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Fortieth YcarNo 91Price Five Cento EVENING APRIL 14 1910 Entered as Second Claaa Matter at tho Poetofflco Ogden Utah s
I So Declares a Demo
crat in His Speech on
Railroad Bill
Washington April 14 Represents
lho Adamson of Georgia ranking mi
nority momber of the houso commit
t tee on Interstate commerce speak s
In the houso today on Uio substitute
I railroad bill presented Tuesday by
I Mr Nun of Illinois chairman of tho
commlttue declared that the purpose
of Use majority of the committee in
Introducing in the report quotations
from the Presidents message advo
cating the commerce court was In or
t der to command the solid cooperation
of all the regulars insurgents and
nearinsurgents of tho Republican
He charged tho President with at
tempting to dictate to congress an act
which ho regarded as a serious as
sault upon the dignity freedom and
independence of congress and tho
most violent and Insulting act of
usurpation ever indulged in by an ex
The argument for the commerce
courl the speaker said had no foun
datlon in any party authority and was
not touched upon in the Republican
platform Mr Townsend of Michigan
l lie declared was the author of that
and entitled to whatever credit or
discredit attaches to it
j The Republican platform makes no
mention of fV said Mr Adamson BO
DO Republican nor noarRepubllcjin of
whatever degree or quality need halt
and fear nud tremble about thnt as
ihe deliverance of cardinal Republican
doctrine If you Jnaurgo against any
body on that it will bo against tho
lpe llxlt of the President alone on a
bill appointing Mr Townscmls court
prepared by the attorney general at
the request of tho President and sent
simultaneously to both houses of con
gress with orders to enact it into
law Congress considered that court
tlx years ago and refused to adopt it
As now presented the proposition is
amch worse
The speaker called attention to the
fact that tho argument favoring tho
l substitute bill was not enthusiastic
and convincing as the usual argu
ments made by Chairman Mann
His friends knesald Sir Ad
amson that ho was notvorJginallJn
Jnvm of the court and believe tfiaC if
Ii he finally voteR for that court it will
hbe out of ofllclal deference tothe Pres
r ident substituting for his own con
I science and Judgment the Imputed
conscience and judgment of the Pres
t ident
F Tho provision as to initiating In
quiry into rates and practices tho
President borrowed from tho Demo
r cratic platform just as the party in
power has taken up every other valu
r able thing It ever has done or pro
tended to do
r As to the Presidents recommenda
tion to relievo the Interstate Com
r tacrco commission of the duty of in
itiating and defending litigation Mr
Adaiunnn thought it of doubtful wis
dom and unsupported by sufficient
reason Tho minority of the com
mittee he said did not oppose the
Presidents recommendation that the
commission may arrest a rate before
It goes Into effect and Investigate its
fairness and that he charged the
President nlso borrowed bodily from
tho Democratic platform BO that the
boot two things in the original bill arc
taken from the Democratic platform
The argument for the commerce
court the minority member declared
failed to sustain It and he referred
to tho Presidents description aa
analogous to the court of customs an
very unhappy also declaring the
suggestion that It is like a patent
court as not at all pertinent A great
r objection to the court In his opinion
I and that of his colleagues of the mi
nority was that It specializes litiga
tion touching particular lines of bus
iness which ho considered abhor
rent to the American sense
I Mr Adamson analyzed the bill In de
tail and stated in concluding that the
strongest objection of the minority
was In tho manner the bill originated
and came to congress
In my judgment ho said this
Is the most violent mid Insulting act
of uaurpatlon and dictation to congress
by way of interference with Its tine
tions over Indulged In b
by an cxecu
1 Would trot
the Otl Personally disparage
rsldcilt nOr speak unkindly of
him I refer to him officially and
have no doubt he ls as good as his
Jartcertnlnl ns Rood as any con
gressman pliant enough to swallow
tho affront to him and to congress
by servile obedience nt command L
care not how good great and able the
resident may be this breach of the
pmnege of congress ought to be re
sealed Wo should defeat this bill
on account of Its dictation by the ex
I ecutho regardless of Its character It
constitutes n serious assault upon the
dignity freedom and Independence of
congress fraught with danger to our
Wife of a Laundryman
in Denver Has a
Pueblo Colo April Hhs Alice
E Koch wife of a laundryman of this
city is believed to be an heiress to an
Immensely wealthy estate In the Island
land of Martinique and iu addition
a princess of French and Spanish ex
traction related to the celebrated
Empress Josephine
About 3ii years ago tho father died
vrhllo at sea and a young Frenchman
named Brusche married tho widow
Tho grandmother tried to steal the
child but the father brought her to
America and eventually settle In
Dtnver where the girl was placed In
care of Rev Father Phillips and edu
cated Tho girl was known as Alice
Brusche but her real name was Juan
Itn Marguerite de Togales a fact she
was not aware of until today when < < ho
was Informed that her grandmother
had died eighteen months ago leaving
her as heiress to the estate The girl
refused 10 go with her stepfather aft
er she was taken from school as ho
hall cruelly treated her
On hor twentyfirst birthday she
married a young laundry worker she
net working as bookkeeper in Den
V er They awerc married at Chcy
cnno Wyo
She was always of the opinion that
ior stepfather vas her real father
He is now said to be in the east malt
Ing an effort to secure the estate Mrs
tosh declares she is happy in hor
htfatoluere afulcr r s notCiiCp fr rr I L1
Ci or titles
fiELD 9000000
Seattle Wash April ltThe first
estimate received hero of the spring
gold cleanup in the neighborhood of
Fairbanks Alaska is 10011100 The
gold will be shipped to thd Seattle
assay office by way of Yukon steam
ers There are no estimates of the
dltarod output but all late news from
the new camp IB favorable
The first freight for Nomo and Yu
Icon river points was received on the
water front yesterday and will be
shipped to Nome on June 4 > There
will be no rate cutting lo coast or Yu
kon ports this summer but rates will
be Increased over those of last ear
Los Angeles Cal April lotSam
Langford and Jim Barry are ready to I
step into the ring at Vernon for the
fiftyeighth round of their joint pugi
listic career It will be the ninth time
the two have faced each other To I
days contest is scheduled for twenty
live rounds
In none of their former contests has
Barry been declared a winner Tho
best he has to his credit Is four no
decisions while ho lost as many times
twice by knockouts Barry weighs IOC
pounds and Langford 1C5 The betting
Is 2 to I on Langford with little Bar
ry money showing
Mbrrle Bloom the Chicago light
weight will be seen In his second
fight here this time in a preliminary
with Al Rogers of Los Angeles
He Has Not Been Sleep
ing for a Few
Ben Lomond Cal April HJim
Jeffries Is much worried over the con
dItion of his wife who will soon un
dergo an operation and he says that
until she recovers and ho is relieved
of apprehension regarding her illness
ho will Indulgo In only very light
training work
This decision of the fighter has been
received with satisfaction by his camp
companions who have Indicated anx
Icly that Jeffries was plunging too
heavily into the conditioning process
for his fight with Johnson Ills alarm
over his wife aside from Jeffries
movements for the last three or four
days are taken as a tacit admission
that he put too much hard work Into
the first half dozen days of his train
ing Though always a terrific worker
and seemingly more determined to
wn his fight with Johnson than any
olher of his career Jeffries started off
at a clip that led his trainers to fear
that ho might go stale long before
July 4
Besides eight miles of road work
and a brief turn at baseball Jeffries
passed a quiet day yesterday lie
spent most of the afternoon in the
woods whipping n trout stream with
Harry Green official angler of the
camp Jeffries trainers arc inclined
to indulge his fishing propensities for
ho has a natural love for the sport
and his quests of the speckled beauties
afford him both exercise and relaxa
tion from camp activities More im
portant still tho breath of the woods
If cnnrlnoivo to deep repose and Jef
fries sleep for the last few nights is
said to have been rather troubled
Southern Pacific Head
M ft9rt
jr prtw J y > >
q carters May Be
Louisville April HIn declaring
the valuation of 19000000 put upon
the franchise in Kentucky of the
Southern Pacific holding company to
be excessive Alexander P Humphrey
counsel for the company has declared
to the board of assessment and valua
tion at Frankfort that unless the fig
ures are materially reduced the cor
poration will remove Its domicile from
Beechmont Jefferson county to some
other state probably Maine or Utah
Plltsburg April 14 Suffering
keenly from her teachers alleged in
limntlon to Inform her mother that
she was not getting along well In high
s hool 13yeurolcl Mildred Steward
living In the North Side today drank
carbolic acid and died before a physi
cian could he summoned
The girl left a note to her mother
tolling her she could not bear the dis
grace of not passing her school ex
aminations and that sho would rather
die than fail
Westerly R L Anrll M Another
name was added today to the long
list of persons who have died during
full population be returned in the present census
It is important in every way that Ogdens
We therefore urge every citizen that he be fully prepared when the enumerator calls to
answer each question and that information of every name entitled to be enumerated given
Certain information which the enumerators must have should be in the possession of both
husband and wife when the enumerator calls
For instance the wife should be able to say where the husband was born and if born in a
I foreign land when the husband arrived in America The exact year should be given The wife
during tho husbands absence should be able to tell where the
Or party left in charge of the home
born and where the husbands father and mother were born If the
Wife 8 mother and father were
t hUS land the wife should be able to say whether the husband is a citi
band was born in a foreign
if zen of the United States or not The wife should be able to tell what the trade or profession of
4 the husband is The wife should be able to say whether the home they life in if owned by the oc
I r CUpants is mortgaged or not
There arc other questions the enumerator will ask which the person in charge of thc home
will be able to answer but the above questions must be answered and information should be left
iththe party at the house so the samo can bo promptly answered Signed
Preside f WeD r Club
L l
i > c
tho past week In AVcUcry and nearby
towns from drinking whiskey appar
wood alcohol Daniel
ently containing
T Sullivan 07 years old of WhIt
Rock a suburb of Westerly is the
latest victim Sullivan became ill last
night and dicl about three hours lat
er A small quantity of whiskey
found in a bottle which Sullivan drank
earlier in tho day will hb analyzed
The state pure food commission or
Rhode Island has begun an investiga
tion of the whiskey poisoning cases
Acting under orders issued by Chair
man P J Gaskcn the commission to
day took steps to Hecuro samples of
the whiskey which has been sold not
only In the towns where the poison
Ing cases have occurred but through
out the whole slate
I Machine Caught in Vio
lent Wind Falls Into
a Lake
Plau Germany April 14lajor
Von Parsevals now aeroplane the
largest vet constructed which early
this month made several successful
I preliminary trips was caught In a vio
lent wind while flying ocr Lalto Plan u
today and turning turtle fell Into the
waters T r
Engineers Dlochmnn baud Hoff es
caped uninjured Thcy dropped with
the machine hut succeeded In freeing
themselves from the vrcckagc and
were picked up bj a passing craft
Major Von Parsevalts invention
which came to grief today Is a mono
piano with a fourcyllnder motor of
120 horsepower It r carries 170
pounds of petroleum and was expected
ed to remain In tho nr three hours
The breadth of tho plane is 1612 foot
and the length of tho < machlnc is 45
feet It is provided with a torpedo
Ilk1 float for tlesceudlijKJOU w and
with wheels for a descent on land
NQw York April tTh stocK
rJijt QirenedNXJ1d T It l > gnn 3er
ablo show 6t animation nnd nearly an
prices were restricted to moderate
fractlonnl fluctuations Consolidated
Can rose 1 and National Lead declined
clined 5S > The market made further
I demonstrations of strength but only
a few of the representative stocks
rose materially Business Increased
rapidly and there was a wide distribu
tion of the dealings
I Profit taking sales affected prices ii
I the second hour but speculative senti
I ment remained hopeful The Hill
I stocks were tsroug on reports of pro
pcctive new financing Great North
ern pfd and Northern Pacific rose
1 31
Bonds steady
Chicago Livestock
Chicago April 14 Cattle Receipts
Chtlmatod at 1000 market strong
Beeves GOOaSoo Texas steers lSUa
OS5 western steers 500a695 stock
I ers and feeders 385aCC5 cows and
heifers 27Ga710 calves 700aS60
Hogs Receipts estimated nt 13000
Market weak Light SOalOIO mixed
OSralO15 heavy D96nlO rough
9S5aD9j good to choice heavy 995a
L015 pigs 925al010 bulk of sales
lOOOalO 10
Sheep Receipts estimated at 8000
market strong Native GOOaS15
western 500aS35 yearlings 7i5nS7ij
lambs native 775a975 western SOOa
Omaha Livestock
Omaha April 11 Cattle Receipts
2400 Market steady to strong Nat
ive steers COOaSOO cows and heif
ers 305afsGO wastcm steers 40Ua
700 cows and heifers 380aCOO can
ners 250a450 stockers and feeders
G75aa700 calves J25oS25 bulls
stags etc 75aCOO
Hogs = Receipts 10600 Market 5ca
lOc lower Heavy > 65a985 mixed
900a970 light fi50a9JO pigs S50a
950 bulk of sales 955a970
Sheep Rcceijits 1500 market act
ive and steady yearlings 790aS70
owes 700a790 lambs J00al000
Chicago Close
Chicago April 1 HheatUa 109
1S July 102 78al03 Sept 100 3Sa
12 >
Coin May 5S 58a34 July 61 5S
Sept 62 3Ja78
Oats May 13 July 10 1SalJ
Sopt 38 l3al4 y
Pork May 2220 July 2211 12
SepL 2230
Lard May 1275 July 1252 32
Sopt 1217 12
Ribs May 1262 12 July 1245
Sept 1235
Chicago Produce
Chicago April HButtr firm
creameries 2Gu32 daifiloa 22 a26
Eggs Steady at mark cases Includ
ed 18a23 firsts 20 prime firsts 21
receipts 33114 cases
Cheese steady daisies llal2
Twins lCal2 young Americas 14ul2
long horns 13 l2a34
Sugar and Coffee
New York April HRaw sugar
nominal Muscovadop9 test 338a
310 centrifugal 96test 433aU6
molasses sugar SJ test 358arci Re
fined quiet Coffee spot quiet No
7 Rio 8 12 No 4 Santos 9 14
Metal Market
Now York laLend dull spot
Copper Dull standard put tutu
I May 1260nl270
Silver 53 1lc
= J
Government Takes New
Tact in the Oregon
Timber Frauds
Portland Ore April HTn a mo I
tion to amend the complaint of the I
United States against C A Smith a
millionaire timber land owner of Min
neapolis lInn United States District
Attorney John McCourt has asked tho
federal district court to sustain the
right of tho government to lodge an
action in equity for the recovery of
the lands In this state acquired
through fraud where the statute of
limitations prevents either criminal
prosecution pr an action to set aside
the patents
Hinging on the disposal of this mo
tion It Is stated Is the filing of many
suits by the department of Justice for
tho recovery of the value of all lands
in Oregon which tho government
claims were secured b > the patentees
through fraud Argument on the mo
tion will begin Monday April 18
In a statement regarding the motion
District Attorney McCourt said
Corrupt men have obtained valuable I
lands through the use of dummy en
trymon forging names to applications
filed in the land ofllccs of tho slate
and afterwards transferring them by
deeds which must have been secured
in the samo way
Heretofore the government has
been helpless to recover against such
men and corporations unless suit to i
cancel the patent was begun within I
I six years following Its issue or a crim I
inal Indictment wns returned within
I throe years after tho act was commit I
The claims arc each of 160 acres
for which the patenteo paid 250
Many of the claims arc said to be
worth from 5OQO to 20000 and the
abllltv of the government to recover
their actual value may mean the flow
Ing Into the national treasury of mil
lions of dollars
P h
I Tug Reaches a Sinking
Vessel in Time to
Save Passengers
Eureka Cal April HLoaded
down with 95 persons the passengers
and crew of the North Pacific Steam
ship companytt steamer Santa Clara
which foundered about four miles
down the coast yesterday afternoon
the tug Ranger put into Eureka at 6
oclock this morning every soul on
the sinking ship having been safely
token off
A high sea was running and the
work of rescue was both slow and
perilous But shortly after 900
oclock the last of the passengers lOll
crew were safely aboard the tug and
the Santa Clara then low In the water
was lett to her fate
The Ranger lay outside the bnrr all
night awaiting daylight before at
tempting to return to the harbor
Captain Noren in an Interview
Mild today that the Santa Clara did not
touch tho bar as sho passed out hue
I that clue sprung a leak as she cleared
tho bar and faced the heavy sea run
I ning outside
After crossing tho bar tho ship
was headed south ant received u
I smashing blow from an enormous
wave A little later tho engineer re
ported that she was making some
inter but assured the captain that
III could be handled with the pumps
I With this assurance Captain Noren
j continued on his course She had
proceeded but a few miles however
I before the water began to gain rapid
ly the heavy seas opening the leak
still furtchr Then one of the pumps
1 became clogged by small pieces of
coal and Captain Noren ordered her
put about and sent out a wireless cal
for help which brought the tug Rang
er to the rescue
The Santa Clara now HOt two miles
south of Table Bluff in about ten fan
thorns of Water and probably will be
a total loss
I The steamer Roanoke has been res
cuer by wireless and will put Into
Eureka for the Santa Claras pas
sengers and crow
Birmingham Ala April 14 Unit
ed States Marshal Long several dep
uticsr revenue agents nnd secret wr
iter mini loft here this morning for
Onl man and arc now scouring tho
woods in search of moonshiners who
yesterday shot and killed W A An
derson revenue agent and seriously
wounded T H Putttnann
Now York April ljJobn R Brad
Dr Frederick A
Icy who financed
Cooks last polar expedition IB back
In Now York preparing fcr a nix
l months hunting 4rip In the weft
It scents strange said Mr Brad ¬
I I J7 r v
ley > that every time 1 reach New
York something bobs up In regard
to Dr Cook This time tho failure
of the Fairbanks expedition to find
that brass tube on Mount McKinley
IB reported
I consider myself now an outsider
although now and then I let luyavic
wonder where the doctor Is keeping
himself I was surprised to learn to
day from friends of his that ho still
Intends to try and reverse the decision
of tho Copenhagen scientists Of
course I was never mixed up In the
scaling of Mount McKinley I have
nad tho story of the Fairbanks expe
dition and it seems to me that they
have cleared the matter up pretty
thoroughly If any remain to be con
vinced Professor Parkers expedition
next summer should help them out
Members of Parliament
in Berlin Witness the
Berlin April 14 Aeronaut Ioren
became entangled in the guide ropes
of tho mllltnr dirigible balloon MI as
It was leaving tho ground today and
wan carried high above the field
whore he clung for a moment and
then foil He was probably fatally in
Tho accident occurred on Tegal
field and was witnesses by 300 mom
burs of tho Prussian parliament who
had been invited by tbo minister of
war to see tho airship maneuver
New York April HThe following
letter from Senator Thomas P Gore
of Oklahoma to the blind pupils in
tho New York public schools was read
to them by tholr teachers today
My dear little friendsThis note
will bring you greetings and a mes
sage from one who has the highest
and the most confident hope both for
your happiness and your good for
tune If you are undismayed by diffi
culties and triumph over them your
victory will be enhanced both la Ha
worth and in its glory
Sincerely your friend Thomas P
G re
Accompanying the letter which will
be printed for the pupil in raised let
ters with an embossed facBtiulle of
the senators signature at tho bot
tom was a brief note of explanation
from the superintendent of schools
Senator Gore lost the use of his
eyes when ho was a child Bald Su
perintendent Maxwell but in spito
of this affliction ho has mndo him
Belt a man of culture nnd a power in
his state He Is now a member of the
senate of the United States and Is
justly regarded as ono of the most
eloquent members of that great legis
lative body
New York April 14A letter from
the state department in Washington
was given out at Hackcnsack N J
today announcing that George Vice
of that city who was condemned to
dcath by a mllltirr court lu Brazil for
filibustering has at last been re
leased from prison and will shortly
sail for this country
Vice who Is 23 years old was one
of a party of young Americans who
went to Brazil under Sebastian Mag
all a filibusterer In October 1908
The entire party was arrested after
a fight in which two Americans were
killed The others wore released
three months ago after long efforts
by their American friends hut
through some misunderstanding Vice
remained in prison and he continued
to languish In jail until yesterday
Sunday School Boy
Prove to Be Clever
Yonkers N Yt April 14TwC tf
school boys sons of prominent men
chants and banner members of < a
prIze winning Sunday school claBf r
have confessed to a series of bar k
glarlcK which havo baffled the Yonk
are police for a month pant The
boys were arrested following their
entry last night Into a houso on Ham
ilton avenue A school hook bearlnu
the name of one of the boys was found
on the porch of the house I
The lads worked In broad daylight
To make sure that no one was in tho +
house which they selected to rob they ib
rung the bell and If anyone respond
ed said they wero soliciting ordorg
for eggs as they had started a small
chicken farm If no ono answered
tho bell they used skeleton keys or a
They have given the police a list
of all the houses they entered Their
loot comprising jewelry silverware
brlcabracaml a considerable amount
of cash they burled under rocks neal
their homos Most of it was recov
ered by tho police
South Norwalk Conn April 14 <
Tho scenes of the Passion play at Ob
erammergau will bo embellished and j
mndo more realistic this year with
tho holp of mammoth phonographic +
records which have been prepared
hero this winter by Professor Her
man Schultze of Newark In a shack
on the outermost point of Nauvoo Is
land a bloak spot in Long Islaiiil 11
sound where the waves pound torrlb
lr on a rocky beach the professor has 1
lived durinjTthe winter and when thv
storms were raging has boon securing
records to be used In tho play Thl
rocords wore taken on n special inii
chine tho largest over constructed IJ
o I
o 0 1
o Home April HThe report 0 I
o that tho Popo had eliminated O
o tho names of American candi O
A d t J from the list of concll O
Q iihtca for Iho forfilnalafeT JjasO
O upon invostlgatlon been found 0 > J
p to bo erroneous IL was auO 1
o thorltatlvoly denied today and O
o tho idea that such a step had O
o been taken because Theodore 0
o Roosevelt did not visit the O
o Pope was characterized as rl O
o dlculous U
o 0
ocoocoooooooooooo I >
Q 0
0 a
o Philadelphia April M a
o Cars were stoned in several 0
o parts of the city today by o
o strike sympathizers but no ono o
Owns injured No arrests were 0
o made The number of persons 0
o killed by cars during tho 0
o eight weeks and a half of tho o
o strSKo stand at 27 and the list 0
o of injured at more than 250o
0 o
00 oooooooooooooo
o 0
0 a
O Washington April Hrhey Cl
O are purely guesses said Sec a
O rotary MaoVeagh today regard a
O Intj published sLitemonts that U
O one result of yesterdays con a
O terence at the White House on U
O the sugar cases was the prob O
O ability of prosecuting men atlll a
O higher up than those already Sl
O indicted g
0 o
ooooooooooooooooo I
I 4
How Big Is Ogden I 1 i
I Guess Ogden City has a Population of o
According to the U S Census taken in the month of April t
I 1910 This guess is good only in the event of my subscription
being paid at least one day in advance of the day the Census t
Director announces the population of Ogden APRIL 14 1910
I 0
Sign TTerc
4 4I a
I t Bow Big Is Weber County t
I guess Weber County has a Population of
According to the U S Census taken in the month of April
1910 This guess is good only in the event of my subscription
being paid at least ono day in advance of the day tho Census t
Director announces the population of Weber County tl
APRIL 14 1910
t r
I Sign Here t
4 4
J c
< r v o i
E3 1 539 adnme 6u Ttnrct d
= t l

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