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r V t is J 5 > i If1
iV zc feid c
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9 7i
0 r k i r i HE DAILY STANDARD OODEN UTAH MONDAY APRIL 18 1010 > s II > r7 1
Continued From Pogo Five
fruit gots to be about the size ot a
walnut put on your second spray con
slating ora mixture of HX pounds ot
arsenate ot load to about 120 gallons
of water This Is a cover spray and
forms a coating over your fruit Take
I your magnifying glass and watch I
when tho worms begin to sting your
apples or cat on them and put on I
another spray Four sprays put on
right and at tho right time should
give you at leant 90 per cent ot your
apples free from worms In a very I
wormy district
Didnt Work Well
Tho cry Tina been In the past I
have sprayed or bad some ono else
spray without obtaining good results
In almost every instance you havo
stood on the ground and thrown a
mist over your trees only part way
or you havo had a pump without suffi
cient force Or you have sprayed at
any old tlmo and not at tho right
time or YOU have not studied out tho
i proper mixture or you have depended
on some one else to mix It and do
l your spraying for you who uses the
i game mt furs of poison as a cureall
I Do walco up to the conditions and
I t do things right Tho market will be
tho same this year as last in regard
r to wormy fruit and we as Inspectors
will not allow wormy fruit to bo sold
Iin this county We have had good
support during tho apple season
tho railroads commission men ped
I dlers and storekeepers ot this county
I I have a few spraying formulas which
I would bo pleased to give to any one
f as they are full of valuable informa
I tion on this subject I hope this ad
vice will bo accepted and carried out
County Horticultural Inspector
Salt Lake April 17Unclean mill
I was found iu most of the samples
taken at tho Baraberger depot ship
ped from Layton The samples wore
taken last Thursday and the results
I of the tests were made known yes
Uerday by City Chemist Herman
Harms It ahows that much of this I
milk was not in good condition and
I as a result ot the showing E M
Whltealdeu and others have started a
movement among the dairymen of
I Davis county to have bettor milk sent
out from there through the agency of
I a milk depot and other facilities
I Though much of the milk was dirty
i and below the standard no action will
I t I bo taken by the city food and dairy
I J department on the promise of tho
j j Layton shippers that they will liu
J 1 prove the quality of the milk at once
I Ono I after the percentages of
I J fats and solids means the milk was
a trlflo dirty and m means that
c it was really dirty and hardly fit for
I the markeL The tents of tho city
chemist show the following
r I j Per cent Per cent
I I I 1 Butter total
I fau solids
F Jj l hlesldescG r73
I j William Morgan 3U 12 19
A Dawteou 3I 111G5
I I C Burton Jr 12 1230
S H Nalder 32 1200
William Morgan 10 12SI
Charles Sills 3H 1216
William Nalder 3S 12S2
S J Adams 32 1108 I
Enterprise Dairy 32 1225
r From Farley who has no dairy but
who collects milk from a variety of I
I 1
I I dairies fourteen samples were taken
I and all but one of the samples had
the llrty or showing them to
be far below the standard
Salt Lake April IS Harassed by
the uncertainty as to Ills victims
condition Morton R Chcesman IS
years of age and a nephew J R
j Walker Jr ot Walker Bros Dry
1 Goods company confessed to his
mother Sunday morning that hp was
I the Joy rider whose automobile had
1 almost demolished the wagon driven
t by Will Knowldcn near the Intersec
tion of M and Brilgham streets Sat
1 urday night tho Impact of which col
t Jlsion hurled Knowldcn twelye feet
i i through the air to the sidewalk where
I he was later picked up In an injured
and unconscious condition
I Young Chcesman said that ho had
1 boon too frightened to stop and as
i certain the result of the mans lujur
J When lira Cheesman heard the con
f I fesalon from her son she immediate
I ly telephoned tho news to her brother
I J R Walker lr who after going I
i over the facts In tho case with Attor
ney A C Ellis tq determine whether
I the youngjnau had violated any of the
flaws of the city called with the at
t 1 lornoy at tho police station and told
1 Lieutenant R L Shannon that the
young man would ho produccdvat any
time the police so desired I
At tho timo of the accident young
Cheosman lind two women In the au
tomobile and after tho collision he I
put on full speed took the young wo
men to their homes and then ran the I
machine to hip own home at 71 West
Fourth South street
Mr Walker said that he and the at I
torney had gone to the home of
Knowldeu i
I Various patrolmen at the police sta 1
I tion said Sunday afternoon that both i
Morton R Cheesman and his brothar
I Walker had been warned repeatedly
S regarding violations of tho speed or I I
> dlnance and that Walker Cheesman
had been arrested May 31 laO and I
fined 10 for a violation ot the speed I
ordinance Owing to tho number of
complaints reaching the department I
regarding the violation of the speed
ordinance by owners and drivers of i
automobiles all patrolmen and mount j
ed officers have beon Instructed to ar
rest all persons violating the ordi
DOrEL is
Suit lake April IS Dynamite blew I
up the northeast corner of the Utah I
hotel structure located nt the corner t
of Main and South Temple streets
this morning at two minutes to 3
o The torrilic force of the ex
ploding ginnt powder wrecked glass In
buildings within a radius of a block
from the structure and huge pieces I
of steel were hurled hundreds of feet
through the air as though they were
pieces of straw in the clutch of a
hurricane Partly clad persons who I
were lodging In the vicinity of the ex
plosion hurried into tho streets mill
told of being thrown from their beds
by the force of the exploding powder j
Patrolmen Immediately were placed
on guard in front of tho business j
houses where largo glass windows had
been wrecked and everything possible
was done to prevent burglaries I
Two Men Escape
D R Osborne ono of the night
watchmen employed on the building
was in the act of firing the boiler
which stands in the north end of the
building when the explosion occurred
He was thrown to the ground and I
dazed for a moment but upon regain
Ing his feet he saw a man running
toward Main street and started after
him He was unable to get q good I
look at the supposed dynamiter who I
escaped by Jumping the high board
fence and ran no th on Main street
The streets surrounding the struc I
ture wore crowded within a few min
utes by partly clad persons who made I
the work of the police far more diffi
cult than ever and all of whom had
hundreds of questions 16 ask of the I
Ono piece of steel weighing at least I
200 pounds was thrown from the build
ing to the center of Main street and I
was found lying half way between Q
Dortoret News building and the Tom
plcton building I
Till dalhage to the bias in the vl
clnltvof tho structure is estimated I
at between 2000 aud 3000 All of
the plate glass windows In the Zions
Savings Bank and Trust company cor I
ner wore shattered as also were the
windows along South Temple street
for one block each way from the hotel I
structure This same condition of af I
fairs extended up and down Main I
street and along North Temple street J
Operators in tho Bell Telephone com I
pany building were almost thrown
from their chairs They said the shock
rocked tho building Other bllllllln s
In tho neighborhood were also shak
There aro employed in the construc
tion of the building several nonunion
iron workers and the explosion Is at i
tributer to this fact Some months i
ago a similar attempt to dynamite the j
building was made
SaltLjko April 1iMrs Anna 15
Walser Diem Si years of ago a pio I
neer of Utah and until thrco months
ago resident at Payson Utah dlod I
Sunday morning of general debility
at the residence of her daughter Mrs
K B McClellan 407 Tenth Aye She
was well known all over Utah and
especial at Payaon whereshe lived I
for fifty years She was the grand
mother of Prof J J McClellan or
ganist of tho tabernacle and for three
months prior to her death had boon
living with her daughter Prof Mc I
Clellans mother
Anna Elizabeth Walser Diem was I
born September 23 1823 In Sherz
Ington Canton Thurgau Switzerland
In 1S47 she was married to John Ja
cob Walser After his death seven
years later she married John Diem
and together they Joined tho Mormon
church and emigrated to Utah arriv
ing here In 1800 Mrs DIoni was In
cHnodTtq philanthropy and her char
1 ities arc remembered today by him
jdreds who have received assistance at
r lierjhandc
Mrs Dlom is survived by ouo son
John Wnlser of Juarez llcxlco and
ono daughter Mrs E B McClellan of
this city twentyfive grandchildren
and fortythree great Odcnlldren
Among the grandchildren are Prof J
J McClellan Mrs Cyrus Snail Mrs
Fr N Poulsen Mrs P E Pouison and I
Alma and Eva McClolIan all of this
The preparation of a Mulligan stow 1
in tho Jungles of tho Weber river
I cauood considerable excitement among
the women In that neighborhood Sat
urdny evening and a call was ant to
tho police station Ofllccra wero dis
patched to tho scone In post haste
The telephone messago stated that
an army of outlaws had established
headquarters In the Jungle and it
was feared that all the chickens in the
surrounding country would be stolen
and roasted
The hurryup wagon was dispatched
in charge of Officer Chambers and a
posse hut upon arriving at tho placo
designated tno officers discovered alone
lone trio of respcctable appearing
working men scaled about a small II
campllrc gorging themselves on hot
coffee and cinnamon rolls which they
had purchased at an uptown bakery
Investigation disclosed that the men I
had purchased blankets and other
equipment preparatory to shipping to I
Shoshone yesterday morning but that I
tho prospective John had not material
ized resulting In their remaining In I
town another day There was little
need for disturbing the fellows but to I
quiet the fears and apprehensions of
the women In the neighborhood tho
men wero taken to police headquar
ters and provided with shelter for the
The receipts and disbursements of
Weber county ns shown by tne county j i
recorders books for ho month of I
March wore as follows
Statement Receipts and
Bal on hand March 3 1910 2158937 I
General undH H r C7M 98
Poor fund lOC2fS
Salary fund 111CSS
Total r 33483Jl
General fund 10G53 21
POOl fund 2318
Bal on hand March 31 1910 205120
Total 3348391
Warrants Outstanding In Several I
General fund 40211
Poor fund 128907 j I
Total 5531080 I
After having been married for M ii
years Andrew Berlin and lilt wife ap I
plied at the county l min is office Sat I
urday for a marriage license and the II
papers wore Issued to them I
Andrew E Berlin aged CO and
Carolina Tangerine Berlin aged 55 I
both of Huntsvlllo are the names In
scribed on the papers on file In the re
corders office and lf Is explained that
the couple were duly married In the I
old territorial days when there wasI
no law demanding tho securing of a I
There is still nothing to compel the
couple to secure tho papers in ques
tion hut as each IK getting along in
years It Is apparent that proper rec
ords In the custody of the state would
simplify matters in connection with
the heirs of the estate should death
prove a visitor Although quite out
ot the ordinary similar cases have oc I I
curred in Weber couuty arising from
the same origin and dating back to
the territorial days In Utah
State Food and Dairy Commission
or Willard Hansen seized Rh
a shipment i
of ice cream conan Saturday that had j
been shipped Into Salt Lake from
San Francisco which ho believes arc
sweetened with saccharine The use
of saccharine Is contrary to the state
The cones will bo examined by
State and City Chemist Herman
Harms and If their manufacture IB I
found to be contrary to the food laws i
the matter will be turned over to the
federal authorities to bo bundled In
accordance with the Interstate com
merce laws
Madrid April 17 Senator Abar
zu7n who once held the portfolio of
minister of foreign affairs died to
t f
The bill at the Orpheum which
opened for tho wopk last nlgut bej
fore thc7ii3 ialcrowded house IB 11111
to the standard of attractions on the
I circuit
Tho opouers the Rued Brothers
I gymnasts have a now and novel act
sprinkled with a little comedy that
is ns clover as any of Its nature seen
on the circuit this winter
Fred Wataou Tho Student has
I a good and clear volce which ho uses j
well in a number of songs IIo has
I somo stories and stage mannerisms j I
that are good
I Charles W Browser and Edith I I
IDuklo assisted by Warfleld Moroe
present an act Superstition that
for cleverness and originality Is
equal to any on tho circuit ft IB an
act that is filled with interest from
beginning to cud The climax is well
worked up and closes the act by leav
ing a splendid Impression Browser
Interpretation of tho politician Is ably
portrayed He has tho voice and bear
ing ot a ward politician Miss Hinklo
as tho fortuno teller doer somo very
clever work In a moat accomplished
manner Morces Interpretation of
I the newspaper reporter Is tnio to lIfo I
and refreshingly bright but slightly
I overdone
i Harry Fiddler and Byron Shelton I
two colored comedians ably present
one of tho best acts seen on the cir
cuit this season in which were col
or < i members The net Is clean and
refined and yet filled with much com
cdy Shelton plays tho piano and i
slut g s Fiddler sings and Impcrson I
atos His Impersonation of tho pres
ident was good I
Won by I > is tho J
a log title of a
clover skotch presented by Gordon
Eldrld ably assisted by Emma Eld I
rid Elizabeth Doddbridgo and Sally
MoRea The lines aro bright and sit I
uations very cleverly done Tho various
ious roles are handled In nn efficient i
and pleasing manner by Mr Eldrld
and his company l
LaVlneClmmaron trio have a very
cleor grotesque comedy and dace I
log act Miss LaVInc Is a contortion
ist and dancer whose cleverness Is I
seldom seen in vaudeville The other
members of the trio arc good La
Vines tumbling IR good
Tile orchestra renders a number of
popular selections that are pleasing I
The pictures nre good The bill runa
the remainder of the week with Wed
nesday and Saturday matinees
Some People Sflghtly Hecitato How
ever In Answering the
Tho Inking of the census is going
along nicely according to advices
from the census supervisors olllce
I Some of the enumerators have experi
enced a little difficulty with pcoylo
who refused to answer some of tho
questions but In general tho work is
progressing very satisfactory
Hugh A McMllIIn declared Saturday
that If people persisted In refusing to
answer questionshp wotiHl be com
pelled to rirosiociitJ unjilor the federal
law which provldeti a penalty of 5fiO
for boarding housekeepers who refuse
to answer questions and 100 for
every other Individual over 21 years of I
Mr McMIIISn said Saturday that I
some of lie enumerators were not
sending in their dally reports as they II
should anti he sent bulletins remind
ing them of their duty
Some people still seem to harp the I
opinion that answers to certain ques
tions would got them Ilto trouble as
regards their taxes and Mr McMiilin
again urges that no hesitancy bo
showed about the answering he
questions as ho points out that every i
thing which transpires between tho I
enumerators and the Individual Is
strictly confidential
C 0
C 0
O Chicago April ISThe dls O
O appearance of Ira Sayler broth 0
O or of John Byron Savior tho 0
O banker who was shot last July 0
0 at Crescent City Ills has do O
IO veloped into a mystery Tho 0
O police of Watsoka began to O
O drag the river yesterday in O
IO tho belief that ho hnd been O
O drowned O
C Tho brother of the slain 0
O banker disappeared last Mon O
0 day night following the an O
0 nouncement ot the verdict con O
JO rioting Dr Miller and Mrs O
O Lucy Sayler of manslaughter O
O 0
San Francisco Cal April SA
baby left by its panicstricken par
ents on the third story of a blazing
boarding house hero yesterday c was A
saved from certain death bl Mrs I
Frank E Raymond who fought > hor
way through dense smoke from tho
ground floor to the room In which tho
child wan sleeping
Count Vallo do Salazar Spanish I
consul hero had lodgings In the j
house and ho and his wife with num I
erous ° othor tenants escaped with
only their Immediate wearing appar
el r
Los Angolcs Cal April lSJoko
do Rosier tho motorcycle racer for
whom the police have been searching
for several days In connection with a
t seduction charge preferred by a young
girl was arrested yesterday A wo
man whose name Is unknown appear
ed at tho Central police station drop I
ped a noto containing Information re
garding Hosiers whereabouts and
hurriedly departed Do Roller was
found In a rooming house named In I
tho womans note
Continued From Page One
the opening statement claiming It was
the duty of the prosecutor
Kansas City April IS Picturing
Dr B C Ilydu as a man whose evil
propensities led him during his boy
hood to torture animals in later life
to abuse the poor and helpless nnd
in the fullness of professional suc
cess to conceive tho most colossal
murder plot In tho nlstory of crim
inality Attorney James A Reid made
the opening statement for the state
in the physicians trial hero today
In lending up lo the motive which
tile state claims caused the alleged
murders to be committed Mr Reed
explained an overpowering greed for
money had manifested Itself In Dr
Hyde With a purpose of adding to
Ills wealth said Mr Reed the phy
sician had made love to women and
then obtained money from them
The greater part of the statement
was a repetition of the charges made
i by stale witnesses against the phy
sician In depositions given before Dr
Hydes attorneys recently The deaths
of Colonel Thomas H and Chrlsman
Swope and of James Moss Hunton
I were dealt with In detail The
I charges that Dr Hyde was respon
sible for the spread of typhoid fever
In the Swopo house and that on three
occasions he tried to poison Miss
Margaret Swope composed n consid
erable part of the address
Little that Is new developed regard
Ing the findings of tho Chicago scien
tists who made the analysis In the
case of the two Swopcs It was stut
ed by Mr Reed for the first Limo
that the state would show Colonel
Swopo was poisoned with cyanide of
potassium as well a4 strychnine aud
that strychnine and cyanide had been
given to Chrhman Swope
The story of James M Huntons
death was made a little moro clear
According to the statement Dr G T
j Twyman protested against Dr HyJe
I bleeding Hutton to such an extent
as he did Dr Hyde was Indict d
for negligently killing Htiutou by
The charge thai brings tho defend
ant tbthis bar of Justice MR that of
having vlth deliberation pioinedlta
Ion and cold and calculating purpose
murdered one of Missouris most dis
tinguished citizens lie Kinsman of
his wife a benefactor to him said
Mr Reed Iu opening his address
Tho proper Investigation of this
charge compels the state balleves the
delving Into n series of crimes each
of which Is a part and parcel of a
gigantic scheme of criminality nn In
vestigation of a sequence of law In
t railing wrongs so farreaching so tre
mendous and ruthless In Its concep
tion and partial execution as to chal
lenge the horror and astonishment
of the world and to stand without par
allel In the annals of crime
i Early In his address Mr Heed
dwelt ut soma length upon the Intro
duction of Dr Hyde Into tho Swopo
I family Mrs Swope when Imporlun
od by the physician to give him the
i hand of a daughter started an In
estimation of the physician and thus
bald the attorney Hydoj character
was first shown to her In Its true
Regarding the inquiry he said
Her Investigation dlrcloscd the
fact that he was nossessed of abnor
mally cruel tendencies that as a boy
ho tortured animals a characteristic
which manifested Itself when as a
man and a physician ho held the po
sition of city surgeon and hi that po
sition he so demeaned himself to
ward Iho unfortunate pauper patients
that fell to his charge that he waa
discharged for cruelties
Tho specific occasion for his dis
charge was the Injection of oil of
mustard into the body of an unfor
tunate woman who was in his charge
as police surgeon The Injection of
oil of mustard Is as productlo of
acute agony as would bo occasioned
by scarlug the part so treated with a
whlteliot Iron
Mrs Swopes further Investigation
disclosed upon his part an abnormal
longing for money In lie gratifica
tion of his desire for money though
in reasonably y good practice hemado
> love to wonicn and under tnegUINe I
of a sweetheart obtained from them
largo sums of money amounting to
thousands of dollars Two dlutlnct
Instnncer of this kind fell under her
observation It transpired also that
ho bad been a grave robber
Hydos only exclamation when ho I
was told by Dr 0 T Cayman of In
dependence of tho suspicions against
him was
Well wouldnt that beat you
according to Mr Reed
Tho deaths in the household were
taken un chronologically Mr
attempting to show that Dr Hyde I
had planned his conquost of the
wealth of tho Swope heirs with cun
ning The first step according to I
Mr Reed was lo do away with Hun
ton nn executor of the Swope estate
1 nnd hen got the position himself
I Therefore said Reed the physician I
drew two quarts of blood from Hun
tons body after he had been slrlck
en by apoplexy and In four min
i utes Hunton was dead Said Mr
ReedNow for lire purposes that moved
Hyde to do this thing Hunton was
executor of the will AS the evidence
will show Hyde wanted this place
Within a few minutes less than
ten after Hunton had died while the j
i mans blood was still wet on hIs
i hands Hyde called Miss Kcllar a 1
I nurse to him and said he wanted to I
I see her Shortly thereafter within I
on hour he did lice her and requested
that she Intercede with Colonel Swope I
to the end that he Hyde bo made
executor In Huntons place This was I
declined by Miss Kallar I
t Details of Colonel Swopes dsath
were then entered Into It wan re I
hearsed how at Dr Hydes orders I
Miss Cellar sao Colonel Swnpo n i
capsule Convulsions ensued Again
at Hydes orders a hypodermic in j
jection was given Death followed I
Having completed the historyof the
cane to this point ill Reed said
i Tho foregoing evidence might be
said to be the first evidential chapter
that makes plain the plan and the
scheme of Dr Hyde to accomplish a1 I
acquisition of a large part of tho
Swope fortune Hunton was dead and
although Hyde had not been specified I
as executor in Huntons place Swope
was dead and dead too without a j
change In the will that left the fam
lly of which Hydes wife was one
the great built of the vast fortune
The next testimony that will be
introduced will bo indicative of the
fact that tho next move in the car
rying out of this plan and purpose
was to remove liD many members of I
1 tho Swope family as might be to the
j end that the fall of each would swell I
the fortune that he through his wife
1 would bu able to control I
A lengthy recital or how Dr Hyde
obtained typhoid and diphtheria
germs of Dr E L Stewart and the I
appearance of typhoid fever In the
Swopo residence followed This ty I
phoid could not have come from the
water used It was said because the
water came from a cistern nnd was I
well filtered It was on the occasion
of Dr Hyde taking dinner with tho j
Swope family on November 25 that I
ho Is thought to have spread the
germs it is said
Chrlsman Swopoa death was touch I
ed lightly upon and then the state
I came to tho alleged attempts of Dr
Hyde to poison Margaret Swope I
Three Indictments Ire ponding against
him on this charge amid until today I
little was known of the testimony nf
witnesses that j ledto the indictment
This Is limo brief story as told by
1 Reed On December 2 Miss Swope was i
1 stricken with typhoid Dr G T i
Twyman was placed iu charge of the I
patient One night while tho girl was
supposed to be almost recovered a
nurse learned that Hyde had given I
tbo girl a hypodermic Injection
i When asked why ho had made the i
Injection Hyde replied that ho had
given her only some oil of camphor I
for intermittent pulse MPH Swope
donlod Iho physician felt her pulse
anti the nurse found no odor like oil j
of camphor
A sore has recently developed a p I
on tile girls arm and the state be j
loves It Is due to the physician in
jecting some of the germs ho ob I
tained from Dr Stewart into this I
A fow days after the Injection In
cident Dr Hyde left a capsule among
i the medicines belonging to tho girL j
I A nurse administered the capsule j
I Miss Swope was seized with consul
slons An oiimlnatlon of the con
tents of her stomach showed strych I
A significant feature of that section
of the statement which referred to
Hyde purchasing poleon was the ref
i orence to the store of the druggist
from whom the poison was bought
I being burned recently
I Said Mr Reed
1 There Is a druggist in Kansis
City named Breckleln whose store
was near the office of Dr Hyde and
at which the physician obtained sonic I
of his medicinal supplies After Colonel
o mel and Chrlsman Swope had died
j and niter the rebellion of the nurses I
and the outcry of suspicion this drug
store was burned How or why we I
do not know nor perhaps will it bo
necessary to Investigate but while It
burned the books of account of I
Brcckloin were not burned and these
1 r
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T H Corr corner Grant and 25th 1
books disclosed that on December 1
and December 12 Hyde purchased i
cyanide of potassium In capsules at i
the store
In closing his address Mr Reed
explained that Dr Hyde was being
tried for the murder of Colonel Swopo
only lIe said j
Tho evidence of all these othor
crimes that will bo introduced will
bo so Introduced not for the purpose
of proving tho defendant guilty ot
oilier crimes but for the purpose of
showing the Intents and purposes nnd
motive that controlled him In his con
duct toward Colonel Swope
There will doubtless bo proof that
typhoid Inoculation of the Swopo fam
ily could have occurred without thtf 0
Intervention of Hyde If that should
established thon the question must
bo determined or may have to be de
termined as to whether or not It was
so Introduced or whether It was the
result of the manipulation of the ty i
phoid gems received by the defend I
ant from Dr Stcwnrt
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