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The coming of the Burlington to Utah seems assured Every
day new evidence accumulates to indicate an early advance of the
Hill road in this direction In full agreement on this point with the
f Standard is the Salt Lake Tribune which in its issue of this morn
I I f
ing Bays editorially
Again rumor is revived that the Burlington is about to extend
its line to Utah meaning thereby to Ogden and Salt Lake Its
terminus has been as one might say in the air for a number of
i years The certainty of that line being eventually constructed to
j F I this city has been dwelt upon by The Tribune from time to time and
t j always with the firm conviction that the Burlington would find it
1 < l absolutely necessary to build to this point We have here four coast
t connections the original transcontinental line and the newly com
t l pleted Western Pacific to San Francisco the Oregon Short Line to
j Portland and the Salt Lake Route to Los Angeles Whatever
t transcontinental business comes to the Burlington it must deliver
1 and receive at Omaha By extending its line to Salt Lake City it
J t would get an additional haul of a thousand miles both delivering
and receiving The requirements of good business point absolutely
i to the certainty of the construction of the comparatively few miles
to 1 of track necessary to bring that line to this point
The same reasoning prevails as to the Chicago Northwestern
1 tho Rock Island and the Chicago Milwaukee St Paul
From time to time for a good many years it has been an
nounced that the Burlington the Chicago Northwestern or one
i or the other of the roads mentioned above wasabout to build to Salt
i Lake This rumor has grown out of the necessity evident to all for
t all of these roads to build to this point It is only a question of
time when all must do so It would seem that now is a propitious
time and the rumor as to the Burlington is revived It would not
t surprise us in the least to find the rumor this time absolutely true
nor to find further that the other lines would be extended close
upon the heels of the Burlington
The Burlington would have built to Ogden seven years ago had
Harriman in making peace terms with J P Hill then in control of
A the Burlington not demanded that the Burlington keep out of Union
I Pacific territory west of Cheyenne in return for which Harriman
I was to respect tho Hill territory in the Northwest Now that the
i peace compact has been broken and the Harriman financial forces
have no common rallying point and no audacious and overshadow
i ing leader the thing to expect is an invasion of all the more im
J portant Harriman centers by the Hill people as Hill no longer fears
j a clash with the interests back of the Harriman system
i There is something wrong in financial circles There is an
I I uneasiness among men of great wealth that is difficult to analyze
t l + A representative of one of the largest financial concerns in the
United States while in Ogden last weok talking privately and
of course not for publication said his interests were preparing for
f r a civil revolution
That is almost a startling statement and yet the author of it
did not intend to convey surprising information as he took it for
granted that all well posted men are aware of the approach of a
11 crisis in industrial financial and governmental affairs
i He said that the harassing policy of the government the un
11 certainties surrounding large enterprises by reason of inquisitorial
campaigns directed against them the attitude of some of the
courts highly antagonistic to big corporations and the unrest of
labor were factors in bringing about a distrust which is destroying
i confidence and forcing money into hiding
And most discouraging said the spokesman of wealth II is
the evident drift of public opinion to a favorable view of a third
t term for Roosevelt
The man with a big club said the visitor will interpret
his recall to the White House as an approval of the strenuous and
he will resume the policy of disturbing business and increasing the
I uncertainties which now ore halting all industries of magnitude
I The foregoing may be nothing more than an imaginary fear but
inasmuch as it pervades the big business interests it is as serious aa
though well founded and something must be done to bring about a
r better condition and a wider feeling of security and confidence in
the future
The possibilities of government interference in business should
I I be made known The federal authorities should mark the limita
I tions of their trustbusting and the extent of their investigations as
1 to frauds growing out of the loose enforcement of laws in the past
r Then there should be a bettor understanding with the leaders of
the labor unions as to the demands of organized labor And finally
I public sentiment should be created in favor ofa period of less agi
tation We should develop a less distrustful and a more harmonious
people Otherwise our industrials will wither and prosperity dis
i appear
Now is the time to act whilo business is still far from being de
1 pressed
1 i
1 I
a Interest paid on Savings Aocounts and Time Certificates I
J li of Deposit
I a OAPITAL 0 O ro 0 10000000
i nj SURPLUS 0 11600000
I H 0 Bigelow President A P Bigolow Cashier I
t J M Browning VicePrest J E Halvorson Asst Oashr
t G L Becker E L Van Meter John K Spiers
1 1Atl 0 A Parmley L F Bigelow J N Spargo
I a I IIi
h 1
Ii lid
Tho Now Yorkor
I remember I remember
The flat where I was born
The little window whore the aim
Did not peep In at morn
Today wo llvo on floor elghtccnr
But now tis llttlo joy
To know Im closer up to Heaven
Than whon I was a boIlfe
Aoklng Too Much
Nobody should bo allowed to pur
chase anything from a pharmacist
without a physicians proscription
Bald the cautious olltaon
Nonsense replied tho dn1g fat
You couldnt expect own a doctor
to know the correct Latin for soda
water and chewing gum Washing
ton Star
Suppressed Scnoe of Humor
Women have no sense of humor
said the cynic
Oh yes they have ropllod hiss
Cayenne They have to suppress It If
thoy didnt there would bo no mar
ilages You have no Idea how laugh
able a man Is when ho proposes
Washington Star
Burled Hatchets
They burled the hatchot with tender
est care
Their patience no moro It should
And each when disturbance anew
tilled tho air
Came back on the scene with an ax
Washington Star
A HardLuck Story
Politeness always pays
I dont know about that replied
Mr Hunting Work I had a pretty
good position ns a bill collector But
I made myself so agreeable that peo
ple held out on payments for fear Id
stop calling on them Washington
The Time Had Come
Mamma said little Dorothy Y I
want some water to christen my doll
No door replied her mother Its
wrong to mako sport of such things
Then I want aomo wax to waxln
ato her Shes old enough to havo
something done Exchange
I hope that womans taste la bet
tor than her French accent said
Mrs Fllmmlns
What did she Bay
She remarked that my new chanti
cleer hat was very chick Washing
ton Star
Left Under a Cloud
This Is a pretty tough town isnt
Tough Say Wo got up a scheme to
hold an Old Home Week here and
had to give It up No former real
dent could como back without being
arrested tho minute ho struck tho
His Offense
Mrs XcwlI shall never let that
operator send another telegram for
me I just gave him a message for
my husband and tho first thing tho
offlclaus thing did was to road IU
LIpplncotts Magazine
Oh Joyl
Married AuthorAfy dear boy I
cannot buy you a trumpet You would
disturb me too much with IL
Boy But I would only play It when
you wore asleep papComlc Cuts
The Right Kind
Head of tho FamilyOur firm Is go
ing to advertise for sealed proposals
Popular Daughter Oh dont pa
Its so much better fun to got them
personally Baltimore American
Not HID Row
Wlfo John theres a burglar going
through your pockets
JohnAll right You two fight It
out between yourselves Chicago
Late estimates of the percentage of
recoveries under tho new emollient
treatment for Brights Disease aro as
Whore patient Is much weakened
and crises may bo expected In from
live to ten days probably not more
than 10 per cent to 20 per cent re
cover Where physicians old with
efforts to restrain fatal symptoms this
percentage Is Increased In cased
whero patients have from thirty to
sixty days of life the efficiency Is
very much higher
1 Where patients do not wait until
bedrlddon probably threefourths
And in cases that tako tho now
emollient treatment on the appear
ance of the disease nearly nine out
of ten respond
Albumen Casts and dropsy do not
prevent recovery Tho point is that
tho Renal Inflammation should be at
tacked before tho heart and physical
system fire broken down
The now emollient treatment Is
known as Pultons Renal Compound
It can he had In Ogdon at Win Driver
Son Drug CoG 5 Battery street
Wo desire every patient to write
us who is not noting the usual Im
provement by the third weok Liter
aturo mailed free Jno J Fulton Co
Sun Francisco Cal We Invite corro
opondonce with physicians who have
obstinate cases
Tho following real ostato transfers
were flied for record with tho county
Joseph B Dana and wlfo to BlACk
man Griffin part of lots fi mrl1
block 40 plat A Consideration 1
M McCashPr to George II Plpor
lot S block 4 Herrlmans addition
Consideration 60
Joseph Combe and wife to William
Combe part of the northeast and Part
of tho southeast quarter of section 22
and part of tho northwest quarter of
section 23 township D north rango 1
west Consideration 10
O A Parmley to Ole Chamberlain
parts of Iota 3 4 and C block 4 South
Ogden survey Consideration 2000
B F Garner and wife to Nicholas
W Schouu part of the northwest
quarter section 5 township G north
rango 1 west Consideration 1000
7er 7
By Ed W Smith
Chicago April 19It was a long
time getting under Sam Bergoro skin
jr rather Sam was a long time In mak
ing up his mind to say any thing about
it Its out at lost though and Sam
I has said It himself He wishes now
that they hadnt made tho restrictions
III tho articles of agreement for the
Johnson match about neither man en
gaging in any contests prior to tho
After sizing Jeffriec up and look
ing his over Berger admits that
It would have been much bettor for the
big alfalfa farmer If ho had ono or
perhaps two real fights before ho
tackled the giant black What Jeff
needs after his long layoff Is a touch
if the real thing just as a good race
horse needs a mild race or two be
fore they send him out after tho big
Clause Beneficial to Johnson
Tho Johnson people saw the mis
nko and soon after tho articles were
signed and the forfeits posted called
attention to It It was tho one clauso
In the entlro agroement that John
son wanted clinched more than any
Why Is It that trainers of race
horses want one raco under his bolt
before we cut him loose Simply
because there Is nothing In the world
hat < puts a fine edge on a boast than
to give him this raco under tho col
ors and In a real raco with the crowd
there and all the appurtenances that
go with it A dozen workouts in the
morning are nothing ns compared to
he reul test
So It IB with a fighter and almost
any other class of athlete A mans
real ability his real form nis gene
ral fitness can only be truly tested
and the finishing edge put on thorn by
ho real test
The Johnson people were unkind
enough to state soon after tho arti
cles wore signed that the Jeffries peo
ple facing the likelihood of making
a barrel of money In exhibitions bo
fore the training season started wero
afraid to risk tholr mans hldo and hla
chances at the 101000 purse In a pre
Iminary contest oven with n man of
mediocre skill such as almost any
of the present day heavyweights are
Be that as It may the fact remains
that that would be the only way tho
public can find out about Jeffs real
Real Contest Needed
The only way to remove or settle
Hint awful question Can Jeff como
back is to hook him up In a real
content No matter of a few rounds
or a hundred rounds In training quar
tern with only n friendly and uncrit
ical crowd around will go any way
towards furnishing an answer
It might have beon fairer to tho
public to lot Jeff make one or two
public appearances with a sure
enough opponent with the lights
turned on and ovory hit meant for a
knockout on both sides But It Is not
to bo and now Sam Berger in sorry
And when It gob under Sams crust
It IB a serious matter
Bubbling Water
Disp ays Class
OAKLAND April 18 Bubbling Wa
ter again displayed her class when sho
won the Redwood handicap at Emery
ville today She ruled favorite over
Fern L and Roy Hlndoo and won
driving by over two lengths
Favorites tad well with the excep
tion of tho third when El Mollno
bumped Into Tramotor causing Kent
to loose hiD stirrup Tramotor was
practically left
First race five and onehalf fur
longs Pride of Llsmoro 3 to 2 won
Sweep Basil S to 1 second Gollco
o to 2 third Time 108
Second race futurity courae No
Quarter 9 to 5 won Thus II 7 to 1
second Burning Bush 5 to 1 third
Time 111
Third taco futurity courseEllord
5 to 1 won May Pink 12 to 1 sec
ond El Molino 25 to 1 third Time
Fourth race six furlongs Redwood
handicap Bubbling Water 11 to 10
won Fern L 7 to 5 second Rey
Hlndoo 4 to 1 third Time 11325
Fifth race mile and seventy yards
French Cook 11 to 5 won Kaiser I
hot 6 to 1 second Hush Money 7
to 1 third Time 14G
Sixth race six furlongs selling
Tremargo ita 1 won Father Staf
ford 15 to 1 second Minnodocln 14
to 5 third Tlm lHl5
CHICAGO April lSTaclt Johnson
disgusted with the near winter
weather In this vicinity today said ho
would make no attempts to train until
ho readied tho coast He expects lo
leave hero next Thursday stopping at
Salt Lake City Ogden and Los An
geles and arriving at San Francisco
May 1
Visitors to James J Toffrlos training
camp today witnessed the rather un
usual sight of the former champion
stripped to the waist while undergoing
hiD stunts After laboring vigoiously
with tho chest weights for half an
hour with the perspiration rolling off
him Jeffries suddenly concluded that
It wa too warm to work that way and
removed his heavy undershirt In
which he has heretofore exercised
Jeffries them went at the punching
bag with a vim that threatened to
wreck tho apparatus
In tho bright sunlight he loomed up
big and looked almost as muscular as
in his former days It showed that his
two weeks training has already nerved
to remove considerable superfluous
fat from the upper part of his body
while lower down there Is still a trace u
of a fast fading paunch His huge
armR and hairy chest looked as for
f F m t
GetTwo Orpheum Tickets
lOO Two 50 Cent TicketsLOO
You Pay For Your Subscription Anyhow
Yon Get The Benefit of This
mldablc as in the days of his former
pugilistic career
Virtually the entire afternoon wan
put In by Jeffries with exorcising with
chest weights and punching bogs
Farmer Burns explained Jeffries
steady application to tho weights was
to loosen up the muscles of his back
and to regain the elasticity BO charac
teristic of tho great fighter In his pre
vious battles
When the elasticity Is gone tho
athlete hag been scooped by Father
Time declared Burns us he watched
Jeffries play of muscles As yet no
announcement has been mode as to
when Jeffries will resume boxing as a
part of his dally grind
Weak and miserable If you have Kid
troy or Bladder trouble Dull
pains Dizziness Nervousness Pains
in tho back and feel Urod all over
get a package of Mother Grays AUS
TRALIANLEAF the pleasant herb
cure It never falls Wo have many
testimonials from grateful people who
have uaod this wonderful remedy As
a regulator IB has no equal Ask for
Mother Gray AuotrallanLeaf at
Druggists or sent by mall for 50 eta
Sample FREE Address Tho Mother
Gray Co LeRoy N N
WASHINGTON April 18 Swept
along on a flood of sharp questions as
to bin authority for charging mem
bers of congress and newspapers with
being corruptly Influenced John M
Maxwell former editor of the Amer
ican Flag tho organ of the Merchant
Marino Loague today refused point
blank to answer questions of his
source of Information Tho Interrog
atories again will be put to him at a
special session of the house select
committee tomorrow and unless he
changes his mind the attitude of the
witnesses will be reported to thu
house I
Prodded by counsel for a member I
of congress accused by the league
Maxwell without counsel and on tho I
ground that editorial privileges Justi
fied his replies declined to answer the I
He avowed authorship of letters fig I
uring conspicuously In the Investiga
tion Tho November Issue of the I
American Flag written mostly by him
contained an article healed Word to I
Washington Correspondents which
he testified today was a reply to un
fair otorlos and baseless charges by
some Washington correspondents Ho
acknowledged tho only correspondents
he could mention were John Snure of
the Des Moines Register and William
Brigham of the Boston Transcript
Ho charged those correspondents
with faking because they sent sto
ries to their papers stating It hud be
come clear tho campaign for ship sub
sidy originated In the Standard Oil
Beef Trust plan to dominate South
Tho witness explained he dd not
mean these newspaper men have any
direct relations with or are Influ
enced by such a foreign shipping lob
by hut that they send out matter
fairly representative of a countrywide
propaganda to prevent legislation to
restore the merchant marine The ar
ticle under fire warned all profession
al merchant marine liars that we pro I
pose to got n square deal I
Who are thcso professional liars
was asked
The witness declined to answer and
explained that his interest and con
nection with the league having ceased
it meant nothing to him to continue In
an attitude of making charges
I NBW YORK April ISThero will
I bo started In Now York tomorrow a
federal Investigation of the gigantic
bull movement In cotton with which
the names of James A Patten of Chi
cago Frank B Hnyno and William I
P Drown of New Orleans and Eugene
Scales of Texas have been popularly
connected I
Hnyne and Biown both appear aa I
defendants In tho proceedings > out It
could not ho learned whether Mr Pat
ton will ho subpoenaed He has been
generally credited however with be
ing the financial genius of tho pool
and In recent Interviews ho has out
lined his bullish position and his de
termination to fight the supposed
bear clique that has been reshipping I
cotton to this country from England I
to break the market
The bull movement has reached
such a stage however that there ClIO
rumors of n possible May corner
Never bpforo has tho government
brought similar action against any
pool operating in the market on
either tho Jong or the short side i
Subpoenas were Issued today at tho j
direction of Attorney General Wloker
sham commanding a dozen or moro
prominent New York cotton brokers
to appear befor a special federal
< f
In experiments which lead to the discovery of tho miners
lamp Sir Humphry Davey noticed that if a piece of wire gauze
was held a little above a gas jet and the gas lighted above the
gauze it would burn as a nonluminous flame and deposit no car
bon Little or no practical application has been made of such a
flame until Germanys great chemist Bunsen was called upon to
devise heating apparatus for his new laboratories at Heidelberg
Then Sir Henry Roscoe one of Bunsens assistants who had been
a student of Davey brought to Bunaens attention the blue flame
above the wire gauze From such a hint Bunsens groat mind
evolved the burner which in one form or another is still called by
II his name
The gas wo burn is not a simple substance but a complex
mixture of several elements forming various gases Some nitro
gen oxygen and a little sulphur may be present in illuminating
gas but the only parts that are useful for light and heat are the
hydrogen and its various compounds with carbon known as hy
Carbon is a common element It comprises about onehalf of
wood from 80 to 95 per cent of coal the greater part of graphite
and lampblack and is found pure in the diamond Smoke and
soot are impure forms of oily carbon
It is the rapid chemical combination of the illuminating gas
with oxygen evolving the carbonic acid gas and watery vapor
that produces light and heat the light in the flat flame burner
depending upon the minute particles of solid matter in the flame
and the intensity of the heat depending upon the rapidity with
which the combinations take place A log rotting in the forest
I gives off the same total amount of heat as if burned in a furnace
A foot of gas with perfect combustion gives always the same to
tal amount of heat whether as a luminous or luminous flame
When sufficient air is admitted through the gas stove burner
no soot produced and the cooking utensils remain bright and
clean but when there is not air enough some carbon or soot is
deposited on the bottom of the kettle beoause there is not oxygen
enough to burn all the oarbon in the gas If the burners nop
when you light them it is because you light them too soon after
turning on the gas Turn on the burner and then light your
match this will prevent the gas from lighting back and popping
It is always best to open the oven door before lighting the
oven burners in the event that the burners might not have been
tightly closed when previously used
Nothing so nice as a well managed gas stove
D Decker Local Manager
ury tomorrow to testify In tho matter
of the United States against Frank
B Hayno and William P Brown
report that Nelson W AldrIch would I
retire as United States senator from
Rhode Island at tho expiration of his
torm In 1911 was confirmed today by
as high an authority as General Chas
R Brayton Republican national com
mlttcoman of Rhode Island
Undor no circumstances will Sen
ator Aldrich bo a candidate for the
U S senate again said General Bray
ton This la an authoritative state
it and IB mado after duo conald
ctUon by tho senator who will retire
to private life because of 111 health
among other things
This statement followed a visit by
General Brayton to Senator Aldrich
at tho lattcrs country seat at War
wick Nock Inat night Today tho sen
ator loft for Washington General
Brayton Intimated Senator Aldrich
might have a brief conference with
friends inNew York on his way to ho
capitol and might give out a moro do
tailed statement regarding his pr6
posed retirement after reaching Wash
ington Tho senator himself Just be
fore he boarded a train today said
I cannot discuss this story of my
reported retirement If General Bray
ton says Its so he may know Per
haps there may he something given
out In Washington
A short sharp earthquake shock oc
curred at Butte Mont at 130 this
With patriotism ImmortAllrod In
elaborate phrases and in a setting
of tho national colors the national so
c ety Daughters of the American Rov
oliitlon Monday Inaugurated its nine
teenth continental congress President
Taft was
tho enthusiastically received by I
delegates and made IIn address
praising the
patriotic purposes of the
the Declaring federal that he was wanted by
government as n witness
In the trial of P Augustus Helnzo In
New York
not April 29 and that he had
whorcwlU1al to so oast Tracy S
Buckingham Marshal Mo11dny Mica to U S
transportation Anderson at Sat Lake for
Following cloeety un tho twcrcent
reduction or last Friday htwocent
by the American t abort
foie Spirits and Mauu
If > rl us of company IndQPendljutdl Ul
C < i < h <
< t I =
brought the price of whisky down to
130 por gnllon Tide Is a reduction
of flvo cons In five days and there 13
a possibility of a much further reduc
ton Independent distilleries of this
district with a combined capacity of
136000 gallons of spirits dally pro
pose war on tho American Spirits Mfg
Strike troubles similar to that of
last July threatens the pressed steel
car company at Schoonvllle Pa
whore 1000 men refused to go to work
Charles J Oaborn 84 years old and
dean of tho Associated Press died at i
St Louis last night after an Illness of
several weeks
Stanley Rogers a local honor Is
lying at tho point of death with a
I fractured skull received hi a bout
with George Colo Jr at Philadelphia
last night
His Way of Popping
Miss do StyleAm r tho first girl
you ever loved
Mr Gunbusta No but I hopo youll j
bo tho last Judge i
When frying mush dip the sllros
first in white of egg This will make
the mush crisp
With every pair of Mens and
Womens Dress Shoes sold this
week we will give the purcha
ser a ticket entitling them to
five shines freo
J e
I 1 1 r J 1

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