho efforts of the
police to keep the town free of undc
sirablo characters yesterday They
will be heard In the municipal court
this mornIng and either given a
fipater out of town or put to work
on the city rock pile
After spending a night at the police
station as a frco lodger lcater Mca
doris who claimed that ho was un
able to work because of an attack of
rheumatism In one limb and was out
of funds with no means of support
was on Sunday night sent to the Og
den generalhospitnl from the sheriff
ofllco for treatment Mcadorl had dif
ficulty In getting tho idea through hlq
head that tho police wero unable to
do anything for him and argued for
some limo before being coiulnccd that
he must appeal to tho county authori
After years of dohato medical auth
orities arc now agreed that Eczema
ttnd other skin diseases are not seat
ed In the blood but arc caused by
myriads of microscopic animals gn w
ing tho flesh Just below the epidermis
Tho patient Is perfectly healthy It is I
only tho skin that Is diseased
Hence scientists are now agreed
that you must cure the skin through
the skin The medicine must bo in
liquid form in order to penetrate prop
Arty And we can say with conll
donee that wo have the true remedy
for Eczema In our store i
The Instant you wash with this
soothing liquid you will find the Itch I
relieved Wo positively assure you of I
this Will you try a bottle at only
25c on our recommendation Ask
for D D D Prescription Culley Drug
Co 2197 Washington
Knocked Down
by Street Car
With a broken Jaw and bleeding
profusely a man who gave his name
as Jack Faulkner was last night pick
ed up at about 1130 oclock at Twen
tythird and Washington avenue and
a physician called to attend hit In
juries Several of tho street cleaners
employed by tho city worn present at
tho time and assisted the man to a
nearby door step It is thought ho
has been injured Internally but ho
was not taken to tho hospital at an
early hour this morning
Just how the accident occurred It
was Impossible to ascertain but It In
thought that the man had been stand
Ing on tho corner waiting for a street
car anti as it passed attempted to
grasp the front hand rail and was
thrown heavily to the ground
Most Ogden People Have a Weak Part
and Too Often Its The Back
Everyone has a weak spot
Too often Its a had back
Twinges follow every sudden twist
Dull aching keeps up day and night
Tells you the kidneys need holpr
For backache is really kldnejache
A kidney cure Is what you need
Doans Kidney Pills euro sick kid
neys cure backache and urinary Ills
Ogdon people recommend tho rem
James Ronnie 2074 Washington I
Ave Ogden Utah says Since I
publicly recommended Doans Kidney
Pills In 190G I have had no further I
need of a kidney remedy Tho con I
tents of two boxes of preparation
procured from BADCONS PHARM
ACY effected a complete and perman I
ent cureFor nearly five years I suffer
ed from constant ache across the
small of my back and through my
left side The kidney secretions were
unnatural and irregular in passage and
plainly showed that I had kidney com
plaint Doans Kidney Pills wont at
once to the seat of my trouble and
restored my kidneys to a normal con
dition I Induced one of my relatives
to use Deans Kidney Pills and he af
terward Informed me that they were
the beat kidney medicine he had over
For sale by all dealers Price 50
cents FosterMllburn Co Buffalo
New York sole agents for the United
Remember the narao Doans and
tako no other
Burns Winner
Over Trendall
KANSAS CITY April 11 FrankJo
Burns the Oakland lightweight was
given a decision over Harry Trondall
of St Louis in a tonround boxing
contest hero tonight
Trendall accepted tho fight on three
houns notice Monto Dale of Denvor
who was to have met Burnt broke
his hand In training today and was
unable to go on Trendall was not In
good shape Ho weighed In at 138
Burns weighed 133
Tho decision was close and many
thought It should have been a draw
Burns outboxcd his opponent and in
tho eighth round had Trendall almost
out Tho othor rounds were about
oven Burns landing tho most blows
but Trendall sending home harder
Rev Short ComingAt tho meeting
of the Ogden Betterment League to
ho held in the Weber Academy Wed
nesday evening at 8 p m Rev Fran
cis B Short ono of Utahs most elo
quent men will bo the principal speak
er on the subject Our Problem of
Crime and Criminals The public
Is cordially invited
I By Ed W Smith
Cnjcngo April 1There is only
I ono way to got at a settlement of tho
question between Abe Attell feather
weight champion of the world and
i Owen Moran the misfit BrUsher
I who is neither one thing nor another
I na far as weight is concerned If
some kindly disposed fight promote
I who has the publics interest and
peace of mind at heart will only match
up the pair for a fortyfive round con
test some tangible answer to the ques
tion probably can bo arrived at
j Otherwise It looks as If the young
fighters will go on fighting draws for
I the remainder of their boxing career
i Those little fellows seem to bo the
toughest kind of stumbling blocks for
each other Moran has a trifle on At
tell In the matter of weight hut the
Hobrew kid makes up for this in a
I trifle higher speed and skill Moran
may ho tho heavier puncher maybo
not Otherwise In the matter of
broinerles ring cunning fighting gin
ger and allaround cusscdness there
Isnt much to choose It would make
an Ideal match over the long routo
starting tho moff early in the after
noon and letting them stick to it till
ono or the othor hod enough
Moranfl career In the country since
his return a short time ago has been
checkered He lost twice onco to
the clever Matty Baldwin In twelve
rounds In Boston antI again to Tom
my Murphy of Now York over tho
medium route In San Francisco The
latter Is generally spoken of as a
questionable decision although It was
not scolded harshly out on the coast
hero Roferco Eddie Smith stands
pretty well
Hints have boon droppednone too
gently at times that Moran has a
hungry leaning toward tho gay life
Kept down as most fighters arc on
tho other side he Is keen for having
all the fun that Is generally permiss
ible on thin side of the ocean II
likes the white lights and tho fan
fore of the orchestra with slathers
I of entins and drlnklns on this side
Hence his ragged showing at times
We are told too that Little Abe
Is much on the same pleasure bout
Yet when ono looks over the Cnlifor
nlnns record one must marvel that
he has stood tho test of tlmo so well
Abe is only twentysix years old and
ought by the precedents or the ring
have six or eight years more of bat
tlJng ahead of him But when one
thinks that he has been fighting al I
most continually for eleven years I
fighting all sorts and conditions of I
men making weight here there and I
I everywhere but always bobbing up
I aa fresh and unscathed as a novice
j at the game all this does not indicate
that Abe has led a fast lire Hut ho
I has for during his entire career ho
has mingled with those who like to
I throw the throttle wide open going nj
or down grade Yet Abey with that
natural percentage his race Is sup
posed to have In its favor has been
a gieat saver of his resources and
ugh tlng assets Ho never caroused
a great deal because he know tho
penaly but he likes to gamble and
thlo takes up a great deal of his time
Hes a great little man this Attell
boy and he will continue to be great
for years to come bad habits and all
He doesnt do anything to affect his
I lighting skill or speed that la the
chief beaut of AlloWs system of
living Yet he has as much fun as
anybody eon If ho is broke at times
Cubs Peerless Leader Will Be Vell
Fortified In BackStopping
Manager Chanco recently made his
first olllcial announcement regarding
the backstopping problem which has
been bothering him for a long time
lie said ho would carry four catchers
all through the coming season and
that Leslie Nunamaker the boy se
cure from Lincoln In return for Pitch
I ers Willis and Knapp would be ono
of them
No ono can help but know that
I Kling and Archor will be two of the
I other three so It is up to tho boss to
pick Pat Moran or Tom Needham for
the only vacant berth left He was
not given any hint as to which ono
of those veterans will to let out and
It Is foolish to waste any guesses on
tho subject
I In deciding to keep Nunamakor
Chance Is only following tho general
Cub scheme to continue developing
youngsters so there will be a good ball
club on tho west Ide when some of
the present bunch have passed the age
of usefulness
Chanco believes Nunamakor has the
I makings of a good catcher and tho
youngster will be given all kinds of
attention thin year Kling and Archer
of course will be the regulars and
Nunamnker and either Needham or
Moran the reserves
In tho batting order at tho start of
the regular campaign will appear the
names of Evora Shceknrd Schulte
The proper shoes for men
shoes that look fit feel and Wear right
Made of selected leather leather that is best by
r every lesl Correct in style Made by the finest
r shoe makers in the best equipped factory in existence
t nbos are built on bonorbujlt for comllncJ style and GcrvJco
11 built for absolute satisfaction and lasting comfort Biggest values
q you can ever hope to gel for the money
I There Ja an Honorbllt style that will exactly suit you and fit you
Ask your shoe dealer If ho hasnt it write us Loot for
the Caya Trade JHCarlf on the sole
VREBlf you wilt Rend u tho name ofa dealer who i3oe not handle
ti4 Mayer llonorbllt Sboe we will tend you free postpaid a hand j i
A como picture Blzc 15x20 of Georuc hmrtoD r
k We also make Leading Lady Shoes Martha Washington
It Comfort Shoes Ycrma Cushion Shoes Special Merit
School ShOes nnd Work Shoes
121 BOOT i
Chanco StclnfoUU Hoffman and Tlnk T
or unless accident prevents I
BEX LOMOND Gal April ItTho
old question of whether hard luck Is
camping on the trail of James J Jef
fries determined to itut the champion
out before he gets a chance to show
what he can do against Jack John
SOn on July 1 came to tho front
again today at Jeffs training camp
when the big fighter had a close call
from death or injury through a live
loffrlcs went out to cut down a red
wood accompanied by Farmer Burns
and Jack Wolley an Oakland sports
man When the tree fell It crashed
through a string of power wires and
two ends of a telephone line dropped
close to tho Jeffries party hitting
within a fen feet of where the cham
pion stood All near the champion
were frightened thoroughly but Jef
fries did not allow any emotion to
escape him Ho went right to work
again cutting logs and chopping wood
Rain made outdoor work Impossible
In the morning Flue sparring ses
sions wore postponed again without
any apparent reason other than that
Jeffries did not fool In the mood to
box In placo of this Jeff went
through tile full list of gymnasium ap
paratus working himself into a flno
The monotony was broken In tho
afternoon by a wrcsllng match be
tween Farmer Burns and Baron Carl
Hcnkcl an ofllccr of the German
army who was a visitor at the camp
Tho baron thought he could win from
Burns easily and several wagers were
made on the outcome of tho match
Burns however kept lip bin reputa
tion by scoring u fall In two mlnutoa
and 35 seconds
Sam Berger Jeffries manager re
turned to camp today after having
completed arrangements for the out
fitting of the gymnasium Berger
would make no announcement as to
tho first boxing a performance which
Is looked forward to anxiously as giv
ing the only trite light on Jpffs condi
tion for a ring battle Carpenters will
start work In the morning lifting tho
roof of the gymnasium to permit light
and air to 1111 the place
Mr3 Jeffries was taken slightly 111
today and will leave for Oakland to
Seeking to Save
Life oi Jiitcne
ST LOUIS April 11 Following a
third antitoxin treatment this aftpr
noon E J Reulbach pitcher for the
Chicago Nationals who Is seriously
111 with diphtheria at his home In this
city was said to bo resting more
comfortably tonight
He passed a cry restless night last
night and his physician uncut a part
of tonight at his bedside
The crisis Is expected tomorrow
His physician declares It will be at
least a month If Roulbach recovers
before he will be able to don a uni
form again
CHICAGO April nTack Johnson
started training In earnest today for
his coming battle with James J Jet
fries for the heavyweight title of the
world For over an hour he boxed
with Joe Cotton I wae just feeling
myself out today said Johnson
From now on I will live up to regu
lar program until April 20th when
I start for San Francisco I will stop
on the way west at Omaha Kansas
City and Los Angeles
NEW YORK April 11ln weather
that was better for football than base
ball the Now York Americans de
I feated the Princeton team today 5 to
2 Thirteen of the college players
struck out Score R H E
Princeton 2 C 2
New York 5 S 6
Batteries Wondlem and Dawson
Vnughnn Doyle Crlger and Sweeney
Philadelphia Americans evened up
the Intorlongiie baseball series by de
feating the Nationals 10 to C
Batteries Americans Bender Mor
gan and Thomas and Livingstone
Nationals Foxen Schcttlcr and Dooln
At Toledo
Toledo 1 5 0
Chicago Nationals 4 5 0
At Poorla
Chicago Ams rcg 5 10 1
Peoria Three Eye league 0 4 1
At Cincinnati
Detroit 4 I 0
Cincinnati 4 1 4 1
At Indianapolis
Detroit 2nd 1 Indianapolis Ameri
can Association 2
New York April 12Soeral biff
candy manufacturers have been called
upon by the federal bureau of chem
istry for Information as to tho nature
of the jiroparationb used In coating
chooolato bon bons and other confec
tionery Thoy hal been notified
that a hearing will he given on April
20 at Washington to determine
whether any of the substances arc In
jurlnui to consumers I
It Is alleged that some manufac
turers nsnd shellac In varnishing tho I
hon lions
New York April Superinten
dent of Insurance William H Hotch
kiss confident that the legislature will
order s general Investigation Into al
leged legislative corruption has about
finished his Investigation into fire In
surance affairs Whether It will bo
resumed on Friday will dopond largely
on developments during tho Interim
The superintendent believes that he
baa practically accomplished what be
Weber Club Coffee is not injurious because it needs no 1
boiling Coffee which is boiled produces Caffeinethats tho <
injurious part Also boiling destroyes the delicate aroma >
which the real charm of good coffee ii I
Since you are going to try Weber Club Coffee why not I
start today Remember you can order right nowwe are
open day or night j
BADCON Street car ticket are here for you 1
PHARMACY every day and Sunday
k4 fim ar vk
i S vknf
E tt
r iJ Ii I j
5 11
Anty Drudge Cures a Sick Headache
r Dr Fllclgeu Does Mrs Junobride livo here 1
Anty Drudge II N oned door I found her out in tho back I
L kitchen crying over her wash Tho poor dear isnt used
to such hard work and she has a sick headache from it
I took tho wash from her and quickly finished it with
FelaNaptha She wont need you again on that score
Dr FudgeII Well really Anty Drudge washday ie re
sponsible for more ills than most people imagine I am
glad you have taken Mrs Tunebride under your wing
FelsNaptha is tho ounce of prevention that is worth my
t pound of cure
Delicate summer curtains draperies 1
tapestries laces womens fine raiment i
things that would be ruined by washing in I
the oldfashioned vaycan be cleaned at I j
home with FelsNaptha as well as an expert 1
cleaner could do it
FelsNaptha contains no injurious
chemicals nothing that could harm the
most delicate fabric Sets colors instead of 1
making them run as most soaps do
With FelsNaptha use only cold or
lukewarm water never hot That saves
the fabric Hot water would soften it and I
cause fraying
FelsNaptha dissolves the dirt you 1
dont have to rub it loose as with ordinary II
More than a million women do their
washing with FelsNaptha They have i
found out that FelsNaptha is the best and i
easiest way j
Follow directions on the red and green I
Bakes RoasisBroUs To ss
7 BAKES bread pie and cake
bakes them perfectly all through
and browns them appetizingly
J ROASTS beef poultry and game
I t1 with a steady heat which pre
I q serves the rich natural flavor
BROILS steaks and chops makes
t them tender and inviting
TOASTS bread muffin crack
era and cbeea
J No drudgery of coal and
j P1 ashes no stooping to get at
the oven no smoke no dust
no odorjust good cooking
with greater fuel economy I
Irons and water in wash
boiler always hot The I
e reg4oft
Oil CookStove
has a Cabinet Top with shelf for keeping plates and food hot
Drop shelves for the coffee pot or saucepans and nickeled towel racks
It has long turquoiseblue enamel chimneys The nickel finish
with the bright blue of the chimneys makes the stove very attrac
tive and invites cleanliness Made with 1 2 and 3 burners the
2 and 3burner stoves can be had with or without Cabinet
CAUTIOfUHV ROTE Dewreyoo fltt all I1neICr tbat ttrmraejtitertidi tfCVt PnUTCTIO
Every dealer everywhere If not at yours write for De erlpUre CUcuUr
to the nearest affeney of the
Continental Oil Company
had set out to do in making public
certain facts which he believed the
people were entitled to know
Sufficient has been developed by tho
Investigation In tho opinion of the su
perintendent to require other inquir
ies Into ratemaking and tho exercise
of ratomaklng and licensing func
tions There Is also contemplated a
general Investigation 1 into what is 1
known as industrial Insurance as
ill IJroTJY
0 2
well an Into casualty and Insurant
A pleasing dessert baa cannw i
peaches as a basis Serve half i
peach on a plato and top It goncrouf
ly with whipped cream sprlnWs
with crumbled macaroons
Polishing a pew la not burnishlnt
a crown I
J MdoI I TJgifir nt Sd
oII mr t2
r i

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